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    SearchThisVideo: MLB 19 Road to the Show – Part 1 – The Beginning

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    it's springtime and you guys know what
    that means so what's up and welcome to
    MLB the show and 19 at welcome to our
    row to the show let's get it boys that
    baseball is back I'm excited to end it's
    time to embark on a brand new journey
    let's do it man start a brand new career
    season is starting today here we go what
    will you do will you push yourself
    harder when the moment is there how do
    you impact your team what is your
    outlook are you a lightning-rod a
    maverick a captain or the team's heart
    and soul what type of player will you
    become are you a pure power player a
    small ball a Roxton or mr. utility type
    of guy perhaps you're that rare but raw
    combination of speed and power known as
    the anomaly do you have the arm of the
    Gods the painterly control of the plate
    or mind-bending stuff a new season
    begins now will you be able to answer
    the call when the opportunity arrives
    can you achieve your goals as they show
    themselves it is true there is no I in
    team so who are you to your teammates do
    your rivals know your name a new season
    begins now and what will you do how will
    you make your mark in the show
    dude it looks like we've got some
    exciting changes in additions to this
    this year this is gonna be good let's
    use use current rosters looks good to me
    and here we go boys I can't believe
    we're finally oh look at this this stope
    we're in like our room alright where are
    we from we are gonna be from the US of A
    we are gonna be from from Florida sounds
    good to me
    this is sick dude we've even got like a
    little basketball hoop of our trash can
    bobbleheads all kinds of stuff alright
    so for position obviously this is always
    a big deal pitching is fun but I feel
    like I like playing defense and batting
    better overall and kind of like working
    our way up isn't an offensive player we
    may start up a pitching series as well I
    don't know let me know what you guys
    think but I think I think I'm gonna go
    with shortstop I think shortstop has
    always been my my favorite position in
    this series so we're gonna go with that
    we're gonna be a slug in shortstop
    alright so first name we are gonna go
    with good old Trevor it looks good to me
    thanks mom for giving me that name first
    name is Trevor last name is Martin all
    right looks good to me
    jersey number let's be number seven it
    looks good to me next station so our
    throwing hands gonna be right put a bat
    on the right side weight right side was
    that asking which hold on can we go back
    was that actually was that asking
    batting hands which what side of the
    plate do you bat from that I mean if
    you're looking I'm gonna assume you're

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    like looking at the plate from the
    pitcher's mound not from behind the
    plate I'm not sure I don't know all
    right what kind of player do you want to
    be pure power small ball combo of speed
    fielding and contacts rock steady clutch
    personify both on and on the fielding at
    the plate mister utility the ability to
    play almost anywhere the anomaly rare
    combo of raw power and speed
    it's where we can plate vision in
    contact but we've got power oh dude this
    is tough
    honestly speed power power I'm gonna say
    let's let's be the anomaly I'm down for
    that we can work on our contact in our
    plate vision that'll just be a focus on
    our training the anomaly baby that's
    what I like to see all right so what
    type of personality do we want to have
    lightning rod you're a doer not a
    thinker you're not necessarily concerned
    with planning and preparation but you're
    always able to get it done the heat of
    the moment maverick
    look and Paul you're an independent
    thinker with a bit of a hard edge and
    you have a knack for getting under your
    opponent's skin a captain is a
    natural-born leader and then heart and
    soul you've always had your way with
    people bring a positive presence okay so
    I'm gonna go maverick lightning rod
    captain we're gonna be a little a little
    crazy we're gonna be we're gonna be hot
    around the edges baby
    all right so name and nickname Audio
    first name Audio they've got both of
    them all right looks good to meet
    physical appearance we're gonna change
    this up do this is this is insane
    all right skin tone looks pretty solid
    height in inches I'm six five so that
    would be 77 inches yeah it looks good to
    wait pretty skinny guy like to have a
    little bit of muscle though husky buff
    I'm gonna go buff heck yeah dude next
    size keep it medium shoulders and stuff
    arms spine and we don't have to get too
    too crazy the head is obviously gonna be
    a big deal so we've got head shapes here
    what kind of a head do it some of these
    I've got a funny-looking I'm not gonna
    lie I mean this is just the basic shape
    we're gonna be able to change it as we
    go I'm thinking something like that
    shape three looks good forehead wrinkles
    I'm gonna say zero head size I honestly
    do have a big head so we'll open that up
    a little bit Pet Point crown height
    forehead hairline dome dude this is this
    is insane
    there's so much to look at all right
    what kind of hair do we want to have
    this is crazy bro I kind of want some
    luscious locks but I don't know we could
    also go crazy with some Mohawks or some
    afros old-school Huck fade business
    class the Viking Oh bro this is insane
    the VIP I feel like the VIP looks dope
    it's got more more style than I do but
    we'll go for it

