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    SearchThisVideo: MONSTER HUNTER RISE Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – INTRO (NINTENDO SWITCH)

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    so i was like just in my kitchen
    and i had a package delivered and i was
    okay i didn't order anything what's
    going on here and there's some capcom
    and i opened it up and i was like
    thinking the whole time open okay this
    cannot be resident evil village it's way
    too early and then it's like i opened up
    his monster
    rise i was like wait a minute i don't
    know this game is coming out i have a
    spreadsheet that has like every game
    that is
    coming out for the whole year the
    publisher the release dates
    even if it's like an upgrade from like
    last gen to this gen i have everything
    in detail that i created a while back
    and i didn't have this on there i i
    didn't even see it so i'm gonna give
    this a shot i played world
    a long time ago and it actually did
    pretty well i don't think i actually
    finished it on my channel but i did
    finish it in my spare
    time after this series it kind of
    dissolved out after a while
    um anyhow support you dropping this is
    greatly appreciated so i don't have a
    light goal but i was gonna just do one
    if we had like 20 000 likes i will
    definitely do more
    but i kind of wanted just to do like a
    review of it
    because i'm gonna be playing this game a
    lot and you know
    it's up to you guys if you want videos
    so love you all um i was gonna give away
    two copies of this both on switch it'll
    just be like a switch
    gift card basically or nintendo shop
    gift card if you want a chance to win
    either like the video leave a comment
    of i'm actually curious your favorite
    nintendo game
    like ever mine is probably super mario
    world that's just probably
    that's actually my very first game i
    ever owned to be honest
    i didn't we didn't have uh a lot of
    money growing up and i finally got a
    super nintendo after a while
    and that was the very first game i ever
    so anyways you guys are amazing about to
    try this out
    love you all let's get this
    all right here we go create your hunter
    i actually went ahead and made one
    uh but that's gonna just be like my
    i like to have two accounts for
    everything now like if i get addicted to
    a game i like to just be able to
    play it and not be worried about making
    yo i'm about to just make my character
    look like geralt probably
    now what is this guy look like who's
    this sensei
    i think it was a sensei in kill bill
    volume 2 they trained her
    he's like on top of that mountain except
    he had a beard that was white i don't
    um all this can be changed
    i might just go with this default i'm
    not gonna do
    too much in depth there is actually you
    create a character for your character
    then you have two companions you have to
    like custom i guess do as well
    uh i might for this
    i don't know man hairstyle let's see
    we'll see what we got
    yo that's some i said 70s hair right
    there or is it 60s i don't even know
    so you know what i'm i'm gonna go ahead
    and say it right now for a nintendo
    switch game
    granted a lot of them do if they're
    exclusives i feel like they do look
    really good

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    that's some cool hair i i kind of wish i
    was able to do this with my hair
    but i got my hair just too thick i'm
    going to keep it
    that looks pretty pretty cool i'm not
    going to change anything there
    i'm going to leave like everything
    honestly i just kind of want to just
    this will be like my because i mean even
    if i do a part two for this i'm probably
    going to play on my other character that
    i've already made
    i just wanted just to show you guys like
    what we got it's pretty cool though like
    changing the background all right so
    there's only like four things yeah i
    don't really
    quite understand the because you're
    gonna have armor anyways from the
    monsters unless it's like
    something else uh all settings
    oh that's like everything it's such an
    in-depth thing all right can
    uh confirm i'm just gonna name myself
    you know brad
    yo i haven't played my switch in so long
    oh you can actually see
    okay it autofilled brad bayonetta okay
    bow that's funny
    brad to from with so random
    okay this is what i thought was really
    cool this was not in world by the way
    this was uh
    this is brand new like i thought this
    was the coolest thing that i saw
    i i don't know what it is but like
    it's kind of awesome i like this one it
    looks like almost like a german shepherd
    get the scar god these like
    i'm not going to call them dogs because
    i don't know if like this i don't like
    the lore behind the monster hunter world
    it's probably i mean
    although they look like dogs they could
    be like a hybrid
    i don't know this one looks so sick
    i don't know why this is the one i might
    go with just because
    when you see the face just think about
    star fox
    doesn't it kind of look a little like
    coat okay i have not in oh you can
    adjust all this stuff
    yo that's so sick
    honestly i like this i don't want to
    change anything
    the eyes ears tell
    clothing oh you just changed the little
    scarf or whatever
    i'm just going to keep it i really like
    the way they've done it
    action samples
    yo that's so okay it's definitely a dog
    i wanted to make sure
    i don't want to jump the gun it's just
    really tall i don't know
    i would almost say it's like maybe not
    as tall as a mastiff but almost like a
    german shepherd height
    full grown damaged attack
    yo that's so sick
    stand hey downward dog let's get it baby
    all right we're good confirm
    you already know this is gonna be named
    all right castlevania autofills
    charge blade

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    chubby chubbiness
    how does this stuff autofill i never
    understood that like what are they
    pulling it from
    all right here we go now this is the
    companion i'm used to seeing from world
    presets i'm just gonna go with
    i feel like at this point you're more
    picking the ears
    i like this one the most just because
    it's uh
    this looks like it's about to fall
    asleep at any minute now
    all right coat
    honestly i like what they've already
    kind of selected i wouldn't want to
    change too much
    i feel like i'm going to butcher it if i
    change it
    oh eyes there we go
    actually i like i like one
    look at hold on look at the five that's
    so funny
    that cat is chilling not going to change
    anything else ear oh so you can't change
    the ears
    i guess it really didn't matter i do
    like that
    uh tell let's see what we got
    honestly i like the thick tail there we
    go clothing
    i guess you can just change the color
    okay voice
    keep it all there support type healer
    fight yo healer might be the play here
    i mean because i i don't know what
    focuses on combat you'd rather have
    healing than anything
    oh let's see what do i want to name
    my pelico um oh what is like a
    cat type name i'm trying to think
    um i'm gonna you know what my my other
    is gonna go oh i have an idea
    very first song i ever had who
    ran away was named buster
    i was little never found out what
    happened i think what i think did
    happen was somebody saw the dog and
    and basically took it um all right we're
    good you can see i got the other one
    i've only played about 15 minutes just
    kind of messing around
    here we go man let's get it baby
    i was really excited for this because i
    love monster hunter games
    i'm gonna guess that a lot of the same
    stuff from world as far as like the hub
    area is gonna be kind of the same we'll

