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SearchThisVideo: Minecraft Dungeons – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Squid Coast, Creeper Woods, and Creepy Crypt!

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what's up guys axe Scott here playing
Minecraft dungeons you might not know
this but I have over 900 episodes of
Minecraft on my channel many of them are
crude but I'll keep this series clean
thanks to you guys my videos have done
really well lately this channel features
some of the most popular gaming videos
on YouTube and we've hit 40 million
views per month the past couple months
thank you so much in fact if you take a
look the first episode of Animal
Crossing New Horizons has over 3 million
views and that's all thanks to guys
living over 60,000 likes I'll be
thrilled to this video got even a
fraction of that so thanks in advance
for any blanks and comments you can give
me on this video series I want to give a
special shout out to my members out
there but if you're not a member yet
thank you so much for subscribing we
just hit 4.2 million subscribers that's
incredible and I cannot thank you guys
enough I'll do my best to bring you even
more awesome videos just let me know
which games made you subscribe and which
games you like to see me play in the
future now without further ado let's
play Minecraft dungeons here we go it
was a time of great adventure
and danger shunned by his kin and Alysha
wanders the land seeking a new home
villager but all he found was hatred
driven by rage against those who wronged
him he wandered blinded to whatever end
his head shaped weird that's where they
hate you
until at long last the illage around
something that would change him forever
the old of Germany it's not a Nord is a
and resist
oh boy corrupted by evil driven by
vengeance the arch illa Germain all bow
before him and if they did not bow they
that's pretty cool the images raided the
land visually would have the banner the
purity of heart to stand against the
arch images reign of terror
I'll do it I'll do it if I have to
I have dungeons alright guys what we
have here is the character selector or
maybe even creator but you can always
select from a set number of skins you
apparently cannot make your own skin

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

from scratch so I'm gonna go through
these really quick and see what we look
like you know there's some options here
great attention to detail on some of
these skins I'm probably gonna choose
something really cool though you'll see
at the bottom here I guess it's part of
the hero addition to this game that I
got and but we're just gonna go through
and take a look at all these and this is
the this is the one down here that it
started me with right there of course
you got look at that Steve classic Steve
from minecraft but look this one's from
a DLC that I guess I got somehow I'll
probably be this this looks really cool
I don't know how to select these other
ones yet they look like zombies on most
I'm just like this one done for now
that's a cool looking dude right so
let's go ahead and select it and see
what happens when we do my name up here
Zack Scott live I'm not super happy with
that name originally when I was making
my xbox live gamertag I try to get Zack
Scott it was taken so I went to Zacks
out live and then later I launched my
zackscottgames channel I forgot to even
check to see if it was available then
someone took his accent game so I'm
stuck his ex got live for now so you
know it is what it is so um online game
I mean I don't know what do we do do we
just start it online game do we have an
option offline game alright so we're
gonna start an offline game for now I
don't quite know what all the mechanics
are of this game at all I don't know
hardly anything about this game I didn't
look at any of the videos of the
promotion and stuff I'm just going to go
in and see what is what the village is
burning no doubt this is the work of the
evil Arch Ilic and his minions they
sweep across the land like a ravenous
scourge subjugating or destroying all in
ha this is a time for heroes like
make haste the villagers have need of
you all right I can do this I can do
now I used to in the past play dungeon
crawler style games you know it's been a
long time since I played a Minecraft
came of course if you want me to return
to the original minecraft let me know in
the comments below but let's see what we
got into if I were to return the
original minecraft we're probably
talking me going and just doing a solo
thing there's been a lot of changes that
I have not kept up with all right stuff
I'm just going around hitting the
zombies as was this an arrow what's
going on I don't even know well I can
roll I can roll hey guys how's it going
oh man I'm a zombie killer here alright
is there any reason to go off the beaten
path we can see this this parts on fire
but I mean like it's telling me a
direction to go and I gotta be curious
there's some arrows here what I do with
these arrows whoa whoa whoa whoa hey oh
right back at you buddy now he dropped
that over there and again the question
that I have is like is there a good
reason to kind of venture off let me in
let me in this tower let me in no okay I

