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    hello this is Alex welcome to boomstick
    gaming and my ultimate new player guide
    for starting Monster Hunter World in the
    hopes to help you become an adept hunter
    by the time you hit the master rank
    content in ice-born i am going to try
    and refrain from explaining the bare
    minimum basics of monster hunter world
    since simply playing through the
    campaign trains you pretty well at most
    of the core gameplay mechanics what I am
    going to do is take all the other guide
    videos I have done on the game from the
    last year and a half extrapolate as many
    useful tips and quality-of-life tweaks
    from those as I possibly can add in a
    few new ones and hyper-focus them all
    straight into your face in the shortest
    amount of time here in this one video I
    am breaking this down into sections with
    item management and loadouts which is
    more exciting than it sounds
    followed by quests money and cooking
    then weapon types personal favorite
    then potions and upgrades closing it all
    out with some overall monster hunting
    tips but very first let's kick this all
    off by talking about the new defender
    gear that has been added into world
    the defender armor set and defender
    weapons were recently injected into the
    game to help players new to the series
    more easily get through the base
    campaign to get them to the current
    metagame content of ice-born why would
    you want to quickly advance to this
    higher tier mastering stuff well there's
    a huge new pool of awesome looking gear
    to work towards along with new
    progression systems and the revisions to
    older monsters as well as the brand new
    ones feel like the potential of monster
    hunter world now fully realized and a
    bonus that's also where the core player
    base currently resides as well if you
    start a fresh new character the vastly
    stronger defender armor set will now be
    the default which can be changed if you
    want the unaltered progression of the
    base campaign where you'll need to rely
    on making new armor sets quite
    frequently with this option now acting
    almost like a selectable difficulty
    setting for the pre ice-born content if
    you want you can also just flat-out buy
    this set from the Armory in town at any
    time if you've already started you will
    find this armor to be much more powerful
    than other lower tier sets and has some
    really useful abilities on it like
    improved HP regeneration and the chance
    to mitigate some oncoming damage is this
    defender armor essentially easy mode
    well I wouldn't go as far as saying that
    but it does help scoot you along at a
    brisk err pace at least early on as far
    as weapons go you can also craft
    defender weapons at the smithy now which
    only requires iron ore which is very
    easy to find at most money notes these
    are really strong starter weapons that
    inflict the blast element which will
    periodically build up to one big
    powerful explosion which is probably the
    most satisfying of damage types because
    let's be honest we all like seeing big
    damage numbers popping off defender gear
    will not really help too much in
    ice-born but it will greatly assist with
    getting you there in record speed if you
    choose to use it
    this section will focus on quality of
    life tweaks to make your item and gear
    management a little more efficient if
    you find yourself frequently using the
    item bar in the bottom right to sift
    through everything one at a time you
    might find the order of how everything
    is listed to get quite jumbled if you
    open your item pouch and then press the

