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    SearchThisVideo: Monster Hunter World Iceborne Longsword Gameplay Ep 1 ∙ Beotodus Boss Fight

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    what's up everybody i'm dear gamer
    welcome back to the channel today today
    we are back as a monster hunter and
    iceborn is finally here
    i'm excited i couldn't start last night
    because i was exhausted from work but
    day we're back in it man i'm so excited
    i've been looking at my build right now
    i'm already seeing how things are
    i was fighting a couple of monsters i
    haven't got started with the main story
    yet but i was just checking out my
    actual build
    one thing i'm very excited about this
    new view mode so the
    thumbnails are about to be super crispy
    we finally get to go like do cool things
    like this and adjusting
    et cetera so i'm excited for that that
    was my most anticipated feature
    but let's go ahead and dive into the
    game my family without further ado let's
    dive in
    so as you can see i've already went and
    got my layered armor and some of the
    stuff i got because i got a deluxe
    edition in the game i like i love this
    it's good to me so i want to make sure i
    support the creators i got the deluxe
    and i'm i went into the practice mode
    utilize my long story a little bit
    it seems that i was watching i woke up
    this morning i was watching like these
    guys already have team dark side already
    has videos out in terms of like
    what all of us like non-elemental builds
    so what we're going towards
    and it looks like paralysis is where we
    want to go for now so
    that's my me that might be what i'm
    working on i switched up a couple of my
    things because like
    weeklies x point is out now because i
    get the wounded monster and like you
    know sometimes you don't feel like
    dealing with all that nonsense
    you just feel like going in there
    whooping some button calling in a day
    so i still got my swordfire element list
    because i haven't got a new weapon yet
    for the master rank builds
    i still got all my old stuff in my
    previous game this is very very
    i'm going to use i'm going to see what
    this is like the sheet jewel which
    allows me to quick sheets so i could do
    little draw skills a little quicker that
    little draw combo it increases the power
    of it now man look at the power
    you get when you do that draw attack
    it's like massive
    so if you get really good at that timing
    that skill might be very very good to
    so right now i got this one i'm working
    and nothing too crazy yeah very very
    early in but we're about to make it
    happen so my family let's go ahead and
    get started okay let's talk to these
    guys what's up man
    you knew i would show up some small
    excited in the area
    oh my god
    we're gonna certainly know in a high
    yeah i'll check it out with you man
    let's go
    ready to go i am
    yeah let's do this all right what's up
    leggianna in the ancient forest and
    nobody knows why
    legendary all the eyewitness data
    follow me all right let's go
    leggianna tracks
    let's check them out no mistake it's
    really here
    so why is it here does the forest seem
    off to you today
    oh it looks beautiful
    can i ride my monsters already a little
    weird now that the elder crossing
    investigation is done
    no not yet it's exciting too though
    come on girl hurry up

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    let me just keep moving forward maybe
    i'll run into it on accident
    what gives more footprints thank you so
    much as a buck
    where are the birds maybe something's
    got them all spooked i got eaten
    leaky on that one that boss wasn't too
    mine too bad
    wonder if the next investigation is
    gonna be super long too
    maybe i know i plan to stay here for at
    least another decade
    okay where is it say the elder crossings
    happen once every 10 years right
    we can't really call our investigation
    complete if we don't stick around to see
    for ourselves
    yeah can you stop talking first lead has
    the same idea
    okay here we go help me
    yeah i'm dripping right now with his
    outfit not damn attracts here too
    there's a whole bunch of them
    hey hey do you hear that
    what is it
    is it the wind oh [ __ ]
    it's what they run away from
    what is that what is that
    i was flying with him
    oh look at that beautiful
    now that everyone's here let us begin we
    have as such
    i've assembled the fleet masters along
    with the first fleet field team members
    i've been able to reach
    i'm sure that you are all aware by now
    leguiana have been leaving the new world
    in droves
    flying far out into the open sea where
    they going director
    please take it from here gladly sir
    firstly as a species le guiana are not
    known for long-distance migration
    nor for abandoning their primary habitat

