Monster Energy Supercross 5 – 250 East Career Mode Gameplay – Part 1

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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20Watch at: 00:20 / 00:40okay we should be good let me check two things here um no not this screen what's up guys how you doing who do we got for the win tonight who you all got winning supercross tonight i don't really know i don't really know i know race day live is going we're missing it to do this stream anderson i think anderson's gonna win jet yeah i'm pretty sure jet's probably gonna win uh what's up the ai are so annoying luis yes i agree they're super annoying um it kind of feels like the drop from you know realistic as the highest to lower is like not that much different um salt like two the ai even on like pretty easy is super fast you have to ride pretty much a flawless race to do you even have a chance beast kentucky what's up man kid ryder how you doing uh yeah this is okay so this is gonna take a ball so what i did was i'm just gonna jump into this because otherwise this is gonna take forever okay so i already did the futures academy because i mean that's cool and all but i feel like the futures academy is for if if you don't know the game i'm glad miles don't put it in the game because if you don't play the game or you never have played a milestone game or even a dirt bike game but you like super cross excuse me and you want to play i think that's a good way to get you involved in it but it's just those three milestone tracks right and i showed you them in the in the quick review we did so if you haven't seen them go check out that video and you can you can see them uh yeah the ai gets a random boost but that's an aid that you can have in the game like an uh an aid that will assist you um like like to if you over jump a section it'll give you like a boost so yeah it's not it's it's such a cheap way to to make the ai faster right um daytona is impossible to get first i haven't tried daytona i mean i've tried it but i haven't tried i'm racing it dirt track gamer kid what's up man lucas how you doing can you say hi i said hi man okay so yeah this is this is this um i did buy a few skills but i haven't actually done the career you know what i mean besides or done any of this stuff so we'll probably do a little bit of the extra things but mainly i'm going to try and stick to the career and the reason i did the east is because atlanta has a few glitches on it right where you hit a wall and you just it just crashes you every single time so i don't really know what's up with that the quick gamer what's up man got malcolm winning i want to see malcolm win i do he's so close right no keegan i don't know what that error is the game's not fun what are you talking about i think it's fun i enjoy it let's jump into it it's gonna take a while so let's just get going see what we can do race tonight i know race day live is going and i actually do have a race day live i didn't have it last year but decided to drop the five bucks to buy it it's not very much money at all but um i have regular tv too so usually i can see it there yeah i'm waiting for his first win too i feel like he's so close super cross three or five more that's a tough one i think i still prefer three more but this game definitely does some things good okay so if i miss your chat i'll try to get to it after the race or something um there is a small delay daytona is the hardest track daytona is really hard yeah it's for sure hard the a is like legitimately super fast oh and we signed with monster energy star racing yamaha so but i want to try and win because there is going to be some races where the ai just ko's us you know i didn't get any warm up shoot we didn't get a good start oh we actually got a pretty good start and these tracks they work good but they're kind of tough on the 250 for me i'm just i'm not very good i'm trying to get better this jump is super tiny i should have got a warm-up in he's just casing the jumps yeah i'm casing that jump i think if we don't crash because we really don't want to crash right we have injuries and stuff now if we don't crap or if we do crash that's going to affect us i don't know how much maybe we should test it should we crash a bunch and just see now usually i triple in here but i think i'm gonna try to double and yeah do this i think on the 250 that might work better i know you can triple in but just gonna stick to what works and this is just gonna be a mess yeah look how close the ai is back in the day that air would we would have been blowing them away oh another thing and i don't know if you guys have noticed it yet i know some of you have but i don't think you can time attack race custom tracks anymore why would that be something milestone wanted to get rid of the ai is so bad on the custom tracks and um that's just fun to to time attack race them and see if you can hit faster lines and stuff yeah i got a speed boost i can feel them behind me they just got a speed boost ooh that pretty good i'm not even trying to triple this otherwise it's just going to be k-city and then just try and hit it kind of semi-realistic and they're really fast right here they get a huge boost into the corner so if they're right behind you they will take you out there they will full take you out which is a bummer and the reason we're doing a career stream this is my yearly stream i do like one stream a year i actually think other than the mx gp influencer tournament thing i haven't streamed since supercross 4 oh crud no no no no no no no don't want to go down i'm okay if he gets biased i just don't want to go down let's do a little ko block pass okay we got back in the lead so the air's not crazy here again sorry if i missed your messages guys i love this vid this isn't a vid this is a stream yeah you can't what was you can't so i'm just missing pieces of what's going on you made a track oh yeah we got does your track suck coming got it coming monday i believe probably monday i'm not going to say that for sure because friday's video was supposed to go up monday i know you guys probably didn't care about it because it was super cross 4 but that track i felt like we made it really well in the game so i put that video up still anyways no another thing that this game i have more of a problem with is sometimes i just get like yanked off the track right i just get like yanked off the track we messed this up fixed it i feel like i go yanked off the track a little bit more so i don't think i can even oh and i don't think second will work i don't know how to do that barely triple this it's gonna hit me oh i have these braces on like short but the the ai is on realistic difficulty i'm pretty sure i'll give it a check after this race but pretty sure it's realistic either that or we're just really bad yeah and they're getting they're jumping into the loops there for sure and they're getting their speed boost so that does kind of suck he's just all over us this is insane and someone yeah the air gets more competitive the farther you get in the career okay uh oh yeah the game had an update today guys if you i don't know it did on pc i don't know on console i'm playing on pc right now but on steam it has an update and i don't know if that's to fix the 450 career bug or or what that's to do okay final lap no two laps left two laps left oh crook no no no no no speeding what's up remember for 11 months dude you're you're a champ what's up are you in a race yeah i mean no not multiplayer not not multiple i'm just doing the career right now just doing the career heat yeah we're doing the main i'm actually not doing like the heats and stuff i'm just doing the career so we'll do like some of the extra stuff but mostly just the race i wish i could triple out of that this guy's been all over us the entire race is insane oh no that was the last lap nice start off with a win they have monster helmets now um no i don't think i actually have a monster helmet let me check i don't think i do though i think you get the gear but you don't get or the like the jersey and pants but you don't get the boots well you get the boots but you don't get the helmet i don't know they always do that it's like super annoying lucas what am i planning on i'm playing on pc i do have it on xbox and i might buy it on playstation but that's only if we do does your tracks out because i don't want to buy the game more than i have to right i already spent like way too much money on whatever okay so what do we got here uh what can we do journal entry spend one thousand seconds in the air to reach the next challenge level what uh this is this is whatever okay that was it okay do we have any skill points we have two so we should get another skill which might help um i think i'm gonna get this one i mean eventually we want to get all of them anyways just happen we can do a workout session i don't think i need the workout session yet we don't have an extra event we can train i think we're just gonna go to the second race and it is really fast here you updated the game as well okay so the update was everywhere let's just go to the raise the update was everywhere oh tyler yeah tyler i'm on x excuse me xbox two xbox one x uh but we're playing on pc my capture software on consoles kind of weird right now i don't know what's going on with it i have like an audio issue so i mean we'll go there for does your track suck but kind of for now we're on pc the is so fast here oh come on okay i'm not promising a podium here i'm actually not promising a podium here oh no we're gonna case early dude they're gonna come flying by us i think the a is really fast in the corners too right like he's probably gonna pass this here he can cut down on that corner so easy mean this is inevitable it feels like racing one of the world's fastest players in in multiplayer no we messed up and he's just gonna fly through this section he hits the triple triple every time daddy's so fast it's so crazy it's so crazy they're so fast here keep over jumping this dude okay things are going really bad going really bad i mean the career want a challenge but i'm already worried about some races here so we're just going to kind of push these guys wide a little bit oh somebody cuts underneath of us though then we can get this guy i'm not really sure what position i'm in i took my hut off no i can't get that so fast this is so maybe we just do that line that's more consistent for us right now on the 450 it's not bad but i i struggle on the 250 guys oh come on and sometimes it kind of feels like they're just straight up going for a takeout it's so weird maybe it's just coincidence but see like right there he's just they're just going into that corner so fast what the heck oh okay they're going in that corner so fast i know somebody in the comments or not in the comments it was a comment somewhere so that they uninstalled the game because the area was so frustrating and someone's just like get good uh i don't i mean yeah getting good will help but i don't think it's just about getting good something's weird with the air they are programmed to just get these this crazy speed boost in the corners and out of the corners and in the rhythm section and can just jump off the track and i i don't know the ai and and i suppose it's because it's mxgp but the ai is so much more fast but not dumb fast in mxgp in supercross maybe it's a bit different but in supercross it's like they just do some really stupid things i don't know this isn't that