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    SearchThisVideo: Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – 100% Walkthrough Part 1 [PS4 Pro] – Learning The Clutch

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    hey everyone today we are starting a 100
    percent walkthrough for monster hunter
    world ice-born now this is of course the
    DLC to monster hunter world and it's a
    bit of a special case where this DLC has
    a full suite of trophies and even its
    own platinum trophy so in many ways it
    is treating this as a brand new game and
    I'm gonna be doing the same here with my
    walkthrough by giving this a brand new
    playlist now with the base game I had
    not yet achieved 100% or the platinum
    trophy I will be incorporating any of
    the missing trophies into this new
    playlist and will be giving both of the
    platinum trophies on this playlist so
    for this video we're gonna be going
    through the patch notes checking out all
    the immediately available new stuff and
    also doing the optional quest learning
    the clutch which will teach us how to
    use a new and extremely valuable tool so
    let's jump into this
    so here we go here's our new tool the
    clutch claw let's see
    l2 + circle clutch claw and it says
    triangle to play the video I'll show
    that in a second
    grapple on two monsters and use weapon
    attacks to soften their hides or fire
    all your slinger ammo at once to stagger
    them in addition to the clutch claw
    there are also new weapon actions check
    weapon controls in your hunter notes and
    try them out in the new training all
    right so let's play this video
    so you can see with this clutch claw you
    can just grab onto an enemy sort of like
    a quasi mount and blast away at him and
    even toppled them and then here's some
    more plush claw in action grabbed onto
    him there did some hits and dismantled
    all right so we'll be showing a lot more
    of that clutch claw here very soon to
    close this and we have the patch notes
    Monster Hunter World iceberg ice-born
    version 10 summary of major updates from
    Monster Hunter world features marked
    with whenever that icon is can only be
    used by players who purchase Monster
    Hunter World ice-born after the game has
    been released
    alright so story progression we have a
    completely new story that takes place
    after the end of Monster Hunter world a
    new mastery or a new master rank rather
    for those seeking an even steeper
    challenge than high rank a new base of
    operations and a new gathering hub a new
    area and new endemic life to match the
    story new monsters to match the story
    and new weapon trees new equipment and
    new skills for player actions we have
    new actions and combo mechanics thanks
    to the all new clutch claw like I said
    we'll be diving into that war very soon
    new actions and combos for all weapons
    so all the weapons have new cool stuff
    you can do with them you can now use

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    your slinger while your weapon is
    unsheathed new training area features a
    higher level cap and your pal eco or
    four-year palico and palico gadgets so
    that's awesome palico can get some new
    progression reaching a certain level of
    unity with Lenny ins will allow you to
    ride tail Raider monsters riding a tail
    Raider monster will take you to any
    designated location on a map
    so that's awesome you kind of get like
    mounts now that will take you to the
    locations quickly super cool looking
    forward to diving into that for gameplay
    systems we have a new View mode for
    taking screenshots this can be accessed
    from system in the Start menu I know a
    lot of people in my discord are going
    crazy over the photo mode seeing all
    sorts of photos popping up on the
    discord seems like something that people
    are really enjoying we have new
    character creation elements so I know
    the big thing that people have been
    talking about here the new hairstyles
    but there's also like new faces and all
    sorts of things to customize your
    character and they also give you a free
    character modification so if you want to
    make some changes right away you can do
    that for free I don't know the process
    for doing that normally I don't know if
    it's something you pay for or what but
    there's a free one available now if you
    want to change let's see a new feature
    that allows you to display a list of
    your characters numeric data I actually
    don't know what that is we'll have to
    check it out at some point your new room
    in cell Lyanna can be redecorated that
    must be one of the new areas you can now
    use your radio menu for gestures inside
    the headquarters as well so that's
    that's pretty cool you can use gestures
    in the social area you're not restricted
    to simply gameplay areas like before new
    HUD display options no idea what those
    are you can now rillette it your squad
    emblem and there are more emblems to
    choose from so I never really messed
    with the emblem much in the past but
    there's more options for that now
    players can be assigned sub leader
    rights in a squad I am super excited
    about that I can finally make some sub
    leaders so they can invite people to the
    squad previously I was the only one that
    could do it and it was very annoying new
    squad card features have been added and
    you can now send join requests even when
    the leader is not present that is also a
    huge change before I had to be there
    with somebody else to get them in the
    squad that is apparent
    very happy all right so we got some
    major adjustments the temporal mantel
    effects have been changed and adjusted
    honestly it's kind of about time the
    temporal mantel was just disgustingly
    overpowered I don't know yet what they
    did to it but it really needed to be
    toned down and it looks like they
    finally did that some skill effects have
    been fixed cool some weapon effects have
    been fixed also cool the decoration name
    below has been changed smoke jewels are

