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    SearchThisVideo: Monster Hunter World Iceborne Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Getting Fish Slapped [MHW PS4 Pro]

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    well hello glorious people of the
    interwebs and welcome to Monster Hunter
    world ice board I have been so hyped for
    this game and after almost five thousand
    hours between the PC and the ps4 were
    finally back in Monster Hunter world and
    a special thanks to Capcom for sending
    me an early review copy so I could get
    you guys content recorded and I do hope
    you all enjoy this first episode where
    we're hunting down the leg iana that
    have been seen migrating to a newer
    easier world
    just like the Fitz ban on Lux on our
    side yeah I can't wait to get started
    anything yet can't see anything in this
    fog we didn't come all the way out for
    nothing we must keep looking
    hey lejiana
    and we have no idea where they're going
    hurts some kind of rumor about an island
    yeah that'd be pretty exciting huh
    an island
    the currents are getting worse hold on
    tight being on our side
    wait that is no island
    it's too dangerous to continue
    we must recruit you two inside let's go
    please the way
    oh we're just gonna fly there okay
    Harley you beautiful palico you

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    finally getting into ice-born I have a
    feeling Republican encounter like a bond
    borrow or something let's find our first
    camp actually I think this is the
    location for the first camp that
    explains that one a the commander
    procured some cold-weather gear for us
    you are now equipped with it
    the direwolf layered armor said don't
    worry your armor okay sweet ice we
    didn't actually get all of our stuff
    replaced the first thing we get is a
    layered armor that's actually relieving
    is I didn't want to get like that I'm
    pretty sure the armor I have right now
    is better than the initial stuff we're
    gonna get here we'll find out I do love
    the way this armor looks though look at
    the palico is so adorable
    Harley you majestic beast you now if you
    guys do find yourselves enjoying this
    ice-born episode make sure to fondle
    that like button wait where is that hot
    pepper at as it really helps out and
    greatly appreciate the support now in
    the beta bond Baro is literally out here
    I'm serious so pretty I really like snow
    maps it was like one of the things I was
    really hoping was going to come with an
    expansion or DLC I made videos on it way
    back in the day hmm
    we got some new endemic life well it's
    gonna be the ice fish
    looks like a clearing up ahead let's go
    check it out

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    I think we found our first tracks
    a pop
    I knew it I hate these stupid fish so
    think you're looking cool Baio totus I'm
    gonna smack that face pimp slap it with
    my dual blades PAP system by ice okay we
    should probably drink that hot pepper oh
    my god we should probably eat anything
    you know what let's do a shock trap
    Thank You Harley for the sweet sweet
    I need let's see here oh we do have hot
    drinks he doesn't too bad um oh god I
    have no max for bird no meat no me oh
    god I can break its leg Finn
    here Bayona oh you're going down home
    you got to mess with the clutch the
    clutch claw to put a sue I picked up a
    hot pepper
    we've got my speed demon drug I guess
    we'll pop that in real quick a soap and
    I had any kind of potion to increase my
    stamina we are using the dual blades

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    requires the use of stamina thankfully
    you can actually go back to camp and I
    picked up some items cuz I had actually
    eaten before this and but for some
    reason the food didn't carry over and
    now we've actually got health and
    stamina and hopefully we can avoid the
    ice blight now let's see here listen I
    get another drink up in here I may have
    died who's got pimp slapped by a stupid
    fish and died definitely not looking
    like a monster hunter before the
    struggle is for realsies sometimes come
    into my traps like to break all the ice
    off your stupid face I'm sick of this
    face plate hither you serious are you
    ignoring me
    I long for some earplugs come on you
    know you won't - I told you you wanted
    to keep it fish thankfully we've done
    quite a bit of damage to it already so
    we should be relatively okay oh the legs
    on the other frickin side what horrible
    luck begun to use the claw and then we
    can go to the head and then we can hit a
    relief circle
    mess around with some of these new
    mechanic they're a little bit
    how much better now that we actually
    have stamina do things you better not
    run from me naps today homie I wanted to
    get that is that a clutch claw explosion
    thing we can do like a burst I believe
    we jump up to the head and then fire oh
    it's a plan at the flash pod
    hate you stupid fish the fishes I hate
    literally the most especially the lava
    fish but the ice fish is gonna be just
    as bad into the trap you go homie into
    the trap you go then your face then your
    entire body and then I'm gonna use two
    parts to make some fancy armor if I
    could all there's the bond bar oh oh
    turf war baby

