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SearchThisVideo: Monster Hunter World | Arch Tempered Nergigante Gamma Armor Set & Skills Overview

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hey what's going on guys

Eric say welcome back to another monster

underworld video and today we are

talking about arc tempered Naga ghonte

is finally available to fight he went

live today for consult I imagine PC will

get him very soon and he's available for

a limited time but this also marks the

end of content for well there will of

course be the existing event quests

going a rotation but this is the final

quest that we have been waiting for of

course after this we will then lead

straight into ice-born bucks without tip

enoguh ante of course comes a Gama

obviously and as always we're gonna take

a look at it take a look at the skills

and talk about whether art is something

worth farming so if you guys do enjoy

this then likely super appreciated

comment down below and let me know how

you guys have been getting on with this

fight have you enjoyed it have you

defeated it have you made the armor well

let me know and of course keep it locked

so you've got plenty more Monster Hunter

videos coming your way very soon now

first things first if you want to do the

question yourself head over to the quest

board select the event quests and then

scroll through a few pages and it's

called The Herald's of destruction cry

it's a little bit further in because of

course the spring blossom festivals

happening right now so there's quite a

lot of quest to go through but this is

the one you want to do and in terms of

the fight itself it's actually pretty

fun he does have a few new moves he's

very fast very aggressive of course as

you'd expect from an archetype of

monster he has a lot of health he hits

very hard so I definitely say you want

to make sure that your defense on your

gear is up to scratch

maybe throw on some health boost either

way he does have some new tricks on his

sleeve he basically has a lot of moves

where you would typically expect there

to be a pause after and he'll just go

straight into another attack which can

often catch you off-guard and he also

takes different routes he doesn't start

in the same place he works more into the

volcanic area and then of course he

works back towards the final room which

can get pretty hectic given the tight

space so either way he's a fun fight can

be pretty challenging but of course once

you've taken him down and you've got the

parts you needed you can then head over

to smithy and check out the gamma no

yanti armor set which is this one right

here so of course you know no get elbow

always looks really cool and it has had

in the past and rather interesting perks

but on the gamma front this is what we

have to play with firstly you have the

no you can't a step bonus as you'd

expect no you can't a hunger which

regenerates your health as you

continually attack a monster and of

course the recovery a very fun weapon so

you know we've spoken about this in the

past it's so

decent skill but it's not necessarily

the best of the recovery skills because

if you really want to get that kind of

region set going then you definitely get

a lot more value out of say the valves

that bonus paired with you know some of

the other things you can gem it however

on top of that we also have attack boost

level for split across two different

pieces the arms and the legs we have

plus twelve attack with a course that

five percent affinity you then also have

agitator level two also split across to

our pieces giving you plus eight attack

and increasing your affinity by six

percent you have maximum mites which

gives you the twenty percent increase to

affinity while your stamina is full you

have stamina surge which increases your

stamina recovery speed by 10% and you

have heart breaker which makes it easier

to break or several parts of monsters

and the pot damages plus ten percent so

overall when you've got those other kind

of complete set it might not necessarily

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

be that appealing but it is worth

calling out that some of those skills

for example if you've want things like

attack boost and your set then plus

three attack boost on the legs with two

very nice slots is actually a pretty

strong contender and also for those of

you the potential you want maybe maximum

mire agitator then of course you can get

that between some other pieces as for

the slots you have to level two slots in

the helmet a level three slot a level

two slot on level one slot on the chest

a level two slot and two level 1 slots

on the gloves a level three slots a

level one slot on the waist and of

course as mentioned those two level two

slots in the legs and honestly this is

probably the thing you're gonna love the

most if you look at this whole set and

you're like you know what it's not me I

don't really think I need most of it

this is probably the one piece that you

might want to grab now yes you might be

thinking to yourself well with I spawn

