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SearchThisVideo: Minecraft Dungeons – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 – Soggy Swamp! Endermen!

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Watch video at 00:00
what is up guys axe Scott here playing
Minecraft dungeons before we kick off
today's episode I want to take the time
to thank you guys so much for your
support on the first episode it now has
over 100,000 views and that's all thanks
you guys leaving over six thousand likes
and we're talking in less than 24 hours
so thank you so much for your support
let's get right into this game and
that's me right here level eight looking
pretty good and you know online game our
offline game I don't know I think I'm
still gonna try to do it solo for now
and tell I can tell I need to you know
maybe bring on other people I don't know
I heard that it's quite the challenge to
try to do it solo I'll do my best though
now where am I at do I need to go over
here and actually do I need to buy
something from this guy random gear 89 I
have a lot I have a lot this is gonna be
appropriate of my level right we got a 6
but that's not powerful enough are you
kidding me dude that's not even close
ok Cutlass 411 let's see where am I at
where am I at
so that Cutlass is gonna be good now the
bow on the other hand looking at all the
gear I got I got a scrap at all the
Cutlass looks good right
this is gonna be melee damage reliable
combo okay sure let's it says it's
better let's equip it then let's go over
here let's just scrap this one I know
it's enchanted with that salvage but
let's get rid of that let's give her
this new bow as well holy cow a killer
stuff is just Salvage
this is what we're doing before we go
into the stage hopefully you guys have
been doing okay I've been doing great
thanks for asking
this is level six this is fine but it
doesn't look like a wolf let's go and
salvage this really quick yep yep
this is level seven yep goodbye and then
the level 10 pickaxe I think I'll hold
on to so uh let's then enchant this with
leeching that sounds good that sounds
real good back let's do two levels of
leeching how about that now appropriate
for my level sure let's go ahead and do
the mission select we got to do a lot of
things now I think I'm just gonna go on
to assault I asked you guys in the
comments below where I should in the
comments last episode where I should go
next and I think it was down between
these two I think I want to go in soggy
swamp I don't know my power is 9 I'm
gonna power 4 yeah let's just go through
the swamp and see what happens I can go
to power really 10 come on
tens where it's at what about the red
Sun mines what happens we go over 10
yeah ok I'm gonna I'm gonna go in
through 10 it's okay
soggy swamp so let's get that over with
and let's go in through level 3 I think
and let's uh let's start the mission
here we go

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

traveling the soggy swamp let's see what
this is like this could be real fun real
cool oh dear they conjure up all manner
of Blues to empower the arch ill ajar
and his ever-growing army if you don't
find and defeat those witches the images
will be unstoppable but tread carefully
the swamp is home to many horrors no all
right let's see how this pans out it
looks like I took a boat to get here
that's pretty cool so it's raining the
graphics look great as always of course
so uh okay there's some some issues that
can I walk over there there's some like
little anyway I just looking at the map
let's go over here what I want to do I
wanted movie star to spend less time
looking at the map and more time just
doing my thing
well little kid zombie came up to me
better leave me alone leave me alone
little kid with life leech I don't I
don't mind just kind of rolling up on
these guys hey drink potion heck yes
fight me fight me fight me fight me done
the fighting has been done there's a
staircase up here anything up here worth
checking out
is this where we came from this is where
we came from okay cool
oh I fell in the swamp what the heck was
that what the heck was that I fell in
the swamp all right fine
let's go over here I hear things
it's creepy things all around
all right I use my armor so Leo let's
just keep going this way not my armor
but my potion I think it's funny that
this kid just runs up to me what's over
now here this game gets harder as time
goes on I already I already am choosing
a difficulty that's above my my skill
level look it looks like I've explored
all of this over here let's see
I like the leaching ability that's
pretty cool whoa whoa a witch gotcha
that was cool from afar I shot and she's
trying to power them up whoa that's a
weapon and a half is this home I'm gonna
try to use that in a second hold on as
soon as I get a break I'm gonna try to

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

use that what is this all right let's
take a look what is this let's try it
out all right pretty strong of a weapon
I don't know if I prefer the speed or
what but this seems pretty strong let me
take a look at what options we have with
it this one we have Echo fire aspect
let's echo oh another rapid that's cool
hold on let's let's go ahead hold on one
second I don't know if I want to just
ditched it can i unequip I don't think I
can do any sort of upgrades with this I
don't think I have any sort of points to
know I do let's do an echo upgrade there
we go let's give it a shot
I haven't used echo before
there we go there you go I love that
extra extra hit that we do at the echo
excellent to have a suite up or
something what's going on we good we
good all right let's make it through
this swamp the best we can okay no I
thought I could walk on top of the tree
come on man
obviously that's not the case
let's see over here you know in regular
minecraft you can jump on trees I think
I hit the potion like right out of her
hand I'm still keeping track
oh man I'm taking a lot of damage stop
healing let me get that bread I think
she was healing right alright there's a
couple different paths here I use that I
keep forgetting
here we go where are we going I'm
looking for secrets to the best I can
I wonder like if I can like go back on
old stages and like try to collect any
secrets that I haven't found yet ok
destroy the bruise oh there's a big
slime over there
there we go nice slice right through
those slimes
okay we're gonna fight we're gonna fight
okay you back hold on stop it
what the heck there's so much stuff
happening what is happening holy cow
all right destroy dad the slimes are
pretty formidable honestly so I hit the