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    now survival jewels the skill names
    below have been changed spore puff
    expert has become survival expert
    aquatic expert has become aquatic slash
    polar mobility two-player difficulty has
    been added to multiplayer I am very very
    excited about that if you did not know
    previously if you were in multiplayer it
    was just automatically scaled to the
    same amount whether you had two or four
    people so having two people was actually
    sort of hamstringing yourself because
    you were fighting something intended for
    four people now it's actually going to
    adjust it for two people which is great
    when going on a quest with two players
    the difficulty will be adjusted to the
    awesome extra slots for item loadouts
    extra slots for the equipment box and
    equipment loadouts extra slots for your
    wishlist the research base our research
    base now has a smithy proxy and resource
    center so that's cool I don't go to the
    resource research base very often but if
    I do I can now craft some stuff there
    and do the Resource Center stuff layered
    armor can now be created at the smithy
    so they changed the location for that
    some of the rules for the display colors
    of character names have been changed and
    endemic life now appears in a variety of
    sizes apparently they were all the same
    size before now they have adjustable
    sizes and it says please see the
    official website for more information on
    the update so there might be more
    information there this could just be the
    cliffnotes not really sure I haven't
    gone to the website alright so let's
    start game for those of you who are not
    aware I had a hundred and ninety two
    hours on the base game I was hunter
    ranked 106 I don't know why I'm saying
    was I still am and I have a whole lot of
    money 4.3 millions in and at the bottom
    you can see there is a character edit
    voucher and a palico edit voucher so if
    you want to change your characters look
    for your pal codes look you can now do
    that for free apparently I had a cost
    before but I don't know what
    let's jump in Monster Hunter world ice
    ball a major new expedition is about to
    a lejiana has been sighted in the
    ancient forest talked to the feisty
    fiver near the main gate of astera
    and go on a new investigation the field
    teams gathered at the main gate seems
    like they're getting ready to go out on
    an expedition in the forest alrighty so
    let's start with the login bonus Monster
    Hunter world ice-born now available the
    ice-born launched sent for all players
    and I don't know what I owe that I spent
    lunch but set is one of the bonuses is

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    gonna get me down there for free items
    and such and that is available until
    October 3rd and can only be claimed once
    also the ice-born lunch set that's for
    the ice-born purchaser bonus that's
    available until the 3rd as well I don't
    know if you have to pre-order for that
    or not or just purchase but either way
    that's there if you buy the game well
    possibly if you buy the game definitely
    if you preorder and there's a quest
    pearl Snatchers which is available until
    October 3rd collect materials to make
    one-of-a-kind equipment so apparently
    some quest with special stuff is only
    gonna be around for a little bit so well
    for about a month so take advantage of
    that if you bought the game let's see
    the ice-born launch set has all sorts of
    good stuff 50 mega potions 13 old
    berries 20 well-done steaks 10 max
    potions a gold white variant print
    and that's it apparently then we have
    the ice-born launch set tranq bombs dust
    of life heavy armor sphere is gourmet
    voucher golden egg and that's it for
    that now I can scroll down here also the
    free guardian armor set is now available
    to all players I believe it says
    download it now from the PlayStation
    Store but I don't think that's actually
    accurate as far as I know you actually
    get that from the from going to your
    room and claiming your rewards or
    whatever so we'll be doing that just a
    one thing they added here which I really
    really like is the event schedule this
    shows you all of the events that are
    currently active and how long they are
    active for the part that I really like
    about this is that you no longer have to
    go upstairs to the gathering help to see
    what Challenge quests are active or
    arena challenges rather so you can see
    all of that right here and I very much
    appreciate it I think it's awesome oh
    and there's a challenged quest there for
    master ring too and that's only
    available for 13 days so I might want to
    get that knocked out if I get the master
    rank too fast and a full scene alright
    so yeah that's an awesome change that
    I'm very excited about let's close this
    let's see what else can we show well
    let's go over to the Resource Center
    we've got new limited bounties available
    and create layered armor at the smithy
    layered armor is no longer obtained as a
    reward for delivery requests it can now
    be created at the smithy you can check
    and create the available layered armor
    from the smithy many of our smithy menu
    by going to forge equipment layered
    armor no changes have been made to the
    required materials and research points
    so they really just moved the stuff up
    there nothing's changed

