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    SearchThisVideo: MLB The Show 17 Road To The Show Walkthrough Part 1

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    so it's telling me to shoot my favorite
    team so right now I guess we're just
    going through the basics anyway yeah we
    were rude to the show walkthrough for
    y'all so here is road to the show
    baseball is more than a game baseball
    bonds families it can lift goals like
    Iron Man the Express the kid
    for most it is a long-standing passion
    for a team and sometimes seeing a dream
    realized but for a select few
    baseball is a journey
    humblest can break us
    have a chance to make a place for
    themselves in the pantheon of gods
    forever changing the game
    and it's the lexicon
    laughs so that's we're gonna do a custom
    player and for this one we're gonna do a
    shortstop definitely wanna definitely
    speed to full speed actually
    one of everything look east Michigan
    we're gonna go mine we're gonna go d.j
    I'm gonna go first name d.j then last
    name is gonna be clan and then the
    numbers gonna be 10
    actually we're gonna put
    when they put DJ clam
    okay and then we're gonna put our my
    first actual first name

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    my second predatory position is going to
    be something based through handy right
    if a drowned killer around shares
    actually there you go
    style to me Jackson uniform
    yes so yeah we're gonna take necklace
    color we want light blue
    Kerr glove we're gonna get a new glove
    feeling your armbands
    I'm gonna get wristband you're just
    throwing arm
    Oh why'd Kuna fall risk

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    okay we're gonna do a team color too and
    then catch with you're not to really
    need to fix there so let's go ahead and
    do this go ahead and start good deed
    three overall we're short stop alright
    and we're number eleven sweet all right
    though encouraged by many to approach
    Scout day just like any other workout
    these players know after an anxious wait
    a player is called to put his plate
    skills on display Scout day coaches do
    what they can to ground and focus the
    player for a stock defining moment
    we want solid hits
    most of these prospects have played in
    games that were attended by a major
    league Scouter too but today there are
    41 major league scouts and attendance
    that was my brother does she tried to
    scare me oh my gosh why can't I hit the
    freaking ball that's a shot that was a
    good shot
    I'm gonna fly out but you
    Hey hello to whoever's on dude I cannot
    hit the freaking ball valuation
    it's pretty solid
    hold on
    I'm doing a stream right now can you
    stop bothering me that was a perfect hit

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    What's Up DJ nation just say you know
    I'm his brother no one she done
    unsubscribing though subscribe to my
    channel so yeah he doesn't go he doesn't
    post a fielding coach preps the player
    to showcase his defensive skills this
    will be the last chance the player has
    to make an impression on this day
    in the big leagues pristine defense is a
    must the players know that an error-free
    showing would be the benchmark
    oh my gosh
    guys the next one I'm gonna be doing my
    first ever game like like my gonna do
    come on what my girlfriend just texted
    come on
    Oh what are you doing
    okay my girlfriend just texted me right
    now I'm on my oh my gosh I did not do
    that correctly okay she just texted me

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    but what are you doing
    playing video games when it's over some
    scouts come down to make personal
    contact with a player of interest this
    is a marketplace and though the days
    action is over product inspection and
    analysis continue
    alright go ahead and continue
    in the aftermath of a scout day players
    are anxious to learn what impact their
    performance may have made
    guys this is modern media offers an
    unprecedented glut of feedback
    opportunities I just want to let y'all
    know that y'all need to stay safe during
    this during these times
    - there's a dhikrullah verse
    especially with the green version
    extreme yeah he did
    data stayed out of public

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    but wisdom would suggest a young athlete
    focus on what is ahead what is in his
    okay we're gonna hop into our first tops
    and shoot showcase game
    MLB the show's coverage of Major League
    Baseball is on the air today we get the
    ball rolling with an intriguing matchup
    on day one between the prospects from
    the eastern seaboard and those
    representing the West
    striding into the box diego fabulous
    designated hitter Diego he said here
    comes the one one hit back up the middle
    scooped up throw onto second so they'll
    get the lead man and that's all
    now batting number 11 where they'll get
    his first shot with the bat here and
    maybe trying to get him off stride at
    the plate so he'll step out and ask for
    time here comes the first pitch
    dear granny chance dumpling out of the
    zone is swinging a Miss well that's a
    high pitch you know what the closer that
    ball gets to your eyes the better it
    looks and guys just hack at it it's a
    natural swing here's the old one pitch
    big pass at a slider that gets past him
    well he doubled up on that slider so
    that tells me he's really fueled and he
    lays off a pitch outside as they draw
    even at 2 & 2
    he's set here's the two - good job has
    spoiled that one away and he stays alive