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    why they've begun crossing the ocean is
    an ecological mystery
    either something has begun to affect the
    biological nature of the leguana
    or they've been driven out by some
    change in their habitat
    some anomaly that has stimulated them to
    beyond the sea
    so thoughts do you even need to ask
    i can tell by that fire in your eyes
    that your mind's already made
    up it's not just you commander
    i think we've all gotten tired of
    following the same old routine lately
    good and i hereby declare we focus all
    available resources on investigating
    this legianna issue
    effective immediately oh
    no we're talking all right let's roll
    out commander sir
    we were thinking that if we follow the
    migrating leguana we should be able to
    discover somewhere to land
    like a new island even so we go by ship
    or better yet we fly something a little
    stimulating air travel's our specialty
    after all
    yes the third fleet's airship would
    allow us to spot the best landing area
    and help us get an idea of the
    that settles it then i'll be choosing
    who to dispatch
    but i need you to stay and watch over
    everyone here i'll need hands from the
    provisions and technology divisions
    we'll need your help to set up a forward
    operating base
    and you two tell your fleet to ready
    once your preparations are complete
    assemble at the council table
    i got a fleet we may not i got upgraded
    but that's no reason to falter just like
    the star-guided youth of legend
    we must always press on good luck
    and may the sapphire star light your way
    all right then dismissed all right let's
    roll out i need some action already
    master rank 1 has been unlocked oh my
    story of mountain hunter iceborn will
    unfold as you complete master rank
    quests and expeditions
    which will also raise your master
    ranking turn as your master increases
    you'll gain
    access to new quests that pit you
    against increasing tough challenges
    dope okay i'm ready okay
    it's nearly time the airship is ready no
    time's gonna be out there another
    frontier in the new world perhaps
    yes it will be whatever this job will
    investigate if you have any doubts leave
    them here
    off you go alrighty speak to the
    commander and board the ship
    is that why i came here
    get going all right
    all right
    yo what's up man your partner's already
    she's with the fleet master they're

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    you're certain yes the clouds were
    headed in the same direction as the
    the wind was blowing toward the
    northwest that day so
    hey is that prepared golden
    a fair wind just like the fifth spanner
    lux on our side yeah i can't wait to get
    anything yet i can't see anything in
    this fog
    we didn't come all the way out for
    nothing we must keep
    looking agreed
    hey leggianna huh
    and we have no idea where they're going
    i've heard some kind of rumor about an
    yeah that'd be pretty exciting huh
    oh there it is they found it
    look an island
    are they here too the currents are
    getting worse hold on tight
    partner i'm all right but more
    importantly look
    an island wait
    that is no island what is it you're
    it's a land pass
    it's too dangerous to continue oh my
    gosh let's go
    we're almost there we must regroup
    you two inside because i'm staying here
    let's go lead the way
    you later oh
    this is nice open here
    because my things we can get through all
    the granny parts later in the game
    let's enjoy the new story they added i
    guess it's pretty good what people are
    because the first part of mazda hunter
    story i didn't really pay attention too
    but this i'll be more invested

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    okay we're here oh look at all this snow
    and it's freezing
    we can't stay out in this cold yeah
    we're not prepared for this
    what do we need let's set up camp before
    we freeze to death
    okay we can change into something warmer
    while we're at it
    the commander procured some cold weather
    gear for us
    so they gave me all this drip now look
    at me but it's still
    so cold i like my older outfit better
    though this place is something else
    let's start looking for a good spot i'm
    glad that we make us like actually wear
    all right i'm gonna go back to my stuff
    i guess i can now
    well later it will sounds uneven here
    new items hot pepper
    hot drink is she coming with me or is it
    just me oh i gotta drink the hot drink
    i'm cold right now
    i can't wait to fight my first monster
    do you guys think of iceborn so far what
    was your favorite thing about it
    you drink a cold drink real quick or a
    hot drink
    look a popo a popo
    i kill this guy
    i'm warming up real quick hold on
    all right let me get some meat real
    quick i'm just checking on my new move
    oh this is the popo
    poisonous meat oh [ __ ] i don't want that
    oh no i don't want any of that i was
    like a user for bait or something
    what's up girl what'd you find
    leggy on the tracks those tracks look
    fin marks i remember seeing ones just
    like it in the new world
    let's keep looking then definitely large
    monster tracks
    is she coming alright come on all right
    let's go
    what's the first one going to be man i'm

