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    SearchThisVideo: MLB 20 Road to the Show – Part 1 – The Beginning

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    it's that time of the year again baby
    what's up guys and welcome to MLB the
    show a 20
    it's nearly spring time we're a couple
    of weeks away from baseball season and
    that means it's time to start up our
    series here on YouTube so you guys know
    the deal we've been doing this for many
    many years in a row this is one of my
    favorite series we do I love it I know
    you guys love it and we are gonna be
    starting up a brand new journey on a
    brand new road to the show so hopefully
    you guys are ready for this be sure to
    drop a like subscribe ring the bell all
    the above don't miss any of these videos
    you definitely don't want to and let's
    go ahead and hop right into it here we
    go where are we from we are gonna be
    from the USA from the good old state of
    Florida I guess technically I was born
    in Florida so we'll go with that and
    what do we want to play this is gonna be
    interesting so I feel like we've played
    shortstop a lot and I don't think I want
    to play shortstop again this year just
    so we can mix it up a little bit we've
    toyed around with outfield a little bit
    we actually had our position changed in
    our last series where we went from the
    infield to the outfield and that was fun
    that was interesting but I like being in
    the infield because you get more action
    so I think what we're gonna do is we are
    gonna run the three we're gonna run at
    first base here should be interesting
    good amount of action get some
    interesting defensive plays but also
    kind of focus on being a big bomb hitter
    so here we go first name shoot I didn't
    think about this what I think I've got
    one hold on I'm gonna I'm gonna go with
    Rick okay this this actually might be
    cut a legit we're gonna go with a Rick
    and we're gonna go with with roll but
    we're gonna spell it a little bit
    different I don't know I've always try
    to find some different names and stuff I
    feel like it's boring if you do the same
    one too many times so we're gonna go
    with a rick roll I mean I like jersey
    number seven so we're gonna move on to
    our next station we are gonna throw
    right we are going to bat right looks
    good to me and now we get to choose our
    archetype baby here we go so we've got
    pure power small ball
    Rocksteady mister utility the anomaly
    hmm really I'm kind of torn between pure
    power or the anomaly so base
    your major players here are you have
    speed on the anomaly but instead you
    have arm strength on pure power which is
    a first baseman I mean arm strength
    isn't going to be as important most of
    the time we're gonna be throwing a
    second base if we're throwing so I feel
    like the anomaly is going to be a good
    choice for us here so we've got that and
    then we're gonna be able to move into
    our personality I don't really remember
    like it depends on the perks you unlock
    down the line but I think heart and soul
    was a pretty good one
    I remember captain being pretty good too
    now obviously being a lightning rod is
    kind of exciting but I think heart and
    soul from like a hidden perspective I
    really I want to drop some bombs this
    year so I think I'm gonna go heart and
    I'm gonna go captain I remember
    lightning rod had they had Showtime
    stuff so we're gonna go with lightning

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    rod to the third sorry maverick don't
    have don't have time for you Rick roll
    baby all right here we go
    name and audio we've got Rick do we have
    ro ll as a an option here oh it's
    literally it's literally in here all
    right Rick roll there we go I love it
    let's let's hear it Rick Rolled physical
    appearance here we can hop into this so
    I'm not gonna spend too much time but
    we're gonna mess around with it a little
    bit height in inches shoe time 6 5 what
    is that everybody 7 I think that 77 body
    type do we want to be normal huh I'm
    gonna be buff for sure next size
    shoulders and stuff like I'm not gonna
    go I'm not gonna go too crazy here we
    can give ourselves some thick thighs
    because they save lives baby Brown
    height for a head temple depth yeah I'm
    not I'm not gonna get too too crazy here
    but we'll adjust some of the basics who
    are kind of like the spiky short back
    slick what do you guys think you with a
    pump a door they're looking kind of
    interesting we could even go with like a
    little bit of longer hair would kind of
    work right I think I might go with the
    nest dude I don't know just to mix it up
    a little bit we usually get some sort of
    a high-top fade like tight kneel so I
    think I'm gonna go I'm gonna go with the
    nest here my hair's a little bit lighter
    brown but I wouldn't call it blond or
    anything so we're just gonna go a little
    bit lighter there sideburn style dude
    should we get chewy get
    some sideburns I'm I'm down for that I'm
    gonna go with the long skinnies we could
    have some facial hair I mean this is
    just everything I've always wanted well
    I mean wait we could change this later
    I'm pretty sure we could change this
    later I'm kind of almost tempted to go
    with this
    okay so I've spent entirely too much
    time on this but I feel like we're
    looking pretty good here do it like with
    the cap on and everything I feel like he
    looks legit I kind of like having a
    little bit longer here but not too long
    you know it still looks like it's kept
    up with a pretty good-looking guy I mean
    I like I said I don't I don't really
    rock with with facial hair you guys know
    that but I feel like he looked pretty
    good what do we want for our pants here
    I like the high socks I like the the
    stirrups there aren't bad we've got the
    long but the long baggy ooh I like the
    low socks do we like low socks or high
    socks what do you guys think I kind of
    like the high socks I think I'm gonna go
    with the high socks glove I mean we
    honestly probably want to wait to mess
    with this until we actually know what
    our team is and know what the colors
    look like we're good baby I'm happy with
    that so here we go we are gonna be
    headed into the Bowman Scout day we're
    gonna be testing our running our batting
    our fielding we're going to be testing
    everything MLB Draft some lesser-known
    prospects give one last chance to make
    an impression at Bowman's game all right
    welcome to the Bowman Scout day
    gentlemen this is your chance to catch
    the scouts eyes before the top showcase
    games will be calling your numbers soon
    in the meantime I suggest stretching it
    out here we go let's get it stretched

