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    Metroid: Samus Returns Review

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    Metroid: Samus Returns reviewed by Sam Claiborn on New Nintendo 3DS.

    Unboxing the Samus Returns Collector's Edition and Amiibo:

    New Metroid: Samus Returns Gameplay:

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    Comment (43)

    1. As someone who dislikes grinding for upgrades and doesn't want to have to blow up every block in the map to find new areas, that new skill that lets you uncover the map became pretty handy.

    2. Why does the reviewer say that this is a safe modern return of Super Metroid when this is a direct remake of Metroid 2? Wouldn't this be a safe modern return of Metroid 2?

    3. Seems like Castelevania team were involved in this gem. The boss fights are epic and hard as hell. It's cool to face enemies who all could make short work of Samus if Samus doesn't dodge. Like Castelevania, dodging is an important part of the game, it makes everything more intense and fun. You don't come by an oversupply of energy tanks so you cannot just take the damage and keep shooting tilll it's dead, well though.

    4. Samus Returns is a reimagining, not an entirely new game. Why the hell are you comparing Samus Returns, a 3DS reimagining of a Gameboy game, to a massive entirely new Zelda game on Switch??

    5. Really hope the rumor are real and true about Super Metroid Remake on the Switch. Sadly Metroid Samus Returns was only build for 3DS. I liked so much Other M. So much amazing. So I was hope to see Samus Return on Switch but will never happen after the statement from the director in 2017. However if Super Metroid Remake can be build close identical like the rumor on internet its gonna be so sick and awesome. Can't wait for more information later this year

    6. Who in their right mind blames Samus Returns for not changing the formula when everyone remembers what happened the last two Metroid games which tried to do that

    7. I need new metroid games on nintendo switch
      Been playing all the gameboy metroid's recently on my gba
      And im addicted to these games never played a metroid game until last week lol


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