hard but i'm really struggling with this it doesn't help that we don't have a clear track in every corner we're just getting blocked this is actually crazy fast oh i finally hit this like one time i can't believe it we're probably battling for like last place here no not last place i guess i could see the mini map mid-pack yeah i told you they're super fast here and it's only going to get tougher i enjoy the challenge but i don't know why i can't get that i don't know maybe it's because i can't i haven't updated my or upgraded my bike uh not upgrading my bike but my skills right because in regular like i was doing some practicing on the 250 just so i had a little more experience and we definitely didn't struggle quite this bad i was struggling to be on the podium but i was at least on the podium here it's worse and it's probably because it's like skills based to some degree it's got to be because of the skills i just don't want to oh no we might get injured guys yeah the ai is really frustrating uh if you don't play the game you probably think just get good but the ai is actually really frustrating i'm frustrated maybe you can't tell because i mean i i care i care but i think we can make up points later and we just like don't want to win the championship by a mile right so we'll just take this and also we're not we don't have hardly any skill points i i just can't get this dude i just can't get this like we're just casing that every time i don't have hardly any skill points so the cornering doesn't feel good right now it doesn't feel good so you would assume we're in basically last place here you would assume the farther we go along the easier it should get but that's not really the case it just gets like faster and faster and faster every track yeah i can usually get this really easy i don't know it's got to be the bike the skills like this sucks it's got to be the skills like just trying to get the bike to turn that's why i'm wasting a lot of my skill points in the in the cornering because try look out look at the air they're already finished with the race we're in trouble guys i'm also doing this to grind out credits because i need a bunch of credits for a video i want to do but i don't know if we're going to get any credits i think we got 20th pretty sure we just got a 20th 19th let's freaking go what do you like better monster energy supercross or mx versus a to be allowed um i don't really know i don't really know i mean i haven't played all out in a long time i get it but that was bad race guys holy moly that was a bad race whoa you're racing the 450s already what do you call a yamaha rider they are hitting your personal place i mean usually i can do i have to fix myself no one crash didn't hurt us i kind of want to see what happens if we get injured right um let's see what this is don't want to brush through it because i haven't done a career yet so i don't want to can i train i can work out extra event is not available do i have skill points um we have two more points so cornering what's this one let's just keep putting them in this because i'm having no i don't want to leave tex going on i'm just going gonna go race okay so this is houston three i'm not really sure what track this is and then we'll do the extra event later right you have to play on medium because heart the jump from medium to hard is pretty crazy um i'd say hard and realistic are pretty similar with that 333 you need to go third oh third gear yeah speeding usually i can get it in second coming out of the corner from the inside right usually i can get it from the inside and second and then ship up shift to third in the air but i don't know i was just having trouble with that and i'm not really sure what track this is i know it's houston three but i'm not really we have played the game but i haven't run like insane amount of laps on all these tracks yet so i don't really know we got a double a triple maybe maybe that's a wheel tab oh lag oh my gosh triple triple okay oh i know what track this is this is the track that looks like it has moss all over it right this looks like moss on a lake oh the air is really bad here so the ai is like unbeatably good at houston 2. and then total trash at houston three i'm not using our new technique the whip technique i'm not using the whip technique mainly because i don't care that much but just trying to stay consistent because i know if i start using that whipping technique in the corners i'm going to crash i just know it and i don't want to i don't know i kind of want to injure my guy but i kind of don't at the same time okay this triple was really easy to get this trip was a little bit harder but if we landed just right that was smooth man i don't know i like the game guys i know you might not agree with me and i know that this game has milestone games in general have gotten very controversial whether you like them or not but i like it i just think the changes they made may be slight but i think it came out really good it's i don't think it's as good as three i i don't even know if it's as good as one but i still think it's better than two and better than four i mean i didn't play super cross four very much until we started doing the replicas again and then i was playing a lot i actually have a decent amount of time in that game now just because i was doing those replicas every week for you so i don't know oh no down again we're gonna be injured we're gonna have to go spell out shape in the compound i'm getting this spike lagginess too i'm not really sure what that's from i don't know if that's coming across on the stream does the stream look okay i was doing a test last night and just i haven't streamed in a year right i mean oh no i'm not gonna get the trip over all over the place sorry i wasn't paying attention shouldn't crash should be okay even in real life i think we would have wrote that one out factory suspension i think we would have wrote that one out sometimes maybe not but look at this we're not even riding very good and we're just like destroying the ai okay that's not cool i'm kind of trying to look over here yo wyndham should you buy it sure if you said that sorry i'm not paying attention i gotta pay attention guys we're gonna get injured spider-man should you buy it i like it i just don't want to be you know i tell you how i feel about the game and then you decide if you want to buy it i feel so weird because i know some people really really don't like the game and said they liked four or didn't like four and they didn't they still don't like this game and i saw some people say they liked four and don't like this game so it's just like i don't know it just depends i think this game can can be kind of hard to play um and just the way the the physics and the control of the bike is is different right it's different than he was yes you still have the push to stick together pulling part whip which i haven't done for you yet because his finish line is super tiny but let me try and get through these groups a little bit better you know there's those small changes to the way those controls feel i really really want to see milestone do an overhaul of these physics so you know they did an overhaul from the ground up they said of supercross three and it felt different it felt different right it definitely felt different but it still maintained the same basic principle of their physics the the whipping system and i think as long as they have that whipping system i'm not gonna get this triple now i think as long as they have that whipping system they're never going to have good free physics but you have free physics i see that come all the time you have free physics you can just move the bike around in the air i'm gonna whip off this here we go so there's the push the sticks together pulling apart whip and that felt terrible i forgot we don't have the skills for it so it felt weird but yeah that's the the whipping mechanic you know maybe that is affecting us on the ground too trying to do the whip in the corner it could be yeah because the whip is really slow right now so i'm just gonna keep working on my corner speed i'm not sure how many races the east is is the east nine not sure are you going to do multiplayer subs yes i i want to it depends on if you guys want to see it i just it's like i'm not really sure what you want to see sometimes you know i want to show you the [ __ ] like i want to do oh like i want to do does your track suck i want to do multiplayer you know what i'd like to do for a video i want to start a discord right i kind of want to start a discord i've been wanting to do it for a while but i haven't really talked about it i want to start a discord to where like we could get a full lobby of subscribers together and just race for a while and then maybe if i got some footage out of that we could do a video i'm not guaranteeing that i get footage every time but if i get footage for a fun race or something with you guys i'd like to do stuff like that i just don't talk about it videos very often shoot we're in third gear can you refund games with only 24 hours on steam it's within 24 hours or no on steam it's like a week or two hours of playing i think on xbox playstation i think it's a little more difficult i know sony doesn't really want to give refunds on anything if they don't have to which i'm sure nobody wants to but they're even more so about it than like schema steam is so just like not really any questions as you have to fill out a few things but if you don't like the game just send it back as long as you haven't played more than two hours nice we need that win big time need to start a discord yeah i kind of want to i kind of want to these graphics are sick the graphics are good i think where the graphics struggle is atlanta i don't know why the dirt is weird there and there's like i talked about it in the transfers video there's like this weird haze right [Applause] i had a good drink yeah it's kind of weird jalen are we on pc yes we're on pc speed you want multiplayer subs i do i do i think it'd be really fun i don't know why we can't get this extra event uh are we injured though let's check and see if we're injured no we're pretty good i feel like we should do a workout but we only have one skill point not worth it let me check the journal entry um is that it i think that was it i kind of want to do the workout session i'm just not really sure let's check the training our skill tests are completely uh you compete complete in the compound by completing them you earn points with which you can unlock an exclusive aesthetic comp components i don't care about that oh probably the milestone gear right uh each train type is split into different trials all of which you can replay at any time good luck okay we're gonna try this so we haven't done any of this yet um jordan what's up man wow it's overpriced what's overpriced the game is always the same yeah atlanta looks like mars yeah it's really weird and there's like a haze there too i don't know why atlanta's like that so what is what is this this is doesn't even tell me what we're training for here i guess we just start with the lion huh okay we'll try it tomac takes tonight i think tomac is just like he's almost unbeatable dude he only needs like eight more race wins to be what was it to be past stuart for sure maybe even carmichael he only needs like less than 10 race wins to be second all-time super cross wins i think that's actually crazy so i kind of want to see him get a second championship