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    it looks good so far side burns facial
    hair should we go with a little
    something can we be a little stubbly
    unfortunately I can't I can't really
    grow much myself oh we could go with the
    dirty stache did oh my goodness I wish
    we could just have like a little bit of
    a little bit of stubble backwoods chic
    straight beard
    that's not bad we'll go with that length
    ah so we were just doing this the shape
    there okay looks good to me I've got a
    bunch of facial hair options overall I
    think that looks pretty good
    cheeks blemishes moles complexion
    complexion rosy not gonna have fat
    cheeks or anything my color gonna go
    with like I'm kind of a bluish green
    kind of like kind of look kind of like
    they're kind of in the middle bags
    crow's feet dude there are so many
    options here eyebrows nose ears did I
    feel like we're looking all right I'm
    okay with this John chin we give
    ourselves some some real hard lines
    double chin I wouldn't ever to take the
    double off hold on let me see
    that is so gross dude all right yeah
    we're gonna take that all the way down
    make sure we're nice and nice and skinny
    nice and fit all right lip color mouth
    size detail position I think we're good
    I think we've got it I think that's our
    boy okay
    motions and sounds we could edit all
    that later I don't want to take too long
    uniform turtleneck necklace will wear
    well we're a necklace color let's go uh
    do we got gold neon yellow pink gold
    we're gonna have a gold chain baby Nike
    Pro combat sure why not set out to Nike
    better be cutting me that check I'm
    gonna go with hmm I'm gonna say let's go
    low socks all right looks good to me
    glove got all kinds of different colors
    and stuff I don't even know who we're
    playing for yet some I'm gonna wait on
    that we're gonna change that out to
    match our team bats batting gloves we'll
    do we'll do one on the left's that looks
    good padding gear elbow guard no I don't
    like elbow guards shin guards now what
    was that down there runner's wrist guard
    nah we don't need that arm bands I say
    we do one we can do do one on the left
    arm looks good to me keep it thin not
    bad color let's go team color - oh we
    could have our number on it that's kind
    of dope but I feel like it's not it's
    not necessary I've got wrist bands wrist
    guards you don't really need much of
    that sleeves compression sleeves you can

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    do both I think we're good for now we
    will probably end up switching up some
    of this I feel like the wrist tapes kind
    of cool I like that we'll probably
    switch some of this up and just kind of
    kind of what to call these ridiculous I
    mean those are like traditional baseball
    glasses right there something like that
    not bad dude what are you wearing bro
    I want to do it but I I can't do it I
    want to do it but I can't we'll put them
    up top all right looks looks good to me
    frame color lens color yeah we're gonna
    switch all this up once we actually get
    our team and we know what our colors are
    on what we look like and all kinds of
    stuff like that right now we're kind of
    a little a little ahead of ourselves but
    that looks good okay I'm happy with that
    how do we uh how do we continue oh
    options is to finish okay we're done
    we're good
    hello world a brand new baseball players
    six five two hundred pounds fifty two
    overall with the beat potential we bat
    and throw right welcome to the road to
    the show your Jony journey begins here
    at the Bowman Scout day event
    opportunity to have MLB scouts grade
    your individual skills according to a
    true 2080 scale did I just have not
    played for the 40 round MLB Draft some
    lesser-known prospects get one last
    chance to make an impression at Bowman
    Scout Day
    I have not played MLB since our last
    show series so it's it's been a long
    time this this should be interesting
    we're just gonna roll with it whatever
    we get we get if it's bad if it's ugly
    we're just gonna have to rock with it
    we're gonna have more two more to work
    up towards throughout the series
    nobody's gonna be perfect we got this
    you guys noticing like the intro there
    were like workouts and stuff you can do
    now like this this is gonna be cool
    before taking his swing this prospect
    shares a word with another prospect who
    just finished up you see that Display of
    power they're just laying them in their
    grip it and rip it man and grip it and
    rip it I'll be nice
    Scouts we'll just see you square up and
    make solid contact it'll be ticket none
    of your power to stay within yourself
    use the whole field if you happen to
    drive one or two deep all the better
    suits so we're power focused player
    though is the thing so we kind of have
    to we kind of have to have to use a
    little bit of power I'm gonna go I'm
    gonna go for the power swings oh yeah
    see like if that if that was us that'd
    be that'd be perfect let's take three
    practice swings decent one there okay
    are these the pitches he's gonna give us
    because this is this is pretty simple a
    little bit late on that one got to get
    the timing down dude it's it's been a