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    button to open your item bar you can
    shift around the order in which all of
    these will appear the item bar is
    decently useful but you will eventually
    want to familiarize yourself with the
    radial item menu as well with this you
    can easily pick from your own
    customizable menu layout and some game
    mechanics even work better through this
    like being able to sharpen your weapon
    without having to see that first also if
    you're playing on a controller you can
    change the item control setting to type
    2 or 4 where this frees up your left
    thumb to be able to move around freely
    while also sifting through these menus
    without having to micromanage the d-pad
    sometimes I feel like humans really need
    a patch in a third hand sometime soon
    since we are already talking about the
    options menu this is also a good time to
    go into your camera settings to change
    the view distance to far which is a
    really easy way to get a slightly better
    view the monster especially up close
    since this increases your field of view
    now back at home base after you finish a
    quest or at a campsite during a hunt
    you'll need to restock all the items you
    have used and there is a really easy way
    to do this all at once by going into
    your item box the manage items screen
    and then manage loadouts in here you can
    save your preferred item loadout as a
    preset so every time you return to
    restock everything simply click on your
    saved items lot out and if you have the
    necessary stock and storage it will
    completely refill your item build as
    well as deposit anything extra that you
    have in your inventory the same loadout
    system is also vital for saving
    equipment in a similar way and this
    makes for a really easy way to switch
    out your gear all at once this is great
    if you like to bounce around to
    different weapons want to easily access
    different elemental builds or you can
    even go as far as making a specialized
    loadout for every monster in the game so
    you never have to evaluate what you're
    going up against each and every time
    if you're really trying to advance
    quickly to get straight to ice-born
    sidenote hold down the sprint button to
    speed up this opening book animation you
    can put the majority of your focus on
    your primary assigned quest to plow
    through the story quickly but don't
    fully neglect all your optional quests
    the quests with the speech bubble symbol
    next to them often reward you with
    important new gameplay mechanics and
    upgrades so I would recommend at least
    coming back to these all eventually
    before leaving town you always want to
    make sure you're stocked up on bounties
    from the research center which is your
    most reliable method for obtaining armor
    spheres at least early on which are used
    to level up your armor also if you go
    over to the limited bounties tab these
    function like temporary time server side
    quests something akin to an MMO so jump
    in here from time to time to see what
    weeklies you can be working towards if
    you're looking to really amass more xeni
    and who isn't head over to the provision
    stockpile go to sell from your item box
    tab over to materials sort and at the
    very end of this list you'll find things
    listed as trade in items which are
    intended to be sold off with no other
    reason to hold on to them head in here
    from time to time because you might have
    a few things to get rid of that you
    didn't even notice you obtained now if
    you really really want to make a lot as
    any quickly you can use your lucky
    vouchers which are obtained from a daily
    login bonus to double the rewards of a
    well-chosen investigation quest beyond a

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    constant lookout for these
    investigations with huge payouts because
    those will be the ones that you want to
    hold on to for when you really need some
    cash if you play in multiplayer yours
    any reward will be divvied up between
    all hunters so if you're trying to
    maximize your quest rewards when using
    these precious lucky vouchers make sure
    to head in solo to reap the max rewards
    if you can manage it now before heading
    out on any quest one of the most
    important aspects of hunting monsters is
    eating a good meal beforehand and
    whoever's in charge of planning out
    these cooking animations deserves a
    raise let's be honest at the canteen in
    town or at campsites out in each region
    these meals are a single quest huge buff
    to your hunter but these can be lost if
    you happen to die or in Monster Hunter
    lingo cart which I still prefer just
    saying die but there you go if you do
    manage to lose this buff out during the
    hunt you can eat again after 10 minutes
    have passed at your makeshift canteen
    next to your tent
    looking at what you gain from these
    meals at the top at
    the maximum health and stamina boosts
    you will gain after you eat it along
    with the ingredient effects like at a
    cup s here on this dish s median small M
    meaning medium and L being large these
    can improve your offensive defensive and
    elemental stats quite a deal and these
    combined with your health and stamina
    boosts are primarily what you want to be
    looking at down at the bottom are the
    feline skills which actually apply to
    your hunter but are not guaranteed and
    your odds of gaining these is listed as
    the activation chance which is
    determined by how many fresh ingredients
    are used keep in mind you are not
    actually using any of your own resources
    other than yours any or research points
    to make these dishes so don't overburden
    yourself with what ingredients are being
    used unless you really want to get into
    the nitty-gritty detail of making your
    own custom platters I personally usually
    just go for the chef's choice and keep
    things simple lastly one little thing to
    make your life slightly easier if you're
    trying to quickly get back to your
    private room to say check on your tail
    rider Safari or you have the rushing
    feeling to change your hair do instead
    of tediously walking to your room simply
    open up the map the world map and select
    your room from this list which is also
    an easy way to head out in expeditions
    as well it might not save you a ton of
    time but it will save you the mental
    anguish of repeatedly running up and
    down the ramps of a stair
    there are a few things to consider when
    choosing a weapon to master in Monster
    Hunter one of which is wanting to play
    melee or ranged the close-range melee
    weapons provide a passive armor boost
    against physical damage while ranged
    weapons offer higher elemental
    resistance differ a mo types and don't
    require weapon sharpening with this
    variants and defensive values if you do
    choose to play from a distance you will
    often find yourself taking bigger hits
    from the majority of oncoming attacks
    but of course you do have the advantage
    of staying at a similar safer distance
    in the older Monster Hunter games the
    range weapons would actually require
    their own separate lighter armor sets
    but in world they chose this new system
    that streamlines how this all works by
    tying your weapon type to a passive
    persistence bump something to consider
    when crafting melee weapons is the
    weapons sharpness level because it's

