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    Need for Speed Payback Review

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    Need for Speed Payback is one step forwards and two steps back for EA's 23-year- old racing series.

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    Comment (33)

    1. Gotta say man ign was wrong on this one …after playing it the game is a lot of fun I would give it 7.5 or even 8 …I guess after you play every need for speed that comes out you compare them to one another makes you rate them based on favorites, but this was fun no doubt highly recommend it

    2. I really don't care about the horrendous plot or all of the senseless grind, but the physics are plain awful.

      It's a racing game just as Mario Kart, but without the fun.

      Don't waste your time or drive space!

      Shame on you EA!

      Shame! Shame! Shame!


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