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SearchThisVideo: Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (Remastered) – Gameplay Walkthrough – Part 1

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Watch video at 00:00
hello ladies and gentlemen what's going
on it's dan here and guys
welcome to need for speed hot pursuit
remastered this game came out a decade
around this time we're on the eve of its
10th anniversary i believe it came out
in like the 13th of november of 2010 or
something like that
and this was actually a title i never
i never actually did cover this game
because around that time
your boy was just kind of starting
youtube i mean i was doing youtube in
2010 but
i wasn't you know i was focusing on
other things i didn't at the time i had
this weird notion that racing games
weren't really
like a thing that people were wanting to
watch i don't know why
but that was my thought process behind
it um
i don't know either way i heard this was
one of the greatest need for speed games
ever made
uh it was during a time when ea was
killing it in the need for speed
department they were pretty solid at

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

this time
um they weren't they hadn't gone full
corporate mode on us yet so
um this was like one of the last truly
need for speed games and things started
going downhill after that
so um it is what it is but i'm gonna
experience it for the first time
uh starting today i'm very excited like
i said everyone asked me like dan if you
played all the ne for speed games this
is one of the few that i did not play
just due to the timing
uh of everything that was going on if it
was a year later i don't even know if it
was a year later but
like i said 2010 i was barely i could
like i couldn't afford any games and
there's so many reasons why i couldn't
do the things that i wanted to do i
loved the need for speed franchise but
i wanted to put my time into the channel
and and the money into the channel and i
didn't feel like spending all this money
every game that came out was the answer
at the time you know what i mean so
either way welcome you guys thank you so
much for joining me today i hope you're
feeling good uh if you're ready to rock
and roll with this stream don't forget
to leave a like on the video whether
you're watching live
or you're not watching live i appreciate
you hanging out with me today and i hope
you enjoy it uh without any further ado
let me just quickly say my hellos and we
will jump
right into the game uh what's up charles
rashawn dabster
oblivion brandon travis uh
you don't unless you you know go in the
back alley and
you know maybe you'll get the game for
free but other than that you pay for it
most of most of the world does uh what's
up ken
hey matt uh what's up nicholas
nikki what's good hey leo uh hey gareth
hey teresa if i got you yeah i don't
think so
what's up uh shaheed girard welcome
um excuse me what's up grant
good to see you man hey homie what's up
abdul actually what's up bro hey punk
welcome you guys thank you so much for
joining me i'm just gonna go right into
it hopefully the game is being it was
giving me a bit of trouble i would have
started sooner but
the game was being cheese but i think i
figured it out now so uh career mode we
have two options there are
78 racer events and 63 cop events this
is back in the day when you can actually
play as both
and i'm actually very wow i sounded
really canadian when i did that blaze
jesus christ they're going to play us
both there but anyway
i'm really excited to get into this
without any further ado uh
colon oh wow colon i'm gonna i don't
know if it's a colon or oh colon
it's colon thanks for subbing anyway
guys hope you're ready to rock and roll
with this let's jump into the career for
need for speed
hot pursuit remastered let's go
quick game oops i hit b that's
anticlimactic crest county has become
the ultimate place to speed
a playground for the most exotic cars
and drivers in the world
but this is not with all this place
constant competition has led to the
creation of the world's best
uh i was testing something speed
the scpd spare no expense to redline it
all the way
the pursuit for the ultimate driver

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

well there you go i love some random
apparently this is like a hybrid of like
california washington and oregon so like
west coast
you know kind of redwood and up uh so we
have two different missions
this is the cop one so we can switch
between the two uh
i'm gonna start with the race location
because that's usually what you do uh
driver details
unfortunately music is turned off guys
that's the way it is um
time played seven minutes 30 seconds
that's not true because that's just how
long the game's been running for
so yeah all right let's start with the
grand ocean
we got a race time truck look at all
these missions
this was back when it focused on the
racing that's what's beautiful about
this reborn race event is confirmed
what's up goat
in this showcase event they might grow
unleashed mikael what's up
the roadster as you compete against
other drivers in a race along the
seacrest county coast
use your driving skills to outmaneuver
the opposition and take a medal
your reputation is measured in wanted
levels currently you are not registering
much activity
and are classed by the scpd as a level 1
aka everybody drivers win the races and
outrun the law with style
and are classified as level 20 most
wanted your daily activity is measured
as bounty
the harder faster and more dangerously
you drive the more bounty you will earn
win races beat your rivals and stay one
step ahead of the cops
to increase your wanted level and get
access to new cars
and entry into the toughest events your
car is equipped with a race spec nitrous
use this system to gain a rapid
acceleration increase
nitrous will only charge if you drive
dangerously drive in oncoming traffic
near miss other vehicles drift corners
and take shortcuts to gain the most
i'm excited about this race has
restricted entry requirements
you can choose any of the available cars
to drive in the race
i have nines are locked and will become
available as you increase your wanted
okay so ladies and gentlemen um the
upside for this game
is that since it came out in 2010 i know
for a fact
my car will be in this game i actually
think i briefly saw it i have an 08
bmw m3 so i know it's gonna be in here
i will needless to say be copping that
as soon as it's available but right now
we're giving limited opportunities
so i'm gonna go through it and see we
got the porsche boxer spider
well there's the z4 so that's a good
sign 370.
you got to get certain bounty so i think
we have to use the porsche
uh what else we got i really did not
like this generation of charger
i thought it looks way too basic maybe
that's me evo 10
sti this is okay yeah the hatch sti
oh and then a 370z which is
so we don't really have that much so
this is the roadster that doesn't make
sense convertible
so you don't really want one okay for
those that don't know convertibles are
genuinely heavier cars
and people say why there's less to them
ah but when you cut the roof off a car

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

what happens you have no support up here
so you have to shove strengthening beams
in the bottom of the car
so that it's actually rigid because
essentially it's like driving an open
tin can you know what i mean there's no
down force it's just like
it doesn't work right for performance
that's why you get a hard top
if you want a performance vehicle if
you're just cruising well there's no it
doesn't matter go ahead and get yourself
convertible but this is going to be
slower because it's going to weigh more
we don't want that obviously we have to
start with the porsche boxster so yeah
the porsche boxer has like a perfect 50
50 weight distribution
anyway so i'd say that's ideal so anyway
speaking of that let me know guys what
you think of the volume
is the volume a good length we'll wait
until we start driving of course
a roadster that is more original more
sporty and more liberated than ever
by taking an idea back to the base
custom the boxster spider is based on a
lightweight design with no comfortable
extras pink featuring a tune
oh my god metallic flat six boxer engine
which sits just ahead of the rear axle
the boxster spider weighs only 1 275
there is a noticeable kick in
acceleration when compared to the other
two models in the range
and the car is always alert and willing
to change direction
no air conditioning no radio no
no door release levers this is the
lightest porsche you can buy and one
that returns to the formula applied in
creating the classic
1950s porsche 550 spider i forgot about
this one this was the
uh yeah see you're better off doing it
i think i might go with white cream
white carrera right
white carrera white i think i'm going
with a porsche looks really good with
i forgot this one it was super like the
boxster spider was super like cut out
like she said there's nothing in it
but apparently it's like one of the best
handling cars so i'm gonna go ahead and
this we're going with a white porsche
spider thank you
it does actually doesn't it leo just she
doesn't have the accent
what's up yexi dope okay as soon as we
get going if i have to turn the volume
down to the game i've noticed racing
games are louder than a bucket of [ __ ]
you know what i mean like they're
insanely loud
excuse me sir
it does look dated though even though
it's remastered it looks a bit dated
but it probably would have looked
amazing at the time though
oh the z4 coming out

