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    SearchThisVideo: Monster Hunter World – Iceborne Advanced Guide – Builds, Gear, and Mechanics

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    what's happening y'all cowboy here and
    welcome to my ice-born advanced guide
    now the reason we're calling this the
    advanced Scot is because I already have
    a nice born starter guide and I'm gonna
    have a link to that in the description
    as well as pinned in the comments and
    while that video focused on a lot of
    things that you should know going into
    ice-born a lot of beginner friendly
    things this video is going to focus on a
    lot more of the top-end efficiency what
    type of gear you should be working on as
    you're playing ice-born what type of
    year you're going to want to work
    towards as you progress through the game
    and all and I'll give you a much better
    setup than you would have then going in
    blind now this video we'll try to keep
    spoilers to a minimum for those that
    don't want to have monsters spoiled and
    whatnot but because I'm gonna be giving
    you information that's gonna lead you to
    making you know inform build choices and
    whatnot there will be a couple spoilers
    either way let's jump into it and the
    first thing I want to discuss are early
    builds now right here we have a pretty
    standard late-game high rank build for
    someone that probably didn't do all of
    the ark temperate stuff we got four
    pieces of dragon we got the dragon king
    high patch lots of standard DPS skills
    here crit I attack boost wax crypt boost
    master's touch and while this is all
    fine and dandy aim to do a ton of damage
    what I want you to notice is your
    defense with this build is only at 489
    and that's pretty damn low now comparing
    this to a mr1 master rank build and this
    is something that you can put together
    as soon as you get into master rank we
    have four pieces of a hornet our gear
    and we have the bo Greaves Bo being one
    of the very early monsters in iceborn
    with this build we still have a pretty
    high amount of cred I we have wex we
    have crit boost and on top of that we
    have ear plugs at level five cancelling
    out any of roars that are gonna be
    happening so while we are going to lose
    some attack here if you look at our
    defense our defense is drastically
    higher compared to before our defense is
    all the way up over 800 now and that's
    going to make a big big difference in
    your survivability you might be able to
    get through em r1m our two hunts with a
    late high rank set but especially by the
    time you hit mr3
    any time a monster hits you you're gonna
    lose roughly half your health bar now
    moving on from there this is the
    standard build I would suggest for the
    majority of progression you're gonna
    make a nice board you can fully put this
    together at mr3 you're going to want the
    Rathalos chest
    you're gonna want the ODA garand coil
    which you'll actually probably use that
    all the way to the end of the game
    because it's like a best in slot piece
    and then three pieces of Narga kaga
    three pieces of naga Kouga is gonna give
    you access to true razor-sharp and true
    spare shops so whether you're a gunner
    or a blade master this build is
    incredibly effective we have our crit I
    we have our weakness exploit we have
    some handicraft if the weapon needs
    handicraft to put it up into white we
    have crit boost and all in all it's just
    a very very solid build that's going to
    allow us to do a lot of damage while
    maintaining our sharpness through the
    majority of ice-born content next I want
    to take a moment to talk about weapons
    now a nice point you're gonna be faced
    with two real choices whether you want
    to do a physical grants build or
    elemental grant to build elemental
    damage is incredibly potent in ice-born
    now that the elemental caps have been
    greatly increased personally I love

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    doing elemental builds but it's
    definitely not for every weapon some
    weapons are great at element like dual
    blade bow charge blade other weapons not
    so much now if you want to do elemental
    check the link that is down in the
    comment section as well as the
    description that is going to be to the
    pre Safi meta for monster hunter world
    ice-born you can select the weapon that
    you use and then go down and find
    exactly what weapon tree you should use
    for a particular element but because
    there are so many different variables
    for example you know be a todos is gonna
    be top tier ice for dual blades as well
    as charge blade but it's not going to do
    as much as say the leg iana bow when it
    comes to ice so because of all those
    factors I would suggest following up on
    that link now for those that aren't
    interested in element and purely wants
    to do physical damage the first thing
    I'd recommend is going to be building
    yourself one of these a Ratheon weapon
    now the reason for this is late-game
    the Ratheon weapons are top tier Bar
    None if you're looking for raw physical
    damage the Ratheon weapon will beat out
    pretty much every single competitor it
    has for quite a while because they're
    going to have very high attack they're
    gonna have some innate white sharpness
    on them they're gonna have affinity
    they're gonna have some poison on them
    and just all-in-all they are very solid
    weapons however if you're not going that
    route or you're not sure what you want
    to do what I would recommend is just
    sticking with the basics the defender
    katana now I know the defender weapons
    were added to help players kind of power
    through the base world content
    in preparation for ice-born despite that
    they're actually quite potent in early
    ice-born as well and in the defender
    weapon can easily get you through all of
    the mr 1 and mr 2 hunts using the
    defender katana has an example here
    attack at 726 and nate white sharpness
    blast and we have augments on it so you
    can still run a health regen and I'm
    just gonna go down the list and compare
    this to a couple of the other early mr
    weapons you can see we beat this one on
    out we beat this one on out this one we
    have more damage but we lose out on
    infinity but still got augments looking
    at here
    I like the wyvern blade but you're gonna
    need handicraft to get to that white
    sharpness right here we have more damage
    once again you're gonna need handicraft
    going down to Anjanette more damage of a
    negative affinity and we are need
    handicraft going down here I mean you
    get the gist these are all the the
    weapons that you would make very early
    on in ice-born and in pretty much every
    case here the defender katana is still
    an incredibly solid choice so to sum
    things on up the defender weapons are
    perfectly suitable to kind of break your
    way into ice-born until you find a
    weapon you really like if you want to
    focus on pure physical damage I would
    suggest going down the Ratheon line and
    if you want to do elemental I would
    suggest following the link that is both
    in the description and in the comment
    section pin now on the note of
    progression while I beat this Rathalos
    death we're going to talk about
    something those more late-game ice-born
    and that is the guiding lance or as many
    players call it the grinding lanes the
    guiding lands is the late-game incentive
    in high sport it's essentially a dynamic
    world that constantly has monsters going
    in and out and you can hunt them for
    parts however initially they're going to
    be four biomes in at the guiding lance

