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    just days before the 40-round MLB Draft
    some lesser-known prospects get one last
    chance to make an impression at Bowman
    Scout Day
    before taking his swings this prospect
    shares a word with another prospect who
    just finished up

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    simple words of encouragement from other
    prospects or sometimes enough to relax
    any nerves

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    done for the day and heading back to the
    locker room this player is met by one of
    the scouts and attendants who reminds
    him that he still got one more chance to
    make an impression on the big league
    everyone has a personality even a
    ballplayer that personality influences
    how they respond to their teammates in
    their coaches
    MLB the show's coverage of Major League
    Baseball is on the air
    coming to the plate down Arthur
    franchise and he could give his guys an
    early leave if he can come from here on
    first pitch of the at-bat big swing but
    he just gets a piece of it strike one
    franchise runs pretty well which is
    interesting given the position he plays
    on the field usually the speedy guys are
    in the middle infield or in the outfield
    where there's a lot of ground to cover
    but that's not the case with him his
    plus speed makes him really unique at
    his position yeah he does possess such
    an interesting skillset it might not
    help him on the defensive side but man
    from an offense so coming to the plate

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    Marta Yoder he'll get to take his first
    cuts here a bit of a surprise here is
    he's gonna try to lay one down throw on
    to first so the sacrifice is successful
    Oh at an event like the tops amateur
    showcase you don't really expect someone
    to lay down a sacrifice body that's just
    what he did hey I like it he put his ego
    a desire sure would like to aside it
    made a play that helped the team and
    don't think the scouts won't take a note
    of that because they will want goal no
    strikes the count
    the one Oh mrs. ball - hey let's go
    right here
    over the outside half and it's two and
    one right Hodges a runner at first with
    one gone in the inning fouled away
    here now the tutu a wild pitch but the
    catcher is able to knock it down and
    he'll make it into scoring position here
    with two away is that'll be scored a
    wild at the plate Danny he got on top of
    one and was a groundout victim last time
    yeah Maddy expect this pitcher to try
    and get the same result that's his last
    at-bat right here the double play is in
    order anything on the ground the way
    this defense is they could certainly
    roll too
    ready to deliver here's the first pin
    right and it looked like the fastball
    got away from him there didn't catch the
    corner there but you can see was trying
    to jam him with that running action on
    that two seam fastball lift it out
    towards straightaway centerfield Baba
    Lyons was there to put it away and the
    runner will be forced to retreat back to
    first so now it'll be the four hole
    Arthur franchise flew out it is last
    pitch of the at-bat the second for one
    on to first and they turn the double
    play digging in to try it again
    Arthur friendship dodgy die our third
    French guy first offering on its way
    lazy flyball out to center field Aviles
    comes on now and he has it one down
    standing in Reggie Honeywell now batting
    Philip you'll be pitch on its way wow

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    there's a fastball to start him off but
    that misses for ball one
    though one one home is looked at for
    ball number two go-ahead runs aboard
    here at first with nobody out here
    really just threw that fastball by him I
    know that fastball registered at about
    92 93 but I guarantee you it looked
    about 4 to 5 miles an hour faster than
    that for this offensive player after
    coming off a curveball they will push
    the throttle and pull it is being used
    got him swinging on the fence ball
    they're ready honeywell goes down to
    become the first out in the 8th inning
    lower the fastball here in the dirt even
    it's ball one we got one here
    that's wide too and oh hey rolling over
    give me a two ball here we go
    hi and he'll lay the fastball in here to
    get the count back to 2 & 1 the 2 1
    seared down the first baseline he lays
    out but it's out of its reach so that's
    a tough strike - and it's fouled away
    the two to one more time pitch out
    nothing doing
    and a rather interesting decision here
    is they'll put him on and move the
    runner into scoring position ready once
    again Arthur a franchise look what in
    and one on during the inning from the
    stretch here's the pitch swinging a Miss
    out in front of a changeup sure took a
    healthy hack that time yeah and I don't
    understand that approach at all Madi
    he's not really known for having a whole
    lot of pop at his bat but he is known
    for having really good speed so
    personally meanwhile now this is a
    looked and that ought to be good for
    extra bases groves rounds third and is
    digging for the plate safe at the play
    as they extend their lead to choose this
    is just a great piece of hitting and it
    will do nothing but help them in the
    draft it's one thing to have power but
    it's an entirely different thing to have
    awful power which she shows right here
    doesn't try to do too much with this

