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    NASCAR Heat 2 Review

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    Intro: Seven Nation Army (Glitch remix)
    Outro: Macklemore Ft. Ed Sheeran - Same Love (De Hofnar Bootleg

    Game Capture = ElgatoHD60
    Microphone = Blue Yeti
    Webcam = Logitech C920

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    TAP'D email: Tapdvideos@gmail.com

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    Comment (49)

    1. So it was mentioned that tire wear was not a thing really with this game. What about aero? (Getting loose under a car in the corners, or side drafting)? Also, does this game have the glitchiness that nascar 15 had with random position changes in single player or career mode? (you could be in 1st for 20 laps and then a car makes a 0:00 lap and all of a sudden your in 23rd). And lastly, in online mode, is there any sort of record or filter for players that just race to wreck people? Thats been my biggest issue with online

    2. EA original Nascar game so far ahead of this heat versions. Car setup is a joke compared to EA Sports. “If it’s in the game it’s in the game”. Seems like online gaming is too important to developers.

    3. I wish people like this idiot would stop buying these games and pretend like they are good. Every aspect of this game is trash. How can you say the graphics look good and the damage is kinda cool when the Engine looks like a Orange blob? Put the physics and graphics of NASCAR 14 and put it on NASCAR 07 and just work on the IA and boom you've got a great game! What's so hard about that

    4. If anybody has nascar heat 2 and wants to license transfor send me a message me on Xbox 1 my gt is srtu I have many games to trade msg for more info

    5. Being English I'm not all that sure about this game, I have tried a couple of nascar races in Forza 6 and enjoyed them but I liked your video on this game, it explained a lot of stuff about the games good points and bad points.

    6. Are you able to turn off stage racing? I was initially interested in NH 2, but canceled my pre-order after my interest waned but I am a semi-fan of NASCAR, but also want to see if the price drops for this game before making an investment.

    7. Watching videos on this game is kinda sad. I still might buy it. The old games had it much better. I remember team control where you could control the whole team. Tell a driver to draft with you, to block, and other stuff. The damage was alot better too, like more realistic i should say. If they combined old game play style with new updated and their twist to it, would be a amazing game

    8. Not a nascar fan but wanting to try it out, try out a racing game.. So, you win money in career mode and literally can't do anything with it? I can't help but ask what the point of that is…

    9. I miss Nascar 04 where they had driver presentation,flag to flag coverage from MRN they showed the starting grid as they take a lap around the track,and had the national anthem and fly over. Recent NASCAR games for new gen have lacked realism and graphics. I feel like im playing an 1990's arcade. NASCAR games on new gen systems should be a stimulation of an actual race not a PlayStation 2 arcade. This game is not as realistic and cinematic as other Xbox one and PS4 games. We have 2018 systems with a game with gameplay from 1999. They need caution replay,announcers,fights,really crash graphics,and realistic damage model. This game should be as realistic to NASCAR as if you are actually watching it from the grandstands.

    10. so I have not bought a nascar game for ps4 ever. But I have nascar the game 2011 and nascar thunder 04 for ps2. my question is the game worth buying for a next gen console, or does it not do enough to warrent a purchase?

    11. Hey you Nascar lovers. If you would like to join a PS4 exclusive league, you can DM the owner, bigs_cup_series. He can test you to assure you are good and then its as simple as that, your in. Like I said, if you want in, DM bigs_cup_series

    12. What's funny to me is how we managed to land on the moon in the 60's with computers only as powerful as the modern cell phone but I'll be damned if 40 years later we can make a single Nascar game that isn't a pile of flawed arcade shit. The best Nascar game I've played was made in 1994 by Payprus.

    13. The AI in this game is the very definition of "mixed bag": For starters, they give you a fair battle when fighting for position. They're aggresive, can defend and will try to overtake you if you make mistakes. But on the other hand, they're somewhat slow even on legend (you can easily get Top 10 finishes in every race), they can (and will) push you right to the wall if you disrupt their racing line, and the biggest headscratcher of all: Lapped cars suddendly go faster than all the lead pack after a restart, causing even more mayhem.

    14. I grew up on the ps2 nascar games from EA and playing heat 2 on the PS4 has been a little bit of a disappointment, maybe I’m just more fond of my childhood games but heat 2 has still been fun so far


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