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    SearchThisVideo: Mudbox Tutorial: Head Sculpt 01

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    hello everyone welcome to a Mudbox 2017

    tutorial series we're going to do today

    is we're a model of bus so we're gonna

    start with our basic head here okay

    let's drop that right door seen now the

    bus I wanna do here actually was

    inspired from a video I saw online it's

    a speed sculpt so he doesn't really go

    and be gritty on how to do everything

    describe everything just three hours

    sculpting brought down about 30 minutes

    so I'm going to go through his bust and

    break it down so that you guys can

    follow along so I'll show you a picture

    of what I'm kind of targeting it may not

    end up being this exact looking exact

    like this more done but this is kind of

    the am going force this is going to be a

    man with a bit more of a muscular build

    thicker neck have a blocky jaw lots of

    wrinkles it should be a really good

    challenge for us so I'm go ahead and

    shrink this down stick this back on the

    other side okay let's just go ahead and

    dive right on in okay so what we're

    going to do first is we need to adjust

    the form on this guy now to begin with

    we could be using sculpt layers which

    usually is the best practice but until

    we have some details in there I'm just

    going to go ahead and sculpt on the

    basic mesh and then when I start adding

    in details all adding sculpt layers so

    let's go ahead and grab the resolution

    so to do that we're going to go ahead

    and add some subdivisions so I'm going

    to go to add new subdivision level and

    now we're at 8,000 polygons let's go up

    to level 3

    okay we're at 120,000 that should be


    we'll go up to four until we actually

    have sculpted details when I start

    throwing in so I'm gonna use my grab

    tool make sure that strength is that 100

    please be a brush size up make sure my

    mirroring is on and what I do first is

    adjust the shoulders here I'm going to

    go ahead and bring those out a little

    bit adjust the back he has kind of a

    muscular guy so he's going to have back

    muscles with the grab brush it really

    works best to would be had a wider brush

    as this kind of doing a fall-off in the

    center you could just the fall off over

    here obviously but by default it's just

    kind of the best practice go ahead and

    do that I'm going to give him a little

    more thicker of a neck okay same thing

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    on the chest just a little more brought

    out okay yeah that's good alright with

    that let's go ahead and adjust his jaw

    line now so jaw is going to be brought a

    like so

    his eyes closer and so I get to a shape

    I want okay yeah one more fall from the

    back here by the base of his neck let's

    go ahead and bring that a little more as

    well I don't know if you've watched

    these skulls before but it goes so fast

    that seems like you know they're just

    whirling out magic but they're like two

    to four hour sculpts they know exactly

    what they're doing to some extent and it

    boiled down to 13 minutes it makes you

    feel like how do they even know what

    they're doing and the reason why it is

    theirs main powers looking at listen you

    know I stand with few myths seeing their

    process let's load something down like

    this next where you guys can see all the

    magic that's good for noon we may be a

    little Mars jaw okay not this little too

    narrow there we go happier at that okay

    so we're about six minutes in what try

    to keep these videos around 10 minutes

    long okay so next thing no actually not

    his forehead am i happy of that yet

    either so let's go ahead just his

    forehead a little bit here

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    okay maybe bring his features down just

    a little bit okay that's better okay so

    next thing we're going to do is we're

    going to use our wax brush so we're

    going to use C Rex

    click it twice oh they're just sticks on

    like grab button I want now you can use

    a stamp or you can not use a stamp

    I'd like to use a stamp usually just

    because it kind of when I'm using the

    stamp on here I'm not looking to add

    texture because it's gonna be something

    I want to keep but I gives the illusion

    that there's actually clay being thrown

    on here which is what these digital

    sculpting and texturing programs we have

    meant to do this we can't give you the

    feel of artistic creation through play

    so I'm going to go ahead and leave it

    let's see what strength 14 looks like

    again with an earring X is on I have

    this cloudy stamp on um you'll find that

    one right in here this guy right there

    it doesn't work for me I can always just

    kick it off but let's go ahead just can

    dive in here so I'm just going to add a

    little bit of clay in here okay it's a

    little bit strong so let me just go

    ahead and bring it down to let's say

    eight one kind of doing to begin with

    here is I'm just going to outline his

    eyes here and then down into his mouth

    so my outline his jaw line as well and

    add some wax in there and then I'm going

    to polish it up a little bit so I'm

    using a mouse here so the fall-off on

    this and the amount of pressure that's

    going into is complete so I don't get to

    have as much play something doing this

    video don't have to have a Cintiq but

    it's an older one so it doesn't like to

    it dumps my resolution when I'm using it

    so it doesn't work so well in I'm

    shooting video but for those of you who

    have Cintiq like you guys will have

    adjusted pen pressure so you guys

    shouldn't feather in some of this clay

    and you have a much more artistic feel

    to it so mine are just complete on/off

    so if you're feeling like yours is a not

    like mine don't try to adjust for just

    to match my intensity

    because mine was not optimal at the

    moment but I can still get it done with

    a mouse just the same so I have this wax

    I've added on here currently so I'll go

    ahead and smooth this out a little bit

    go to the edges here and just smooth a

    little bit of that out smooth out a

    little bit over here smooth this a

    little bit just holding down shift is

    what I'm doing

    so with wax on if you hold down shift it

    turns over to your your smooth function

    so smooth right now is currently already

    set to a hundred has no stamp on there

    I'm gonna go back to my wax because I

    just wanted to show you guys that that's

    what's going on here and I'm just

    smoothing this out just a little bit in

    here okay smoothing a little bit inside

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    of the eye socket as well okay that

    looks good

    okay liking that it's okay too

    and then let's go ahead and have a

    little bit of waxing here split chin

    line okay add a little more wax here to

    just kind of go with a bigger block in

    there that a little bit okay feather

    these edges as well that too

    this just helping kind of set up with a

    forum with anybody and later on can't

    see where I'm going with some of us I'm

    sure I could also run my smooth brush

    over the top like you see how like

    everything over here like subdivided it

    kept these quadrants hard the different

    your smooth brush of the top of that

    mostly goes out into a software level

    it's you Vegas

    jolly Pleasant going on okay so that's

    something good by the temples here if

    you look at a skull there's Callaghan in

    second carbon so I'm just going to hold

    down control left mouse button or you

    can go over to the invert function and

    that will make it four instead of

    building nail carbon so just to kind of

    demonstrate the invert on I can go ahead

    and carve in a little bit in here or

    like I said if you want to just hold

    down control just have bring it in like

    so that will work as well those what

    about ships move that in okay just move

    the brow a little bit okay that's good

    now I said I was trying to keep this

    around ten minutes I've are I ran over

    so I'm gonna go ahead and stop this

    lesson now and we'll pick it up in the

    next lesson start adding in some more

    this one thanks for watching see you

    guys the next lesson

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    1. Never done sculpting before, but looking to find ways of improving as I want to be good at modelling my own character and assets, this channel is inspiring. New Subscriber here.


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