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

oh what happened there i over corrected
something fierce
but i remember i i can't remember if
they went super arcady drifting in this
one yet at the time
sort of
it's a little more taut than it used to
be i remember like once
speed 2015 came out
gotta pass the bm
i think i got a couple extra reps out of
oh what happened there oh man oh no
how do i know how far i have to go man
oh 3.8k left
it's just a west coast drive i'm getting
as much nitrous as i can
i got full nitrous let's go
oh my god we're really taking off now
five seconds ahead of second place
i just ruined someone's picnic there's
the win
roadsters reborn got the gold
that was awesome

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

all right
total bounty new car at 10 000.
what am i at now oh i unlocked a new car
so what'd i get
oh the mazar x8 okay
30k rotary revolution they don't you
know what is that the last rotary
powered car that mazda's produced like
in in production
because i don't think they popped
anything out either charger srt8
not a fan of that one if i'm honest
why am i playing a cracked version of
this oh my god shut up dude i bought it
off the
of the origin jesus
anyway i can go with this still i think
i just gotta make a slight adjustment
one second i don't steal games
by the way there's a volume mixer right
yeah i'm gonna turn it down just a
slight amount
about that i should do it if it'll
actually let me
go full screen there we go all right
eagle crest
so oh i see i see if there's only one
there so i mean i guess i could switch
to the cops
but let's do one more
yeah origin is prior bay exactly
what's up alexis hey zora
it's not cracked you guys are you are
you stupid
like it's go look it's available it's
not i didn't steal it why would it be
where are people getting that from this
today is the release day
anyway i gotta pick i could either pick
a new car i'm gonna save up my money to
be honest
i'm gonna go with the porsche box
wait do i engineers have realized a
long-held dream
the dream of a roadster okay we didn't
have to tell me that every time
where's everyone getting this from why
am i driving in a metric because i'm
the entire world is on metric except for
the united states you
realize that right pretty much
yeah you could pick you can there's
different missions across the board
i think the only crack the only crack
that you're seeing here is all the crack
you guys are smoking
oh that evo that evil is not having it
oh oh po-po's are coming in
tell you what let's not even go there
i'll just to prove

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

hold on a minute let's just minimize
okay uh here check this out turn the
game off
turn this off look at this need for
speed hot pursuit
just released remastered
you see this ea play pro
just released it's in origin
jesus i can't believe i had to prove
that but anyway there you go
it really it literally released at like
two like 1am pacific time last night
of course we don't we're too cool for
man the evil and the sdi are blitzing me
right now
i don't know how it started though like
if they're screwing me why
why did that start that's such an
interesting thing to like to say though
to troll with i've never ever been like
accused of cracking a game before
maybe because someone asked where i
could get this for free and i said just
go buy it
maybe that's why i was gonna go left
there but
i missed my shortcut
oh that's rough just hit that audi
oh come on bro that infinity just got
knocked into your boy
i forgot how long everything was what's
i'm in second place
he's not far off
i mean it apparently is i never played
the original version of this game so i
don't know what
i don't really remember what it looked
like i'm sure it does look better
you gotta remember that this is a
remaster not a remake
i'm trying to get that oh this we got a
big hairpin
i'm not really a hair fan but you know
what i mean
bye felicia
oh man i thought i was gonna near miss
it so much for that
uh the thing about need for speed games
that pisses me off is the rubber banding
i forget all about rubber banding until
need for speed comes in it's just like
oh here's a cop car that can do a
miles an hour

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

well that's not what it's called girard
but i'm doing this first and i've
decided to spit in a second stream of
five so after
after i take my lunch break i'm gonna
i'm gonna jump into dirt five and finish
it off
split the d you think that's gonna work
like for real
you put a cop car there cop cars are so
cheap just drop it
drop it there that's true corey that's
rubber banding is a need for speed
staples we do know this
i mean it's not so bad like you know
actually the rubber banding itself it's
just when it it's unrealistic
like i understand ketchup and having
that and everything but
you know i unlocked the evo uh that's
i'm surprised the boxers considered
slower than this than a stock evo i
don't understand a tuned evo but a stock
i don't know man you still got the jetta
bro you've been out of
you've been out of touch for years i got
rid of the jetta in 2015. and i got the
didn't this generation of camaro still
have leaf springs
like the most outdated form oh man
tell you what let's do it let's do one
of these now let's do a cop one we
haven't done one of these yet you have
been accepted into the ranks of the scpd
all thanks enforcement units i heard i
heard i unlocked an achievement
with limited access i'm a double agent
are the rank 20 ultimate enforcers with
access to any vehicle or pursuit
resource required
your career with the scpd will be
measured on your performance in the
all of your actions are monitored and
recorded in the system as bounty
the more bounty you are awarded during
an active mission
as you prove your value to the
department command will make more exotic
equipment available
to you yeah man i've got an m3 now i've
been driving an m3 for the last five
anyway they actually gave me a crown vic
that's awesome because that is that is
the car you would be driving they're
like bro we're gonna give you a lambo a
little bit later relax
you're driving the crown vic
okay let me all right i got a story i
had to x for some reason x is starting
not a
all right bust the racer and win turn
the most bounty
yeah it is garrett that's funny because
i just haven't changed my origin
oh [ __ ] i didn't mean to skip it i'm
of course it is this thing is act the
crown vics are surprisingly fast bro

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

what's up aziz
what's he got i can't see oh an rx8
i love how i got nitrous suspect
come on bro you know what he did oh no i
got him
you know he's dead so just cause his
[ __ ]
just caused this massive crash like sir
do you know why
i nearly killed you no officer why
you gotta left taillight out i want to
get that fixed
that is so funny bro oh man
all right sti oh the it's cop version
that is funny where'd they get the money
for this this is taxpayer dollars bro i
thought it was so funny
i was cory i'm so glad i clipped him if
i didn't i would have definitely missed
and then i would have gotten annihilated
that was a quick one so i'll have to do
another one
i forgot how much faster these missions
were in the old games there were there
wasn't really as much of a story
top speed is 257 zero to 100 8.5
4.7 it's dramatically faster so
always thrilling at full throttle i
thought you had to pay for it
but you you don't it's all taxpayer
dollars who cares
who cares right up the tax bill
this is why you voted johnson
technically you get [ __ ] done division
was created in the late 1980s to
coordinate development of subaru's rally
they now also create high-performance
consumer versions of the appraiser wrx
impreza with precision and performance
with practicalities
is generated from a 2.5 liter 16-valve
boxer engine with turbo and intercooler
generating over 300 bhp at 6000 rpm
trademark poise and pin sharp handling
are retained at all times
the five-door hatchback design has been
developed from the standard impresa
noticeably widened body flares and a
longer wheelbase with shorter front and
rear overhangs
clearly define the impreza wrx sti
and outline its performance credentials
i pronounce it imprezza a lot of people
pronounce it impreza
but in praise i've never heard that in
praise of the lord
yeah i i like it too it gives you a bit
of information on what you're what what
your weapon of choice is you know
i can appreciate that
can i ask you how i got to reddit i seem
to be noticing there's
redditers oh like how did that happen
did it start with one guy like sharing
it to reddit
and being like well this guy's douche
situation on mission b

