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    SearchThisVideo: Monster Hunter World Iceborne Gameplay Walkthrough Part 4 – Brachydios & Tigrex

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    well hello glorious people of the
    interwebs and welcome back to some more
    monster hunter world ice-born the
    previous episode we just took down glow
    Venice was a hell of a fun fight we're
    gonna be taken down glow Venice a few
    more times in this particular livestream
    but we're gonna be hunting down Braca
    Dios and tigrex I do believe Braca do
    single events are gonna be the first
    things that I really want to farm up as
    far as gear goes yeah glow Venice was
    really really fun and I would like to
    make these cool event as dual blades cuz
    they actually look pretty cool
    want to take another look at them real
    quick though cuz I feel like the the
    tier 1 glow Venice stuff is not that
    great but I know that the acidic levente
    stuff is gonna be probably pretty insane
    you can get up to tier 11 here on these
    and technically these are weaker than
    what we use now but they look really
    cool these things they're beautiful
    welcome back everybody hope everyone's
    having a great day Oh Shi Maru zurka
    nadir blizzard Ethan dragons mark eric
    berry grimace big Hoss that guy in
    Georgia glass and welcome back everyone
    hope everyone's day is going fantastic
    words are hard the struggle is real but
    yeah but we're gonna do first we're
    gonna take down tigrex and then we're
    gonna fight Braca dias that allows
    people to get in and get into the stream
    at least before we get too crazy with
    things plus I want to check out Tiger
    X's armor and stuff weapons cuz we do
    need some upgrades at this point and
    braca deals is gonna be a pain in the
    booty where's Artie I'm confused I know
    we're done we finished that we finished
    the series of ancestors I'm really sad
    it was the the best theories we've ever
    had on the channel but fortunately it
    wasn't a very long series so um
    you're done Finn we will do a speed run
    though this weekend will probably do it
    waiting for them to announce gore oh my
    god gormogon would be amazing maybe
    they'll do more subspecies like a
    brackety Oh subspecies that'd be cool oh
    the loading the loading of doom there we
    he already ate so we're good in that
    department kill all the monsters Oh hon
    hon taco ninja welcome back
    I know racheting is coming I'm so
    excited for that Super Saiyan monkey oh
    gonna be crazy gonna no tag are on here
    a brick I was called tigrex

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    there we go do we have any useful
    supplement there's never anything useful
    in this supply block supply box Tigers
    fight was easy on the bait I hope it's
    harder on the full release it's probably
    gonna be about the same
    the bait is usually about on par with
    what everything else is rota bond oh
    there we go we got the valkaama
    footprints oh she looks awesome but
    scary amazing
    I've also upgraded our weapon equipment
    info you're using the chrome cross to
    now which is rarity 10 336 raw damage
    they've also running elementalists
    although element list has been nerfed in
    ice boring it's still better than just
    running raw but it's thankfully
    elemental stuff has gotten a nice a nice
    boost which it desperately needed this
    basically just never ran elementalist
    before when you did but good to nuts
    I was a tigrex where would I be
    hey endo max how you doing here pretty
    where are you don't care about the auto
    Garen although I do want to see a tiger
    X what it's is I look all risky already
    just he passed this little dog Oh shall
    we Oregon footprints there we go
    of course it's the other way why
    wouldn't it be
    I have not unlocked ebony Auto Garen I
    don't know if we'll get that far tonight
    I don't know what the unlock process for
    is it is but we're gonna get to bracket
    eos I know that for sure because that's
    what we're gonna be hunting next
    oh I'm gonna lead it I definitely gonna
    get that
    we're prints aren't like always showing
    up I noticed
    I think my Scout flies are drunk how
    hard do I think racheting will be it

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    should be like one of the most difficult
    monsters we've ever fought it should be
    I don't know if it will be a regime is
    not supposed to be easy
    I hope they I hope it's like on
    behemoths level hey Matt what's going on
    how you doing oh there he is
    Shane first deviljho double Joe wouldn't
    stand a chance against a boy
    I don't know how Layton's an ogre is
    I hope they I hope was I'm trio Susan I
    don't know if he is though
    janna Moroni bond Tigers don't even care
    rota bond Nikkei owed him
    you better ran boy a grits coming for
    you know what else is a giant bowl of
    drama so why did I run into that you
    know that move is not a move you want to
    go near momentary brain fart
    IPE people know
    wanted to get the
    now stamina leg up flab
    I wonder if they're gonna have like the
    subspecies of tigrex that'd be really
    let me ask your face boy oh that's too
    much oh I did it again so where
    everybody I'm not that bad at this game
    just right now let's shake off the
    terribleness holy crap

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    is just angry what did that wrote upon
    do to him and make fun of his mom or
    something Jesus
    oh my god
    that ought to do for that
    oh you've got to be kidding me
    Thank You Harley P Croix's just got me
    that's gonna buff myself here for a
    second okay
    give us another guy who shall we
    Oh beside coming now is animation locked
    oh my god I gotta say this might be one
    of the only fights that I've had in
    world that is actually proven to be
    harder solo than it was in group very
    often usually I find the plates much
    easier playing solo
    go to sleep
    ah there we go
    texting we got to make some weak spots
    you just start playing a little bit
    angry claws very angry oh he's super
    enraged now good lord that's cool
    very cool hey crazy dad what's going on

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    there's definitely some monsters that
    have not been shown yet I know that
    there's a spoiler out there for all the
    monsters that are available but I don't
    know what they are and I haven't looked
    because I want to be surprised
    I forgot all the bulk on a book Prince
    Oh God
    I kind of want to use the lipo gun
    against them no no no you know what
    about this when he's an enraged mode
    it's just traffic yeah a little tigrex
    Pig Rex Piggly Wiggly
    he's gonna sleep
    Oh God
    no no no leave me alone aren't you tired
    good there we go now you know
    holy crap biscuits vanish Cobra sweet
    baby beluga whale thank you for the
    super Corgi booty shake man welcome back
    how are you doing today thank you so
    much there's way too kind you're a
    scholar and a gentle Cobra I need it cuz
    I'm getting my booty punched in right
    now just boobless
    to generate some stamina you need to get
    an ox down to Crane to eat Harley chop
    off the tail at least that'll help with
    me pull craziness going on but vanish
    Cobra thank you so much again I greatly
    appreciate it
    hey off Leonsis gonna hunt late lunch oh
    my god you're eating lunch right now
    they got you working super late now need
    to find a better spot I can stand hit a
    weak spot there we go
    and he's not enraged I run into it

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    that's my but I like having it not be
    eaten this is my favorite new addition
    to ice born like it is it comes in so
    handy as long as you can get it off
    properly it's just so nice to be able to
    do and it just makes you feel so good
    when you when you do it to go hunting
    gutters how you doing Oh Annie's enraged
    no no no no worry about those beach
    fossils right now god I suck at freaking
    rocks at me
    there we go
    we can knock him down oh we can't knock
    him down through this because he'll just
    ignore it when they're enraged you can't
    knock them with the swingers odd thing
    EMU Boober
    I show the Steamworks yeah after this
    fight we can check out the Steamworks we
    can get some pretty oh my god my
    he just chomped it hashtag carted
    alright we definitely need to upgrade
    our gear after this but I'm having fun
    with this I do like a challenge that's
    the first time we've carted since we've
    started playing nice born
    maybe we'll go up with defense this time
    gems are their gems are super orangey
    always always gonna be
    let's see your loads are you a big boy
    the bun borrow armor is pretty amazing
    isn't it
    aisha and italy tastic over here hugs
    were you taking me

