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    SearchThisVideo: Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin | All Characters, Monsties & Locales So Far

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    yo what's going on guys
    alex here welcome back to the video for
    monster hunter stories 2 and today i
    thought we'd take some time to just take
    a look at the official website because
    as i mentioned before often following a
    digital event and a new trailer
    they tend to update the website and for
    stories too the information is
    pretty sparse right now obviously we got
    the brand new trailer which looks
    but the website does give us more
    context and some kind of background to
    the characters the monsters the areas
    and stuff like that so i thought it'd be
    fun to just quickly go over that just in
    case you guys haven't had the time
    to check it so if you do enjoy this so
    that could be super appreciated
    comment down below let me know what you
    guys think of this what did you think of
    the new trailer what are you most
    excited for
    and uh let's start with the characters
    obviously as we play throughout the game
    there will be plenty more people to
    encounter but from the ones we met in
    the trailer we currently have a list of
    eight different characters to speak
    about obviously as the main protagonist
    we customize your character
    we are born and raised in mahara village
    a village on a tropical island and our
    grandfather is red who is the person
    we'll take a look at in a moment he
    looks incredibly cool and he of course
    has a bond with the guardian
    rather the revered monster who protects
    the island
    and upon meeting anna you decide to
    leave your home with her
    in order to learn more about your
    grandfather and to discover the cause of
    the uh
    strange happenings recently so i do like
    to look at the new characters i'm liking
    that sort of armor style for them they
    do look pretty cool
    so that much i will say obviously being
    amongst other stories them being kids
    unfortunately there are no beards
    so uh your boy is already disappointed
    but at least i can be bald so i can look
    like seitan if you scroll down on the
    protagonist page as well it also gives
    us a look at the available weapons if
    you guys haven't played stories before
    don't forget it doesn't give you the
    full range of 14 weapons it's just got a
    smaller selection because of course
    this is a turn-based game it's much more
    about fighting alongside your monsters
    than it is just
    you know using the weapons so we of
    course have the great sword
    we have the hammer we have the best
    in the entire history of monster hunter
    the sword and shield plus we have
    the hunting horn and we have the boat so
    weapons you're pretty familiar with
    i am more than happy using the sword and
    shield so that's fine for me
    of course one of the main characters we
    will be interacting with is anna a
    wyverian girl who knew your grandfather
    red obviously keep in mind why varians
    hella old or at least they can live on
    for a pretty long time hoping to work
    together to uncover the truth behind the
    environmental anomalies she entrusts us
    with the rathalos egg supposedly
    containing the legendary monster face to
    destroy the world
    so obviously we need to make our friend
    and uh protect it from everyone that
    doesn't uh basically doesn't trust it we
    get the idea from the trailer that they
    just think it's gonna become a big
    so uh we're gonna prove them wrong then
    we have this little guy
    honestly i mean look right i like my
    palakkos but
    navidoo from the previous game he was
    kind of annoying i'm sorry he's kind of
    like that weird position where he sort
    parked you but also part just like shut
    the hell up but yeah
    anyway he is a globetrotting feline with
    an unforgettable face yeah i mean that's
    definitely right that's a pretty
    accurate description

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    you're not gonna forget this guy any
    time soon you meet each other as he's
    traveling around
    and he is adventurous positive his
    favorite past time is eating
    and he always has room in his stomach
    for another donut he acts as our guide
    determined to help you as you endeavor
    to become a rider
    now this guy is the cool guy this is red
    he's the one that i said if you guys
    watch god of high school kind of looks
    like the grandfather
    i think so anyway i think he just looks
    awesome he is the grandfather who passed
    away years ago and in order to discover
    the truth of the mysterious happenings
    he devotes his life to traveling around
    the world with his monster the guardian
    ratha you then have kaner who's a writer
    from mahana village her monster is a
    velocidrome named avmar she's
    free-spirited with a bubbly personality
    she teaches you the fundamentals of
    being a writer
    and acts as your mentor as you set out
    on your journey
    and we then have alwyn looking straight
    like he comes out a lot of the rings one
    of the elves out there but he is a
    rivarian rider from ruto village
    his monster is a legiana named shulk
    which is incredibly cool in fact you
    know what he kind of feels like he would
    fit into a zelda game as well
    so uh i'll take that here's a handsome
    man who apparently seldom speaks
    while he acts cold and reserved he takes
    a shine to us because we're the
    grandchild of red the first human friend
    that he ever had
    and then we of course have tsukino who's
    of course one of the amiibo that you can
    get later on
    this is a pelico of a young hunter she
    has a special perch for a downey crate
    to roost the top of her head which is
    kind of cool
    her motives are a mystery what is she
    really after but they'll be revealing
    more details a little bit later keep in
    mind of course stories is much more well
    it's kind of the name
    story driven so they'll probably keep
    some of those details pretty spots
    and then of course we have raised wing
    rather who is our monster
    hatch from the egg that we received from
    anna he has small wings which honestly
    look kind of like boxing gloves it looks
    kind of hilarious
    but it is said that uh with a beat of
    his wings the world will burn
    just as depicted in the legend and at
    birth he's unable to fly so uh
    we'll have to wait and see of course
    from the uh trailer so far we have seen
    a few more things we have of course seen
    naga cougar we've seen t-rex we've seen
    nogagante but on the official website
    they specifically highlight monsters
    like mizutsune
    fukeipuke paolumu anjanath legiana
    and velosodrome there are of course
    playing before again for those of you
    guys maybe that haven't played stories
    don't forget that when you're exploring
    the world you can basically collect
    little eggs you can hatch them
    and then you can grow them into
    effectively your monster hunter pokemon
    assuming it has a similar system to the
    previous game then there will of course
    be the options to effectively uh
    transfer skills between different
    monsters you can actually get some
    rather interesting
    combinations and then finally when it
    comes to the areas we're gonna look at a
    few of the different
    vibrant landscapes again honestly i love
    this like this is just like monster
    hunter meets breath of the wild i
    absolutely love this visual style we've
    got hakolo island which is a tropical
    island known for its sacred mountain
    large monsters grazed peacefully among
    the grasslands we then have mohana
    village which is the central village of
    hakolo island
    this is our hometown this was also once
    home to red as well and in this area
    we'll meet
    chief gada painer and the other riders
    we then have alcala village which is a
    vast region with rocky terrain this area
    many primeval forests unchanged since