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    minute missed that one hold on I want a
    good solid contact before we end things
    off whatever dude start the evaluation
    ten pitches
    that's how we do it right off the bat
    straight down the middle get out of your
    fam oh and then we what happened there
    we were too far ahead of it another one
    decent hit but that's not gonna be out
    of there I don't think it's gonna be a
    fly to center
    dude what that am i I'm Way too early
    okay got a weight on it I guess oh it's
    not looking good boys five pitches in
    and we're barely positive dude what the
    heck I mean whatever dude everybody's
    got to start somewhere right that's a
    gapper we'll take that it's gonna
    increase our stock a little bit come on
    one more good one not bad I feel like we
    probably should have taken some more
    practice pitches but that's all right
    I'm at it sometimes it only takes a
    simple word which helps during
    evaluation let's put on a clinic you
    feed me and I'll feed you in the
    let's see that range and arm sounds good
    to me so we are just
    we're just playing some defense here
    let's start our evaluation we got this
    balls to your left okay
    so it's gonna tell us where it's going
    get it there
    beautiful that's what I'm talking about
    stock is going up baby I like that it's
    telling us exactly where to go it makes
    it a little bit easy I'm not gonna lie
    but I'm fine with that
    Ameri to be going to our right you dude
    there's nothing I can do
    he just dropped it himself I mean I
    literally like I can't I can't help that
    it's nothing I did wrong there you go
    that's a play that's what I'm talking
    about give me some extra stock for that
    all right we're gonna go to double plays
    here beautiful okay gonna be going to

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    second again here there it is easy toss
    easy play the draft stock keeps going up
    do we could have done better put it
    better better heading I bet we're
    running to second this time nope
    I'm not sure what that pop-up was
    disappeared like right away feel
    double-plays from second base now we're
    gonna be going to the bag so we're gonna
    get there got him let's go that's what
    I'm talking about do that one more time
    I mean this is about the easiest thing
    whoo slanging them one more it looks
    I want one where we have to field it
    touch the bag and and hit the throw it's
    increased difficulty a little bit coach
    looks pressed I guess feel like overall
    we could have had a better showing but
    gotta start somewhere thing back to the
    locker room
    this player is met by one of the scouts
    in attendance
    quite a clinic you put on a date Rev Wow
    do you think they'll save a seat for me
    right there but the draft stage or I'm
    just gonna be humble who reminds him
    that he still got one more chance to
    make an impression on the big league
    buyers alright sounds good to me
    let's continue on dude not too bad we
    still won that is the very first one
    then I kind of kind of went downhill
    from there but our defense was flawless
    apart from that one bobbled ball
    everyone has a personality even a ball
    that personality influences how they
    respond to their teammates and their
    coaches all right all meaningful
    dialogues want responses influenced by
    personalities each response will grant
    you progress in that specific
    personality they'd also see how much
    each your responses will increase your
    personality scores you scroll through
    the available replies see upcoming perks
    available once you complete its here
    have access to these perks once you
    reach the my legs to start your
    professional career alright so this is
    cool we've got captain first game of the
    showcase time for us to step up and be
    known you got that right it's time for
    us to step up as a team absolutely what
    makes us even better as a quality the
    guys in the team every one of them are
    good guys yeah it is I'm ready to carry
    some people if I need to
    anything can happen between the foul