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    listed damage value is one factor but so
    is is color-coded sharpness at ret
    sharpness you will now only be
    inflicting half damage and many of your
    attacks will deflect and once you get
    around green sharpness levels that is
    your weapon inflicting its base damage
    values but sharpness can actually go
    higher than this for a blue white and
    all the way up to purple where now your
    weapon is doing a little extra credit
    and inflicting damage above its base
    values this is something to really
    consider when making new melee weapons
    so make sure to factor in their
    sharpness levels affinity which is their
    critical chance along with their base
    damage values you also might notice that
    some weapons have bonus stats that are
    in parentheses this means that these
    will not actually activate until you
    have at least one of the three levels of
    the skill free element which is gained
    from certain armor sets and charms the
    reason why these have this optional
    elemental stat is to allow people to run
    non-elemental builds which has perks all
    to itself if you want to focus purely on
    raw physical damage but these types of
    builds have been somewhat nerfed over
    time also while we're in here if you add
    anything you want to craft to your
    wishlist a notification will pop on the
    side of the screen telling you when you
    obtained a material needed to craft that
    piece of gear eliminating the need to
    constantly return to the blacksmith to
    see how close you are to crafting
    something now there are 14 different
    weapon classes to choose from in monster
    hunter world and I won't be explaining
    them all here because I recently did a
    video where I broke them all down to
    help everyone pinpoint which would fit
    their play style best while also
    explaining the new moves each one gained
    a nice
    and you can find that by clicking on the
    link in the top right corner of the
    screen right now or you can also wait to
    the very end of this video where I'll
    have it in the outro I am actually
    pretty proud of how that video turned
    out but of course you can watch all the
    weapon guides out there all day to get a
    broad sense of the weapon types but for
    absolute beginners I find it best to
    just go into your training area which is
    accessed from the palico in your private
    room and just spend a few minutes with
    each of the 14 weapons and pick
    whichever felt the most natural to you
    from the start
    stick with this one weapon until you
    feel completely comfortable with the
    overall gameplay mechanics of Monster
    Hunter then start to branch out to
    others if you seek a different challenge
    you'll find that the one that you picked
    has a few shortcomings with your play
    style for example I started out with the
    switch axes of my Mane at the very start
    of world ended up mastering the lance
    instead during the late game and
    hundreds of hours later I actually just
    fully switched over to the bow as my new
    mane so you can never really predict too
    early where you might land
    there are many useful items to take
    along with you but I really recommend
    bringing along honey for a couple of
    sweet reasons haha
    honey will allow you to turn those
    freebie first aid potions you get at the
    start of lowering quests into mega
    equivalents which heal for much more you
    can also convert your standard potions
    into mega potions after you've used up
    your initial stack of 10 which allows
    you to use a total of 20 mega potions
    without having to return to restock your
    reserves you can assign a crafting
    shortcut to your radial menu as well to
    easily convert these mid-fight if you
    need to a few other vital potions to
    have on you are Diamond drug and armor

