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    Narcosis – 100% Full Game Walkthrough – All Achievements & Collectibles (ID Cards & Personal Effect)

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    Narcosis - 100% Full Game Walkthrough - All Achievements & Collectibles (ID Cards & Personal Effects)

    23:45 - Sticky Situation
    30:45 - Decoy Octopus
    37:05 - Behind Bars
    39:30 - Rimshot
    52:45 - In the Mouth of Madness
    01:05:25 - The Orphanage
    01:19:03 - Rorshach Rest

    This video also contains all 40 collectibles including ID Cards and Personal Effects for the following achievements:
    Memento Mori - Retrieve ID cards from each member of the Oceanova crew.
    Signs of Life - Recover one personal effect for each member of the Oceanova crew.

    Check out MrBlackMagik:
    or "Mr BlackMagik" on Xbox Live

    More Full Game Walkthroughs -- https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBmi6vaTfD_fSLTyC_10h05z_uD2WrjNH
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    Additional Credits: Carlseh, MclovinLegend, CultGamerAlliance, Camran Riaz, Coolerhash, NoblestSteed, PressStartOnce.com, & Inferno217.

    Watch the Source Video Here!

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    Comment (41)

    1. There has to be an easier way to get the Sticky Situation achievement. Is there no chapter that has cuttlefish right at the beginning?

    2. Chapter 6 collectible with the 3 spider crabs. I found I couldn't get cos I died every time. Leave that collectable until the last. That way when u grab it and die u get the achievement.

    3. Cheers for the guide, couple ID Cards I missed due to getting lost but got the 100% anyway.
      Apart from that good walkthrough.

    4. What chapter is the Uxor/Behind Bars achievement in?  I've got close to everything on my own but I'll be darned if I can find out where this one is.  Thanks!

    5. I'm a bit confused by that initial information. They write you are at 3657m depth, but external PSI is only 20? You reach 20 PSI after about 15m depth. Surface pressure is about 14.6 PSI already. According to an online calculator at 3657m depth the pressure should be about 5346 PSI, not 20.

      Those coordinates btw point to a place in Valparaíso, Chile, not in the ocean (-33.047238, -71.612688).

    6. to everyone complaining about the chapter 6 collectible, i believe that thrusting forwards is what fucks it up. for 30 minutes i was trying it, over and over, with thrust. as soon as the hands went up, i would thrust in and get stabbed. i realized this after some time and decided to try walking in. worked the second time. as soon as the claws leave the body, walk in and pick up the id thing, then walk right out. it does work i just did it.

    7. Thanks for the guide, Magik. This game made me feel uneasy the entire time. I hate underwater. Homie don't go in deep water, much less scuba. I wouldn't have played this without a guide.

    8. Chapter 6 collectible with the spider crabs is chronic. How on earth are you meant to get this? You made it look so ridiculously easy.

    9. Thanks man! I couldn't find anything on the internet on the exact methods of unlocking the missing trophies until I found your video! Very enjoyable game, though it sucks that the ps4 version didn't feature PSVR.

    10. I'm following this walkthrough because I play on PC and there's no greyish showcase of the items I haven't collected. The only reason I realized how much I'd missed was that I had to look another walkthrough up in order to see how to get passed a certain section about half way through the game, and at one point the player looked at his items in the Personnel Tab, and this made me realize I'd missed about 85% of everything.

      I then started over from the first chapter (you can't start a new game – at least not on PC) and went through everything once more, but to my surprise I only found one of the items that I already had from the first time when I passed through the same area.

      I hope this walkthrough will help me find the rest of the collectibles I missed – at least up to the point where I'm at in the game.

      Thanks for making this video, I'm sure a lot of people appreciate it.

    11. Great guide, it helped me get though everything 🙂 I do have one problem tho. I got all the ID's and Personal Effects, but the game still hasn't given me the respective trophies for them? I played this on PS4 maybe this is a bug but idk. It's just kinda annoying to go through all this effort for nothing :/


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