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    pitch just taking it to the opposite
    field for a nice double
    now batting first baseman Gilberto
    spinning a throwback to second and he'll
    dive back in safely franchise the runner
    at second with one away and he lays off
    four so he comes right off the bench and
    works the walk usually easier said than
    coming to the plate now Tom Lee Sang
    will swing up from the left side right
    here very difficult to be a switch
    hitter in baseball today without
    question the more comfortable side being
    from the right side so he's going to
    have his work cut and now this is thrown
    wildly just getting it into the infield
    throw back to
    and that's a double play so it's two
    runs on three hits no air at the plate
    Steve Aviles okay and he needs to make
    something happen they're down to their
    final out here in the night is not close
    as he's in there with a stolen base for
    the to the final score today the
    international prospects came through Leo
    tell from the line along 8th to secure
    victory Victoria inaudible to Hera
    gets the double so that just about does
    it a lark to rose again please Afghan
    our entire crew I'm
    afternoon baseball here on the show
    coming to the plate now Arthur franchise
    and he could get his guys in early lead
    if he can come from here into the corner

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    and slicing foul harp has become known
    as a guy that's tough too taken by the
    Gopher ball but he really limits that
    Ramsey over its second groves at first
    one gone
    pulled toward right-center field calling
    for it
    penny agua and that's the second out of
    the inning
    in now Hank Brown got his first
    opportunity this ruler drops one down
    here and he'll try to beat it out but
    the throw will beat him at first so the
    bumper hit attempt is snuffed out
    digging in our third franchise blowout
    in his last at-bat and with his speed
    he's one of those rare guys who you'd
    actually like dig dig dig dig on the
    ground you can't beat out a fly ball in
    this game there's one on to first but
    not in time as he's in there ahead of
    the throw ready for another chance
    ray Hernandez he got on top of one it
    was a ground down victim last time and a
    fastball blew it right by him and
    they're two down stepping into the box
    Tommy sang a bounce back after striking
    out his last time up
    nothing in one count here it comes
    hotshot on the ground is short he's got
    it throw on the second for the force in
    the side is retired
    so no runs on a hit here no error at the
    plate Luis Malden under 30 for Louie
    here's the first pitch to him snap throw
    two buddies back in safely
    Abreu leads off first with one away and
    he'll step off the rubber and go to
    first and he just manages to get his
    hand in
    the one or no delivery grounded fouled
    off to the right
    ah he took something off of it there
    it's one and two great job on those last
    two pitches of varying speeds gave him a
    hard fastball and then he locked them up
    with a changeup the one to still one and

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    and I wrote him
    the one to gets him looking at the knees
    for the strikeout now back to the top of
    the lineup stepping yet the Randy brown
    second base bed Brad here comes the
    first pitch sent on the ground out to
    second barehanded for one on to first to
    complete the double play
    next will be the cleanup header Arthur
    the French yesterday's vote for two thus
    far in this one starting to run out of
    time revenue able to score any runs as
    we're moving late into this one a
    perfect time for this leadoff guy to try
    to get on base and ignite a rally so
    striding in Kenneth Bullet how about it
    the designated hitter get it he's ready
    here's the first offering and he lays
    off a pitch here that he probably
    shouldn't have Owen won
    swing and a Miss on the fastball that
    time out number two now at the plate
    Arthur Fran chapter number 99 our third
    friend here's the first pitch on the
    great venue a look at the sliding in
    time so no runs here on a base hit no
    errors and one man left the board into
    the bottle
    Dino Mesa the winning run is at first
    base here's the first pitch a fastball
    off the plate away it's ball one
    hey that catches the outside edge 1 & 1
    possible winning run aboard here nobody
    out high in the air and drifting out to
    shallow center Hines is after it he
    makes the catch a great effort to get
    there and record the first out of the
    so striding forward now Shawn Moreno
    he's got a chance to end this one and
    send these fans home happy if he can get
    a ball deep enough into the gap here's