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    through the whole we go you make fire in
    this don't you even start that again
    Ryan's thank you for the support
    now where the hell is it going
    yep these Cal Fire's are drunk ice burns
    out in Australia right now what the hell
    I was supposed to be a global release
    all at the same time interesting comes
    out of 12 am Eastern that's cool for all
    the Australians out there
    it'll be down there areas
    just as angry all come on vanish Cobra
    going on sorry I couldn't make it to
    your last livestream because of school
    have a good day I got to get back to
    work have fun all vanish Cobra thank you
    so much man I hope your workday goes
    quickly thank you so much for the
    support and for the Corgi booty shake
    hopefully we'll see you in the next one
    hopefully we catch up to the stupid
    tigrex he's just going ham all over the
    place there we go
    revenge the fixers smooth dependent
    really were in the future
    Capcom is still one of those ones that
    just doesn't do good for stem oh my god
    future people what's it like being a

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    future person
    give me a flashy [ __ ]
    it's gonna create weak spots while I've
    got my mantle up if I create weak flats
    then wherever I hit it I'll be able to
    do more damage
    I have a higher print rate and stuff
    great it's enraged again
    but also exhausting
    let me break a wing
    I didn't die I totally thought I was
    gonna die from that
    just trying to take off my man Phil you
    dickbag can't see it we've had our first
    death since starting eyes for and I
    would like to not die again crap maybe
    we keep the depths to a minimum
    that beef and Italy tastic come hither
    my precious
    make sure you in spiked books Treves
    you're gonna be hearing a lot of streams
    especially probably when we get to
    bracket B is Rocksteady can now be used
    finally nice broke that stupid tail bull
    hurts just not gonna have as much range
    as a bit before
    no no god you're a prick I think my
    character just pooped itself oh my god I
    ran right into it no way nobody loves
    you beat baby beluga whale are you going
    does having made it Teledyne not me to
    drop anything yet
    I need some kind of POD
    not throw rocks at me

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    oh god no
    he's just a little hit not a big one
    thank you oh my god
    this is great
    and love getting my butt hole punched in
    like my favorite thing I'm just gonna
    keep doing that
    Oh who's got a broken pod thing make fun
    of pirates never make fun of tigrex they
    never get notified yeah I've been having
    I've always had issues of notification
    system stuff but today I know why for
    this particular episode is because I've
    already released a bunch of content
    there's no notifications for this
    particular video so I apologize to
    anybody out there one to catch the live
    streams but that's why I recommend if
    you really want to be notified of live
    streams make sure to join dis court
    gonna be the best place to get
    notifications for all of the content
    especially on days where the rear is
    there's a lot of games that could only
    post three videos in a day and that will
    send out notifications excuse me you
    prick bugs daddy here I'll explode your
    faces each and every one of you just
    want my tigress tail I worked hard for
    this ordered four wooden rocking chairs
    for the porch you just got him on the
    boxes made and uh did I carve this tail
    already I guess I did okay four
    Kiesha that's weird that's not good
    that's a no bueno on me some tigrex
    armor if you guys are enjoying watching
    me get my butt punched in by tigrex big
    rex whatever its name is feel free to
    follow that like button as it really
    helps out the channel that would greatly
    greatly appreciate the support just want
    something drop me a pod has a drop any
    Hannah's been raising again
    want to cut off the rest of its Dale I

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    don't know if we've broken the head yet
    oh yes Keisha put a call button if you
    had that on the PlayStation but it
    didn't come to the world until now which
    is kind of funny
    get on the pc version there's lots of
    little things they've done really
    improve the experience overall
    oh you spinny freakin nature
    how about you get blind
    Oh who got you ass crap I did
    and broke another wing nice every go
    that's the pot I was waiting for
    Happy's fights are so long
    once enraged I forgot
    it comes to me my precious oh oh pretty
    be trap yeah usually right now with the
    gear we have the fights take like
    between 15 to 20 men
    here my precious really you're gonna
    you're gonna pause right there little
    bit closer good boy crystal armor I'm
    wearing I can show you we need to
    upgrade our current armor but right now
    I'm using earplugs level 5 health boost
    3 weakness exploit 3 gobbler level 3 so
    that we get speed eating really helpful
    when you're getting your butt punched in
    thanks ancient face don't
    11:3 now we fight the Braca Dios Jim
    you know if they give Alcona research
    all the way up I can't wait to get the
    bracken Dios armor I hope it's good
    oh and also to all the members out there

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    I know the the ancestor streams were
    were insane if there's actually some
    things coming specifically for members
    that'll make if we ever have streams
    take off like that again which will
    allow members chat to be a little bit
    better can't talk about it yet but it's
    gonna become very soon oh the tigrex
    stuff oh I will don't you worry your
    pretty little face is smashing a
    cross-counter the next the next mission
    will you craft any Brockie weapons uh
    yeah we're gonna be fighting bracket
    Dios and Leventis a few times in this
    particular stream let's check out the
    like II
    we got the alpha and beta I think I
    actually like the Alpha more as far as
    looks goes now I like the beta more
    all right so let's check out oh nice oh
    I love this armor it's got attack boost
    and earplugs you had me at hello
    we got alpha and beta helm attack boost
    - it's either earplugs level 2 or 1 it
    was very nice in the chest more earplugs
    and free meal Elya oh I need that chest
    we need vests Boyd razor wings
    oh god that chest piece makes me moist
    we got speed eating I need this entire
    set right now because this is literally
    the set that I'm running right now speed
    eating an attack boost this stuff is
    earplugs and free meal again or just
    earplugs with a tier 4 tier 2 and tier 1
    and then speed eating with a tier 4 and
    it's here - this set is freaking awesome
    then we got free meal secrets raises the
    maximum level of the free meal skill oh
    well that's interesting
    that's why we have two levels of free
    meal on here activates 75% of the time
    holy crap
    this is gonna be awesome for like those
    those wide range builds like the wide
    range healing healing bulbs couple this
    with a hunting horn oh my god
    alright we're gonna need to farm this
    entire set let's go with how many levels
    of earplugs we have in the whole set add
    one free or we got four
    my craft now we got speed eating there
    and free meal I really like this

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    particular set um we're gonna craft the
    boots here boots
    her whole club was looking at her those
    are the boots I have on now is I lose
    two stacks of earplugs and then maybe I
    can craft that too nope
    I only craft one piece
    right now
    the craft the helmet
    like the alpha more yeah pretty good way
    to play a [ __ ] fluffy extreme I think
    and I have been grinding on Monster
    Hunter rolled lately not Haise a Robert
    thank you for the support awful Ian's
    think for the super chat and yes we're
    gonna be we might do another live stream
    tonight when it officially releases that
    way we can play with everybody
    we need to hunt down more tigrex we need
    to hunt down glow Venice it can make a
    glow Venice armor piece too and I like
    this one
    so I have more defense
    as free roam after completing a cyst is
    is there no nope unfortunately not so
    let's check out the weapons here real
    quick I'll check out the dual blades if
    there's any tigrex tree dual blades
    there is they're made after the coup
    yaku set the rex chain is what they're
    called and it's all 350 negative 15
    percent affinity they're not pretty
    we're gonna have to bet our decorations
    here real quick and then we can go
    fights and we got a nice defense boost
    which is good
    get your plugs level four we need one
    more ear plug now we've got weakness
    exploits tang boost maximum light level
    two which doesn't help this at all
    I actually fortify will do that just in
    case we get indebted again an attack
    boost I need one more attack or no what
    we need to do gobbler and it'll need to
    but but hooves us have gobbler at
    everything yeah