right to have that kind of a a record and only have one super cross championship and that super cross championship was the one where they had like all those races in in um salt lake city what are we doing here i haven't done any of the training yet i also don't know this compound track at all i'm gonna land on this guy nice we get points for hitting him on the head or we're making passes like that okay that's why we got points for jumping on his head that's lagging kind of the air is so slow i wish that it was just slow in the career i'm just kidding that would suck but they're real oh we'll tap off the head have we passed everybody like we passed everyone well they make their career or these challenges pretty easy yeah the compound tracks i don't know man not not that good oh good we brought the case there i'm pretty sure we got three stars on that one guys pretty sure we got three stars on that um i don't know what we were training really here though next training okay well we'll take it speeding with the five donation i made a pretty good track for does your track suck it's called the real deal on pc loving the stream thanks for the donation speed i appreciate it i'll check it out just remind me uh veronica if you see that can you write down that name he said it's on pc is your tag the same as it is on youtube speeding race day live is on right now i know i missed it i have missed race day live the last three i'm sure what we're doing here are we doing the same thing why do we have to do this again uh i've missed the last three no four race day lives i actually bought the five dollar thing um for race day live i haven't been on this track before either so i don't really know what we're doing i know these tracks are pretty simple generally so i'm not too worried about it and the air is just like really dumb slow here jumping out there's like 20 of them in a pack there they've they pose no challenge whatsoever here i suppose that's just to be able to get your rider ranked up a little bit faster like if you're really new at the game it would suck if they were super tough but i'm assuming they're gonna get more difficult as we move along but we passed them all i mean we passed them all for only sure four seconds left beast kentucky did you write down the one oh you're the guy that yeah you're the one that did that on instagram okay my bad my bad veronica i don't know if you caught that um speeding oh she did okay she got it speeding we got you and let's get beast kentucky beast kentucky was it on pc if it was on pc for sure remind me um i do need pc tricks but uh i'm actually i'm already working on one right now speeding and beast if uh or best kentucky i don't know why i keep calling you bees i don't know why i keep calling you bees uh i'm actually working on how many times do we have to do this oh we have to do this on every track for real uh yeah i'm already working on one now so it won't be the first episode but remind me we'll we'll get them we'll get them in for sure i have no idea how many i don't know if we have to do this on every supercar's turret oh man get out of here i don't know if getting injured i don't think getting injured here counts towards this is a big quad oh i don't know if we would survive that real life i think we passed everybody already i don't know they just give you way too much time and i kind of over the challenge i just want to get back to racing but it's whatever yeah we for sure got plenty we have like whoa we have insane points right now can you fan the clutch i mean it's got a clutch i don't feel like it's wait why do i have to replay this test passed yeah i'm done how do i get out of this are you sure much no i don't want to replay this what's career home oh just go to career home okay we're done with that okay looks so clunky i mean it looks better in first person but i think i'm not i don't mind it i actually don't mind it whatsoever i think it's way better than well not way better but i think it's better than four for sure okay we got 11 skill points i'm gonna buy some stuff here for cornering and [Music] um let's see what's this i don't really care about that well we'll buy it anyways whatever let's just get this on par here and then let's get this let's get this and let's get this we only have one point left no i don't want to leave our rider still isn't really injured so let's just go to the race this is huge or no this is indianapolis does anyone know how to make it automatic instead of manual i think that's in the physics setting i'll show you here after this remind me i'll forget pretty sure it's after that okay so this is houston one i think i'm really sure how fast the ai is here kind of know this track because this is the one we did our early preview gameplay on with the influencer tournament thing where we got destroyed and i had played the game for like five seconds before the tournament okay the is kind of fast here i can see that this track's kind of fun actually but like i don't get it you know atlanta looks so weird but then this track i think this track looks gorgeous looks amazing now the air's all over us so this is going to be one of those races where if you make a mistake they will pass you because he's all over he's going to jump on you know i'm sending this i don't care it's so not realistic i don't care it's faster yeah if we miss a line we're getting past this is the way it is the ai is just so fast here and try and focus so fast holy moly it's like stressful oh oh no oh come on man don't just don't do this don't knock me off the track don't don't knock me off the track thinking about going for the takeout no i was going to i was thinking about it crossed my mind cross my mind for a split second you know maybe maybe oh come on it's not quite close enough i only can beat him if we do the takeout now we're casing dude they're so fast taking the inside teammate get out of here i'm fighting for this championship not you get out of here is that christian craig i can't feel bad i kind of feel bad they're so fast man i have to do it i just gotta just gotta do it like that they're so fast man if you haven't played the game you don't know what you're talking about they're fast they're so easy on realistic difficulty just get good i don't care man they are fast i'm not a pro player you have to be like pro player to keep up with these things the things because they're too fast he's back is that the same yeah i'm not really sure doing the whip in the corner gotta get it going this is like they can take this inside and be so fat i'm pretty sure it's craig i already took him down once he's thinking about taking me down we're teammates i'll do it again i might have to do it again craig sorry he's so fast can we get him here nope maybe here oh he's just it is so good oh my gosh this is insane this is like the most crazy ai battle i've ever had in my entire life it feels like i'm racing a player it actually feels like i'm racing a player oh my gosh i'm a star racing yamaha sandwich it's cold nickels oh now i'm not a sandwich anymore i'm the worst star racing yamaha guy now like come on i mean we might not be the fastest player and if you're watching you might be faster than i am okay i give that to you i'm not saying it were the best but this is crazy well then play on a lower difficulty but it's not it's like there's no in between and look at this colt didn't even take the good line well we i guess we passed him i was gonna say he shouldn't get rewarded for doing what he did and i think the leader just went down holy moly we got a shot like i'm sweating this out oh my gosh is just too fast dude i just taking that inside man and not losing any time for them is just brutal wait i got a new challenger oh he's down again it doesn't matter i'm just getting destroyed by who is that i don't even know who that is even the ai jumps the bridge yeah see speed boost i just saw it right there that was a prime example of the speed boost no i needed that oh my gosh dude i need this podium but i think i got nickels behind me too so probably getting fifth oh and then dude oh dude no way no way cold get out of here oh you've got yeah you know what you know what you get what you deserve you get what you deserve dude i'm getting frustrated getting frustrated over here i still can't corner the bike that's not even my fault like the just the bike doesn't feel good because we don't have i think this is a lapper that's not though that's not no way dude what a bummer holy moly the ai is so annoying they're so annoying holy cow you should do a special does your track suck live best i did that um i think it was super cross one we did that we did that uh we built the track together actually i did does your track suck the videos does my track suck and then i did a series called does our track suck and you guys decided what pieces um we chose right so you told me what to put down where to turn it and we just kind of voted on it and then we raced the track together that's what we did it was actually pretty cool unfortunately you did not achieve your contract objective because the air is ridiculously fast so the only thing we can do is look at the offers what team should we sign with guys what team are we signing with oh that was max volund okay you know i like i like i like max folding little mini marvin muscan yep i've had quite a bit of 20 second places with writers landing on me i know it sucks it sucks got undercut by the ai uh been wanting harder ah yeah i like heart too but it's it's annoying it's it feels like such a cheap way you know like in games where they just make things like sponges to take down that's annoying so i don't know what team guys you choose what team we signed for i i don't care i don't care at all i do not care because we're not winning this we're not winning this championship so uh gas gas i'm seeing a lot of gas gas i saw three gas gases four i saw four gas gas so we're doing troy lee designs gas gas sorry if you wanted something else but i i just saw a bunch of them in the chat gotta take the majority right gotta take the majority we're level 69 oh we know we're level 70 man we're level 70. nice nice extra event um how long have we been going 45 minutes how many races are this is week five i think you know i think i'm just going to stick to this and if there are extra events and stuff past uh catch up fine you know jameson sorry i i saw the bwr honda 2. i don't use hondas as much i used to only use hondas i have a honda in real life that's just kind of why i always like honda but i saw a bunch of gas gas uh we can switch we can switch later uh maybe we do a 450 oh i need to change my number though this is houston two or not houston two indy two uh i'm gonna get push wide i'm gonna push super wide you know just go let's go guys great we start in last place not exactly what i was hoping for oh but we got kind of an okay line just kind of gazing through all this not a big deal a speed boost gotta get that speed boost in but somehow maybe it was just the the yamaha maybe it's just the star racing yamaha now we're good getting pushed by is this jet by the jet now they're fast ah volan's back you're injured i think you can triple quad here actually see what's up with this it was so slow on the first lap now what's going on now they're like super fast we're not teammates anymore we're kind of teammates following kind of to stop you from doing the pushing and shoving okay nice little flow going on there yeah see speed boost dude he's gonna take