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    the first pitch hit back up the middle
    fielded cleanly to second for one back
    to first a double play and we are
    heading to extra inning
    you now are quite a lot
    for the victorious central squad one run
    on six is no errors they left
    with nothing left to do but await his
    this young hopeful receives a check-in
    from his former high school coach who's
    been acting as his advisor through the
    welcome back to the Major League
    Baseball First Year Player Draft the
    first pick is officially with the first
    pick the Baltimore Orioles select our
    third franchise a catcher from the
    international region
    through a long and lonely first two days
    of the MLB Draft this players weight is
    finally over
    while being selected is a major
    milestone nip

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    after impressively finishing out his
    draft year in a development Lee this
    prospect has been sent to open the
    following season with a double-a Club
    this new player meets his double-a coach
    for the first time and receives some
    sagely advice about what it takes to be
    successful outside of the gym or field
    welcome to MLB the show in this pre
    Michael my ADA gets the call to pitch
    here on opening day in front of the
    hometown crowd
    striding in Arthur franchise take the
    first cut see her third friend job the
    first pitch here it comes not the deep
    right field
    tannoy going back on it and it's gone in
    a big moment for him there his first
    home run as a double-a player yeah and
    you always like to get those first out
    of the way no matter what level you're
    playing at obviously he's got
    aspirations to play in the big leagues
    and this is exactly the kind of
    production that this organization is
    going to be looking for from him as his
    career progresses

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    into the box now Arthur franchise he hit
    a 2-run Jumper in his first day and I'm
    sure as he struts to the plate right
    here he certainly got to have a little
    bit more confidence but that's not his
    game he's got to get back to what makes
    him successful put back to baseball and
    try and drive
    ready now Arthur the franchise I got on
    top of one was around out victim last
    time yeah I understand that Mattie but
    this guy's got burner wheels down the
    first base line I don't think he even
    concerns himself with that he has to put
    it on the ground that's part of what
    makes him successful
    standing in arthur friendship he flew to
    his last at-bat and with his speed was
    one of those rare guys who you'd
    actually like to see keep the ball on
    the ground you can't beat this game and
    this is gonna wind up played one for
    sure and maybe a second I mean that had
    to feel good right there Dan that's his
    third RBI of the game and extends his
    team's lead they might have this one
    locked out about I'd say those are
    always big those add on insurance runs
    big RBI right there for a little bit and
    Amanda and indeed he'll take only the
    out at first as the run comes in to
    score probably wanted more of that at
    that with runners in scoring position
    but at least he does the job and brings
    one home maybe the next guy could throw
    the runner at third now they feed up
    down the payoff pitch home and he missed
    with it there ball four
    it's a two-out walk with the runner
    still at third now batting like Ryan
    Berkowitz therapy to the plate for him
    here today
    Oh for two at this point
    he and exhale as he's out of the jam and
    the inning is over
    digging in and looking for more
    Arthur enfranchise he'll try to follow
    up the double in his last at-bat have
    another big hit right here yeah it's
    been an offensive explosion for him
    today there's a fight at the bat rack
    everyone seems to be putting Barrel on
    baseball in this lineup
    Ruiz at second Vasquez on at first with
    two down hey come on Big Dawg get your
    pitch hit in the air to left field

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    Murillo on the move but he's not going
    to get there and he's headed for extra
    bases again and a score as the runner
    from first it's a 10 nothing score man
    he's been killing it all game long
    those two RBIs bring his total for the
    gamble 5 so he's been at his best when
    it matters most no doubt making a bid
    for player of the game hold on Murphy
    over toward the right side and the
    off-balance throw gets him as he takes
    away a hit and the side is retired 10 to
    nothing the final shutout score in this
    one the base Sox led this game from the
    third ending on and never wavered
    here now is our final line score first
    for the victorious Baysox 10 runs on 10
    hits no errors they left 12 men on babe
    time with the ball cave 3 hours and 18
    minutes thank you for joining us here
    tonight and we remind you to please
    drive home minor league baseball is live
    and on the air on the show tonight Game
    two of this four-game weekend set
    between the Bowie Baysox and the
    Harrisburg Senators it's baseball on the
    now in the box Arthur franchise as he'll
    get his first opportunity in this one
    that is through into right field for a
    hey guys there would be something in the
    scouting report right there for him to
    be on top of that Oh Oh change up the
    way he was that was pretty special
    now bat it begging in Ricky Ferreira
    hole for one forum here in this one
    and the old balance throw beats him at
    first and that's a tough play
    now they tagged him out between second
    and third and it's a double play
    riding in once again Arthur franchise he
    singled his last time ready to deliver
    here's the first pitch swinging a ball
    hit on the ground the way this guy at
    the plate gets down the line contact as
    your friend in this situation tough to
    double him up this middle infield has