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    I don't have the third level of and we
    lost a couple different things by
    switching it up but we got the more
    defense just really good when we're
    leveling up
    we really can't eat soup icky with what
    we got we've got almost 60 more defense
    than we had before Nopalea I was thank
    you for the super chat man you haven't
    beaten the game yet oh my goodness out -
    Braca Dios good old Brian we're
    definitely going with the defense boost
    and then we're gonna go check out the
    actually I check out I said I was show
    off the Steamworks which is actually
    really cool it's the system that allows
    you to get quite a bit of loot even like
    armored spheres and stuff - Ethan
    definitely a marathon runner would help
    out against that we're just not using
    dual blades
    Coosh has you stuck flash pod spam flash
    pods I like to call her douche alade
    aura I'm super thank you for the support
    man thank you for coming to hang out or
    some other content
    much appreciated it seemed me load in
    aid in trying to catch me killing Braca
    we're halfway there
    all right so the Steamworks when you get
    into the new area so that's where you
    craft everything if you come right up
    through here the Steamworks is up behind
    here and you can feed it with ores so we
    can add fuel here we've already got a
    fuel storage at 248 but let's fill it up
    with some Dragonite or since we have a
    ton of that 277 go and we can help the
    Steamworks now what this does is we're
    gonna start here and we have to kind of
    guess the combination for how this works
    you can see all the rewards that we can
    potentially get like Celestia liver and
    Prince gourmet vouchers heavy armor
    spheres themed tickets which you need to
    craft the dragon Punk armor the dragon
    the steampunk armor and we have to guess
    the combinations and the more powerful
    it gets the more power you put into it
    you can get bonuses

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    and then the cats will like come help
    you too they get like super excited when
    you do good
    just like a minigame here and you can
    see all the items that were getting I
    got to go home gourmet voucher whoops
    you can do this for however long you've
    got it powered up for
    Steve there we go the light up the lamps
    three lamps to kick off the bonus or
    left there we go
    Robert go well thank you for the super
    chat new to monster under looking
    forward to seeing when this game takes
    meet nice it's it's a great game very
    enjoyable I have never got it on fire
    before that's cool
    there we go
    a lot of the cats get super excited
    about it there's this one cutscene with
    the cats with I don't want to spoil it
    and we might see it if we keep going
    oh maybe not okay Kylie 23 thank you for
    the super chat so excited I'm also
    jealous I can't wait is it Friday yet
    tonight coming out tonight officially
    there we go nice hard armors fear
    Steve's build up
    you put a lot of power in it so we might
    be doing this for a minute whoops
    screwed that up
    there we go heavy armors fierce beep
    how long this lasts I'm just punching

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    into anything at this point I know it
    pops up there for a second
    never got a nice max potion okay we ran
    out of fuel so we got uh nineteen armor
    spheres I'm the heavy armor spheres hard
    punch of tranq bombs dust the life Megan
    nutrients max potions and make a potion
    I know that's a cool system I like it
    vanish Cobra welcome back
    glad to see you got off work thank you
    so much for the super chat for the Corgi
    booty shake a destiny did we still have
    our fruit you know let's eat again just
    to be safe
    I don't know if our food carried over
    when we got here we got the new chef hey
    just loved her food that was work
    my brain is like all sorts of jacked up
    now that steam game got me my brain all
    like ah maybe a brackety oh so punch me
    back into my senses
    you have the house oh yeah the new house
    is really really cool I will show off
    the new house here when we get done with
    Braca do so you can even customize it
    this time ashley is actually going to
    have a whole video tonight when it
    releases on everything that the Stara
    has to offer vanish Cobre thank you so
    much again for the super chat you've
    glorious human you you think i'll wire i
    haven't actually checked to see if all
    armor can actually be layered or not let
    me see if i can what I can have
    craftable as layered armor I think we
    might have to unlock them somehow
    supposedly all armor is supposed to be
    able to be layered on right now though a
    layered armor well I can only craft this
    right now it's layered armor probably
    when you complete the story they'll
    allow you to do it I work is toxic ah
    man I'm sorry to hear that
    that sucks wish you the best and his
    Cobra thank you for the Corgi booty
    shake it was good and then I heard my oh
    no all right here that vanished I hope
    your dad's alright let us know how
    things go if you if you feel up for
    talking about it I wish your father the
    best well please nothing too serious
    I guess we didn't really need need it we
    also have to mind some up here there's a
    particular or that I need to be able to
    upgrade I haven't gotten it yet I don't
    know where it comes from off Leon's you

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    have a safe trip home
    if I'm a betting man I bet that bracket
    BS is down here they bet correctly no I
    did not thank you all for coming to hang
    out for another livestream I know we've
    been putting out a lot of content today
    it really means a lot that you guys have
    come to support it especially those of
    you coming from no different series like
    Red Dead Redemption to or ancestors and
    greatly appreciate checking out the new
    content going on epic glad to see you
    here at the Azzurri shallows
    I think the stone might be a rare
    collectible from these
    memories of mining items have you seen
    the links on Twitter for the bork bork
    site tag doing I may have missed it like
    real life work works
    I also saw they finally released the
    trailer for the Red Dead online summer
    update today well I didn't even cover
    the video though cuz I already reached
    too much content planning a covering
    planet zoo yes and that is my usual type
    of came before I got into Red Dead I
    played a lot of those types of games
    super duper excited for planning zoo I
    will be playing it early on the channel
    too I'll have to check out Twitter later
    nice dragon though I'm guessing Braca
    Dias is probably down near thee as the
    cutscene shows them down there I'm
    guessing that's where he's gonna be I
    don't have any cool drink and I can play
    the New Avengers game yes I'm gonna be
    playing the majority of new games that
    come out I won't be playing things like
    Call of Duty though it's just not my
    thing I think would do well on the
    channel either but most of the other new
    content I will be making sure to cover
    bracket deals where are you
    I want to agro that
    Oh Meech thank you for the super chat
    good luck on Braca Diaz quick question
    though all armor can be layered now so

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    now I can make a full layered set of
    Zeno Jeeva that's what I've heard I have
    not unlocked the ability to craft a more
    layered armor at the moment but I've
    heard that that's all supposed to be
    layered I don't know if it's only new
    stuffer of his old stuff only I wish I
    knew for certain to tell you but
    supposedly that is supposed to be the
    case I hope it is because I mean that
    was a big thing in Monster Hunter was
    being able to have layered armor thank
    you so much for the Corgi booty shake I
    greatly appreciate it I have a feeling
    we won't be able to make all the layered
    armor until we beat the main story
    there he is big explody boy or no the
    guy that got effed up by big explodey
    your day is about to get lucky yes
    farewell metal Roli boy
    I have a feeling was gonna end up
    happening with layered armors we're
    gonna have certain craftable layered
    armor we'll see
    I do want to see Gila Venice first
    bracket yes that'd be so cool
    don't you dare spit that stuff at me
    don't you even dad I'm gonna die so hard
    what a waste of a trap
    get out of the way feet I got stuck on
    his foot although we have no potion
    oh my god before he picks cloud
    holy crap okay
    oh and into the blast plate again just
    makes the entire map absolutely
    so far he's we're gonna be wait

