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    NASCAR heat 2 is the second installment

    of 704 games previously known as DMR the

    second installment in the NASCAR heat

    series and the current gen consoles as

    you guys know NASCAR heat evolution in

    my opinion was downright awful and had a

    lot of issues so let's talk about NASCAR

    heat 2 now you guys know I'm doing this

    review a little bit different not gonna

    be doing facecam just gonna be showing

    clips of the game because you guys don't

    really care about seeing my face right

    now so let's your show clips of the game

    I'll go through basically every part of

    this game for those of you that haven't

    bought it yet or haven't played it or

    have been waiting for this review I've

    played this game for a week and a half

    now I feel like I've gotten everything I

    needed to to know about it I've played

    many hours on it test out multiplayer

    all that stuff and now I feel like I can

    make a thorough review to help you guys

    make a decision on whether you're gonna

    get the gamer now I'm not going to tell

    you what to do I'm just gonna give you

    everything that I know I'm gonna give

    you a score at the end and then yeah you

    guys can make the decision upon yourself

    whether it get the game or not so the

    biggest addition to NASCAR heat 2 is

    obviously the three different series so

    you have the truck series the Xfinity

    series and the cup series now now the

    one of the biggest positives on this

    game I'll go pros first and then we'll

    go cons so one of the biggest positives

    of this game is definitely the driver

    list there are so many real-life drivers

    this is probably this is the most

    real-life drivers you ever seen on a

    NASCAR game compared to the old da games

    where there are many fantasy drivers

    they these guys have done an excellent

    job of Licensing and you have a bunch of

    real-life drys drivers you have six new

    tracks in the game so the tracks that go

    along with the Xfinity and Truck Series

    like Gateway mid-ohio Canadian Tire

    eldora's in the game Iowa I think

    already said that but those games are

    those tracks are in the game now it adds

    a lot more realism to it another pro of

    one of the

    the jewels of 704 games with their

    nascar heat games husband the AI so far

    the AI are very very good in this game

    my only issue with them is sometimes

    coming out of the corners they can go

    really low and run down the back

    straightaway or front straight a really

    low and then enter the corner low which

    is kind of unrealistic but that's my

    only issue racing them is fun they're

    aggressive and it's good to see the

    physics and the handling model have

    improved so the handling model hasn't

    completely changed by the nascar heat

    evolution it was very very twitchy and

    annoying but now that is basically gone

    the car feels a little bit heavier

    no more twitchiness you can really

    control it you can race around guys it's

    a lot more fun to play definitely the

    downside of this physics to handling

    model going into one of the negatives is

    the tire the tire model there is a tire

    model in this game but the there is real

    note there's no real tire wear the fact

    that you would have to put it on times

    two times three times for where to even

    get anything out of it is very poor and

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    most at most tracks and pretty much all