coming around and master round can there

be a new gear all of this stuff is gonna

become redundant and yes that's true but

you are still gonna want like a decent

set to take into a master rank because

if it's anything like previous most

Sonic games then your first set that you

go into D rank with invariably is not

that strong and you still gonna get

slapped around so you will very quickly

replace it but hey it doesn't hurt to

get prepared for the challenges that lie

ahead but yeah I definitely say from

this some of the best bits to pick out

will be the legs for the level three

attack boost in those slots and

potentially add a push maybe the waist

because again it's got you know decent

slots got a couple of points and things

like maximum line agitator so there are

some things you can work with I wouldn't

necessarily say you'd need to lean into

their set bonus because as mentioned

there's value elsewhere so overall it's

definitely more so a set that I would

it may be the old piece from as opposed

something that I would get in its

entirety however if you don't like that

at all don't forget that there is also a

layered armor set and for this one you

will need to know the anti tickets which

of course comes from defeating octave

below you ante and you'll also need some

Street Fighter 5 tickets the ticket 3

because the late arm set is Roo

so obviously up until this point you've

been able to play a Sakura if your

repairs review this is the final layer

on a set so that's what you need to get

and of course don't forget but if you

don't have the Street Fighter tickets

because Spring Blossom Festival right

now you can of course go and do those as


so if this is something you want this is

the time to do it but for the time being

that's pretty much it that's a quick

rundown of the armor set the fight

everything else you need to know so

again let me know the comments down

below what you guys gonna do

are you farming this yourself are you

gonna skip over it either way let me

know and of course keep it locked for

plenty more most haunted world coverage


I really hope you guys enjoyed that

video remember to hit that subscribe

button and also click on the little bell

icon to turn on notifications so you

don't miss my next upload also don't

forget you can check out to 69 and

paradise central streaming over on

Twitch six days a week you'll find a

link to the multi stream in the

description box down below be sure to

weigh and get involved thanks give

watching take it easy

catch you next time these sounds

#MonsterHunter #MonsterHunterWorld #MHW
Arch Tempered Nergigante is live right now for consoles. Here's a look at the Gamma armor set & skills.
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Comment (0)

  1. I'll wait for the G rank version of the armor

    Edit: and it's because i dont have a lot of time to get it and because i am far behind from hr 9

  2. Anyone else finding this completely fucking impossible? Even if I dont faint everyone else does and I've lost this quest maybe 20 times now trying it both solo and with a full team.

  3. Nergigante is one of my favorite Monsters but his Arch Tempered form keeps kicking my ass. And the interference of Kushala or Teostra does not help either. But I wear his armor primarily so I can't stop till I beat him…several times…(sigh)

  4. Just add transmog please… so many cool armors already in the game.. what's the big deal devs!?!?! Youd literally have one of the best games ever……..

  5. I just started playing a week ago on PC but why you have so many quests in your events?
    The quests from last week disappeared and I only got 5 or 6 from this week.

  6. I need Help! I've been Trying to complete this quest a total of 83 times !!!!! And every time we lose in the lava area ;-;

    I play on xbox and The randoms are worse than me somehow….. I just want someone that knows what they're doing or that can at least help…. I'll link my username if you ask…

    All though I am a hr 57 I still have everything i need…. honestly, please don't doubt me just cause of my hunter rank…. thank you all :p

  7. i got a tip for people if you cant flinch him with damage while he is about to go to the final room use the crystal burst so he stays in the normal area longer so you can try to kill him in that area and if you run out of the crystal burst when trying this then thats fine cause you can obviously bomb him and kill him faster in the last area

  8. Holy crap! Nerg's A Helm,Y Chest,B Coil and Y Greaves are filthy…+6 Attack Boost and Lvl 3 Maximum Might geez talk about full offence couple it with Kaiser Vambraces B and you've got a can of whoop ass

  9. Arch tempered Nergigante killed me just by touching me, when it did that flying attack it only took a quarter of my health, but when it's leg grazed me while I was trying to re position myself it killed me. So, I just gave up on ever defeating it. I had a 400 defence set with the large defence meal and I used the mega defence potion and a bunch of other stuff to boost my defence.


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