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    and another foul ball ready with another
    two two and that slider is almost in the
    dirt pretty good pitch and a great take
    there there's not a lot you could do
    with that slider breaking down unless
    you can catch it way out bunt and hook
    it down the line you see a lot of
    swinging misses on those throw to first
    in time and the leadoff man is gone to
    start the third yeah he'd love to have
    that edge back he just kind of rolled
    over it digging in to try it again
    runner Piedra over one here in the early
    going here's a little chopper up the
    middle he will go to shortstop covering
    and they do get the force at second that
    was not an easy play
    ready for another chance Jack Jorgensen
    only the one for one here in this one
    third baseman Jack Jorgensen
    get on the ground out to short he's
    right and the throw almost got away
    there had a nice play to reach up and
    glove it and then come straight down on
    the bag as they report the first out of
    the inning digging in for his second
    at-bat Steve Anderson comes into this
    end meadow for one and ball game hit to
    right to him burst in plenty of time and
    his side is retired pretty painless half
    of the inning all told we played for
    full and we are tied nothing nothing
    striding in once again number 11 he left
    knees all-4-one thus far here you
    this is pulled into rain and that's in
    their base hit and that rudder will go
    no further than second as there are two
    aboard now yeah he's at this showcase to
    show what he can do and if he could
    string a few a bees like that together
    he's going to see his stock rise and
    keep rising nothing spectacular just a
    solid base knock into the box now
    Herbert Gonzales second baseman Herbert
    Gonzales the OH - home a shot down the
    first base line and a reach but it's by

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    him as he couldn't quite get to that
    ball the run comes across to score and
    they jump ahead one nothing
    ready once again for Part B rolled
    harvey's 1 for 2 in the ballgame
    now the doubled steel is on here and he
    gets under this one as the ball is skyed
    into very shallow right a bringer stay
    with it as he backs up and puts it away
    1 gone stepping in and ready for another
    shot Manuel Velazquez it's been an old
    for to that perform to this point
    runners on his way to third but he gets
    back in time safe at second base here's
    the pitch on 2 & 2 swing and a Miss on
    the change-up and there are two gone
    digging in once again
    Kenny knob on and we'll see what you can
    do here with a pair of runners on base
    and to God here in the fifth
    and a double steal try here hit hard 2/3
    Rolanda first gets him on the side is
    retired so it's a run on three hits no
    errors and two men left on digging in
    and looking for more 11 a hidden to
    tried so far I should go Abner mystery
    map X underscore rule 1212 underscore X
    first pitch of the at-bat on its way
    found slowly back toward the mound and
    the inning is over
    so it's no runs on a hit no errors and
    two men left on part of the order three
    four and five coming up all tied at one
    and one into the box number 11 adder
    he's working on r143 thus far lower the
    fastball here in the dirt even it's ball
    one clearly trying to control the
    running game with the slide step here
    yeah that's a good way of trying to
    control the running game Matt the
    problem with it though it has a tendency
    to throw your command off and the third
    baseman makes the play that ends the
    so no runs here on a base well this one
    had its moments of drama and excitement
    in the end these guys came away with the
    victory and look on to the next time and
    the score finishes for one today well we
    got the first base

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    so as the draft nears and teams begin to
    identify prospects they may target a
    game of dreams also becomes a game of
    dollars a ballplayer must keep the game
    in his heart but his mind on the game
    where he won't be a ballplayer long
    with a 5th pick around the Atlanta
    Braves select the shortstop from the
    east region yes that wasn't a bad pick
    let's go the awaited moment arrives
    many players will forever remember every
    detail of this conversation and moment
    in the days and weeks that follow teams
    work to come to terms with the players
    they have drafted and get them signed
    in most cases rookie contracts get done
    in a fairly straightforward manner and
    with that players and organizations
    alike are happy to have their team and
    get the season underway
    okay yeah guys I just got drafted I will

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    show you all in my first two games
    whenever we get the chance I'll get I'll
    get y'all maybe too much bran
    I will broadcast then I will broadcast
    then I will be videotaping my first two
    games with his team and we will keep
    going to games after two games yeah guys

    Add me on snapchat at wyattar1222 follow me on instagram at djclan10 tweet me at WyattRichards20... And remeber to smile :)


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