    tracks there is no tire where if you

    slow down it'll be about maybe two to

    three tenths but it has you have to wait

    like thirty to thirty five live's for

    that to happen that is my biggest issue

    with the physics and driving model of

    this game the tire wear needs to be

    fixed there still is no tire where I

    could go to Atlanta and run multiple

    apps at the same speed and that is a

    very very big problem that has to be

    addressed or a NASCAR he3 touching on

    the graphics the graphics compared to

    most games are subpar because you have

    to have 40 drivers in the field so it is

    subpar the biggest issue I have with the

    graphics is not the way it looks I think

    the graphics are in my opinion okay

    the developers know they're not great

    but it's ok my biggest issue is

    definitely with the consoles the console

    version runs at 30 frames per second and

    you can definitely tell that you can

    affect the way the frame rate is if

    you're in the back of the pack and you

    turn your mirror off you can actually

    save some some framerate and make it a

    little bit smoother which you shouldn't

    have to do the game runs at 30 frames

    per second it's not locked it can the

    have framerate dips that is another huge

    that has to be fixed through nascar heat

    three those are two of my biggest issues

    in the entire game is no tire wear and

    the frame rate is it's thirty per set of

    frames for a second if you play on PC or

    steam you do not have that issue but for

    console players and there are a lot of

    console players we all have that issue

    and it is fairly annoying and it 60

    frames per second should not be hard it

    needs to be done on NASCAR he three on

    the consoles we're in this next-gen

    system we have the Xbox one X coming out

    we have ps4 pros it should not be hard

    to get 60 frames per second on consoles

    we're in a day and age where that should

    be the normal the norm it should be the

    bar and 30 frames per second is simply

    not good enough that has to change the

    way cautions work I know a lot of you

    guys want me to talk about cautions and

    stuff they work with big recs they allow

    you to watch the REC kind of play out

    for two to three seconds and then the

    caution will come out and everyone will

    kind of line up the single car wrecks it

    doesn't really work if you record

    yourself the caution won't really come

    out so that still needs to be fixed as

    well as if you're in a big wreck and the

    caution comes out the AI tends to kind

    of become very robotic and try to get in

    a line so it kind of messes up with

    realistic wreck so that has to best be

    fixed a little bit the way the crash

    model is can also be improved I

    personally like the way the car is flip

    and kind of do some crazy stuff kind of

    like how I racing does it they just do

    some really unrealistic crazy that

    creates some cool wrecks but some people

    actually don't like it so I don't unless

    opinion based and the damage model is

    improved from NASCAR heat evolution it

    can still be worked on it's a little bit

    cartoonish but it does look pretty cool

    when you beat up the entire car so

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    that's also pretty cool let's go to a

    little bit of the finer details there

    are some issues with the game that I

    personally don't think break it but

    there are a lot of people that have

    issues with these things that are not in

    the game

    I am almost positive they will be in

    NASCAR he3 but for NASCAR you to this is

    a negative there is no track map there

    is no

    burnouts and you cannot use the right

    analog stick to rotate rotate the car

    around the camera so you can't really

    look back you have to rely on your

    mirror and like I said with the frame

    rate that is 30 frames per second and

    that can sometimes drop that as an issue

    it is not game breaking to me it's not

    that big of a deal in my opinion but for

    those people who want the track map who

    want the burnouts and who want the

    ability to rotate the car around the

    camera or rotate the camera around the

    car that should be added and it should

    be an option for players if you want the

    track map on you should have the option

    to have it on if you want to rotate the

    camera around the car you can have the

    option to do it and if you want to do a

    Burnout celebration after the race you

    should be allowed to have the option to

    do burnouts that is something that the

    developers know and hopefully they could

    put it into the next game not that it's

    mandated because some people actually I

    guess are okay with not having a track

    map but just the option where you can go

    into other to the settings and just turn

    it on or off so let's go into career

    mode career mode has been updated this

    year and has become much better so you

    have momentum you have rivalries you

    have all three series it's a brand new

    experience you raised for the hot seat

    you get offers you get contracts right

    for the team you can replace drivers at

    a current team so let's say in the Cup

    Series we want to replace chase Elliott

    in the 24 you can replace chase Elliott

    in the 24 so adds a little bit of

    realism and that is pretty cool it does

    take a while to get to the cup series so

    you don't get there right away

    overall the career mode is much better

    if you're someone who wants to play

    career mode and and it have some fun

    with it I would recommend this game

    purely for career mode it is a much more

    fun however it is not 100% completed yet

    if you guys want a fully fleshed out

    career mode remember this is the second

    year that 704 games his work has been

    working on the game it's not fully

    complete yet and what I mean by this is

    the money you make in the career mode is

    not used for anything at the moment the

    developers are currently looking to

    maybe patch that but let's say if you

    wanted to buy a team or do something

    like that hire crew members get sponsors

    you cannot do that in this career mode

    yet that is something that is looking to

    be built on for year 3 4 & 5 so the

    career mode is not fully finished but it

    is a very good base in core career

    you race for the teams you get all that

    you you get payouts and you feel like

    you're doing something but you just

    can't get take that extra step in

    immersion and that's being looked at for

    the future you just can't take that

    extra step so if you're someone that

    really wants a fully fleshed out NASCAR

    2007 style career mode where you can buy

    teams and hire pit crew members hire

    drivers if you don't want to drive your

    own car that is not in the game yet

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    they're working on it they're trying to

