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all right guys here we go right off the
make a man legacy collection some
gameplay let's try it out see what it
looks like I'm gonna keep the dual
screen on so you guys can see what
happens in the bottom screen - um I
wanna check the amiibo features whatever
else would let's try it really happy I
got this title and I'm playing off my 2d
s game challenges scan amiibo waiting
for NFC reader let's make a man amiibo
to the NFC reader amiibo scan successful
new challenges
Wow look at these challenges no swing
allowed ready set go
extreme buster bonanza terrifying time
yikes it spikes big big bang fortress
funhouse doc robot rematch okay I'm
gonna go with the first one
Moorea Moorea more yard tests yeah
whatever let's go and try it the amiibo
challenge what is it what is it what do
we do
honestly okay I got it for sure it's not
gonna be easy let's do it again
I failed AddThis
how am I supposed to jump all the way
down there
it's impossible what will happen
border off button no all right turn to
game I just don't get it what am I
supposed to do
all right let's quit this challenge I
too bad so sad not that good have those
challenges all right let's go let's go
and try the games let's check out the
menu Mega Man 1 mega man 2 all-time
favorite like a nine three five six oh

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let's play some good old Mega Man 2
museum box front art from Japan we're
that's so cool cartridge
all this super good stuff
UK guards look at that oh my gosh air
all right as you guys can see lots of
goodies let's let's play let's try one
level let's give it a try
Mega Man 2 nothing different here
same old I hope my good old password
works always go with wood man first
that's all I remember
I'll do my best I was in the champion
when I was a kid but I'll do my best I
promise I'll make you proud people
graphically on the 2d s well I'm not
playing on the GDS function right now
it's 2d s but I don't see any difference
I should actually turn on my NES and see
what it looks like I always hated those
bats what's that I'm supposed to be a
giant dog throwing fire down here there
he is the good old ways this game made
me a gamer and I can never actually
finished it oh man best part was tough
screw you dog there we go got my energy
back up no man
okay no I didn't get an energy pellet
out of this who needs a power pellet we

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

don't have any come on there see can I
save save game there we go
oh we didn't have that back in to go to
all these stupid monkeys oh yeah got my
power back it's good to play the
classics but I gotta try it on the
actual 3d version like I'm playing on my
2d s right now I think I already said
that but maybe the 3d effect is going to
be like wow
does the whole reason why you're getting
a 3ds version also of course its
handheld but the fact that it's going to
be all 3d a good old retro game like
this I think it's worth it dog time
right bunny was gonna shoot Rockets
carrot Rockets oh man I always get hit
by that bunny come on come on up I'll
wait for you like I used to do oh man no
I can't wait for him this is about where
I died when I was 8 years old
and pretty much all the chickens you
never knew when they jumped those stupid
chickens I get to restart all the way
there how bad
but what's that heinous oh no way
all right when I get to the chickens I'm
gonna save it
kill that egg before I burst always know
I remember my brother making is life
back up killing that egg - all right
let's get out of here before one more
egg bursts out of us

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

all right bunny bunny bunny bunny before
he shoots any carrots yes all right I
feel I feel fresh save the game we gots
this ah chickens
well I gotta say I gotta say boss we
didn't have that that's the future I
actually love but still no cheating
all right wouldn't man battle I remember
dying actually didn't play this in 20
how was it again impossible that's all I
yeah the good old days are back how
about fifty thousand times come on come
on come on come on come on I could do
this I'm a proud man
got a job he gets me next time I'm dead
oh my gosh 20 years in the making
I got me a wood man password cuz I'll
just watch my video after and I'll see
my password give me the password there
we go
it's good for everybody alright let's
save take this cool new feature love it
and imma quit this game database

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

there's so much good stuff in here music
player amiibo challenges amiibo chat
just regular challenges alright guys
I promise some gameplay right off the
bat and now maybe I'll do some
challenges later on but you need the
amiibo to unlock all this while the
amiibo challenges with these ones they
look fun

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  1. I don't understand the password thing. If I am in the middle of a level and save, then turn off my 2DS, and then go back to my game later, do I need to put in my password?


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