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SearchThisVideo: Mr. Odd – Let's Play Syberia – Part 1 – Valadilene. Hi Momo. [Walkthrough]

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Watch video at 00:00

hello my name is Jordan before we all

get a chance to see Christopher odd

playthrough Siberia

I believe it fitting that a proper

introduction by an avid fan of the game

be given I played through this game many

times and I have a few things to say to

you all I want to get this out of the

way a game review or plot synopsis could

give you a framework to gauge several

factors of this adventure they would

take the graphics quality the control

mechanics the length of the campaign

they could also disclose who did the

voice acting who developed it and when

it was released what those avenues of

thought can't advise you about is how

this game can affect you on a personal

level if you let it it will be different

for everyone

some will walk away from playing Siberia

wishing the graphics were better or that

there was more action others will get

confused and give up playing it because

they can't solve a puzzle it's

understandable I've seen it before

there are a few who will benefit on a

personal level from this game I was one

such individual in the summer of 2003 i

sat down my laptop with my Siberia disk

and went on this journey most game

developers today think that good

storytelling consists of plot twists

personal betrayals and a sex scene

thrown in for good measure all in an

effort to keep us on our toes with

suspense this line of reasoning fails to

grasp though is that we in the 21st

century have seen it all before we've

been trained to see these elements being

put in place from a mile away

we can predict all of it we're no longer

surprised when the good guy who was

absolutely our protagonist best friend

turns evil these things are not clever

anymore this is where Siberia shines

instead of trying to reach out and pull

you into the action and dramatics it

asks you to sit back relax and be

soothingly immersed in a world similar

but not quite like our own where the

visuals well relatable I've been subtly

turned on their head this is a time and

place different from us and its really

engaging to the mind let yourself relax

and enjoy this like a steamy sauna

it'll be a unique time for you take it

away on

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

okay so here we are we've met

well not met but we saw some of these

automatons and it's it's interesting

like automatons are not robots automat

ons are just basically operated by a

wind-up key they just perform repetitive

actions like moving your legs back and

forth this they can't think they can't

you know there's no computer inside of

them right they're all mechanical so

it's really interesting I booted up this

area to test the game and make sure that

everything was running so I know that

there's a couple of things I can

interact with here like her suitcase as

an example it's all point-and-click so

as I said if this is totally different

for me um I hope I don't you know I hope

I do it justice that's my main thing is

I just want to experience this story so

I really don't have the strength to take

this suitcase any further

I wonder who can help me I know that

there's a pamphlet here we can grab and

I will do that

but what I'm going to do is actually

read this after because it's a little

bit long and it's just giving a history

of of this kind of toy manufacturer I'm

gonna talk to the people that we're

going to encounter right away and then

I'll come back to that there's an

interesting character over here and then

this is about as far as I know so let's

go talk to this kid hi there hey hi

there what are you doing

can I see no too difficult Momo's work

very difficult so it seems like we have

this little um notepad dialog that we

can choose from we can either say I

guess introduce ourselves or offer to

help or ask for help I don't know but so

your name's Momo I'm Kate

Momo do like hands he draw haunts don't

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

disturb Momo Momo work difficult will

you show me your drawing no not finished


so this Momo he's um I don't know if

he's slow or if he's creepy our if he's

like something's weird there I'm not

sure what's going on I've just arrived

my case is a little heavy can you help

me take it up to the room I'm almost

strong very strong but no time

Momo very busy okay I'm almost busy

that's he's obviously not gonna be my

guess I'll let you continue working okay

it's gonna be a lot of experimenting

obviously that's not working I need a


looks like there's this little wind-up

thing here that I could put into his

back key I probably have to select it so

if I click it and then there we go all

right now it just could be the reception

Bell that's awesome

I love all that little like automatron

stuff like okay okay I'm coming

all right who's this guy he's got a

pretty nice moustache hi there hello

there man I would like a room my company

should have made a reservation in the

name of walcker the company is marcin

and Lohrman associates the name is Kate

Walker of course miss Walker you are in

room 6 on the next floor oh thank you

okay could you possibly take my luggage

up please please do excuse me miss

Walker we have been neglecting our

duties guests are so rare these days

that we forget our manners

so you're the American woman is it true

what people say that you've come to buy

the factory not factory Anna's house

Hans house excuse me would you quiet

down you mischievous little boy ah I

imagine our little town must disappoint


you see today is very sad for us it's a

day of mourning today is the funeral of

Miss Anna

mahmu sad but hands not dead hands long

way away Anna told Momo and I like Momo

very much

that's enough Momo stop pestering the

lady now go on scram get out of here you

hear oh okay oh yes miss Anna such a

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