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    skin there are two versions of each of
    these and they don't stack on each other
    so bring along one of each type and
    drink both at the very start of every
    quest to get a permanent boost to your
    attack and defense that lasts until you
    cart or finish the quest you will need a
    decent supply of honey bitter bugs mite
    seeds and animate seeds to keep making
    all of these so you might want to
    consider having your botanical Research
    Center get started with farming as many
    of these as you possibly can early on a
    few other things to having your item
    pouch at all times are the armor and
    power talons and charms which passively
    boost your attack and defense all you
    need to do is have these sit in your
    item pouch taking up some space but this
    buff is well worth it after you progress
    far enough in the story the provision
    stockpile offers these charms for a
    hefty price and after that you'll then
    be able to craft the talons a little
    later as far as skills go that you gain
    from armor decorations and charms there
    are many many of these with endless
    build combinations to play around with
    but if you're just starting out you
    might be struggling with one particular
    common status affect my personal most
    hated affliction being stunned and not
    in the astonished kind of way for this
    reason I highly recommend saving some
    room in your loadout for steadfast
    joules to negate stun same goes for the
    stunt charm if you have at least level 3
    in this you'll greatly reduce the amount
    of times you will die even more so than
    having more health or defensive buffs
    trust me on this one avoid getting
    stunned at all costs good riddance one
    last small tip to close out the segment
    when wearing your Mantle's which have a
    wide range of different uses in battle
    make sure to take a moment to actually
    remove it after the effect is worn out
    because you will delay the recharge on
    it if you keep it on your character will
    we do this if you break from combat but
    you can often speed up the recharge of
    your Mantle's by doing this yourself
    in your hunters note section you can
    really easily see the tenderest spots on
    monsters if you feel like really getting
    to know them but this also gives you
    valuable intel on what elements and
    status effects they are weak against the
    higher the star value means they are the
    most susceptible to that type of damage
    where a red X indicates that they resist
    it now where this all gets somewhat
    tricky is with those parentheses
    these are indicating that a monster can
    actually change their elemental affinity
    mid-battle by doing things such as
    covering themselves in mud for one
    example do your research and plan ahead
    to make sure you're hitting those yellow
    damage numbers as much as possible which
    indicates that you're efficiently
    damaging your target now play it through
    the story the game teaches you how to
    capture monsters using traps and tranq
    bombs which is immensely important so
    make sure to pay attention during that
    lesson you can wait until you see the
    monster limping to know when they are
    capturable but sometimes in the heat of
    battle this will be harder to notice if
    you have enough research data on a given
    monster by gathering their tracks look
    to your mini-map for a skull icon on
    your target which is another easy way to
    tell when they're ready to be captured
    of course you'll have to whittle down
    their health enough to get them to the
    state and this is where your clutch claw
    really comes into play you can grapple
    to a monster and unleash a wounding
    attack which will temporarily inflict a

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    weak spot on their hide where you will
    now deal increase damage to that spot
    indicated by the spikes in the corner of
    your damage numbers doing this also
    usually drops powerful slinger ammo as
    well which can be very potent when
    combined with certain weapon attacks
    another thing you can do when grappled
    onto a monster if you have anything in
    your slinger like stones or anything
    else you have loaded up into your arm
    device that's laying around is to
    initiate the incredibly satisfying
    monster wall bounce when grappled on if
    you move to their head you can hit the
    corresponding button to turn them in the
    direction of your choosing which can
    only be done when they are not enraged
    so look out for this yellow symbol on
    the mini-map as opposed to the red one
    when they're enraged once you have them
    lined up with a wall in range launch
    your entire slinger payload straight
    into their lovely face which will send
    them rushing hopefully straight into
    that wall this inflicts a decent amount
    of damage on its own but also further
    opens them up for a beatdown next if you
    find yourself using weapons that use the
    sleep status effect or just find a
    naturally try to bring along some blast
    bombs to use on those helpless victims
    when a monster is napping you get one
    opportunity to deal extra damage with a
    wake-up attack so use this to your
    advantage and make sure that one big
    blast really counts you are quite the
    alarm clock lastly although sometimes
    you want monsters to fight amongst
    themselves since they hurt each other
    during a turf war sometimes you just
    want to focus on the main task at hand
    which is where dung pods really come
    into play if you have some of these on
    you you can scare off monsters forcing
    them to leave the area this can be
    really useful when things start to get a
    little crowded I hope that wasn't too
    much to take in all at once but let me
    know if you're a brand new player just
    now coming into Monster Hunter and if
    you found any of this to be helpful if
    you happen to be a series veteran and
    watched all this way for some odd reason
    or just wanted to show your support for
    me I appreciate that and if you could
    leave some of your own tips down in the
    comments section to make this as much as
    a primary resource for new hunters as we
    possibly can it's always fun to try and
    grow this jolly community if you happen
    to enjoy my style of informative gaming
    content definitely hit that subscribe
    button for more ring that little bell
    icon if you already have and you can
    also find me on twitter at boomstick
    alex lastly a special mention to these
    top youtube members and patrons who go a
    long way and helping to perpetuate the
    future of my channel as always this has
    been Alex from boom stick gaming and
    happy hunting

