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    SearchThisVideo: Monster Hunter World Iceborne – Livestream Part 1: Into the Hoarfrost Reach

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    oh man
    oh man
    this is it ice-born ice-born is here
    it's real not imaginary actually have it
    so I'm so stupid excited right now I
    grabbed the wrong controllers try and
    start playing oh my god uh-oh
    yeah now we don't need that movie you
    don't need that either
    let's go let's start let's start and
    they give you a free character edit
    voucher neato let's do it right staging
    area yeah I would start mascara and
    we'll move from there today's stream is
    sponsored by my immense amount of hype
    to play this game but in all seriousness
    thanks to Capcom for the early copy
    I was dude I was I was like a crack
    addict okay all my friends were we're
    playing their copies or were recording
    or streaming and I'm just sitting there
    like hey where's my star Hut are like
    homeboy asking for the Dragon either of
    a wondering where my press copy us
    speak to the feisty fiber
    setting the air where lagana has been
    sighted let's do this indeed you should
    probably switch up my weapon set the
    whole stream gonna be on youtube I will
    be breaking this stream up into parts
    and putting it on YouTube that way I'm
    not gonna do that with every single
    Monster Hunter stream but I will do it
    at least leading up to the end of the
    karmak amber nizzle with some it's
    alright like Jana checks that's a
    big-ass like a yawn attract that's
    that's a gold gold crown tear track on

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    this lady
    lady kiha
    our footprints
    not there
    if there's a big ass like Yano wandering
    around I'm sure that would spook local
    populace who have never seen a giant
    iceberg before Jax
    friendly reminder make sure to put your
    put your your handler on monster hunter
    language it's the only way that makes
    her tolerable otherwise she just like
    listen to her go
    this is not Japanese this is Monster
    Hunter language it's it's basically a
    gibberish language that was created
    specifically for monster huh and it it
    makes listening to her tolerable
    tracks going like they kind of just
    petered off swang know who they're I I
    just personally I can't stand the way
    the character sounds in English and I
    mean it doesn't sound bad in Japanese
    but the Monster Hunter language like if
    you've played on if you've ever played
    the older Monster Hunter games that's
    like the default is a Master Hunter
    language so I'm just so I'm used to it
    at this point
    I will be playing Sir John release yes
    that is neither here nor there yesterday
    probably should have brought along a
    different weapon I mean I'm sure I can
    eat this thing as acid charge blade but
    yeah I could not take English handler
    hard you can do a part

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    named co-con is out here getting ready
    to pick Liliana's out of the sky
    I like how they have been here for a
    year and they're just now discovering
    that there is an entire continent like
    on our miles away realize that was there
    nobody nobody thought to look out are
    not known for long-distance migration
    something has begun to affect the nature
    are they been driven out by some change
    nominally mr. Amin needed to do
    Oh still of all the mess kit food
    I mean if it's like a new island it
    would make sense but asked to rank one
    as your master Hank increases your gain
    access to new quests that'll pitch you
    against increasing tough challenges HR
    cap has been removed we already add that

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    on the blasting scales we did all those
    daily login bonus oh nice look that they
    added a you can pull the schedule in now
    oh yeah in two hours new quests will
    come in that's really cool
    using the accept all feature with r3
    once you're sent a guild card or squad
    invite a headquarters icon up here at
    the top left pressing r3 will accept
    check all do I gotta confirm each of
    these individually
    all right so what do we want to go in
    with you know it can't go wrong with the
    swag axe
    let's bring the swag accent along swag
    axe got me through the bass game it'll
    it'll get me in dice porn and killing
    actually bringing capture sets along any
    spoilers in the band hammer comes
    crashing down yeah yeah I mean all that
    that much is obvious I don't think
    anybody is I mean to be completely
    honest with you guys I'm barely even
    looking at chat my eyes are glued to
    this like a kid that got like the toy he
    wanted for Christmas no no we're good
    let's go let's go yes board the airship
    Oh was the best weapon in the game the
    weapon that you're most competent with
    dear good with hammer use hammer
    you're good with dual blades use dual
    blades it's all comes down to how much
    have you seen at the DLC nothing we're
    not even at the island yet we're leaving
    for it right now
    well I mean greatsword is elemental
    greatsword isn't really a thing but yes
    element got buffed but the reason
    elemental greatsword isn't viable is cuz
    the great sword has terrible motion
    values for elements things that are fast
    bow it will blade sword and shield
    insect glaive those work very very well
    for elementary but something like a
    great sword it's just it's too slow to
    really benefit characters got some dope
    armor on for this cutscene good
    yeah I did you did about its the handler
    tradeable she's not a Pokemon bro

