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    MLB The Show 17 – TOP 5 THINGS TO DO FIRST!

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    Top 5 Things You NEED To Do First On MLB The Show 17.

    Stay tuned for more MLB The Show 17 News, Tips and Gameplay here at Sports Gamers Online! www.sportsgamersonline.com

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    MLB The Show 17 Info:
    Standard Edition ($59.99)
    The standard base game will be the regular sixty-dollars for any AAA PS4 title, and will offer nothing but the regular game (with an oh so sweet cover I must add.) Pre-order option are as follows; Pre-Order off of the MLB The Show official website http://theshow.com/#retailer-links and receive 10 standard packs and a Griffey card for MLB The Show 17, and 11,000 stubs for the current game MLB The Show 16). This is perfect if you don’t plan on playing much of the online game mode Diamond Dynasty, and prefer to play Road to the Show, Franchise, or other game modes that don’t require virtual currency.
    MVP Edition ($69.99)

    The MVP edition of The Show, includes 5,000 stubs, one sponsor pack, ten standard packs, all thirty-one PS4 themed MLB avatars, gold season starter pack, and the Limited MVP Edition Steel book, that is very appealing to the eye with the Ken Griffey Jr. jersey and his signature on the front. MVP edition is perfect if you’re going to dip your foot into the pool that is Diamond Dynasty, but don’t plan on playing it that much. You will receive some items that will help your squad, while not paying the extra money it would be for all of the items you can get with the more expensive bundles.

    Hall-of-Fame Edition (Physical) ($99.99)
    The Hall-of-Fame edition bundle is perfect for the baseball fan, and is personally the bundle that I plan on purchasing myself. You will receive 11,000 stubs, one sponsor pack, 10 standard packs, the thirty-one PS4 MLB Avatars, the Limited steel book, gold season starter pack, diamond season starter pack, Diamond Dynasty New Era hat, and a New Era 9Fifty MLB The Show cap that you will receive in real-life. This bundle is great as it has stubs, packs, diamond and gold starter packs, and an exclusive The
    Show hat.

    Digital Deluxe Edition ($99.99)
    The Digital Deluxe edition is perfect for the all-out Diamond Dynasty player, as you will receive the most packs out of any of the bundles. It includes the thirty-one PS4 MLB Avatars, 11,000 stubs, one sponsor pack, diamond season starter pack, gold season starter pack, 20 standard packs, and a special digital deluxe pack. This bundle offers great content for the online player, and would highly recommend if you love playing Diamond Dynasty.

    The news today has been very exciting, seeing the legend Ken Griffey Jr. gracing the cover, and knowing that he will finally be in the game, the first time since he retired as a professional in MLB The
    Show 10. There will be much more news about MLB The Show 17 coming along, and I encourage you to stick with Sports Gamers Online, as we will be covering news of the game preparing for it’s exciting release date in March!

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    Comment (41)

    1. You'd be surprised how many people never even enter the settings menu! Then end up complaining that the game "sucks" because they can't seem to master it! Adjusting the settings is always the first thing I do whenever I play any game! I never touch the sliders though, I feel that by messing with the sliders I'm kinda changing the way the game was intended to be played OR that I'm shifting too much in my favor…just a personal opinion though.

    2. Can anyone tell me once you upgrade your attributes if that rating fluctuates up and down again this year or does it stay at the upgraded level? I very much disliked that

    3. First time player here, with regards to the settings.
      What is it worth changing to?
      What is viewed as the 'preferred" setting for many of the options


    4. Did they improve on the throwing method? I loved last years so much but the throwing aspect of it made me loose my mind. When I try to throw yo first base from short or the outfield.

    5. I cant do anything…. Whenever I open the game it puts me into the cubs vs the Indians and the only option is to reset game. This is the only thing I can do on MLB the show. Please tell me how to get past the tutorial

    6. New to mlb the show what is a live series card is it active players that rating can go up and dwn? And after you trade cards for epic mission once all cards are non sellable am I stick with all the cards thanks in advance


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