great loss for valor delenn it really is

because now that she's dead the factory

will close but you're here to stop that

happening aren't you our future is in

your hands miss Walker

what anavar albergue is dead well that's

gonna throw a kink into things here is

your room I hope you like it miss Walker

I'll leave you to rest for the time

being you must have a lot of work to do

you know the takeover of the factory is

very good news for us here it would make

us very happy to see life returned to

our Valley if only you had seen valet

delenn before it was delightful people

came from all over the world to by vorel

berg automatons ah somebody has left you

some mail I see remember if you need

anything at all went not far away miss


that's a weird graphical glitch probably

gonna see some of that stuff considering

how old this game was or is I should say

what we'll do right now is I'll take a

quick glance at this brochure maybe I

can figure out how to do that consult

there we go

so this is the world capital of

mechanical toys this is talking all

about the city some of it the guy will

have already just said to us but let's

run through this anyways because it

gives us a little backstory on what's

going on so let yourself be transported

by the Magnificent landscape surrounding

valid tool in a small charming town

tucked away in the Alps and by vorel

burg manufacturing whose exceptional

savoir faire in the specialized world of

luxury mechanical toys and automatons is

at the root of valid delenn's reputation

around the world for 800 years of oral

burg family has passed its knowledge

from generation to generation perfecting

the art of that particular branch of

clock making that breathes life into the

complex network of cogs and spindles

that make up automotives its creative

wonders once defied belief and drew the

admiration of young and old alike people

would come from across europe for a

chance to vie for the right to own one

of these fantastic toys at the heart of

a mechanical automaton is its motor a

series of spindles that are set in

motion to music via a set of cogs

attached to the spindles or cams that

are shaped in the image of the music in

turn they command a series of rods which

control the gestures of the toys at

their tips

ah damnit on construction takes place in

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

three stages modeling mechanics encasing

the process requires the participation

of 20 different specialized trades in

its heyday the vorel burg factory

employed over a hundred craftsmen

mechanics watchmakers sculptors tailors

and dress makers working in separate

workshops Borel burg automatons all have

two distinguishing features in common

they're high-precision mechanisms and

the characteristic vorel burg lined up

key devising and assembling each process

each model is a meticulous process

standard toys are constructed from local

wood while the most sophisticated ones

use more resources more precious

resources such as ebony imported from

Madagascar despite competition from Asia

the vorel Berg's never gave in to the

temptation to produce electrical robots

and chose to continue their exploration

of the mysteries of perpetual mechanical

motion interesting the vorel Burke's

have come a long way from their simple

jointed puppets of yesteryear today

their creations are so lifelike one has

the impression that they can think for

themselves the first signs of puppet

manufacturer invalid Delaine go back to

the 13th century while there was maybe

no definite puppet industry at the time

Hermann vorel Berg's renown was

recognized even in the court of the


so Hermann Warburg was like the original

guy and then pass it on generation to

generation to generation it was not

until the 17th century that Charles

vorel Berg founded the vorel Berg

mechanical toy and puppet factory an

industrial activity in the valley really

took off the reputation of valle de lijn

and it's famous toys then just kept

growing and growing so this is Charles

vorel Berg with one of his creations a

large part of production was devoted to

producing theatrical puppets at the time


the turn of the 20th century was valid

Lynne's golden age as expressed in the

factory's impressive architecture in the

main houses of the town the Borel Berg

reputation crossed the oceans

dispatching its fine precision

mechanisms across the globe - delighted

buyers who began to believe the four

oberg automatons had a life of their own

now this is Rudolph Orel Berg managed

the business during the glory years of

the world

factory since the end of the Second

World War the destiny of the factory has

been in the hands of Rudolph's daughter

and of oral burg who we just found out

has died and her funeral is actually

today that was a surprise to us

obviously because we came here to buy

this factory from her or to at least

handle the purchase this inspiring

figure negotiated the business through

the end of the war she breathed new life

into production by creating works of art

to appeal to experts enthusiasts alike

vorel burg automatons became rare

collectors items with highly innovative

mechanisms of unequaled ingenious miss

even to this day all right cool

I don't need that for the time being

okay great let's check our mail then

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

okay - Kate Walker from Edward marsan

this is from New York and the date that

we're playing here is April 17 2000 -

okay dear Kate our client the universal

toy company is more than eager to see

conclusions from the talks with Forel

Berg manufacturing with views with a

view to a takeover in the days to come

so this company Universal toy company

wants to buy out for Oberg manufacturing

we've received notification to this

effect we are counting on your undoubted

qualities as a business lawyer to bring

negotiations with madam Anna vorel Berg

the current owner to a close yeah that's

going to be a problem allow me to remind

