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SearchThisVideo: Mega Man 11 – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 11 – Robot Master Boss Rush! (PC)

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what does a guy Zack Scott here playing
Mega Man 11 and this will be the boss
I believe let's find out that's true
that's gonna be all the robot masters
and I want to thank you guys for nearly
two dozen likes the first step of stuff
you guys are phenomenal you guys do a
great job at supporting my channel so
thank you so much
I thought this is the boss rush i really
thought it's gonna be okay nevermind
maybe it is maybe school is busy of time
okay well here's the possum here I am if
it follows others Mega Man games and
this will be the boss rush we'll see oh
yeah we go down this could be very
similar to other make okay this is this
might be great this might be just
wonderful okay yeah this is the boss
rush so what we're gonna do I'm gonna go
ahead and we're gonna be showcasing all
of the weapons special powers here I'll
be taking this so that uh I don't I
don't get to hurt you no I don't know
what one of these are in that's the
things they're not labeled above but
I've already faced all these guys I
should know you know what their
weaknesses are so let's go ahead and go
in here we'll figure it out as we go
along this is the I stood right if it is
then the electric the fuse man this is
tundra man confused Man's power is
what's going to be good we're excuse me
man this this is right here we go wrong
sorry switch name is quick
like this you free and organ
and he's actually hurting pretty bad
got him that's fine did I take this the
right way
here give me that I think I did yeah I'm
using this right now right okay we're
good we're good
okay we're doing great all right let's
go ahead and see you the next one is who
is going to be that's fused man so a
fuse man you see bounce man's ability
against use man I look just like him
right now but here we go we're gonna use
yeah I do not mean to switch off of it I
keep hitting the wrong freaking buttons
basically this penetration avoidance
got him easy gotta see blackout blackout
okay we are using that power perfect
so I'm full health again let's see who
this is going to be oh this is torch man
so we're gonna want to use tundra man's
abilities which should be pretty darn
easy so again it's gonna switch over

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

here yeah
got him just like that
awesome okay this is going extremely
well let's see if the next one is
this is okay this blast man
don't use torch man's ability against
him so see we're getting ready we were
able to showcase all of the all the
powers and also all of the the robot
master bosses I might have a future
episode where I just condense all of the
bosses into one this one
kind of missing Annika
at that time there we go straightforward
this is going extremely well for me
especially with all the protection I
have for more of the robot masters left
we're halfway there
there might be something after this too
but at the very least is the wrath of
Rush mode who is this
now this is a black man so I think you
know it cycles around so black man is
going to be weak
- I hope to the the was a blast man's
ability here
easy dude that was so easy I wish I had
that at the very beginning but no that
was great so get some help
sure why not who's next
this is acid man so it means weakens
blocking his attack which is really cool
so just go ahead and just eclipse at
all right now with this
got him again man this is
straightforward straightforward battles
this is wonderful
maybe in the montage if I do a montage
of all the bosses I'll keep my first
encounters with them so that you can
kind of see everything what I have to go
through when I was still trying to
figure them out so anyway let's see if

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

this next guy is
all right this is impact man impact man
is weak against acid man so we just want
to ask the man so that there is a kind
of a logical order here okay hold on
sorry I switched out of it sorry
I do
got him okay another straightforward and
battle there so that means last but not
least the next one has to be bounced man
and we're going to be using impact man's
ability which is gonna be really fun
because we're gonna rush a rush we're
gonna rush at him so here we go switch
over to it you see let's get happy
you're happy
there we go that's actually really
shocking dude
easy easy we got all of the bosses man
that was cool all right so now this
opens up I don't know what this is I got
an achievement no getting away this time
and that was that that was super quick
we showcased all of the special weapon
powers and we showcased all of the robot
masters in the boss rush so next up
we're going to go in for a final battle
I think you can stalk to Wylie Bend on
the threshold of the final bandmate I do
since we have a lot of money I'm gonna
go and get another super guard
I think that's gonna help me of course
again sure absolutely
I think I'm gonna get maybe the show I
get to eat another eat tanks I have five
might as well if this is the last level
spend as much as I can on these sure one
more no complaints from me and then this
would be the final thing right so thanks
for watching next episode I mean these
are all short episodes the next episode
we're gonna go in and do this is gonna
be a blast I'm Zack Scott subscribe if
you have not if you like this video and
want to help this channel grow all you
got to do is click the like button below
thank you so much for watching check out
these other awesome videos follow me on
Twitter and Instagram
join my discord and if you want cool
shirts like this visit Zack Scott dot

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Thanks for watching my Mega Man 11 Gameplay and Walkthrough! I grew up playing Mega Man games, so I'm excited to be playing the latest in the franchise!


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