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    out we're playing for the East obviously
    being from Florida we're looking pretty
    good out there nice healthy mustache
    really you know kind of shows what a
    real man we are how much power we
    probably have you know what I mean so
    let's see how we did for speed looks
    like we did pretty good that was kind of
    a part of our archetype kind of a focus
    we're really gonna try to drop some
    bombs this year this prospect shares a
    word with another prospect who just
    finished up
    did you see that Display of power they
    are just laying them in their grip it
    and rip it man
    grip it and rip it yeah that was some
    mistreatment of a baseball for sure
    the scouts we will to see you square up
    and make solid contact but we'll be
    taking note of your power to stay within
    yourself use the whole field and if you
    happen to drive one or two deep all the
    better I mean do we do we want to go for
    some power it's here is that one is that
    one sailed the distance nope not quite
    that's just straight to the outfield
    there that was a power swing I'll try a
    couple of power swings here though I
    mean that was a pretty solid one right
    there that one we were a little ahead of
    all right I mean this this isn't bad let
    me try a couple of contact swings see
    what happens with that see it's I mean
    it's it's gonna be a little bit more
    consistent we're gonna do a little bit
    better job overall I mean I kind of I
    kind of want to show off the power but I
    also just kind of want to do solid so we
    start with some decent numbers keep in
    mind we're a brand-new player so we're
    just not really making contact as well
    as I would like that one was decent but
    I mean I didn't go any farther than that
    our normal ones I think I'm just about
    to do normal swings just regular regular
    swings whoo that was not not ideal there
    there we go that's a single our draft
    stocks going up shoot we at least got a
    piece of it right yeah went up a little
    bit there we go that was a decent one
    right there I it's it's taking a little
    bit we probably could have taken taking
    some extra warmup time but we're
    starting to kind of start them starting
    to move it a little bit there we go
    all right making some solid contact
    we're we're at least putting the bat in
    the ball here
    I mean that's that's probably not
    exactly what we wanted right there but
    it's it's okay we've got a last pitch
    here on power swinging
    some decent contact alright I mean it
    could have gone better to be honest we
    had kind of a slow start there I don't
    know why we were doing good in the
    warm-ups maybe you boy got a little
    nervous but um we'll take it testing on
    fielding ground balls to the right here
    alright just go ahead and pick that up I
    can run this out this is easy for me
    he's not very quick so ever to be able
    to make that happen here we go see we

