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SearchThisVideo: Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection – Megaman Zero Playthrough Part 1

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Watch video at 00:00
we were expecting something flashy not
I am Mega Man ng and I welcome you all
to the Mega Man Zero Z X Legacy
Collection and this is going to be such
a fun ride by connecting the network I
don't really care I played I tried this
game when I eat like when I was at New
York Comic Con a few months ago and here
you need to choose Mega Man Zero or mega
man ZX this one also has save assists
which is actually interesting
the other hand you could choose Mega Man
ZX Advent which you get can choose
between original voice or mastered audio
well I wish they added a Japanese so
we're gonna start things off with the
first Mega Man Zero game we're also
gonna go to the options menu because
hell yeah i pre-ordered this game we can
replace a portion of the selected tiles
music with special arranged versions
like this one and for the sake of it I'm
adding all of it
and the least they could do is like add
the ability like I don't know like
configure your controls yeah you can
also access the ingame options so yeah
let's get started
this is Mega Man Zero it was released
for the Game Boy Advance
what what kind of monsters are these
a dead end

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no I feel a strong energy inside this
must be the place
okay leave this to me
stay back seal you should go
I'll take care of them this must be this
must be zero we found him at last
it's protected
wish I do what's out we're cornered we
have to evacuate now but we have no time
to argue
mooo on seal
seal huh you should use my power you
have no choice
what bassy if I do you'll be don't worry
about me
remember everyone is waiting for your
safe return
okay thank you
no I should thank you seal goodbye
cero has been resurrected zero help me
mission starts yet they may the control
at the game would banks and this is Mega
Man Zero in a nutshell these here
controls how you see fit me personally
I'm just gonna customize them how I want
it the white button will be my main
weapon B button will be my job pays the
dash and R is the sub weapon as for
attack mode itself you have three
configurations for the sake of this
we'll be using it Y&R that way it's
easier and yeah one of the most unique
things about Mega Man Zero is that for
at least 0 1 and 0 2 the game has a

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

leveling system basically the more you
use a wet every weapon you get gives you
experience and the more you use a weapon
you will unlock its abilities this is
only useful for the 1st and 2nd Mega Man
Zero games may ever be
and yeah zero does not have the charge
job guys
much to my dismay but what this game
does have is the cyber elf system take
it from me I played all four zero games
what it's a dead end
what should we do you thank you this
place seems to be a prehistoric to the
war-torn we may be able to find a trance
server which we can use to go go back to
the resistance base how nice this
passageway is collapsed in shall we go
back stay back
too late zero no run you can't damage
this thing with a Buster and Safari and
you notice I've added a rain there's
there's range music
I like the remix bloodstains yeah
because I pre-ordered the game I get
access to these
huh use this zero who are you hurry you
have to save her don't waste time and do
we get the Z saver for our efforts
mission complete I can't believe you
were able to destroy a golem we were
right you are zero
the legendary Reptoid zero is that my
name I can't remember just relax for a
moment you have hibernation sickness I'm
sorry for forcing you to wake up and
thank you for saving me
my name is seal I'm a scientist let's go
to our base before more enemies arrive
what if I'm not the zero you were

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

talking about you proved to me that you
are zero by saving me from the Golem
he's right about that you know we're in
luck the trans server is still active
stand on the trans server and press up
then pressed up on the d-pad then you
can go back to our resistance base let's
go all right and at the end of every
level you're rated on how fast you are
there are six difference
mission clear time enemy damage retry
and elf and the total number determines
your level and your codename
welcome to our resistance base zero this
is a shelter for injured Reptoids who
are suspected of being Mavericks we have
fought so hard to survive however we
know that the end is coming but that's
why we have been looking for you you are
our last hope
most of us think that zero is nothing
but a fantasy however a few still
believe in your existence and have
looked for you you are zero
the legendary Reptoid who fought with
Epps to save the world 100 years ago
X that name sounds familiar
X that legendary repli'd is still alive
and he's trying to retire all of us X is
trying to retire you his plans have
already begun many innocent Reptoids are
being retired as we speak we need your
help our future depends on you please
help us
thank you it's like a dream come true
now with your help I think I can save
everyone I have something I need to ask
you please talk to me when you are ready
sure thing but basically this sums up
how Mega Man Zero works basically you
travel about completing missions the
game also has some are people like I
said RPG elements but before we continue
on let's do a little grind in
preparation why is that pretty simple
look at your weapons you notice the
stars on the weapons well guess what
these stars determine what abilities
that you acquire this is actually
important if you want to make sure to
survive another day but me personally I
want to take the opportunity to global
up as much as I can this also serves as
a place to grind in the early game which
I recommend you do so
and yeah after the first mission there
is an area where you can just line to
your heart's content and fill up on
experience you name it the same can be
said for your z saber and if you want to