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

don't know maybe in future games or this
is kind of a tutorial but I mean future
rounds maybe there will be an incentive
but I don't know for now I have 39
arrows I could probably just shoot
everyone from afar whoa oh hey up here I
see you can't can't sneak up on me like
but also you know I'm not bad at a
close-range combat
so maybe I'll stick with that double
whoa whoa I don't even know what
happened I've gotten like extra hard
oh ouch now they're fighting back now
they're fighting back
all right supplies give me those sweet
supplies bread gotta make that bread get
a bunch of arrows now I have a bunch of
arrows there's some sort of a temporary
regeneration are we going the right way
I think we are I'm actually speeding
through this it feels like the graphics
a great classic minecraft style graphics
but you know the fidelity on it on some
of these looks amazing there's a big
statue right there oh jeez oh jeez I'm
leaving I'm leaving hey you're the
ultimate bad guy doesn't it work
survived the ambush seems easy enough
okay time level up in fact enchantment
point earned okay let's see what we got
let's go to our inventory and chant gear
listen champ my sword then we got
freezing or weakening let's go with
freezing that sounds pretty cool I'll
reduce speed what's weakening reduce
some damage let's weaken them here we go
let's do this upgrade there we go
says it's too expensive I don't buy it
but there we go
weakening it indeed it is now this we
have a poison cloud enchanting and
supercharged for now just eaten I'll
stick with weakening for this sword all
right so let's see what this does
so you have to be I'm using the mouse to
walk around that's pretty cool I really
use many keys except I have this really
cool roll all right got him fireworks
okay I got a fireworks arrow over to
okay I've moved it over to here I move
it back okay either way but I think he
wants me to put it there fireworks there
okay it's an artifact
one two three so okay that's that's
equipped alright so what's up let's hit
this we're gonna use the fireworks arrow
or something
how about right at you boom that was
awesome hey hey don't make me let me
come at you like that
can I nice excellent I like what I see
here this is good I like doing the arrow
and then finish him off with the city
still freaking out finishing off this
sword after the arrowhead that's pretty
brilliant right can I move the camera or

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

both I don't know if they hit anybody I
don't think I can move the camera at all
and get that arrow back please
I only have 111 arrows let's let's see
this is the way to go so far no major
incentives to go off the main road but
and yet here I go off the main road
right what's up here I take a little
peek oh I can't go up any higher than
that okay all right yeah let's not worry
too much about what's off the main road
yet maybe we'll get to that in the big
was this victory too risky which is why
doesn't friends go out there somewhere
waiting for a row to find them alright
cool now of course you know this doesn't
have to just be in an offline game it
can be an online game so let me know if
you know maybe I can play with some
friends why missing chest oh man players
down no players here squid cows level
two oh here we go
it's a fierce-looking chest we got a
fishing rod at the trusted companion of
any true adventurer the fishing rod is
useful for more than just fishing
awesome it's like a scarecrow or
something right
all right let's follow the path over
here now I'll need to you know if we do
end up doing a mission select here we go
holy cow creeper woods squid coast is
done so I don't want to diss a let's do
one new mission of course creeper woods
we're going in your drops artifact so uh
select difficulty right now we're doing
easy we these are all easy okay I guess
or no they're not all easy necessarily
but let's go up one right so i did what
i get more again more stuff okay I mean
laughs okay let's just see what happens
I don't know maybe I'm messing this up
by choosing a bigger difficulty but I
mean that first part was really easy and
the more difficulty you do the the more
stuff you get so
by the ostriches decree all free folk
are now enemies of the imager Empire
somewhere in these woods our Caravan is
transporting villager prisoners to labor
in far-off lands find the caravan and
stop the images no telling what your
friends seems to be a lot of enemies
and this is my campsite I suppose so
okay free the villager I'm going back
home okay
let's let's see what we got so I pump I
pumped up the difficulty a little bit

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

all right here we go
I mean that pork baby all right that
worked out pretty good the arrow works
pretty good I got an apple of two so
maybe there is a little bit of incentive
to go off the beaten path is there like
a map there is a map Oh
ha so what's over here hold on let me
see let me see
Oh it looks like oh gosh oh I didn't
mean to drop down unless I did did I
mean to even see what's going on dude I
dropped down and I don't know why oh boy
oh boy
was this a mistake
I was just gonna see if there was
something that was missing but I don't
even know so the map is quite seem to be
quite useful
maybe I mean I don't know yet possibly
get useful more pork for me geez there's
a lot of zombies did I mean to do this
these guys drop anything
all right sign here oh my god all right
hold on
now here's something yep yep yep yep
he'll so yeah maybe increasing the
difficulty was a mistake but maybe it's
also useful to getting better stuff you
never know pull this up this map I don't
know what there we go nice there I
definitely given me a lot of grief well
what's over here hold on hold on
oh darn all right what is this over here
this is something awesome okay
now I don't want to set you guys up for
like I can't guarantee I'd be doing like
a higher difficulty thing each and every
time but I just wanted to give it a
shine you're gonna kick charge this it's
super useful oh boy that's a big guy
okay come and get me come and get me all
right whoo
is there anything out there's like some
water over here oh yeah I just kind of
know these things are useful can i stow
in the water oh I'm swimming in the
water sort of I mean I am indeed
swimming in the water but I'm more like
waiting is what I meant
geez Louise okay
geez okay keep getting shot from afar