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    can do here I mean might as well throw
    it out to show them we got a little bit
    of an arm kick up got a dish it off to
    the pitcher not bad still the same thing
    here just gonna be going to first base
    here we go whoa beautiful draft stock is
    going up shoot we got a guy on first
    base now so gonna be trying to turn to
    try to turn to beautiful get back on the
    back oh baby he was safe dang it as soon
    as he throws we're gonna want to get off
    the bag get in a fielding position come
    on get back to the bag get back Shh we
    aren't really turning to I don't know
    why I've never played first base before
    so I don't I don't know how to get back
    to the bag get back to back we're in the
    way I I don't know it's it's like it's
    it's pausing and it's not letting us get
    back to the bag we'll see what they
    grade us and we're making a good turn
    and burn to second there we go we got
    the double play I would say fielding
    went better than hitting that's that's
    without a doubt but um overall I think
    we did pretty well here we ago baby this
    is it anybody can do anything in
    practice but really it's about how you
    perform in a game this is our first top
    showcase game east first west our first
    time to really show these Scouts what we
    can do our first at-bat we've got a guy
    on first base four seam slider and a
    curveball to go up against let's see we
    could do that first one's gonna be a low
    four seamer it's good eye good eye baby
    got a 79 speed and
    60 on that guy on first he's he's gonna
    have some wheels on him that's for sure
    to moved at first and he'll get back
    instead no wow it's here in the bottom
    of the first so I think I think we might
    be able to put something together here
    let's see if we can get a little RBI or
    something there it is that's not going
    to be worth an RBI but it's definitely a
    single at least on base so we'll take it
    we'll take it baby
    got to kind of work our way back I think
    of the loading screen of this game it
    said we were a 47 overall so dude it is
    it is rock up the middle we we are he's
    got a control we are a lowly renewed
    when it comes to this and we're gonna
    have a lot of work to do that's for sure
    should be able to beat it out two
    seconds there we go two guys in scoring
    position throw gets him nice play for
    the out all right
    I could work with this let's see what
    you give me Robbie with runners in
    school got this frozen Robbie on of his
    guys an early lead if he can come
    through here could it take an extra
    little step see if we can potentially
    get a little they got the out but he's
    still gonna get the RBI alright yeah boy
    has made it to third come on Marie

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    hiding into the box
    oh one count here we go
    run run run run run that's gonna get
    through I think let's go you boy made it
    all the way around the bases for a run
    scored and that ball game is a pretty
    successful first at-bat I'm not gonna
    lie here we go let's see if we could
    follow it up with an equally impressive
    his first opera defensive here's the
    play here
    easy feels easy reads baby let's go yeah
    there it is show it all my my goods baby
    here we go inning now
    in now Easter up to - nothing we've got
    a fresh inning here
    fresh fresh half at least hearing the
    wind they want to keep the pressure fun
    high foreseen we cracked that bro again
    to the later oh he's gonna be said of
    trying to try to keep it in play but
    that's alright I'm gonna go outside
    slider wow you boy and everything went
    with it
    your boy has cause I checked that no you
    did strike two
    come on I definitely I definitely
    checked that I tried to I like I said
    our cheked cheked cheked thank you our
    stats just aren't that good we don't
    have that much control of the back and
    everything else so like we've we've got
    to be got to be careful here hit in the
    air down the right-field line stay fair
    baby that's a double let's go dude I'll
    take it we're down Oh - able to come
    back let's go baby really showing that
    tenacity that focus and that clutch to
    the second with a stand-up double any
    hitter they can put that kind of charge
    there we go now we're in scoring
    position we've got a good spot here and
    a pit that sees your star if it's on the
    ground in the infield I'm just thinking
    oh shoot yep that's not one where we
    gonna run I was thinking about stealing
    I don't know what our actual stats are
    though so I don't I don't think it'd be
    a good idea right now let's just play
    this safe so we're gonna play this safe
    here go go go go into right field that's
    a basic gonna have to stay there
    we're getting from second we'll stay put
    at third runners on the corners one ours
    now double play opportunity let's see if
    Maury can come up clutch a little bit
    here yet again an n des and their
    runners at the corners now ready with
    the Oh - ooh swing and a Miss he's gonna
    strike out alright here we go let's go
    baby from working out of a jam come on
    Sergio Sergio Ordonez 2 on 2
    here in the third he makes contact we're
    just going to start running doesn't
    matter where it goes
    come on baby we stole second do tonight
    no they got him I was going to say

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    should I have gone but they they got him
    I didn't I don't know if we got a
    stepping and notification to steal or
    what but I didn't see it if we did or
    maybe I won top of the fourth still a
    two nothing lead look at at second base
    here and the ground over the fur get it
    there beautiful
    we got it nice little DoublePlay able to
    turn to we got a guy on third base again
    no outs chance to bat in an RBI here new
    pitcher though four seam sweeping curve
    changeup at a sinker well he got a good
    pitch to hit last time off I liked it do
    that like that I like that I like to aim
    maybe a low sinker certainly capitalized
    on it last time the oh one pitch
    something low that's gonna find a gap
    let's go maybe your boy is too clutch
    that's another double here as the run is
    in to score from third no keep going
    but what the heck he paused for a minute
    broken base with an RV we made it second
    double of the gaming a day he won't you
    boys got a that's just a score and an
    RBI already this is what I'm talking
    about Jimmy to count here quickly
    distinguishing sneaking guess the star
    of the show you can nice little walk
    we'll take it dude this is I mean
    honestly I'm a little bit disappointed
    with how we did in our practice I feel
    like that's the same thing every year
    though like we never actually do a good
    job in a warm-up whatever you want to
    call it and it here cleanly we're
    actually showing out here though you
    know what I mean look at that that's
    gonna be another score and now this ball
    is gonna wind up let's go mistakes by
    the defense here we go stepping up now
    Harper gonna be moving into the sixth
    inning year we're up by G just gonna be
    going a first base popped him up what is
    this what is this what is what happened
    okay thank thank goodness he actually
    caught that I was confused it looked
    like we were supposed to go to the base
    but it looked like it might be above us
    like I said I haven't played first so
    it's gonna be a learning experience tie
    ball game get a guy in first no outs
    running fastball slider sinker 12 6
    curve at a change first offering on its
    check misses ball one there we go come
    on baby yeah it's gonna be a clutch
    clutch moment I just I didn't I didn't
    like the pitch I think I think we could
    get something better than that I'm gonna
    say outside slider maybe yeah it's good
    I'm looking for that running fastball up
    as a sound plate and he just manages I
    would love to be able to just rip that
    come on baby let me see what you got
    give me something
    one takes a pass and this is that okay
    okay okay okay that was kind of out of
    the zone Trev we've been here before
    that we got this discipline at the plate