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

at least survive this you gotta at least
get strong enough and defeating certain
enemies a little bit like an enemy will
make you like one experience point and
you need to defeat a certain number of
enemies to unlock to unlock the next
part and the challenges will get tougher
by the minute hold on I'll be right back
back yeah but doing this in such a
manner can actually help you out but do
this when you're not in a mission
because if you do it in a mission your
time actually determines how fast you
can do this and why am i doing it in
this manner to prepare for what's yet to
but if you wanted to you could just like
do it in this manner I'm trying to at
least get my bus drop to level two so I
can unlock the ability to do like a semi
level charge shot and you're gonna need
a semi level charge shot if you want to
survive this and like I said I'm gonna
be doing all the Mega Man Zero games
zero one two three and four
wait why does a camera move like that
never seems a bit agent and look at that
this is where our journey started funny
isn't it how do you go from Mega Man and
Mega Man X that was on the ps1 to the
Gameboy Advance
because it was by that point Capcom was
trying to be a bit more experimental
they were trying to be very experimental
when it came to the game but hey I'm not
one to judge I only do this because you
guys know that I believe in 2018 I did
the Mega Man X Legacy Collection all
right now you would level up your Buster
shot now you can shoot four four bullets
at a time but you want to reach level
three you're trying to reach level three
and I should mention I should also
mention that you're gonna have to like
explore everything because this game
also has a lot of exploration
I only say it like it is and any sirens
you find you have to feed energy
crystals on them like that and if you're
lucky you may find rare ones though in
this area you need to at least get it
because you're gonna have to return back

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

and more importantly you don't want to
die thankfully you get plenty of chances
to level like get more helping
okay I think I've got no not to mention
at level three you could be able to like
at level three you can perform a triple
slash and at number four you get the
chart you get like the charge shot not
only that using elves actually penalizes
you and it's the same way for I believe
up to 0-4 and this is where here you can
be able to feed your else like you
increase your vitality there are three
kinds you have nurses you have animals
and you have hackers hackers you can't
like use but once you use them that's it
plus you're gonna be able to like give
them like energy crystals so that way
you can be able to like make the
meatball and get stronger zero to is
when they introduce like rare owls
are you ready now listen what I want to
ask you is if you would try and do
something that no one has been able to
do so far I want you to destroy the
disposal center where they retire our
comrades one after another even while I
speak there may be retiring a rep Lloyd
who is wrongfully suspected of being a
maverick to prevent any additional loss
of Reptoid life please destroy the enemy
facility will you accept save data yeah
- which file you have three save files
just saying let's go the disposal center
is up ahead of you please rescue our
comrades as we should yeah this is the
first mission of the game this game
takes the very definition of
speedrunning to an extreme or rather in
this case being a perfectionist now
thankfully you could just pretty much
abused the heck out of the leveling
system and go back to previous areas
where you can use the black max out your
gear and weapons so now you can survive
the rest of the game
and I and I personally can't say it
stress this enough you're gonna need a
level up get max out your weapons as
often as possible you're gonna need to

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

if you want to sit right leave takes
three attempts just trying to get this
I swear it's just I played these a long
time ago I remember playing in on an
emulator actually that's how I knew
about him and back in the 2000s
emulators were kind of different
compared to having them in a GBA
that's better now let's tackle it
through the shutter you'll reach the
disposal center and I'll have to keep on
charge mode for this I must tech Falcon
hop you are the Guardian sent me to
clean up
he helped help me you must be some other
garbage just in time I'll dispose of
both of you together
this is going to be a tricky fight
you're all still on a tile and it makes
it worse
yeah it moves fast I only have 45
seconds left before the guy dies
like that that's part didn't get it once
Louie took three tries thank you
I never expected someone would come to
rescue me thank you so much I'm still
shocked I'll return your face when I'm
able to walk again you can go back now
I'll be fine thank goodness for that
thank you fear for your cooperation 0
that is the Thunder chip I presume you
must get it before you return bet to the