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    got to do their best to roll it as quick
    as Holliday and that'll get through into
    centerfield for a base hit one run is
    scored and he's going to score with ease
    as the throw will be too late hey good
    piece atta boy
    stake through it again let's go so the
    lineup flips over and digging in now
    Ricky around.this is hit high in the air
    out toward left-center murillo makes the
    catch and now they might be able to
    double them off at first stepping in and
    ready for another shot the Palos Beltran
    two men on two away here in the earth
    belt raw and he misses with it for ball
    four so the bases will be loaded now
    with two away stepping in Brian
    Berkowitz the pillar to bounce back
    after striking out his last time up
    yeah Matty big time capes on it is this
    balls right under his glove
    one run scores and the run is in to
    score from second it's a six nothing
    ballgame boy talking about having ducks
    on the pond right there dear I know
    everybody wants to hit a home run those
    are the ones you remember but without
    question Dan two-out two RBI nobs with
    runners in scoring position right there
    you remember these knobs for another
    shot now by Arthur franchise and I'll
    see what he can do here the pair of
    runners on base and two gone here in the
    trying to hang a zero here's the pitch
    good pitch there had him a little out in
    front sure took a healthy hack that time
    yeah and I don't understand that
    approach at all Mattie he's not really
    known for having a whole lot of pop at
    his bat but he is known for having
    really good speed so personally I'd much
    don't see him ever controlled swing and
    try to put the ball and play and he'll
    get there in plenty of time to put this
    one away and that ends the inning now at
    the plate Arthur Franchot he flew out in
    his last-ever friend job hey here we go
    first pitch coming here it is swinging a
    light go get her boy and the shellacking
    continues as this is down for extra
    bases now this will rattle up against
    the wall
    I mean that had to feel good right there
    Dan that's his third RBI of the game and
    extends his team's lead they might have
    this one locked up
    those are always big those add on
    insurance runs big RBI right there for a
    little bit more breathing room
    slap hardly hugs away that's in their
    face hit the throw to the plate
    but it's long so the run was school

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

    sometimes it's hard to explain when a
    game is this lopsided a lot of things
    just kind of snowball on you one thing
    leads to another a big hit which leads
    to another some bad defense some shoddy
    pitching next thing you know you look up
    and you're on the wrong side of a whole
    lot of badness so digging in now Arthur
    a franchise that they'll try to follow
    double than his last at-bat with another
    big hit right here yeah he jumped all
    over that first pitch last time up
    interested to see if he hasn't seen one
    run is in throw comes to second way to
    drive that one
    so the batting order turns over now and
    set to go Ricky Herrera
    came through with an RBI single in his
    last at-bat and they take another single
    right here that third-base coaches die
    in a wave his arms I wouldn't be
    surprised if anything hit hard through
    the in throw back to second and that's a
    double play
    so three runs 11 nothing to final
    shutout total in this one the Bowie
    Baysox wrap out 19 hits Ryan
    Eddie earns his first win of the season
    Jeff Hutchins permitted six earned runs
    to come across in the losing effort so
    that's a wrap for us here tonight for my
    partners in the booth Mark DeRosa and
    Dan please eken our entire crew I'm Matt
    vasgersian you've been watching MLB the
    show and for more click over to the show
    here now is our final line score first
    a fast-developing prospect has his first
    encounter with the media
    if his progress continues it will be the
    first of many such encounters this
    aspect of life as a ballplayer will
    demand the learning of an entirely new
    kind of skill set

    Pressure Hard Boys and Girls or whatever you are LETS GOOO!


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