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    throwdown asleep got him now getting
    back into the groove of things a little
    the whole swinging equip right there and
    we should be don't have to leg
    they keep knocking it down the leg the
    other side me plus we need to break news
    the freight bought borrow kick its ass
    make it bleed don't want to fight it
    where'd he go Oh got him
    come on bond borrow get it get it bought
    borrow nice 1,400 damage baby a little
    beats easy
    excuse me fish the hell you think you're
    going homey
    it's like uh uh I'm out of here
    you ain't living away from me get back
    here uh-uh I'm going for a ride baby
    you can go to sleep all you want but I
    ain't freakin leavin I got one trap left
    and some sleep Oh
    ran a stamina packing all this garbage
    and I ran out of stamina Oh
    didn't go to its sleepy spot I am
    however look in the Strand put you to
    sleep back here
    I would like to trap to get some extra
    stuff into my traps into my trap go to
    your mind writes nice first bite
    definitely started off a little sketchy
    I was thinking getting back in the
    Monster Hunter after taking like six
    months off gonna be like riding a bike
    but it's definitely like riding a bike
    with no handlebars and no tires and
    you're crashing like straight into the
    concrete with your face
    this looks like the perfect place to
    and they stood up quick
    nice work base is coming along the leg

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    IANA there here yes we found their
    tracks there's no mistaking it hmm we'll
    need to ramp up this investigation for
    now let's get our base camp up and
    running assemble at the council tape we
    need to talk things over yes sir
    I'm so excited to get into this again
    for the good work you did on
    reconnaissance the location you found
    was perfect
    you two really did a fine job now that
    we've laid the groundwork we need to
    shore up our defenses before we can ramp
    up our legian investigation I've already
    made an urgent requisition to Estero for
    construction materials the transport is
    prepared to sail here in a few days time
    but of course this is uncharted
    territory and there's no guarantee that
    the transport will be able to find safe
    passage up to their land the landing
    point is quite a distance from the
    Forward Operating Base so I'd like for
    you to investigate the surrounding area
    Forward Operating Base and surrounding
    area that lacks a bit of punch when I
    put it like that let's see how about we
    call this base silly honor and the
    surrounding area can be called the
    reach perfects that's a wonderful name
    commander now I want you to conduct an
    expedition into the hoarfrost reach and
    ensure that the area is safe for passage
    I trust you to respond sensibly to any
    threats you may find out there take this
    is a good opportunity to get a lay of
    the land - don't let your guard down and
    don't forget your cold-weather gear
    good luck out there doesn't seem to have
    helps American much oh my god we got so
    many new missions and securing that
    supply route I just want to check out
    what the the beta totus armor stats and
    everything looked like so what we need
    to do is we need to find the armory is
    that down here no oh look at the new
    glorious kitchen Wow the tasty treats
    leave that fat cat it's this the grand
    master chef if we'd have the muscular
    chef now we have the FATF it's the
    people I'd in the history of the game oh
    nice so we've got level for decoration
    slots now and obviously we can create
    master rank armors we got bone helm B
    and alpha plus
    okay so this is all the stuff we're
    gonna be making here so bone alpha plus
    the defense 114 so for those you that
    don't know what master rank is basically
    the equivalent of G rank who actually do
    like the way that looks I think I like
    the the Alpha a little bit better and

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    we've got aquatic polar mobility here
    with ear plugs very nice the stamina
    surge and ice attack a health boost s--
    ear plugs ooh this is the new year plugs
    armor that's great oh wow all sorts of
    ear plugs I'm in love I do love me some
    ear plugs but just wanted to show off
    that armor real quick looks like all of
    most of this is gonna be pretty similar
    to how it looked before just with
    slightly better stats but I do hope you
    all enjoyed the first episode let me
    know what you thought in the comments
    definitely a little rusty but we will
    get back to where we were very quickly I
    could not wait to get into the really
    really powerful stuff we've got regime
    oh my guess is so many good monsters I
    cannot wait to fight them all let me
    know what you're most excited about for
    Monster Hunter World ice-born in the
    comments below and I will see you all in
    the next one

    Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is a brand new expansion for MHW. A new world awaits, with more powerful monsters, and challenging master rank quests!


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    1. I'm ready to lose my shit. I just got iceborne dlc and was super excited. Now I'm super pissed off after the being on the 1st part of iceborne. I am stuck all way are blocked off. It says something about a impact could cause a cave in. Wtf do I need to do to get the damn path to open up? Please please please answer me I'm losing my mind.


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