    get it in there for years 3 4 & 5 it

    will take time so hopefully you guys

    understand that that's what I've been

    that's about that's the information I

    have but yeah that's the best I could

    tell you about on career mode I think

    it's a lot of fun the challenges I've

    not really gotten into I think the

    challenges can be better just in terms

    of difficulty they seem a little bit too

    easy the narration is cool but it just

    just seems a little bit too easy it's a

    nice feature but can still be worked on

    my driver by the paint booth all that

    customization the customization is there

    this year it's just not that detailed

    but it is there so if you want to

    customize your car you can what has

    changed this year from NASCAR heat

    evolution is you could take your custom

    car online and race it so that's pretty

    cool and you can also change the cars

    while you're in online lobbies which is

    pretty cool so let's transition online

    so online multiplayer is one of the best

    parts of this game in my opinion the

    whole foundation of online is perfect

    it's just like NASCAR o.9 where you are

    able to pick the lobby you want to join

    so I have a big issue with most of these

    racing games that do matchmaking style

    multiplayer where they just put you in a

    room with other drivers you don't even

    know who you're racing with in NASCAR

    he'd - you can actually pick the the

    lobby you want to be in you can host

    your own Lobby and because the server's

    are very fairly strong there is not much

    lag in the lobbies unless you know your

    connection is poor you will not

    experience much lag there's no bubble

    effects like getting near car and

    hitting them you there is no bubble like

    that you can actually make contact with

    other drivers one thing that could be

    improved a little bit is the handling

    online it seems like the handling is

    just a little bit more twitchy online so

    people have a little bit of trouble

    trying to hold their lines but if you

    race with experienced dry

    if you're able to find friends online

    you will have a lot of fun and you will

    not have many issues so that is one of

    the best parts of NASCAR he too is

    definitely online they've nailed the

    foundation for it it was one of my only

    good parts in NASCAR he'd evolution and

    it's been improved in NASCAR he - you

    can pick your cars you could pick who

    you want to be there are cautions now

    online you can do stage racing however

    there is no online damage that is yet to

    be included along with cautions there

    are no online or there are no caution

    replays so if you're if you're someone

    looking for caution where you place that

    has also not been included yet in the

    options menu some people wanted to

    change the configuration of the

    controller you cannot do that as well

    yet I have mentioned it to them

    these are all little details that

    hopefully will be added a NASCAR Heat 3

    like being able to change the shifting

    to X and a you cannot do that yet so the

    normal configuration is what you have to

    deal with there is DLC for NASCAR heat

    to the season pass is $29.99 and you can

    purchase that if you'd like to save

    money throughout the year the paint

    schemes even though you will have to pay

    for them these this will have the most

    paint schemes of any NASCAR game even

    more than the EA games so they'll have

    paint schemes for Truck Series Xfinity

    Series and Cup Series and they're gonna

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    have a multitude of them but like I said