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

oh I'm out of arrows oh my god
I can't believe I just wasted all my
arrows more pork will do thank you all
right so why is this yellow oh there's a
villager I just freed him I had the map
overlaid all right not too bad I guess
if I follow the objective I I don't need
to map up all the time necessarily yeah
I don't have any of this stuff oh my
gosh these guys are definitely tougher
than you would think so level Peck yes
enchantment point earned so let me go
here what do I want to do on level three
let's continue my sword enchantment too
expensive to do another one of those
all right I could Salvage no well whoa
whoa whoa whoa what the heck I thought I
was paused guess not anything over here
there seems to be okay there seems to be
multiple times it seems to be a complete
side path oh man what will I find over
here got him pretty good now this does
indeed seem to be like a total side path
right and I was even done with my
enchantment or whatnot Wow okay oh gosh
dang okay enchantment hello
I do have an artifact what is the
fishing rod for okay hold on okay I
don't even know we can try it out
yeah let's use that potion really quick
is there any whoa this now that was a
common bow picked up another Bell what I
really could use though arrows
I see you trying to oh boy oh boy I
think I went on a total side pat and so
that's that's a good thing sort of right
you know what I probably need to use
more often my role I think I hear
maybe not also my potion comes back I'm
gonna top of like a building or
something what the heck
okay well what is what I just open up
what bag is this what is this whoa okay

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

level on my creepy crystal whoa doo doo
doo doo doo doo doo
oh this is very bad this is very bad
this is creepy annecy crypt you might
even say it's creepy crypt get some more
arrows I guess
I think that I got TNT oh man oh man
so I've gone I feel like above and
beyond here I didn't did not follow the
normal path here some guys over here
even what I supposed to do over here all
right I got all of that stuff there's a
statue of a person not quite a person
though now is there there is a map in
here and I guess I can leave whenever I
but why I leave when I'm having fun now
is this hope the caravan can wait for me
because I told we went off the beaten
path again
got it man his head was in the clouds
hey now be polite another chest over
here wolf farmer holy cow what is wolf
farmer and can I put it on heck yes wolf
farmer is on nice and then this is uh
this is an even better bow right what's
the times for this is a different
achievement gradient shot ricochet what
about this other one this one's the
better one okay so this one has poison
cloud do I want to enchant it now poison
cloud sounds pretty cool
they also have pretty cool I guess
I don't know let's just wait cuz maybe I
want to do my sword again cuz the close
combat stuff is little little risky is
there there is more to this script holy

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

alright is this just the other side or
hold on if that's just the other side of
the crypt and there was something over
here right I could definitely that that
bow and arrow is a little bit better
right whoa whoa I don't know I just
I heard some sort of a sound
can't really see can I roll over there
Oh God I'm fine I'm fine something
happened to help me out I think that's a
dead end okay so I think that we're fine
let's go through this door and see what
happens I'm still like only care of a
mission but I'm doing so much more
hello guys you don't know where I am but
glad ok so I made it back all the way
over here ok now we're behind the wall
alright spam those arrows at him now
this thing recharges right this potion
this potion recharges so any time I find
a good reason to recharge I might as
well here's another dead end
and then let's see over here I'm glad I
chose the bigger difficulty so this is
the last time I kind of moved into a
dead end like a chest pop up out of
I got a wolf head on me I'm awesome so
what do we got
there's some creepers here in this
creeper woods
are we looking at okay
well got him look at his look at his
face now I am scared of creepers showing
up you know trying to take me on
I guess this this jump can be used for
more mobility like I can get places
faster so that's a good thing to keep in
get him out of the way there's a chest
here nice
I don't know how important it is to me
to get a hundred percent completion on
stages obviously I didn't do it on the
tutorial stage whatever what is that oh
there's a spider oh you see that now
hold up this spider is creeping me out
whoa okay I can't fully see him got it

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

this potion does it in use now you can
get close to me all you want
this is almost like a village now with
with this you know I can still shoot
people in a distance how do you how do
they handle these spiders huh I is
trying to get away but he can't all
right I'm glad I found this better bow
all right I'm just gonna take a look
around there's another one down there it
just that virtue of fighting the better
bow has made this stage this difficulty
a lot easier so congratulations to me
we're finding the better bow and I'm
just gonna you know I don't know what
I'm doing looking around there we go see
like I found that I wouldn't found that
and I'm not looking around so hey just
got him
I'll I mean that the bow is so good I
mean my range especially since I found a
level four I mean come on just amazing I
think they just do whatever I want at a
distance so long that I have arrows okay
don't fall down there or do I don't know
I don't care it's might be another dead
end over here but let's just see it was
just fill it out okay someone quiet
learned the mechanics behind like wind
chess might show up or whatnot but we
are like thoroughly exploring the stage
and I don't even know that we will need
to going forward all right
I think I leveled up again here a spider
now maybe I'll enchant this bow or
something I don't know let's take a look
at my inventory hopefully nothing stinks
up on me but I got this fantastic bow
now hold on is there a difference
between these two this one has radiant
shot and ricochet this one has punch and
supercharged let's go with this this