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    makes the delivery screen a little
    cleaner so you can see this I've done
    almost every delivery in the game the
    only one I haven't is to hold the
    harvest which takes aqua sacks but
    everything else I've done does that get
    me again
    oh harvest walk south great I should
    probably do that I didn't realize that
    that did that okay good well that's
    something I should work on okay let's
    see yeah Oh Argosy guys here he's just
    gonna tell me how awesome I am for
    getting hunter rank 100 I think major a
    surprise a minute that's for sure I
    don't think I can ever be shocked
    anymore I may have asked you before but
    how about it ready to take over
    captaining once I retire with you bark
    in the orders we'd probably haul in half
    the seas fish with every catch oh well
    take a good whiff before you go my
    sapphire star this is the one place that
    still smells like home any aqua sacks in
    here cuz that would actually be good see
    I won't tell me what's there well now I
    want to know I don't know aqua sex by Oh
    check items ever again
    oh that's a toxin sank oh well all right
    so we don't want anything here so
    anyways let's go up to the smithy
    their yard famer their your fiber I've
    got some big news for you
    production started on layered armor you
    heard me right the smithy set to turn
    out layered armor on-demand layered
    armor can be slapped on top over your no
    more get normal gear for a fresh look
    whenever the mood takes you stop
    have a look under forge equipment next
    time you're itching for a change also
    help to hide those GOG forsaken clown
    suits alright so yeah forge equipment
    you can go down to layered armor and
    forging layered armor similar to regular
    armor sudden layered armor can now be
    unlocked by obtaining the corresponding
    special materials this new layered armor
    requires materials and research points
    what is layered armor layered armor has
    no functionality on its own or of its
    own but it allows you to change your
    appearance while using the features of
    the regular armor you have on two
    equipped layered armor go-to layered
    armor settings in your item box you can
    now register layered armor to your
    equipment loadouts
    you can also save and reflect separate
    pigments like settings for both regular
    armor and layered armor alright so new
    options for layered armor and a new
    place to craft it so most of the layered
    armor I don't have is all this bushi
    stuff from the cove a tear-off siege but

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    the rest of it I've pretty much got
    everything except I don't have death
    I need sinister cloth for that oh I
    don't have a Ryan winter star tickets
    for that I'll have to wait for the
    winter event which should be a few
    months away but yeah other than that
    I've pretty much gotten everything
    so yeah this is where you make layered
    armor now and I'm actually wearing some
    layered armor this is not my actual
    armor it's just some fancy clothes that
    I like and let me go ahead and talk to
    the smoothie guy again you're making use
    of the clutch claw hunter your slingers
    a lot more than just a peashooter these
    days perfect for taking the fight to a
    monster grapple on to the Beast and
    clobber to your heart's content or till
    your stamina runs out try it for
    yourself hmm I know there was a quest
    for getting in some claw combat
    somewhere ah here it is it's a one star
    optional quest learning the clutch good
    give it a go sometime
    all right so that's the quest I said we
    were gonna do the optional quest
    learning the clutch learn the mechanics
    of the clutch call highly recommend you
    do this it'll give you some really
    valuable information and it'll also give
    you a trophy which should be your first
    ice-born trophy all right let's see
    anything on the map I'm forgetting about
    hmm Oh well apparently I never went up
    here to talk to the guy once I got
    hunter ranked 100 I'm just gonna do that
    real quick cuz he's just gonna tell me
    how awesome I am and make me feel good
    about myself
    hello Admiral I hear you completed some
    ridiculously hard quest here let me get
    a look at you oh-ho-ho yep you've
    definitely looked different are you
    definitely you fixing to be the next
    Admiral are you gunning for my job I'm
    definitely seeing some Admiral ash
    features there wha ha ha ha all right
    just making me feel good about myself
    all right so let's head to our room and
    there's some new stuff there take the
    lift down to the trade yard
    all right uh let's talk to fable first I

