Never Alone Achievement Guide Full Game Walkthrough ACHIEVEMENT COLLEGE

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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20all righty this is Ozzie gamer 17 and welcome back to another edition of achievement College this is my step by step guide where I show you how to get that gamer score today we are playing never alone it's gone free with games with gold December 16 2018 and I thought that's a perfect opportunity for me to pick up the game and show you guys how to get all of the achievements speaking of which there are 15 achievements in the main game now eight of those achievements are just story related and you can't miss them but we'll get them as we progress through the game the remaining 7 achievements are all collectable based achievements there's only one type of collectible in the game and those are called cultural insights and I'm going to show you exactly where and how to get each and every one of them and pick up all of the achievements for this game let's not delay any longer let's get into it and you're actually going to pick up the first three collectibles the first three insights just a for starting our game so we've got three now available in unionism and a hominid Sumi game if we all share one company at Latin innocent I see Sir Alan W neck super yardage [Music] [Music] in your new hotel under cloudy right I'm holding I yes I know holding I lack by Sunni he said mom I never near the opposite you have Cheryl to semi-humid the broschi come with toxic Asuman inoculation Omaha human and ultimately I refer the broschi coming at Arak cigar human enough Alicia lucuma rock uh no luck by Chile shanira or night chuckle name developer up Cheryl are you with Joe but your knee really okay we're about to get control guys for the first time and all we need to do is run away from the polar bear just left or right jumping the gap I won't talk through the whole game most of it's very simple but just wherever there's little puzzles and things like that a little tricky section so I'll tell you how to get through them and obviously I'll show you and tell you about each collectable along the way as well and this bit here is where we meet the Fox for the first time we're gonna get an option on the screen to play co-op or solo obviously I'm playing solo and now we're in control of the box and we're luring the polar bear away so that he breaks the ice and not Xboxes you push y to swap characters so that would go well you try the Fox for the old girl a lot and that actually ends the first chapter and we'll get our first achievement it's just a story based achievement for finishing the first little chapter all right and now here comes the first actual time we can our collector for one of the collectibles and the main way of doing this throughout the game is actually finding hours so it's coming up very shortly once you get control of your character again just head straight left to right as usual and once we jump up here there's the L in the background once you approach it you'll hear that little sound that little tone the L will fly away and that means we've got the cultural insight so that's number four out of 24 now this bit here is where we learn to climb higher surfaces with the Fox and then also we can use our X to push down the rope so that the other character can climb up [Music] [Music] and now we're learning about the the stronger winds you can press and hold B when the strong winds come so that it doesn't push you back and then after we've learned this we're going to get culture insight number five there is the out there and there's the are quadrants I'll give you a little of everything I love super yeah I love Luna down at the regarding up she ownership Cano uh maybe I'll share her all kinda to pepper noctilum atomic or you know what alright and now here we have what I call a spirit platforms and they actually are controlled by the Fox or at least maneuvered by using the Fox so if you swap over him he moves up the end in the spirit starts to move so whenever you see these on the spirit platforms and you know you need to move them or something like that they are activated by moving the Fox so just keep that in mind and immediately after these platforms jump across here for insight number six all of these so far are pretty much not miserable but there are some coming up in the game that can be missed [Music] the reaction of oregano a little you to be up took sugar they ultimately Allah collection I'd on the hand of PC long Avalon Deborah Tao chicken I know here's another section where you're going to need to use the Fox to get past it we're going to have to climb up here using a wall jump back and forth and then jump across to the right for inside number seven and this will give us a separate achievement for getting all of the insights in Chapter two of the game it's called tundra expert 450 gamerscore so there's that as well [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you monomer in Europe the American royal feet not even a shimmer ox with them the Fed jakkuman injection [ __ ] car now no EVOC Danny do not test is he up to our little innuendo what dr. Warren Ellis it the well Cheryl loop arrogant cart out of Danny cow to wound abduction up i app recommend under stop the reaction role of in you reality without lagoon exit hand alumna a go for the question then the Omega c'mon my timão affirming haha bomb in your lip dr. Shu my love you love me maybe Akshay Lulu PG&E a villain hahaha poor thing it shall be nightstick remain Norris checkabarame Samana Nanami I went to gain a lot of innumerable bacon I know my illegitimate issue we'll look down the barrel I'll clean up were up how do you know he's been fill out his appeal cool johani annoyed Ben came on then and