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    NASCAR Heat 2 — ONLINE MADNESS!!!!!! — Xbox ONE Gameplay

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    Online racing on the release day of 704 Games' NASCAR Heat 2 with subs, fans and randoms... expect crazy crashes.

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    Comment (28)

    1. another amazing stream David!!! There has been so much content lately that I've basically watched nothing but you. It's incredible that all of your content is still Must see. Quality never dipped. Great racing tonight!

    2. DL, you must be making quite a few bucks off youtube, what with all these like's and subs, Do you actually work for a living or just stay at home playing games? Just interested.

    3. Man if I had Xbox live, Racerfan and JLF would be insta adds just based on how clean they race you (and are ridiculously fast). If I'm destined to get dusted, I'd rather it be by skill and speed then by Bumper cars 2017 (with that Austin Cindric and John Hunter Nemechek Day 1 DLC).


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