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    lines I feel a breakout gonna happen
    hmm let's we're closest to getting perks
    from the maverick and the lightning-rod
    I'm gonna go maverick well I should know
    that scouts gonna be looking at you all
    right sounds good to be man I'm gonna
    honestly I'm probably to be a bit of a
    jerk in this series it makes it more
    interesting got to be honest here we go
    showcase game one top semen showcased an
    opportune for you to put your skills and
    display let's do it MLB the show's
    coverage of Major League Baseball is on
    the air East versus West babies rolling
    with an intriguing matchup on day one
    between the prospects from the West
    region and the prospects representing
    the east let's get into it I don't mean
    to skip your speech coach but I'm trying
    to I'm trying to get back into the get
    back into the action alright so we're
    gonna jump to my next appearance looks
    like we're batting ninth in the lineup
    I'm gonna play that appearance here we
    go stepping in Johnny we're not hitting
    no one out we're to try to turn two here
    we got it we got to turn off that the
    slo-mo first defensive play
    easy baby - on them I think we're gonna
    get right up to bat nothing
    we should shouldn't lead off the next
    inning we'll see what happens here we go
    my first ever battling to the plate now
    and he could give his guys early let's
    get it dude all right time out I don't I
    don't need time outs or anything
    pitch types all right for seam curve
    sinker slider change I gotta turn on the
    pitch guessing for what is livery to him
    on the way we're gonna go for four now
    and there's out number two I mean it was
    a hard hit ball but that's not exactly
    what we were looking for there I'm not
    I'm not seeing the option for the the
    slowdown like where it may be it's just
    a part of the tutorial and it'll it'll
    change with time but I did I turned on
    the guest pitch I like the guest pitch I
    mean I don't I don't mind having the
    pause it does give us the ability to to
    make sure we hit every play perfectly
    but that's not fun man anyway got the
    the lead runner there weren't able to
    pick up the the double play we're gonna
    be okay here we go boys top of the fifth
    just go to first base should be easy
    enough it's a swing enough my my
    controller just started screaming up up
    up did you guys hear that row that's

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    scared me
    I guess you're gonna turn off the
    controller no speaker as well
    I haven't had it game use that in a long
    time alright here we go
    now if bat number two cutter slider
    change curve I'm gonna guess the hi
    cutters got one on and two outs tie ball
    game 0-0 still if we could freaking hit
    a nice well hit ball to the the wall and
    score a run get an RBI that'd be nice
    he's ready here's the first offering
    inside cutter King but he just gets a
    piece of it strike one
    alright a little bit early no change
    we guessed it we cut connecting we hit
    it did what we had to do wasn't enough
    complete alright move it in next to
    battle coming to the plate squads up by
    two high fastball come on fast curve
    change that's not gonna stay fair dang
    it dude come on man right outside curve
    went digging for that one that was dude
    I'm swinging it at everything we got to
    we got to slow down here we got to slow
    it down just a bit yes that's a good one
    let's go all right I got to turn off
    this controller thing I know how to run
    bases let's go let's go let's go get
    home get home get home get home ah he's
    not gonna go for it come on man we'll
    take it
    what RBI double this is just a great
    that's what I like to see he said
    hitting looks like he's sitting on a
    pitch and when he gets the one
    he games sit down the line and we go
    busting his tail to get safely the
    second ball baby cow it's just
    salivating we tagged it up because they
    know that they can alright hold on a
    options audio and video commentary music
    sound crowd where's the controller
    option I'm tired of this thing yelling
    at me I just I don't see it dude
    alright you were stay with it as he
    backs up and not able to do anything
    with that at bat but that's okay
    Barry Brennan let's get it brother to
    play Barry linen 1-1 count looks like
    something's about to happen here I'm
    gonna get a nice slightly aggressive
    lead we're tagging up on that I don't
    like it I got scared I'm sorry I I
    didn't want to be the guy that got out
    whatever I'll stay on second if somebody
    gets a single we're gonna score anyway
    whoo Orlando Rincon okay digging in once

