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    SearchThisVideo: Monster Hunter World Iceborne Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 – New Subspecies Invade

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    well hello glorious people of the
    interwebs and welcome the Monster Hunter
    ice-born we're finally able to
    livestream today and I'm really really
    excited to get back into all of this
    tomorrow we'll be able to hunt with
    patrons members and sponsors like and
    stuff like that which is gonna be really
    exciting but I do hope you all enjoy
    this livestream and right now we've got
    to hunt down some new subspecies that's
    where we're at currently in the
    storyline the first episode was posted
    yesterday we've got to accept no time
    for naps and a play both ends so I
    believe both of these are going to
    entail encountering new subspecies
    probably the the new odo Garen is gonna
    be one of them it would be what I would
    guess so we've got some assigned stuff
    here ah
    so it's gonna be the the pale Lu mu or
    the coral uh Pooky Pooky should be fun
    what do I want to do first I guess I
    hate Pooky Pooky let's do no time for
    naps let's start off with that one and
    we gotta wait for it to load we'll go
    get some food here real quick with the
    new amazing death
    she's so plump so squat and much bay
    look at her she's beautiful
    hey with some money here but how's it
    going oh she Maru Darla's Jorah
    your [ __ ] and cotton - oh my god I
    apologize Joey and OGN how are you doing
    you know what let's just do attack up
    and defense up small No
    no bueno I gotta make some new custom
    meals here I would like to have defense
    up medium let's see or do we have
    anything here that gives us 30 I guess
    I'll just make a custom platter then uh
    you know what will be fine with small
    and small I'm gonna be too worried about
    it I haven't unlocked all the new
    ingredients set but we'll get there
    how's it going everybody thank you so
    much for hanging out for an early
    livestream I know it's very early but I
    wanted to get started with this since
    got early access we'll take advantage
    and have some fun here will G be doing a
    live stream again later tonight as well
    hey Craig what's going on man
    Dante John squeaker Ronan welcome
    everybody as for all of you wondering uh
    I do want to say thank you to Capcom for
    sending me a tour my voice is all messed
    up thank you to Capcom for sending me a
    copy of Monster Hunter World ice-born
    that way I could bring you guys some
    awesome contents all right so we got to

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    take down the nightshade pea luma I've
    actually been really excited for this
    and one thing if you guys are familiar
    with like Monster Hunter World and
    master rank flash pots don't really work
    though pay lumo is gonna be a nightmare
    without well I guess someone really
    because we have the clutch claw house to
    catch all the new little pets Varun
    welcome to the community thank you so
    much for the support fix my chat here
    there we go
    well I wasn't difficult to track down
    now was it
    Oh No Oh Shi Maru thank you for the
    super chat I'm sorry phew how'd you
    break your wrists oh no that's terrible
    can't learn how to play one-handed thank
    you so much for the super chat I hope
    you heal up quick we gotta get you in a
    nice board where's that nightshade pea
    Lulu at I must smack you in the stupid
    puff that face oh that's great
    now it's gonna have its way with me
    well thank you net sir I'm glad she
    wasn't concerned at all just like oh you
    passed out for a while I'm glad you
    weren't dead baby would have been nice
    uh so let's see here there it is
    flapping around are you going home e and
    we got a Bharath thing must okay there
    it is I was like I think must have been
    super high in the air
    looking to use natural chloroform Oh God
    must have been so excited oh it looks so
    pretty though look at it it's kind of
    majestic yeah I've got your plugs on
    home skillet
    oh she's doing homing no add that out of

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    the sky out of the sky nuts today hey
    that didn't work let's try the new
    clutch climate here we go if we smack it
    and then do this we'll come out of the
    yes Down Goes Frazier don't go into the
    chloroform that's how you die a tail I
    don't know why I'm a Saxon spell but the
    puff parts
    oh hi Beth
    she doing homie I wish that pod wasn't
    in the chloroform let's see how
    effective oh it sucks the chloroform
    back into its body that's interesting
    Oh get out of the core for now hahaha
    Wow God Oh
    SOS thank God Oh even Harley's asleep
    all right so we got its face weekend's
    now I need Co it's gon be its skirt how
    do I not have flash pods with me that's
    the real question here I even set up my
    inventory so that's but oh I know what I
    did I did a bad thing let's see here
    actually we need say it mine all this
    stuff but with the the new ice bar and
    we obviously have the new location but
    in addition to that we've got all new
    gather Abul materials throughout the
    area I have to respectfully decline oh
    my god what was that
    that was ridiculous looking punch shoot
    get out of the air ain't having that
    there we go that's much better
    that'll love when you knock the Flyers
    out of the air they shall not be allowed
    to fly
    thank you for the sweet sweet heels
    Harley your gentle kitty cats we got a
    week in that spot again