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

base one of the other gimmicks the
Thunder chip basically there's a little
gimmick with this is the elements
basically you have access to three
elements I believe it's fire ice and
thunder they also have a sort of
rock-paper-scissors mechanic to go along
through along as well return to base and
I got to be faster than that zero thank
you I never thought I'd see the day when
the Reptoid disposal center was
destroyed innocent Reptoids will be safe
for a while thank you so much zero you
are zero the legendary reptoid I'd like
to ask your help again when you have
time that is if you don't mind doing us
favors please come come and talk to me
I'll be waiting for you by the way give
you out of the engine room downstairs
you'll find our engineering airserver
he asked me to give this to you it's
called the escape unit if you use it
during a mission you'll be able to abort
it and evacuate but remember this
mission will be considered to be a
failure if you evacuate so basically
this thing is a double-edged sword huh
you're serious right
okay time to change area and head of the
disposal center remember what I said
earlier about that well guess what we're
gonna have to get to work on leveling up
our weapons sure it gets repetitive
after a while but worth it out of my way
I believe you mean this is going to be
helpful for us down the line
nice Buster shot skill at level three
now you can be able to charge your shot
to be even more powerful basically you
get access to a Buster gray though at
max level all you get out of it is
pretty much right you reduces your
charge time by 50%
it's disease stable you really need to
focus on why is that because that thing
is going to help you and the fights
ahead and yes this is the only miss and
are the only games in the Mega Man Zero
series where you have to do this it's
stupid I know
because in 0-3 you start with all of
your weapons at max level no need to
grind they're like level up or anything
like that except if you want to get like
farm energy crystals first up Adam but
0-3 implements a very different sort of
system that I will give praise when it's
due zero for however is more interesting
very interesting because it has its own
system that you will need to do and yes

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

you wonder why I'm pressing the button
rapidly like a madman that's the stuff
like this is required
yeah you have access to six safe files
in zero one so and make sure as well
that you say constantly I gotta find a
wallpaper of the 0zx collection so that
way I can have that oh really
got to charge it up then shoot and
expect to do this a lot until you're at
max level you want to survive the rest
of the game you got to make sure your
tears at max level and yeah
most players nowadays know about this
but back when it came out in 2001 not
many knew I remember I had a laptop back
when I was in 2001 and I used to have
like SNES roms and emulators and GBA and
at the same time zero one came out was
the Mega Man Battle Network series not
to mention about a year from now we what
year from then we would have Megaman
Megaman x7 celebrating the 15th
anniversary and 7 was in that bad but
trust me will trust me my playthrough of
that should be proof enough
oh yeah I don't have much else to talk
about this is what I have to do in order
for me to get stronger in order for my
weapons head max level though if you
were to do this while in the middle of a
mission itself you lose time and losing
time also affects your ranking you don't
want this to happen alright your Buster
shot is now at max strength now you can
charge your charger Buster in less time
basically reduces your charge time by
half now comes the next part the Z saver
you're also gonna have to charge up your
two other weapons that you are alive now
we have it still three now you can
perform zeros signature triple slap you
stone up with one slash then you get two
and then you get three and then before
you end up getting access to a charge
slash which is gonna be helpful for you
and I can't stress this enough you need
to make sure to do this why am i doing
this to raise up to at least like level
for like at least on the five because

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

yeah from here on out there's no going
back though having it at level five is a
requirement you have your Buster at max
speed which is getting none and this is
level four you can now perform a jumping
rolling slab wait that's what you get
another floor I thought you didn't touch
our shot all yet just press press is
rapidly pressing there you go this is
useful if you want to drain enemy's
health bars plus it also takes down
enemies much faster
and believe me I have done every amount
of Megaman content on this channel
if only the ps4 that I have here can let
me play ps1 games like Mega Man Legends
then I could do that get do that as well
if I did that then maybe I could have
covered The Legend series because I
really need to get them I already have
20 oz on my PSN card so I figured why
not I already have all three games
physically still like sealed up and what
now because I'd rather treasure the past
but thankfully they're on PSN still
still stings that Mega Man Legends 3 was
cancelled years ago it still does hurt
and I still feel that they cancelled it
out of spite because in affluent left
and it turned out he wasn't even bigger
act than I thought
I gotta at least get the level 5
eat it for the second mission and Plus
this thing is actually gonna be really
necessary yeah the only other thing I
didn't like is the way the rating system
with 0 1 2 & 3 is because the rating
system also changes up enemy patterns
especially bosses where enemies can pull
out really weird BS and yak having an a
rank or higher is necessary to unlock
the X skills in 0 2 & 3 which is
ridiculous why would they even do that
sure it's a bit of a design flaw but
come on also zero 2 gets advantages
because it has the most are most
different forms that you can get with
one of them being the most powerful form
the ultimate
I like I didn't gotta reach level five

