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    SearchThisVideo: Monster Hunter Stories Part 1 Becoming A Rider! Gameplay Walkthrough

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    shaaka mall on the committee
    it's the more time to call of heavily

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    hey what is heroes and welcome to this
    brand new let's play of Monster Hunter
    stories oh so we got a write his outfit
    from playing the demo sweet so yeah we
    put the demo month back and you guys
    love the series well the episode we did
    and so fought what do actual proper
    series the whole main game it'll be
    really fun and we got DLC which we don't
    have any of I know this game has amiibos
    but it's not they're not out in England
    right now I'm new can I get much a pound
    which really sucks but hopefully when
    they do release or I can even buy some
    from Japan we can do some of that but
    let's get for a new game didn't transfer
    with my demo data just in case you guys
    missed the demo play for Anna forwards
    experience it from the start and that's
    watch the cutscene
    come on EE use Iran
    can you eat a penis
    ie D covered you Carlo creamy
    come on da booty touch
    Guney and even
    more tiny cheating off his head
    oh yeah it's a double

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    already can really see our face get to
    make our character soon it was for
    something as well this evil looking
    plant thing so not gonna spoil too much
    but in a little bit something's gonna
    happen and the guy was on the floor he
    becomes a bit I'd say that depressed
    obviously I would assume why because of
    the he had the events but potentially
    hasn't do this planners well I never
    noticed that before
    understand I cannot wait for the grass
    and we're gonna pick up few things on
    the way like this paint very cool
    anything I wish this game had it was
    like English dub I'll be nice what am i
    sup to be honest not the worst thing in
    the world some other to sit back and
    relax want to read everything slightly
    listen to the voices can I do it this
    game it's some honey bees don't seem to
    mind yeah this guy shovel leave it can
    have be so mean eggs eggs here is they
    really an egg around here
    Oh we'll find out soon enough ice cup
    some more honey and then we grab the
    mushrooms don't know this stuff could be
    useful later down the line blue mushroom
    so essentially what I'm assuming this
    gonna be the same as the first public
    demo but we'll do a few things
    differently I think well she's found the
    egg that whistle feel your signal let's
    go before we go and go down here but I

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    will pick up a few things
    although you know gonna make sure she's
    alright is a pretty important I think
    every material priority must define as
    noise and when we get down here
    blue mushroom and is that it unique
    and I think that's everything we can get
    now we introduce ourselves and make our
    character I was quite surprised like how
    much customization was actually in this
    game it's also going to be boy your
    regular skin tone there we go
    so many different I options oh my god
    no highbrows oh my god comic book go
    sharp eye color I have green eyes and

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    all got to so many options let's go for
    that I can pretty good hairstyle I got
    no girl I had just pretty much the same
    hairstyle he has wears original hair
    that's pretty much what I got came to a
    second color like highlights in I got
    brown hair my top bits like mostly
    blonde and then we got voice
    that's pretty cool garmiskar skies make
    us look pretty awesome and
    next our name and name like how the
    music just stops let's see yeah we go
    we're like a pretty badass yeah
    couch looks great
    thank Tina no
    the legend sorry

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    just as bad as nickname in the monsters
    as iron Pokemon Rafa Rafa loss here's
    the cool-looking village
    which is great
    okay progress in the story select a
    story quests in the kemp menu to review
    what's happened in your adventures so
    far predictive lockers and token two
    characters alright so let's go talk to
    her although maybe still can't fly
    properly it's pretty big for a baby
    isn't he hey you know Brett's you broke
    the rod is coded into the forest
    punishment school around then what
    you're finally home traveler I'm so
    worried about you mum are you really
    sorry you can cause trouble for Dan
    gonna apologize to chief on that you'll
    do that and then come straight back for
    dinner I'll be waiting for you what
    would you have done if a fully-grown
    wrathful loss it's showing up huh
    I just feel bad that sends a chill up my
    spine you're a real danger right we're
    going to see chief Amna you free follow
    me oh yeah where's the chief so the
    chief in this game is actually kind of
    funny you'll see why when we start
    reading what he says
    here we go well the children are safe
    and sound as they point gain tightly
    wild they have more than enough time to
    reflect upon their heinous crime
    yep he rhymes he roams a lot if you say
    so chief I'll let you off in this
    occasion so your actions were rather
    brazen if you break the code again well
    it's best I don't explain yes sir chief
    amna Hall figurine oh yeah can I help
    but not what was happened his rubber rod
    yes no one's I bonded with my monster
    about kinship stone before because we're
    a pretty special aren't we the kinship
    stone it surely does his part buttons
    writer two monster heart-to-heart the
    purity of the child's son resonates a

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    mix them whole forty your potential come
    a rider most influential you got
    potential that's awesome
    that's amazing Volk see hey don't go
    again ahead of yourself
    yes sir
    oh the alarm is it a monster forcing me
    to go