knocked it severity long [Music] and now immediately after meeting this our man will make our way down the hill here and we're gonna come across insight number eight also not miserable and almost immediately after that one we're going to have a chance to grab it number nine here you can't see it because my graphic that I just put up on the screen but down to our left is our or inside number nine and what you need to do is jump the gap after sliding here so just jump and there we go and now for this little puzzle here we can actually push these boxes or pull them to use them to our advantage we just need to push it all the way over to the left you have to use the little girl to do that and you also need to make sure that the Fox isn't in the way as well so I find the easiest place is to have the Fox on top of the box push it to the left and then we're going to use the Fox to jump up and push down the rope and continue on if you are erupted what we are Cheryl look are she and if licking Sunnah okay now this bit here the coop day is gonna throw balls at the at us and we need to make sure they land in the bottom left corner so that we can arm way down this ramp so that we can get up to it so what you do is you just stand to the left and when he throws make sure you run under it do that twice so that we can get up here and this is us collecting at the air man's drum and now we need to double turn really mean me already bucket go we have cloudy another little puzzle here we can use the Fox to get up the top and push down another rope up to the left there if I can now get up there properly there we go and then what we want to do is use the little girl to push the box over so that she can then reach the rope [Music] they are share the role of hooting a rock fill out illegally to be a chaplain I see double pivot can you depend agava we are on the Nolan I choose AHA I look who put unlocked who for the carnival area 11 is it over [Music] and then pretty much exactly the same as an earlier insight after this speaking to the out man again just moved down to our right and we'll get insight number 10 and that should unlock another achievement this time for getting all of the insights in Chapter three and this is where we learn to use our bola that we received from the owl man and anytime you see one of these white little circles you can use your bowler to throw throw it at it and we usually create something like another spirit platform and now coming up we'll have another use for the bowler there's going to be times when there'll be ice blocking your path and we just need to throw the bowler at it to smash the ice away and then we can continue on no take that you little dick the backshell arundel ha ha feel i cute da NE we have another small puzzle we can use the fox to go under here now when the fox goes near these um little white orb things it'll actually follow him to some degree and what we're doing is arm making it move to a point where we can use the girl then to throw the bowler at it so there'll be a lot of little puzzles like that where you need to maneuver the white orb to get it somewhere where you can then use the girl to turn it into a spirit platform now here's where we make the main enemy or main boss of the game in your garden and he wants to chase us down and he wants our bowler for some reason buco meal so for now we'll just run from him and be ready to get your ball out to get rid of slice walking our way jump over from there gave up that name this game is very very generous with the checkpoints who say that a lot of my everything I've started at different checkpoints just to make it easier to show the right way to do this or the way that I found to do it anyway so just keep running away from this guy as long as you know where the ice is here are going to find it easy to keep away from him [Music] under partly color up to a girl and along with her - she knocked up and you actually automatically may get inside number 11 just for starting the chapter [Music] now practive our own decision alkaline drove with baggage people knocked [Applause] and now we've got the polar bear after us again once again nothing to do with very similar running from the man really making sure that the witness was too much and also any ice that gets in our way we'll throw the follower at it now these are what I'm going to call spirit fish and a certain parts of the game they'll also help us out as well we'll be able to jump on them they form sort of a arm and the spirit platform and the way for the Polar Bear to jump on the other end as you roll close the ramp and here we go the polar bear is going to have trouble crossing here follow up I did and here's where we use the spirit fish let's follow [Music] Sasha home AR the wound and occur under Kovac phonetically job harkaman a no defense July and after escaping the polar bear just moved to our right again and automatically pick up insight number 12 by passing this L here Algol on Domino not allowed [Music] shortly after number 12 you'll come to this area where the ice is trying to crush you and the L is going to be hiding in a little section just along here somewhere you can see it there I find it easier to use the foxy and especially to get the Allen you have to use the Fox when I find it easy box in this whole section so climb up here for inside number 13 and will also get an achievement as you see I brought my death as well we've got the achievement of getting all of the insights in chapter 4 and now it's time for a little mini boss battle and call it alright make sure you get up onto this a polar bear is gonna try and get us switch over to the Fox I am getting behind the polar bear alright if what you want to do is entice the polar bear over to the left of screen get back up with the Fox so that you