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SearchThisVideo: Mega Man 11 – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 9 – Yellow Devil! Dr. Wily's Gear Fortress! (PC)

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Watch video at 00:00
what is a guy Zack Scott here playing
Mega Man 11 and we are going to move
into dr. Wily's castle and try to take
it over fight some guys use our powers
it's gonna be fun before we do let's
check out what dr. Linus Lavin has
threshold of the final battle please be
fully prepared before you go further
okay come on sale I don't know why
someone sell anyway we're gonna go in
and have some fun I don't know what we
got going on here exactly we got do I
have anything interesting not really I
have a lot of screws that I really need
right now I think it's all pretty good I
could get super guard that could help I
can pick up a super guard sure let's go
get that that way if I get to like a
boss fight that have it I'm having
trouble with we can get them let's go in
to dr. Wily's castle he's gonna be mad
at me I want to thank you for over 1,800
likes in the first episode we're
approaching 2000 I thank you so much the
first episode has over 50,000 views
thank you you guys are incredible dr.
Wily's castle looks good the new
graphical update has been great for this
game it still feels like a classic game
though it's very fun to play
dr. wily what have you in store for me I
don't know set four stages who knows
alright so first things first we're
going in
alright I got three lives ready here we
go I didn't mean to hit that button
sorry okay
well there's a drone
miss them
got on that time though
oh boy leave this
come on can we give this guy give this
cake oh well there's a missile here too
oh boy oh boy shoot this thing way over
here alright got him we're doing pretty
good so far
oh geez I didn't see that in time
there's another one here
alright got my health back it's no big
I'm gonna climb out of here don't don't
mind me that's actually work they got
all right so this guy shoot though she
shoots twice
Oh No okay good good oh no no help

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

I'm gonna go yeah I got hit okay so
just keep in mind they can fall it's not
a big deal but I can fall bring it out
all right here I go
slipped right through not a big deal
the fire goes to that angle right
oh god I'm perfect geez missiles
missiles everywhere just go Oh No
oh no I switched oh no what
bring back the fire with a fire guy here
oh crap how do I get this guy
there we go
there we go we have to worry about that
okay now
okay I'm fine I'm fine I made it thrill
and now look at this we got everything
we need really let me go ahead and use
this first so that I can get up here and
then grab that then I can go ahead and
collect some replenishments for the
this is classic this is classic Mega Man
guys this is classic Mega Man I'm happy
about it now - okay what order let's pay
this with the order here there's
something pops up here there you go okay
you go over to the laughter thing
oh where is it oh my god ah okay sorry
oh my god where is it there it is
perfect pulled that off piece
aha this guy over here come on you can
hit him right
whatever well
that's stuntin
come on does this as the fob
there you go that got him perfect

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

probably just charge this oh man someone
here someone watching the video right
now fusses click that like button cuz I
got an extra life thank you so much
how'd I get this guy the fire of course
I'm using up this fire this is good it's
actually real good Oh perfect okay this
is going quite well
oh my god
oh my god I need like a shield or
there we go you guys a deal hahaha take
all right but my shield doesn't last
forever oh geez
let's go again another round of shields
here oh my god this takes some precision
oh I did it I can't believe it I feel
like I cheated death
holy cow okay slow down
okay okay oh my god oh that was close
there no puzzles for me whoa
there you go bring back the blue the
boys in blue
oh my god so many things
now Wow
okay no oh my god I thought he knock me
off the edge
whatever oh man my lives I mean I
freaked out I had to use that I mean
maybe I would have found something soon
but oh god oh my god
other there are things trying to shoot
me perfect never mind okay I should have
taken his shield I made another shield
oh my gosh
oh here's the freaking boss already I
use an e-tank why don't use an e-tank

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

okay well that's fine actually he's
finally used to eating cuz I mean now
I'm max help been going here uh let's
see what this is you know I could use my
guard thing where is the boss hello oh
my god
oh my god this is that classic this Oh
what is it I'll look it up this guy is
classic a classic the in fact that feels
like the same exact pattern is like the
first Mega Man I think it's the first oh
geez the first flip I oh I don't even
know it okay okay yeah I mean you know
what let's take the this cuz then I
think I took it right cuz that'll save
me what would be good to use against him
let's try the bounce ball now hit him
Athena's help is still low let's try
this fire cuz I have to use a lot of
fire this episode maybe this is what
it's teaching me this is like the same
exact pattern as
I totally missed em oh my god oh my god
really am i using this okay I didn't
even hit him with that God really I just
unties come on dang it that was terrible
what that go use let's try a bigger
blast here I haven't used this weapon at
all yet
never have I
god I'm so dumb
factually worked quite well oh no what
is he doing now
oh my god please crap this the real way
that's other real what am I oh my help
is solo I'm doing terrible here
I think I shot the real one oh great
nope doesn't open his eye you did not
that was actually really good that's how
to do oh great
cheese is the worst part
I got the real one
I cut the real way great I can't slow
down again
he's like one more left he seriously has
just one more left
of Raffi's in this mode again

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

come here you dork
oh no I'm almost dead oh no what do I do
let's just use it I can buy more sorry
this has been quite a strenuous fight
oh crap open your eye got him oh my god
I got him okay
that was tough that I used like for
energy things I even use that thing that
supposedly decreases my damage what the
heck though man that was a lot that was
a big big big big thing all right well
did I lose any lives I don't think so
but we can move on to the next one if we
want but instead let's go to dr. lights
lab we get anything stay rich hold of
the final back thank you please please
yo did I get rid of the recoil
I maybe did I don't remember you
actually buying these things I guess I
did get rid of the recoil auto charge
did not do that don't know what these
are I did that though I remember that
buddy called I don't have any beat see
this is if I were to fall in a pit well
this is not fall into any pits right
these are extra lives but I have four
I'm doing good
let me buy another one of these yes sure
I need more eat tanks as well sure let's
get back up to four yes yes four please
yeah I want if I want all of them packs
all right so that was a pretty intense
level but these are the bosses I mean
these are like the big bosses and
whatnot so I want you guys to come back
next episode because we're gonna take on
the next level it's gonna be super fun
dr. Wily's castle I'm doing all these
split up and maybe vistas should've just
been like this whole game should've just
been one episode but I'm okay split him
it's a test per se come back next time
for more good bye I'm Zack Scott
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Thanks for watching my Mega Man 11 Gameplay and Walkthrough! I grew up playing Mega Man games, so I'm excited to be playing the latest in the franchise!


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  1. Yellow Devil MK III is weak against Chain Blast (Blast Man), the next boss is weak against Bounce Ball (Bounce Man), and the next well you'll see, and then finally the Dr. Willy himself is weak against Acid Barrier (Acid Man)

  2. My opinion: against yellow devil when the little guys jump and dash back use tundra man and also for when they drop in a line but when made again and again use fuse man

  3. You know when your health is low and mega man says stuff when he is low on health when that happens you can use the white gear by pressing the buttons that activates the speed gear or power gear well press them both and you activate the white gear which activates both power gear and speed gear but can't be cancelled so use it wisely and fast because when the bar is filled with redness (heat) while using white gear your buster gets weakened and you can,t use the power gear , speed gear or white gear for a while


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