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    could he say they want us to steal to
    God we're good we wouldn't have scored
    anyway no big deal dude I gotta figure
    out how to turn that off that's driving
    me crazy I don't know if you guys could
    hear but they're like yelling down down
    down coming under my controller and
    stuff here we go
    turn to top d8 got one more inning to
    survive okay I like it
    alright one for three on the day
    four-seam sinker to seem high for seem
    good to me
    right here well he got a good pitch to
    hit last time up that was a well hit
    ball but it's it's not gonna stay fair
    yeah all right high 14 come on give it
    to me maybe once again to me maybe once
    a week so he certainly capitalized on it
    last time oh come on I thought that was
    just gonna bloop right over the first
    baseman and land landen shallow right
    that's all right man whatever we got the
    ring not a look at the red we got the
    not a bad performance for our first one
    one for four could have been better but
    we did show some powers too you showed
    some defensive prowess East prospects
    well would you look at that it looks
    like our potential has been increased
    here we used to be a B potential we've
    been upgraded to an A that's just
    something you like to see there but here
    we go guys day two of the showcase this
    is the final day this is it
    our last chance to impress the scouts I
    feel like day one went pretty average I
    mean one perfora definitely definitely
    could have been better but I'm not upset
    by it
    I think we're coming in with the bases
    loaded right here Oh baby
    four-seam change in a forkball bases
    loaded two outs the pressures on god I
    just wanted to kill it so bad I'm sorry
    I'm sorry that was the perfect pitch
    outside for ball I'm gonna guess that's
    inside not gonna go for that dude if we
    would have cranked that for a home run I
    would have lost my mind absolutely lost
    my mind
    we got impatient that's gonna be inside
    just gonna he's gonna watch these come
    in looks like he just doesn't trust
    himself own baby on the mound
    it's like he's fighting his body on
    every pitch and as a result we're seeing
    a lot of balls
    go go
    deep to right soon you can't hold that

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    one against me that was a great head
    showed some power city you showed some
    control behind the plate showed some
    patience waiting for the right pitch -
    that that first swing that we had that
    showed we choose the most patients but -
    that's that should have been it right
    there - short could you imagine - we're
    gonna get the lead runner we're not
    gonna get to though could you imagine if
    we would have hit a grand slam right
    there all right here we go
    same guy got a guy in second let's get
    an RBI here nice little ribby good lead
    off his second there now the pitch that
    was close just misses that's ball one
    I'm locked in baby we're gonna send this
    one the yard I'm calling it right here
    quick point the bat up there you guys
    see it I'm pointing the bat let's go
    come on give my pitch a swing and a
    ground ball to third to his left
    layman and that's the second out that
    one's not gonna get it done try to be
    confident digging in now didn't work
    that's alright new we're now 1 for 6
    we've had some good hits though like
    some of our some of our our outs had
    been solid again come on ooh the bare
    hand got him hit him with the cannon
    baby our defense is looking good our
    offenses is looking it could be better
    we could have had some more fortunate
    more fortunate outcomes but that's all a
    sublime driver hit a potential home run
    but I'll tell you not gonna be able to
    win them all Mandy pretty when it's
    give me a ground before Chanel a diamond
    and steal a run so good-looking slider
    decided to swing a little bit late or
    okay though I almost swing at that that
    was really close one
    come on baby Diane third I mean at least
    our teams went right one one that's low
    look I'm gonna go for that I feel like
    our play visions looking pretty good so
    far this year sometimes I tend to swing
    it jump but we're doing a little better
    here little late on that dude I wanted
    it a freakin wanted it what does he have
    four-seam slider change now let's go
    straight to the new medium deep left
    center here comes
    I mean we're showing power we'll get the
    RBI for that to whatever we're showing
    power we're doing what we can for seam
    slider sinker change I'm gonna keep keep
    guessing that high fastball I don't know