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    ancient times
    and then finally we have the shire aka
    ruto village which is a village in the
    middle of the forest populated only by
    white variants
    in his hometown and one that red often
    visited during his travels the villagers
    live in harmony among lush
    greenery and various monsters elder
    maolo alwyn and zellard are some of the
    wiverians who live here and honestly
    that looks super cool but for the time
    being that is
    pretty much it we do of course get a
    look at the amiibo now i mentioned the
    other day that when the trailer first
    dropped we saw the pictures but they
    have now shown what they'll look as
    models and honestly they look really
    cool i mean i'm definitely gonna get
    these ones i definitely had to curb my
    acquisitions because i used to buy like
    all the amiibo and they started
    releasing far too many so now
    i just collect smash brothers amiibo
    zelda amiibo and monster hunter amiibo
    so these ones i definitely need
    but anyway for the time being that is a
    little rundown on uh the updated
    information for most other stories too
    that is everything we have
    right now again with the release not
    that far away then it's fair to say i
    imagine the next few months we'll start
    to hear more and see more
    but uh honestly this is one of those
    games i don't feel like i need to see a
    lot i just kind of want to jump into it
    and enjoy the story
    so i'm just super looking forward to it
    and hopefully you guys are too
    safe to say we'll be doing some videos
    for it on the channel so uh definitely
    keep it locked
    if you want to find out more if you want
    to catch more from us at rx gaming don't
    forget you can catch the guys 269
    paradise central invest more streaming
    over on twitch weekdays playing a
    variety of games if you guys want to
    jump in
    tune in watch and even join in then make
    sure you check them out the links those
    are in the description box down below
    and of course you can join the discord
    to get involved in all of the

    Let's take a look at some of the game details for Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin - characters, monsties, locales and more. If you enjoyed the video, don't ...


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    Comment (45)

    1. I think the bow is a new addition for the new game. I recalled there's only 4 weapons back when I played it on 3DS. I straight up just played the story and end game content using that OP Ratha.

    2. Between the website and trailer, I've seen:

      Large Monsters:










      Royal Ludroth


      Yian Kut-Ku

      Yian Garuga

      Great Jaggi




      Small Monsters:










    3. 5:32 Actually Arrekz, it's just more MH Stories, not a mix of BotW and MH, considering this is the same art style if not a little more polished they had in the original game which came out before BotW

    4. I hope the growth of monsters will change, like the evolution of Pokemon. For example, in the main games, Basarios is the juvenile form of Gravios, but they are different monsters in the Stories 1.

    5. The way they presented the razewing ratha makes me think that they may implement a karma system and depending on how well you raise it, it either saves or destroys the world

    6. MAn I'm just so stoked. I still cant beleive they are actually giving us a sequel and this looks fantastic. If I could wish for 1 thing it would be for weapon types to feel more distinct. In the end the only difference in the first game was their damage output and additional armor

    7. Ngl I hope Lagiacrus will make it tho especially for PC xD Also it's very cool monsties seems more "adult",bigger when you ride them unlike the 1st MHS they were very small. Im hyped for this game!

    8. u pre much just described every type of amiibo Arekks XD zelda and smash brothers are pre much the only types of amiibo the only other type is Mario, i am 100% buying all of the MH amiibo myself as they are the best i have seen so far

    9. I feel like the story of this game is just gonna be a retelling of the first game’s story, which is not automatically a bad thing, I’d like to see how they tell the story and what they have changed.

    10. Can't wait. I've honestly never heard of stories before stories 2 was announced. Now I've got stories and am playing through and loving it while I wait for stories 2.

    11. I agree with you about Navirou. He is annoying. Go on a rare den search with him. After 30 minutes of hearing him wanting to leave as soon as I reached the target nest area. I found myself cussing the little guy out. FREQUENTLY. On another note, the locales in this game are truly amazing!

    12. Monster Hunter Stories 4 Smash. I would love to see a Rider and Mosnter Duo as the first true mount fighter in Smash. As well as the first super heavy weight since base game.

    13. Sweet baby jesus, If Navi is anything like he was in MHST I'm gonna want to YEET my switch every time he opens his mouth.

      Like was he supposed to be THAT ANNOYING in the game? I deadass wanted to feed him to Laeus.


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