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

because it's easy money nemesis that's
why but how many am i taking out
oh he just ruined himself oh
a ticket's been issued bro he did
not just a ticket you better issue like
a corner report
come on i got a break
all right boxer's mine
you know we need to bye dude it's just
just an annihilate
i work oh there is the z4 is just
hanging out for a hero he's holding up
her hero right now
oh god i thought he was gonna take the
shortcut i would have taken the shortcut
dude it's so easy to take these guys out
american vehicles
dude you pretty much killed them this
man did a convertible and you rolled him
oh it's so fun that i love it oh jesus
oh just absolutely annihilate yes this
released today it's brand new
it's available right now
pirate based subreddit oh yeah that's
it's funny because these things are like
gathered you know there's like a
conversation that's ahead of
you know the new police interceptor
i think this game i can't remember how
much it was it was like it was like 40
bucks canadian so it's pretty it's a
it's a lower end
it's probably like 30 u.s if i could
guess probably
all right well those are so much fun
hold on
all right sorry guys yeah but the cop
ones are super quick
like i mean well they're probably gonna
get tougher obviously but there's no
monkey business have you noticed that
you just kind of do your thing
you know they're gonna get faster call
in roadblocks to help you
as a member of the sppd you have the
full backing of the command center on
every mission
i didn't realize it was on steam i would
have rather got it on steam
but i got it on origin i got it on
origin because i have ea access or
whatever so or ea play pro so usually
they give it to you early
wait like am can someone link that can
someone link that reddit please
because i did i feel attacked

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

this thing is actually well what's a
zero it's actually kind of slow but it's
right it's more of a it's not as fast
but it's probably got more damage per se
you know um a new kind of weapon is that
what they want me to do
it's a yeah it's a little slower
obviously it has a slower top speed as
let's try it why not
the super high output of the ecoboost
twin turbocharged engine
is what defines this sleeper sedan from
ford anyone who overlooks the style of
this revolutionary high quality american
will be blown away by its hidden
performance creating more power than
larger naturally aspirated engines
the 3.5 liter v6 is twin turbocharged
and able to generate peak power of 365
while providing a maximum of 350 pounds
per foot of torque
across a broad range from 1 500 to 5250
the pretty good police interceptor will
replace the iconic crown victoria
as ford's police car of choice from 2011
the new police interceptor is fully
equipped inside and out
to support all the needs of a modern law
all right well let's take it let's go
guys if you're enjoying the stream don't
forget to leave a like on it does help
out immensely
all right so i'm supposed to call in the
is that a mustang needing my help i'm
here this is this is based on the uh
the taurus
now all cops are in like suvs and trucks
have you noticed that at least where i'm
they're all in like ford escapes and
ford f-150s
it's all big [ __ ] you rarely see like an
actual police car out there you'll see a
occasionally but you know that's an
that's an old undecommissioned one
i don't think i need him
it's okay i sent him into the
it's fine it's fine he's damaged he's
done he's all over the road
hit him hey guys pit his ass
holy [ __ ]

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

you were going five over
these guys are just like completely
flexing and rubbing each other's nuts
together that's what they're doing these
cops for real
oh man
oh that's fantastic
that was money bro all right well these
cop ones
oh there's two of them in grand ocean
coast so i unlocked looked after it i
just got an achievement
i could hear it pop up let's do another
racer event because we haven't done one
in a while
so let's do it what's up revan
ooh zonda sink roadster it's on loan
though you see that like all right we'll
let you borrow this
don't speed don't get any cop attention
just be a smart boy
and then the nfs edition the continental
super sports i loved this car because
it's just it looked so mean and it was
just like one of those things like
it was so unnecessary you know for gt
mclaren mp4 the porsche career gt
the car that paul walker died in the
lambo murcielago
oh sisto elemento aka the sixth element
by lamborghini that thing is dope
is that our one corvette another another
why is it up here when it was already
down there look at all these sinks
oh the 177. there's tons of [ __ ] in here
this is pronounced rebenton believe it
or not not reventon
it's rebenton i don't know why but it
just is
oh the gt2 rs i'm a big fan of the gt2
that's so weird that like i don't know
they're just like specific i don't know
they're different categories each one
they give you a different car for so
we'll rep the sync this is on the front
horatio pagani and his team have once
again created a piece of art able to
speed over 350
snow white pearl is the color of the
sink when you think of a
sink it's white and red so i think
i'm gonna go with the snow white pearl
7.3 it just makes sense guys
oh i'm sorry i didn't mean to interrupt
her damn it because yeah there's a
v12 in this car paganis have have the
merc engines
i was roll
all right this is a speed wall is this
the same bounty
so what's the point of really having
this car if like they just give it to
you anyway
it's pronounced sync yeah it's but it's
spelled c-i-n-q-u-e
it's not it's not chin that's not how
you say it
trust me it's pronounced sink
oh man

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

i only messed that one up
we're going off-road boys and girls
is this even faster
that sounds hilarious all right get back
on the road
what's up niko
holy 350 just about
19 20 21 we got it
that was close bro
oh that was a dicey close one
what's up fluffy hey blitz
just unlocked the z4
hey omri
we'll be able to come back to that in a
minute memorial valley breach of the
those gauntlet races those are crazy
what's up rodrigo your car has been
installed with spike stream
anti-pursuit technology nice
based on scpd technology the system
releases a lethal spiked strip
from the rear of your car if another
vehicle drives over the strip
they will be damaged and they will be
use the moment well and make your move
your vehicle can only carry a limited
number of strips
and will take time to recharge after
each use so only fire when you are
confirmed a hit
your heads-up display will let you know
when the system is online
all right let's get it then so again
see what i mean like 267 top speed 265.
the rx8 is 234. like this is a faster
car i don't even know why we
would literally we would take this so i
got the z4
i am a bmw fan but i do like
what is it 4.8 seconds 267 it's about
the same
it's it's a little bit faster to 100 or
was it there's a 4.6 no it's 4.9
3 to 40 bhp to 5800 this one is 320 at
so you know what man let's go with the
bmws z4
i'm cool with it i don't want red though
i definitely don't want red
brown mojave metallic an expression of
the bmw z4 s drive 35is
is a modern reinterpretation of the
classic roadster
following in the footsteps of the 1930s
bmw 3151 and the 1950s they actually
have space gray adaptive m suspension