    it will be 39 or $29.99 for the season

    pass and if you are a Toyota fan and you

    really only care about Toyota drivers

    let's say you only want to drive with

    Toyota drivers all the paint schemes for

    those guys are free so you don't have to

    pay for that so even if you don't want

    to purchase season pass you'll have like

    15 different Kyle Busch paint schemes a

    couple months from now as the paint

    schemes keep coming out you're gonna

    have plenty of Toyota paint schemes if

    you want it guys for like Dale Earnhardt

    jr. the own paint schemes for them you

    will have to pay for the season pass or

    just the different car packs you can

    pick which pack you want to buy so that

    is just how the world is nowadays it's

    not like 2004 where everything came with

    the game one mode I haven't touched on

    is championship season and that is

    fairly unchanged you could just do it

    with the trucks Xfinity and Cup Series

    and you go through the season you try to

    win a championship and that's that a

    couple of things the game is still

    lacking career stats offline stats is

    lacking so if you wanted to go through

    career mode

    have a bunch of these different stats

    like top five top tens career wins and

    throughout and keep track of it

    throughout the five years that is not in

    this game

    anything else I can think of that's

    probably not in this game there there

    are a couple things like a poster a

    celebration is there is a victory

    celebration but it's the same one that

    plays over and over there's no kind of

    different victory celebrations so I feel

    like that can be improved on and there's

    no real pre-race intro as well you do

    have driver models for 16 of the drivers

    but there is no pre-race intro NASCAR

    heat evolution had Rick Allen and then

    BC doing a pre-race intro this game does

    not really have that so I something that

    can still be worked on overall guys if

    you're looking for my opinion on the

    game I kind of explained everything

    that's really in it you do have

    split-screen as well I did not touch on

    that that's one of the big features

    that's in the game if you want to play

    with someone on the couch if you wanted

    to play you know one-on-one with someone

    you could do split-screen so that's

    pretty cool

    I said I kind of feel like I touched on

    everything paint booth you know online

    offline and what the game does and

    doesn't have like I think if you could

    tell by this review and the game is much

    much improved it is very much improved

    and it's a lot more fun to play however

    it isn't 100% finished yet it's a it's

    an a good game it's a solid game there's

    a solid base this is what I feel like

    the first game should have been the

    first game was just simply unfinished

    and wrong in many many ways this game

    feels more like a fun NASCAR game

    something that you can really have a

    little bit of nostalgia with from the

    old NASCAR games that really hit the

    nail on the mark and we're really really

    good games this game is not quite to

    that level but it will get there the

    base is now in that the foundation is

    here the longevity of this game is

    pretty good because online is one of the

    best parts of this game you're able to

    race with who you want to race with

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    you're not you're not on purposely

    matched up with

    don't know the host is given control to

    kick people one thing I have mentioned

    of them and that they do know is the the

    fact that the the host should be able to

    start the race hopefully that you can

    also practice and stuff like that

    hopefully that will be done in year

    three as well that is all stuff that

    they are looking at for year three like

    I said there are features that are still

    missing but there are features that have

    been added and are being worked on and

    are much better the physics have been

    improved even though that could still be

    worked on the tire model still needs to

    be worked on and yeah so it's a solid

    game you had to give if I had to give a

    score for it I would give it a seven out

    of ten it's good it's a you know if you

    want to get it it is $10 less than

    original game if yeah if you preorder it

    on Amazon it was $39.99 so if you would

    like to purchase it the best thing I can

    tell you if you are a NASCAR fan I feel

    like this will be a fun game for you

    it's not the most realistic a NASCAR

    game it is not like I racing it is fun

    that's the it's just a fun game you can

    have enjoyment with it the AI are very

    very very good so you're able to race

    with them but at certain tracks

    I can't believe almost forgot this at

    certain tracks the the game lacks but I

    other tracks the game is excellent so in

    my opinion Kentucky and the cup cars is

    fantastic but Bristol in the Cup cars is

    very very poor so if you're looking for

    a consistent difficulty or consistent

    kind of racing across every track I

    don't think you're gonna get that at

    some at many tracks the game is very

    very good but a short tracks the game

    still need to work the difficulty can

    also be a little bit too easy so if

    you're someone that's been playing

    NASCAR games all your life and you're

    really good good at them this game might

    be too easy for you for me it is a

    little bit too easy so I wish the

    difficulty will be notched up a little

    bit for the next game or even patched in

    this game so but if you're if you're

    just looking to have fun you haven't

    played a NASCAR game in a while you

    wouldn't call yourself a Sim racer I

    feel like you're gonna have a lot of fun

    with this game you could change the

    difficulty like you want from 105 to 85

    and the difficulty can range from

    different tracks in my opinion it's a

    little bit too easy but for someone

    that's a little bit slower it could be

    perfect so it's all of the preference so

    like I said 7 out of 10 I feel like I

    touched on everything there's still

    things that come to my mind I'm I am NOT

    touched on so if you want to buy the

    game it's out in stores now Xbox one ps4

    and PC I'm not gonna tell you to buy it

    it's your it's your choice I give it a 7

    out of 10

    I think it's solid NASCAR game and I

    think a year three four and five is

    where you'll really see this company

    shine with the game that's when I think

    you'll start seeing a finished product I

    don't think this game is fully finished

    yet it is a solid foundation but it's

    not fully there so it's seven out of ten

    it's a really it's like it's not a

    really it's a good solid game and it's

    enjoyable it has longevity because of

    the online and I think you guys going to

    enjoy it so comment down below let me

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    know what you think of the game and

    whether you've played it or not and

    hopefully for those of you that haven't

    played the game have been waiting for my

    review I've tried to touch on all the

    negatives and the positives of the game

    and that's basically why I can give you

    I've seen a couple people that say that

    I've been paid not to make a review

    that's absolutely ridiculous I can make

    a review if I want if this game was

    I would say it's it's in some

    ways like I bristled this game is I

    will honestly say that Bristol this game

    is awful but other tracks this game is

    really good so that consistency needs to

    be fixed and hopefully it is guys if you

    liked the video make sure that like

    button if you need a channel make sure

    you subscribe comment down below and

    yeah see you guys later hope you have a

    fantastic day I'll be on NASCAR heat to

    the gamertag here's an electron not Geo

    so you have already seen in the main

    menu screen I'll be racing online and

    I'll tweet sometimes when I do race so

    if you want to race with me sometimes

    follow me on Twitter I will tweet before

    I make a lobby you can get on I will be

    on the Xbox one unfortunately I do not

    have ps4 online so I'm apologize about

    that and yes I'll see you guys later

    hope you haven't acted fantastic day and

    hopefully a NASCAR Heat 3 will be the

    best NASCAR game yet so I'll see you

    guys later I hope you're having a

    fantastic day and peace out


    even if I tried even if I wanted to even

    if I tried mother mother mother stay


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    Comment (49)