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    feel like I improved a lot today I hope
    you'll bring me along on the next outing
    - that's weird
    should have said something different to
    me let me back out there we go
    guess I taught the little premature all
    right that nice tail Raider from before
    taught me the trick to doing monster
    calls and get this when you call them
    youngster they'll let you hop on their
    back and hitch a ride here I'll teach
    you how all right we have Raider ID you
    can now ride tail Raider monsters with
    your palette go select Raider ride call
    from the item bar to summon the monster
    then press circle while next to it and
    get on open the wildlife map and press
    r3 to set a destination and your tail
    Raider Monster will automatically take
    you there for instance you can drop a
    pan on a large monster with our three
    and your tail Raider monster will
    automatically start tracking this allows
    you to prepare for the hunt while on the
    while riding a muster you can still
    gather materials use your items in
    slinger and open the wildlife map as
    usual but there are some new actions to
    keep in mind open the wildlife map and
    press r3 to set your destination so tell
    you tale raider guy where to go l3 while
    running will turn change it to a walk
    handy for gathering materials l3 while
    walking will change it to a run X will
    dismount the monster and triangle will
    dismount the monster while performing a
    draw attack you cannot control the
    monster directly if you don't set a
    destination the monster will follow
    tracks and you can check the controls at
    the top right of the screen
    check your Raider ride status you can
    check on the status of your writeable
    tail Raider monster by going to the info
    tab in the Start menu opening palico
    info and pressing l2 or r2 a number of
    times until you get to Raider ride info
    monsters grow tired if you ride them too
    much if the monster is resting you won't
    be able to call it during that quest or
    expedition so you have to wait for it to
    come for it to recover once you call a
    monster you can write it as much as you
    want for the duration of that quest if
    the monster is busy it's temporarily
    unavailable some areas like camps won't
    allow you to call monsters and each
    region has its own unique to eater
    ok so I'll show you what it's talking
    about you can now use Raider ID on jag
    rested on males Seamus Garros and
    guessed it on depending on the math that
    you're in
    so I'll show you what's talking about in
    terms of their available ability yeah
    availability so if we go over here -
    paliku info R - R - there's the rate of
    right info and you can see they are all
    eager and ready to be summoned all right
    next step we're gonna talk to the old

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    house key master I have been told you
    completed the Sapphire stars guidance
    what an ass what a truly / rough / Oh
    found feet I'm so / or I'm so impressed
    I sorry I must have dander in my eyes
    you make me proud master you are the
    sapphire star that guides us through
    murky seasons the tail rate is so fine
    now right let's go to claim add-on and
    all right so we get the armor set
    Guardian I believe that is layered armor
    I'll have to check that out early weapon
    upgrade material set I believe I got
    this for pre-ordering so just some low
    level crap that I'm not gonna use but
    I'll take it anyway
    a character in paliku edit voucher
    that's just a nice boring bonus we
    already saw that on the login screen and
    we have layered armor set you Kumal so
    maybe the guardian set isn't actually a
    layered armor just as armor set no no I
    have to check that up finish taking the
    bonuses yes all right so yeah let me
    actually look in my equipment info oh no
    not equipment info I didn't pouch
    they're not item pouch
    I'll have to look at my gear I think I
    can only do that from the chest
    managed items now we want change
    equipment there he also has the new
    stuff in here
    seize any of this Guardian there we go
    Guardian suit
    a plus or alpha plus so yeah it looks
    like something just for new players
    perhaps well maybe it once well it's
    pretty sick so once I improved it won't
    be too bad we're covering up marathon
    runner on that one on the helmet you've
    got recovery up and health boost health
    boost is nice it's recovery up again I
    forget juice is the amount recovered
    when restoring health ah see for the
    gloves marathon runner and divine
    blessing for the leggings health boost
    and divine blessing so help boost 3 on
    this set is nice the rest then don't
    really care about marathon runner and
    divine blessing yeah it's ok I guess but
    nothing to write home alright let's see
    I got some mail what's going on with
    this using the accept all feature with