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

ricochet sounds awesome
what's up trade there and then we'll
just see what happens I could have
upgraded my sword but I mean this bow
has proven to be so useful
weakening I think we're almost out of
the woods
as a cow where's my beef I happy with
that cow yes all right uh just the
caravan up here we release Matt man the
map just keeps getting bigger
holy cow I we're in a village some music
is kind of kicking up a little bit so
maybe something interesting is gonna
happen whoa Pig get out of here there
you go
I got pork I got an awesome new sword
probably hold on I'm tracking you down
and I got an T that I can use let me
look at my sword pile I got Yahoo the
sword is just now suddenly better and
now that this sword okay wait a second
oh okay
so there we there we go now this one
does have the ricochet okay got it okay
frenzied come and surprise gift nice all
right so I got surprise gift for I
didn't realize now I have this too now
thundering now I can't deal okay here's
the thing
here's here's my question how does this
work I was sore now I don't need as much
how do I get rid of it how do I say I've
done I can salvage the sword maybe and
get yeah okay okay at level one swords
gone and thus now I have I can do it up
right there nice okay I'm learning some
mechanics here about this game yeah so I
got like okay this is good I got
upgrades on everything right now I have
some mushrooms what the heck is this
death camp mushroom great the increases
attack a movement speed so is this like
a an artifact okay cool I haven't really
used my fishing rod a lot that's you
know my fault like what I stunned it now
I don't know oh gosh that's good that's
good that's exactly what I wanted
awesome I'm stuck
hey ricochet do you see that stuck again
come come get me whoa he thought he
would ain't got nothing on me

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

now still looking at this are we are we
going a good way there we go we going
over here and thus got a little treat
for ourselves
hold on do we do we have another dungeon
to go into I'm curious I see it on the
map now I didn't see it earlier but is
there another dungeon for me to go into
or whatever they call it in this game it
almost seems like there is and then I
almost missed it the first time so let
me see then go up there I mean I don't
know it seems like the rewards for doing
stuff like this is quite decent so
supplies this isn't a dungeon per se
more like just someone's house that
we're in and we're destroying their
stuff so good enough all right
let's let's keep getting a move on here
I'm glad I saw that though because I did
get more surprises well that's something
that's something okay hunters armor it's
not as good as my current armor so we're
just gonna here's what I'm gonna do I'm
just gonna salvage this stuff like what
happens to my salvage it Salvage so yeah
that's the sound we did a couple
different bows that we can salvage as
well nice cool I mean I don't know how
important it is to salvage stuff but I
did it the state is huge absolutely huge
free the villagers yeah that's my
objective of course whoa hello
tough battle there already right alright
so there's a lot of villagers or
Illinois or whatever their names are
then I gotta take out so
I like these hitting him from afar I'll
I'm getting experience for that so there
you go one free Caravan or something
over here so yeah get out of here please
oh the lightning struck you down like
I'm Thor awesome all right there we go
please don't do the other guy injured
collateral damage I don't care about the
cow collateral damage guess who's having
steak tonight so there we go three of
the five villagers nice all right where

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

are we
there's a little bit of something
something over here
those plants kind of kind of retracted
this is pretty sweet this game is so far
I don't know I mean like I don't know
what the this series is gonna look like
I don't know what the structure is gonna
look like
but for now I'm having fun we'll see how
many episodes we get done of this okay
he's over here he's over here
one final one find the exit okay so the
villages are free there may or may not
be an exit over here they hate the cow
oh my god
all right I know I know this is bad and
we're fine I do wonder what all of this
stuff is useful for and the experience
points reach me from a pretty far
distance so that's a benefit I assume
I only have like 200 arrows left what's
gonna happen an axis common but oh wow
is that like Chain Lightning holy
come here try to find the exit with the
diamond like a creepy area of skeletons
there's like a fence there or something
what the heck all right this is bad this
is I'm gonna hit with a lot of stuff and
a spam some arrows really quick not a
big deal
what is that over there don't go much
farther please don't bite I found a lot
of stuff I left me a gift I beg you
please swiftness then go beat up all of
y'all fast like lightning all right
anyone else left anyone else want a
piece of meat all right no more pieces
hit stop yeah I'm gonna run out after
you I'm gonna make you retreat a little

