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SearchThisVideo: Metroid: Samus Returns New Game Play – Nintendo Minute

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Watch video at 00:00

hi guys welcome back to Nintendo minute

we are here with special guest Samms we

might have seen her on mini treehouse

live thank you for being with us today

your first appearance on the one person

doing a Nintendo minute treehouse live

fanfiction this is the big moment right

now across a room a one-minute treehouse

live Metroid Fantasia but today Sam

you're with us to play Metroid Samus

returns on in ten to three DSi very


we do have some new game stuff to show

people yeah so specifically actually

talking about amiibo yeah I'm here that

we could play around with before we

actually jump to friend to gameplay if

you have them all all the babies as you

called it I'm not gonna be able to bring

those back to the office admin know I'm

gonna be I'm gonna be taking these and

running out the door so by but the game

functions with the two amiibo from the

Smash Brothers series and also the two

new amiibo that we showed off at e3 and

these guys gonna be available as assets

you get the yeah pretty cool this one is

Samus and her like classic Crouch pose

that is on the cover cover of the game

really game right you and then my

personal favorite is this little Metroid

baby that you could like swish yeah it's

kind of a thing where you didn't realize

that you needed that in your life until

you do and say we do it I'm gonna keep

this on my desk

forever you just squish it stress ball

yeah kinda medium just like I got this

okay but anyways besides are the

Galactic man it's not the Metroid I knew

it I'm done with that but not only can

you squish this adorable thing there's

actually some good functionality I will

show in a little bit but if we want to

scan some other amiibo

yeah we can hop right in yeah wherever

y'all right now in the game is we've

just activated one of the chozo seals we

figured out how to do that but before we

go in further we can get some amiibo

going here who'd like to start with

I will let you do the honors exciting so

here we have the Samus and that's giving

us the reserve tank I'm gonna say yes

let's unlock that and see what we've got

doing is challenging so all the reserve

tanks you can get it really helps yeah

and it's nice but it's um it's actual

stuff that you can tap in if you want to

have the extra help right this one's an

ion reserve tank so in this game Samus

has these new abilities a own ability to

draw from a shared energy pool and if

you want to use those a lot they become

a big part of your gameplay it's nice to

have the extra bag app so if you run out

of energy this is gonna give you a boost

back right and here we've got the

secondary functionality as well so each

of these amiibo have one function that

you can do any time during your gameplay

I'm in another function that's only

gonna be able to be unlocked after you

finish the game so you want to finish

the game and and come back in and do

another take lots of replaying probably

that will happen with this game I think

yeah exactly

cool so here we've got a little bit of

gallery content that we could unlock

then we're all done

so it's kind of nice that the smash

amiibo work as well

so another reserve tank here missile

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

Andy nice you need that you need that

against these Metroid so perfect and the

last one here the whole zero suit samus

going here one last tank to go here good

a good variety of energy tanks here that

we've collected from the amiibo and then

later on you can you can see what this

guy does in the meantime I'll be

squishing it while you play so this was

from the initial waves of Super Smash

Brothers and Evo obviously this is you

know coming out that you can compare

sort of the level of detail I'm the

process has evolved and I really might

sort of the back area looks really cool

great very substantial after - oh yeah

you like this heavy aney though you have

except when I dropped them on my feet

that's a yeah that's that's sounds


so you're exploring a new a new area we

haven't shown this before so that's

that's really exciting and of course

I think we've had a bit of a bit of

gameplay that we've we've shown we're

seeing this has to sort of collect the

Metroid DNA to unlock the seals and

these chosen statues in this world so

where where are you in the game now this

is a very interesting moment so here

actually discovering another piece of

technology that's going to be really

handy as I'm revisiting different areas

of sr388 so it's gonna be a lot of

retracing my steps as I collect new

power-ups and I get the ability to

access other parts of the map and this

is a teleportation station right now I

can't do much with it but if I find

another one I'll actually be able to

network them up so I could not use those

to travel back and forth in the map and

I think I misspoke earlier so we just

activated the chozo seal there okay my

necks just got to see it a little bit of