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    our three when you're sent to guild card
    or squad invite at headquarters and icon
    will appear at the left of the screen
    pressing r3 will automatically accept
    everything at once select an option
    squad invitations accept squad cars
    accept guild cards except items approve
    squad join requests to automatically
    open the corresponding menu screen note
    approve squad join request is only
    showing two squad leaders yep that makes
    all right so somebody sent me a guilt
    card except that although I thought it
    was gonna accept all
    oh that's fiery ass place I will accept
    all right so let's thought to the
    housekeeper a chamber of the five holds
    a precious place in the hearts of
    commission members especially those of
    the First Fleet when times were tough
    they would gaze up at that window with
    its depiction of the tale of the five
    until our hearts were soon a chamber the
    window and the tale of the five itself
    it's all tied to our greatest symbol of
    hope our sapphire star alright so we are
    gonna go to the training yard new
    training area features new features have
    been added to the training area combo
    damage display which I am very excited
    about and objects for practicing with
    the clutch cloth if you want to practice
    using your shiny new clutch claw talk to
    the housekeeper to change the objects in
    the area new actions have been added for
    all weapons check the weapon controls in
    your hunters notes for more information
    so that's where you find all the new
    you can now replenish the four types of
    slinger ammo dropped by monsters at the
    stone gathering points around the arena
    you must have Monster Hunter a monster
    hunter world ice-born installed in order
    to use the clutch claw and to be able to
    change the objects in the training area
    keeping track of your combo count and
    total damage combo damage display if you
    attack the pillar or the wagon that can
    be placed in the training area the total
    amount of damage dealt as well as the
    number of hits in your combo will be
    shown in real-time compare it to the
    damage dealt by your previous combo
    combo shown in your log to which combos
    or to see which combos work best for you
    so that is so so good so before you
    could practice combos here but you
    either had to like recorded and then add
    up all the damage and see how much time
    it took or just sort of eyeball and go I
    think that did more damage but now it
    tells you exactly how much damage you
    did and the amount of hits in your
    combos and that is just so ridiculously
    valuable and then we have trying out the
    clutched claw objects for practicing
    with the clutch claw
    use the clutch claw to grapple onto the
    wagon as you would on Twitter a monster
    to try out the various actions available
    so l2 + circle is how you fire the claw

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    using left stick while grappling will
    move to a different position just like
    when you mount a monster you can jump
    around triangle while grappling does
    your weapon attack circle while
    grappling the head changes the monsters
    direction with a claw attack that is
    important for toppling monsters which
    we'll go over later
    r2 while grappling the head will do the
    Flint shot using all the slinger ammo
    that ties into the hole changing the
    direction thing because the Flint shot
    is used to try to topple enemies and X
    while grappling will drop down so if you
    want to abandon the rattle you can do
    that with X which is good if you're like
    running out of stamina or whatever and
    let's look at a video showcasing some of
    this grapple Don moving around changing
    doing a weapon tack and jumping off is
    this the same one it's just um repeat
    are they gonna do some notes oh yeah
    this looks like a solve you okay yeah
    it's definitely on repeat alright so
    yeah with the whole combo thing look if
    I wanted to go over to the pillar you
    can use the slinger with your weapon
    draw look for the perfect moment then
    so yeah you can see that combo with six
    hits 261 damaged if I want it to reset
    I'll just wait there we go I can start
    hitting again actually my combo but
    whatever just showcasing the whole thing
    so there you go super super valuable the
    only thing I would want extra is it
    would be really nice if it told you how
    long that combo took but whatever I'm
    still happy with what I got let's see
    we're gonna talk to the housekeeper
    because I want to change the training
    area change objects and the training
    area yes
    so we got the wagon here layin on a
    monster to grapple to it I can grapple
    on Oh a little too far away though there
    we go and we're gonna be going over this
    in a bit when we do our optional quest
    but really fun and awesome and effective
    so that's pretty much it for the
    training area let's go back to
    headquarters I could go back to the room
    but we'll go back to headquarters
    instead seems like they're getting ready
    to go out on an expedition in the forest