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    it's amazing I don't know what that was
    sorry guys the one pitch you're gonna
    swing at more than any other is that I'm
    a bit tilted now your eyes bit tilted to
    say the least and you just cannot get to
    it oh is that it right center raid on
    the move he gets there to make the catch
    and that ends the inning so
    good bounce back I mean we are crushing
    this ball it's just not quite getting
    out of the park and it's it's not
    finding the gaps either I mean you can't
    be mad these guys are trying to make a
    comeback here we're going to first let's
    shut down this top of the seventh
    boom we are not gonna make it there okay
    man it's really distracting how my
    controller yelling at me this whole time
    getting in bases loaded this is going to
    be so important here just go to first
    side just going to first why did it why
    did it assign is retired not give us the
    option to target of the plate to make
    that was weird we got it though it
    doesn't matter oh four three on the day
    there's a lot more to that story though
    that's the the problem I think the
    scouts can see through that try to check
    it in its own one I feel like I checked
    that I don't know I just want to crush
    everything man obviously look at him
    don't strike out trap don't strike out
    come on baby on that off-speed pitch
    this will be an interesting sequence
    right here to see if he's let's go what
    are you doing out in right field dude
    you're like posing let's go go keep
    going keep going
    give me those RBIs he's gonna stay at
    third cuz he's slow finally came up
    clutch one of them finally fell because
    that's one he was just like frozen and
    deer-in-the-headlights you know what I
    mean like he didn't move he probably
    should have caught that to be honest
    into a pitch it's good that's alright
    our roster another double hit that sees
    your stock rise another RBI is why
    we're showing that we know how to hit
    we've got some power we just got to be
    able to dial in hit the weights a little
    bit so we can get it out of the park so
    these guys can't catch it and work on
    our placement a little bit better so we
    can find those gaps but we're looking
    okay in front of the change-up and he
    can't keep it fair trial balls on him
    now it's alright man to change yes guys
    really fighting for it lot of good third
    Martin that's second I like that you

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    don't really know what's gonna happen in
    previous games it would cut to the pitch
    where something actually happened
    now it doesn't so you have to react to
    what's happening on the field which is
    kind of cool
    all right now with the first pitch the
    ax bat beltron right this might be a
    setting we made I don't know the thing
    it's gonna make it a little slower I
    feel like yes simsim to next appearance
    maybe that's just how it is
    I guess I like it stuff like that like
    if we just gonna keep running we got two
    outs he didn't catch it let's go that's
    a two-run score boys up by six in the
    bottom of the 8th this game is over
    tie it up put a nice little bow on it we
    got her done baby that's what I'm
    talking about
    to get the safe I'm happy with that
    again I feel like we could have been a
    lot more fortunate we could have hit a
    grand slam in our scouting match which
    would have been ridiculous but overall
    not too bad
    had a couple of ribbies got on base once
    with nothing left to do but await his
    baby this young hopeful receives a
    check-in from his former high school
    coach who's been acting as his advisor
    through the process I'm feeling pretty
    confident about our performance believed
    in you since the first year I coached
    you've got a lot of big league potential
    some smart Jam is gonna see that thanks
    sir just see what happens with the draft
    and then we'll go from there
    was there any organization you really
    wanted to play for I asked when to play
    ball man whatever I want to be in the
    league here we go we're gonna fast
    forward to our pick with the third pick
    the Chicago White Sox select Trevor
    Martin a shortstop from the East region
    17th round pick number three all right
    looks good to me we're gonna be with the
    Sox the Charlotte Knights are their
    triple-a team the Birmingham Barons are
    the double-a team order to start working
    our way out and lonely first two days of
    the MLB Draft this players wait is
    finally over
    I'm gonna say let's let's be a captain
    here all right
    now that you know the minor league
    system and give it all you've got unless
    you're in clad to play college ball for
    a year instead I'm ready for the pros
    man while being selected is a major
    milestone new draftee still face long
    odds of ever making it to the big
    we made it boys let's go gonna work our
    way up from here work through the minors
    and eventually we'll be under those big
    stadium lights hope you guys enjoyed I'm
    gonna see you guys in our next episode
    drop a like view excited for this series
    and I'll catch you guys there peace out

    Thank you for watching!


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    1. This game is actually hella fun and really well made. I made a starting pitcher cuz I didn’t know what position was for batting and slugging lol (haven’t really played baseball like that) but pitching is really fun. And now that I know what position is for batting, I’m gonna make that build as well.


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