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    I do have some - juice with me I could
    probably use it ah is your face hurt you
    tired you can tell they're getting
    exhausted when the drools coming out of
    the mouth for those that are new to the
    hey just anime welcome to the community
    thank you so much for the support need
    to pick up a pod of some sort out of the
    air don't you want you in the air
    I love the new clutch clown mechanic
    it's so good everything's all right
    buddy yes if you guys are enjoying the I
    just missed it the Monster Hunter
    ice-born content make sure to funnel
    that like button whisper sweet nothings
    to it slap it around a little bit show
    it some love it really helps out the
    series and I would greatly appreciate it
    so one thing we need to do I put too
    much stuff in my inventory so I can't
    craft the flash pods I have the stuff
    for it but I didn't take out one thing
    believe the camp is like here somewhere
    but so long since I've played here right
    well he gets up here this in fact nuts
    the deaf oh it's done here okay there we
    I switch out one thing let's see here
    - juice demon drug I guess I'm gonna
    take out the herbal medicine alright now
    I can crap the flash pods this thing is
    probably getting close to being able to
    be captured anyways although in master
    rank the health is just it is so much
    higher and before like Jagger Asst like
    the easiest monster in the game to beat
    takes forever just because it has like
    15 billion health third armor actually
    looks pretty cool alright puck that
    don't want to use mine
    no excuse me
    Bharath trying to get in on this action
    again the face when it's spinning like

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    that it changes the direction that you
    need to move so that's one thing to keep
    in mind when you're fighting this guy
    eat well like wouldn't spun around like
    that the direction changes that's cool
    oshi morrow thinking from super chat I
    could try a plate but it won't be very
    pretty it's all rad what doesn't need to
    be pretty there we go
    out of the sky
    excuse me Bharath go in the sleepy gasp
    I'm a person that's not a fan of hey
    illumise its face bucks yeah but it's so
    oh she Mauro thank you for the super
    chat yes I was limping away already I
    was like that's way too quick I know
    it's not over yet I got some early
    access to it's right now I'm running
    earplugs speed eating health increase
    and weakness exploit and crit rate
    increase see how well flash pods work
    against her and a thing
    it makes some weak spots so if you tack
    a spot two times with using the clutch
    claw you create a weak spot for an
    injured flute patient and you can do you
    can get the full advantage of weakness
    exploit as well as doing some bonus
    damage yeah your tailspin ain't gonna
    get me this time
    oh my goodness
    not today homie not Harley just Tim
    slapped him I didn't need to do that but
    it felt good doing it
    you stop jumping around for a second I
    will trap you if I need to want to break
    a leg or something
    need another kiss-up time

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    back are you going
    oh god no pick me up
    nothing hit me yes oh my god no yeah oh
    that was close how's the close as we got
    into death this whole time he
    flash-fried do not a lot work like I'm
    the mastering stuff we're just cool to
    kind of made fighting fliers way too
    easy but I gotta say having this puff
    bet in the air so we need stone
    to the face punch it and then I am at
    that time
    great horse stance
    and then again oh it flew away you haha
    I'm gonna murder its face just look at
    you think we'll wait a month before they
    announce events probably that's kind of
    what they did before let everybody play
    through the actual content there is so
    much more content in this than the
    original world - so that's something to
    keep in mind and I broke through space
    bits or your body bits I don't know I'm
    kind of bits got broken should be seeing
    that limp here in a minute
    get back down here
    I want to see what the stash and stuff
    on the equipment's gonna be for this oh

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    yeah sneaky sneaky time and Shazam
    create a weak spot there we go
    here we go again alright what could we
    collect if I smack it in the face of the
    Oh God Oh God
    why do I have
    Oh No whoops how about you come touch my
    how it touched the ground come on don't
    do me like this
    come here let's eat that
    oh don't leave don't leave work for him
    guess you sir ah we could use the red
    pits to knock it out of the sky I can't
    so far I fought so many flying things in
    ice-born it's getting exhausting because
    they just fly you can't get him out of
    the sky and that rhymes
    Oh give me a break get out of the sky oh
    come on four stones
    maybe it'll work this time
    nice there we go I think it works when
    it's puffed up if it's not puffed up
    then it'll just stay in the sky I'm
    gonna gets right back up and it's back
    down again dead yet
    we've been beating on this thing for 18
    well not the whole 15 minutes flying
    around a lot - hey James what's going on
    man how are you doing look at getting

