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    Mr. Odd – Let's Play Syberia – Part 1 – Valadilene. Hi Momo. [Walkthrough]

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    Let's play Syberia [Blind]. This series will be a full walkthrough, playthrough, and I will try to be very thorough in exploring all aspects of the game. I'm releasing all episodes of this game on day 1 as I couldn't stop playing it!

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    Syberia is a 2002 computer adventure game conceived by Benoît Sokal, developed by Microïds and published through The Adventure Company. It follows the protagonist Kate Walker as she attempts to wrap up a sale on the behalf of her law firm. In addition to the main plot, the game contains a dramatic subplot, conducted via calls received on Kate's cell phone, involving Kate's deteriorating relationship with her fiancé.

    The game uses elements of art nouveau and steampunk fiction in its story. Most devices and tools, and even a train, are powered by springs and wind-up gears. Syberia was acclaimed by critics for its graphic design and intelligent script, and a sequel, Syberia II, was released in 2004, picking up where the first game leaves off. As of 2013 Syberia III is in development; Anuman Interactive will publish it with Benoît Sokal writing the script. Release date is currently set for 2014 or 2015.[1]

    Sokal's earlier game Amerzone is located in the same fictional universe, and Syberia contains some references to it. Another of Sokal's adventure games Paradise has no connections to Syberia but does use similar art direction and interface.

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    Comment (39)

    1. Can you tell me how you run it at 60fps?
      My game is locked at 22-30fps (steam version).
      I tried changing things in Nvidia control panel but nothing helps. I just can't get it to work at 60 fps. Your game looks way smoother than mine. Please, can you help me?

    2. If you like point and click adventure/mystery games you have to check out the Nancy drew games (arglefumph makes great let's plays) there is over 30 games ( and counting! next one should be out soon) and an active fan base. The agatha christie games are Ok too, but they are also a bit old and only 3 games in the series I think.

    3. I just bought Syberia 3 and decided I had to go back and play the first two before the third one because I loved them so much. Unfortunately I lost the game code for the discs for the first game D: (I lost the discs as wel somewhere when I moved xD) so here I am. I will thoroughly enjoy this ride

    4. Dont worry that he didnt play Syberia 3. The story ended by second game, the third one had bad lip sync, unlorefriendly story and alike. Think of it as George Lucas making the prequels.

    5. Myself and my family have been play sense this game came out, we replay it and we love it. It has a special place in my heart when I remember my sister's crowed around my dad watching him play this game.


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