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SearchThisVideo: Mudbox – Sculpting Tools

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hi everybody in this video we're going
to look at mudbox
and a beginning tutorial that'll show
you all of the tools and sculpting tools
that are available
when you're sculpting a 3d model okay so
you can see the welcome screen here i'm
going to just choose the basic head
and let's look at navigating it is the
same as
maya where you can hold down option or
and the left mouse button to orbit
you can hold down option or command and
the middle mouse button
to pan your screen and you can hold down
option or command and the right mouse
button for zooming
or you can just move the wheel remember
if i'm saying
command on the keyboard it's a it's the
control key for a pc
okay so now let's get to the tools you
can see the first one here is called the
sculpt tool
if i hover over the model it'll be a
brush that i
when i click or hold down you can see i
can sculpt
out so what i'm going to do
is i'm going to change
there's something here a little drop
down where we can mirror
our effects or our sculpts so if i go
down the x-axis
now when i sculpt on this side it will
automatically happen on that side
all right so now that that's turned on i
just want to show you something else
with the sculpt tool notice when i
sculpt it pushes out
but if i hold let's see it's a control
if i hold ctrl notice when i
hold ctrl the opposite happens
and that's the case for all of these
tools if a tool pushes
up in some way while you're sculpting
if you hold ctrl and use that same tool
it will do the opposite effect
and push down and that's the same for
all of these tools
the smooth tool looks like this if i
hover over i can
smooth out an area of a model but
we are we don't need to actually go to
this tool
because let's say i was on the sculpt
if i hold shift it turns me
into the smooth tool tool automatically
so the smooth tool
is actually holding down the shift key
and that's because it's a
really used tool we use it a lot to
smooth down anything we've sculpted
so it's a quick command and it's by
holding the shift key will automatically
take you to that tool
the relax tool i'm going to just show
you i need to turn on
and display my wireframe to show you
this display
and let's go to wireframe and you can
see it makes this
a little bit easier to work with when i
can see my wireframe that can all
always be disabled as well

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

you can see how when i hold this down it
kind of relaxes
these polygons
we don't use it too much but
it's there and let me bring it back
okay the next one is the grab tool so if
i grab
i can pull and you can see it's on one
side it's on the other
so that is the grab tool
i just also want to say that you
can what if this brush size is too
large or too small if you hold down
b and drag up or down or left or right
while you're holding b on the keyboard
you can see i can make a different size
brush and also the strength of a brush
so if i was back in the sculpt tool
notice it's happening really fast
but if i wanted that to be not as strong
well if you hold down m you can see
there's a line
that can pull up or down while holding
the m key on your keyboard
i could make this much lower so now the
effect of that sculpt
brush is a lot less
so that is always an option for any of
the tools holding b
for brush size holding m for
strength of brush now
on the right we also have a size and
strength slider
but that just takes too long to kind of
go over to and kind of look at it and
then test it out
so use those quick commands uh next tool
we did the grab let's go to pinch
if i'm going to strength up a little
again if i pinch
you can see it'll pinch areas of your
okay the flattened tool will just target
high raised areas to just easily flatten
okay foamy is a very good tool
it's used all the time it's like the
scope tool but it just
happens in a slower manner and you'll
it kind of just it's pushing up it's a
little bit softer it moves slower it's
almost like
foaming up but it doesn't have a texture
so it's really nice
so there's that
okay let me undo those
and again if you hold down control it
will do the opposite right
all right next is the spray i'm going to
just skip the spray repeat imprint we're
going to go right to wax wax
it kind of like gives it a waxy kind of
a feel here
you can see when you paint on it okay we
the scrape tool will scrape off any high
relief areas that it finds that's the
scrape tool
the fill tool will actually fill in low

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

relief area so you can see how it's
targeting the eye crevices
really well the knife tool will cut
like kind of make a mark and that could
be a smaller brush size to make that
if you'd like okay the smear tool
will let me brush up here it will smear
your model not the best tool because it
can kind of
create unwanted geometry
we'll scroll down here there's some more
there's the bulge tool
uh whoops let me click it bulge will
just quickly
bulge out areas of your model
and that's typically used for hair to
start with
amplify if i make this a bigger brush
size here what's going to happen is it's
going to
amplify the raised relief areas and
amplify the lower relief areas and make
stronger okay
and we'll skip these these look like
they're brand new i'm not too sure
the freeze is is a good one though the
freeze if i just
brush down with b here brush size i can
freeze a portion of my model to then
around so that it doesn't touch it right
so to unfreeze you're going to be on the
freeze tool and hold control which is
the opposite of the brush
that we learned before okay
now there's also these
things called stamps and we'll get into
that later
but i do want to just do a quick demo
of sculpting with some of these tools
and you will
see that in my next video
so good luck and give some of these true
these tools
a try

This tutorial will guide you through the steps of using all of the sculpting tools in Mudbox 2020.


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