animation there and I love the way they

chose that just look in this game it's

very creepy looking I guess and ominous

atmosphere to do a lot they've really

done so much to really build out the

sense of kind of presence in place with

that's not 388 and it's pretty

interesting to watch the snap up where I

loved Metroid 2 it was my very first

Metroid game I'm very fond memories of

it but it was good for its time now we

can do a lot more yeah that's our 388

coming back here yeah I know it's gonna

be hard for folks to officiate here but

the 3d functionality yeah it is you're

playing in 3d right now I'm like looking

over your shoulder but it still looks so

good so yeah this is another one of the

chozo seals so here I'm gonna need to

defeat some Metroid and then interact

with this again right but I know their

Metroid here if I want to play kind of

classic old-school I could just hunt

further into Planet you try to track

these guys down find out where that or

destroy them but I've got a couple

little like helpers that I can call in

here and one is actually using this

amiibo Faris let me pop open the amiibo

screen here Metroid detected yay so here

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

on the lower screen we'll just see a

little indicator pop up so there we see

where a Metroid is hiding you'll notice

I haven't opened up any of that map so I

still have to figure out like how to

actually get there and dig my way in but

it is handy to have that little mineral

direction right where you you could be

headed so maybe we can try to get there

now I always do this where I like I see

something on the map and I'm like I'll

try to get there and then I get

distracted along the way I think that's

one of the beauties of the game it

really encourages exploration and just

ok so here maybe trying something old

foolish just for the sake of science

there is a fair bit of that in the game

here where I'm certainly gonna find

things that I can't access yet and I can

tell ok I'm gonna need to find the right

kind of powerup the right kind of

upgrade and then try this again but it's

just kind of fun to go wherever you want

to go and just see what happens you know

with that older style of Metroid games

one of the things that gave me trouble

was the navigation because you had to

toggle to bring the map up this is not

the first game to do something like this

but just being able to just glance down

and see where

your head makes it for me who has bad

kind of navigation skills you always

lost always good for I think metrics it

really encourages you to like retrovirus

and explore like you can see where you

need to go yeah and then one cool thing

that you can do is the map is actually

interactive too right you can actually

go to the map and and put in markers of

places that you may have explored and

want to come back to you're like let's

say that doorway we just went into was

terrifying I mean yeah go into it right

now but maybe once we get some sort of

powerup we can come back to it if you

want to remember where that is there is

actually a way to do that on the bottom

screen yeah and I can actually show you

that here as well so you've got this pin

system where I could drag and drop in

yeah there's on the map if I wanted to

okay without that right now pop that off

I've also got this sort of legend and it

shows me what the icons mean that I've

uncovered already so as I'm looking

through this map if I need a save

station really quickly something like

that I'm able to just hop back in and

find what I was looking here and then

I've got the 360-degree aiming with kind

of that red visual effect that comes up

when I'm gonna enemy in my sights

which makes it a little easier also if

I'm just not a couple with Amy just use

this to make sure that my shots are

really caring yep really nice when you

do see missiles because you don't want

to run out of those make a moment you

want to make sure you've got those going

make sure you're standing in a safe spot

to do that yeah for sure things they

sneak up on exactly fast it happened to

me before and as you're learning how to

play the game a big part of it is

learning the tells of a different

enemies yeah like what their their time

exactly when I first played this game I

think it really kind of added to the

creepiness of the game for me as well

that I had playing really late at night

I didn't want my parents know how late I

was playing so I'd have my Game Boy and

the Gameboy like just tucked under

pepper and then I'm trying to make my

map on graph paper because that's all

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

I've got

oh yeah that's hardcore I wouldn't have

any surprised at my parents still have

those somewhere hiding who knew that you

were doing that by the way you thought

you were sneaky but I think they

probably knew yeah I couldn't get a

trouble play all did that hey officer

yeah that's right

it's safe in your bedroom I'm just to

draw a quick bit of attention home the

lower screen

my little metro detectors start to chirp

there's something more mysterious things