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

wall that's okay
I don't know that was but I took it this
is I don't know this is the best weapon
to fight slimes cuz they just keep
piling on me nice I could kick in there
I'll take a look at my armor in a second
as soon as I get some more downtime
what's going over here there anything
special about any of these areas are
they just decorating decorative is that
the right word decorative
don't laugh at me big boy in the house
nice what's up it's pretty cool
there's a witch over here I thought
there was where we at on the map here oh
gosh Scott Scottsman I'm in the potion
ah man I was in that like poison cloud
taking a ton of damage don't know what
some of these things are all about okay
this is this is where it gets bad I
start taking a ton of damage all right I
think we're good though
all right Oh God
oh my god that blew up okay let me just
kind of take a breather here holy cow
that was bad now my healing potion will
increase of course there we go thank you
surprise gift of arrows I'll take him
now let me take a look at my inventory I
just got this level eight which one do I
want but looks the same what's he
let's see cook that one now I look like
a freakin awesome wizard thing like I
completely changed my look I should
probably yeah you know I should probably
do I should probably smart about this
this is only level 5 let's salvage it
we'll get the point back this this thing
we have three points into it you know
the Cutlass is fine but let's salvage it

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

and then let's salvage hey let's just do
this I don't want frenzied Health's
energy or surprise gift let's do well
first let's do this this will be eco
let's let's do another echo this has
several echo upgrades how about that not
any more points they're all in to echo
alright let's let's deal with that then
how are we doing on the map I think
we're doing good
all right I've cut them down mowed them
down just anything over here
oh here's okay so here's something I'm
supposed to go in here right all right
let's go into I'm on the other side
Enderman Enderman what hold on
I wasn't prepared to bite you in a
minute oh god oh god oh god help help
help help help
well the inner it's like a boss Oh God
in German stop it
Oh God in there maid help help oh my god
I'm almost dead crap what creepers
coming give me that Apple that's not
good enough
man where's the Enderman got him oh my
god got him oh jeez that was such a
close call I had a fight an actual
Enderman okay so I got a new robe again
this one's level 9 let's just equip this
one there you go
and then let's just salvage these
because they're both level 8 robes there
we go I don't have any points man that
was scary I took one of those mushrooms
in my inventory let's go down here and
see what's down here stop it
strength potion holy cow a new bow maybe
a new bow it's worse it's a worse bow
than what we had beef oh let's take a
peek over here ok it's all good I got
some more another new rope it's even
better there we go we'll just keep doing
it here I'll keep doing it this one way
hello this one has so has what are these
two enchantments though it's a rare one
but this is 13 this one's more health
I'll go with the one with more health I
like that this is rare look goodbye this
is a worst bow and now this this
pickaxes even matter cuz like now it's

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

like doesn't even do the salvage that
Salvage this was this tasty bone
someone's a wolf to aid you in battle
what yeah hello
sure there we go a wolf
holy can't even know I'd even look at it
before I was just like okay a bone
that's gonna heal me or something right
how we doing
still doing good to fight an endurance
this is a dead end here maybe so this
kind of looks like a dead end well a
little slime
let's pop inside uh did we hold on I
don't think we won oh this was a dead
end too but up here but I mean this
could be really interesting let's see
what we got
okay okay we're fighting we're fightin
oh my god help me out okay we're fine
we're fine we're fine
what is this this looks awesome I'm
assuming this does nothing but what if
Oh God I'm just curious what if they
blow up and say I see the thing about
this game TNT hasn't actually blown up
anything so far what is this all up I
mean this looks important right fine
but is it doesn't seem that important
like why am I here
okay well we're just gonna move on and
follow this path a little bit let's go
this way I went the other way other TNT
may I need to say this for like an
Enderman but so the weird thing with the
TNT I can't figure out how to use it
without I can't forgot to use my arrows
while I'm holding the TNT and maybe I
can't maybe that's fine all right I'm
backing up I'm backing up I'm backing up
gotcha all right

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

resist I leveled up that's good I got an
enchantment point which we could maybe
put into our here's a question I have
all right
it is what it is we got an enchantment
point let's let's do this electrical
fire tale Health's energy No
Oh fire damage okay how about lightning
damage that looks cool I'm like a
lightning wizard yeah we got to go this
way so
whoo excuse me excuse me try to go the
right way like is there anything down
there you don't I mean like if I go down
there nope its death gosh dang trying to
explore here guys
they just punish you for exploring I'm
joking a little bit let's see get that
witch out of the way now this like again
that would be a dead end I think like if
I roll over there I'm gonna die
probably man I'm a Hey
if we stumble upon anything I'm gonna
summon a wolf okay anyway well wolf wolf
come here
well go get the Enderman oh god help
okay son-of-a-gun
daughter my wolf
got him yes
my wolf and I we did it so we found an
in terment over here that's cool okay no
okay he's still here
I got a wolf this is the way out okay
cool now we're over here killing zombie
kids well was there any reason to