you that the universal toy company is a

multinational which has a monopoly on

the toy market it is a class a priority

client who is also presenting madam

vorel Berg with a golden opportunity to

sell her factory you should remind her

of this fact in case she starts having

last-minute second thoughts before

signing the purchase agreement I am

under no doubt that you will live up to

the great expectations I have in you

Eduard Marcin so Edward Marcin of

universal toy company wants to buy out

for oberg manufacturing and I'm here to

solve that or to make that happen

the problem is Anne is dead so I should

tell Marcin about the death of Miss

Varberg I hope this isn't going to get

too complicated I can't see myself

staying here too long well yeah that's

foreshadowing a favor saw it now what's

in this connecting broom here

oh that's the exit okay interesting I

thought this was the exit but let's

check this oh no no need to go down

there okay then fine I'm gonna really

try to limit the amount of back I don't

need that for the time being and things

like that I don't know if if that's

gonna be a factor or not but I'll try to

be as thorough as I can when I go into

any area looks like a couple of other

rooms here but I can't imagine just

going to go into them no need to go down

there oh geez okay so the whole other

separate hallway going on all right I'm

gonna head back to the main area

downstairs and see if these guys can

help me out with potentially getting a

note back to that Marcin guy

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

no need to go down there all right she's

kind of got like an old-school Tomb

Raider II vibe I'm back again

miss Walker okay I've got questions and

yeah so this Momo guy he's talking about

hands in Anna um and obviously the girl

running or who owns a factory hands

could be her partner or husband or

something like that

I don't know but let's try to find out

the young boy who was here earlier

talked about a hands who is hands Momo

was talking about hunts varberg a

younger brother but he died a long time

ago nobody here even met him what okay

let's find out about Momo I got to know

what's going I was the boy who was

drawing here earlier is he your son

heaven forbid no no not at all

huh he's not a bad boy

no Momo is just a little simple that's

all what is his connection with anavar

albergue Momo is what you'd call the

village idiot and Anna took him under

her wing

he must have reminded her of her younger

brother no doubt and birds of a feather

stick together don't they

you're implying that anavar Oberg was a

little bit slow as well heaven forbid no

no not at all

she was a real loner she kept to herself

that's all it's interesting that she cuz

I had said is this guy kind of slow or

not and then she used the same

terminology that it tends to happen to

me quite a bit I just love all these

little mechanical robots I've noticed

there are tons of them here invalid

Ellen be careful what you say for oberg

automatons are not robots yeah if you

want people to like you here never ever

pronounce the word robot haha okay uh

what is the difference between an

otamatone and a robot then

well to tell you the truth no one really

knows that's weird

did you know anavar l'bourg your self

but why of course I did I mean well not

really she was a very great lady we

loved her very much

may she rest in peace okay well I think

I'm going to need your help again are

you leaving already miss Walker

should we bring down your luggage no no

I'm not leaving yet it's just that we

would love to help but just think what

would happen if the telephone rang or if

a fax arrived or if a customer came

through the door we don't have five

minutes rest here I'm sorry

yeah you look no biggie yeah you look

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

real busy hello my name is Kate Walker

and of course of course

Walker room six next floor up okay I

would like to see my room now why

certainly of course interesting so

depending on like some of the things are

obviously gonna be weird if I talked

about stuff that we should already know

I guess let's go outside see what's

going on I'll wait for the storm to end

before I step outside yeah why don't why

don't you do that

okay back up to the room we got some

more information all those characters

though that's good to hear from him

because it clears up some of the stuff

of all the momo who is a little bit of a

simple boy

and I kind of took him under his wing

and she has a brother that was dead or

something but Momo has talked to him

something's weird something is

definitely something's off

all right where can we go in here can we

just like rest until this is done

until the storm is over what do I have

here so all I have is a fax number maybe

I could phone him

okay let's phone this guy 1 2 4 5 8 9 Oh

to Martin and Lamont how can I help you

hey can you put me through to mr. Marson

please it's Kate Walker hold the line


that's actually really cool I don't know

I just instinctively thought that I'm

pretty proud of myself actually hello

Kate so tell me how's the case going

I've just got two valid elin and there's

a slight problem mr. Marcin I'm afraid

mrs. vorel Berg is dead that's most

unfortunate but I seem to remember we

made provisions for just such a sad

eventualities and we know that there was

no air yes

that's right but so where's the problem

Kate contact the notary right away I'll

get my secretary to fax you his address

and an introduction letter from the firm

very good mr. Marson right I gotta go

Kate keep me up to date okay I just oh

yeah we're gonna have a lot of work to

do now things couldn't just go smoothly

for our Kate Walker could they okay this

is not the one

so let's go back down then no need to go

down there and see if we can get a fax

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

from our friend the front desk I don't

need that for the time being so there's

gonna be a little bit of using that