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    so down
    one thing that I don't like about the
    the Sun is it's great but it's so much
    better in a party because more often
    than not you get sent really far away
    from it and you as the stunner don't get
    to do too much
    gasps pedasi they're very upset about
    the record Diaz being here
    back here
    after the jump hit on Dan smash
    gotcha oh and your face is pointing
    towards me
    oh you're such a gentleman brackety oh
    thank you
    you're not allowed leave not yet on
    that's so cool you might not think it's
    cool but I think it's amazing well he's
    doing his little rayji Braca Diaz thing
    I'm just gonna election stuff here ow
    come and see my trap only Paul you yeah
    gonna fire castor and pick up some stuff
    this isn't really fun fight so far is
    that his shotgun knows pretty much circa
    Nader what's going on by the way also
    what's going on shout out how are you
    doing he sure item box look at all the
    things we just don't have Oh many I have
    the equipment saved I don't know why I
    just don't
    we got no very good good good good good
    good perfect hello dude man welcome how
    are you doing today
    thank you vanish Cobra how's the solo

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

    difficulty it's pretty good the main
    issue is things have so much health but
    I do like that the difficulty scales now
    depending on how many are in the party
    not just like if it's multiplayer it has
    exponentially more health it scales up
    depending on how many people are in the
    multiplayer session is really nice can I
    pick up just stone up
    why do I want stone you asked because I
    would like to instantly don't kick them
    for tonight roto what did it ever do to
    deserve that one of my favorite things
    to do to start a fight is to run up do
    this hit it and then just the best way
    to initiate a hello
    one of the main reasons why I run I make
    sure I always have ear plugs now so it's
    a great way to start a fight initially
    one thing we haven't done is we have
    name of the actual week but now that I'm
    used to kind of how he moved
    you back here big boy take it back take
    it back and take it back forget to your
    face the hell are you
    Thank You Harley
    it was gonna keep the no berries equip
    so I can know that out instead of having
    to judge 15 times
    take a weak spot and we attack the weak
    there we go broke a little fist and his
    you ain't got no shotgun nose okay that
    bad boy this is an expansion on an
    already existing game and it pretty much
    makes it the original game plus ten

    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

    times ten good oh nice this is like one
    of my favorite places to fight as dual
    blades come hither my child
    it is very angry
    and there goes that okay
    yes it's touch the trash I'm freaking
    tickly tickly
    he please play ancestors we already
    already beat it I made another episode
    today after post feeding it and it might
    be the last one we do aside from our
    speedrun Snowberry does in fact work for
    that you like that right
    Oh No
    oh stop going into it tag oh my god
    hey incoming
    away from it
    where did you see anything oh my god I
    just got effed up
    all right we recovered early but we
    recovered what's gonna over here
    very resistant to paralysis around sure
    I just got stuck between the wall and a
    whole slew of freakin exploding stuff
    really need to sharpen but
    all right let's see if we can get a nice
    little done in here

    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

    the room back this way a little bit
    now you can leave
    you going big boy I showed you the
    ecology research sure yeah why not why
    Matt oh he went down down below exactly
    where he wanted him to go break his tail
    off I've been working on it
    slowly but surely he went down to the
    bottom which means we can rack those
    spires down on his head ooh and we might
    be able to see the Azure Rathalos
    he was under it screw that up pretty bad
    there got a nice turf war
    get them Braca Dios Oh
    it doesn't knock him down anymore
    it's true a little bit though
    no you're very grumpy
    put off that sale eat it
    b-baby beluga whale
    get some thorn blush so nice we got our
    net just in time
    holy crap came up for a second I got

    Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

    super excited
    and he's still angry
    don't anywhere near him in this Lotus
    asking to die
    oh my god
    just getting pummeled
    m'angil arcus how about you help
    to a live stream
    I mean thank you so much for the f for
    the suit for the donations greatly
    appreciated thank you so much officially
    welcome to the community and the
    livestream epiclloyd to rule it
    love the music for him now
    should be getting ready to be trapped
    be it not up for a while
    all right hey Timothy Smith welcome to
    the livestream are you serious you just
    punch me in the butt this back
    oh he is ready to be captured sweet
    he's going back to his little hidey-hole
    you gonna sleep where organs sleeps
    I'm just gonna sleep up here maybe it's
    gonna get very angry up here where the

    Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

    hell are you going
    come hither sweets prince
    ah that was almost a disaster all right
    that fight was a lot of fun
    almost died there at the end I would
    been brutal
    I want to mess around with the the
    hunting-horn now that it's like super
    duper freakin good it's been so long
    since I played the hunting-horn
    thick bone diggity
    pick out that armor shall we vanish
    Cobra thinking for the super chat man
    hope everything's going well I've gotta
    make you holla oh yeah wait for the
    Final Fantasy 7 remake I'm actually
    really excited for that too
    loading loading loading we're in
    checkout bracket biosis equipment and
    wool I'll show off the new house and
    Sully onna which is super duper nice oh
    welcome back I'm glad your when one
    piece barely wasn't for my cat
    thanks for the field team's efforts
    we've gathered enough tracks to
    ascertain Val Kaunas whereabouts that's
    no small feat eat thank you the elders
    recessed that's where we'll find it even
    by Elder standards Vulcan is too
    powerful of course so left alone the
    entire new world ecosystem will be wiped
    out that includes us our immediate goal
    is driving it back into the hinterlands
    where it belongs for now that is enough
    time to stand and fight for our survival
    oh yeah except a tale of Ice and Fire
    I see what they did there that's good
    and it's covered my day's going pretty

    Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

    good I'm feeling a little bit better the
    past couple days I've been but not
    feeling good at all just like no energy
    and I was feeling that way today but I'm
    feeling feeling a lot better now rested
    up a little bit yesterday today I'm
    excited to be finally getting heavy into
    Monster Hunter ice-born today's going
    well kids are happy Ashley I think is
    happy he's hiding somewhere the fights
    takes so long now I know it's ridiculous
    but we'll get better equipment and then
    the fights will be much quicker again 66
    people oh god there's a bracket Dios the
    all right long sort of felt was you slow
    yeah a lot of people love the longsword
    I just couldn't get into it too
    I use it every once in a while I use
    every weapon every once in a while I
    guess the ones that don't use the most
    or Lance and the heavy bow gun aside
    from that I use pretty much every other
    okay so let's check out record deal
    below Tiger X huh the armor is beautiful
    as always
    I think I like the way the alpha armor
    looks better there's unfortunately times
    less decoration slots I do like the way
    the ALF armor looks better so oh we got
    capacity boost on there that's nice so
    we've got agitated capacity boost just
    agitator on the beta definitely way too
    big for the alpha looks more stamina
    thief and an agitator agitator and blast
    resistance blast attack and stamina
    thief and then agitator and artillery so
    this is gonna be really great for like
    charge blade and the gun Lance will
    probably end up getting it there's like
    two more tiers of armor after the
    stealth it's got 142 defense not bad I
    could crap the chest best piece we're
    using right now
    vipir kodachi 132 okay so it's not a
    major upgrade for us to change anything
    right now it's down here it didn't get
    pretty six and so don't really have any
    upgrades yet but let's check the armor

    Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

    or the weapons got the dual blades basil
    geese Tiger X own tree
    we have actual breca Dios yes new
    explody boy one 308 whites with blast
    sharpness good no extra affinity
    fortunately I don't have all the stuff
    to be able to upgrade the Hornet our
    tree it only goes well probably will go
    up higher later on once they unlock
    higher tiers and stuff interesting they
    don't look very good either I like the
    chicken clubs with some Braca do stuff
    on it Jinja beast what's going on are
    you doing just check out the longsword
    was it
    but I could be us what are you stuff we
    won't really get to tell what it really
    looks like until the final tier
    I guess we get to go up against Elkanah
    finally a tale of Ice and Fire
    nice dragon I didn't miss your message
    don't think
    what's the tigrex it's amazing is what
    it is
    keeper deadly so let's do this next
    master rank one tail of ice and fire
    repelled Elkanah I've not gotten two
    fighter yet and I'm genuinely curious
    and let's check out the house while this
    loading want to see the palico armor oh
    the plane
    maybe we can craft the palico some stuff
    oh we can't go into the room hold on and
    cancel oh oh struggle oh we're gonna
    fight zurk and a we're gonna fight Tiger
    X again Napoleon I add I don't
    did I ever watched it falling down to
    mine I think I did I'm old I don't blame
    - I definitely want the glow Venice
    armor I want to fight Glennis and tigrex
    a few more times today because both of
    the armor sets are really really really
    words words paliku equipment

    Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

    looks like it just looks like the down
    below stuff Oh lame the breka Dios looks
    oh my god it's glow Venice oh yeah
    we need to spoil our cat ninja cats bury
    off all the Barry offset is cool too I
    like was it's actually like the was the
    bunt no it was the the Baio set look at
    this adorable
    you want to make Naga Kouga I think we
    need the ninja cat
    I get my defense so high I've just been
    slowly upgrading our equipment to the
    master rank stuff master rank is a
    massive jump in defense like basically
    all of your armor that you've got from
    Monster Hunter world is pretty much
    useless once he get into master rank it
    was the surfboard on its back bulge it
    was amazing
    I want to check out the house in the
    next after the next one was the ecology
    research large monster list Oh Shi Maru
    take more muttons I've got to see a hand
    wrist specialist tomorrow so hopefully I
    can get something better than this
    clunky brace tell them you need some
    hunt monsters so you need something
    better and if they say no slap them with
    your brace until they give you something
    don't do that
    I wish you the best of luck oshi
    hopefully we'll see you in you got to
    just learn how to play one-handed then
    you can become famous and free Shang has
    a turf war with deviljho than ass
    monster hunter version of Godzilla vs.
    King Kong that is true and it will be
    epic hey Alice in Wonderland welcome
    back and I guess yeah it didn't send out
    on discord public tweeted out from the
    new world yeah I know the rules say take
    nothing back
    but still he wanted me to
    partner tell me why do you think people
    leave their homes and also their loved
    ones knowing that they may never make it
    back home I wonder what my grandfather
    was thinking bringing this thing back
    with him he was a carefree man but he
    took researching this very seriously in
    the end he never did find out what it

    Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

    why did he bring it back with him why me
    maybe he was thinking she'll get the job
    done 40 years ago their expedition
    failed so they left it to the next
    generation hoping we'll succeed and now
    we're here because someone believed in
    so you know what we won't fail I know it
    let's get you ready partner there's
    still work to do
    right grimace
    what could have brought Bell kana to the
    elders recess
    we're okay I'm gonna tell contracts
    where would it be follow the tracks know
    how to play and
    gonna be down here probably gonna be up
    where a douche alade aura hangs out well
    maybe it is down here and cutscene
    infinity gamer the answer to your
    question is in the description
    Beach thank you for the super chat I
    missed my chance to get arch tempered
    armors will master rain could be much
    harder for me I mean honestly you just
    kill like one or two things and then I
    have no food holy crap
    excuse me of Altona he's just going ham
    all of a sudden but no I mean basically
    all the armor from world is useless once
    you get into ice-born you're just gonna
    need to upgrade right away

    Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00

    wheat baby Jesus
    and lack of stamina though got that
    Knoll very nice thinking for the super
    chat yeah pretty much all the armor is
    gonna be pretty bad going into the ice
    born was the second you going to ice
    Barnet's master rank looks uh focus
    right die
    bleep oh whoops
    oops if I send you into a wall doesn't
    it now go to sleep
    break your face eat your soul
    the beach thank you for the super chat
    she's such a pretty elder dragon man
    weekly there's lots of demo here
    it was my first time actually fighting
    her I decided to not fight her in the
    beta so that I could be a little
    surprised about what happens
    it's a very angry lady that's for sure
    yeah I don't know hell or a female
    are you kidding me come on
    baby time for you to get out of the sky
    I don't like it

    Watch video from 84:00 - 87:00

    and Harley just got rappy
    why am i trying to [ __ ] another dragon
    what are you doing tag let's trap an
    elder dragon places that would be
    oh [ __ ] aft up
    rocki [ __ ] thank you for the super
    chat it is a sweet-looking elder dragon
    isn't it
    being enraged yet even get closer
    pinkies out now
    if it had backed me up I hate when that
    there we go
    really oh hey we rappelled I thought the
    game crashed
    hey need a bigger trap don't get too
    close on me
    or she pissed mouth
    no [ __ ]

    Watch video from 87:00 - 90:00

    and we're always making everything more
    difficult than it needs to be Fischer
    runs through here
    you're always one step ahead then and
    now at least you left me some homework
    what is
    well hopefully she's not dead I have a
    feeling that's gonna be our next mission
    is going to find her six minutes to
    repeal isn't so bad I guess a slider in
    handicraft jool hell yeah
    nice rarity ten
    and we got new decor for our room wonder
    what that is she survived worse that's
    if you guys are enjoying the Monster

    Watch video from 90:00 - 93:00

    Hunter world livestream I should have
    followed that leg button whisper sweet
    nothings to it smack it around a little
    bit show it some love for your heart
    desires really helps out the channel and
    I would greatly appreciate it
    yes we are gonna check out the room real
    quick and then we're gonna fight glow
    Venice again unless there's an
    interesting new fight coming which might
    be like ebony odo Garen which might be
    less I'm sure we're going into master
    rank for a star after this now which
    means things are going to get even more
    difficult trying to fight the Viper the
    poison is bloody crazy it is ridiculous
    you definitely need no berries for the
    that fight please do you want to kill
    dragon oh yeah now that everyone's here
    and let us begin now he wants to talk
    first we wouldn't have stood a chance on
    our own
    terrific work now speaking about kata
    there's still the question of where it's
    retreated to
    elaborate if you would gladly sir after
    its if I may say so harrowing battle
    with the a-listers Val Khanna suddenly
    transformed its carapace and flew and
    retreat toward the hinterlands we still
    have no idea why it transformed let
    alone what reason it had for going to
    the elders recess in the first place and
    this is just my personal theory but I
    think that Val Khanna didn't exactly
    retreat I think it simply left the
    elders recess after finishing whatever
    it had gone there to do what reason
    could an elder dragon from an Arctic
    environment have from traveling to the
    ever stream in the elders recess I
    believe it might have something to do
    with a startling metamorphosis of its
    outer shell
    whatever the case we'll need to
    investigate more one last thing sir this
    newly transformed val kana seems to be
    building unbelievable strength if we
    don't do something sally ayanna could be
    in danger and there's no time to waste
    field team returned to the hinterlands
    and locate Bell Khan provisions tech we
    need to fortify our defenses will
    provide what be swift but remember each
    careful step or each hasty mistake may
    be the difference between success and
    that is all dismissed all right cool
    what's going on world peace hold
    - Brooks let's see here what new thing