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    and depending on which biome you level
    will dictate which high-end monster
    you're going to receive I'm not going to
    spoil these monsters but as a general
    rule of thumb if you level up the forest
    region you're going to get access to the
    best in slop pants in the game these are
    pants that are used in almost
    every single bill if you level up the
    rotting region you're gonna get access
    to the best chests in the game pretty
    much any raw DPS build is going to use
    this chest if you want access to the
    best raw weapons in the game you're
    going to want to level up the wild spire
    regen monster in the wild spire is going
    to give you the mats for the final
    upgrade to raw weapons and lastly if you
    are going for elemental builds you'll
    want to level up the coral region first
    because the monster from there gives you
    access to the best gear in the game for
    elemental damage builds next we're going
    to take a moment to talk about the
    clutch ball because the game actually
    has a built in closure claw tutorial
    that a lot of players just aren't aware
    of so once you get into ice born go
    ahead and go down to low slash high rank
    optional one-star and right here you
    should have a mission called learning
    the clutch now if you don't have this go
    ahead and talk to the blacksmith back
    and the Stara he should give you the
    mission but we're gonna go into this
    mission and show you some more in-depth
    things with the clutch claw that I feel
    are important to elaborate on now while
    the ingame clutch claw tutorial is
    fairly comprehensive there are a couple
    things I'd like to cover the first is
    guaranteeing a quick flinch so you can
    launch the monster
    the second is knowing exactly when the
    monster is enraged so that you know when
    to not go for a wall bounce and the
    third is clutch bombing now as for the
    first there's a couple different ways to
    launch the monster obviously you could
    wait until it's actually flinched from
    being tired you could of course also put
    on something like a temporal mantle or a
    Rocksteady mansell to guarantee that
    you're not gonna get thrown off and the
    third is using the monsters own sling
    area now if you're running a light
    weapon you can very easily get slinger
    ammo off the monster if you're running a
    heavy weapon you'll need to use
    something like say scatter nut or
    crystal burst but this ammo in
    particular will briefly stagger the
    monster so what we're gonna want to do
    is stagger the monster
    clutch onto it turn it before it can do
    an action and then launch it into the
    this is incredibly effective in terms of
    getting off those easy launches and I've
    had you know pretty much as I've started
    doing this
    my clutch fall success has gone up
    now as for telling when the monsters
    that rage there are two main things I
    want you to look for one behind the
    mini-map which is currently yellow to
    the heartbeat which you can see is a
    steady blue and the third is gonna be
    the fact that agitator hasn't activated
    now in general you can get two launches
    off before a monster will enrage so
    right when we hit this the monster gets
    back up you'll notice agitator is gonna
    activate that heartbeat monitor is going
    to turn and then I is also going to turn
    red now any three of those are adequate
    methods of telling whether or not the
    monster isn't raged it's gonna do a
    quick roar here and then be very angry
    and we can say the skillet agitator has
    active you can see the eye on the

