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    SearchThisVideo: MLB The Show 18 Hitting Tips – MASTER Hitting in MLB The Show!

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    welcome back to another NLB the show
    18:00 video with sports gamers online I
    am casual gamer and a link to my channel
    will be in the description right now I
    have been practice mode to show you guys
    the best settings and the best way to
    hit and MLB the show 18 so first let's
    go look at the settings you go over to
    options and gameplay and come down here
    what you want is this hitting interface
    to be zone you can do directional or
    pure analog if you would like but that
    leaves it more up to the computer to
    decide how well you hit the ball and I
    personally do not like that now you
    could go with flick or analog or any of
    the other stuff for how you swing but I
    personally prefer buttons because I feel
    like I can react faster to the ball this
    plate coverage indicator is one of the
    most important parts of zone hitting
    this is that little circle or the the
    yellow indicator on screen that tells
    you where you are swinging so you can
    see if you're going to make contact with
    the ball or swing and miss I've been
    using it a lot on dynamic this year
    which is a new PC I of appearance and I
    like it a lot because it tells you if
    you have a power hitter you should be
    focusing more on hitting the top of the
    PCI and if you are a contact hitter you
    should be focusing on hitting more of
    the bottom of the PCI it slightly
    obstructs your vision I don't think it's
    an issue but some people may have an
    issue with it so if you do I would
    highly recommend radical or wedge PCI as
    those are both excellent and used by top
    players in the show the next thing I
    want to talk about is the hitting view I
    have it on the show 16 because it looks
    prettier when you're making videos but
    the best hitting view I think in the
    game for sure is this strike zone view
    throughout the video I will switch up
    the PCI appearance so you can see which
    one is which the reticle is like two
    parenthesis basically the wedge looks
    more like a graphic of where your bat is
    hitting the ball it has a dot in the
    center and as I said before that a
    dynamic PCI is a circle
    now the reason that I like this strikes
    in view so much better if you're trying
    to play online and be competitive is
    that it's a much easier to see if the
    pitch is going to be a ball or a strike
    now this is something that you have an
    issue with I would highly recommend
    using strike zone view because it is
    much easier as you can see I didn't even
    sort of think that was gonna be a strike
    it was just very obvious but if you're
    in a different view where you are backed
    out a little bit it may be harder to
    tell if those pitches are gonna be in
    the zone or right on the edge
    I have often taken pitches that are like
    a borderline ball and strike and they've
    been a ball in this view and it was just
    obvious and it you know comes in and
    it's a ball and it's just barely and see
    that's barely a strike but I know it's a
    strike so what you saw right there was

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    an example of what you want to do with
    your PC out you want to start in the
    middle of the zone you can start up or
    down if your opponent is really just
    being obvious with everything that
    they're doing but I would highly
    recommend starting in the middle and
    then you have time to react to pitches
    that are up and pitches that are down if
    you're having trouble tracking the ball
    a strategy done using the fastest to use
    this dot to track the ball and as you
    can see there I was able to sneak it in
    because I was following the ball the
    entire time with the center of the PC I
    so that's been a strategy that has
    worked well for me something else that's
    really big this year is power swinging
    that is done by hitting square a normal
    swing is X and a contact swing is circle
    so I have never really used power swings
    in the past because I felt like they
    just were not effective or nearly
    effective as they are this year now this
    year I think power swings are incredibly
    effective I've noticed that when I hit
    square and get close to the ball with a
    power hitter like Stanton or someone
    like that with just crazy power that
    it's a home run a lot of the time
    as you can see there that was a power
    swing and it does shrink your PCI a
    little bit I believe to power swing
    because they're trying to like punish
    you a little bit for going all out for
    it so now let's talk about some basics
    of baseball and how they apply to
    hitting as you guys may or may not know
    you want to employ a real baseball
    strategy when hitting in the show what I
    do is if it's the first pitch I want to
    be looking for that pitch in order to
    swing at it so as you can see there I
    was absolutely ready for that pitch and
    the location and I hit it for a home run
    that slider so before you can do that
    though you need to make sure that was a
    terrible swing you need to make sure
    that you know what pitches your opponent
    is throwing this is especially important
    at the beginning of games or where the
    new pitcher comes in the game I know
    this may seem obvious to some of you but
    others may just not do it all the time
    and it's something that I sometimes
    forget to do and is incredibly important
    because if you don't know what hitch is
    your opponent can throw how are you
    supposed to react to the change in the
    pitch as it comes out of the pitchers
    hand so he can draw a fastball a
    two-seam a changeup and a slider so I
    know not to expect any up you know any
    vertical movement like a 12-6 curve or
    anything like that so I know to look out