us out he's gonna freaking take us out here oh my gosh dude i'm riding really bad right now i wish i could have got a whole shot maybe we should go for the triple in there that might be what we need we need to start we need to be turning a faster lap time than these guys because we're going backwards fellas just getting stuck on the ai2 they're just so you know you wanted harder ai right yeah great so did i but just i don't get it they're so fast with the speed boost in some places and then they're so freaking slow some spots the inconsistencies of him is i think what drives me crazy see what is he doing there what are you doing why you just passed me why are you literally first gear stopping on that jump right come on it's definitely annoying definitely annoying now i've got a teammate all over me is this pierce brown i went for the triple and didn't mean to this is terrible man i am just i was awful every time we get somewhat of a flow going something like that happens or they're just like going super slow up the jump or yeah they definitely definitely get landed on see they're really slow going up to that uh that wall but then here they're like they fly into this corner holy moly dude what is going on why am i doing this i mean we're not writing good by any means for sure i'm not blaming the ai for that we're not blaming the eye for riding bad but i am blaming the ai for taking these weird lines and just like stopping almost like on that jump that double uh before the finish line they basically just stopped there see like no matter what i do look at that look at that what the heck what the heck like there's nothing i could have done about that running me off the track into the side of the thing i'm really curious where we're gonna finish in this championship because there's gonna be some races where we basically got left well what happened what happened did you see that i felt it my controller freaked out it's like we hit something i don't think we got hit in the back either i don't know why i keep downshifting to third for that or a second for that either i think if i was i think if we were in front and rode a perfect race we'd be fine for sure but we're not in front we're buried in the pack and definitely having a struggle definitely having a struggle here just don't think i can get that triple i mean i just don't feel like i can and cornering is so annoying man without the skills maxed out the cornering is so annoying every time i feel like i gain a little bit i lose all of it here at the end i have to downshift a second because sometimes i don't get that clean see we caught him oh my gosh we're actually making a pass possibly maybe not we made one but then we got passed right back nice what what see that's a bummer that is a huge bummer this is insane i'm battling for last like the last place pretty much so having a career play through actually might have been more interesting than i think because usually it's like back in the day is like the air were so bad that you had to give them a head start this ai is fast and i you know if they were fast i wish they would just keep them fast everywhere i think they do that to probably give the player a chance oh my gosh we're gonna be injured we're gonna have to do training crash three times this race and we're finishing like last place i'm not feeling this track i'm definitely not feeling this track maybe we should have done 250 west but if we did 250 west we have to ride atlanta and atlanta those tracks are bugged they need to fix it the walls are bugged i think this is last place guys let's go i kind of want to injure my guy and just see what happens at this [Music] point i mean if you're really really good at the game i'm curious if the ai isn't hard for you and that's saying not getting a whole shot and just running away with it i'm saying like having to come from behind deal with the the stuff from the ai what they do i know we didn't ride a very good race it's not like we wrote a good race oh we got one position nice we got we got 19th twice or not twice in a row but two different times do i think supercross two is better than four um no i don't think super super cross two is my least favorite one i think and i'm not saying it's a bad game but it's my least favorite one you have to get top three and 250 championship to advance yeah i mean i don't i don't even think we're gonna do a 450 career i think i'm just doing the 250 career let me see what the standings are because it's actually i'm kind of curious okay so we have a slight injury fellas we have a bruised knee heel injury so i could just heal the injury with credits oh my gosh 10 000 credits i could buy a pair of goggles for that all right so we are slightly injured i'm not gonna heal myself i'm just gonna let myself go i'm gonna let myself go and see what happens let me check the standings though because we're [Music] in fourth place we're tied for fourth and we went down one position so we were in third moziman's in the lead with 107 points dude we're not we're not catching this this is actually crazy it's actually crazy uh so let me show you this somebody was asking um if you turn the physics to assisted you will have the transmission you can make it semi-automatic see what i mean so it will shift for you so whoever was asking that if you're still here that's what you have to do but i don't run i don't run that so um one shot short yeah it is unrealistic okay just making sure that the air wasn't crazy fast on on something else um we have nine skill points we need to just keep working cornering i think and turn speed maybe i don't know i don't really know what to do i know we need to work on braking too but i just don't know where to go what's the walls uh there's a wall i'll show you there's a wall at um i'm not gonna work out we don't have an extra event we could train a little bit maybe six races you know i'm gonna i'm gonna train i'm gonna train a little bit just why not let's see what this one is we only have done one training i mean if i'm just gonna race the tracks what's the point of even doing career right so let's do some of the other stuff it's just it's not the compound i don't really care about the compound tracks the compound is okay but the tracks aren't really that great short gear ratio you only try short gear ratio 10 thousand for payments probably makes sense probably makes sense all right i didn't read this what we're trying to do here i'll learn on the fly as we go oh it's the flow oh crud okay okay it's the flow thing okay you had to back down the difficulty yeah i'm hoping not to i think if i was just focusing and not like streaming it i probably could do a little bit better yeah it's crazy there so fast there's only three rewind rewinds yeah but i think you get a back you know after you you know after a while race gray wall glitches all of the track does anyone know how to fix it i only have that um no i don't think it's your game well it is the game but i don't think it's your game specifically uh i'll show you speed and remind me before we stop the stream i'll show you what i'm talking about there's a buggy spot in atlanta i think it's atlanta one or two i don't think it's three so just remind me to show you kind of all over the track there i'm not really hitting the flow arrow 88 whatever good enough don't care it's fine it's just a small thing we got to stop complaining we wanted the games to be hard i know but i wanted them i think they need to be consistent just putting just i i don't think i want to race the ai hard and have a challenge i don't want them to it really feels like they try to cut you off really bad not just a blog pass like i don't know how to explain it um i mean i didn't the ai being tougher is good but i i wasn't the guy that was sitting there constantly saying that this ai is the like they need to do what they did here i think i just feel like there should be a better way to do it i'm not a developer so i don't know you know i don't know and i'm happy that they made him tougher but it just feels so cheap how they did it i miss that really bad shoot it's annoying that it shouldn't matter if i'm hitting it like if i hit the jump right it should count it shouldn't have to be directly in the middle 73 that was bad guys that was bad that might only be two stars day is awesome they're finally tough i don't know i don't i don't totally agree with that they're tough for sure but i don't know if they're awesome i think there's better things they could have done to make them faster just make them consistent you know we we saw it on realistic where they just get stuck going over a small double onto the straightaway and it just i don't know why i was like that i really don't know okay let me see what i'm looking at here it just bugs me to see the like notification of you need to check this okay we have 10 skill points i'm going to keep going this is all locked probably for the 450 yeah so let's just fill this out here let's just get all the rest of these and then i have two points here so let's get this one oh probably get that one too since we're getting hurt so bad no i don't want to end i don't know why i always do that and we still have we still have a bruised knee we still have a hurt knee but we're gonna go and do this race if it feels like it's affecting me too much we'll have to fix it we'll have to fix it already yeah if it's good for you it's great i mean it doesn't mean i'm not gonna complain about a little bit but i don't complain about these games near as much as some people so i don't think it's that big a deal i mean i'm not saying that they are going to they have to fix it now but i think that there's better ways that they could have done it i do not know this track whatsoever i have rode all the tracks but i don't know this track oh is this the one with that double that's like impossible to get over or triple i mean yeah this triple is like super annoying to get over we actually did it this truck is kind of cool the ai's and okay one thing if you guys pay attention one thing that i've noticed is the egg does feel slower on the first slap like for sure they definitely speed up over the course of the race uh they might slow down a little bit at the end but they definitely speed up for sure but the game should recognize that hey you're struggling you suck you you should we should back the a down a little bit because you're not well i know you just play a lower difficulty but i don't want to play lower difficulty i want to cut that inside but i'm casing yeah this trip was like it's so flat yeah it works but it's so weird why is that so weird now the ice catching you see the air is definitely faster on the second lap they're definitely faster a little bit like i want to win this guys i i gotta i gotta focus i gotta focus on this one i wanna win it i wanna be able to move on to a 450 career if i want to and not have to start over again and i'm not lowering the difficulty we're not doing it because i think we're there we're competing we're in fourth place so i think we're good enough to compete with the ai and realistic maybe not win the whole thing [Music] but compete with them for sure dude i'm struggling getting over that double and then i'm casing this because that triple's so weird gotta use this gas gas power oh no okay we recovered we've recovered with our knee injury and i i don't even know i don't think you can triple triple this someone's gonna tell me they can and maybe you can but i think i've tried triple a tripling