don't get eaten now what you want to do is switch to the girl and get the polar bear to charge over to this side and it's gonna hit the wall there and cause some damage once again almost rinsable make use the box get the power bit over to the left again then swap to the girl [Music] use the girl to get the get the polar bear you don't need to use your bow line just mucking around here but get the polar bear to come and hit this wall again and for a third time grab the Fox now if it's time now technically climb the wall and then jump back over the polar bear and get the polar bear to come over to the right once again do some more damage open up the way forward and off we go [Music] algalon is available de la Luna I can beginning Liberace arugula trigonal amok Takashi tell Alan Johnson the week w UK piracy Union hooked up on a rock and Damon EP it all right at the start of chapter 5 you just have to swim all the way up and make sure you hop out to the left head to your left break the ice and grab inside number 14 [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] okay for this little section you need to control the Fox up in the top section and move him to the left to get the spirit rope to appear swing across to it with a little girl and then you need to control the Fox again and move him across to the left I figure this out in a second to get the next spirit rope to appear back to the little girl to swing across just going to move down to get more leverage on this rope and swing it across again and now what you need to do is go back to the Fox again and move him over to the left and up and it will get a little spirit platform to appear we went to high knit go back down with the Fox get a little girl to jump on to it she would grab on it now use the Fox to make the platform move up with the little girl attached and you've got to jump up and hold on here and then you can use a little girl to jump across like that [Music] and here we have insight number 15 if we break this ice it'll release a heap of water and once we get control again we can go back behind to interact with the air and get the next insight and now with the whole area flooded we can actually use the water to swim up to an area that was previously we were unable to reach it previously just make sure you pick the right path through here so just follow along here up from here if I could get the camera to follow me and then up along this path we came down here earlier but we couldn't get up from here so go up here and an out reply and once we're out of the water we just need to use the Fox to get up to the top and then jump all the way across to the right slide down the waterfall and jump across the gap to get insight number 16 and if you're following along now the achievement will pop for obtaining all cultural insights in Chapter five [Music] [Music] live action role of Garrigan l should know right away hoping a me should know right a cilium on a lark attack dog singable [Music] de pinna like son and a new knock and as we start chapter six we've got our first insight coming up directly after this gap here's the L here number seventeen and done damn man anarchic in Italy - then abducting available we are share a room I'm our beer too [Applause] people I get palmar fitguard not good all right for this little bit we're controlling the girl at the top and we have to grab this box or platform and move it over for the Fox to jump on and be able to cross the gap you have to swap to him and jump straight away because the girl lets go of the box and they had to get the girl up there after we grabbed the Fox who can jump up pretty easy get the Fox out of the way for us get him over to the right now control the girl and we're going to push the box again from this side push it all the way back up as soon as you get it to the end jump on it and then jump up to the platform above before the box slides too far down there we are and when we make our way across here we've got insight number 18 that our resting on the posters there so here we come across the screen and goes up time things and you have to be careful with whoever you're controlling now the other character will follow you and can get caught by these ghosts so you just have to make sure you don't get in their arms and mouth area their tails don't hurt you as far as I know but you do have to watch your timing for the character that's following you as well you can sort of see where to stay out of as well with their trail that they leave behind [Music] and this here is the first sort of puzzle area that you have to figure out with this in this ghost area but use the Fox to get at the top and we want to use him to jump on here to lower the rope so now we can use the girl to jump onto this rope couldn't reach it earlier before the Fox lowered that platform for us so jump up and use it to swing across to the other rope and then we can climb up this rope and now we just time our jump across this gap and we're gonna get inside number 19 it is so we're nearly there 19 out of 24 and this one should pop the achievement for obtaining all insights in chapter 6 so there's no more left in this chapter you can just continue on with the chapter and we'll pick up some more once we get to chapter 7 and here I took a little while to figure out where to go next but once I do figure it out you're just going to jump all the way across to the right so I'm just waiting for this green ghost to go past again get across the right now you can actually make this jump with any character but over I used the girl and now we head off to our right again and here we have another puzzle we need to work out the first step is to jump all the way across to the right and grab this box pull it out a bit and then get on to the other side of it you need to make