in the background

see cool job in the back how much is

going on up there yeah totally and love

the depth if you watch too sometimes is

like creatures crawling around back

there there's a lot of adversity that we

saw once remember we were like ok back

there and then we're like here we go so

this is an alpha a little bit charged up

he's not the most fun in the world but

oh and as far as these Metroid go

they're sort of different levels of

their mutations and this one man gets

all charged up like that and Sam we were

playing earlier today you're like just

jump over it what are you doing I was

like yes good seep good thing we see

Andy and me though we are ready to run

oh gosh you're so cute but you're so


why can't we do friends I just want to

be friends with you and we could go so

mysteries together exactly so great

wants to get along but that just can't

happen I got it destroyed Roy unless the

way it's gotta be

so while he's got this electrical tak

going trying to me like counter him is

he not gonna work so well so you have to

stay clear and try to land some shots on

that little underbelly well that's why

I'm by

and plant stuff in the background there

oh I don't want to touch the nasty red

clam business there we go yeah this is

one of those games where you can't

really rush through it yeah you need to

wait for the right windows to make an


so you basically after you've defeated

that much red you deploy DNA so where we

going maybe we just take a wander around

and someone fine explore a little bit

yeah all right so unsettling when you

find these little husks and then you

know somebody's yeah it gets really

creepy too when your detector starts

going off because you know there's

something nearby and there's it next

door maybe the one after that but

anything he's like beeps like faster and

faster you're like oh my gosh what's

happening yeah they built up so much

atmosphere into the audio game that was

really spectacular the music is really

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00


Sakamoto song of course has this

incredibly long fascinating relationship

with the Metroid series Metroid Chu is

actually the only one he never worked on

but he has huge respect for the game and

it was really nice to have a chance to

come back to what's really a classic

story in samus's history mm-hmm and have

a chance to revisit it and then working

with Mercury's team to really bring this

thing to life in the the way that

Sacramento Sun have been imagining for

so long since checking at the original

game classic classic back here is so

this was actually really my nation

system in the original game was just

waiting until I got the bomb and then

bomb every inch of rain yeah I'm like

it's something we'll do some things and

just lay these little puppies down yeah

there you go

and but now you have a little bit with


you think you could continue to bomb

everything inside

it's satisfying in its way but let me

hop out of here and I'll point you know

it's totally cool if you want to play

this the old-school way and explore and

just kind of bomb your way through it

but if you want to use some of these new

abilities kind of help you out along the

way this is actually a good place to

show it off so we've got you'll see here

on the lower map I've got terrain that

I've already passed through that's

cleared through so I can see okay what

I've already been to check out some

icons there but if I hit the a button

I've got scan pulse active right now and

there a whole section of the map that's

been opened up to me so I've got a bit

of a sneak peek at okay I can see some

new icons on the map I can see a little

bit of the surrounding terrain and it's

totally optional so if I don't want to

use it that's really cool not to but it

is nice if you get kind of stuck in a

pinch you start where to go you know

there's something nearby that you're

missing yeah so this is another one now

that we have a pair active I could

actually do now you can transfer between

the two oh nice and these are really

handy sometimes you want to take your

time exploring back through a new area

backtracking to see what you can find

other times it is nice to just quick

travel you know exactly where you need

to go you just want to hop across the

map so here for example I could go back

to the previous area and then take a

look okay I've got the teleportation

station there I could just hop right

back I don't want to go back track just

yet yeah but it's something I could do

later and something that's certainly

worth checking out later on so just a

game if you want a hundred percent this

game and find all of the items and

everything that's been with now helpful

it really does pay off to make sure that

you found absolutely everything that's

hiding within this planet they've really

tucked a lot of way in here yeah I

should love the background

here to this we kind of have to be a

winner guys because you are using that

energy right when you're using an an

ability so use it

yeah I can show actually here if I just

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