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    dear looks like we've been caught in the
    act minotaur
    quite disappointing hinoa i really don't
    see how anyone could have noticed us
    it was a perfect display of stealth
    that's why we expect great things of you
    you're always razor sharp well then i
    guess we still have a lot of training
    left to do
    what you don't want us sneaking in
    oh come on this is kimura we're all
    family here besides
    elder fugan is looking for you so go get
    can't keep him waiting
    all right
    shall we go
    thank you come again hmm
    elder fugan we did like you asked
    oh you know
    thank you
    i just got an important letter
    it looks like we've got a rampage on our
    so it's finally beginning
    it's been 50 years since the last
    but i remember like it was yesterday

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    a huge pack of monsters in a giant
    they attacked the village in a frenzied
    nobody knows why this happens but it
    came close to wiping out our village
    last time
    i think it's time we paid a visit to the
    we have to protect the village there's
    nothing to worry about
    elder fugan all of us everyone in kimura
    we've all been training for this moment
    for our entire lives
    you know we should start preparations
    right away
    now that's what i like to hear
    all right now brad rampage and all aside
    i've got news for you
    great job got a message from the guild
    this morning that says you
    are now a certified hunter uh you're
    really living now
    squirt well i guess i shouldn't call you
    that now that you're certified but i
    don't think it'll stop me
    oh recently i did some voice lines for a
    upcoming game
    and i i think i i think i did pretty
    good i haven't heard the final product
    but i
    i'm excited i'm actually going to be in
    a video game for the first time um as
    a news reporter all right here we go
    and from the village of the upcoming
    rampage like you asked ah yes thank you
    by the way bretta overheard the good
    news you're finally an official hunter
    or hunter wow congratulations yep all
    you need to do now is register with the
    guild so you can start accepting all
    those quests
    to do that you'll need to speak with the
    uh with master
    i'm gonna i don't know if jay is gonna
    be silent there
    i wasn't gonna say ho ho yo but it's not
    it's gonna be hojo i guess because i'm
    thinking of me hoyo
    like the genji impact craters are in the
    gathering hub
    but first but that can wait first we go
    you need to be uh okay let's see
    follow me let's start there yep
    the first like little bit of this game
    you're just kind of going vendor to
    vendor kind of getting used to
    all right moving around default controls
    exit tutorial yeah we know how to move
    oh wait i do need to change something
    really quick
    oh i don't think i can uh you have to
    wait a little bit after we talk to a
    certain amount of people you can then
    uh access like the options i think it's
    cool though
    so to dash obviously same thing as
    i read that this game is not a direct
    sequel or prequel or anything like that
    to worlds
    it's basically them what it said let me
    read it real quick

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    it's not a direct sequel or spin-off
    it's a capcom trying something new
    with the well-established formula okay
    because they because monster hunters
    always been a portable type thing so
    they're just trying to
    stick to that for this which i don't
    know if would this game ever come out on
    other consoles i wonder how may i help
    uh just inform that you have been
    accepted into the guild all right
    fine restore to uh yeah cures and other
    items to aid i wonder if you're supposed
    to eat before you go on the hunts and
    stuff like if they've already if they're
    using the same formula as worlds
    i would guess they have a lot of the
    same stuff on there often diversify my
    stock and provide special offers for
    hunters too i think you'll find
    the most agreeable uh
    half price take up some real bargains
    okay it's sometimes though
    okay all okay i was hold off on buying
    what i want until the cell when it's on
    i swoop in okay i've often sensed
    of course i'll have them packaged and
    sent to you at your convenience next
    uh and that's a wrap let's see where
    should we go next yeah
    uh steadfast is still all right the
    okay camera controls i wonder like when
    i can
    yeah i can't access it yet it's all good
    all right let's go talk to the
    blacksmith shall we
    oh it's you all right
    uh what is it you see i'm busy here
    preparing for the rampage
    now now uh this time i couldn't tell you
    some good news
    brad has been accepted into the hunters
    guild sure
    i feel like my name doesn't fit with
    this game at all
    like reading brad and then reading
    everybody else this is like i feel like
    it feels so out of place you know
    congratulate you the equipment we four
    cheers won't make a hunter
    i remember the blacksmith in worlds i
    forgot what set i really
    liked because i farmed it a lot i think
    i used a long sword
    or long blade whatever it was
    technically called then it's been a
    while since i played world by the way
    you'll find whatever you need here as
    for crafting refining gear well
    we can talk about that later yep oh
    since we're here that reminds me
    you can hire buddies at the buddy plaza
    up ahead
    hammond's grandson lori uh wonder why
    that's not capitalized
    manages the place talk to him later okay
    just wonder where i went wrong really i
    think buddies
    buddy handling is quite a noble
    profession personally
    all right nice it is one of the
    apprentices i'll deliver to you later
    last but not least
    hmm sweeter than sweet dango
    maggie the chef okay uh-huh why okay