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    going to have to get rid of my crispy
    looking sword see i'm so sad
    i got the paralysis weapon i want to
    upgrade that one in the master ring
    we'll see
    i'll use that one instead looks like a
    clearing up ahead
    let's go check it out
    oh that's where the skyflies are are
    stored on them
    i think we found our first tracks
    look at that boy
    how was that
    right he's like hey hey
    go examine
    is it dead
    huh oh
    [ __ ]
    oh [ __ ] first one let's go
    let's go
    all right buddy
    cause if you told us how you say that
    let's go buddy
    partner all right oh
    you can use the
    he dropped some sling around
    i start doing damage now

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    here buddy come here little man
    oh yeah
    wait wait come back come back i'm back
    i'm back
    come on i'll get any kind of critical on
    my time i was supposed to hit eat i
    okay hold on come on get back
    i broke something
    nothing yet
    i don't know what patterns you have to
    do my foresight on there okay hold on
    don't die yet don't die buddy
    don't die buddy
    thank you fam i appreciate that
    oh okay that would have been it right
    there okay okay i'm starting to see i'm
    trying to see it
    in the hospital
    it has healing properties too oh dope
    rest in it
    am i warm now
    so maximum might activate
    oh that shows me you're leaving
    damn it
    there we go
    it's not hard by any means just like
    let me get to those goddamn legs
    thank you

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    god damn
    come on man wake up wake up wake up
    oh [ __ ]
    damn okay i gotta roll through those
    i'm not how long i'm doing just chasing
    this thing
    i could tell his head is his weak spot
    oh yeah yeah do your thing
    the hell is that
    whatever that thing is
    nice cause i get the hell out of me fam
    come back come back come back here watch
    out when a monster's enraged
    it's better to hold off on your clock if
    things calm down
    okay so don't use a claw with a monster
    okay i'm gonna need you to come out that
    water come on the snow
    so we can have like a oh my god
    all right let me go here real quick all
    right let's do this buddy
    so this is the monster i only fought
    during the story i hate fighting this
    i remember which one it is now the hell
    is this thing
    because of that reason it's like all
    over the place
    i'm not saying i want a monster just
    looking at let me attack it
    i'm saying like you know
    i've been moving all over the place
    did he use it

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    nothing okay come on come on come on
    dudes man this is starting me like crazy
    come on get up get up
    all right god damn i forgot
    there it is
    oh no okay you're out now that's not
    talking about now we can do some damage
    now come back here boy yeah it's like a
    whole new game
    got a farm for gear now figure out what
    the best bills are
    oh yeah man now we're talking
    oh come on
    oh there you are
    there you are now you're broken
    give me that give me that
    give me that oh come on
    come on
    baby i should
    do my little
    oh yeah there it is
    there it is there it is
    come on come on come on recover without
    i'm gonna try and get him
    damn i was trying i knew he's gonna
    leave soon in this area
    i guess i got the heels though
    come on come on now come on now
    oh oh i'm gonna have to make him like
    come out of the water again
    let us know
    because it's not i usually give my hand
    going ham on me
    whoa watching me dead like right now
    oh yeah i feel like

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    i gotta stun them a little bit i was
    come back come back come back come back
    oh come on demon ass give me that boys
    right there neither
    awesome i thought out of the way like
    extremely gracefully
    they're looking out man
    oh my god
    brought that part
    no no come back here
    it means decent damage no not really
    i think he's might be almost dead let me
    like strip my stuff real quick
    is he eating it
    there we go
    a little too early a little too early
    there we go
    nothing there
    i gotta get him out of there that is not
    one more time
    did i get his tail i think i broke his
    there we go oh i got it right in time
    the games are trying to play me

