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    SearchThisVideo: Monster Hunter World Iceborne – Iceborne Starter Guide & Early MR Builds

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    so you made it through the base game all
    the way into hoarfrost reach good for
    you it's time for the DLC but this
    ladies and gentlemen this is where the
    challenge starts and to that extent
    welcome to my guide for getting started
    in AI sport so a couple things I'm gonna
    cover are really basic just things that
    you may have forgotten because you
    probably haven't done them in so long
    and then we're gonna go into some flesh
    fall mechanics and lastly I want to take
    a look at some starter master ring sets
    to get the ball rolling and the first
    thing is first go right on over to the
    Pala co-manager and if you already
    haven't make sure that you go to palico
    equipment and you put on that plunder
    blade I don't know about you guys but
    you know I feel like we reached a point
    in world where I stopped using plunder
    blade because Jim we didn't really need
    those materials you were harming farming
    arch temperance things like that you're
    gonna be wanting to farm everything you
    can find and to that extent making sure
    that you have the plunder blade is going
    to help you greatly in addition to that
    while we're on the note of palico when
    it comes to powerful weapon there's a
    couple things I recommend here either
    going with something that has poison on
    it or alternatively something that has
    sleep on it and the main reason for this
    is although you're not doing a ton of
    poison or a ton of sleep you will see
    those effects proc Ian hunts and they'll
    just make things that much easier
    whereas your palico really isn't doing
    all that much damage
    keeping up with pala codes after we've
    done that make sure you head on over to
    your room now this is especially
    important if you had gone through the
    betas because if you completed the betas
    and you did all the hunts and the betas
    once you go on over here you can talk to
    that same guy we were just talking to
    outside but you can claim your add-ons
    and bonuses now it's not going to pop
    anything up for me because I've already
    claimed them but as you can see there's
    quite a few things you can get in
    particular early weapon upgrade mats
    great joggers commendation bomb burrowed
    tigrex a list certified pack and these
    are just a ton of early materials that
    are going to really really help to get
    things rolling for you
    in ice-born
    after that's done the next thing we're
    gonna do is take a look at the steam
    works because the steam works is
    basically a new minigame that was added
    a nice born and this thing essentially
    just poops out materials for you it's
    almost completely random there's not
    much you really do besides mash buttons
    but you will get a ton of materials and
    needless to say it is great to have
    those things along so going on over to
    the steam works here I'll talk to this
    guy the tech chief and you'll have to
    put or in the Steamworks to get them to
    go once you've added some fuel in you
    can help the steam works and then
    basically we need to guess whether it's
    gonna be extra angle or square every
    time you get it right the bar is gonna
    go up but if you get the bar all the way
    filled up you could see how it's yellow
    right now if you get all of it filled
    with red you're gonna end up with a
    bunch of stuff and what I want to point

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    out right now is if you look at the
    left-hand side of the screen all that
    stuff you see popping up that's just
    stuff I'm getting right now I'm getting
    armor spheres I'm getting max potions
    I'm getting mega potions there's a tranq
    bomb that just came in there's some mega
    nutrients there's more mega nutrients
    there's an armor sphere and then every
    now and then you get the mega bonus
    you're lucky the cats can actually help
    you do this by telling you where to go
    but I mean it a lot of this is just
    random but pressing
    there we go look at that full power
    you'll get a fun little cutscene where
    everything goes crazy we're gonna skip
    that I'll save her for you guys but you
    can see ton of Gourmet vouchers heavy
    armor spheres silver legs celestial wig
    vibrant prints which let you get some
    really really nice stuff and that whole
    list you saw right there was just a
    bunch of crap that I got from doing that
    minigame for a whopping what did that
    take me a minute 20 seconds anyway once
    you get your weapon print one over to
    the Eldar melter because keep in mind we
    are able to melt some good stuff and in
    particular with your prints you can meld
    the new rarity 9 type stuff so pure
    crystals dragon bones favoring gems I
    wouldn't suggest using it on these you
    can quite literally just farm these up
    out in the world but something like a
    favoring gem and any other gems that
    you're having trouble getting to drop in
    master rank you can of course get those
    with the new Weberian prints now moving
    on from there I want to take a moment to
    talk about the close fall because the
    clutch claw is in my opinion the most
    dynamic change to monster hunter we've
    had in a long time it completely changes
    up the flow of fights and it's a lot you
    can do with it I must face the thing
    which you see me doing right now is you
    just crush fall on you hit triangle you
    do an attack and that creates a weak
    spot on the monster and now any
    subsequent attacks to that weak spot for
    roughly about a minute or two
    going to do bonus damage and see how
    there's four little corner symbols when
    I'm heading the monster in the weak spot
    that indicates it's a weak spot a little
    dot on the bottom indicates a crit and
    if you don't see either of those things
    that need you're just hitting a regular
    spot now in addition to that you can
    launch the monster by rambling on using
    the flesh ball
    now there's two primary conditions to
    fulfill this but the basic gist is to
    grapple onto the face redirects to a
    wallet circle and then hit right trigger
    to send it flying into the wall now the
    main things you have to keep in mind to
    accomplish this is one the monster
    cannot be enraged because if it's
    you can't redirect it you can't wash it
    - it's long and - you have to have
    something loaded to your sleep if you
    don't have anything loaded into the
    slinger you can't actually launch the
    monster it doesn't matter what's in this
    linger Moss pretty much anything you can