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    wire bug gauge is displayed at the
    bottom of the screen performing wired
    oh wire dashes or silk bind attacks will
    deplete this gauge
    now i think this might be new because i
    don't remember this
    unless this is putting iceborn i stopped
    playing monster world when iceborn drops
    i actually got that game i think i had
    like a month early
    i think at the time i was playing so
    many other games
    okay that's not until we get combat i
    think there's a way to
    you can ride on top of the dog or
    all right let's go over here
    by the way this game has a really good
    soundtrack but unfortunately
    i'm not able to uh listen to it
    otherwise people kick in my front door
    all right all brad
    i've heard the good news you're a
    certified hunter not recognized
    by the guild and everything congrats
    before you head out on a hunt
    make sure you stop by and eat some bunny
    okay they'll never taste anything
    yummier in your life
    and they'll get your juices flowing for
    a hunch that's kind of what you had to
    do in world you had to uh
    to get like buffs like increased attack
    health replenish anything like extra
    health extra anything stamina
    is really big too um you would eat
    before you go on these
    expeditions or just hunts in general
    i'm just thinking about them gets me all
    excited and
    um yamagi or yamogi i'm not really sure
    the per
    you know pronunciation there i didn't
    realize this but this game uses the re
    engine i don't know how long it's been
    around i think the first game ever saw
    that uses that resimo 7
    monster world i think also used it so it
    might graphically look the same
    as worlds even if it's on switch so
    of course one super duper mega dango
    water coming right up thank you i have a
    great time on a shopping trip
    thank thanks for accompanying me okay i
    uh had things i ordered from master
    hammond okay item box so the item box
    returns okay
    something for me to celebrate becoming a
    hunter hopefully it's like some gear
    now capcom did send me the deluxe
    edition of this game it came with like
    some kind of
    we'll have a next model
    uh it's special armor and gestures and
    okay yeah sorry i had like they sent me
    the little uh the figure as well i
    forgot what they're technically called
    amiibo i think it's what it is and
    actually i've nev that's my very first
    one i ever had
    just equip a weapon already you want to
    see how you look okay what do you think
    i don't think in early on you get to
    pick the type of class you want
    just yet oh wait the long sword well if
    i'm using a long sword then we're good
    girly sushi okay you just you're stuck
    with long sword for now
    i don't know which one i preferred the

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    most i think in
    worlds i think i use like the great
    sword or whatever
    like the big one was it did like massive
    damage but you had to have a lot of
    once you can talk to the master okay
    master get registered okay
    start going out on a real live hunts for
    love hunter
    okay let's go visit the hub my orders so
    off you go
    usual spots come on okay nice
    sign up at the gathering hub let's back
    behind us but
    i think not quite there yet okay yeah
    what i'm bad i keep checking options i'm
    i really want to be able to uh
    i think this is how you do it there we
    go nice y'all this sick
    i like that it's a whole new area i
    didn't want to check the item box really
    okay so you just
    yeah i play inverted so it's kind of
    tough you can't access it yet okay buddy
    board back there as well
    oh let's go through here
    pardon me
    well hello there brad hojo
    they said it in the little thing okay uh
    i'm gonna croak probably well aware that
    i hojo and the guild master of this
    exceptional gathering hub
    uh what's that your guild registration
    oh yes
    well i was getting hold on i was getting
    to it to
    it before you erupted me okay
    i told you that we no longer do things
    that way
    get with it with it ah is that a stutter
    or is that like uh
    maybe it's like a tick you know uh no
    test to take
    our papers to stamp is my okay and
    you're on your way
    i used to stutter pretty bad by the way
    i i think over time i still kind of do
    it sometimes but it was like um
    working in like retail and having to do
    like a lot of speech things
    with my job and in my college classes
    and stuff i
    it i just grew out of it i think
    sometimes i'll get hung on a word or
    something but it's not like
    detrimental you know all right except
    the quest from
    arderis okay about that as much as i'd
    like to
    i have to get this reported back oh
    report about the rampage guild for okay
    terribly sorry but could you talk to

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    i i want to say these names i feel like
    i'm a butcher all of them
    hi hi noah i guess that's how you would
    say obviously i put too many
    syllables in there so she can explain
    quests to you yo ace
    just overheard the gnarly news awesome
    before you run off to see hi noah
    i feel like that i'm saying that too
    much i'm putting too much emphasis on
    too much space between the eye and the
    end alright here we go
    gotta check you on your new threads okay
    all right let's go talk i think when i
    was messing around
    on my other character just kind of
    getting used to the controls everything
    i think i got just past this part
    if it isn't kimura's brightest flame got
    some becoming a hunter all that hard
    work finally paid off i'm really happy
    for you
    oh before i forget i gotta tell you
    about the action bar
    the action bar lets you pull off all
    sorts of actions without opening any
    menus pretty gnarly if you ask me
    that was something they had in uh world
    as well it's like the camera from the
    action bar
    right i'm going to take a picture let me
    see it
    so what you basically do is you tap left
    or right
    and it cycles through a bunch of stuff
    press that while aiming with the camera
    let's switch to two different
    i you'll never catch me taking a picture
    of a monster all right
    all right see we got we got weights
    so i'm guessing yo my favorite pupil oh
    i was trying to
    see how let me step away for a minute i
    just want to see what all we have
    oh that's so sick
    yo that's actually a little i like that
    better than what they had in world in
    the world it's like a weapon wheel type
    okay um let's go ahead and take a
    oh yeah
    i think we're good that's all you got to
    that's one handsome okay
    if you're still not confident in your
    abilities you can hit up the training
    area to sharpen them which i may do that
    for a little while
    not right now but i'm just going to want
    to get into like the first mission
    buddy plaza where laurie and his fury
    fury i say fury furry friends hangouts
    you can try your hand all sorts of
    weapons and skills there it's a great
    way to
    oh yeah warm up before a big hunt all
    right i'll quit holding you up
    hunter info
    large monster okay yeah you can the good
    thing about this game is you can check
    any there we go i can actually change it
    now uh
    camera controls i think it's like type
    three type three is up and down camera
    reticle controls are inverted
    here i want to find people that play on
    type 2 look at that
    left and right are inverted like i'm
    already kind of weird playing on type

