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    Monster Hunter World | Arch Tempered Nergigante Gamma Armor Set & Skills Overview

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    #MonsterHunter #MonsterHunterWorld #MHW
    Arch Tempered Nergigante is live right now for consoles. Here's a look at the Gamma armor set & skills.
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    Comment (24)

    1. I'll wait for the G rank version of the armor

      Edit: and it's because i dont have a lot of time to get it and because i am far behind from hr 9

    2. Anyone else finding this completely fucking impossible? Even if I dont faint everyone else does and I've lost this quest maybe 20 times now trying it both solo and with a full team.

    3. Nergigante is one of my favorite Monsters but his Arch Tempered form keeps kicking my ass. And the interference of Kushala or Teostra does not help either. But I wear his armor primarily so I can't stop till I beat him…several times…(sigh)

    4. Just add transmog please… so many cool armors already in the game.. what's the big deal devs!?!?! Youd literally have one of the best games ever……..

    5. I just started playing a week ago on PC but why you have so many quests in your events?
      The quests from last week disappeared and I only got 5 or 6 from this week.

    6. I need Help! I've been Trying to complete this quest a total of 83 times !!!!! And every time we lose in the lava area ;-;

      I play on xbox and The randoms are worse than me somehow….. I just want someone that knows what they're doing or that can at least help…. I'll link my username if you ask…

      All though I am a hr 57 I still have everything i need…. honestly, please don't doubt me just cause of my hunter rank…. thank you all :p

    7. i got a tip for people if you cant flinch him with damage while he is about to go to the final room use the crystal burst so he stays in the normal area longer so you can try to kill him in that area and if you run out of the crystal burst when trying this then thats fine cause you can obviously bomb him and kill him faster in the last area

    8. Holy crap! Nerg's A Helm,Y Chest,B Coil and Y Greaves are filthy…+6 Attack Boost and Lvl 3 Maximum Might geez talk about full offence couple it with Kaiser Vambraces B and you've got a can of whoop ass

    9. Arch tempered Nergigante killed me just by touching me, when it did that flying attack it only took a quarter of my health, but when it's leg grazed me while I was trying to re position myself it killed me. So, I just gave up on ever defeating it. I had a 400 defence set with the large defence meal and I used the mega defence potion and a bunch of other stuff to boost my defence.


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