sure you get the Fox and the girl over the other side otherwise Fox is just going to get in the way and push the box on to the hanging platform and it will tilt the platform above down so that we can reach it jumping up there we've got another part of the puzzle this is where I figure out we need the Fox to go up just watch out for the ghost send the ghost up jump over the box and then flick down the rope now we can use the little girl to climb up and push the Box all the way down and now we need to get all the way down with the girl and grab the box again and this time push it I'll see the dogs in the way for me so the Fox sorry so grab the Fox getting me out of the way now use the girl push the player the box all the way on to the other platform and this time we can use the ramp that's going to tilt up even further the opposite way this time we can use the ramp to reach the next area [Music] we are share hello Lulu look reasonably I'd take much to enough Lynette [ __ ] Mia sure like it's our only night [Applause] yeah this bit is I'm gonna say a little bit sad if you are following along at all I'm not really involved invested in the story of this game at all to be honest some could work for the achievements I would recommend not not picking up this game or playing it but since it's free and we'll get some easy game of school but look what happens to our friend LaFox I tried to save you buddy very cruel there we go now when this first happened I thought I must have failed and would have to retry but no that's actually part of the story and the game it goes on that's the end of the chapter [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] don't even a palimony more efficient now the day-night job after a [ __ ] okay now it's same as before we can press wire to change characters only this time we're controlling what appears to be like the spirit of the Fox or something like that and he can fly and move around and stuff like that and the different mechanic that's introduced here is that when there's a spirit platform or something to do with the spirit world we can use X to move the platform you sort of hold X and drag to where you want to go within the limitations of whatever the item happens to be so you might need to drag it down as far as you can it to get the girl get it low enough for the girl to be able to jump up to it like that and that mechanic continue for the rest of the game here did he learn an opinion tipped game I'm looking for not Keelung usually if I usually eat footage [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] the path to illumine salah/prayer Houghton for Allah God Delavan there should be a fearful the only way up share a world easily running honey [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] and when you get up to this bit don't drop down that gap make sure you jump across to the left watching out for the wind are nearly stuffed it there forget across to the left and then up to the ledge that you can't really see and then make sure you jump up to grab this insight here for number 21 [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] okay here we're gonna have another chase sequence with this baddie and chasing us the difference here is we're actually going to control Fox for the first part so make sure you're using Fox and then little girl will sort of follow you using him to get ahead and raise these branches out of the way and then you need to be ready she's automatically juggling this fire for us so we're still controlling Fox when there's an obstacle in the way though we may need to use a bowler like here quickly swap back to the girl and then swap back to Fox again that's the strategy for this chase sequence [Music] and here we are with what I call another little mini boss battle the objective here is just to have all these branches you'll shoot a fireball that'll weaken them a little bit we want all these branches to fall and crack the ice and send our enemy to his room under me so once he breaks a branch I might use your bowl up I figure it out in a second Ian just sort of beauty my branch central didn't even throw it up here right the other side okay so now that we've got both sides broken you can use your bowler you actually I was trying to get the branch before on him you don't actually need to do that all you need to do is avoid those flames and then shoot the branches not to fall on you but to break the ice mahalo it should look at it check it the bear share alone with a reasonably Akili rock in your locker in the hollow d'oeuvre a new here alright and after that little boss fight we're gonna head across to our right and we'll come across in sight number 22 can't miss that one it's directly in front of us there we go and there's an achievement and that one's for grabbing all the insights in chapters seven and eight [Music] [Music] live-action role of committee botany Inuyasha Murdock will mock to a hollow upon cher Madonna ICP Hidden Mickey Liam share my octave soon she may act in man upon and over mcquarrie ah I see irony rock take you to nano never share a room I'm are bein Devorah kanika suman Avenue Road Alam I know Aloha all right and now we need to sneak under this passageway before we head up and this is to grab inside number 23 and it's the final insight that you can actually pick up or interact with the insight 24 will be obtained automatically by completing the game so there we go that is 23 out of 24 and now you can head back and make our way up we are getting close to the end of the game [Music] [Music] okay from here we do need to head across to the left but before we can actually get across there and up we need to get up here with the girl and shoot down some ice that's stopping our progress so shoot this off for a spirit platform and jump on it and