that and the triple out is so flat that you can't really do it right it just doesn't you can triple in i think but the triple out is super flat and weird to do they're catching me guys they're catching me they threw down a heater can i get this please kind of you need to shift to third it feels like third's gonna bog though you know come on i need this win guys we're in fourth place in the championship a bit of a case but we're okay i think if we get the win here it depends on where everybody else finishes but i think we could move up to third of these i should take the inside here probably oh you can you can cheat a line through that to the right of us there on that wall you can go through that but it's not i don't know it's debatable whether it's worth it because sometimes it resets you there we go drop the nose a little bit much but we're good come on give me give me the white flag lap please yeah tripling in but i think i might no maybe this isn't the track now i don't know if this is a track i'm thinking of i i really don't know i don't know but the a is catching me now it's like you're doing too good oh see if you hit it just right it works but it's such a flat jump so flat i'd say this track is relatively easy i mean if we can beat the out here obviously it's an easier track oh maybe you could quad that i kind of wanted to go for some lines here and like go for a triple triple but [Music] i don't know okay guys we're actually riding like a boss right now you still get it yes he's so close to us any mistake and he passes us for sure oh no there was a mistake but i don't think it's gonna matter just to be safe take the inside let's go nice we needed that so bad we needed it [Music] uh what settings you have for what the vibration and the controller i actually turn them off in a lot of games i think i still have them on here though but yeah 16 fell over yeah caden i get that a lot too especially if you do the whip technique in the corner someone's like it's just like waiting the outside pig it doesn't i get that you wait the outside peg but it doesn't look like that it looks weird we got an achievement better than ever oh i think i healed i think winning healed my bruised knee let's check my bruised knee is gone because we healed because we won uh let me check the standings first of all we have no skill points i don't have to spend any money at least um championship rankings we are third place so we're close we're almost a race back from moziman and max volund is in second so we have a chance to get volund holy cow it's gonna be so close um no skills we're not gonna do this there's no extra event we could train again this is week seven i think how many races are there i don't know how many races are i think there's nine or ten you just got the game right on using medium oh gear ratio probably yeah okay i'm gonna do another training thing because we're actually flying through this right we've been going for about an hour my goal was to go for about two hours all right right about two hours so we did this we did this let's do the showman i'm guessing this is a whip one probably i always struggle with this you have to like get it perfect they've they did this in super cross too it really wasn't that big a deal winning heals to injuries yes it does yes it does sure karen you know the funny thing is you guys ask me for a bike step i just use the default bike setup i don't do anything special oh and i think arlington has a bug with the autopilot i'll show you i think it's arlington one or two or three it just it like starts you here and you crash off a jump and it just infinitely crashes you over and over again i didn't stay low enough nice we only got one point off that okay so we gotta hit the green i'm assuming this is exactly how it wasn't two exactly i don't care i don't care i'm just gonna keep going through it is the game gonna be hard i play mxgp i think i don't know i think the eyes tougher in this game i think they're actually tougher you can play the compound fine but when you race it glitches yeah i don't i don't know i haven't played too much on the compound so oh no oh we got it it doesn't matter it doesn't matter it doesn't matter because all you have to do is get the green i think short gear ratio i can try it wait failed yeah i know how that works but why did why was that so weird i'm gonna try it one more time i think it wants us to get the green though right we wants us to stay low it's about scrubbing it's the showman we're not scrubbing it's about whipping wait why did why did he scrub right i can't even restart that's not fair he didn't scrub i literally did it guys i did it you saw him do that jiggle in the air i did it oh you can't fall okay gotta land the whip dang dude ain't getting more chances shouldn't matter shouldn't matter i hit it i hit it is anybody watching race day live what's the what's going on right now i don't have it on yeah where i record and do stuff i can't um do you have any skill points i have two okay let's just put them in here then um yeah let's let's do this here i don't have i don't have the the tv where i record i just have all my computer stuff here so let's go to the next race when you do these types of events you crash you lose points so that sucks training glitches are the same at four why i don't know if i glitched i think i just i didn't i didn't um i didn't land it what track is this this is salt lake i think it's not like one i'm not no no this is orlando now you can quad oh dude no serious no it's serious i'm gonna get landed on okay we gotta take it look we gotta take advantage of them on the first lap here trying but now what is this okay this isn't the hard one the next track is the harder one triple triple oh don't jump off the track dude oh wait i got pause ah my nose itches you can't quad this but i just don't feel confident in doing it i don't know what the air is doing like he's doing the same line it's just all over me i can hear him behind me it's the jet i do not want him to get underneath of us i don't know if it's worth tripling here oh no this is the easy triple okay i think it's orlando two that has the harder triple i'm not really sure actually i haven't played this track very much i just know that you can quad here but you have to go like really outside to do it yeah they're they gain time right here for sure for sure that rhythm section they're super fast oh no no wait does that count as a crash i don't think we didn't really crash now i'm gonna be under pressure for hitting this triple oh my gosh dude oh my gosh there's so much pressure and we're in the section that the air is like wicked fast i don't know how they're doing that dude i don't know how they're doing that the jet is still behind us i had no control over the bike there none when i leaned it over that was completely out of my control shoot i'm just over jumping that first triple no that's not the jet i don't know who that is i didn't i actually don't know who that is it's 49 who's 49 oh boy is this where it all starts to go bad oh yeah that's right that's right ai does it to me get out of here we'll do it we'll do it that way so hopefully he doesn't have to ever get the chance to return the favor okay now we get the triple out nice there we go you hit it perfect it works great especially on the 250 on the 450 you can muscle your way out of things a little bit better just bugs me how fast he is through this why how are you doing that it's definitely a speed boost it's definitely a speed boost oh my gosh this is gonna be close taking it easy there because i jumped off the track last time maybe there's a faster way through this i don't really know this is just what feels comfortable to me right now okay nice we needed to hit that do the whip turn because this is where he makes up his time i think he's quading in here right i bet that's what he's doing he's quoting that section i bet take it easy i don't want to go down yeah i think we could triple here i know somebody's probably freaking out that we never did it but it just feels comfortable to take it from the inside just throw down some doubles nice this should be it nice that might move us that should move us in a second or second for sure i don't know if it lets us get moseman but where'd moziman finish oh he finished 14th that's bad volun finished 16th dude we might we might did we take first i didn't i think we took first let's go nose itch equals terror off that's exactly what it equals let's see that was race seven i think i was sweating that one out bad what's the best bike i don't know we're gonna do a test on that though we're for sure gonna do a test race eight week 16 let me check and see what we got going on here in journal [Music] successful whips oh yeah you know we haven't been whipping as you've seen but i'm whipping in the corner to turn the bike so yep that's what that's talking about okay can we two skill points let's put them what is this proves the breaking power of the bike uh let's just get this one now we have one skill point left it's cleaner scrubs increases scrub but times okay let's do this one we're out out of points oh we're in perfect shape perfect not just good perfect cornering maneuvers quickness braking and air control are all fantastic so we don't need to work out we don't have an extra event we could train again probably going to grab another train real quick here uh we really struggled on the showmen let's do the lightning you know what bums me out is this is exactly a rinse and repeat from supercross 2. if you played supercross 2 you know what i'm talking about this is nothing new it's just a rinse and repeat a copy and paste if you will and people say that a lot but yeah what's up talon is this the same talon that was super fast and race the super cross tournament we did in the supercross 3. i'm pretty sure it is oh crud i wasn't paying attention i was looking looking over a chat okay that oh well we got lucky but we didn't crash i should wait five seconds after we talk about tyler we're already getting injured we're already getting injured nothing much playing playing mx bikes now some sim oh i think you two know each other are you both fast guys talon did you get the game did you buy the game or did you skip this one i haven't seen you since supercross three dude we are owning these guys yes sir you play more sim yeah i mean i wait did we no we're doing fine we're doing fine we're doing fine we're doing fine oh shane sorry man i'm completely forgetting to do that right short bike setup you know what let's just do it here let's just do it here short there you go you got it short i don't play on the short bike setup though oh they progressively are getting faster talon you got the early release version according to axis you've become a top 10 player in the world in this game on this specific game is super cross 5 good or worth it i don't know man have you ever played super cross game like one of these i think it's good i like it better than four but it is sixty dollars too so i mean you'd have to really wanna buy it yeah championship rankings we are in first place guys barely we are barely no we're not in first place we're in second place the heck i got excited for a second yeah 131 128 we're so close we have a little bit gap over joe and jet dude if we have a bad race though okay let's go um i think we have this race for sure and maybe one more and the unfortunate thing is if we have to do salt lake ii we're in big trouble because that is an insane the