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

bit are you stuck in the fence even free
- congratulations oh my gosh there's so
much stuff going on
okay okay I took some significant damage
I need to wait until I get my heels back
which is easy to do if you're just gonna
sit around there you go let me just make
sure there's nothing up here let me
loose chests hanging around I don't know
the graphics are the impressive part
about this I mean I just happen to look
really good the Minecraft graphics you
all right why some creepy music playing
I don't know if I like that get out of
my way ow
trying to find the Oh what tech is this
that guy he looks big that guy looks too
big move count you got to move
alright he's fine he's not that big I
don't know if I should have used that
already I like when the Ricochet escape
paper woods I mean I'm trying dude it's
not my fault these sages are so long all
right there's something over here cows
if you don't want to get hurt don't
carry cool items on you and I won't try
to take them away oh gosh
poof close call alright I see you're
gonna make this hard on me
I just level them but I don't feel like
I can access my menu right now I'm
bigging a bad hold gosh I'm really fast
all right and that's that I think we
have done it I don't know if there's
anything else to to do let's just exit
the stage I miss being super fast that
was super cool all right Victor in the
villages are free from the clasp of the
images all thanks to you thanks to me so
there we go we're going back to camp and
so what is it to do like between the
round so swiftness points use I okay
shadow 75% of chess I didn't quite get
all the chess but I don't know where
they were hiding
I tried open it up my friends nice death
cap mushroom eat it eaten by daring
warriors before battle the Death Cap
mushrooms driving fighter if I just do a
frenzy so I'm back to my camp so what do
i do my camp for now seems like I just
go do missions and attack scarecrows but

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

I don't want to a necessarily waste my
arrows on that I can maybe go what is
this I can kind of kill some pigs while
I'm here I can't pull up a map what is
this let's just see what this is really
quick before we end the episode this is
a house of some sort can i butcher these
pigs yet no that's upstairs
okay oh this is the this is where I open
up the chest
I recognize that little anatomical
creeper statue all right can I crash
something no all right started with try
get me out of here
so oh there's a blacksmith now perfect
first up there's a lobby check wait what
emeralds you found of yeah that's
my 50 emeralds heck yes so there's a
blacksmith here now so what's up dude
random gear so make it true what ok
gives you a random piece of gear
appropriate for your level let's do it
longbow 11 holy cow now is that all of
my no that wasn't all of my stuff all
right let's do it again I'm free
ok 6 impressive Quentin check this out
now I can yeah definitely clip this and
definitely clip that and you know I
don't think I mind salvaging these two
things because now we have so much
better stuff I don't know what the axe
is all about either spin attack movie so
weak so let's just salvage and then
let's take a look at what kind of
upgrades I can have you I can have a
committed what is committed bonus damage
oof that's nice what is this looting
increase the chance of mobs are
consumables just loops let's loot and
then for this let's do it what's
infinity let's accelerate
I like that a chance to replenish the
arrow okay so I got some really cool
stuff I almost wanted to see if you'll
give me one more thinning but then again
I also kinda want to just kind of go to
the next level so thank you guys so much
for being here if we watch me play
minecraft dungeons let me know what you
think of this game in the comments below
be sure to give this this video a big
like if you haven't subscribed yet
please do so if you want to keep up with
this series and of course you can always
click that notification bell if you want
to know when I upload a new episode of
minecraft dungeons for now though thank
you guys so much for watching we're
gonna do probably we got some options
here we got creepy hold on how does this
work what is this creepy crypt this is a
secret mission now have I already what's

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

the story wasn't me what's his story
the Forsaken undercroft is okay so I
guess I haven't been there yet so that's
like a soggy swamp alright I decided I
want to go ahead and try out the creepy
crypt before we in the episode I want to
ramp up the difficulty a little bit I
know my powers low but we'll see what
happens right start the mission
I don't know what this is all about I
don't know how long it is I hope it
isn't as long as the previous one but
this is a secret mission so let's get
this done here we go this is this just
okay here's my question my question is
is this exactly like we did last time
this is exactly this is this the same
actually no this is this is this is
actually a little bit bigger this is a
little bit bigger just happens to look
similar okay all right I'm gonna get
hurt real bad
I need to definitely level up this would
be a good opportunity to level up
nice I got a new bow what kind of bow is
it it's a 14 so already I just spend a
bunch of money getting this bow but now
I have a better one and I can scrap this
one salvaged that one and then growing
was this afraid there we go got it
alright so already I'm more powerful
than I was when I started a surprise
gift kicked in there so this is a big
creepy crawly dungeon that we can do
these arrows grow as they approach oh
man oh man oh man oh man they're coming
for me oh no no oh that's really painful
okay we're fine we're fine so it's sort
of for now we're fine is what I mean
he's dead I got a I got a heal up now is
this anything over here is there gonna
be any sort of secret over here doesn't
seem like it
I can level up I've got my lovely heal
up got him out of there I'm just ill of
my web drink potions nice Catamounts
super quick I'm just kind of take on
these guys easily enough I don't know
what these tombs are these just dead

Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

ends is this how this works
maybe so so let's head this way and see
if there's anything of note doesn't look
like these are anything once they go
this way but I kind of want to check out
this way you know this I like to give
this these stages a full little boost
they still wants to go the other way
it's okay
and I'm starting to get kind of low
that's okay
oh gosh thank you for not dying Zach
this might be some sort of a dead end so
this will be we'll see what we get here
this is gonna be another situation in
which I'm probably gonna want to I'm
still alive if I can be fit without
shooting arrows I can serve arrows that
way there we go we got another chest
we got a bow that's even worse than
before so let's just salvage that and I
got some gems for that so that's good
now so once this is go this way I want
to go ahead and finish up whatever is
over here
there's some stuff over here
that was nice uh-huh
their bodies landed up there all right
so so we're we did a mission and we did
a secret mission but we haven't done it
yet but we will another chest as soon as
it lets me get over there whoa lots of
stuff now this sort is better than the
one I just got from the blacksmith - Wow
okay so sure we will we will salvage
this one then over here we're going to
vici looting we'll give a fire that
sounds awesome
let's see how that works out for us I
don't know I mean this doesn't seem
important to the story also this tape
seems really big lots of fighting we'll
see what happens when we get through it
will definitely be stronger on the other
side of this
so yeah we definitely went to a dead end
but I think we're better for it all
right that was very bad that was I'm
almost dead face him please what am i

Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

she's the weasel think was that okay
what okay I don't even know what
happened there's something down there
too I took a real heavy hey give me that
Apple that heals me barely Oh No look at
the bridge oh boy that bridge like
falling down in front of me or behind me
rather was not expecting that to happen
all right so something's going on this
is so big like how much do we want to
get through all of this you know what I
mean like how much do we actually want
to 100% complete this and and the more I
think about this we can redo these I'm
not so sure I want to 100% complete
these I don't know man what do you think
there's so much to do we definitely get
stronger for doing it
all right let's go this way I'm stuck
this is a dead end too far the problem
with this is that when you get to a dead
then what just gotta keep on going got
to keep on pushing I want that Apple
please Thanks it's a shine arrow that
went through oh no oh no oh me oh my god
that's worse than it looks
shadow form I don't even know what this
they not see me as outwards and ee
here's some creepy sounds looks like we
are about to be done with a dead end so

Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

it looks bigger than you know they
appeared bigger than they actually work
there is a chest over here though I cut
to two T's and I better sword so again
you go over here then you salvage this
one and then it's all good man then you
get to go sharpness what does this do
just increase the image I like that oh
to TTS over there okay they're damaging
no okay if I want to keep it tabs in my
help that would have been very bad for
me like kicked him up in the air alright
so this is definitely I mean this is
definitely making me stronger doing the
secret mission but I don't know other
than a peer grind I'm not sure what it
is you know what I mean but the very
least that means you guys get to see a
little more the gameplay so far we spent
10 minutes here and that's not too bad
there's another dead end and I saw him
oh so those guys come in - we got a
little chest and yeah so there's so much
more left I'm gonna do my best to
complete this I don't know though
I'm just following the map now I mean
look look at how much stuff there is
over there that we've missed
I thought I missed it you know I mean I
did miss it but you know I'm saying like
it's there's a lot over there and how
important is it you know I don't know
the answer that question so let's go
over here oh geez GG jeez oh my gosh oh
boy oh boy I got freaked out just use
that now your enemies respond there's so
much to do over here alright grab that

Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

ok now this looks interesting right
let me move out of the way now this is a
big room hopefully with big rewards
I just leveled up fighting those guys
you got another enchantment point
awesome so we completed that now that
anything good happened because of that
there it is just a common boat
worse than what we had so this is a big
area big fight and then basically by by
me going all the way through this we're
gonna learn exactly how important it is
to actually go all the way through these
excuse me is it may not but you know
we'll see I have been keeping up with my
arrow supply pretty decently
whoa whoa
spider right on me this is a dead end
there so many dead ends but we're about
to wrap this up and actually start
moving on the creepers start freaking me
yum-yum the statue of a guy over there
all right so there's a there's a room
over here that's also a dead end this
might have another big fight in it yeah
I think so
I think so indeed so we triggered this
everyone we can run in here and get
but we don't know exactly how hard this
is gonna be it may not be that hard
oh I think on something
Oh close call and then we get awesome
stuff right here awesome

Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

so I clicked on a window or something
now inventory wise nothing better so we
can scrap and salvage that pick pickaxe
well we don't have a pickaxe is this huh
I don't want to use this pickaxe let me
think of my inventory really quick I
definitely wanna use this but I'm just
curious the pickaxe has like different
functionality I've seen walls made of
grass I'm like should I pick ax @ we
gotta go this way who's here
all right another dead end
what does happen I click that I might
have I'm pretty sure this is a grind man
this is whoa
what I just find I don't know what I
just found
I'm freaked out a little bit I'm gonna
here with a million arrows
all right so I got lucky I found
something in the wall I mean it was
definitely colorful so all right so yeah
this is pretty Fanta this is the end
this is the end of this as soon as we
get this done we're gonna be able to
turn around there and actually move
forward in this I wish it blew up walls
and stuff that'll be sweet now we got a
nice pickaxe there that's a nice pickaxe
that's better than the sword
so now we actually have an incentive to
switch the pickaxe and see what it does
okay I'm father them
I don't know who's who's left but that's
a guy over here okay he at me all right

Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

this isn't too bad
yeah both it's not worth much it's like
we're getting a lot of things though so
now we're totally totally done now let's
just follow the way out the pickaxe
pickaxe is fine I think I prefer the
sword still even though the pickaxe is
better we can salvage this this and the
other pickaxe is not any good salvage
this - all right let's get here where's
the I'm going to follow the icon I think
all right yeah it's gonna leave me the
correct way I believe still here some
enemies around that's interesting so
this is gonna be a giant backtrack of
basically with everything we've done
this we've done so much we got so much
gear and we didn't know you know we we
increase the difficulty a little bit I
think that's important to note is that I
am gonna get more awesome stuff because
of that I'm gonna use that just so I
would have full health by the time I got
somewhere here there we go we're gonna
go this way and yeah this way oh my god
I forgot about this Ridge that has been
falling down and most walked off of it
alright so now we go over here and then
that's it's a whole new area that we
haven't even done yet
oh boy oh boy
all right so many creepers okay all
right this is another room all right and
then there's a dead end over here or two
does it seem like there's much over here
oh there's this
this is really intriguing all right and
this is like kind of like a minor chest
that we get for doing that all right
let's see how much more we have left of
this stage is I mean we've thoroughly
explored it we spent a lot of time here
over 20 minutes now okay
either way homeboy this looks big not

Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

quite sure what this area's all about
but this is huge
in appearance okay open gates what okay
wait wait do I mean to do that that's
the wisest move for me to do okay hold
on we're opening the gates I guess
okay was that enough you guys have
enough gates you're still not open by
the way
gates are open and we got a chest I like
having more arrows I keep forgetting to
use my artifact which is the rocket
thing let me just make sure I didn't
miss anything over here because this
seems like a whole new room alright not
bad not bad okay so hopefully you know
you guys appreciate the wide variety
gameplay that's in this first episode
here alright I see him over here oh gosh
close call this is a bit of a dead end
I got hit with a spiderweb so I cut a
okay nice there's also a dead end over
here that we can go do probably gonna be
some more treasure more loot seemingly
that guy's big that guy's really big
really big Oh God okay this is actually
much more dangerous than I thought it
was gonna be
I managed to survive that I don't know
what would've happened I'd yet so I
don't know what would have happened if I
would have died that armor is better but
I mean this looks so much cooler have a
dog on my head
and there's another chest over here so
let's grab that high risk high rewards I
guess right so let's continue on I mean
I don't know how much is left it doesn't
seem like much is left I like to heal

Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

before moving on there you go oh crap
I'm stuck by spiders right now
I literally okay okay that's better
we're fine but how do I get over there
and fight those guys
I guess we're like oh jeez oh my gosh
that was not fair
how do I is there even away that's a big
chest how do I get over there I don't
really know how this is what I was
wondering like this is the pickaxe help
this let's find out
level 10 pickaxe no doesn't seem to Oh
scary stuff happening hmm
I feel like I should know this but I
don't know this how do i how would I
even get over there
all right
I think everything's opening up now okay
yes it has good cuz I didn't know how to
go over here
my aim is true that spider was dancing
with a creeper
all right dead in but we know that over
here is not a dead end we see a treasure
on the map arrows are working quite well
for me and of course the coolest part is
that it's all minecraft theme oh my god
I level up again alright what's going on
over here there's a treasure over here
yes and this one seemed like a decent
treasure who knows I'm happy that that's
that's what matters I don't know I don't
even want to really mess the TNT
and again going forward let me know the

Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

comments below do you actually want me
to like try to 100% complete these
because I don't know that it's necessary
I don't know if it's too much of a grind
man did we just get it here just to do
and also even though even when I try to
an under pissing complete these I don't
always do it that's weird
sure what this room is all about if
anything it's like I just found the exit
and then I open up a whole new section
it's like major ambush I mean there's
still so much more left on this what in
the world happened they basically will
let you I think they designed these
stages so that you can play these like
if you hook as almost as long as you
want so they don't see me but then I get
big surprise
now there's a big chest coming up
these are all arrow targets I'd like 183
arrows so alright nice that sword is
worse than my current sword if I did I
did get some TNT I'm just surprised at
how expansive these secret dungeon
missions are thanks this is like a just
a dead end
ok I mean by the time I'm done with this
I'm gonna have so much there's so many
resources so much loot I'm gonna be
well-prepared for the next time I have
there's like ramp up the difficulty a
lot for the next chapter to be even be
challenging and then yeah we're going

Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

this way now and there's still a lot
more apparently
but I'm gonna go write soon cuz I do I
do kind of want to see what happens if I
try to 100 complete this alright it's
one of me go this way hold on what
happens if I go this way hold on now
that's another way to go now that one is
marked I don't even know here we go
all right
so let me v to grab these arrows I've
gotten good at just like kind of rapidly
picking up stuff and dropping it down
now what's this this is another like
exit what the heck is this I don't
understand what I'm seeing like are
there different exits so they're
different I don't know I think he wants
me to go that way I'm not ready to do
that yet not until I completely complete
this area I was just trying to get it I
don't know how much is left it's hard to
tell you know they make it so you can't
really tell I think just keeps expanding
and growing and stuff so
let's see any other creepers are over
and then the experience gets to me like
come all the way over there this is
another room of mini eat your pork man

Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

okay oh god I blew that I messed that
one up really bad i cain't almost feels
like it's over but then you get there
and it's like not quite over
we're good we're good that Bo's even
better than my current one so let me
take a look at this bow 15 nice
so let's scrap this one I think salvaged
this 14 and 415 we want power raw damage
I think ooh I don't know is that a big
one or a small one
okay we're fine okay yeah I like it I
like it
this is a dead end
I'm kind of like trapped by the spider
sometimes you know like it's hard to
remember to get out of their way because
they don't really hurt you but they do
trap you and then that's kind of like oh
yeah like oh yeah I've trapped I don't
know if these little rooms are other
than so yeah we're almost done this is
exciting we're actually almost done
find the lost tomb' diet have I done
that this spamming my arrows we're just
fine with me honestly
all right whoa whoa whoa whoa that
sounds good
and I don't know what I'm walking out of
here with a lot of stuff hopefully now
okay here's what we got to know listen

Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

take me a while about packing but um
what I want to know is exactly like I've
done the stage there is like another
door thing over here I just don't know
what that door is gonna get me like I
don't know if that's the right door to
go through because there was together
area that we need to look at and I don't
know if I should done that first or what
we'll see that might just be the exit
but I don't know it looks like an exit
right but it also might be another room
I just don't know I just don't
understand cuz we missed the thing over
here I'm curious what this is over here
let's go take a look we know that
there's a an archway there let's go to
this wagon reading the mapping and
getting confused let me see what this is
all about over here because we know that
this is also a section that maybe we
should care about because once we get up
here it tells us oh yeah you can go this
and this was this area I mean I don't
think we fully explored it so this is
the tone oh my god okay so we actually
got the tome that we were here that we
came here for now what happened okay I
finally got the time now we leave the
crypts so I could have just came here
earlier I don't know if anyone's gonna
want to fight I feel like I've the kid
they're kicking in some music but I
wouldn't head and cleared out everything
before that this is such a large stage
that's the thing about this is oh geez
there are enemies please oh wow there's
another excellent another reward awesome
so now we can actually get out of here
and this is probably gonna be just fine
so like another 40 minutes for the stage
I don't know if that was the wisest
choice but it seemingly is at least I
don't got to do it now and you know
might as well the first episode be a
more lengthy episode than the rest
you know that way you know you get a
full view of what the game is all about
Oh what was that what was that okay this
is the exit right here right nobody
better mess with me I just want to get
out of here I think that was it now I'm
out of here leave the crypts let me
please oh boy I'm actually outside oh
oh no how much of this do I need to
explore I'm hoping not any I don't
really want to do any extra exploration
outside now that I've gotten to this
point now that I've actually completed
the crypts
all right losses them together get a

Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00

pickaxe how do I leave okay this looks
like very similar to the stage I've been
to before I don't even know if I need to
find all these guys I just need to die
here that we care about don't even know
what the Dustin's death system is like
holy cow level up again nice say this is
this is very similar to the stage if not
the same exact saves that we have done
before and then now we leave there we go
victory holy cow that was intense that
was a long long say like a 40-minute
stage and I don't know if they're all
gonna be like that but at least I beat
that secret stage I don't have any
desire to go and akin and grind it away
I got 84% of check I don't know what the
other chefs are I'm doing the best I can
what's up I'm this dang tasty bone you
hear distant howling as you hold the
tasty bone in your hand creepy
so I leveled up
mission select is what we've done the
secret state so we've done three sages
squid coast creeper wasn't creepy crypt
I'm next let me know which one you want
me to do first next episode and I will
will do it so thanks for watching
it's been fun playing Minecraft dungeons
I'm Zack Scott subscribe if you have not
if you like this video and want to help
this channel grow all you gotta do is
click the like button below thank you so
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