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SearchThisVideo: Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs Maxiboost On Review – Noisy Pixel

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it took me a while to get used to the

unique fighting systems found in the

gundam versus series

but after many matches i've boiled it

down to a four button fighter

with a few added techniques with the

console release of mobile suit gundam

extreme vs maxiboost on

i think the series has really found a

decent balance in terms of gameplay

mechanics and single player offerings

however the learning curve that we've

all gone through is still present

which may make it overwhelming for



mobile suit gundam extreme versus maxi

boost on returns with dedicated 2v2

modes and a large roster of playable


each gundam is assigned a point value

that reflects its power level in battle

however there's a catch since teams have

a pool of 6000 points

that decrease each time your gundam is

destroyed so if both team members have 3

000 point gundams they aren't really

allowed to make mistakes

luckily most gundams are capable of

holding their own in battle

no matter their level which makes

matches more about skill

what becomes the most difficult choice

is choosing your favorite gundam

and with a roster of over 180 models


it's not easy i spent my first three

hours playing around the various models

until i discovered that i really enjoyed

the maneuverability

and loadout of heavy arms custom from

gundam w

endless waltz however your gundam of

choice is ultimately up to you

but i assure you that there is a model

that fits your playstyle

you just gotta find it by only focusing

on the battle system

players will use a series of range and

melee attacks to take down opponents

understanding your gundam's moveset and

paying attention to their ammo

will go a long way in a match this is

not a game where you want to attempt to

button-mash your way to victory

piloting these gundams involves a

combination of navigating the


understanding your gundam's lowdown and

assisting your teammate if they are in


sometimes there's so much going on that

a battle can be over in less than a


depending on the skill level of the team

most of your time will be spent in

online play

and luckily i haven't had too much issue

finding a match

furthermore there are plenty of stages

available and each of them represents an

iconic battlefield from the series

i should note that some players take

their rank very seriously in online play

luckily rage quitting is penalized with

a 10 minute ban which i appreciated

since it's totally possible that i

pissed a lot of people off as i was

trying to learn the controls

of various gundam models there are a few

single-player modes available to players

these include branch battle both online

and offline

which is similar to an arcade mode

players can pretty much fight their way

through several encounters

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

which they have some control over until

they reach a boss there are 8 stages


and a final boss the more entertaining

part of this mode is the ability to play

through it with friends offline or


as you win matches points are earned

which also unlock additional bosses and

hidden battles

alternatively there's also a maxi boost

missions mode

which is a single player only mode this

acts sort of like an adventure mode

where players make their way across a

grid and earn points until they reach

the final boss of the stage

encounters award figures upgrades and


as well as gp which can be used to

unlock more content within the game

i ended up really enjoying maxiboo's

missions as it included new ways to

experience a gundam vs title

each stage has an objective that doesn't

merely require you to destroy

some enemies and having the opportunity

to learn how to pilot gundam models

that i wouldn't typically choose added

to the experience

this mode also acts as a tutorial but

sadly it isn't one that will make

learning the game easier

i think the tutorial fails in many ways

as it is pretty much condensed to a few

text boxes

there really should be a step-by-step

guide to the mechanics

that have players learn a series of

combos and moves for several characters

what is currently offered only really

covers the surface level of the game


which could lead new players confused

during gameplay anything players do

grant them gp which is used to purchase

alternative costumes

items and even increase intimacy with

navi characters

the more you play the more gp you earn

which makes your time playing feel

rewarded across the various modes

in terms of graphics i think mobile suit

gundam extreme vs maxiboost on is


each gundam is detailed with beautiful

animations that display their very

unique arsenal of attacks

there are elements that i'm glad the

developer brought from the arcade to


as it didn't feel like they helped

anything back from this port

furthermore the soundtrack is bursting

with notable music from the gundam


suit gundam extreme vs maxiboost on may

not be newcomer friendly

but it is one of the best gundam

experiences for fans

it takes everything that makes the

arcade version great and brings it to

console players

the expanded roster of mobile suits with

both online and offline modes

makes every moment spent playing

rewarding the tutorial desperately needs

some addressing

but this is the versus game that i've

been waiting for noisy pixel is giving

mobile suit gundam extreme versus

maxiboost on

and 8.5 out of 10. and with that


thank you for watching yet another noisy

pixel video

and you should know this by now but if

you're a newcomer noisy pixel is a group

of gamers

who work hard to deliver news reviews

previews and more

subscribe to keep up with all of our

future content see you nerds

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Comment (0)

  1. Just received the game today. This is my first Gundam game and i really like it, the arcade lineage is what caught my attention. The battle system is deep and fun to learn. I played Virtua-On years ago and loved the arena battles. This game brings the arena battles with good controls and mechanics. The Asia physical has full English text which is nice. The amount of playable Gundams is quite intimidating, hours of fun to be had just going through the roster.

  2. I may check this out after a steep sale. I prefer more single player focused Gundam games. This looks better than New Gundam Breaker at least.
    Though i Wish Namco would team with Koei again for a new DW Gundam.

  3. I don't understand why you can't play free mode online? People just want to mess around with the game with their friends. Also you don't always have 4 people to play with. The more options the better. I don't care about balancing I just want to have fun.

  4. I'm hesitant about getting it after being disappointed with Gundam Versus. Mostly because of the best suits being dlc. Are there any dlc purchases in this game?

  5. Sorry, this game to me is both very good and very bad.

    1: The dualshock control scheme sucks. Charging attacks is very uncomfortable.
    Moving and dashing on a controller really cramps my hands. Customizing doesn't really help much. Get an arcade stick. You're gonna get destroyed by try hards without one.

    2: The playerbase here in the west mostly focuses on heavy ganks for the sake of winning. A lot of losing streaks will come from whether not you can stop a heavy gank. It can be a frustrating experience.

    3: Lack of balance in the roster. When you play online, you'll notice that players pick mostly the best mobile suits. So if you have a mobile suit you enjoy using, you might get overwhelmed, or straight up confused. Casuals beware.

    4: Ranked players play with casuals, which can lead to many one sided fights.
    It's an ongoing issue. Majors, Colonels, Generals, Captains and Lieutenants destroying casuals by the streaks.
    Rank matters. Ppl just don't get that far by not caring.

    Other than that, the single player stuff is very fun. Mutliplayer isn't friendly at all.
    It's very hit and miss, leading to rage quits and match connection issues.


  6. Maaan Gundam Extream VS got me hooked on the Force battle mechanic. Really balanced out the port with full scale open maps with Ace and grunts coming at you,capturing control points and Warship attacks. All on a portable PS Vita your telling me they couldn't put one mission in like that and made it multi player? Btw Gundam vs Zeta Gundam on the ps2 was the Greatest Gundam game released just poorly marketed unlike Maxiboost thx to f2p GBO2.

  7. “Gundams”

    Mobile suits is much more suitable. Because Gundams are specific suits that quality for that title while others are mobile suits

    Or for bosses (The sizes are noticeable enough) mobile armors

  8. Lmao, "Gundam W(double U)". That's the first time I've heard someone refer to Wing that way, since it's supposed to be America's beloved 'first Gundam show'.

    Nice review, nontheless. This game is an absolute treat for any Gundam fan.

  9. Oh the lack of rainbow dashes. Yeah you must've pissed people hella off lmao
    ranking is a big deal in MBON but they can sometimes be misleading 😉

    Also, this game may not be newcomer friendly, but this should at least be a gateway for newcomers to get into the franchise.
    And for the game itself, its mechanics can be rivaled with games like MVC and Tekken. MBON needs more love!


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