ai's so faster brandon larson i can't bring myself to buy this one after four you don't like four i thought four was okay it wasn't my favorite this one's better than four i think this one's i don't know obviously it has things that aren't good about it but it definitely has things that are better oh no man i don't know this track at all like at all i don't know if i played this track actually i actually don't know if i played this track this might be the breaking point for us oh that was crazy oh i don't know if that's the best slime actually no i think i have played this track it's just what no we're injured now oh my gosh and there goes everybody well there goes our second freaking place i'm still getting bullied around here okay so on the 450 that's really easy actually on the 250 it's evidently a little bit harder we are in last place guys so here's one of those races they just can't like they're so freaking fast here i don't know what i want to do here i have played this track i just don't remember it i think we could step onto that or just take the inside maybe and just do what we did there i didn't need to go all the way outside for that i can't quite get over that on the 450 is pretty easy you can do all the 250 i hate seeing that comment i know that i know it it's easier on the 450. easier nobody plays the 250s in this game we use the 450s especially you know use the 450 for everything dude we are getting owned okay so we're just gonna go double triple okay i still don't feel like i can turn the bike right like to the way it felt feels normally in the game i'm sure that's related to the skills somehow like tied to it but the reason i'm in second is because i just don't know if i can get third there and i really want to be able to hop off of this and get the triple okay get a little wheel tap and then triple in i mean we're just the thing that sucks is even if we ride a decent lap i think this has been an okay lap we're not really catching these guys oh no tough luck well i want to do the entire 250 career and this will probably i'll leave it up as a video more than likely unless something happens with the stream we'll leave it up so if you wanted to watch it later you can watch it back but i don't think i'm going to do a 450. i believe milestone put out a patch today and if i had to guess that was probably to fix the bugs in the career because some people were saying they couldn't do the 450 career i mean i feel like we're riding pretty decent and we're just not catching these guys now i'm gonna jump on him dude come on man like you're so slow and then you're so fast it's so frustrating you're so bad but yet you're so fast and why is my guy doing the wiggles like worked so hard to get up there that's what frustrates me about the game well we wanted air to be faster dude i have not in saying anything about how there need to be faster it's that that guy i wrote two decent labs not perfect but decent laps and i couldn't catch him and then at the end he just decides to slow down for whatever reason like what kind of programming is that what is that why is it like that i'm not a developer so i'm asking the question i i don't know ones and zeros but why why make it that way if you were to make them fast just make them fast the entire time i guess they wanted to make it like kind of realistic where they crash but that's not realistic it's just dumb i don't like that i don't i don't like it if they're gonna be fast they should just be fast all the way around i mean i've been riding around last place pretty much this whole time and then right in this section for no reason is where the egg goes down that actually tilts me just a little bit because i think they could have done a better job than that i think they for sure could have done a better job fast ai is great but that's just i think that's just dumb make them consistent they're going to be fast making fast all the way across the board and then if you if it's too fast for you just drop down a difficulty like i don't think the the thing is i don't think realistic is too fast we've gotten first like three times but then we've we've gotten 19 twice and i'm just not even paying attention now and we're gonna get last place now so i just don't get it it just it's really really really really really really really really inconsistent that's the problem i have with the game and that's the problem i have with the ai and i think that is a valid problem to talk about if they were just so fast on realistic that i was getting 19th every race or 20th or whatever like we're gonna get 22nd here then maybe but we have won three races on realistic a couple of them we won not i wouldn't say easily but we did not like super hard and then this one i mean we've had a we've had a hard time on this track i get it but the a is just stupid fast here and i'm fine dropping down to heart i i have no shame in dropping down to hard difficulty but i think on hard difficulty i would win almost every race it's like there there's i think there should be a little bit more of an in-between than that i think if we ride a virtually perfect race you know you should be able to win it and the ai needs to be more consistent for sure that's so annoying i mean they has probably taken the fast way through there on the inside if i had to guess so they're probably tripling up onto the table from the inside i can't quite get that i know we're always coming up short but i just i don't know it's kind of hard tilted my man tilted about that this should be it so 20 second place guys let's go let's go drop us probably out of the top five so frustrating so you bought the season pass but you didn't get the legends gavin that doesn't come until later um they're gonna release that what did that drop us into third place we're tied for thr we almost have a three-way tie between joe jett and us oh my gosh and you know what the worst part is the absolute worst part is that it's i think it's salt lake two and i'm not terrible at that track at least with the 450 but they are so fast no no i think this is our last race too oh man i'm so bummed about it maybe we should do the extra training stuff is complete pack legends pack uh the legends no yeah you'll you'll get if you buy the expensive version you'll get the legends pack but it doesn't come until later it's like it's dlc they'll they'll release it later sometime does this game simulate the track breaking down no no it does not yeah i wish they'd put county 2 strokes in the game too they did it in mxgp pro i think better i know yeah i just wish they'd make smarter faster ai are we hurt no we're good right now um we got 12 points i think we can pretty much max this out okay we max that out let's get this yet we're pretty close to having all the skill points so there's that um you know what let's just go get it over with i'm oh my gosh there's so much on the line so much pressure we're in third place right now so we could finish and go to the 450s but if we don't do good well enough here we can i gotta get a drink ah so yeah this is for it all do you like like the short gear oh you're right i'm still in the short gear ratio i think come on no it took me back to medium so it just put me in short or the short gear ratio for that one race it was okay i mean i didn't really get to try it that much but it was okay yeah it's 60 bucks it's a good game i mean i'm kind of complaining about the ai because i think they could have done a better job but uh it's still a good game i want to not get taken out no no no no no no no no no no what why why did it reset us did we crash or did we reset off that dude i needed a good start here oh i hear a honda behind me for sure [Music] oh my gosh they're so fast in that corner dude they're so fast in that corner they can just cut under you so easy shoot oh my gosh oh we're a sandwich man ah get away from me yo i am just not in the right gear oh my gosh i'm gonna get landed on yep nice nice nice nice that's my own fault though it's my own fault why am i in fourth gear all the time and i'm getting boosted dude i'm getting pushed off my line so bad so bad like why is jet should be up here why is jet clear in the back here battling with with me way back here no what the heck just got no power oh no no dude oh my gosh stay in your line man stay in your line what the heck what the heck dude i'm so annoyed i'm so annoyed i don't care well it doesn't matter because i'm not doing a 450 career anyways like i was only gonna do the 250 because it just doesn't i don't i don't play the career very much anymore so i was just gonna stream it because i said i was thinking about doing it and for the people that wanted to see it you know i could i could basically get it get it done and all in one in one time you know what i mean so that's why we did the 250 crew was i just given hand gestures was were we just given hand gestures but basically this allows me to get the career done and not you know feel feel like uh if you were asking to see the career i don't feel bad you know what i mean yeah we're getting pushed around they're like pushing me off the line that i want to take it's just it's so it's so frustrating [Music] but not like in a good way no there's no way we get third we won't we won't move on to a 450 career what i'll prop because if i'm i'll probably never play the 450 career because there's so much there's way better ways to try and grind for credits like i this has been good for me this has definitely been good for me because i need the credits uh for doing a video i want to do but i've already mentioned it yeah i just whatever i pretty much give it up uh just grinding the championship well first of all you have those dumb little tracks that everybody makes there's like the credits grinding tracks like you have all of those where you can grind out a lot of credits really fast and in a short period of time and then you have championship and uh whatever he's they go flying through this corner yeah definitely goes for the the take out there yeah that sucks i mean i wish i don't know what i wish i think west would have been just about as hard though because the eye's really fast at daytona somebody was saying that as like unbeatably fast at daytona i don't know i haven't tried but they're i wouldn't say they're unbeatably fast on any of these tracks but they're really fast see i'm just getting stuck on him he held me up like i'm getting stuck on the ai it's just it's really frustrating it might not be frustrating frustrating from a point of view of watching but playing it is really frustrating it's really frustrating and i think this is the last the last uh 250 career race i think i'm not sure maybe there's one more but i'm pretty sure salt lake 2 was the last race of the year we're just having a battle back here for last let's place have a have a fight back here i think we're going to get like 19th or something [Music] we actually hit that decent we haven't been hitting that good the whole time some of it was this this boy up in front of us it is so fast in the corners it's just insane how fast they are i wish i could take that inside that heart too hey you know maybe maybe maybe this is just thought maybe if we had a rut there we could take that inside better huh is that is that something we need that inside rut what a bummer man 20th place shoot oh we can't progress we can't move on uh who ended up winning martin costello jmc motorsport racing that's who won and christian craig jalix wool cameron mcadoo we're a big fan of