    Watch video from 93:00 - 96:00

    could we get attacked by in the
    hoarfrost reach that we haven't
    encountered yet
    zom trio's haha be awesome you know what
    let's do this use loadouts there we go
    that's mo bettah much easier Manish
    Cobra thank you for the Corgi booty
    shake man I greatly appreciate it you're
    scholar and a gentle Cobra my mind okay
    yeah we want to check out new armor and
    then the house and his cover thank you
    so much again we're to quit Finn's armor
    we want to check out ah there we go
    there's some rarity eleven black a belt
    helm Oh interesting these are used coins
    oh that's interesting
    those are first rarity eleven equipments
    defense a hundred and fifty each ooh
    this is gonna be that wide range
    equipment that you want for those wide
    range builds as this is actually really
    really nice us horn maestro nice okay
    and that's gonna be a nice set for that
    I just realize we got all these plus
    sets here now oh look at the new Otto
    Gahr on set
    yeah and that looks cool oh dude okay
    don't know which one I like more of that
    so we got critical eyes speed sharpening
    again Constitution and critical eye
    critical eye again so it's good it's
    pretty much the same but a little bit
    better I got the leggy on A+ Oh like way
    that looks I'm similar to how it was
    well basi off ergun very nice okay well
    let's see what's next in the hoarfrost
    reach first we go to the room insta
    I've got penguins in there
    thank you vanished so so far from what
    you all have seen Monster Hunter
    ice-born what's been your favorite
    monster or favorite thing about it so
    far sometimes they think the dialogue in
    this came could be better yeah well it's

    Watch video from 96:00 - 99:00

    all English translations from a Japanese
    game so the mouth movements never really
    match up but Monster Hunter is more
    about the hunting than the story they've
    tried a little bit better to make the
    story better and world and Ice born at
    the end of the day it's all about the
    hunting underground monkey thank you for
    the super chat and you through ancestors
    and I'm glad you're playing one of my
    favourite games thanks for the content
    it's all great oh thank you so much
    thank you for the support and for the
    super chat you glorious human you it's
    much appreciated what's my favorite
    monster it's always been the note what
    yeah was an ogre racheting is is pretty
    close up there but I didn't fight
    racheting until a recent well not
    recently it was like last year at some
    although gormogon is pretty darn cool -
    alright so this is the new home look how
    pretty it is we've got our own bath in
    the back you sit down and hang out get
    our groove on in the bed over here we
    had anybody to get our groove on with
    and let me put some new pets in here the
    perfect room stone will zip past a
    quarry stone while you deal with the
    finicky kitty Oh God wants us to fight a
    tigrex tiger X whatever a little nicer
    than I deserve
    ancient forest painting okay gonna give
    me so many missions yep this is all
    stuff because we can actually decorate
    our rooms now oh just getting a whole
    bunch of these missions here I just want
    to talk to you I don't want a mission
    Thank You room
    customization you can now redecorate
    your room your walls curtains lights
    lamps or rugs and shelf oh Jesus
    oh my god newly added to court oh my god
    basic settings the wallpaper we got
    wooden walls you got the chick wooden
    wall green pimple stone oh I don't like
    the stucco wall we'll go with that for
    and we got different floors like that
    the stone floor it's actually really

    Watch video from 99:00 - 102:00

    cool that you can customize all this and
    then we obviously can unlock more things
    as we go ooh an elegant curtain we don't
    have that lot unlocked yet
    I like the red though
    then you can do the first floor you can
    change all the stuff down here the main
    table luxury table ooh
    flower bed Oh resting
    and I want to put in pets place your
    pets cuz we got some new ones here if we
    go I think it's gonna be all the way at
    the end maybe the duffel penguins one of
    those bad boys in
    and then the mikake that on the first
    floor put that duffel penguin down here
    too and then the aquarium which is
    really cool we'll put some the golden
    fish you put more stuff in the in there
    though it's my penguin that look at the
    mikake look at it
    though adorable my penguins at
    you can go in the hot tub or the hot
    springs rather lose the penguin just
    chillin by the fire like a gangster look
    at him giving me all side eyes and stuff
    I got to figure out what kind of rare
    pets we can get yeah that's the the
    basics of the new room I do like the
    customizability of it
    very nice much nice maybe the rest of
    the fated four will be in I think that
    would be amazing I would love to see all
    the paid for
    load and do they have any board works I
    think so okay he's gonna keep repeating
    that until we do it so let's just do it
    so this is there's a new monster here
    that we have not encountered yet I don't
    know what that would be it might
    actually be one of the ones that we
    haven't had announced yet but one of the
    announced ones could it be in the snow
    area it should be a bold room the bold

    Watch video from 102:00 - 105:00

    room from hell
    hey Mariah how you doing today welcome
    to the live stream acidic go Venice I
    think it's a little too early for acidic
    Leventis MS suit soon that'd be such a
    fun fight
    you can put those little monkey things
    on the hot spring who can bathes with
    them oh yeah baby with all the little
    monkey things and weird up in here
    the loading screen of doom I need to get
    a solid-state drive all right so what do
    you guys think is gonna attack us here
    or rather attack the handler here I
    didn't eat I can't eat at the camp until
    after this cutscene Oh
    electric engine ass you know what you
    might be right on that one
    very startling you're still here I
    thought you would have left the weak
    lead the strong it's a nature's course
    it's also instinct to stand in fights I
    think you might be right about the
    electric engine F that's the one thing
    that we know is in this area that we
    have not fought yet which means I'm
    gonna get my butt punched in
    a po-han drink did come back here it's
    still be around here yes we defeated at
    Braca Dios just before this you can back
    up in the live stream if you want to
    check it out I don't see anything was
    she talking about

    Watch video from 105:00 - 108:00

    no something's gonna happen the UI is
    getting all funky
    we restock our items
    because the tracker missed her last
    scheduled contact with base we know she
    was investigating the reach look at him
    take their little penguin booties
    well come on we got places to go lady I
    think this is where you got wrecked
    all right
    there's more here and another set of
    tracks beside it are these human human
    footprints and on the small side too
    it's gotta be her Oh Ethan you have a
    great night thank you for hanging out
    sweet dreams I guess I could
    I do hope some tree is back to
    is this
    of course don't die
    at least she hasn't almost gotten her
    oh she might not be okay oh it's the leg