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

let's see any reason to look over here I
guess not
I'm just looking for secrets you because
I finished all these stages and I don't
even have like 100% like treasure
collection you wanna mean so it's like
well what am I doing wrong and I don't
really know I killed a bunch of theirs
at once thank you both
alright let me go over here because it
looks like I missed something over here
including this potion the swiftness
potion there we go so this is a way okay
I'm going under the bridge now okay
you're good on the map
I guess so so seems like there's like a
mark over here like is this anything
like you see how its marked there like
it makes me think that like hey if I
could just get over to there that's
gonna be something but I'm guessing it's
not so let's see what we got
okay this place looks intriguing for
sure there's like a little village thing
so far we're just clobbering these
zombies the only thing I really have a
trouble with is are the intermittent so
there's a little camp this looks cool
there's supplies heck yes got some bread
yeah I should have just kept the bread
whatever there's a lot of witches here a
lot of stuff I don't want to be sitting
in my wolf is almost dead it is what it
is so uh there's a chest here where was
is it down here there you go
I'm going to see this stuff what the
heck they just get I got something
really great hold on hold on one second
shadow form okay hold on I got something
amazing look at this is level 16 does
this one have echo this says looting and
rampaging what is rampaging attack speed
fire aspect fire damage man the echo is
really good but this is like extra
damage to undead and there's a lot of
things that are dead here okay a chance
for mobs drop consumables so let's
switch over what is this
harvester when use harvester releases
souls and an explosion okay requires

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

let's give it a shot we're gonna try the
harvester eventually I'm gonna salvage
these guys so is there any way to
unequip no I think we're done I have to
salvage this one use the other one but I
really like Eko
but this is like a legendary so I don't
know but it's not that much doesn't seem
that much better extra damage longer
melee reach I don't know I might just
keep this one I don't know I don't know
these are all common enchantments oof I
don't know
I like the echo is really good I might
actually hold on to the echo instead
Salvage this stuff I might just hold on
to the echo oh I mean I meant to do
arrows Hummel hikes is there these are
Souls right
all right
what does this sign say
don't step on this block no I don't know
I kind of wish I was I understood how
the secrets are done a little bit better
but so far I don't really know I don't
know if I have enough Souls for this how
do I get over there here's what I want
here's what I want to do okay there we
we'll get there soon
I feel wonder what happens when my dog
dies come here souls I don't quite know
what I'm doing these Souls but this
powers of this book hopefully good
enough before you know alright how are
we doing on seems to be doing pretty
good oh gosh only enough
oh gosh smash the cauldron oh god this
is a real deal fight gotta here chicken
hello big block okay do I even want to
be done here oh my god oh my god I'm
hitting the cauldron from long distance
all right so here's the thing my dog
down there fighting it dad no no don't
go down there don't go down there
holy cow let's go around maybe there's
some incentive to go around this just to

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

take a peek at the very least
all right this is cool
all right so far I seem to be out of
reach of the projectiles here which is
great I took a mushroom I hope that
makes you more powerful the corrupted
cauldron I think I'm doing pretty good
I'm getting hit now get out here
I'm actually just [ __ ] on this this
is this is the way to win it just hit
the corrupted cauldron from afar got it
escape the swamp we did it I defeated
the corrupted cauldron I got an amazing
scattered crossbow that's weaker than my
current bow but it scatters so I mean
like I don't know secrets like that I
should know about I mean let me know in
the comments below if I'm missing
secrets I know I have to come back
through some of these sages to find
secrets I hear that there are secrets I
just something I found in me today so
how much longer do we have what they're
sticking yellow thing over here is that
just the way out is that all it is all
right well it is what it is yeah that's
the way out
like is this anything no okay so well I
defeated the cauldron I didn't think I
did a pretty good job
victory energies potion supply is no
more yeah there we go long time before
the witches recover from this balloon
there we go yeah well done indeed so now
I mean like how well did I do let's see
how well I did it'll tell us so I got
100% of the chest that's at first and
then so we did soggy swamp there we go
maybe I found everything totem of
regeneration this handcrafted wooden
figurine radiates of warmth like that of
a crackling campfire healing those
together around it all right so I think
we did a good job the blacksmith is here
still anything else new here we should
select what's next well I don't know
what's next uh let me let me know in the
comments below what you think I should
do next we're gonna do one of these
three redstone mines cacti Canyon or
pumpkin pastures soggy swamp we handled
we went above our difficulty level and
we crushed it and so thanks so much for
your support all the likes and comments
and subscribes of course don't forget
that so yeah we're gonna play I guess

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

maybe one of these a day I don't know
you know if we do the secret state I
don't know we'll figure it out thanks
for watching I'm Zack Scott subscribed
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you gotta do is click the like button
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Thanks for watching my Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay and Walkthrough! As someone who has played a lot of Minecraft in the past, I'm excited for this new ...


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