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    so we do have some new layered armor
    I've actually not seen this yet so I'm
    curious oh it's master rank layered
    armor oh can I do individual pieces oh
    yeah I oh I see they actually changed
    this I didn't realize they did this this
    is awesome so before you had to like
    scroll through a list now it's got them
    all more easily accessible which is
    pretty sweet
    I'm quite happy about that so see you
    won't put all this on
    that's not bad it's definitely unique
    chera I can roll with this for a little
    bit ukume all aired on
    there we go got a new look his pants are
    super bad alright so I think that's just
    about it all we have left is to do our
    optional quest and learn all of the
    various uses of the claw or the clutch
    come on so let's go ahead and post a new
    quest it's an optional quest and you can
    see all of my Oh actually is there a new
    9 star weird apparently there's a new 9
    star quest that's available because I no
    longer have the the nice little orange
    ish red completed thing now I have the
    silver one which means there's silver
    means I've completed all of the quests
    that I currently have available but not
    all of the quests that are available in
    the entire game so there must be a new
    one cuz I'm pretty sure I had all these
    categories completed previously so
    anyways it's a one star quest learning
    the clutch learn the mechanics of the
    clutch claw and this one is from the
    field team leader the old man said that
    new world hunters need to keep
    innovating in our latest innovation is
    the clutch claw a new feature of the
    slinger time for you to step up or yeah
    I can't breed apparently time for you to
    get up to snuff on how to use it
    sounds good to me definitely don't want
    to bother with a voucher on this one
    just gonna accept the quest
    the clutch claw the clutch claw lets you
    grapple on to a monster and then attack
    with your weapon to soften it side or
    unleash all of your slinger ammo for a
    flint shot clock shot every weapon
    regard regardless of whether achieved or
    not let you switch to the slinger with
    l2 and fire the clutch claw with l2 +
    circle to grapple onto various monster
    parts note the sword and shield lance

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    insect glaive bow gun and bow require
    you to switch to unsheathed slinger mode
    by pressing l2 + r3 when your weapon is
    unsheath know when to use your clutch
    claw wait until a monster is staggered
    before trying to grapple on if you
    grapple onto a monster's head you can
    use the terrain to your advantage to
    create an opening for attack circle
    changed the monsters direction you can
    change the direction the monster is
    heading in and control where you want to
    push them to which kind of goes and the
    whole Topol thing it was talking about
    ah let's see our to unleash all of your
    slinger ammo for a flint shot when
    knocked back monsters will lose their
    balance if they hit a wall or fall off a
    cliff in this state they will be toppled
    and that's really what you're trying to
    do note you cannot change a monster's
    direction or knock it back when it's
    enraged so let's watch a movie on this
    this is one of the main features of the
    clutch claw is trying to utilize it to
    top of your enemies so he used circle to
    change its direction then he did the
    flinch shot which made it run forward
    smash into the wall and get toppled
    so you can see how that is very very
    useful weapon attacks while grappling
    while grappling onto a monster press
    triangle to perform a weapon attack
    which has the following effects
    softening a monster's hide wound a
    specific body part to temporarily soften
    the hide this also makes attacks less
    likely to be deflected even when
    targeting hard parts this works with the
    great sword hammer hunting worn Lance
    charged blade switch axe and heavy bow
    gun so that's super super useful
    reducing the deflect chance is amazing
    not as amazing for the weapon I
    typically use which is charge blade
    however I do plan to master
    the dual blades as well during during
    ice-born so I'm gonna switch between the
    two weapons charge blade it'll be my
    main but dual blades will be my go-to
    when I'm feeling like I need to change
    and that was something my patrons voted
    on I gave them the option for me to
    switch to any weapon for my secondary
    they wanted me to go with the dual
    blades and then we let's see we have
    obtaining slinger ammo hit a monster
    with your weapon to make it drop slinger
    ammo this works with the longsword sword
    and shield dual blades gun lands in
    scythe wave light bow gun and bow and we
    have a movie here that we can check out
    so there's the grapple on and there's
    the hit which looked quite painful
    okay and then we have slinger ammo and
    slinger burst after performing a weapon
    action press art is a l - l - to unleash
    a slinger burst with increased slinger
    ammo functionality which can be used in
    a variety of situations l - cylinder
    burst examples great sword slinger burst
    can combo into true charge / sword and