    Watch video from 108:00 - 111:00

    that's what we're gonna be fighting the
    new leg IANA
    a nasty Beast welcome back
    pullin outta here I'm using a bar caster
    and getting some food
    gonna abandon her
    all right so we find something oh she's
    back here that's funny elemental
    resistance as well I guess we'll do that
    and we have all of our items let's make
    sure that roar will never not be cool
    all right let's give this a go new
    subspecies a leg IANA didn't you say it
    was because the icon kind of looks the
    a nice dragon you have a great night
    great night good luck with the rush hour
    Barry out this year too maybe we'll get
    to see a nice turf war subsidy a
    subspecies I don't know if there are
    actually deviants in this I'm only aware
    of subspecies I'd loved to have deviance
    that's right we're the ones that have
    lived through attacks and have adapted
    against the hunter
    where the hell did it go
    what's up higher I don't know if I can
    actually get up there though I think we
    can all we can pass through an axe that
    got blown apart

    Watch video from 111:00 - 114:00

    hey Alex what's going on
    this thing just booked it
    god I hate chasing these things all the
    way across the map Oh finally
    there she is this is a whole area the
    map that we haven't actually gotten to
    explore yet hello my pretty go into the
    wall that's how you say hello to the
    shrieking lejiana
    it's crazy how they made that flashmobs
    just like not work at all and master
    ranked by funny I mean is incredibly
    we need get oh it's right next to a dead
    bloody on it to just chilling with it
    for to sleep god I love that new
    mechanic makes me so happy
    why is there another one
    but the crap is happening I don't like
    it it wasn't a different one it was just
    taking a nap
    it wasn't dead
    break up another piece of content
    I have to say a hard pass I'm both of
    that I don't know if I have my dunk pots
    on they're not though I think I took
    them off there did
    oh my god
    they're gonna at least plate each other
    maybe that'd be cool

    Watch video from 114:00 - 117:00

    Randolph creates a weak spot
    get some pod there we go
    there's too many above heart
    holy crap okay that's good
    oh my god
    don't have any dung pods god I keep
    latching on to the other one instead of
    the one I want to latch on to
    everything's fine it's all not part of
    the plan
    not at all just a full Basel kind of
    course double shrieking lucky I thought
    it's a regular leg IANA and the
    shrieking one
    expecting the other one to leave at some
    point but it seems to be having fun I
    was trying to do that the whole time but
    I kept grabbing onto the other one
    instead hey Tony what's going on how you
    doing some things are going well better
    at least than what's happening to us
    right now
    so we need all Barry's down it's nice
    and warm down here and let's hang out
    down here how about you come into my
    land no siree noodles
    what's gonna live in there
    Hey Humvee one get back to doing semi
    okay pickup piece take a weak spot and

    Watch video from 117:00 - 120:00

    not rattle the sky
    I was in the wrong spot I was on her
    wing instead is wing its wing the wing
    for any rocks around here there we go
    tell me our pretty lady I always
    consider leggy on it to be a female I
    don't know why
    we're making a video on that back in the
    hey Stephanie how's he doing have you
    through the last hour work
    excuse me holy crap hi
    of course I ran right through
    we live in the water the only safe spot
    Oh God
    come on there's always just like an inch
    away from where I needed to be Oh
    autumns the sky please
    Rock already got those rocks
    tell you what if you hated high ranked
    flyers and regular world you're gonna
    hate faster ranked flyers at least we
    got the new mechanic to help us out a
    little bit oh and actually knock down

    Watch video from 120:00 - 123:00

    the special one only for a second though
    that ice effect is so cool
    you ain't leavin oh maybe you are fine
    fine all right that was fun
    look at this little thing just staring
    at me like why you fighting this thing
    huh listen every weapon have new moves
    yeah especially the hunting horn the
    hunting horn is oh good I ought to use
    it actually need a I don't have any hot
    drinks for you
    it's not gonna help at all indeed that
    is the opposite of help we don't have
    any fire herbs which means life is gonna
    suck for us for a minute actually being
    a dual blade users we're gonna have to
    use some traps I think to make life a
    little bit easier
    way down
    Oh Kylie thank you for the super chat
    the hunting horn was great in the beta I
    can't wait to get back and pick it up on
    the game tomorrow
    yeah the hunting horn has got such such
    good buffs
    probably gonna start using it here
    pretty soon two legs trying to get
    another knockdown
    get out of here lejiana

    Watch video from 123:00 - 126:00

    too many flats in a small little area
    sending her down the tunnel Kylie thank
    you so much again for the super sad
    oh my god I guess I was up too high
    thinking I automatically kicked you off
    when you're up q hi
    I'll vanish Cobra thank you so much for
    hanging out I hope you have a wonderful
    day hope your father's doing okay
    hopefully it's nothing too serious I
    wish you guys the best oh my god I'm
    getting pummeled thank you for the Corgi
    booty shake
    finally some stone
    much health of this thing have master
    rank stuff has literally an absurd level
    of cost like stink arch temper dark
    tempered times like a lots it's kind of
    kind of ridiculous
    especially with the fact that it's
    flying most of the time means we can't
    do really a lot of damage to it we're
    gonna harass
    how are we on it from the head
    come on hahaha

    Watch video from 126:00 - 129:00

    I think it's getting closer stuff there
    we go
    we've broken a lot of stuff on it there
    we go finally broke the heads - I think
    we've broken pretty much everything we
    can we broken the wing leg head all the
    good stuff the potion in your mouth
    drink the potion
    thankfully Harley's there to save the
    good girl Harley
    I hate you I hate you so much you stupid
    bird from the bottom of my heart I hate
    I mean shed Diablos normally take
    considerably longer than everything
    before it yeah everything in master rank
    is gonna be just absurd
    everything has a ton of health aside
    from that it's really not too bad will
    help once we have higher tier weapons
    but not having any traps anymore he'd
    know berries I don't I have
    hot drinks you know what we don't even
    have any stuff for that I'll just have
    to leave my inventory open we got to
    collect some some stuff we eat again

    Watch video from 129:00 - 132:00

    she looks so happy oh you liked it
    have any herbs here and lope
    we're gonna we haven't actually died yet
    I forgot to grab dunk bugs oops
    I call around a silver leaf well
    probably getting back towards our normal
    streaming schedule there's no whole
    other stuff anywhere
    we're core
    eat some hot peppers there we go
    go far away
    both sleeping so much
    wonder if it's ready to be trapped you
    plot it for long enough

    Watch video from 132:00 - 135:00

    just takin a nap and regenerating health
    like a dick
    hoping maybe we could lure it back down
    here maybe
    but doesn't wake up the other one now
    that guy we we beat the game already
    but there are rocks over here girls be
    knocking out the sky at least
    let's think better be close to being
    there's the other leg Allen out it don't
    pissed it off
    better be good
    there we go now we're cooking with
    murder gas
    my first step no no actually we've died
    once so far in this particular fight but
    a nice born
    we've only died one time so far I'd like
    to keep the deaths to a minimum oh thank
    you for the heals Harley you're a
    scholar and a gentle cat
    didya nice
    super one special leaves a little bit to
    be desired by a little bit I mean
    come on something out of stamina yet
    lejiana keep stock blocking me

    Watch video from 135:00 - 138:00

    and the wrong one God again
    dona keeps cock-blocking me
    maybe we cannot come out there again
    thank you listen in I get back up
    you can hit us up with a Sun attack
    this thing has a metric a so the house
    it just dropped the other pod that's now
    it's ready to be trapped the insecurely
    ah keep it bird
    bells tracks would be very cool
    I'm trying to trap together just drop a
    I think has 50 billion health decided
    oh I guess there's been mad