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    three but
    type one you know everybody just plays
    on that probably
    i'm just so used to inverted but going
    left and right and having it backwards i
    don't know how you do it
    it couldn't be me i think we're good
    oh there's a canteen right here oh i
    don't really need this right now but i
    let me just check it out because if
    there's anything like worlds
    yeah you eat a mill he shop health and
    stamina yup
    thing is i only have a little bit of
    each pay with money pay with points
    uh i mean
    i'm gonna wait first yeah i'll come back
    here if i can
    before the hunt you know what i mean hey
    listen oh wait you just hold it down
    oh so you don't have i was holding uh
    okay yeah i was holding like the run and
    holding a i guess you don't have to do
    you just hold a and just it's good to go
    bunny dongo are a taste of heaven
    hunter registration great i retrieved
    your cahoots
    not kahoots ko kohut i don't know
    either way i'm in a butchery so just be
    creatures that are okay i guess it makes
    sense hoot is like a owl i got you
    i'm going to call him hoot
    after as a pet if you call your okay
    it's like a pen i was gonna say
    companion but an owl so here we go
    features unavailable in multiplayer okay
    pet menu
    interesting give your new feathery
    friend a name
    all right we're gonna name yet another
    one another one
    no you get so many so many pets in this
    i'm not pets i guess companions what i
    want to name the owl
    i mean can i just keep this the default
    i wonder if you can change it later on
    you might can
    go ahead and give you the quest run down
    instead now that you're a hunter you'll
    be able okay you'll be in charge of
    completing the quest and me
    key quests have been okay that's what
    you gotta have to focus on the critical
    i think for this first video even though
    i'm i'm honestly leaning towards just
    doing one video i mean i i may be
    surprised by you guys
    uh but if you know if we get like 20 000
    likes i'll definitely do a part two
    hmm but i i plan on this is something i
    was going to play in my spare time
    when games like rez evil village come
    out you can expect the full
    full thing all right type of charm
    bracelet made

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    woven woven what is wrong with me today
    spear birds okay manage equipment i
    could switch out here okay
    item box options try out different types
    maximize their effects i think it was
    something kind of like that
    i need to get back to work myself once
    you're ready you can start taking quests
    from either of us
    hold on you can't go parenting
    off without my introductions
    congrats to becoming a hunter uh here
    find yourself taking a hub quest
    and i uh cenri
    the mailman quite important
    you need to go through me to meet up
    with the fellow hunters make sure to
    stop by
    okay giggle
    time to start monster hunting okay
    here's all the dlc they gave me okay
    wait we got this stuff now
    courier i don't hold on what is the
    add-on contact me use after his claim
    from the couriers add-on
    content menu what i mean
    let's talk to the courier and get my
    stuff shall we if i get an armor set
    this early on
    it's gonna be amazing just about to hit
    up the gathering hub so you can get
    a hunting or a hunting party together
    yeah about that i've got some bad news
    for you you see
    when the rampage is near it's forbidden
    for hunters to leave uh kamura
    hey sorry if you guys here like thunder
    it's pretty light it's some bad weather
    right now where i'm at hopefully my
    power didn't go out
    that would just be catastrophic
    a formal party after special type of
    message i can send i'm gonna do this
    single player
    especially like this first video even if
    it's just one um
    also the game as i'm recording this is
    not quite out this is basically telling
    you to do something
    online offline any uh coming when you
    want to swap to offline or online got
    by the way did you talk let's see online
    quest yet
    if you haven't better get your towel in
    the gears to go hunting with your
    uh let me hold on let me see what we got
    two ways okay i don't want to change any
    of that right now
    i want to see uh add on content
    no new content yeah let me accept all
    okay we're good i want to fish this on
    me now
    maybe went to my item box let's see
    oh layered armor okay does that function
    like normal equipment it allows you to
    the look of your hunch without affecting
    your stats that's like
    basically it's transmog
    change layer
    yo check it out um
    honestly i might just go with

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00
    all those yo i'll look i look awesome
    dude what in the world
    loadouts transmog loadouts let's get it
    parent settings
    no thanks manage equipment
    i mean we're good
    we got the long so this now this is what
    i used uh after a while
    i tried the sword and shield for a bit
    didn't like that charge blade was pretty
    op when world first came out of think
    hammer i didn't like that one too much
    the great sword i think is what
    everybody kind of defaults to
    heavy bow gun i never got into like the
    long range stuff
    um manage items
    item loadouts craftingless cell items i
    think i'm good
    all right so we're gonna go get a quest
    uh before then let me eat really quick i
    don't know if i can eat uh
    can i just eat anyway let me skip all
    talk no i i guess let me go over here
    back to this area man the beginning of
    this game just kind of throws everything
    at you the canteen here we go wait
    a chair eat a mill let me just uh
    let's see speeding up weapon sharpening
    decreases damage taken okay
    i mean can i not just get older the
    usual i guess you don't have a usual
    you get to pick what you want activation
    chance you should go for something
    that's almost slight recovery's health
    uh recovery from items
    now that might be worth it
    sometimes 85 yeah i think i'll get that
    uh what else trying to go for like the
    stuff that helps um
    deflect it okay increases the damage
    let's go with this one i'll order this
    might as well right
    i think you can skip this but that's my
    first time seeing it
    because it's like a different one from
    all the one thing i know why i stopped
    playing monster hunters so
    it uh
    i played it on ps4 and
    i want to say like it came out on pc
    like a long time after
    and i restarted on pc and uh
    yeah i mean i just i think at that point
    i think my ps4 stays
    still in the same spot where i stopped
    the series that's what happened
    all right here we go i don't remember
    which steam account i was on when i did
    that though
    anyways let's get this quest going