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    and that not have to be worried about
    that at all
    so when you have an oo count or 100 or
    200 you want to be waiting for a pitch
    that you are absolutely ready for as I
    said before and if not then you just
    should not swing I should not have swung
    at that changeup there because I was not
    ready for it now as more strikes are
    thrown to get bat let's say you're you
    have one strike now so you expand that
    zone that you're willing to swing at a
    little bit and we need two two strikes
    obviously you have to protect the plate
    I like that you can employ a real
    baseball strategy when playing the game
    now I want to talk about the difference
    between hitting on line and hitting
    against the computer on a very hard
    difficult - like legend or Hall of Fame
    so if you're on legend or Hall of Fame
    the most important thing these
    they will throw a lot of balls and if
    you're up there just swinging and
    hacking away you will not be successful
    on those because it is so hard to be
    successful when you're swinging at
    garbage right like as we all know this
    is also true of online play but I feel
    like that is also more up to how the
    person you're playing pitches now for
    online play you need to be obviously
    still conscious of whether or not is
    going to be a ball or strike and being
    patient but what's more important about
    online is recognizing the patterns that
    your opponent may be using so if they're
    going fastball changeup slider every
    time then you can sit on that until they
    are willing to break that up and you can
    tell that it will be a different pitch
    and then you can you know you can adjust
    your strategy from there but I noticed
    that a lot of people get stuck in
    rhythms pick even myself occasionally
    you get stuck in rhythms of doing the
    same pitch pattern over and over and if
    it's working you know it's not bad but
    you will eventually get caught and your
    opponent will mash one so that's what
    you got to do is recognize the patterns
    of your opponent now as you can see
    right now my PCI is very large is much
    bigger than the strike zone and what
    plays into your PCI size is the
    difficulty for one two the hits per nine
    and caper nine of your opposing pitcher
    will shrink the PCI for you and then
    your vision and contact will make it
    larger for you if you have a PCI this
    large and you have a decent power hitter
    or just even I would say like anyone
    with like 60 or low power you could
    probably power swing and he pretty
    successful because he will not shrink
    your PCI that much to power swing the
    number one thing that you want to do is
    be able to track the ball coming out of
    can so you can tell exactly where it's
    going to go like that and then you can
    get on base now if you're building a
    lineup for ranked seasons or whatever
    motive is I believe that power is far
    more important this year than contact

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    I've been able to launch homeruns being
    well under the ball with my PCI and it
    skill goes far over the wall where if I
    have a contact hitter they just hit
    little blue pop ups which can be very
    the reason this zone hitting is the best
    over the directional hitting and over
    the analogue hitting is because you can
    move this zone like you've been seeing
    me do to adjust to where the ball is
    which takes out the randomness of the
    computer basically deciding if you hit
    or miss the pitch some other tips about
    hitting are you want to be a little bit
    earlier on inside pitches especially if
    it is a fastball and you want to be a
    little bit later on the pitches away so
    that you can hit them the opposite way
    and go with the pitch this nut is going
    to be it for this video guys thank you
    so much for watching please be sure to
    LIKE comment and subscribe and I will
    see you guys in the next one peace

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    Comment (29)

    1. I find this hitting interface very difficult. I have always used directional. I can't seem to move my left joystick to move the reticle, focus on the ball coming in, and timing the swing all at the same time. Any tips besides "practice?"

    2. Thanks for this… this confirmed some things I was thinking but wasn’t sure about. Been trying to grind in practice but was generally unsure if it was just mistakes I was making or the ratings that was making me miss.

    3. What I found works for me, after trying just about everything, was taking the PCI off. I prefer to work the count and only swing at pitches around the center of the zone (since those seem to get hit the hardest which is realistic) and if I get to 2 strikes, i'll move the stick where the ball goes and swing (if it's in the zone or borderline). I was just playing allstar level vs computer just trying to grind out some programs and hit 10 HRs on 16 hits. But I find if I try to track the ball, I end up swinging at stuff I shouldn't be and don't work counts at all. So just wait and HOPE for mistakes and when I get to 2 strikes, I protect the zone (tracking the ball with the stick, which I just recently realized still moves the PCI even if you don't have it on).

    4. This game is 99percent flyballs its so fucking annoying and no its not me u can press up down left right and have perfect timing on swing it dont matter its always a damn flyball anything in the zone half and up….annoying im done with it hopefully next year it changes. Btw im play rtts and this is from my experience

    5. I still dont know how to read breaking balls. I hitting 90% of balls and if they do a curveball or slider I cant hit that thing….. I see to late how it brakes.

    6. Mlb series is great but every mlb the show game i ever had has a couple flaws 1: inside ther paks hrs count as a triple and rbi no errors were made it happens in every mlb the show series. 2: in mlb the show 18 managers very rarely challenge once in a great while they do but its rare 3: commentary is off in ml the show 18 commentators mention that a poayer is making their mlb debut but yet that player has been in the league for many years.4: in mlb 18 the outfielders very rarely chase a foul ball they just watch it go foul 5: when a batter hits a ball in between 2nd base ad 3rd base bothe the defenders go the opposite way and not try to play the batted ball theres more but i cant think of it right now.still love the game though


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