cameron mcadoo where did the guys i don't know we should just see no put us in fifth place what a bomber man second through fifth we're really really really really close and i'm pretty sure the game's gonna tell me that you failed to get top three end of contract reward received unfortunately you did not achieve the contract objective your final placing was fifth what a shame you failed to make the top three places try again to gain access to the pro championship ah bummer man oh what a boomer oh dude that sucks that sucks man very easy will do the job might have to put on very easy time to drop the difficulty no i think if i wasn't streaming and i was just a hundred percent because i look over at chat sometimes and stuff even if it's the middle race i think if i just did the stream or just did the just played the game it would be fine but the ai the air has issues if you don't have a problem with the issue or the ad that's fine but the a definitely has some issues with how they speed them up through the corners and stuff and i know they have to do things like that to make them work but just program to make good laps you know keep them the same speed roughly and just have them hit the same line over and over again you you have the tracks made already it's not like a custom track where they don't know the track or whatever you know yeah i mean the difficulty is weird i i've won i won several races it was tough it was really tough but it's like the ai is inconsistent it can't just be the realistic difficulty and if you say that that's just a cheap easy cruddy response to just say get good or change the difficulty yeah the ai is tough on realistic and it should be but then i shouldn't be able to even get close to winning a race i mean i got last place or virtually last place and three races and had a good uh uh competed for for wins and got a few wins that's not the difficulty that's super inconsistent on how they inconsistencies on how they they uh they program the ai on the tracks it's a problem yeah dude we're just going to chill in the 250s yeah i probably because i'm going to do a 450 career it doesn't really seem like too many of you guys really care to see the career here and it's probably because i never do the career i used to do it then i quit so it just doesn't seem like too many really care to see the career so i don't want to waste my time you know doing videos for the career or the stream wasn't a big deal but i don't want to put too much time on on doing that stuff if it doesn't seem like too many of you want to watch it you know what i mean yeah try first person first person is really good i like it it's tough but i do like it for sure first person is easy i actually think it's harder for me for sure good the air is tough yeah star fox but i don't think they they could have made them so much better i mean you have the tracks just program them to take this line around the track like it shouldn't be that difficult instead they give them the same thing you know what let me show you where ah where would it be um no not oh boy okay uh the menu is so annoying um let me see if i can find it event options okay so aiden jump okay this this thing right here this is what excuse me this is what i think the ai has activate or deactivate flow recovery if you use it you will have an aid that will let you reach the right speed to recover the flow of your jump so you over jump the game just like is going to give you this boost right it's going to give you this boost to get over the next thing i think that's what the ai has but like on a times 10 scale that's the problem and if i was you guys i would turn off most of stuff i think it makes the game easier but i don't know um that'll help you during jumps and that will allow you to land at the most optimal position so i mean at this point if you turn all these things these assists you can just basically put the controller down the game's playing for you it's so weird uh but i wanted to show you that and speed in i do want to show you one thing here uh oh man we got passed i was top four for a while look at that told you pretty fast there we beat this guy by that much yeah but we're top five man top five in the world here on pc look at that lap time i grinded that so hard barely under 47 but we did it um i want to show you sweden i want to show you one thing before i quit the stream here i gotta find it though which track is it does anybody know which one has that wall that's like i'm gonna try atlanta one real quick i i don't know if this is it or not but um let me just let me just check and show you on the stadium glitching around the map i have no idea i've never heard of that forfeiting career would be awesome yeah but like i said i know i know some of you guys here you want to see it and i appreciate you guys being here but it just doesn't seem like it's something that you guys want to watch a majority of you and i usually go with the majority right because it's just we have to do it that way otherwise i i just wouldn't it just wouldn't work so um let me go see if i can find i don't know if it's atlanta one or if it's atlanta two i'm not sure um let me go see if i can find it but yeah the dirt is so crazy it's like freaking somebody already said it's like mars i think it might be this one there's a wall here it's not really a wall holy cow got slippery there it's not really a wall oh it feels weird playing on the 450 now played for almost two hours on the 250. i'm struggling [Music] is it this yeah it's this this thing right here sweden this is it this is the thing that if i in the ai crashes here too do you not have that problem on pc it doesn't do it to me every time but sometimes when you hit this you just crash just for no reason and it's not like i'm hitting it that fast i even will slow down and it's just like hitting a brick wall it's the weirdest thing ever so yeah that's um that's what we're talking about i think um i know some other people are mentioning that as well otherwise i like the atlanta tracks there's some fun stuff there's some big lines you can go for here but i don't know the tracks the game is fun the tracks are good the ai is good too on some of the tracks but some of the stuff they're so [Music] like impossible not not so much fast but just the way they they programmed them around the tracks it's frustrating to say the least it is frustrating oh yeah and you can like massive send off of this so dumb we might not land that actually yeah you kind of have to land in between the loop and then you can just jump out kind of dumb but kind of fun it's a video game you know i'm not playing the game to get mx bikes mx sim or you know whatever somebody somebody says uh i think it was for mx versus atv somebody was complaining that's not realistic enough what is this ps2 graphics and some guy had a great comment it was so funny he said bro the only way they can make this more realistic is if they literally sit in front of you and throw dirt in your face while you're playing it was actually really funny and i agree with him it's a video game i mean if you need more realistic and they can always be better but if you need more realistic then just you know buy uh buy a bike go ride go ride i know it's such a stupid comment because i get that comment all the time but it's true maybe you could triple off that actually that could be kind of sick i'm gonna see if i can get it to do it to where i crash we take it easy on this oh we already messed up no it's not doing it now maybe they patched it hey remember there was a patch today maybe they patched it they very well could have patched this very well but it was doing it anybody else had that problem i definitely did um there might have been a couple other spots too but for the most part that was it yeah we're at 148. i want to go watch race day uh actually that's probably probably over isn't it i missed race day live twice no three times no four times more times i mean we'll see the main for me it's on at six o'clock tonight i think not seven six [Music] oh we got it yeah so we're out we're at indy the i wonder if they're gonna mention on broadcast that somebody from the community made this track because i think they should i think that's so cool and everybody's like he copied houston one from last year i don't think he did i mean he copied the layout like how the track would flow but the jumps are like different for the most part i don't think it's a direct copy i think he drew inspiration heavily from it but i don't think it's a direct copy from from whatever let me exit to main menu i did make a custom trick i kind of want to show you guys at the end here i want to show you my custom track i made but i'm not sure if i'm going to use it for desert tracks or does my track suck or something so i don't know if i i don't know if i should show you oh plus i made another uh i'm trying to get ahead on stuff um so i've been working on the the next week's replica as well so i don't know i guess i could show it um where's track editor right here okay so my tracks we have this one but i kind of don't know i was thinking about using this one for a video and then obviously we have this one which i used for the showing you how to do the the whipping in the corner to be a little bit faster and then i don't even want to show you 2022 seattle because we're going to use that later i think we're going to save that um i kind of want to go for like 10 minutes i want to end on a nice two-hour note right two hours and we're at 150-ish so what can we do for 10 minutes yet what can we do um i feel like this is gonna take too long if i start a public lobby thing here um could start a public lobby if any how many people are playing on pc is there a lot of people on pc they show the guy on race day live what they say on broadcast here when do you think it's my pc or my game ref i'm not sure what you were asking i play the new office oh you're wait you're playing on a microsoft office wait i'm not sure what you're saying race your ghost speed and what what track is your ghost on yeah let me let me let me chest your ghost let's see let me let's see how fast you are what's your name here what track tell me tell me what track first oh they did say it on broadcast oh you're talking about the thing six o'clock on cnbc yeah we i have regular tv too but um i did get what is it peacock so i do have race day live too but it's just bummer bumping me out because i actually like watching i think that that broadcast is actually really well done really well done oh but i don't know if zach osborne's gonna do it anymore i think he signed a two-year contract to be the ambassador for husky all right all of them uh what's what's your gamer tag though it's just speeding it's probably the same right speedin uh i don't think i can search though can i i don't think i can search oh there you are there you are oh i don't think i can beat that ghost man um let me try i don't think i've ever turned a 124 there have i i don't think i have i don't think i can beat that speed i think you're too fast no you're too poor for pc i mean i generally only had console stuff growing up and i probably would only have console stuff if i wasn't doing youtube um i don't blame people for doing console even at 500 bucks it's still cheaper to do a console oh he threw the whip oh but i'm doing the whip in the corners i'm doing the whip in the corners trying to remember daytona daytona is actually a pretty easy track i think but i'm sweating it out speeding