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    oh hello some quests
    well you have great time because the
    questions came in for you
    okay looks like it's time for some basic
    training okay
    being a real instructor he kept going
    about being ready to thrash
    okay seems like elder may have had a
    hand and okay
    suspect they've been racking their
    accept it whenever you're ready but make
    sure you are ready first okay
    quest gates all right special quest has
    been added
    okay so what we're going to do is urgent
    back to basics except this one good luck
    um i think we can just depart whenever i
    just ate so we're good we got the little
    mill bump you know
    sanctuary abandoned by the gods
    what i think is most exciting about this
    [ __ ] once
    so bustling
    now home to monsters stalking
    and rustling
    hunters beware not
    weights but despair
    ready for anything yo i like how this
    looks already
    yo splits up accepting my quest huh nice
    uh come over here and we'll get started
    welcome oh yeah i forgot everything's
    i'll i won't rush through it but i'm
    just gonna kind of
    hey hero take my time you know 50
    minutes is a while
    making hunter a whole new life weights
    ready to thrash but let's do a little
    quest refresher first
    let's start with our camp here yep this
    is your tent here you can change your
    equipment weapons organize your items
    if you want to bail on your current
    loadout you're free to switch on your
    okay anytime inside of there uh supply
    yeah i always grab everything in supply
    boxes unless there's other people i
    don't like to take a lot
    since we're offline it really doesn't
    matter uh that's it for the count let's
    move on to the next part
    down by the river you get lost let's
    look for the icon on your map okay right
    make sure your inventory is in order
    before leaving for a hunt
    view the map on the bottom of the check
    uh try and indicate players current
    locations white tents or camps
    monsters are play okay monsters buddies
    traps and place items
    are displayed too quest objectives are
    also denoted during special quests
    press that on the okay
    map detailed map
    like a legendary right there okay we're
    um let me go over here and
    usually in the in the other game it was
    like it'd be like some potions or
    something here

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    first aid met okay uh easy ration for
    more stamina
    this is just like ammo in case you use
    like one of the other builds
    all right the weapon sharpness i have
    right now
    is pretty high but then again it looks
    like it's
    i mean we'll see all right looking at
    the little curse on the bottom
    do this i think i'm honestly just headed
    this way
    wire bug yo let's get it baby
    i'll be honest man if this game only
    stays on switch
    a lot of games man i i wish they would
    do this i wish a lot of games would
    i am going the wrong way to be honest
    with you i don't think i was supposed to
    come up here
    seems like it's all right all right
    gathering and
    mining antidote herb or herbs excuse me
    all right delivery complete
    nice yeah i wish a lot of games had
    cross save
    so like uh i don't think i'd go that way
    i'm gonna fall and die let's just calm
    down shall we
    i wish a lot of games had like a cross
    type of
    um let me go around and be safe about it
    like cross save for instance uh like if
    i if this game comes out on let's
    do this ps5 or something later on how
    cool would it be to just be able to like
    swap over and hey all my stuff's still
    but this game ever does that stuff you
    gotta redo everything
    yeah crafting i think we're good right
    now i mean we don't really need a potion
    uh i don't know if going down like this
    is a good idea
    i don't let me okay i can't if we take
    fall damage in this game
    let's do this i didn't see anything
    all right here we go yo for a game only
    on switch
    looks really good
    i've been waiting for you
    okay wire bugs yeah uh
    you'll be able to zip around pretty much
    not enough wire bugs are new
    but i don't know if there's something
    like that in the world i cannot remember
    to be honest with you
    give it a shot which is basically the
    thing we just did
    a variety of actions to be formed using
    the extraordinary creature what uh that
    is the wire bug okay
    hold on perform rapid aerial maneuvers
    with wire dash
    whip out specific gambits with silk bind
    or regain composure with wire fall
    okay uh okay
    so that's the three things you use and
    that's the icon in the bottom
    middle right there

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    okay i'm guessing two is the max for
    right now
    to move vertically
    aiming okay gotta take some time yo
    what to this thing uh can i use your
    use a draw your weapon
    that's kind of new
    i didn't mean to do that i matched why
    so that's what that is okay it uses that
    not sure if we
    do i need to go up there with him
    i mean i guess we can wall running okay
    hey hero harbor's giving you trouble
    if you're struggling hold that okay
    zl aiming
    don't sweat it you'll be a master of
    wire bugs in no time just keep
    it'll be something that maybe the first
    few hours of the game you kind of
    struggle with at least
    i'm struggling with it
    flash and rumble yeah they'll be lending
    you a
    paw for this part of the training first
    try mounting rumble
    okay all right i'll be waiting for you
    up the trail meet me there
    yeah i think you could just give it a
    try listen up
    this game is awesome like i really like
    it a lot
    all right so i like that the
    destinations and everything's clearly
    marked here we go
    i've been waiting for you check out this
    yellow spear bird
    the good luck charm you're wearing okay
    what happens the scent of the pollen
    surround you i'm
    extremely allergic to like pollen and
    stuff right in general
    uh a little guy is yellow it'll increase
    your stamina similarly spirit birds
    of other coats will boost your other
    stats pretty gnarly if you ask me
    ah the effect is only active during the
    current quest
    oh and that's a club fly over there
    cloth flies with the creatures that come
    across on the field
    part of these floaty friends spread okay
    boost your defense there's lots of other
    and endemic life out there that's how
    you say that
    might be butchering who knows
    so basically like play this like you
    played the other games brad
    just run around and collect everything
    basically what you do
    like i literally just grabbed everything