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    I know I love my cat's outfit looks like
    a furry little demon
    like how it's literally like a broken
    ship they just drag along
    see you there aresome or dig up the
    armor I'm using this from Bettina
    yeah dude I can't wait Glavine s which X
    is gonna be amazing having us with Jax
    the hell blade switch axe in particular
    was nuts in GU I won't
    I really like my new character she looks
    good because sense
    they show up to a certain age in quest I
    I did not receive any touch embargo me
    uh let me see you only be able to play
    with other people that have it right now

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    you see below for details on bar go
    times livestream use a lot immediately
    please focus on starting from the
    beginning and do not skip to hang game
    concept straight away save files must be
    from master rank one as you begin
    streams not finish ice-born and then
    start streaming the beginning of
    ice-born achieve access you can prep
    your copy of olive ah yeah so basically
    like I can't skip straight to the end
    but that wouldn't work anyway was that
    paid just came in and dropped off mail
    looks like what was this financial
    doctor my god I hate this [ __ ] you don't
    know what the worst thing about owning a
    houses as soon as you buy a house you
    constantly get physical spam mail
    companies that are like we value your
    house at blah blah blah
    you should refinance with us and get
    this new sweet deal like no no I'm not
    I was layered armor so I'm pretty sure
    it's exactly what this is get a personal
    loan and hate me like that
    you are now equipped with a direwolf
    layered armor set don't worry your
    stuffs the same layered armor doesn't
    have special traits exchange layered
    armor right full armor set you must
    first remove it in order to change the
    layered armor but basically I just look
    badass cuz I'm snowy
    I mean refinancing your house isn't a
    terrible idea but you know I have no
    reason to refinance my house like my
    house is made I just sent through the
    purchase process not so long ago so it's
    like I already have a great credit rate
    basically it's it's people
    that just want your money and you just
    you know they just spam you with stuff
    peppers true I mean drinks I'm gonna
    have to add hot drinks to like my
    default kit because they're gonna be
    getting boosted actually second I'm
    gonna slim down to like the bare minimum
    kit cuz I'm gonna be picking up
    everything that I find alright so what
    do I need I have a have an ancient
    potion and I kept
    oppan ancient potion just to maximize
    that sound it's good and we are going to
    leave behind those those you flash bugs

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    mega barrels I have plenty of
    opportunities to trap stuff so let's
    leave that behind - how's the deal see
    you so far we are just barely starting
    actually no I don't know if I want to
    use those cuz there's a chance that I
    might not even hunt here she also kind
    of begs the question why did I bother
    using the we got lots of space now
    literally we're just well all's we have
    done so far is just wander around in the
    snow and pick up stuff it's a buck over
    here I thought I missed
    that's a gobbler double god
    so magical whole new zone who hunts new
    things monsters what is that little guy
    it layered armor god there's so much in
    this thing this is like this is like
    Witcher to your tears of DLC goodness

    Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is the highly anticipated massive expansion to Monster Hunter: World , the bestselling Capcom title of all time with more than 13 ...


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    Comment (24)

    1. I want to like MH, but its a bit too grindy for my personal tastes. I don't mind some grind, but this is very grind heavy.
      I still have MHW, but I'm skeptical about buying this, since I haven't gotten very far into the original.

    2. Already watched the whole VOD on your Twitch, but thanks for splitting in into Youtube episodes!
      This DLC is so much fun, the addiction is real again 😀

    3. Element Greatsword is actually viable if you know what you're doing the only reason you can say it's not and that it's too slow is because you're not very good with it. I personally have been using Greatsword since the first Monster Hunter game back in 2004

    4. im glad you put this on youtube, i first saw your channel when you first Monster Hunter world video came and kept with it every day untill you finished, and to see you covering the DLC to is nice to go thou the same person to see it


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