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    and make sure that you get a pitch we
    beat it out though that's unfortunate I
    mean going through before with two
    doubles is still pretty impressive but
    that that's just unfortunate is put in
    play to the right side of the infield
    gonna stop him from getting the double
    play at least I wasn't sure if he was
    gonna get a hit there if it was just
    gonna go through or what but we'll take
    the stolen base stepping in now we're
    gonna be in scoring position oh one
    count I'm gonna take a little bit of an
    extra lead here head out towards second
    reigned in all right welp sigh ballgame
    going into the last couple of innings
    here I guess we're gonna see what
    oh man bottom of the ninth with a run in
    scoring position and we're down by two
    four-seam changeup curveball to slurps
    so directly down the middle we will
    never have anything like that again that
    was it I tried to wait on it whenever we
    guessed whenever we guessed the four
    seams I tend to kind of like jump the
    gun a little bit because I get excited
    good changeup and I knew that was good
    to be a great opportunity for us dance I
    tried to wait it out tried to be patient
    we just waited a little bit too long
    that was that was a good rip there good
    little good little hit I'm gonna go with
    the high changeup here maybe low
    changeup and two checks two to count at
    and no swing it's bold high four-seam
    he's gonna go back to his bread and
    come on the - - that's low be able to
    lay off that here we go showing a little
    bit of so you can't approve the nasty
    here free passes this late come on I
    mean we advanced the runner that's a
    tough play but obviously that's not
    that's not what we wanted there and over
    which she started really hot for him
    ended not so great we're gonna head back
    to the clubhouse and regain for our next
    game game - here we go fellas honestly
    like if I could just have a repeat
    performance of that first game I'd be
    perfectly happy with it I feel like we
    played really well we're batting like
    625 yet 600 you so you know could have
    been more perfect but I feel like
    overall it was a great game so let's
    let's just let's see we could do here
    skip ahead to our next appearance looks
    like we're gonna be playing Alexis Gomes
    landshort here first guy in second base
    so we're just here just looking for
    looking for the out able to get this one
    down we just tagged it we get over and
    tag in for the out first at-bat in the

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    bottom of the second here we get a guy
    on first base got one out let's see we
    could do down three to one four-seam
    changeup and a slider
    alright similar to our first picture of
    our last game which we handled pretty
    well this could be - reined in to second
    for one not exactly what we're looking
    for but we're gonna be ok it's gonna be
    starting off a little bit slow new
    winning shant to get underway got a
    whole game to go that Alexis Gomez is
    again you successfully lay down a sec
    there's another little bunt just go
    ahead and catch that step on the bag do
    it all myself over here on first base
    baby here we go get a guy in scoring
    position being in and ready for another
    let's close up this game a little bit
    forcing forkball to seem in a slider
    first pitch of the at-bat little late on
    the fork ball that's okay one strike
    Fernandez had a good look at it in with
    one gone in the inning
    Bonni looks like he's toying with him
    here it's Owen - here it comes Owen -
    that's inside not gonna be swinging at
    that one it's one in two now acevedo I'm
    gonna guess say hi he throws a four-seam
    forceful a two-seamer and a slider did a
    good sale I've here once it counts - and
    he'll have another shot at it here
    outside slider maybe we got one -
    cracked it let's go baby hanging in
    there and we are gonna get the RBI nice
    little RBI double we've seen those a
    couple of times through these couple of
    games room now I got a little bit quiet
    in the middle of that at-bat
    I was a little bit nervous I'm not gonna
    lie was it loving how it was going we
    kind of swung it a pretty stupid pitch
    but it's gonna end up working out for us
    all right
    two count here you dumb I'm taking off
    pitch it's gonna have a job on the
    roster really not gonna fit that seats
    you're not our best idea ever but we got
    them here we go let's show off our speed
    to discount a little bit eh that's what
    I'm talking about full count
    this guy can get any contact and get on
    base then we're gonna be able to get
    it's not gonna work out bag still a nice
    little performance for us got one more
    batter here maybe third let's see what
    you got I don't think it's gonna get
    through well is almost a bad a bad throw
    but that sarah has retired try to tie
    things up for the squad didn't quite
    make it down Miguel we're good can I
    call for somebody to get picked off I
    don't think I can't I think the pitcher
    has to make that decision
    to first be to get it there to second