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    pick up and put the sucker
    you can use to launch the monster now
    the main way to check is when you jump
    on the monster if you hit circle and it
    you're gonna be able to launch this if
    you hit circle on the monster just it
    doesn't even care go ahead and hit
    triangle create a weak point and get on
    out of it because if it doesn't move
    when you hit circle it is enraged and if
    it doesn't move the circle is shoot so
    I'm not gonna move just by you putting a
    bunch of stuff into its face outside of
    that there's a couple other cool things
    Plus Kostas looks alright here I can
    ramble on and then he go into the switch
    axe discharges she's super satisfying to
    do but the main use of course is going
    to be creating weak points and
    redirecting monsters into walls
    now as for how much damage are going to
    get on the monster this is obviously
    going to vary greatly something that's
    small the control Bonacci you'll see
    damage in the range of 100 to 200
    something that's bigger like a Naja now
    get damaged in a range of two to 300
    this also scales less than the help of
    the monster as well as multiplayer
    settings so for fighting an elder dragon
    multiplayer you can see damage upwards
    of the thousands who properly launching
    it to a wall so needless to say make
    sure you get this down because being
    able to launch the monster a wall it's
    not only going to do a ton of damage but
    it's also going to create your moment of
    opportunity where everyone can attack
    now before we wrap up I want to take a
    look at two relatively early sets that
    can help you get things rolling in terms
    of master rank and ice-born the first is
    a blade master oriented set and the
    second is gonna be a gunner set now you
    really do need to focus on upgrading
    yourself sooner rather than later
    because otherwise you are going to hit a
    progression wall in ice-born where
    basically the monster is hit like
    they're all arc tempered and you just
    can't quite survive just to put things
    into perspective here you know taking a
    look at some endgame sets from the end
    of world you can see defense 395 414 445
    429 401 so you know kind of averaging in
    the 400s the two master ring sets I have
    are at 625 and 683 and then is a
    staggering increase to your defense
    so anyway jumping on into the sets the
    first one is as I mentioned a blade
    master oriented set you could run this
    with pretty much any bladed weapon and
    it'll do you right so basic just here is
    joggers hal mail and bam braces all
    alpha and then used by a todos for his
    alpha coil and his beta Greaves you have
    a fair amount of gem slots in here in
    particular quite a few bigger gem slots
    which will let us work in things like
    tenderizer I do suggest you have a
    earplug jewel because the set comes with
    love before earplugs already then I
    dropped a vitality into my weapon to
    give me that health boost but the reason
    I like this set so much for breaking
    your way into master rank is because
    both jog risks and bio todos our master
    rank 1 monsters so you can hunt them
    incredibly early and get this set
    together and there's a lot of attractive
    things going on here we have the health

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    boost at level 3 to help maintain
    we have weakness exploit our slots for
    weakness exploit to help keep our damage
    up we have that attack boost level 4 or
    a little boost to our raw as well as
    some more crit and then in particular
    having access to both earplugs level 5
    and a vaild extender level 3 is going to
    really really help yourself ability
    especially as you first start fighting
    these master rank monsters now late-game
    you typically wouldn't need both of
    those skills you know a lot of players
    would consider those crutch skills
    basically but if this is your first time
    making your way into what is essentially
    a G rank experience being able to block
    out those roars and being able to roll
    way the hell out of the way of
    whatever's coming at you is gonna ensure
    that you're actually learning the fights
    as opposed to getting caught in a war
    and one-shot so all in all a very
    well-rounded set that'll help kind of
    push you on in to ice-born amber turn
    particular with the polar mobility
    you don't need level 2 that's just what
    I had in there but I would suggest
    having at least one point in polar
    mobility because this is going to
    prevent any of the slowdown that occurs
    when you're in hoarfrost reach basically
    just allowing you to you know keep
    moving without getting bogged down as
    the snow builds up on your character so
    even one point of that is actually very
    very nice to have moving on to our
    second set and this one is the gunner
    set it does take a little bit longer to
    get going because you're gonna have to
    make your way up to master rank level 3
    hunts but this set is largely based
    around the Nardo cougar gear now just to
    show you what this thing can do in
    action here's a quick clip
    so as you saw right there this set does
    absolutely disgusting amounts of damage
    and I wish there was something that was
    earlier for Gunners but Narga Kouga is
    the first real set that is in a sense
    oriented towards Gunners back in g-unit
    who goes to known for having basically
    the best light bogan in the game and I'm
    actually using the Narga light bogan
    right now which has rapid-fire peers -
    there's a couple other life events that
    rapid-fire peers - but it is very very
    strong and I do think it has a good
    chance of kind of defining the Gunung
    meta for ice ball so to that extent this
    set is kind of built to amplify that
    you're gonna want the Naga helm and
    Greaves both alpha the male and beta
    Kulu vambrace is beta will give you some
    pointing critical boost and then the
    Bayeux coil beta is pretty much just
    there because it has the slot for crit
    boost and it's going to give us the
    health boost at level 3 but when you
    pull this all together I mean this very
    much resembles kind of an endgame
    medicine from world I mean we have Krita
    at level 7 and we have crit boost level
    3 we have peak performance level 3 we