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

there you go now you obtain what charge
shot now you can charge your z saber to
do this basically you're gonna be using
this a lot okay I've done enough yeah
the only other disadvantage that you
have with a charge Z / it gives you're
more likely to get vulnerable after a
alright let's head it back to the
resistance base okay now that we're set
let's make sure as well we save our game
because that's going to be needed for us
by the way let's hit at the end let's
see if we head at the end you're gonna
leave me ending rooms on the bottom
floor we're supposed to meet somebody
will give us new gear I still can't
believe you are what Lucille says you
wait I'm getting ahead of myself
my name is Sergio and as you can see I'm
a repla engineer seal and I have been
researching and conducting experiments
on entities called cyber elves they were
kind enough to spare me engine room
which I modified to be my laboratory ok
they've only had enough time and data I
could develop some weapons I'm too busy
to ask old Andrew to tell me about old
times but you should try to keep him
company and listen to what he has to say
it's helpful and informative to spend
time with the aged that's true
yeah my busters at level 4 at next level
there's beauties at level 5 which means
I have a charge shot everything yeah
you're Buster's neighbor has seven
levels instead of four so good alright
now we're about to let's just save our
game alright now that we got that safe
time to move on to the mission itself we
have a leave emissions destroy the Train
find the shuttle retrieve data they'll
be using the store in the tray we want
to destroy the enemy transport train in
order order disrupt their supply based
on the report from our Scout unit the
enemy train is at the old platform
loading cargo the time to attack is now
please help us destroy that train the
transport train is lying deep within the
number ground passage keep your guard up
except I already knew that let's go

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

yeah you just DoubleTap to activate the
spin slash that's what it's called
come on out it
that's good now to find out what's up
with this oh yeah
nice we got a several for our efforts
for a mini-boss you're not that tough
being held within the transport train as
a cyber out that was stolen from our
base if it is taken to their face they
will abused its power
rescue it please the Train steep steps
left please rescue the abducted cyber L
I'm counting on you Ciro you're in a
three minute time limit also the
Lightning chip also lets you study stun
reason why you're gonna have to grind up
the wazoo for this
just be careful of your surroundings
all right we've arrived a phosphites on
the horizon
you've reached the core reach the engine
be careful zero also remember what I
said regarding the week miss Jane yeah
lightning is strong against fire though
this works both ways
fire is strong oh dear God I'm gonna be
trapped ball and get out of there oh
wait what am I kidding you're done have
a nice day easy fight
thank you sir oh the mission was a
because of you I really appreciate your
help we get a cyber elf and our grades

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

is dropped because we took too much
damage our Ray's drop from s to pay as
long as we're an a-rank we're okay
thanks to you the abducted cyber elf has
been safe and the enemy's supply route
has been cut off thank you very much
zero we owe all this to you the cyber
alphas rescue rescued is only a child
but she is unique cyber elf and we'll
learn awesome ability when she grows up
razor with love and care very well then
and yeah if you want to feed your cells
you have to go here this is it helping
the damage zone you're gonna need a lot
so I recommend you use whatever you can
to farm to get mores more crystals but
this also means we're gonna be ending
part 1 of 0 1 why is that because I
don't want this to be too much time so
yeah that is it for the first part of
Mega Man Zero I hope you are looking
forward to this as much as I have but
hey all of you guys gonna have fun with
it as always if you enjoyed it be sure
to hit the like button means a lot to me
don't forget to Like comment share
subscribe and click the bell it helps
out big time this is megaman energy
signing off peace out

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  1. The first one was the difficult one at some points I have played the zero collection for the ds never played zx and will be livestreaming it tomorrow got it for the ps4 cause the places I found it only had that version

  2. Tomorrow you guys will get Part 2. This will not be a playthrough where I will go for the highest rating. Believe me. I did the Zero games already on the GBA and it's a massive pain in the ass to go through. Believe me. Compare my skills then to now. Back then, I used an emulator and I had to rely on skill just to make it far. Plus I was using obsolete tech so for what it's worth, at least I did my best. Zero 2 and 3 will really test me for obvious reasons while Zero 4 will be a damn blast. I assure you of that. For now let's get on with the first part of the Megaman Zero playthrough, part of #ZeroZX Legacy Collection! Want more? Show me! Help us reach 15 Likes on this video! I'll upload Part 2 if you do! If you enjoyed this, please be sure to do these 5 things: #LIKE, #COMMENT, #SHARE, #SUBSCRIBE & CLICK THE BELL! Be sure to set it to all Notifications! It helps. Wanna support the channel? There are many ways! Be a channel member by clicking the Join button! Or you can support me on #Patreon! All it takes is $1 a month!