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    its a flinch away from your attack
    that's right fall down
    hey daughters what's going on
    I love that nuba camp oh and it's got
    the thorns in his face too oh all that
    nice extra damage all that was sweet
    oh no no no no thank God
    it knocked me out of the sleep guess I
    wasn't sleep - never mind the surprise
    but stop it
    hello Prince
    these aren't saying basic right that
    weapons these are the rank 9 weapons
    which are better than basically right
    when you start ice-born all of your
    equipment from world is useless
    maybe not useless but it's it's nowhere
    near as good as the starter equipment
    from a high score okay there we go
    oh and it gets back into the sky finally
    ready to murder for capture rather let's
    see if we can actually get out of guy
    one more time
    oh yeah baby
    our first nightshade pea Lu mu see what
    it's equipments like
    but I get it I think I got it I heard
    the pickup
    let's slap everything in the face really
    hard with hammers oh yeah
    did we get anything ooh nice we got
    another ancient face stone some of those
    tier 4 decorations praise oh it's like a

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    steadfast and nineteen minutes those
    Flyers take a long time to kill in
    master rank redonkulous although
    everything right now it takes a while
    because we hurry basically like starting
    over the MER mandamus hey new fan here
    from your ancestors series keep with a
    good work thank you so much for the
    Corgi booty shake man welcome to the
    community and thank you for coming to
    check out some new content it really
    really really means a lot thank you so
    much eighty son what's going on man are
    you doing Diaz welcome back how you
    doing today
    look at that Corgi booty shake making
    everybody's day better I have to I'll
    take my brace off just to play with it
    don't hurt yourself more oh she still
    got another 20 hours of healing to do so
    the next one is the Pooky Pooky
    thank you so much again Murr mandus
    remand amis was super chat alright let's
    see what the nightshade Paoli move
    equipment looks like if I can upgrade
    anything and I'll show you what I have
    right now equipped so right now we've
    got the chrome cross one which is the
    first iteration of the new metal series
    of weapons so its element list 308 base
    damage no negative affinity which is
    amazing comes with white sharpness and
    two slots so right now I'm running an
    element let's build with this so I've
    got your plugs five health boost three
    critical I for weakness exploit three
    feet eating three non elements will
    boost aquatic polar mobility it just
    comes from the helmet that I'm using for
    the extra defense quick sheath and
    offensive guard I've got some useless
    things on here but for the most part
    it's pretty good for just getting my
    defence and everything upgraded let's
    see here let's craft the armor first oh
    my god so much more defence good lord
    awkward alpha plus oh they stepped up
    their game with the armor on this one
    dude that looks badass
    I don't have to craft me some of that I
    like the way that looks actually really
    like that alright so what kind of stats
    we got on here Oh weakness exploit
    sweets wide range maximum might sleep
    attack and sleep resistance that

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    weakness X plate helmet and that's so
    bad and then here we've got agitated
    part breaker agitator bombardier
    heartbreaker critical boost in
    Bombardier oh man
    I actually really like the the steampunk
    stuff here that looks really cool why is
    my hair long hell's going on with that
    that's left the way mine oh it changes
    your hairstyle with this one that's so
    okay weapons we'll check out what kind
    of upgrades we can get if anything yet
    yeah so we should do we have like a
    nightshade pea luma tree here somewhere
    no mayo toward us we could dodgy Viper
    kodachi ooh those are good affinity 10%
    we need to get high rank Master rank
    Toby kodachi down and then we need to
    fight the Viper Toby could actually get
    these 322 white sharpness 10% affinity
    in poison doesn't have the non elements
    will do so it makes it about the same as
    what we got now as far as damage goes
    okay let's accept it the next mission
    shall we against the new cookie Pookie
    play both ends no hard pass
    just tie it's just in time for monster
    under stream these armors look fantastic
    Thunder King ride thank you for the
    super chat man welcome to the live
    stream I hope you're doing well I hope
    you enjoy the stream let's eat some new
    food just hoping it's not some spy kill
    5 tempered elders at once quest oh my
    god I think they really stepped up their
    game with ice-born I honestly kind of by
    the way the release of world happens I
    feel like they didn't expect world to do
    nearly as well as it did and then just
    went ham with ice-born because of how
    well world actually did vascular chef
    you've been replaced with a more
    awesomer chef yes anything muscular chef
    is still pretty cool
    is it back from scratch or ice burn
    basically when you get into ice borne
    content you're gonna want to replace all
    the gear that you have from world as
    quickly as possible
    I'm not saying that that gear is useless
    but it's pretty close to useless you're