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    damn that was dramatic so that's what
    makes him change a little bit but I just
    think maybe that flower had some do for
    maybe that flower just indicating that
    that a big scary monster was has had
    been there that's why I'm thinking now
    because when when the fog was coming in
    puts on the flower start will so no no
    tiny shot but it's a progress and let's
    continue going
    one year later rainbows sunshine yeah it
    was good again
    so he has passed since the Naga Cougars
    attack how village is slowly
    rebuilding back to its former glory
    today the day of the Rite of kinship the
    final step to become a writer but what
    will you have to do what we have to do
    find out it's been a whole year Coolidge
    is finally getting back to normal
    what about blues son it was his name is
    Sheryl he still does not quite seen you
    seen yourself oh he lost an entire
    family putting on himself
    I mean sit as a kid although I did he
    became a writer recently good for him
    don't know but that's just going folksy
    Halasz folksy finally get to become a
    writer your lifelong dream is coming
    gonna do the right kinship and become a
    true right all right
    I still don't know what I want to do
    don't really want to be a writer
    there must be saying out only I can do
    I'm gonna get a bit more for Oh chaplain
    congratulations your kinship stone on
    your hand you look like a real writer
    now what is about to undergo they write
    a kinship now what do you what do you do
    to afford to bond when you tell us bonds
    I don't believe them anymore Scheffer
    wait I don't all of us to celebrate you
    guys become writers together even talk
    much since the incident a year ago one
    of us is missing it was weird
    come on it's gonna be all of us together
    it's been so cold can you blame me

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    well volte time to go chief Amna is
    waiting for you in the Hall of Rights
    falsely gonna be a fantastic writer but
    with you every step of the way
    no thanks
    I love how colorful this game is what I
    really like about some games like how
    just gray and dole they are but this
    game is just so bright colourful love it
    I just looks it's great don't you think
    but the whole alrights
    is just in here the loading screens as
    well look really cool here you are there
    you come
    fault see you are welcome Iran from that
    fateful day upon reflection let me say
    you're bonding with that Rathalos proves
    that you're a monster boss as a rider
    you have the right stuff to grow and
    learn and be super tough there's still a
    lot to do to make it right out of you
    love is Ryan's the greatest writers
    never rest in their fight to be the best
    like me and I'll be there to help out
    whenever you need you're here
    but first it's like we must do the right
    a kinship awaits you this this there is
    something you need to allow your
    potential to be freed the right is
    symbol and ours alone the bond forger
    the kinship stone by the stone your
    hearts are bound and with your monster
    kinship found musty what of that a
    monster who's your bestie get it each
    stone is special one-of-a-kind keeps
    your close close to heart and mind all
    right now check out over here these are
    some monster eggs commands your hatch
    one will be your monster now what up hi
    your kingship stone and echo hatching a
    multi be known here we go
    did you say

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    Sanofi gonna be same country nasty

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    all right so slip egg hatch in the egg
    carton to view your eggs tap an egg to
    hatch it you in once they may receive
    snap it's gonna on where you tap it okay
    sleep egg fragments or some more eggs
    and hatch new monsters you can find egg
    fragrance cat fried the world or win
    them in network battles
    okay let's hatch it for you so the same
    one we got from the demo it's not bad
    boy Nick made me yeah if you don't keep
    the how it is so we can learn the air
    monster names this deserves
    congratulation maybe even a standing
    ovation did well to form a kinship bond
    with this monster who've of whom you are
    so fond now your of monster now your
    Vermont's T stood by your side care for
    a well as it's a riders pride Navi
    alright is forming kinship with monsters
    a tradition order than time and oh man
    he speaks only a rhyme now I'm doing it
    to awesome like you to are any case the
    ceremony isn't over just yet a kinship
    stone must be purified before I can
    reveal its hidden power
    Yuda cleanse the kinship stone in the
    waterfall at the mount pondrá caves you
    can't pass this trial you won't be
    allowed to complete the ceremony so
    kiddo you accept this challenge that's
    the correct answer
    awesome come to the village gate when
    you've made your preparations sounds
    good so yo obtain a monster but in the
    Rite of kinship is far from over
    now you must head to mount pointer caves
    immerse the kinship stone given to you
    by chief Amla and the water there but
    what have you wait in the caves for all
    and do you wonder right so we need ahead
    to the gate but we're not gonna do it
    just yet I do when I can I look around
    the options real quick so we can
    actually do
    this place is your house huh let's take
    a people inside love to see what you got
    going on there it's been nosy aren't ya
    but here's my house okay so I named the
    bed and chest taking a nap in the bed to
    fully recover your party HP and hearts

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    and save the game and be sure to say
    often in case you run a trouble later
    change my parents holy cheese's outfits
    as well I just seeking it like some cool
    like Zelda outfit but I don't think it's
    an English version
    oh that's the riders outfit hey cool
    doesn't a gift in the Dell oh okay let's
    kind of keep that's want to try and find
    out like you know how we equip the
    outfit but Dean realizes this for Navi
    but angle right here next pisode we are
    gonna go to mount laundry and complete
    the kinship stone ceremony
    hey guys watching a great day see you
    next time peace

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    Comment (45)

    1. And here i am,watching somebody play MHS after i just finished the main story and got myself a dream Kirin. I find it a good game and great gameplay!

    2. I know I'm 4 years late but this guy could have easily looked up the QR codes for items on the internet and finished the game in like 4 days. Besides it's not cheating if the game allows you to do it.

    3. The Rathalos egg in this looks nothing like it does in the commercial for MHS 2. Also I remember seeing Ratha get knocked off the bridge for my first playthrough and I was like no you can't do that you better give him back.

      Edit: I remember I left the game to see if I could get a cooler monster but no matter what it will always be the Velocidrome


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