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    just there we go
    sweet blue mushrooms all right
    and do we have to talk oh we do yep
    good to see you why don't ace get the
    hang of writing
    palomutes they're super helpful buddies
    especially when you need to cover a lot
    of grounds
    that's nice because in the other game
    you didn't have any kind of companion
    that you could run with
    a ride on i mean uh their attacks won't
    be as strong as yours
    when you're ready to get down the
    business it's best to dismount oh it
    looks like we got ourselves some
    monsters nearby
    make sure to keep tabs in the status
    while they're filled when you're ready
    let's head up this way it's time to
    really get the show on the road
    all right green health bar our green
    bars your health gauge
    yep uh let me go ahead and read the
    yellow and then yep
    first few enemies here
    yo my favorite pupil
    three of them let's go take them out
    they'll hold back just because they're
    small now they can be skillful
    uh remember just your training you'll be
    golden now ready weapon nice
    and steady take him down one attack at a
    yeah in a law man this is going to be
    when you grab that it's like
    the big creatures mate oh there is a
    thing where you like auto lock on the
    yes take me some time awesome job there
    oh and don't forget to carve the harvest
    trails from uh they can be used for
    upgrades at the smithy
    uh when you're done carving come see me
    i didn't mean to do that wait it's the
    same as that
    okay never mind hold on
    so we got that yeah
    i was trying to do that little thing you
    just told me this really doesn't matter
    um all right talk to you if it isn't
    kamoro's brightest flame incredible hunt
    if there's something you think you could
    have done better don't worry after all
    you're just getting started
    it's been a lot of that so far let's see
    kind of farther away from that
    uh use fast travel you'll be able to
    back at camp in no time
    see you out there nice um opening the
    wait that's the same button there's no

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    map though hold on
    um maybe you gotta hold it down there we
    i said that makes sense
    what's going to fight an actual monster
    we fought like three small ones but
    i want to fight like one of the big ones
    you've completed this basic training
    quest i'm not proud to send you out on
    this field as a full-fledged hunter
    you've learned well but keep in mind
    going over your base training again all
    you need to do is accept this quest
    okay happy to guide you through it again
    returning to the village very easy quest
    i think he actually just waits i can get
    yeah so it's going to take some time to
    use like the combat and everything
    i used to love the long sword man
    i let myself go there a bit
    all right quest complete let's get it
    uh quest rewards go ahead and just
    take all stuff you farm is also going to
    like you can get
    more if you want to you know what i mean
    hey the menus and everything look
    identical to world which is nice because
    it it i have like the familiar feeling
    about everything
    but there's also some new new things
    they've added
    i remember that little fl like the flash
    bug that like blinded all the raptors or
    whatever they were
    uh all right little quest was no match
    for you expect nothing less
    uh what you learned today is very
    essence of hunting
    or hunting okay
    should have some one star quest yep
    that's what i'm gonna need
    should i do the first one i might as
    well right
    uh i know i know the basics are basic
    but you have to
    study foundation before you can build
    right take bunny dangle for example
    ingredients she does preparing them
    anyway i know you're not here to talk
    dango you're here to talk quest
    lucky i got one star quest ready to go
    crosstalk's gotta come in climbing a
    keep completing them and before you know
    you'll be at the top
    but you're gonna stay right here and
    listen to me blabber about bunny dango
    all right here we go finally a
    um one star quest
    let's see
    so we're gonna have to like work up to
    um this will just do this one
    looks like he might not find anything
    big for a while
    uh i would let me go eat really quick

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    before i go
    just because i feel like since it does
    most of the time i think it's better to
    do this just in case you know
    all right eat a mill
    we'll do the same ones eventually
    getting knocked in your butt okay 55
    chance on that one
    um like that one and then
    yeah i think you can skip this
    there we go health increase stamina by
    20 everything good
    play times all right we're good to go
    let's get it baby
    i've really enjoyed playing this game
    it's uh it's nice like nothing new has
    come out in a while so to be
    like playing something finally is
    exciting all right
    begin quest all right time limits
    okay upon initially visiting a new
    location your map
    will be obscured by a phone as [ __ ]
    disability explorer yep
    indicated with a generic icon however
    uh with the monster generic i can
    replace listen up
    gotcha gotcha
    all right let's get let's get busy baby
    most of the tutorial stuff's out of the
    um i think there's one right here
    that's not one of them i think it'd be
    no no the fact that you got companions
    awesome there's one down
    i love it you can do that though i can
    get away if you need to
    one thing about i think the nothing
    personal buddy
    i like the long weapon i'm using now i i
    think what i used to do is just like
    this attack where you
    you like stance in and then you angle so
    you like
    run towards them stab them and then you
    go you fly straight up in the air i
    don't think maybe i gotta like unlock
    that or something i don't know
    i'll be taking this going collect
    everything while we're here you know the
    mine now bullfango all right
    see what else we got over here
    needle berry kinda want to just take out
    as many