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    shield slinger burst while evading and
    the charge blade unleash a counter
    slinger burst right after gardening with
    the shield which sounds really good sort
    of how I counter-attack with my super
    elemental discharge our super amped
    elemental discharge this is another move
    for it we can counter after a block note
    for more information on the effects of
    sling reverse for each weapon check
    basic controls and weapon controls in
    turn in your hunters notes
    let's get you up to speed on using the
    claw here's a crash course let's go over
    the basics first use your clutch claw
    with your weapon chief okay so l2 +
    circle nice work you can fire your claw
    with your weapon drawn as well try
    drawing your weapon before firing the
    clutch claw okay
    draw a weapon and we can still do this
    nice work each weapon handles slightly
    differently so make sure to put it
    enough time with each weapon to get
    fully accustomed let's move on hit a
    monster with your clutch claw to cling
    onto it first let's go over the weapon
    attacks you can use while clinging to a
    monster the type of attack depends on
    which weapon you have equipped the one
    you're wielding now will soften up a
    monsters hide before we move on let's
    get the exact timing down this is gonna
    be important so pay attention if the
    monster is moving you're gonna have a
    tough time landing an attack while
    clinging on attack the monster first to
    make it flinch and once it stops hit it
    where it hurts okay let's see if you can
    pull this off in practice alright let's
    do this so I need to attack this jaggus
    make him flinch and then grapple on to
    him and hit him with my life
    your attacks will be less likely to be
    reflected in targeting its spawn you saw
    enough if you're struggling to land a
    solid hit because the monsters height is
    too thick here's your answer
    okay next we're gonna try to hit the
    monsters head while clinging on to it it
    depends on the monster but there are
    usually several body parts you can cling
    on to you can move to different parts of
    the monsters body while clinging on to
    it but you'll consume a lot of stamina
    make sure to get your aim right before
    going for a particular body part you'll
    need slinger mo go find some and load up
    alright as you said we need some slinger
    ammo you can grab something right here

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    attack the monster first to make it
    flinch and once it stops hit it where it
    hurts that same thing again need to get
    him flinched
    Calphalon use your slinger slinger nice
    work that attack will consume all of
    your slinger ammo but it can knock back
    monsters let's move on
    now let's look at how to attack with
    your clutch claw you can use this attack
    when clinging on to a monster's head
    attack the monster first to make it
    flinch and once it stops hit it where it
    alright it just wants me to do a claw
    type this time staying for the flinch
    tapping on the monster to change course
    and it allows you to make the monster
    change directions or get them to change
    course any monster becomes a threat of
    your angry
    keep a close watch
    when angry monsters will be a lot more
    aggressive so it's best to keep your
    distance for a while
    looks like it's calmed down let's move
    on right now let's put everything you've
    learned so far into practice this attack
    makes use of your surroundings fire your
    sling or while clinging on to the
    monsters head to make it slam into walls
    this will be a great opportunity to
    really whale on the monster this is your
    time to shine
    okay make the monster collide with a
    wall with a blink shot so this is what
    it's all about this is what makes the
    claw shot or clutch claw so valuable
    all right so grapple on no ups I forgot
    to get the ammo so climbed up disengaged
    with X pick up this stone and bring them
    over here and we'll get them flinched
    there we go grab them