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

helps deliver power and precision
straight to the tarmac throughout the
rev range
a light touch of the accelerator is all
the twin turbocharged six-cylinders need
to provide an experience to match the
freedom of the spacecraft
driving driving a roadster is an
expression of style
not of extravagance an elongated bonnet
encourages your eye to trace the
striking low shoulder line to its
powerful rear
the hardest decision the driver has to
make is whether the shortest route
is the most enjoyable one sweet
what's up beaming what car do i have in
real life i actually have two
i have uh e92 bmw m3
as my summer car and then i have a 95
sti uh wagon as my it's jdm so imported
uh as my daily winter car
gotta have fun at all times man year
round gotta have the funds
yeah i forgot this this was during an
era where you couldn't really customize
your car
like this was during the need for speed
era where you just kind of took the car
and went you couldn't adjust much
i forgot about that
well like our guy looks like a bit of a
douche that suits you very well doesn't
it man
oh that's not gonna work
i'm all over the road
my bike's parked to be honest like it's
it's it's about to snow now
all right interceptor
yeah gareth because i have a house now
oh i hit the dirt
come on evo no way i know i have boost
i'm not lined up
yes i am
i wonder if i should take out the evo
with the spike strip
oh i didn't mean to do that but it
worked out keep straight hold on
oh my god dude i didn't mean to go this
way i was trying i saw it i'm like i
hope i can make that but

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

hold up
oh that's a corner for your ass baby
look at that
yeah you know he did what
know what i mean this evo is just
keeping me up
wait that didn't sound right made it
sound like i had an erection for the evo
i'm waiting to like generate a little
bit more boost
dan how did you hit that man i just
screwed i played myself
oh he's gonna hit it oh he hit it
he had nowhere to go bro
3.3 kilometers left in the race should i
go off-roading i'm going off-roading
we're train tracking it boys and girls
i'm still drifting
all of our guys still got his shades on
he hasn't even oh i didn't go on that
one either
i could have avoided that looks like
there's a cop car up here
oh i clipped him
i'm done oh that was the end i was like
what's going on
nice man it's just simple
wanted from gamepl that was one of the
best need for speed games for sure
that need for speed underground too i'd
say that was my two favorites
excuse me what's up spider we just
unlocked the audi ttrs
all right well those are a couple of
races uh should we go popo and the lolo
i think we should
why not
the all right see that's no
i think i might well we just unlocked
the 370.
it's all classified well if it's
classified we'll take it
if it's classified we'll take it
you can talk about it performance the z
story continues new tech yet old school
a new shorter sharper design batched
ahead of the front door i still have it
too corey the signature that double the
side indicators
the front engine rear wheel drive layout
is the way a sports car should be
the engine with variable valve event and
lift vvel
thumps up 332 bhp and 270 pounds per
foot of torque propelling the car to 60

Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

miles per hour in just over five seconds
the jeans of the z are running through
every new curve edge and sculpted corner
the window is reminiscent of the
original 1971 240z
it's still low it's still aggressive and
now it's got boomerang taillights my
friend has a
uh 370s 370z
we don't know we don't know it's the cop
it's the cop version
when i go through the list i will when i
get a new list of cars i will show
the cars in that list in that category
i guess i didn't really go through all
the cop cars yet my apologies next time
we do that
i will do so
you are required on scene immediately
i love it it'd be funny if it was the
same it is the same guy in the shades
i was just gonna say it was just the
same guy he just has a cop uniform on
this time
oh he's just trying to fool us
oh dude this is a time trial i was like
where are the guys at
oh it added three oh crashing ads time i
didn't realize that
it's a little wet out here guys
as soon as i got a bit of a straight
away i'll uh use the nitrous
7.4 k i don't think we're going that
fast to be honest
oh what happened whoa oh man no
reset reset reset reset oh my god i
don't know what happened guys
that was really weird

Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

i crossed twice kevin
three times every knock gets you
an extra time they must give you either
a ton of time or i'm making a ton of
there's like no nitrous it like ends so
oh i'm fine bro
i love they needed my help with the
arrest that's hilarious
we'll get there
i can't use it shabam i i would if i
could man but i don't have it unlocked
it's unlike the ttrs cop car
all right well do we want to do another
one of those
fighting dirty leave the road and hit
the dirt to make the arrest
spike shift vehicle
for this next mission your interceptor
vehicle has been fitted with a spike
strip release mechanism
activating the weapon will release a
lethal spike strip from the rear of your
your vehicle can only carry a limited
number of strips and will take time to
recharge after
each use the only fire when you are
confirmed to hit
command out see hacker
all right well we didn't get anything
new i'll take i'll show you guys the cop
cars because i never did the 911 turbo
charger srt8 a lot of cops were actually
using chargers for a while
evo 10. oh that's it for this group
that's all for this grouping so i got to
the rx8 isn't new though i'm gonna go
with the sti
all wheel drive the subaru technically
you don't gotta
yeah you don't have to tell me each time
so i got five
spike strips i don't even think i u did
i even use the spikes chip when i was a
no this is the first time we get to use
it as a cop so
i would imagine the gtr is in this but i
haven't seen it yet
what's up john
this is where this is where the sti

Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

needs to live right here off-road
sdi vsti
oh he just took off for some reason
oh i made him hit another car but it
really did that much damage
oh he's done
now what
i repeat spikes are now authorized over
this man is still going oh jesus
i thought that took him out for good
vehicle has taken damage
i'm sorry like um didn't i not arrest
oh dan you got aggressive that sucks man
i thought i took him down now i'm
playing like a ding dong
[ __ ] suspect the south base trail
man if i lose because of that i'll be
i don't know how he evaded the spike
[ __ ] i missed it can you imagine looking
at like paying for taxes and have to pay
for nitrous
i'd be like you know what whatever gets
the job done
i'm so close bro i gotta take him out no
there's still time there's still time
oh there's no time ah that's too bad
man i didn't realize that's too bad man
i did not realize
that um the spy ship didn't limit i
thought i annihilated him that's why i
was like yeah i guess i win but then the
clock step tick kept ticking and then i
couldn't get my rhythm back
that's funny it's fun being a cop though
taking these guys out
sorry kevin but my uh my streams are not
made for kids so
i will if a swear slips out i'm sorry it
won't like it
i'm not gonna not change how i talk
dan q8000 has never been kid friendly
unless i'm playing a kid-friendly game i
mean i guess this kind of is but i
thought it was rated teen

Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

come on man contact
that wasn't enough this thing is tough
oh come on what happened there oh my god
we've got to restart now damn that's
really a kick in the nuts
did i swear when playing spongebob i
don't remember that did i
oh well something you gotta accept
did he miss it
yeah he's a lot tougher i think you know
what it is bro it's the car the car is
faster but it's weaker if i had the
interceptor it's a stronger whip
it'll drop like it's hot oh he
annihilated himself
oh this is actually kind of hard
it's up short right up his trumpet
couple more rams
oh dana what are you doing bro how much
time we got a little over a minute
i think if i stripped him now spike
stripped him he'd be done
i've made contact he's almost done
couple more knocks he'll be gone
that's it
cause some like just pull this
absolutely destroy them for some asinine
law you know something that's just not
worth it it's more like where the finger
wag than it is you know like dude blew
through a stop sign
like roy he made a rolling stop we must
put this gap bastard down
it uh
i do drift what are you talking about
sometimes i get so caught up in trying
to ram them i end up hitting the wall
all right we got to do another cop one
bro they're fun
pass master 10.4 k
oh i don't know it's give me the 911
turbo i'm happy with that
read it read it entire production run

Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

from 1975 to 1989.
the porsche 911 turbo was the top of the
range model from porsche
making use of turbo charging technology
which porsche had begun experimenting
with in the early 1970s with the porsche
the 911 turbo was developed to be a
direct competitor for the much more
expensive and exclusive supercars of the
although the car was no longer required
as a homologation model due to changes
in the homologation rules
it became the basis for the 934 and the
935 race cars
the car proved to be very fast but also
very demanding to drive
its short wheelbase engine position and
power delivery contributed to a tendency
to oversteer that required a high level
of skill to control
a distinctive flared rear spoiler wider
rear arches and upgraded tires were
added to help increase grip and make the
car more stable
the rear spoiler was later raised even
more to allow enough space for the newer
air-to-air intercooler
which was added to increase power even
further stopping performance was also
improved by using brakes
similar to those found on the successful
porsche 917 race car
come on man that's dope as hell own a
piece of history
all right distinction merit and pass
well we gotta get distinction
i look i love the old school like like
lights and siren that's dope
all right this is just point a to point
b race
ah [ __ ] my bad
they give you quite a few mulligans
the golf beetle you mean the volkswagen
you really don't get that much nitrous
as a cop
oh come on man that counts as a
collision that's a bump

Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

one kilometer to go
that was pretty quick
there you go give me that distinction
what's up thomas
that was fun man
question for you guys do you think the
need for speed games are better
with stories or without stories like
this we just kind of do objectives what
do you think
what do you prefer
hot pursuit
all right well we can make our choice
here when we get this 15 280
and that's what it was oh that's the
charger there aren't too many cop cars
left in this uh
this area here i'm actually gonna go
with the interceptor
the super high output of the ecoboost
twin turbocharged engine
is what defines the sleeper sedan from
ford anyone who overlooks
we've already listened to this we don't
need to hear it again
yeah lately lately the need for speed
stories have been pretty cringe
i didn't really mind the 2015 story to
be honest but then payback was so
bad man payback was beyond brutal that
you know i mean it's just like oof
like it was so bad like no one speaks
that way you know
all right how many guys i take down
i have 11 and a half kilometers to take
down these two guys there's one guy in a
gtr and the other guy is in what
is that a g no is that a gtr no what is
oh that's an rx8
i'm calling it a gtr it looked like it
from behind
he's only in third place though so about
to ruin his day
there you go
i rx ate him for breakfast

Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

he's slowing down see that
did i get him dude he missed the strip
oh come on suspect hasn't baited the
spike strip
370 coming at you bro love tap no damage
oh there you go i got 370 for now
so you got to hit them in the side
hitting fender isn't going to really do
fine i'll go for first place
yeah i've heard the run was pretty fun i
never played that was one of the ones i
never played
got him it doesn't take him down though
that doesn't that's not a permadeath
that just slows them down
i only have six kilometers guys to get a
couple more busts
i can't even get to first place i'm
gonna have to redo this one
who's in first what is he driving
i'm really having a hard time i'm going
to set up a block
slow him down a little bit i should have
done that right from the beginning
yeah i'm gonna have to redo it he's long
i'm gonna restart guys unfortunately
he's way too far ahead i can't stop him
that's a shame should i forgot i had the
roblox i should have used it sooner
i was so focused on taking out third and
fourth that first place is just like hi
see you later that's okay it's trial and
error we got it we got to figure it out
it's all about process you know the
process we're running
so it says we get what we get uh the
pass mark at one but
at what what two bus so bronze at two
silver at three and then gold at all
four i'm guessing
oh dude we sling shotted
oh that 370 is still alive but he took
himself out the 370 assisted me with
that bust
did he crash evo's right up ahead yeah
he must have crashed
don't miss him um just out of the fender
block is deployed directly ahead of you
send that yes i got good damage
dude where are they at
dude there's two left and they're both
behind me i'm gonna strip them

Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

yes goodbye evo
one more to go and he's almost down here
we go
dude that's awesome that worked out so
well man
i love all this dude i think it was this
dude that actually annihilated himself
officers have the suspect in custody
this thing is over
that was fun as [ __ ] bro these cop ones
are so entertaining
like it's just amazing hey what's up
hope you enjoyed them bro
oh man that was fun as [ __ ] what am i
getting new car
congratulations officer you have been
to donut eater
10 busts already officer
yeah man i mean all these guys i mean he
wasn't driving with his seatbelt
so i had to take him out put him in
there it is there it is dude
you know which car i'm taking
oh there's my baby oh man
that that makes me very happy
all right we just got ourselves the
maserati gran turismo
beautiful looking car actually i would
love one of those sounds unbelievable
this is a preview what does that mean oh
177 okay hold on back up
that's sweet that's sweet but hold on is
there another one i want to see
rebenton reveal okay i'm gonna go here
because i just want to see
give me the cars
where's my where's my girl where's she
there it is dude i need to win
this is my car this isn't my car in real
life i need to get it
331 000 bounty bruh
i mean well i knew it was here
i knew it anyway it doesn't really
matter what we pick
but i'm gonna go back i'm gonna go i'm
gonna keep going with these racing ones
or you know i mean the the s i'm gonna
do another preview we'll use the 177
because it's funny [ __ ]
yeah i mean i played need for speed oh
five number of discerning customers
177 fuses advanced technology with
stunning aston martin design
to create what is possibly the world's
most desirable automotive didn't they
make only 177 of these
martins 177 exists at the intersection
between a limited edition artwork
and pure technological innovation
the 77 people who will become 77 making
a major commitment
their reward a car that is the
culmination of all the elements that

Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

define aston martin this thing was like
millions of dollars i think lightweight
modern material craft skills design
excellence and naturally
raw beauty for aston martin 177 is a
unique opportunity to create a car as
functional art
an object of beauty and contemplation
that can also be interacted with
enjoyed by a select few on a strictly
personal basis
well they say cars cannot be art because
they have no function
or they have function art does not have
yeah it is kind of a james bond car i'm
surprised the cop number is that the
gumpert apollo
that thing is so fast
central to all units officers require
assistance on lost tourist road
well for youtube maybe maybe i'll do
that one day
this situation is a high priority you
are required on scene immediately
just don't crash the car it's worth it's
worth a bit
oh man this thing is quick
i like i like the preview events like i
said because you get to try out all
these other cars
that you can't unlock yet but they're
like hey man this is what you get to
enjoy in the future if you want it
that's max speed 356 kph that's pretty
quick boys and girls
okay stop bouncing off the walls hard
see i i know how to do utilize need for
speed cornering
wait there's like a corner here you see
oh won't let me it looks like it looked
like i could turn there
like i could shortcut it see the pulse i
know how to pump it you got to pump your
drift to keep it going
now i'm gonna switch over to dirt and
i'm gonna get annihilated because it's
like so different
sorry about it it's gonna save me a lot
of time going this way though
oh that's brutal sorry guys i shouldn't
have used uh nitrous on a corner like
that or at least on the train i did
oh come on blow me i'm here to serve and
protect not
break people's spines
oh man she's getting sideways it's hard
to keep it controlled 0.1 kilometers
i made it i love how i'm the one who
stops them
yeah the dubai police yeah they have
like an aventador is like
a regular cruiser for them you know

Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

all right well we have more oh i didn't
wait what
why'd i get silver bro i got the gold
or did i did i did i met did i make a
dude i don't i thought i got it that's
that really sucks bro
i must have made a mistake somewhere
151. oh i was looking at the silver i
need one i got like
153 so don't crash as much dan
my bad
i slowed down a lot
dude what the hell is that like it just
sucked me into the wall
oh man i'm restarting that's brutal
it almost makes me wonder if some of the
shortcuts aren't worth the trouble
you have to be going just as fast if you
were on the tarmac to make it worth
something if you break too much
you know it's not really going to matter
just gonna go straight through
i feel like it would have taken longer
overall or not over but you know i mean
not overall
see i kind of slowed down here
it's fine
the shortcut here i think makes sense
that was good
that shortcut definitely made sense

Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

like look at the difference just not
hitting anything and taking it nice and
no dude you're the car got in the way
you're not ending me there
no you're not did i do it in time that's
my question
oh my god i crashed the guy was right in
my finish line
oh my goodness
damn michael i made one mistake and all
of a sudden i'm not good in timed events
jesus christ the dbs
did we actually unlock it though this
thing was
this is a beautiful looking car
anywho uh i might as well finish up
you know what no we'll go back to some
racings some racings
oh do i have to use okay well i'm gonna
go use space gray again
it's gonna feel weird using this car
after all that
oh my bad
uh yeah i guess it depends on the
shortcut like that one shortcut i took
under the bridge that cut up a
massive corner right a massive hairpin
it's it's pretty good it's not bad dirt
five i'll be going back to it
uh later we got two streams on the
rocket dock we're gonna finish dirt five
today guys after i'm done this game well
after i finish this stream
take a lunch break and then yeah we'll
we'll be doing that
off-road i could have taken a right
actually i can take her right here wow
oh that was no good that was kind of a
that was a really shitty thing
while i think of this up that was a
shitty shortcut bro
i thought it was going to be faster like
there was going to be some road that it
would just know
last place i gotta catch up
see this you got way more nitrous in
certain cars
yeah z4 yeah
i just did this course essentially this
is literally what i just did
drift past him dude i tried to correct i

Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

i couldn't correct i was dead i'm dead
there's no roll there's no roll cage in
this in this car so that thing
would not save my neck from getting
absolutely crushed under the weight
i'm doing it here
oh dude see what i mean look at the
shortcut this one is very much
makes sense like look at that dirty look
at that dirty dough
bye felicia's
it's a nice uh sunday drive i guess the
friday drive
happy friday cruising out of the week
into the weekend
i gotta say i mean bmw's already known
for their handling
but like this car and specifically like
i mean
it's just it's just so much noticeable
it's just a lot i'm okay i'm not going
that way
why would i go that way that doesn't
make any sense
that's like that adds to my journey that
off-road but if you're trying to lose a
cop for example i can understand
oh damn i looked at chat that's my
excuse and i'm sticking with it
i've already been in this shortcut once
that was not smart
oh my god dude we almost
lost it i was not a smart
that was not a smart move but i managed
to salvage it that was close
holy hell last minute i just had enough
nitrous to get myself out of that sticky
my fingers are sticky as hell
what do we get oh man crank
oh gran cabrio all right so
it's the gran turismo convertible
that was fun
all right well let's do some more racing
more regular races
unlimited driving pleasure is that the
carrera gt is that what that said
oh baby

Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00

originating from the pits of le mans i
got to do gt silver metallic i think
the engineers went on to develop steel
greyhounds no let's do
basalt black metallic 270 handcrafted
units were built
because exclusivity occasionally needs a
limit underpinning the carrera gt is a
self-supporting carbon fiber body which
can handle 603 bhp and a speed of 201
miles per hour while remaining
incredibly light
the carrera gt is lighter than the
current lightest porsche available
the world's best-selling
high-performance car of 2006
is instantly recognizable as a porsche
the typical porsche front includes three
air intakes which identify the
commitment to managing airflow in the
overall design
the engine cover is a beautifully
crafted twin power dome of cross-drilled
stainless steel
this beautiful car
and that the gear knob is actually from
like a like a ship yacht
it's like teak decking or something you
know deck shift knob
okay you guys in the comments what would
you pick between a career gt and a 918.
i'd take the career gt i think
i think it's 40 bucks on console tito
30 bucks on pc
i feel like there's an homage to paul
walker happening right now
oh my god 360 kph that
is fast
i can't crash no pressure but i cannot

Watch video from 84:00 - 87:00

it's hard to get into that seventh gear
it just lives at the top of that rev
you need nitrous to get you there
wow no crashes i'd say that was an
homage to mr walker
that was beautiful
that was fun man that is a fun car to
i have a new car now two new rewards
what did i get
i'm wanted for extreme speeding
last seen driving a porsche on carson
ridge suspect wanted level
three there's 21 levels correct
370z roadster dude i don't need the
roadster it's heavier
man that's beautiful this game is fun as
hell like it is
it's dope all right timber four is a
oh we haven't done a duel yet
guys don't forget to leave a like on the
stream it does help out so very much i
appreciate y'all
uh which car are we going for
i kind of i want that 911 turbo if i'm
honest with you
i don't know maybe i'll go with the bm
i'll keep going oh it's not available in
event what can i use
oh they're like you have to use an evo
oh gotcha
rotor glow metallic octane blue pearl i
feel like that's more of an sti color
you can rep it fine but
known as evo to its friends this is the
high performance sedan and the 10th
official version to date
the lancer evolution saw success i'm
salty that they stopped making it
with drivers titles from 1996 to 1999
and a constructor's championship win in
one of the lancer evolutions purple
revolutionary technology
is the super all-wheel control sawc
system which indirectly directs engine
torque to the outside or inside
wow making use of all the extra
substances sawc gives the lancer
unparalleled cornering acceleration and
every element of lancer evolution is
specifically designed to improve
performance and safety
from the racing developed aerodynamics
to the wide fenders aluminum roof and
vented aluminum hood
all right yeah that is a good question
homie what are you guys picking
evo sti any any generation it doesn't
what do you pick in overall what would
you rather be in
because that's a tough one for me
i i'm partial from an evo 7 to an evo 9
and i'm partial to like a
sti from 95 or 93
to like 99 2001. you know i mean so

Watch video from 87:00 - 90:00

it's just which is like first gen really
that's what this is evo vs sti
between these two cars like these two in
i'd probably go with an evo 10.
but since evos aren't made anymore i
guess mitsubishi can't really compete
can they
thank the sup cool guy
he might pass me though this is slow
good thing we have four-wheel drive hey
that's awesome though man
you get bonus points for taking those
shortcuts quote unquote
this one i'm wondering if i should take
the shortcut look at how wide it is
i'm taking it
oh [ __ ] oh it's one of those ones that
doesn't merge right oh you can
i merged back i didn't want to take the
dirt road
so you can utilize all the shortcut or
some of the shortcut
this is a wide open road so
oh dan oh i [ __ ] that up i'm sorry
drop a gear
i won't drop a gear bro that's annoying
he's pretty far though but i got a
really this this massive ass road and i
you know where'd all the cars go i
honestly i didn't see any of these
regular cars
one thing i've noticed too though when
it comes to evo vs sti is you can do a
lot more with an evo than you can in sdi
like you can put a ton of money into an
sti and you're not really gaining that
much power
evos can have stupid power like you can
you can get like 800 wheel horsepower
but stis you can maybe get 500 i think
depending on