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

    my weapon sharpness is uh still good
    do i even have the thing i guess you
    can't there we go
    wait a second nobody all right so let's
    just keep on moving shall we
    um let me go over here i'm curious kind
    of test how this actually works out
    i'm still kind of learning
    nice okay
    run there we go i think we're going
    the right spots nice little herb right
    there i'll take it
    get this one as well defense up
    oh wow foam pile yo the fact that you
    loot while on wow that's awesome monster
    balls let's get it baby
    i don't even need that right now um
    i'm like missing him i guess you can't i
    enough in and world i think you could
    set it so you can walk on to
    the big enemies it might be a setting
    somewhere what i liked in world was like
    certain bosses you could uh get like if
    you want the tail
    piece or whatever you have to actually
    attack the which is really awesome
    these enemies are just basic
    reptilian uh
    all right four down let me see i'm gonna
    talk to different attacks
    we good nothing personal buddy
    yeah just kind of getting used to
    like how you get up there maybe or maybe
    did i say maybe
    i mean i feel like at this portion of
    the game you don't really have to worry
    too much this is technically like a
    beginning area
    thunderbog i remember those things
    there's another one back there let me go
    ahead and
    loot up a little bit
    i'll be taking this and my goal for this
    video just kind of play the game for
    about an hour let you guys kind of
    experience it with me
    and then uh kind of go from there
    while we get there a little defense bump
    i'll take it

    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

    i keep missing it is pretty tough to uh
    that what's funny is like my companions
    they do so much
    damage like i don't know mine now
    these early enemies don't really stand a
    chance i feel like
    sweet latch berry go and get these two
    bumps as well
    hop down here and just
    isn't the right enemy but wait what
    completely missing
    even though i don't need these i feel
    like going after them would be
    beneficial making different uh
    maybe minor armor sets type thing
    where you go i like how i miss you
    that's funny yeah i'm gonna look and see
    if there's a way you can lock on to
    little enemies because right now i'm not
    able to
    attention to your stamina
    uh all right let's go and grab taking
    this item bar
    um easy ration
    oh yeah you could sharpen your blade
    bc in you excellent skills
    hold on let me see
    how do i not it don't let me use it
    though that's kind of strange
    hold on let me double check this again
    it's as simple as just
    oh maybe i actually there we go i have
    to press it
    what this does if you look on the upper
    left hand corner the sharpness just got
    i'm glad it's the same thing as last
    time oh flash bug there why not
    some honey nice wire bog let's get it
    um let's go i guess to a spot we haven't
    explored i'm actually going to restart
    my footage i'm worried since it's
    storming pretty bad here give me one
    second guys
    alright guys sorry for the weird cut i
    actually i went afk i was helping
    change the diaper you know some grown
    man stuff uh
    oh there's one right there how
    convenient so i could actually just let
    me go ahead
    and because i i went afk and all of a
    i started getting attacked oh i think
    you want to use the first aid meds first
    i use potion posts and you can actually
    i'm pretty sure
    same thing just now again mega potion i
    don't know why it keeps changing
    either way hold on first aid
    oh it's just okay
    so the way i was looking at it for
    instance right now

    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

    yeah i was mashing a after i find it
    because right now i got the waste on
    you know stickers detail map
    keep all that there yeah that's what it
    just trying to see everything really
    quick because first date you want to use
    those first not the potions
    we're good on everything else
    all right we're good let's hop down here
    go ahead and oh they're sleeping well
    they're gonna wake up anyways
    but i was getting attacked off just
    sitting back there surprisingly i didn't
    i thought it was kind of funny i guess
    my companions were uh
    i knew i could count on you
    yeah that's actually kind of cool i
    didn't think about using that the entire
    all right main objective complete yeah
    return to the village in one minute i
    got to give you 60 seconds that that
    panic uh
    loot at the very end everybody just runs
    around collecting everything
    i remember that in the last game too i
    won't be able to get this because
    nothing maybe i can hold on let's see
    let's wait for it
    sharp claw okay
    yeah look how much damage it's actually
    kind of crazy
    uh let's see if i can loot this and the
    other one
    let's see well i have time
    i'll be taking this maybe maybe
    hey we got it let's go all right
    normally i i'm tempted to stop there for
    now but here's what i want to do
    uh since i think to progress with this
    whole thing i think i need to do
    oh yeah we got a lot of stuff going to
    take off
    i might do one more mission and then
    stop i don't want to put this game down
    i really like it a lot
    that's always like a weird thing for me
    i have to different differentiates i
    can't speak
    uh between some games
    just don't really perform well on
    youtube for some reason whereas others
    and i just wanted just to make like if
    let me go and grab another question
    let's see can we take out so these this
    one doesn't really count
    uh fungal frustrations deliver eight
    unique mushrooms

    Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

    fire lanterns fight collecting stuff
    might be a bit of a pain
    i i kind of even though this one doesn't
    really count
    i should stick to one of these it will
    let's just do this one
    i don't think i need to like eat
    anything let's just go back out there
    but it's like i kind of have to like
    balance like some games
    or for youtube others or just kind of
    for myself this is one of those in the
    middle type ones
    where i don't quite know how it's gonna
    go so it's like
    you know it's all in your hands at this
    point once you're seeing me play this
    ready all right begin quest let's get it
    all right so we're gonna go find
    five enough five eight uh
    transport need to be delivered to the
    supply boxes it cannot fit into your
    oh it's one of these type of things hold
    yeah yeah okay account items can be
    automatically gathered upon
    oh it can be automatically delivered
    upon gathering them
    transport items need to be delivered i
    don't is a fire lantern a big thing i
    didn't think it was but i guess in the
    maybe it is listen up i'm going grab
    whatever's in here
    that's why you should use those first
    green dust uh denote word okay oh so we
    can just follow the green dots
    there we go was all the way back up
    there never mind
    yo i'm excited to see like what the
    different areas look like in this game
    not also playing with other people you
    all right let's see what we got what
    i'll do uh maybe in the
    this is fire lanterns wait that's really
    four out of eight already i guess i
    i kind of want to stay on foot for a bit
    part of me wants to just do like one
    quick lap
    going around the entire area
    you know but if i do more what i'll wind
    up doing is uh
    i might switch over to my other
    character basically nothing will will
    except my character is different um
    and the names like the pets are
    different but i'll kind of just be back
    exactly where i was
    i think i can just run for it honestly
    they're all sleeping
    for now i had to invert the other things
    too let's see fire lantern so the other
    maybe it's i mean the last one is back
    over there there's one up here never
    yo check it out just chilling
    can i get up there i'd have to use both
    of these
    no wall run wall run let's go let's go
    let's go

    Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

    hey oh that was so sick yo let's get it
    i've kind of got it figured out the
    reason i was struggling early on is you
    have to invert
    this right here as well it can't be like
    like i can normally go up and down
    inverted but this was a whole separate
    yep okay little bone pile here go ahead
    and grab this
    twist the remains this stuff just makes
    like a
    usually it's like a normal quest
    or not a normal quest for like a normal
    uh piece of armor
    not anything like crazy i i mean am i
    in the wrong spots that's where it's
    like right here
    is where it's saying oh there it is down
    there we go alright something else
    i have a feeling the thing i need is all
    the way in the beginning
    and i'm just going to be running around
    aimlessly now
    let's see don't need anything else
    stamina let me go ahead and
    there we go that's kind of a weird wait
    wait hang on
    wait this latch grill this other thing i
    think there's another quest we have to
    wire bug nice let's get it now we got
    look for another blue dot anywhere i'm
    not blue but green
    i think i just picked up without
    shall we we might even run into
    something big here in a minute
    right i'm not fighting anything yet this
    looks like where you would see it too
    or maybe this first area doesn't have
    anything big
    okay we're maxed on those
    kind of just
    oh no let's just take it easy
    go ahead and say it guys i really think
    this game is uh
    is good like i i i think it's got like a
    9 out of 10 on a lot of sites
    i can see it now man for a switch
    exclusive like i'm really impressed
    all right hold on
    this is gonna be kind of tough
    oh it's not the right one okay now we
    got six out of there okay we're good
    we need uh two more
    there is one back over here
    yeah i like being able to use that to
    get around a little bit better it's like
    almost i guess the thing would be

    Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00
    considered uh
    you yo is that like a giant king cobra
    snake or whatever i just see there
    okay now we're good i saw that thing i
    was like uh
    yeah i think we can just head back
    i don't the good thing is you don't have
    to like really carry anything let me
    search these last few
    i do see a few more over here
    that one just went away okay i guess you
    lose them both over time
    because like i think you always have two
    but then the other ones go away
    i kind of just like wall run in general
    no i guess not
    can we hold this run up that's so sick
    i i can't make it again pay attention to
    your stamina
    there's another thing right above me
    item bar i mean
    there we go it's like weird asking me to
    use stamina but
    oh no no no wrong button i hate with i
    went for the heavy attack
    uh let's see
    blue mushroom i think we can honestly
    head back to the beginning
    and just
    i think we're good let's just head on
    back because there's two green dots down
    and i feel like one of them is
    definitely gonna be the thing i need
    then after that we'll kind of stop the
    video i might have just walked right
    past what i needed right there
    but yeah thank you guys so much any
    support you drop on this i'll kind of
    see how the video does
    first you know day or so if you would
    want a part two
    just throw that like button that's the
    best way to let me know you want more
    or are enjoying it
    since youtube views and stuff doesn't
    update over time i guess you know
    probably odd cd playing a switch i would
    why we've gotten everything but what's
    on the water bug back there
    we'll follow this along the coast right
    here we gotta go up top anyways i don't
    want to go up there and get the one next
    to the
    camp just yet because i feel like that
    one might if it's not i gotta go back
    out you know
    so i'm gonna i'm gonna hope that the one
    over here is that
    because then i'll be set i don't know if
    they respawn over time or not
    let's see i guess i think this this has
    to be it right
    there we go all right main objective

    Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

    ah now we got lost a sweat
    i'll just let it count down i think you
    can actually just skip the countdown
    thing but
    it doesn't really matter you only hold
    three wire bugs i want this way to
    increase it to like
    several you know be kind of cool
    yeah i think the game plays a lot of fun
    i let myself go there a bit
    all right quest completed
    okay we got a lot of stuff here um just
    take all
    that'll kind of do it for now i think uh
    when we come back next time if there is
    a part
    two it'll just be more of the main story
    i have a feeling doing these two small
    things first will then
    open up the door for like i'm gonna talk
    to her really quick before we leave
    but here it is t-shop and looking for
    seem upset over something go and check
    on her would you
    okay yeah i think i'll stop here for now
    i feel like the whole next thing is
    going to be a hold of the quest line
    and uh yeah you guys are amazing best
    audience ever
    uh thank you for all the support you
    drop on this video and i'll talk to you
    guys very
    very soon peace out guys

    SWITCH Monster Hunter Rise Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 includes a Review, Prologue and Campaign Mission 1 of the Monster Hunter Rise Single Player ...


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    1. Dude the nestalgia your voice brings me is actually spooky

      Favorite game is 1000% Super Mario Sunshine, and i actually bought the Super Mario 3D All Stars because of that

      P.S, i realize im a week late to this but I really just wanted to leave a comment ❤

    2. I know the feeling brad. My dad did everything he could to get me the snes and she’s. And I can remember him waking me up when he’d get home from work at 2 am to go down and play super Mario until my mom would wake up and yell at us. Great memories. He always loved the Baja 1000 game. So simple but so fun. Great sound track


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