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    let's see I need to do the claw claw
    oh I ran a stamina so your stamina
    grappling onto a monster will hurry
    hey you can see I'm still a rookie at
    this should have gone much quicker punch
    him again
    grab them and I probably just do the
    shot now send a fly and toppled always
    keep an eye out for ways to use your
    environment to your advantage when
    nice work that covers everything class
    dismissed and I got some great Jagger's
    Christie and he's trying to hurt me
    that's not very nice
    H supe and I'm in television
    okay that took nine minutes in 53
    seconds I get a bunch of freebies
    including honey
    which I'm very happy about six pieces of
    Hunter ain't apparently moved at all
    not surprising and we got the clutch
    claw neophyte trophy for completing this
    optional quest and studying the ways of
    the clutch claw
    the field teams gathered at the main
    seems like they're getting ready to go
    out on an expedition in the forest
    alrighty so that is all of the new stuff
    that is immediately available there will
    of course be newer things once we
    basically start ice-born because this is
    just sort of catching up to speed and
    then our main expedition to begin
    ice-born starts right there which will
    be starting on the next video but
    anyways we're all done for now thank you
    for watching and I will see you next

    In this Monster Hunter World: Iceborne 100% Walkthrough video we begin the DLC Iceborne on MHW by completing the optional quest Learning The Clutch.


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    1. Fighting a monster – a few tips in Monster Hunter World

      Monster Hunter World Guide


      Certain body parts are more vulnerable to attacks than others. There are monsters that have a lot of resistance, e.g. on a head which can deflect all your blows. Each monster is unique so learn about their weaknesses.

      Gear selection. The game offers a lot of freedom when it comes to equipment. Your choices determine a course of every fight. A choice of your weapon has the biggest impact here – check the chapters dedicated to various weapon types. At any moment, you can open the menu and check the most important combos for your weapon.

      Bigger monsters can fight with each other. When two bigger monsters meet they almost always end up fighting each other. You can use this to your advantage and attack the objective of your current quest.

      Dodges and blocks. They are the basis of all fights. Usually, your enemies are very large which means that their attacks really hurt. You have to learn how to fight – this is based on whether you are using a light or a heavy weapon. Your fighting style can be based on blocks or dodges.

      Monsters can start running away during fights – you have to chase them and slay. Phases. Fights with monsters are divided into a few phases. Your enemy can try to escape, jump down, climb on a wall etc. You have to chase them – a monster soon stops and a fight can resume.

      Special attacks. During some hunts you can use special attacks and, e.g. place a bomb near a sleeping monster. Discover and use these actions to deal massive damage.

      No health bars. This is a trade mark of Monster Hunter series. Monsters don't have a health bar and it may be difficult to determine a current health of your enemy. In the bottom left corner, next to the mini-map, you can find something that resembles an ECG – monsters that are close to death have a faster heartbeat.

      During fights you can, e.g. cut off a monster's tail.

      Attacking particular body parts. Focus your attacks on a body part to break it. This weakens a monster and, e.g. make it move slower. Also, certain body parts allow you to get crafting materials.

      Damage points. Unlike in the previous installments, this one displays damage of your attacks. This number is displayed upon hitting an enemy. This is helpful when you want to, e.g. compare damage dealt to a head with damage dealt to a side.

      Pay attention to your surroundings during fights. You can use, e.g. Flashflies to stun your enemies.

      Environment. Examine terrains where a fight with a monster will take place. You can find edges, climbing walls, vines that you can use to trap a monster etc. A good hunter always makes use of their surroundings.

      Fast Travel. You can't fast travel to a camp when you are in the middle of a fight. You have to, e.g. escape from a monster or hide in bushes first.

      Reward. You get a reward after defeating a monster and for completing a quest's objective. You also get a bonus for, e.g. no faints during that mission. Remember to carve a monster's dead body – this gives you materials that you need to craft better equipment!

      Practice makes perfect. Each weapon has advanced mechanics that you can learn over time. Spend a lot of time on training (preferably on a training field) and practice combos. Remember that you can also find multiple tips displayed on the screen that can help you with attacks.


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