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SearchThisVideo: Mega Man 11 – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 7 – Torch Man Stage! (PC)

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Watch video at 00:00
what is up guys axe Scott here playing
Mega Man 11 and torch man is up next I
believe he will be weak to tundra man's
icy attacks because it makes sense he's
made a fire right let's go in I want to
thank you guys for supporting this
series every like comment favorite all
that stuff that you guys leave on these
videos really really helped so thank you
for liking you the first video over a
thousand likes amazing right and that's
less than 24 hours by the way so I'm
pretty happy about it it's probably
gonna hit at least 2,000 soon by the
weekends the rabbit mr. rabbit there's a
frog guy there I've had it well this
mustn't blow up big stay away from them
guys here too
what get out of the tent
about the nightstand
and watch out for these jumps
great this guy's back then dropping fire
what the heck
I hope I'm not lucky
do you mind that mr. owl
Oh God he's getting really close I can
actually knock him back with this
hilarious now the carrot ketchup over
him and mr. Alec you are not my friend
oh my god
so wallah fire oh my god oh my god
going this way
the wall of fire is no good no good at
all are they heating up those elements I
think so whoa
okay guys that's Gurgaon this looks like
he's controlling the light in here so
I'm gonna be a little reluctant to kill
him lots of little spiders here yeah Wow
he hit me or hit the fire
alright ok ha now I got you how it start
oh there's an extra light Oh II fine
oh you know what
there we go instead of find the right
move extra light you guys must have
clicked the like button or something I
don't know if I got him

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

I gotta keep it for that all right
oh gosh oh gosh hold on Tundra storm
that's what I want right
wait I messed up I switched got him
nice thunderstorm indeed okay
okay I could use the help I appreciate
that like the little mini boss fights
and then you get health right afterwards
it's perfect
this guy man back it up
I did
perfect Oh No I know this has got to be
those guys I thought maybe it wasn't for
a second use me
I've got sweet here we go I'm fine I
missed the weapon sting great
no no no please I just have to get past
oh my god this is absolutely a nightmare
oh my gosh it's right on me
spiders are not so bad these guys are
gonna burn my feet though
there's an e-tank wait oh my god no no
how do i okay what do I do I need a rush
I I'm having a hard time no gosh we need
them I give it in the run but thank you
they then get the e tank the same way
guys how do I make sure to cook the
Russians yes
like how do I actually launch the
Russians yet
Wow there's the other one okay got it
just the other button there we go let's
get to the other side excellent I got an
I'm out of rush moves though so God you
know what I probably don't want to take
him out
you know what it here I'm gonna
got him
boy regular
God okay you know what you're going okay
I'm Li I'm going
this is this gives me light
I take it back

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

I can't tell oh there we go I lit it up
okay perfect
it says back thankfully
this is a fiery wall stage this might be
a fire or maybe the next room
great okay here we go
here we go
no see here God
no I'm dead I'm dead oh my gosh
great okay all the way back here
I was tough I didn't know what I was
hey at least he gave me health back
we here
nope I tried
be here okay this is pretty much the
only way that makes sense
no oh my god help me I'm dying here okay
this is quite the thing
oh my gosh so no more e tank here what's
up brush jet so that's good I don't like
okay will not stop man
just here you fall off I don't need you
I prefer the light though
there you go this case they dropped
anything not a bad idea it probably
isn't that hard of a thing to farm
all right open up friends got up this
next room is terrible here we go
we here

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

God dang it okay guy hit by the same
exact thing so I got to be ready for
that the same exact way and everything
you gotta go I gotta go whatever meet
I gotta replenish it
we here
my god
and I made up for that
all right now cut out for that may be
how in a bit so I'm saying
here we go I finally figure out a button
to reliably trigger Russia at each and
every time
that requires some timing
just hoping like one of these guys gonna
drop out an extra life this is fun this
is really fun
take out the spiders
this is not for me man this is uh this
this part is just so hard
okay so here's my line of thinking
if I do the tornado move
I really don't know
that's perfect
we here
oh wow summit rat
this is the end okay okay so how many
lives do I have I have one life and I

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

have three energy tanks at the weapon
tank and I think we're gonna do tundra
storm how come I get okay right down
here there you go tundra storm sure and
I think I'm gonna be fine here we go got
him oh my gosh I was using that power
gear and got him I got the achievement
power gear master not sure that
achievement is but I got it
whoo that place was firing an inferno
but I beat torch man he loved it now I
got a new blast man and then all a to
the main robots are done and who knows
what's next but we did we did so much
next episode we'll be up to date let's
test out his weapon
let's see blazing torch let's give it a
go hi that's hard to use okay but the
power here version is pretty awesome
alright well holy cow blast man is next
anything here Mega Man I've made a
breakthrough oh I can know maybe what
can you make what's this provides more
efficient heat removal so the gear gauge
recharges faster I definitely want that
so gimme gimme gimme
absolutely and then this would be cool
increases the maximum number of energy
and weapon tanks you can hold this is
such a weird mystery device to provide
special funds when you complete a saves
in a short time I never do that great so
uh that's automatic so these are manual
ok so I guess I can turn these off even
if I do have them interesting
I need lives all right back at the two
lives not bad not a bad thing so uh well
thanks so much for watching
next episode blast manda and whatever
happens next will be in the future
episodes I can't wait to see you then
goodbye I'm Zack Scott subscribe if you
have not if you like this video and want
to help this channel grow all you got to
do is click the like button below thank
you so much for watching check out these
other awesome videos follow me on
Twitter and Instagram
join my discord and if you want cool
shirts like this visit Zack Scott dot

Thanks for watching my Mega Man 11 Gameplay and Walkthrough! I grew up playing Mega Man games, so I'm excited to be playing the latest in the franchise!


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  1. I rummaged through my garage for the biggest hammer, then I attached a plastic finger to it and then I hit the subscribe button and head butted the bell.

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  3. I dont get the point of ACTING like its your first time playing the level and meeting those foes when its VERY CLEAR that youve already tried at least a couple of times before recording…


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