use folks to bring it up a little bit and jump across to the climbing area over here and just shoot through this gap yeah to remove the ice that one got some here all right now we can work our way back down and then up again [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] my up to Iranian army Carmen you pursue the we are share our world of humor shop through crowd colonic LaMotta [Music] [Music] a polemic dekenia to our hula motor to your mouth William out the book a relative Nutella topic in your passion magic at Aloha you like job okay love loading now this bit here I just want to talk to you guys about it just in case something happens to you that happened to me this next I guess spirit platform that we hop on after we destroy some liars down yeah we're gonna hop onto a tree and well generally or what should happen is the tree will come alive and start walking and moving you across the screen and across the level for me when I first got up to this tree it did not come alive and did not start walking and the blizzard caught up to me every time and no matter what I did I could not figure out how to progress the level until I realized that my game was bitching on me and I had to actually just do a full reboot and it's good because there's a checkpoint directly before this so did the reboot jumped on the tree and it came alive first time after the reboot but other than the reboot there was nothing I could do to get the tree to move and it probably took me about one hour to figure out that it wasn't me not knowing my birth was the game [Music] [Music] [Music] we are generally could get MRV menu Aguila in you pursue male heroine only limited aah hyah maybe a shower or loop total tiga limo Mahalo Ashley Williams out a believer in your passion woman over just by tuning possible he looked upon it I to rush it over cooks are only multilocular and you be a she she she bare a pinion pardon we are share a look he added pic shop under your argument tarragon YUM look at Pam who can love you anyway Cheryl learning in uni a love it how long ago which I shall little bit it accelerating [Music] I see the word out whenever shop that Burma doctor see them [Music] w10 and mushroom who nip karma to Xiang Maria and there we go guys that's the end of the game there's the achievement for completing the game and we've also picked up the final cultural insight so we'll get the achievement for grabbing all of those as well but that's not the end we do need to go out to the main menu and go into the cultural insights we actually have to watch them all to get the achievement but you don't have to watch the whole thing you just have to start each individual insight so we'll go back all the way back to the start click in it to each one and then back out straight away you don't have to watch them although I'm sure they might be a little bit more interesting than the game itself but yeah go into each one I'll let it all play through play out because I wanted to keep this video in as much real time as possible to show you how easy it is to pass the whole game and get all the achievements and how long it will take you [Music] [Music] [Music] you you and there it is there's the achievement for all of the insight fools for another 200 gamerscore and that will bring us to be full 1000 for the base game you guys will have to let me know in the comments if you want me to cover the DLC for this game I think it all comes with the free games with gold aversion but I need to double check that that's why I haven't included it in this video I might I might be doing a separate video for that DLC it'll be a lot shorter than this one as far as I'm aware but that's it guys there's the belt I'm gonna have to call it a video thank you very very much for watching I hope it helped out if it did remember to give us a thumbs up hit that subscribe button post a comment all that good stuff and until then class dismissed youWatch at: 00:20 / 00:40Watch at: 00:40 / 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  1. It was a VERY bad game.Actually the worst game that I have ever played although thank you very much for you help !!! You earned a new subscriber

  2. Just discovered your channel a few weeks ago. You helped me 100% Tembo, Blair Witch, and multiple other games. Just wanted to say thank you. This game sucked and without your guide I definitely would have never played this game. I just love achievements lol

  3. First achievement isn't unlocking for me so guess I won't be bothering with this game after all. Was only going to play it for the achievements. Looks like a really dull game anyway.

  4. Worst game ever made seeing seal dragged at the beginning by rope cruel parts against animals horrible game I’ve ever seen massive thumbs down in my personal view

  5. thanks for the guide Aussie, as plat former goes this game was OK, the mechanics aren't that great the only good thing in my opinion was the generous checkpoints without those and your guide would of made is more frustrating that it already was. i agree with your sentiment that if it wasn't free and easy gamer score i probably wouldn't of played it either.

  6. Absolutely hated the controls of this game. Bummer since I really wanted to enjoy it as I have been studying up on Alaska the last couple years. Great walkthrough, though.

  7. This is my second time through on a different profile ..It's too bad so many people didn't like it. I really enjoyed it I guess it's cuz I like native storytelling and how imaginative they are

  8. First played this game back 2015 after the first chapter I could not continue. I just thought the game was terrible, and today 7 years later I figured why not, and all thanks to you I got all the trophies for this sucker.


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