Watch video from 90:00 - 93:00

and you might you're gonna get rodnock
for sure doesn't matter man
there you go that was fun
if i if i had like if i could if i was
getting one to modify and make it as
fast as possible i choose evo
um they're just more reliable too
like the boxer engine is just
it like it like the subaru box range is
just so like
oh god it's prone to break even now not
just old ones but modern ones are as
you know so this is our first race in a
bruce thank you for the sub it's our
first race in a while so that's pretty
sorry guys all right what are we
thinking i can go back to
the set four
it keeps resetting your colors
good point evan yeah exactly you have
all that horsepower but you don't dare
go near it because you you're gonna
blow the rods right out the block
you know what i mean it's for real you
do one hard pull in your sti and it's
like in mine like i have a how old is my
it's 25 years old yes 25 year yeah does
that sound right yeah it's a 25 year old
when i bought the car it had only 70
000k on it
kilometers so it was really low barely
and it's funny because i'm still nervous
i've done
all i can but i told i'm like i know
this car
will blow up at some point regardless of
how well i treat it
so i'm just trying to get as much fun
and time out of it i'm going to baby it
as much as i can
but it's not everything you can do right
i don't i'm prone to wagons though i
really like wagons
i mean obviously my m3 is not a wagon
but my sti is a wagon
and i think fast wagons are fun and [ __ ]
they're awesome they look good
so i will be getting another wagon after
this one
i'm thinking i want an f-31 uh 330
xi bmw
m sport 330.
do some tasteful mods you know lower it
different wheels that's about it
maybe de-chroming [ __ ] like that
but they're hard to find wagons are very
in canada europe they're all over the
goddamn place
oh [ __ ]
that was not ideal i might take the
shortcut here
that porsche is coming up my trumpet
that didn't sound right
i'm taking it

Watch video from 93:00 - 96:00

oh i shortcut it kind of i'd say i
shortcut it decently
it got me in front again
oh he's he's quick i gotta use some
boots whoa
stop rubberbanding me bro
no no we're fine
oh god bro 4.8 k i've got a lot of work
to do
dude get out of the way the a3 move
oh man that is some ass that is an ass
panda right there
i see you big what's up
what's up isaiah
that really sucked bro i hate clipping
the edges of [ __ ]
you just spin out and you call it you
know it's not much you can do but i'm
gonna get back
ketchup works for me too [ __ ] ketchup
and mustard let's go
i'm third place i got a podium but i
will not settle for anything less than
i could do it i'm just waiting for full
nitrous boost
how much time i got two kilometers
excuse me
eat that one board seventh place or
sixth place to first place
in under a minute let's go
dude that was so dope what a comeback
even though i clipped the edge and spun
out your boy still came back stronger
than ever
oh man i love it mark thank you for the
sub bro appreciate y'all if you guys
aren't sub yet you're enjoying the
don't forget to leave a like and
subscribe for more we'll be going live a
little bit later on today finishing up
dirt five
so be sure to come on back for that busy
busy day two streams one day
if i'm honest i am liking this better
i am liking this better jag xkr
i dig this does it wait am i thinking of
the which which one am i thinking of
i'm thinking of the xkrs
yeah the xkrs has this one beautiful
oh it's nice all right we haven't done a
cop race in a while so let's go ahead
hop with the cop repent on reveal
see the thing is they say like the way
they say it
they're trying like they're like it's
revent on reveal it's not
on sale
i want to see how she pronounce it you
know how everyone pronounces it
i was told it was pronounced with a b
instead of a v
i don't know

Watch video from 96:00 - 99:00

lamborghini's museum costing 1 million
350 000
and looking more like a stealth fighter
this is the ultimate weapon in
destroying motoring preconceptions
to ensure the reventon was at least as
fast as the lp 640
its engine has been tuned to develop
even more power all-wheel drive and low
profile 245 front and 335 rear pirellis
help keep this huge agile on the ground
looking at that tire is like this is the
murcielago underneath all the aggressive
angular panels
the front is now dominated by two large
air intakes that help cool the brakes
the angular nose is mimicked in the now
obligatory transparent engine
exactly homie it's a b12 for sure
um this was essentially the earliest
look at an aventador
before the events thrown to production
they released this limited edition
version this is worth way more than an
aventador obviously
um yeah i thought it was a bee i swear i
knew it was
you knew exactly i knew it i can't
believe i got away with that
a little top gear wrapper so i gotta
turn my fan on top of [ __ ]
there we go all right well i'm excited
to be driving the rebenton
let's go um well look at i won't be
messaging you privately but
just like it'll be in it'll be probably
about an hour after i go offline offline
so just look for notifications if you're
on discord it'll automatically send to
your phone or
your email or whatever you have set up
for announcements
i love this car i think it's dope and
you've got to love the sound of a
lamborghini v12
or a b12 in this case
that means it's just a point a to point
b race let's go
this is a training exercise but you will
be evaluated as if this was a live
situation dude if i was giving the keys
to robenton
as a trainee just oh that no that's
cheese i thought i was missing we're not
getting three seconds at it at the front
of straight away
charlie murphy gives that two thumbs
i like you know what mikhail just to
touch base on that man
like i love that merc is is releasing
uh fast wagons like to the north
american market like the
east what e63 wagon and then there's the
a845 it's the a45 a43 i can't remember
the new one but they have a
new a series amg wagon and i'm like bro
that is goals right there
like anything that's fast and can still
like put like a chest of drawers in the
is like the best of all worlds you know
what i mean it's fast it's
it looks good i think long roof gang is
the way to go
anybody with me who else thinks fast
wagons are dope
because i pull people before they're
right now i'd rather have a sedan i'm
like bro