phone and using are using our noggin to

figure out some I wouldn't say there's

gonna be a lot of heavy puzzles or

anything but just little things like

that that's probably not even considered

a puzzle but I'm back again miss Walker

um here we go

a fax didn't arrive for me did it maybe

I thought I heard the phone ring do you

think you might want to go and check

certainly ma'am immediately

thank you very much like most annoying

guests of all time thank you okay mate

sir unfilter from Edward Marcin as you

are no doubt aware our practice is

charged with undertaking negotiations

for the takeover of the vorel burg

manufacturing by a client that universal

toy company is with great sadness that

we learn of the recent death of the

manager and owner of the factory Madame

Morrel Burke with whom negotiations had

started we entered no doubt that Madame

vorel burg left you instructions before

her death enabling the sale to be

concluded we should remind you of the

significant boost the arrival of the

American multi-national would bring to

the economy of your region it is for

this reason that I am sure you will give

our representative miss Kate Walker a

warm welcome okay I don't know if that

helped thank you at your service

I think I'm going to need your help

again are you leaving already miss

Walker oh no no we're should we bring

down your luggage no no I'm not leaving

yet it's just that we would love to help

but just think what would happen if the

telephone rang or if a fax arrived or if

a customer came through the door we

don't have five minutes rest here I'm

sorry okay

it's okay no biggie I'll really try to

do my best not to like reek lick any of

those things I'm gonna go look around

Valley delenn see you later

as you like miss now I did notice that

when Momo got upset here he threw these

little cogs onto the floor and I don't

know if these are something that we can

maybe check out yeah absolutely

there we go maybe those have come in

handy I thought there might be a reason

that it showed him doing that

she just stores everything in her shirt

hey let's well I mean I guess large cog

medium cog Oh

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

he's building a little uh he's building

something on the table interesting or

still one short if I was to try placing

these let's see


okay so there's something going on here

there's five cogs though and we only

have four so Momo probably has the other

one but he could just be messing around

- that's totally possible all right

let's go look around valid - Lin I'll

tell you what what we're gonna do

actually is all ended here when we come

back we will go and we'll start

exploring the city and see what other

goodies we can find out it's interesting

because this story like I don't know

where it's going I've no absolutely no

clue I don't know if we're gonna run

into like like I don't know no idea uh

I'm excited to see where it goes because

there's something totally different and

he'll why not just try something

completely bizarre like this so thanks

for the support guys hope you enjoyed

this and I'll see you next time bye

Let's play Syberia [Blind]. This series will be a full walkthrough, playthrough, and I will try to be very thorough in exploring all aspects of the game. I'm releasing all episodes of this game on day 1 as I couldn't stop playing it!

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An ODD Intermission (Channel Updates):

Syberia is a 2002 computer adventure game conceived by Benoît Sokal, developed by Microïds and published through The Adventure Company. It follows the protagonist Kate Walker as she attempts to wrap up a sale on the behalf of her law firm. In addition to the main plot, the game contains a dramatic subplot, conducted via calls received on Kate's cell phone, involving Kate's deteriorating relationship with her fiancé.

The game uses elements of art nouveau and steampunk fiction in its story. Most devices and tools, and even a train, are powered by springs and wind-up gears. Syberia was acclaimed by critics for its graphic design and intelligent script, and a sequel, Syberia II, was released in 2004, picking up where the first game leaves off. As of 2013 Syberia III is in development; Anuman Interactive will publish it with Benoît Sokal writing the script. Release date is currently set for 2014 or 2015.[1]

Sokal's earlier game Amerzone is located in the same fictional universe, and Syberia contains some references to it. Another of Sokal's adventure games Paradise has no connections to Syberia but does use similar art direction and interface.

Watch the Source Video Here!

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  1. Can you tell me how you run it at 60fps?
    My game is locked at 22-30fps (steam version).
    I tried changing things in Nvidia control panel but nothing helps. I just can't get it to work at 60 fps. Your game looks way smoother than mine. Please, can you help me?

  2. If you like point and click adventure/mystery games you have to check out the Nancy drew games (arglefumph makes great let's plays) there is over 30 games ( and counting! next one should be out soon) and an active fan base. The agatha christie games are Ok too, but they are also a bit old and only 3 games in the series I think.

  3. I just bought Syberia 3 and decided I had to go back and play the first two before the third one because I loved them so much. Unfortunately I lost the game code for the discs for the first game D: (I lost the discs as wel somewhere when I moved xD) so here I am. I will thoroughly enjoy this ride

  4. Dont worry that he didnt play Syberia 3. The story ended by second game, the third one had bad lip sync, unlorefriendly story and alike. Think of it as George Lucas making the prequels.

  5. Myself and my family have been play sense this game came out, we replay it and we love it. It has a special place in my heart when I remember my sister's crowed around my dad watching him play this game.


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