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    i wish it was something like recovery
    when you fall
    okay that's good let's get let's get it
    oh my god
    that was my prime time right there i
    blew it
    i'm like what are you doing let's see
    stay still stay still
    there we go
    i gotta start trying to do the other one
    attack as well
    is not the one i want to learn at all
    you know
    this is a lot of health like low key
    i guess that's the master ring right
    nice okay nice now he's
    low health i think he's limping
    and we got our full charger ready to go
    let's go
    oh come on
    all right let's get some damage
    all right let's do it now
    there we go
    oh oh i was gonna say man i was going in
    right there
    we were getting it baby
    come on let's go
    okay okay i'm a little early
    oh i saw that one coming
    that's my man do you think
    i'm gonna use that one i know i'm in the
    snow now

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    minute he was like swimming all over the
    place i couldn't get that good hits on
    not bad though
    all right girl
    oh i'm sure there's cold drinks in there
    yeah i'm done
    rarity nine stuff oh my
    as long as you have hot drinks this
    place isn't too bad
    that's nice this looks like the perfect
    place to land
    hey they're here i think they saw us
    yeah we settled camp real quick
    nice work base is coming along
    the legianna they're here yes we found
    their tracks there's no mistaking it
    hmm we'll need to ramp up this
    for now let's get our base camp up and
    assemble at the council table we need to
    talk things over
    yes sir
    sounds good exciting
    it's freezing
    and our journey begins let me thank you
    again for the good work you did on
    location you found was perfect you two
    really did a fine job
    now that we've laid the groundwork we
    need to shore up our defenses before we
    can ramp up our legianna investigation
    i've already made an urgent requisition
    to estera for construction materials
    the transport is prepared to sail here
    in a few days time
    but of course this is uncharted
    territory and there's no guarantee that
    the transport will be able to find safe
    passage after they land
    the landing point is quite a distance
    from the forward operating base
    so i'd like for you to investigate the
    surrounding area sound good
    forward operating base and surrounding
    lacks a bit of punch when i put it like

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    let's see how about we call this base
    celiana and the surrounding area can be
    the horfrost reach celianos
    i want you to conduct an expedition into
    the horror frost breach
    and ensure that the area is safe for
    passage i trust you to respond sensibly
    to any threats you may find out there
    take don't let your guard down and don't
    forget your cold weather gear
    good luck out there all right captain
    all righty
    our first mission is down and securing
    that supply route
    all right let's get it hey jim thanks
    for watching hope you enjoyed the video
    if you're new to the channel subscribe
    if you want to see more mazda hunter
    channel make sure you guys subscribe and
    give the video a thumbs up till next
    time my family dear gamers signing out

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    Comment (20)

    1. God dang, you need to equip defense decos for story run through. It's better to survive than increase dps for story. Then focus on end game build.

      Tips: nulberries should still negate any abnormal status debuffs like ice blight.

      A tired monster = clutch claw the face for free damage especially if you are too far away lol.

    2. The "Moving all over the place" thing is literally 90% of the new monsters even including reworked versions of old monsters. It seems just about every single one has the "I move 20 ft away and 180 degrees behind you" move. Specially some of the later monsters they were devastatingly mobile and it actually made me question the viability of some weapons. What good are the new skills if the monster can start and finish a single attack after you've shot your claw and are reeling in on them. It's not even that they are super fast they just are all over the place like you said. It's Rough

    3. my man work for this build:
      LS : radiant flows
      high raw + purple sharpness (handi5)
      armor : velkana except the hands use damascus b for handi 2
      skill : handy 5, crit draw, quick sheath 3 the rest can be anything depend on your preference
      you’d be suprised how strong and fast iai slash can be combined with velkana armor skill


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