  3. I knew you get to this one, and once again, I'm feeling that urge to talk about Mega Man……screw it.

    Mega Man Zero is the series taking places centuries after the Mega Man X series, going by the lore, and it has been talked about a few times on the comment with Mega Man X. The world has become even more of a mess due to the events that happened prior to the first game. Even the radio dramas go a bit further back as to why Zero had to end up in hibernation sleep until he woke up seeing Ciel. In short, the Maverick Wars finally came to an end, thanks to the efforts of Mega Man X, and a scientist that came up with a method that rid the Maverick Virus forever. Causing things to finally settle down, however thanks to a very extreme radical scientist who name will not be mentioned until we get to MMZ3 for one reason of my own, 1) because that's how much I LOATHE him! and I'd rather save my rage until at least MMZ3 playthrough on this…Where was I? Yeah, thanks to HIM, The Elf Wars happened, causing a whole mega-magnitude of damage to the point that X was forced to make the ultimate sacrifice to ensure the wars ended. And that man responsible paid the price and was imprisoned. With such a mess, it really damaged the image of the Reploids with some humans, although there are those who do persist in keeping up with the lifelong dream of humans and reploids living in harmony. Ciel is such one person. A talented girl gifted with the knowledge of technology, engineering, programming, etc. To the point that she succeeded in recreating Mega Man X, or more specifically a copy of it. However, Copy X lacked the 30 years of constant trials the original X had to go through with his creator to determine his reliability and ensuring he was able to know right from wrong, and as a result, Copy X became arrogant and had begun his tyranny over Neo Arcadia, a place where it is said to be utopia for humans and reploids. However, they have a very severe policy concerning reploids being retired for extreme reasons. Conditions were undoubatbly worse, causing Ciel and a few other resisting reploids formed a Resistance to fight against Copy X and his Neo Arcadian protectors, called the Four Guardians. Harpuia, Fefnir, Leviathan, and Phantom. The Resistance couldn't put up a good fight against their oppressors, for they had more numbers in their army, and their generals pushing them to the corner, with their final defeat looking drastically imminent. There is still one final hope that brought Ciel to where he lays resting. Zero….one of the most advanced robots created by a former world dominating attempting scientist Dr. Wily. Assumed to be a reploid, yet holds just as much mystery to others as X. His exploits as a Maverick Hunter was legendary. And he was sought out by Ciel as their ray of hope, and be the turning point that will stop Copy X from destroying the resistance and move forward a step towards true unity.

    Other than that, game play was Mega Man Zero is hard for few reasons 1) Relentless Difficulty and Stage Level Designs that made it difficult. 2) You are penalized for certain actions during a mission, especially using lives to retry. How's that you ask? When you die, you get a Game Over immediately instead of immediately going back to the last checkpoint. Which brings you three choices, Retry, Reloading your save from where you last saved, or just end the game. Choosing Retry penalizes you which affects your rank. What also affects your rank is the use of Cyber-Elves which boosts Zero's abilities when used at the cost of cyber-elf being used. And it stays stuck for the entire game. It's a bit unpleasant. Mega Man Zero has the ability to level up, by destroying enough enemies with said weapon, giving it a new skill. He holds the Buster Shot Gun, which he got off a deceased Milan's body, The Z-Saber, which is given to you by ??? at the intro boss battle. And more weapons such as the Triple Rod and Shield Boomerang. The former is a lance that extends and the latter can be used for defense against projectiles/and used for attacking as well. Well I've said enough. Mega Man Zero was done by Inti Creates who has came a long way since those days, holding their own with Gunvolt, Dragon: Marked for Death, and more games like that. Mega Man Zero is challenging for some of the wrong reasons, but you can find some fun in it.

  4. I preordered the game as well, and I can’t wait to start playing it! I love the Mega Man franchise!

    Edit: Actually, Mega Man 1-6 came out on the NES. Then Mega Man 7 came out on the SNES, same as Mega Man X1, X2, & X3. Then Mega Man 8 came out on PS1, same as Mega Man X4, X5, & X6. Finally, Mega Man X7 & X8 on PS2. Also, Burn to the ground! X ♾

  5. You don't have to grind to survive. Speedrun tactics can be converted for casual game playthroughs. Saves the grind and allows you to beat the game no hassle.


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