    0:00 Intro 0:57 Defender Gear 2:39 Item Management And Loadouts 4:39 Quests, Zenny, And Cooking 8:10 Picking A Weapon Class 11:20 Potions And ...


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    1. This is a safe haven for gamers who value game mechanics and systems, because that’s what makes anything from 8-bit to 8k, equally enjoyable.

      Thanks for taking out some time to watch my stuff! I appreciate that! – Alex

      Try sharing this with a friend or two that you are trying to bring into Monster Hunter, maybe this will make it seem less daunting.

      Also, a big WELCOME to all the new PC players coming in to Iceborne this month! Have fun!

    2. Well, I am mainly using long sword and for minor quest dual sword. Bow is intresting too, but hmm I don't know. I used it long ago in monster hunter freedom unit and here in world a little bit, but still unsure about it.

    3. Just bought this last night, watched a ton of vids before I even installed and updated it this morning, and this video was excellent. I feel confident about firing it up now. 😀

    4. I got the game on xbox game pass, and playing it lately I find it rather overwhelming but ejoyable, only I have this defender armour and I'm unsure to craft other armour but this type is really good to what i can build. I don't know what I'm doing

    5. If anyone's new to the game I have only one tip: do NOT use Guardian Armor and Defender Weapons. It will ruin your item progression. I understand why Capcom has added them to the game – I get it, but it doesn't change how STUPID of a decision it was. I've seen people stop playing the game because of them. I've seen people complain about the difficulty, because of these things. The whole point of the game is to ugprade your equipment and learn the fights by gathering matherials needed.

    6. Very helpful! Finally decided to get into this game, wasn't sure why my starting defender armor and weapons were so good and there didn't seem to be any early useful upgrades I could craft.

    7. Thank you for this vid. I just started up last week and I definitely dig the combat. Of the weapons (11 mins in) I'm torn on the Charge Blade, Dual Blades and po-go stick.

    8. This is probably the one game of all games where I was completely wrong about my initial judgement. If you are just starting out like I am, please be patient. There are so many games to chose from nowadays that it’s easy to drop a new game fast the second you don’t like even simple things about a game. For me it was the mechanics of fighting. Which honestly is a big deal but the same thing I was complaining about 30 minutes into the game is one of the very things that has me hooked 10 hours later. Also the game and the community don’t give the feeling of needing to rush through the game. This is my very first MHW game I have played. The veteran players seem so helpful and understanding. It’s one of those situations where they can just look at your gear and play style and right away understand that you are new. Haha But this game is so well done that I can imagine that maybe in the back of their mind that they have that feeling of when you convince your friend to finally play a game you’ve been playing for 7 years and you are watching and listening to how much enjoyment they are getting from playing the game for the first time.; That it really makes you quite happy and maybe a little jealous of the nostalgia it brings on. There is nothing like the feeling of just planning a simple gathering trip for a few earth crystals to finish of a set of armor your working on and then seeing in the distance this massive monster just walking casually in your direction that you have never seen before. Lol your bran goes through a fast checklist and then you are trying figure out if you even ate at the cantena before you left. Lol

    9. Just jumping in now and I appreciate the video.

      Wish you tubers would do a noob helping series where you team with new players and show them the ropes as most people are hands on more then visual and listening people haha.

      ItsRabbitDuh is my psn if anyone would like to join my adventure on getting into the game
      Logging on in a few


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