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    gonna be taking Oh gonna be killing
    things very slowly and taking a lot of
    damage the new chef is the grandmother
    of the original fat cat chef she's so
    much shorter hey Holly what's going on
    welcome back can't play this till
    January I don't want to spoil it myself
    and I'll pop in and say hello into there
    don't story Holly thank you for coming
    to hang out with us for a little bit and
    you greatly appreciate it I was a choral
    Pooky Pooky where would I be I know
    exactly where I'd be when we got as it's
    a yaku here too and the dangly worms of
    doom a king Destler how you doing my
    wire there we go
    they make sure I pick up actual things -
    there's so many invisible footprints
    here there's so many just keep smashing
    circle then
    oh my god
    footprints sniffing simulator no I don't
    want it look at that but hey Ethan how
    you doing welcome back
    oh no it's scoring stuff out of but I
    think it's like is it acid
    I hate Pooky Pooky so much
    I hated the first Pooky Pooky I'm gonna
    hate this Pookie Pookie sue
    so I didn't hit the circle button in
    time I was like I got this it's looking
    at me it's gonna do it stupid tailspin
    thing what are you doing up eating stuff
    no empty this don't empty the pill I'm
    at the tail don't have to fail we got to

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    get a weak spot on it I ran out like a
    noob Oh Oh God just water okay
    do I have anything I don't have anything
    to do yet let's just knock a piece off
    of it there we go
    then did you lift let me do it again
    excuse me I ran out of salmon again coz
    of the water oh man
    stamina zero there we go there we go huh
    okay it was too far away feel free to
    reach but at least read on the legs
    hopefully you baby no oh
    Oh God this stinks ridiculous Ted nobody
    wants your butt juice there we go first
    well not the butt juice back again
    that way thank you
    up up the body up the bow and I gotta
    say the I gotta figure out the controls
    for getting up the body a little bit
    better like the flying ones when they're
    flying around like it changes the
    direction that you need to hit on the
    holy crap that's got range to it we got
    to cut that tail off that's gonna get
    ridonk Ulis
    I don't even have to head yet
    get rekt by my palico harley you MVP to
    get a cup of ale off I don't know why
    improve see I'm ahead
    but I need to do is I need to make the
    tail a weak spot and then we can cut it
    off a little bit easier
    he's operated to it better run

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    Cupid bird water blight intensifies I
    don't have an old Barry or anything and
    of unfortunate I may be know if we can
    get any here I'll remember it's been so
    long enough womp womp womp
    oh hello is it si aku what you want
    I think when you cut off its tail it
    acquires a different attack doesn't
    necessarily stop it it just intensifies
    it's worse but also less worse last ice
    would be proud anything in here that
    might prove useful
    those are wool ah red pets
    what the hell of this thing go
    oh it's fightin lizard see aku nice
    we'll give me that pure crystal you need
    those to craft all these new weapons the
    new night look to your nine weapons use
    me Shazam
    okay it's just Sam to me instead
    I can't latch on to this thing's face to
    save my life Otis Lee
    I was gonna keep trying to break the
    Dalton thank you for the support trying
    to like it tuck under it it did not work
    there's a weak spot finally
    there we go when we get that leg so we
    could get some knockdowns on it or
    new clothes

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    you know
    made that weak spot specifically
    like a kid it you're really making it
    difficult you're going the run wrong way
    wrong way like it's reversed holy [ __ ]
    swear it everywhere
    hope you exhaust yourself
    did a little better please
    Oh God
    you got me
    that's cool
    trollee but it's cool
    don't get get rekt spies at sea aku I
    just want to see them Duke it out here
    for a second are they gonna have a legit
    turf war
    the clan playing what I was looking away
    oh that's horseshit the day and make his
    flash even more horrible than it already
    was was behind you
    huh they must have busts it see a cooz
    flash attack dirty
    this iake splash has not been like that
    where it'll flash you when you're
    looking away from it has it I guess
    maybe it has this along since I bought
    one I guess you have to be outside of
    the zone it was really far away though I
    guess I needed to be on the side of it
    we stopped off the tail at least we can
    get God
    oshi bar who thank you for the super

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    chat have more buns I can I can move my
    fingers a bit painful for the thumb
    though ah you got this a couple days
    you'll be ready to go
    we need a there was a red pit here
    somewhere there it is
    the thing should almost be dead I know
    we're kicking its ass a lot faster than
    we were that a lumic hey illumise been
    way more time in the air you leave again
    this is 90 percent of the fight look at
    him I thought he was squirting stuff out
    of his butt still while flying Oh Shi
    Mario thank you for the super chat and
    Wow be what you did there with your name
    and call you Busta first stream will you
    be playing dying light - I will be yes
    when it comes out but yes I will and
    welcome to the community thank you so
    much for the support thank you for the
    super chat
    c'mere Pooky Pooky you stupid Aztec
    committed hey where do you go now
    to create them weak points so the thing
    about weakness X plate now is you only
    get the full bonus of weakness exploit
    if you have great use of the clutch
    squats crate that that injured spot on
    the creature holy crap nice - steam bath
    Oh God
    someday I'll figure out how not to get
    hit by that again hit it before
    and on his own Niki Pooky Pooky

    A new base built as the headquarters for investigations in the Hoarfrost Reach. It's complete with a variety of useful facilities and features to rival those of Astera, ...


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