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    SearchThisVideo: MLB The Show 19 Beginner Tips! MUST WATCH for Anyone New to The Show 19!

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    batting sixth the right fuels charlie
    number one source for the sports gamer
    Sony Playstation recently announced
    during their state of play that for the
    month of October the PlayStation
    exclusive from Sony San Diego Studios
    MLB the show 19 will be free for
    download for all PlayStation Plus
    members for those who are new to MLB the
    show the games interfaces and controls
    can be quite overwhelming but don't
    worry I'm here to give you some beginner
    tips that will help you become a pro in
    hitting pitching and fielding once you
    have downloaded and installed the game
    you will be taken to a tutorial menu to
    choose an interface for hitting base
    running pitching and throwing zone
    hitting is considered to be the most
    effective interface for hitting and
    provides the most control for user input
    for base running use the default
    interface the analog pitching interface
    like zone hitting provides the user with
    the most control but be warned if you
    miss your spot precision hitters may
    just send your pitch out of the park but
    inaccuracy also gives the most user
    control and eliminates RNG errors based
    upon your players overall attributes
    after choosing your user interfaces head
    over to the custom practice to begin
    experimenting with the user controls
    while in practice mode you can adjust
    the game's difficulty settings in
    addition to other gameplay features for
    hitting I suggest setting the difficulty
    setting to either Hall of Fame or legend
    and this will allow you to become
    accustom to the pitch speeds that are in
    head-to-head competition with zone
    hitting you can choose to have the plate
    coverage indicator on or off the most
    popular PCI appearance settings are
    either wedge or reticle some even prefer
    to have the PCI off all together at the
    end of the day choose the setting that
    gives you the most success and that
    you're most comfortable with the key to
    becoming a good hitter in MLB the show
    is patience you want to work the count
    and make your opponent throw pitches
    down the middle of the strike zone and
    remember every strike is not always a
    good strike to swing it in MLB the show
    there are several camera angles for
    hitting pitching in play view defense in
    play view offense having the correct
    camera angle on offense and defense will

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    determine how successful you are in the
    show strike zone and strike zone two are
    considered the best camera angles for
    picking up and locating pitches that
    come over the plate the camera angle
    that I personally use for hitting is
    strike zone two for pitching are you
    strike zone three for in play view
    defense I use a high camera view this
    allows you more time to determine line
    drives and if a ball that is hid in the
    outfield will get past the defender and
    if you have enough space to tag an
    advance your runner on a flyout for in
    play view offense you can choose
    whichever camera angle that provides you
    with the most cinematic view to become a
    successful pitcher in MLB the show it's
    important to select pitchers who have a
    decent repertoire of pitches pitchers
    who have high K's / 9 decent control and
    high stamina should be the first
    pitchers that you go after also pitchers
    who have sinkers splitters and cutters
    as their primary pitches are invaluable
    there's an old saying in baseball
    pitchers who induce ground balls
    very rarely give up home runs keep in
    mind that we're pitching having the best
    cards in the game won't give you
    automatic success strategy is key for
    don't spam the same location even if
    your opponent is struggling to hit one
    area in or outside of the strike zone
    because sooner rather than later
    they will camp their PCI and make you
    pay for it
    utilize all areas of the strike zone use
    off-speed pitches like the change-up and
    when your opponent least expects it blow
    the fastball right by them the key to
    pitching is to keep your opponent
    guessing and off pace more importantly
    don't walk batters free bases often end
    up being free runs also no matter how
    well your starting pitcher or reliever
    is doing when they become fatigued use
    my own visits and substitutions don't be
    stubborn and leave them in trying to
    chase a no-hitter or a complete game
    most importantly you're going to give up
    base hits and runs don't become
    frustrated gather yourself and get back
    to work two of the most popular game
    modes and MLB the show are wrote to the
    show and diamond dynasty for this video
    we're going to focus on Diamond dynasty
    the goal to Diamond dynasty is building
    your fantasy team with the best overall
    live series players flashbacks and
    legends there are several methods to
    acquire players to build your squad the
    key however is to build your squad
    quickly and easily you also want to
    acquire some of the best cards either
    cheap or free there is a community
    market where cards can be bought or sold
    but this is not always the best option

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    to find cheap good overall cards another
    option to acquire cards is to buy packs
    but whatever you do don't buy packs SDS
    has put some of the best offline cards
    in their featured programs in this
    year's installment program bosses are
    the name of the game some of the best
    cards can be earned by just playing
    program innings and conquest the
    outer space conquest map and shark map
    provide the most rewards out of all of
    the conquest maps you can complete
    signature teams is similar to conquest
    being that all of the games are only
    three innings take a two or three run
    lead in the first inning and then but to
    finish the game quickly the goal is to
    finish these game modes as quick as
    possible and earn your rewards
    did I mention just playing the game
    earns you experience points known as XP
    and with every level that you increase
    great rewards are waiting to celebrate
    the show being on PS Plus for the first
    time SDS is also giving away free
    in-game content for those who download
    and log into the game between October
    1st and October 31st to get your show
    experience started right go redeem and
    open five free packs these packs include
    a diamond player for your Diamond
    Dynasty squad and equipment for your
    created player and wrote to the show
    I'm ransom this is sports gamers online
    your number one source for the sports

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    Comment (23)

    1. Retro camera view with some minor tweaks is the best view for batting, also zone hitting sucks, I don’t like lining up a curser to hit, that’s not what real baseball feels like, directional hitting is better, feels more like you’re really batting … As far as pitching and fielding camera’s, I like medium view for fielding and Pitchers view for pitching …

    2. Plenty of hitting tips out there, you may have missed your opportunity. Im confused, why is a sports betters online showing mlb the show hitting tips?

    3. Amazing vid, played rtts 18 but now Im going to be playing a lot of diamond dynasty and I can say this video will help me so much. Cant wait to start that grind. Also, feels great to see such a good game like the show 19 being put in the free lineup.


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