    1. So it was mentioned that tire wear was not a thing really with this game. What about aero? (Getting loose under a car in the corners, or side drafting)? Also, does this game have the glitchiness that nascar 15 had with random position changes in single player or career mode? (you could be in 1st for 20 laps and then a car makes a 0:00 lap and all of a sudden your in 23rd). And lastly, in online mode, is there any sort of record or filter for players that just race to wreck people? Thats been my biggest issue with online

    2. EA original Nascar game so far ahead of this heat versions. Car setup is a joke compared to EA Sports. “If it’s in the game it’s in the game”. Seems like online gaming is too important to developers.

    3. I wish people like this idiot would stop buying these games and pretend like they are good. Every aspect of this game is trash. How can you say the graphics look good and the damage is kinda cool when the Engine looks like a Orange blob? Put the physics and graphics of NASCAR 14 and put it on NASCAR 07 and just work on the IA and boom you've got a great game! What's so hard about that

    4. If anybody has nascar heat 2 and wants to license transfor send me a message me on Xbox 1 my gt is srtu I have many games to trade msg for more info

    5. Being English I'm not all that sure about this game, I have tried a couple of nascar races in Forza 6 and enjoyed them but I liked your video on this game, it explained a lot of stuff about the games good points and bad points.

    6. Are you able to turn off stage racing? I was initially interested in NH 2, but canceled my pre-order after my interest waned but I am a semi-fan of NASCAR, but also want to see if the price drops for this game before making an investment.

    7. Watching videos on this game is kinda sad. I still might buy it. The old games had it much better. I remember team control where you could control the whole team. Tell a driver to draft with you, to block, and other stuff. The damage was alot better too, like more realistic i should say. If they combined old game play style with new updated and their twist to it, would be a amazing game

    8. Not a nascar fan but wanting to try it out, try out a racing game.. So, you win money in career mode and literally can't do anything with it? I can't help but ask what the point of that is…

    9. I miss Nascar 04 where they had driver presentation,flag to flag coverage from MRN they showed the starting grid as they take a lap around the track,and had the national anthem and fly over. Recent NASCAR games for new gen have lacked realism and graphics. I feel like im playing an 1990's arcade. NASCAR games on new gen systems should be a stimulation of an actual race not a PlayStation 2 arcade. This game is not as realistic and cinematic as other Xbox one and PS4 games. We have 2018 systems with a game with gameplay from 1999. They need caution replay,announcers,fights,really crash graphics,and realistic damage model. This game should be as realistic to NASCAR as if you are actually watching it from the grandstands.

    10. so I have not bought a nascar game for ps4 ever. But I have nascar the game 2011 and nascar thunder 04 for ps2. my question is the game worth buying for a next gen console, or does it not do enough to warrent a purchase?

    11. Hey you Nascar lovers. If you would like to join a PS4 exclusive league, you can DM the owner, bigs_cup_series. He can test you to assure you are good and then its as simple as that, your in. Like I said, if you want in, DM bigs_cup_series

    12. What's funny to me is how we managed to land on the moon in the 60's with computers only as powerful as the modern cell phone but I'll be damned if 40 years later we can make a single Nascar game that isn't a pile of flawed arcade shit. The best Nascar game I've played was made in 1994 by Payprus.

    13. The AI in this game is the very definition of "mixed bag": For starters, they give you a fair battle when fighting for position. They're aggresive, can defend and will try to overtake you if you make mistakes. But on the other hand, they're somewhat slow even on legend (you can easily get Top 10 finishes in every race), they can (and will) push you right to the wall if you disrupt their racing line, and the biggest headscratcher of all: Lapped cars suddendly go faster than all the lead pack after a restart, causing even more mayhem.

    14. I grew up on the ps2 nascar games from EA and playing heat 2 on the PS4 has been a little bit of a disappointment, maybe I’m just more fond of my childhood games but heat 2 has still been fun so far


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