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    for one yeah boy actually made a double
    play maybe that's what ambassador was
    trying to do it all of our practice runs
    I don't know why we couldn't do that in
    practice he wasn't letting us get back
    to the bagging time but we did it their
    tie ball game got a guy on first of
    course seemed change-up the curveball a
    slider right
    the pitcher no I mean we had decent
    contact in good timing it went straight
    up the middle it just didn't end up off
    the top of the 9th having any carry to
    it here we go come on baby we're gonna
    be fine top of the 9th we should have
    one more at-bat in this game one and two
    we'll see we could do liner oh well I
    tried for you I thought it was coming at
    us a little bit faster I'm not gonna lie
    hey we got we got heart we've got soul
    we've got hustled that's that's what
    we're trying to trying to show here we
    need this out though 100% cannot mr.
    sellers he's got it run right back to
    the here we go that's a dug house it's
    not the doghouse its the dugout I'm
    sorry here we go we got a guy on second
    base third is it time to clutch up and
    tie up this ballgame porcine curveball
    splitter and a slider here we go Trev
    this is it picture the Advan this is
    where you make your money baby this is
    where they they write down on those pads
    they tell you how great you are come on
    four-seam curveball slider and a
    splitter we need this right now I need
    this so bad
    round over the first scooped up the bag
    for the out but meanwhile dude if that
    could have been a little bit more to the
    that would have been a decent a decent
    hint I mean at least we advance the
    runner but we're gonna end up losing
    again shooting I mean I don't think it's
    bad we we did go 1 for 4 there no that
    wasn't ideal but we did have an RBI I
    don't I don't think it's awful I think
    we had a fairly good performance I think
    for us this starting off in our career I
    think we're in a good spot I think we're
    gonna have a good foundation we're gonna
    be able to move forward but wait is fate
    this young hopeful receives a check-in
    from his former high school coach
    through the process I mean I could have
    done more but I think we're gonna be ok
    Rick I believed since the first year I
    coached you that you've got big league
    potentials some smart GM is gonna see
    what I see thanks for believing in me
    cert I hope you're right let's just see
    what happens with the draft and then
    we'll go from there was there an
    organization that you'd really like to
    play with I don't really care it doesn't
    matter to me so we're gonna see where we
    get drafted here baseball First Year

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    Player Draft the first peg is officially
    on the clock first picks up the clock
    I'm just gonna fast forward to see where
    we end up going with the third pick the
    Miami Marlins select Rick roll all right
    baseman from the East region round 15
    pick number three we are gonna be going
    to the Miami Marlins good to be starting
    off the double-a affiliate at the
    Jacksonville jumbo shrimp there's also
    the triple-a Wichita wind surge that's
    kind of an interesting team in mascot
    but some looks good to me after a long
    and lonely first two days of the MLB
    Draft this players wait is finally over
    thanks for all your help coach couldn't
    have made it this far without you
    no problem I'm proud of you now enter
    the minor-league system unless you're
    inclined to play college ball for a year
    instead um I'm ready for pro ball man
    while being selected is a major
    milestone new draftee still face long
    odds of ever making it to the big
    leagues yeah we do but we're gonna prove
    ourselves we're gonna work our way up
    through the ranks and we made it to the
    show baby that's what I'm talkin about
    all right so hope you guys have enjoyed
    so far let me know what you guys think
    we're on the jumbo shrimp we're gonna
    start working our way up and I'll see
    you guys in the next episode peace out

    Thank you for watching! #mlb #mlbtheshow #roadtotheshow.


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    1. FYI, if you guessing high and its wrong chances are its a pitch lower in the zone…if you still are swinging high on the pitch like you are its going to drive a low pitch straight into the ground because youre hitting on top of the ball which makes for a tailor made ground ball


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