    Watch video from 138:00 - 141:00

    I gotta figure out how to tell what
    direction those things are coming from
    while we're done if it what's out in a V
    in front of it I think I'm not hungry
    son sure keep getting rekt lat
    like drink the potion thank you
    is there any stones down here or
    anything I just want to get around the
    sky I just want to sharpen my weapon
    apparently she doesn't die
    with the blastmon thank you Hey
    I missed the old days where you could
    flash something out of the sky and it
    would stay down for like a second though
    I'm please just kill me
    this flight stopped being fun like 10
    minutes ago they just have too much
    freaking help like there's a fine line
    between giving something enough health
    to make it entertaining the site and
    then giving it so much health that you
    just get extremely bored fighting it
    after like 20 minutes
    actually when it's a flyer it's just too
    at least we died and got the fortify
    buff that's cool
    a G rank is supposed to be difficult not

    Watch video from 141:00 - 144:00

    take 15 years I mean they are they hit
    hard like G rank but they have a health
    is just it's not that the fight is
    difficult you get bored before you can
    finish killing it I don't say that much
    about monster hunter either like I like
    the challenge but it's not and I was
    challenging it's just taking way too
    F of it is probably my equipment but
    still ok let's get back out there did I
    yeah they had to have been increased the
    damaged um G rank is master rank
    whatever the hell you want to call it
    damage is significantly increase that's
    why you see such a massive boost in your
    defensive armor well I think like was it
    like just 30 more points on the base G
    rank armor hello there yeah
    welcome back killed you like 20 months
    that's my favorite weapon I use pretty
    much all of them I'm using the dual
    blades because I like the
    maneuverability of it when I I'm doing
    new fights but I really I used the
    hunting-horn the most like when we're in
    groups it's my favorite weapon to use if
    I'm playing with the members or
    something like that aside from that I
    really like using the charge blade or
    the lipo gun so those are the four that
    I primarily use the most
    I quite frankly don't know how this
    thing is not at least the trampled point
    yet we've been we beat up on it hard for
    like 15 minutes and then feed on less so
    hard for about 10 minutes and I don't
    think it's anywhere near dead yet I
    think the only thing I have left is have
    to save that

    Watch video from 144:00 - 147:00

    would like to give you a hearty hello
    so we've knocked it out of the sky at
    least I think ten times now but 5000
    damage alone and so tempered Elder
    Dragons had like 20k house arts temper
    dollar Dragons have 25
    ergo just drop another pod
    that's like the fourth plaudits drop
    damage alone
    usually the drum to pods and then
    they're ready to crap
    realize I didn't reapply inventory while
    we're there
    we're back down here with warm there we
    go finally
    not the limb
    I just need to get it back for a second

    Watch video from 147:00 - 150:00

    you do not have to trap the monster
    before drinking it it's actually much
    easier if you drank it while it's up and
    then trap it especially if you've been
    using a lot of traps as the traps only
    last for they get diminishing returns
    the more you've used we used a bunch but
    at that point you need to use the tranqs
    before or you won't get all the tranqs
    off while it's trapped if you've been
    using a lot of traps we did send in this
    expedition the longest expedition in the
    history of expeditions
    hello hammer I never want to fight one
    of those again at least until we got
    better equipment
    that was literal AIDS I think I got aids
    from fighting that thing Oh a ball you
    have a good night thank you for hanging
    out do you want to see the equipment
    you can't save me again but really I
    know you would be yes I gave everyone a
    scare you know you remind me of myself
    always finding a way to the truth
    oh yeah you're always looking to guide
    the way
    take a look more writings from my
    Master's studies the song the monsters
    behavior they're affecting the ecosystem
    seismic action the old ever worm I'm out
    of time my story ends here songs the
    ecosystem old everyone is this about Val
    The Shard originated from here meaning
    Val Kaunas Ness must be nearby Long's

    Watch video from 150:00 - 153:00

    expedition in history only how far into
    it now if we ever have to fight another
    one of those we'll just use the light
    bogan or the bow will be much easier
    since it spends all of its time in the
    air it'll make it a lot easier use the
    hammer and to smash it to bits we can't
    chase after it now let's head back and
    regroup first okay
    all right
    I guess we'll check out the equipment
    from the app and I really want to look
    at it because if it's good I gonna fight
    another one at least not until I got a
    good light bow-gun oh yeah that was the
    first four star ranked one two all the
    next monster beat I don't know names Dan
    we might take a break unless it's
    something really cool then we might do
    it that's uh it kind of made me want to
    take a break though
    it's way too long wasn't difficult until
    I got really bored of fighting it and
    then I just kept making stupid mistakes
    I want to play some no man's sky haven't
    gotten to play in a couple weeks
    Hayden what's going on how you doing
    Akuma works if I was too long I wouldn't
    mind if they buffed the damage more to
    make it more challenging and reduce the
    HP I'd much rather have that that was
    the main issue with the arch tempered
    that everybody had was that they just
    had too much HP the fights weren't fun
    and they weren't really more difficult
    it just took forever and was what
    everybody had issues with after we
    finish this meeting you'll stick around
    for some advice from a concerned friend
    all right that said those notes you
    found are definitely worried song I'm
    not ready to buy wholesale into some
    scratches we happen to find that a piece
    of cloth but it's all eerily similar to
    what's going on

    Watch video from 153:00 - 156:00

    without any rate this is vital Intel
    I'll be sure to talk to my old man
    thanks and be sure not to leave out a
    single detail huh
    of course Eduardo how's it going what
    you've just come back could you to go
    out and hunt that Anjanette be on the
    lookout for the transports arriving and
    once your partner's taking care of the
    Angela I've Tony youtubers have a like a
    live analytics thing when they go live
    be able to watch their shows either like
    the stream quality and stream health and
    live analytics ok ah folder engine app
    that's kind of cool but not terribly
    exciting we haven't gotten to fight it
    yet but I said early the streams dying
    we have a live stream for two and a half
    hours I think this is probably a good
    place to stop for the night
    so let's go ahead and check out this new
    armor I could just stop getting quests I
    do want to fight folder engine F though
    the hell's the new armor okay there it
    a little bit fancier than the on the old
    leg Guiana stuff as far as looks go I
    like this the Alfa it's kind of
    unfortunate the Alfa sets look cooler in
    my opinion than the beta sets because
    you never use the Alfa stuff though this
    alpha set if you will only you want to
    use one one second hey we've got hunger
    resistance of aid extender Oh kiss and
    marathon runner critical draw lets you
    shabby there evade extender and focus
    marathon runner and spread shots anymore
    hidden stuff that we got up here for
    higher ranked stuff
    and we're gonna go ahead and take a
    break we'll be back live streaming
    tomorrow we won't be doing any more
    today because we've already done too
    much on YouTube for today but thank you
    all so much for coming hangout sorry got
    frustrated there at the end a fight just
    took way too long in my opinion it was
    fun for like the first 15 minutes but I
    think we'll be able to kill it faster
    with a light bogan or a bow but anyways
    I do hope you all enjoyed it thank you
    so much for hanging out with me I'll see
    you all in the next one and night thank
    you so much for the super chat thank you
    for the Corgi booty shake you glorious
    even you I greatly appreciate it I hope

    Watch video from 156:00 - 159:00

    you all have a wonderful night

    A new base built as the headquarters for investigations in the Hoarfrost Reach. It's complete with a variety of useful facilities and features to rival those of Astera, ...