pop it again you'll see that trunk

dropping yeah there and they're still

effective affecting it you arianna

closed door that's kind of cool yeah

really fun to play with as well so we

haven't revealed the full set of

power-ups and upgrades nothing that

we've got talked to win the game just

yet but we've been able to show off a

few so far through the different

coverage that we've had and so with this

one I can actually swap back and forth

on the touchscreen mm-hmm so I can I

supply one three or I could go back to

my original weapon but if I hit the ice

so I can actually do a quick freeze

there and you'll see dollars often comes

back around what I'm actually due to is

charge up the ice beam and then really

freeze this guy and it makes my stepping

stop nice couldn't make this jump before

yeah that's like that enemies like

perfect for that kind of does look a

little floaty thing it's like you're

meant to be nice for me to freeze you up

on you definitely got a Metroid

somewhere nearby looking at how my lower

screen is doing oh boy quickly blinking

that door should be all set aside nice

it's actually interesting they're

looking at with the map we don't have a

wonderful one correlation here with the

original game map largely because we've

got this new 360 degrees range of

movement so I can actually access red to

getting into game different kind of

areas and directions that I couldn't in

the original and the dev team took them

to account so the maps not a one full

and match they've actually made

adjustments to the map and been gonna

hide more stuff in there I think that

really comes to the heart of this being

a reimagining so right by the original

game they'll be a lot of hair that kind

of tugs on your heartstrings and reminds

you of those original experiences but

the same time it's gonna feel really new

exactly so you just got another upgrade

here it's fireball you don't like how do

you feel about the spider so I can

actually even bounce up on some point

nice I do love that when you start to

collect these things you just feel like

oh gosh so much more has opened up for

me and now I can you know now I can go

back and do like the way that I like

wasn't able to before and it just feels

really good you know it's pretty awesome

there's something hiding up here

oh do a little upside down nice always

want this with um yes always

oh yes hi no I see such a nice opening

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

oh no it's just for demonstration


mmm sorry buddy

not like that regular all a charge out

of cycling with the weapons I can see


easy with the touch actually huh yeah

it's just nice to pop it with your thumb

whenever you want right no that's it

yes you were hot dog Harry yeah okay

down it's all good all right well

there's loads more to explore in this

area but I know how much more you want

me to yeah 37 to go yeah there's a lot

back you know in like two years

yeah but maybe we can we can probably

stop here because that was a great look

at this kind of new area and thank you

so much think we're showing it off for

us you were amazing of course I'm always

happy to talk about droid I know

all right well we hope you guys enjoyed

this video this is a look at much for

assignments returns it comes out on

September 15th for Nintendo 3ds or to

the amiibo so do the amiibo square

squish yeah

crotch crowd and remember Nintendo mini

there's never a minute we will see you

next week


Hi, surprised to see us so early this week? We just couldn’t wait to show you some new game play from Metroid: Samus Returns! Sam from Treehouse joins us as our special guest to play through a new area in the game and show us what amiibo do in the game. She also brought us the new Metroid amiibo which we could not stop squishing! As always, thanks so much for watching and we hope you enjoyed this video. See you next Friday!

-Kit & Krysta

#NintendoMinute #MetroidSamusReturns

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  1. 6:53 I'm still playing the first metroid game but I notice that the room is just like the "elevator" (I don't know what it's called so I call it that) looks just like that but the original metroid is my first metroid game so idk if it was done before

  2. Please make more metroid games like this for the switch or remake them all just like this and then give us a new one i love metroid and i think it has to get back to its roots and become a side scroller again amaizing i will buy a 3ds just for this game good work nintendo good work i will throw all my money at u and i will also buy these amiibos <3

  3. Amiibo makes Metroid pay to win? Personally, I'm a bit bummed that the hardmode is locked behind one but overall I think it's an interesting way to handle DLC as you get something physical out of the deal as well

  4. Ahh so thats how the ambios work on the 3DS, hopefully they will work the same for the power tags too. Im thinking of rushing through Samus Returns first time, so that I can unlock the hard mode and Fusion suit, and then I can REALLY play the game poperly.


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