i'm sweating this out i think it's all going to depend on that big send off of off of the bridge right like if you don't get that right holy cow if you don't get that right it's over oh i should have taken the inside i think that's my ghost actually holy cow oh i messed it up shoot no speeding [Music] no case case case oh that was super close oh that was really close yeah daytona is a pretty easy track i think the um speeding i don't know why i it's not that i didn't expect you to be not good at the game but pretty fast let's say our lap times are basically the same um what was i saying what was i saying i was saying something oh yeah daytona is a pretty easy track i think the only thing about daytona that's like i wish you could jump to that table i i can't quite get to that table uh i think where where you're gonna decide who is gonna be fast or if you're gonna win the race is all based off of that full send off of the oh wait he did the you did the wheelie or not the wheelie the the fast turn but this is what decides whether you do good or not for sure and we like messed up this whole thing but it's really sketchy there's a better way through it right but oh shoot over jumped it i messed this up i messed it up real bad but yeah i also on i'm all over the place but also on race day live they haven't been putting that up after the broadcast is over like it's been taking forever to do it check out that scrub it's a wheelie okay um i could probably get one more in i could probably challenge you on one more track speed i can challenge you on one more why isn't osborne racing i mean he's been racing a long time probably just wants to chill right family just chill chill out you're my favorite youtuber oh thanks thanks so much love the videos oh thank you thanks lucas oil game may be possible i mean mx vs atv has that but maybe they can like share it somehow i don't know osborne retired yes he did yeah let let me um let me let me challenge you on one more thing actually no no what i want to do what i want to do to end this just to end this because it could be kind of fun let's see hopefully there's nothing bad i know there's some people that had some really bad names in here and i don't want yeah some really bad names i don't want that i don't want that let's go to newest um first track let's check out this guy's track his name's kyle let's check out this guy's track right i'm pretty fast if i don't say so myself yeah speeding you were flying you were actually pretty high up in the leaderboards okay we're gonna check out this guy's track this is by kyle and this i don't think yeah that's the other thing guys it sucks that you can't time attack them why do i have to raise cai come on man why we got to raise the ai they suck so bad on custom tracks it's so annoying sometimes i just want to run laps on a good custom track stuck in some weird little loops here got a small double to a small table this corner is so weird triple over quad over maybe oh my goodness okay oh my oh my hmm that's kind of an interesting rhythm section actually not really sure that's gonna be table step off table step off to finish oh that's a triple okay okay interesting this track is kind of weird but [Music] i don't know it's kind of cool oh he did the corner jump no step off the double this feels really weird i i'm not a big fan of that part and how he has these little humps on every single corner not my favorite thing but okay and that was a lap double maybe you could triple up onto that table it's a possibility oh come on maybe i think you're supposed to jump all the way over that table i think that's why we're having such a hard time i think that's what he wants you to do and jump out yeah i mean not really ever get that rhythm section yeah i don't like these corners i think it makes it kind of annoying to just to turn in general that's gotta be second gear has to be let me try let me let's give it one more go let's give it one more go shoot shoot i mean it's definitely not my favorite track of all time definitely not my favorite but it has some interesting stuff and we're just crashing a lot too that doesn't help definitely has some interesting stuff that one rhythm section i kind of want to see if we can do something in there i wish the corners weren't so weird right i wish the corners weren't so weird like there it just feels like broken up corners oh shoot and then that would have been a triple out okay so that was one line around it look at this and look how slow they are he's so slow he's so slow let's go goggle cam [Music] oh my gosh we need a tear off wait does that is that actually for real do we need because i turned the tear off thing off because it was annoying me um where would that be can't be here it's gotta be this i'm gonna see if that actually oh that's sick i didn't know that guys check it out that is so sick look that is that's actually sick i didn't notice that i didn't notice this at all that it's actually getting dirty and not so bad that you can't see but we gotta hit a jump oh my gosh that's so cool clear vision yo that's actually really freaking awesome i did not know that i actually did not know this because i turned the tariffs off because otherwise it's like i'm holding to tear off every five seconds i'm not very good in first person but this is actually yo wild i'm so bad in first person though i wish i could be flowing like pull one of these bad boys off a jump that is so cool it's a small feature i get it but it's still really cool wait he just double pulled a tear off hey we got it we got the triple [Music] we need to pull another chair off there we go keep my vision clean this section is so weird i don't like this section i don't like it it feels weird it feels really weird uh that's actually pretty sick i'm gonna exit i i actually like that oh wait no no no no i don't want to leave this in wait which camera is in this camera no these cameras look exactly the same to me no it's this camera for sure no it's not actually it's this camera yeah it's this camera okay we've been going for about two hours i seriously appreciate you guys stopping by the stream i really do go if you if race day live is still going go check it out i don't know if it is probably just the tail end of it and then the race is on at six so let me know your picks i'll probably be on twitter a little bit i know i haven't been on twitter too much with the racing i tweeted out whoa after the race last weekend because like everybody went down but uh if you have twitter tweet me um when the race is going on and we can go from from there um you're a big fan your name is austin i appreciate you austin four suck stars yeah i mean i give that track pretty pretty high rating pretty high rating um you both made a track gavin you'll have to check it out let you have to let me know you guys tracks for sure too it gets dirty so fast yeah it does uh i definitely agree with you but that was cool come on you know it's a cool feature to have in the game and i know mx bikes has a better version of it but it's still pretty cool um i love the stream speeding i appreciate you thanks for the donation thanks for being a member on the channel dude you got the honda is the honda the last one or is the khao sa i think kawasaki's after a year right 11 months wasn't it 11 months member dude you are the man i appreciate you i appreciate the members and and all that stuff 6 central yes on cnbc i have peacock so i will see it there um have you done the east west showdown either couldn't qualify i don't know we got fifth place i did a career and i got fifth place man we suck uh look forward to seeing your track does yeah speed it might not be in the first video though i was already working on that it'll probably end up being in the second or third video but i will make sure to get it in there i will i will i appreciate all your support i really do i really do you the man um it's either air or big air okay i will look for it i definitely will look for it favorite videos to watch um nope then it goes ktm then kawasaki ktm kawasaki okay ktm kawasaki um yeah encore days oh my gosh that's so long ago yeah i don't know i don't think i'm gonna do a 450 career if i did i'd have to go back and do the 250 and just um i don't know it just i appreciate you guys it just doesn't feel like most people on the channel really care to see that so probably won't do that i may look into doing some multiplayer live streaming though from different platforms pc xbox maybe playstation it depends if you want to see does your track suck make sure when that video comes out leave a like on it leave a like on it name your tracks in it show me enough support on that and we'll keep it going we will for sure for sure um yeah i'm gonna take off guys uh thanks for stopping by speeding thanks for the support man we'll check out your guys's tracks and we'll see a monday monday what does your track suck probably right take it easy guysWatch at: 00:40 / 01:00Watch at: 01:00 / 01:20Watch at: 01:20 / 01:40Watch at: 01:40 / 02:00Watch at: 02:00 / 02:20Watch at: 02:20 / 02:40Watch at: 02:40 / 03:00Watch at: 03:00 / 03:20Watch at: 03:20 / 03:40Watch at: 03:40 / 04:00Watch at: 04:00 / 04:20Watch at: 04:20 / 04:40Watch at: 04:40 / 05:00Watch at: 05:00 / 05:20Watch at: 05:20 / 05:40Watch at: 05:40 / 06:00Watch at: 06:00 / 06:20Watch at: 06:20 / 06:40Watch at: 06:40 / 07:00Watch at: 07:00 / 07:20Watch at: 07:20 / 07:40Watch at: 07:40 / 08:00Watch at: 08:00 / 08:20Watch at: 08:20 / 08:40Watch at: 08:40 / 09:00Watch at: 09:00 / 09:20Watch at: 09:20 / 09:40Watch at: 09:40 / 10:00Watch at: 10:00 / 10:20Watch at: 10:20 / 10:40Watch at: 10:40 / 11:00Watch at: 11:00 / 11:20Watch at: 11:20 / 11:40Watch at: 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  1. AI is beyond frustrating. Ive always played on realistic so I when I got 5 I started my career on realistic. The AI is anything but realistic, their inside corner speed and ability to hit the same rhythm faster then you going outside is dumb. Privateers are faster on straights than your factory bike. If you dont get the holeshot, no chance in winning

  2. Was playing multplayer was doing pretty shitty finishing in 8th or 9th then after a dozen races or so i started getting crazy spped boosts like i was being pulled around the track i even turned off all assists is this normal never really played online before

  3. I feel like it’s scripted for you to do multiple 250 seasons. A.I. are on rails. There’s some kind of mechanic that tries to replicate ruts but it causes your bike to just flop around like a fish.

  4. I just created my first track. “Antiiic 1”. If you would be so kind, go check it out and race it and comment what needs improvement or whatnot. It’s my very first track creation and I want to get into doing a lot of them

  5. One area I noticed a big difference was the whoops. The AI blitz the whoops way faster in this game. It’s no longer a spot to make up a chunk of time like in the past. I think it was a good choice to correct that. I’m a fan of the new one. Obviously there are things that could be better, but that’s every game. I find a lot of the tracks challenging. The bikes sound better, 4 stroke and 2 stroke. Overall I am enjoying it.

  6. The “speed boost” is them dumping the clutch on landing or in the corners: you can also do it but it seems to help them more depending on which setting you chose in the original setup of the game and the difficulty you choose.


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