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    mini-map has turned red and in addition
    the heartbeat is now much more rapid and
    it's all training between blue and
    orange until that heartbeat goes back
    down to just a normal blue I will not be
    able to launch the monster no matter
    what I do however you can forcefully DN
    Rage a monster by putting it to sleep
    now the next thing I want to talk about
    is clutch bombing now typically when it
    comes to waking up a sleeping monster
    one of the standard methods is simply
    stacking mega barrel bombs around its
    face and then blowing those bombs
    getting damaged in now obviously if you
    have something like a great sword or a
    hammer they are an excellent choice to
    wake up the monster but what do you do
    when you don't well typically you would
    just go on put on out the bombs and then
    shoot the bombs themselves so that the
    bombs detonate doing damage
    I can see I got 225 and 450 on those
    bumps now by comparison this time we are
    going to do a clutch wake up and what I
    mean by that is first we're going to
    sleep the monster once the monster is
    asleep we're going to wake it on up and
    then send it flying into the wall
    hitting some bumps so the first thing we
    want to do is essentially get the
    monster in a good spot so he is it's a
    bit of a far run but we might be able to
    do it put our bombs over here and you'll
    notice that even though we're losing the
    to time wake up bonus from that one bomb
    that one bomb isn't going to be 450
    we're gonna actually get more damage
    between the wall bounce and the clutch
    ball together so you can see 225 on each
    of the bomb and then 345 for the wall
    bounce all in all giving us more damage
    on that wake up now obviously if you are
    using something like greatsword you're
    gonna get a much much beefier hit than
    you could get otherwise however we're
    not all running greatsword all the time
    so maybe you have your palico with the
    sleep weapon maybe you're running light
    bow-gun and you don't have a
    particularly good wakeup
    the point is doing a clutch claw and
    then launching them into bombs is an
    incredibly valid way to wake the monster
    up while still getting respectable
    amounts of damage
    now before you wrap up there are two
    last things I want to discuss the first
    being the Raider ride mechanic that was
    added which is incredibly underused
    despite how awesome it is and the second
    being some overlooked echoes but the
    Raider ride can be called in in any
    region where you have fully completed
    the pala co-related quest in that region
    as an if you have the the shield from
    shield spire if you have the horn from
    coral as long as you've gone through
    that then your palico can you know call
    call in lesser monsters to come help
    fight you can call them in and use them
    as mounts and this is incredibly useful
    because while you're riding the monster
    you can sharpen your weapon you can
    drink potions you can hit triangle or Y
    while you're on the monster do a jumping
    attack and get a mount from it and I see
    nobody using this thing people still
    just run after monsters aimlessly and
    this is I mean it's essentially an
    autopilot uber that takes you to the
    monster so definitely definitely use
    them the last thing I want to discuss
    are two decorations that I see almost no
    one using despite how valuable they are
    and the first is going to be Meyer
    Walker especially when you're first

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    playing through the game and you're
    going through hoarfrost reach there are
    tons of areas that are just caked with
    snow and your character trudges on
    through them having a single point in
    mire Walker is going to allow you to
    walk through all that snow like it was
    normal terrain in addition if you decide
    to take it up to level three you get a
    hefty evade window boost which is
    actually quite significant while this
    isn't something you're gonna be all that
    worried about endgame especially early
    on while you're exploring the region it
    is incredibly helpful and nobody ever
    uses the thing the second and this is
    gonna be for super late game is gonna be
    geologists now if you're wondering why
    I'm talking about a farming ability it's
    actually because when you're in the
    guiding lands at all times while you're
    hunting almost no matter what you are
    going to want to have one point of
    geologists and that's because the way
    the game is coded shinies that dropped
    from monsters in the guiding lands are
    considered bone piles and because of
    that geologist causes the shinies to
    double so what I mean is when you wall
    bounce a monster instead of one shiny
    showing up you get to when you break
    parts instead of two shiny strapping off
    the monster you get four this is
    probably a bug with the game but it has
    been in ice-born ps4 sense launch
    despite all the patches that have gone
    through it's still in the game
    Capcom has to be aware of this thing by
    now and for the foreseeable future it's
    still going to work so the point being
    that if you are in the guided lands and
    you are farming put a single point of
    geologists onto your build and you will
    see so many shinies dropping off
    monsters that you'll have trouble
    keeping up DPS because you'll be too
    busy picking up things on the ground so
    that is going to wrap things up for now
    hopefully this video helped you all get
    ready for ice-born if you're looking for
    more of a beginner guide once again
    we'll have that linked in the
    description as well as in the comment
    section as a reminder I'll also have a
    link to the meta post in addition to a
    couple different build builders I guess
    you want to call them set builders or
    everyone will call them that's the kind
    of stuff that I use to showcase those
    bills earlier but either way guys thanks
    for coming on by I appreciate all the
    support on this can't wait to dig deep
    on into some PC hunts and I'll see you
    guys out there in the hoarfrost reach

    Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is the highly anticipated massive expansion to Monster Hunter: World , the bestselling Capcom title of all time with more than 13 ...


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    1. Ok so I've been avoiding iceborne related videos because I don't want to see what iceborne is like before getting into it myself, but I do have a question for anyone who might be able to help me out here.
      Ok so near the beginning of December i ended up picking up MHW, Just the base game. But on Christmas I ended up getting the iceborne master edition so now I have two physical copies of the game. I haven't used the master edition because I had already started the game on my other disc and I didn't feel like starting over.
      My question is will I have to start the whole game over, or will I keep my save from the base game when I finally put the master edition disc into my console? I tried googling this But I couldnt find a definitive answer. Anyway have a good day everyone. 🙂

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