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    Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs Maxiboost On Review – Noisy Pixel

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    Comment (38)

    1. Just received the game today. This is my first Gundam game and i really like it, the arcade lineage is what caught my attention. The battle system is deep and fun to learn. I played Virtua-On years ago and loved the arena battles. This game brings the arena battles with good controls and mechanics. The Asia physical has full English text which is nice. The amount of playable Gundams is quite intimidating, hours of fun to be had just going through the roster.

    2. I may check this out after a steep sale. I prefer more single player focused Gundam games. This looks better than New Gundam Breaker at least.
      Though i Wish Namco would team with Koei again for a new DW Gundam.

    3. I don't understand why you can't play free mode online? People just want to mess around with the game with their friends. Also you don't always have 4 people to play with. The more options the better. I don't care about balancing I just want to have fun.

    4. I'm hesitant about getting it after being disappointed with Gundam Versus. Mostly because of the best suits being dlc. Are there any dlc purchases in this game?

    5. Sorry, this game to me is both very good and very bad.

      1: The dualshock control scheme sucks. Charging attacks is very uncomfortable.
      Moving and dashing on a controller really cramps my hands. Customizing doesn't really help much. Get an arcade stick. You're gonna get destroyed by try hards without one.

      2: The playerbase here in the west mostly focuses on heavy ganks for the sake of winning. A lot of losing streaks will come from whether not you can stop a heavy gank. It can be a frustrating experience.

      3: Lack of balance in the roster. When you play online, you'll notice that players pick mostly the best mobile suits. So if you have a mobile suit you enjoy using, you might get overwhelmed, or straight up confused. Casuals beware.

      4: Ranked players play with casuals, which can lead to many one sided fights.
      It's an ongoing issue. Majors, Colonels, Generals, Captains and Lieutenants destroying casuals by the streaks.
      Rank matters. Ppl just don't get that far by not caring.

      Other than that, the single player stuff is very fun. Mutliplayer isn't friendly at all.
      It's very hit and miss, leading to rage quits and match connection issues.


    6. Maaan Gundam Extream VS got me hooked on the Force battle mechanic. Really balanced out the port with full scale open maps with Ace and grunts coming at you,capturing control points and Warship attacks. All on a portable PS Vita your telling me they couldn't put one mission in like that and made it multi player? Btw Gundam vs Zeta Gundam on the ps2 was the Greatest Gundam game released just poorly marketed unlike Maxiboost thx to f2p GBO2.

    7. “Gundams”

      Mobile suits is much more suitable. Because Gundams are specific suits that quality for that title while others are mobile suits

      Or for bosses (The sizes are noticeable enough) mobile armors

    8. Lmao, "Gundam W(double U)". That's the first time I've heard someone refer to Wing that way, since it's supposed to be America's beloved 'first Gundam show'.

      Nice review, nontheless. This game is an absolute treat for any Gundam fan.

    9. Oh the lack of rainbow dashes. Yeah you must've pissed people hella off lmao
      ranking is a big deal in MBON but they can sometimes be misleading 😉

      Also, this game may not be newcomer friendly, but this should at least be a gateway for newcomers to get into the franchise.
      And for the game itself, its mechanics can be rivaled with games like MVC and Tekken. MBON needs more love!


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