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    have piercing shots at level 2 and on
    top of that we have the health boost at
    level 3 to help the survivability and of
    a window level 3 which is just gonna
    help us with our rolls and get it round
    so all-in-all this set will basically
    probably carry you once you make it to 2
    mr3 you can farm Narga I would bet this
    set could carry you until the end of
    master rank in all honesty because with
    all the critical plus piercing shots
    plus a spare shot you do a disgusting
    amount of damage as a gunner I've since
    getting to set done I've I've begun to
    actually like this even more than my
    switch exponent but either way guys that
    is going to wrap things up for this
    really just want to get a quick video
    out to kind of help folks you know get
    out there and get the ball rolling if
    you will I am streaming a ton of
    ice-born right now so as I have time I'm
    going to be breaking up those streams
    and uploading them to the channel I know
    a lot of folks we're asking about that
    and I do plan on doing a whole slew of
    build videos but obviously you know it
    takes time to get to endgame and farm
    all this
    up so stay tuned for that otherwise
    thanks for coming on by appreciate the
    support as always this helps you out at
    I'd appreciate y'all drop and a like and
    other than that I will see you guys next

    Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is the highly anticipated massive expansion to Monster Hunter: World , the bestselling Capcom title of all time with more than 13 ...


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    Comment (26)

    1. So here's the thing, just bought this game, a few days ago, and I'm starting the base game. I'm at the part where you first get to the coral location, not sure the exact name. Anyway, I was wondering, so far I haven't died once, and I haven't gotten any weapon upgrades yet.. I thought that was a thing, you kill a monster, upgrade your weapon, rinse repeat. Do I need to just keep going, or am I missing something?

    2. "Starterguide". First Tip: Use Plunderblade. What the hell. No, just no. Do yourself a favour and use Coral Orchestra or Vigorwasp. If you can do it with the Plunderblade you really dont need a Starterguide.

    3. I've been putting off purchasing the expansion for the mere fact that I worked so hard to complete the base game with the highest level armor that I could and now essentially if one wants to play iceborn if they essentially pull a borderlands on you making all of your gear useless Not sure I can handle that but I really want to experience iceborn is it really that worth it?

    4. I just bought the expansion after living in this quarantine for two weeks. I’m coming back after 471 hours into MHW and holy shit I’m a noob again and everything is hard lmao.

    5. I need help

      I purchased iceborne dlc in my
      US account while im currently using the free ps plus mhw that I purchased using my asian region account , the problem rn is i cant access the iceborne dlc and got stuck in mhw i need help the ib dlc wont show up in my download list

    6. Been watching you since man I dont even remember all I know is that your name fighting cowboy will stay with me forever also thanks for the tips my friends and I needed them

    7. Kinda late but i recently started iceborne and the last thing I did in the base game was getting a xeno jiva armor (i did not do anything about tempered monsters) and I started iceborne with a plain xeno armor and a maxed rathalos GS… needless to say Banbaros beated my ass hard but i managed.
      Right now i'm at the poin where i have to hunt a nargacuga and a glavenus but the nargacuga kills me in 2 hits with a maxed Barioth long sword armor…
      Any tips? Should i farm some tempered monsters for decors?

    8. I started iceborne at 80 hours in to the game im now at 140+ and im so glad I’ve seen this video about the starting armor and tips i (never even knew plunder blade was a thing) and i can say for certain if i never saw this it would been a big struggle to get through and i might have stopped playing again thank you great video

    9. It’s on sale for $24

      I haven’t played since release. I went hard for months them ultimately stopped after I got every set and weapon I wanted for my sets.

      Would it be worth getting into solo? Im on ps4. I’m trying to talk my friends into coming back I dunno.

    10. I'm late to iceborne and this a great help. Great video – just one minor issue, you background/game noise practically goes over your voice. Really had to focus to hear most of it at time. Other than that thumbs up 🙂

    11. I'm incredibly late to Iceborne and I knew that the clutch claw was added but I didn't realize exactly what it did. Knowing how much it helps may make the game a little easier for me now.


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