Watch video from 99:00 - 102:00

i have a sedan and a wagon and i just i
don't know i just have a soft spot for
ever since i was a kid i remember i
thought it wasn't cool to like wagons
and then i became an adult and i'm like
who cares what people think wagons are
yeah see the faster cars have way less
nitrous i've noticed because they don't
really need them
oh we're almost done already this one
was quick
there's your training exercise dude we
wouldn't be able to stop in time
let's be realistic here
what's up gwen lock how you doing bro
man that [ __ ] is so fun this game is fun
as hell man
i'm just having a blast
all right we can we can actually pick a
new cop car if we want we'll look at all
so so yeah if the if the cayman s this
is the second error era or whatever you
want to call it
911 targa for us that might be what we
uh or the grand cherokee is that the
italian i think that's the italian like
no it's not i can't wait to get this man
i mean the wheels are even my stock
wheels but my car looks nothing like
this by the way
i do have an instagram for my m3 if you
guys want to go check it out and give it
a follow
uh go to instagram dan underscore e92 m3
that's my
instagram if you want to check it out
see mine
uh i'm thinking towards the 911 if i'm
i do like a porsche if i weren't if i
didn't have a bmw i'd have a porsche
probably a 911
the the new cayman gt4 is pretty dope
but i don't like its looks as much you
know what i mean why not have both
the target design offers a panoramic
glass roof which forms
too heavy i wouldn't get a cabriolet
well the connection to the sky has been
made more transparent
or a target in this case has been
solidified with an all-wheel drive
the amount of fuel injected directly
into the engine is carefully controlled
this controls the efficiency power and
also improves the internal cooling of
the engine
the 3.8 liter power plant can now
generate 385 bhp
at 6500 rpm based on the 911 carrera
including its very low drag coefficient
the targa 4s has larger air intakes to
increase cooling power and give an even
more dynamic appearance
its imposing led taillights are drawn
right into the wing
making them unmistakable especially at
maserati was for a time bought up
uh by ferrari i don't know if ferrari
still owns maserati i think they do
and yeah for a time maserati was
basically being made by ferrari and all
their for all the maseratis were
ferraris slightly redesigned and
um and they didn't have the history but

Watch video from 102:00 - 105:00

there were some cases where they weren't
you know like the mc12 you run the mc12
that was the same car
oh no i can't take this car out
i'm sorry m3 this is nothing personal
emp activated acquiring target lock i
stay in the sights
did i get him i got him sorry brother
what up scott actually
i'm having a hard time catching up with
him which would not be realistic
i mean i know from my this v8 is amazing
in this in the m3 but it's it's a it's a
high revving v8 it's not it's got very
low torque stock figures are 295
uh pound foot of torque and the
horsepower figure is about 420 at the
you're really getting closer to 350 at
the wheels
so the 911 is much more nimble
it's more of a powerhouse and i think it
would definitely easily catch up with
the m3 that's how you know
might not need it
he's almost done
big mistake pal
no actually no it wasn't mikhail the
mc12 was based on the
ferrari enzo it was the same engine same
everything with a completely different
but it hadn't it was slightly not as
good though as the
because because of the way it was you
couldn't see out of the car
it was not like the uh the ferrari enzo
you know
but it was the much cheaper was it yeah
it was the much like more available
car because the the ferrari enzo you can
only there was only about 500 maybe no
it's like 200 i can't remember how many
there were but there weren't that many
all right more haste less speed rapid
gt500 though
this thing is honestly
it's heavier though you got to remember
that it is faster though
i did i did like this generator let's go
for it i did actually like this
generation of mustang
the current gen mustangs i really quite
like the only thing is they're super
long like they're long have you seen the
hood on those things classic mustang
with flowing lines that emanate from
highly sculpted surfaces

Watch video from 105:00 - 108:00

four designers achieved a seemingly
impossible feat
to give even more muscle to this iconic
below the domed hood lays a beast
growling waiting to be unleashed
building on learnings from creating the
40th anniversary shelby
kr the refined supercharged 5.4 liter v8
now develops more power
more torque and is more fuel efficient
refinements to the body shape
and the ceiling components was the key
to guiding the airflow around the car
and creating more downforce with less
the front of the car features an
improved splitter and a flush hood which
sets it apart from the base mustang
i think this was the last mustang
released before carol shelby died
before he passed away like he it didn't
go into production he passed right
before that happened
uh i actually yeah i played the the old
most wanted and the new most wanted
the one that came out in 2012.
didn't finish it though i don't know why
i didn't people were liking that series
i don't know
oh wait no no which one this one came
out in 13.
which which was the 13 one because most
wanted was 12 there was one that came
out in 13.
that was rivals i'm thinking of rivals
i did finish rivals but i didn't finish
most one and i think i put out like
three videos
for some reason
oh that's bad i meant to do it
i'm not gonna go off-road here boys and
girls i'm gonna stay the course
oh i need more power come on man
300 kilometers an hour is pretty good
ah that's shame i'm sorry
6.4 k left
so 306 kilometers an hour seems to be
the fastest it can go on its own
oh i was gonna take the shortcut but i
sometimes it's not worth it
oh that's brutal sorry fam that always

Watch video from 108:00 - 111:00

kicks me in the balls
see going off road gets you a stupid
amount of boost
like it filled my boost meter super
two kilometers left i think i'll be okay
i didn't see my penalty five seconds
penalty oh that's what happened the
penalty wasn't applied until
after i'd gotten there already
i think i'll be fine
i'm fine
yeah i got it that was close though was
it 305 was what they wanted
for gold
new car yeah boy
i don't know about you guys but i the
previous gen to this i'm sorry i'm not i
don't know the
the chassis names for mustangs per se
but the mid 2000s like 2000 to like or
like 2001 to like 2006
seven ish i'm not sure like where it was
basically like this design but it was
hated it absolutely hated it looked like
ass in my opinion
well we just unlocked the gallardo the
lp 560
for cop cars there you go that's dope
what's up louis wow look at all these
new cop braces bro they're just so much
it's a preview i don't want to do a
preview i want to do like one where you
actually take out guys hot pursuit there
you go
hot pursuits are fun you actually get to
take these dudes out
i'm gonna i'm gonna break the shelby
god that's a monster you hear that
that just literally sounds like a
growling animal it's amazing
i owned a fox body mustang that was my
first car
1993 fox body mustang
lx four cylinder non-turbo
it was so slow bro we have a high
priority situation on fairview road that
was around the time they
that was the the fox body was like the
first generation they offered it in four
you know they dropped it from v8
can get entry-level mustang what the
hell is that
and i'm i i own one of those horrible
hey it was the first car i got 400 bucks
got in an accident
somebody cut in front of me and i ended
up getting three grand for the car

Watch video from 111:00 - 114:00

right on him
what's up ahead oh that's a mastin i
didn't see what it is dbs maybe
oh i'm surprised he's still going bro
i clipped him that's what i wanted i i
busted him was that a four c
four four seat cabriolet connection down
all units
on target boom good day sir
hit the spike strip is it enough oh he
almost clipped it how many are left
the suspect has invaded the spike strip
he's down i think there's only one more
to go boys and girls
i've made contact he did
he had nowhere to go he couldn't make
his corner
is that everybody
that's how you do it there's a cayenne
coming in too
those would be great for big beast ones
for ramming they're probably gonna be
you know but you imagine ramming to do
with the porsche cayenne like that'd
just be awesome
oh that was fun
the thirsty car no it was not the
four-cylinder bro
it was a two-liter liter four-cylinder
that thing cost me like 40 bucks to fill
up or something and it it got like
but then again ford at the time was not
known for
fuel efficiency any car in the 90s
really wasn't
so i want another interceptor what i
can't remember what interceptor is
anders what is interceptor this new
thread out there i think we're just
supposed to take out one dude i think
that's what interceptor is
let me keep going with the shelves
because it's strong it's still got the
power to back it up
all legend no compromise a modern
interpretation well yeah i remember
i remember uh need what there was need
for speed
porsche unleashed that came out what
like 2001-ish 2002 i think
that was a game i think i did play but
not like i played the demo of it kind of
and this is an old franchise i remember
the most vivid memory was need for speed
i r