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    SearchThisVideo: NEW EVERYTHING, THIS IS AWESOME! | Final Fantasy 15: Royal Edition Walkthrough Part 1 (PS4)

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    you know what's going on guys when I'm
    so G of X and welcome to the beginning
    of my walkthrough series for Final
    Fantasy 15 Royal Edition under flight
    station 4 my guys approach transparency
    before we dive into this want to let you
    know that the code for the rural
    addition to Final Fantasy 15 was
    provided by Square Enix so major thanks
    to them there are awesome people always
    a fun time covering their games here on
    the channel they're just phenomenal
    right so voice we're finally back on
    Final Fantasy 15 right we're back but
    we're gonna start new right if you guys
    remember I started playing this game but
    unfortunately ever completed it and
    since the Royal Edition pretty much adds
    a plethora of new content it adds all
    the season past DLC all the DLC the game
    in general is here in the Royal pack or
    the Royal Edition should I say to the
    game and it's just a bunch so I thought
    you know what I'm not even gonna pick
    from our pick up from our last stop
    we're gonna start brand new right from
    the beginning of the game so we're gonna
    go through all the main games content
    all the DLC stuff and it should be a lot
    better that way it should be a lot more
    seamless if you will because I see a lot
    of people going back to different
    chapters to replay the the game and
    showcase the new additions to the Royal
    Edition right because it had like no
    cutsies new bosses all that stuff so
    it's gonna be super late
    if you don't know we're currently live
    on YouTube yes if you're watching this
    archive you missed out it's unfortunate
    but hey good news right good news
    because you can actually go ahead and
    join a giveaway it's okay right we're
    gonna be doing a giveaway for the Royal
    addition to Final Fantasy 15 we're gonna
    be giving out one DLC cold for the Royal
    pack I'm gonna go ahead and show you
    guys to be back on out of here right
    I'll go ahead and show you guys if you
    have the physical version of Final
    Fantasy 15 you can actually pay twenty
    bucks yes twenty bucks
    and get yourself the Royal pack as you
    guys can see in the add-ons here I only
    have five add-ons so here we go here's
    the Royal pack the world pack again like
    I said is there you can buy for 20 bucks
    it's about five gigs it has everything
    you need there it's the same thing as
    getting the Royal edition of the game
    except that obviously you already had
    the the base game right so we give it
    all right we'll go away two copies or
    the DLC right W forty bucks I'm giving
    away to you guys and we'll give away one
    edition of the actual game like the game
    itself if you haven't owned Final
    Fantasy 15 / before I'll give away the
    world edition of the game right so
    that's we're gonna do it's really simple
    to enter just in the comments section
    below let me know why you love Final
    Fantasy as a series and your system of
    preference if you have Final Fantasy 15
    already and just want to participate to
    win the DLC pack the Royal pack please
    specify that in your comment alright cuz
    I won't be able to tell otherwise so you
    have to follow all the rules I will
    announce the winner in roughly two to
    three days right I'll announce the
    winners tomorrow if we can produce guys
    we're gonna set a light goal of a

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    thousand one hundred and fifty lights if
    we can break let's say six hundred likes
    right let's say six hundred likes by
    tonight like in ten hours right midnight
    today eastern time I'll give that away
    tomorrow for you guys so you guys don't
    even have to wait a long time if you
    want to play this alright guys that's
    enough of me talking we're gonna go
    ahead and dive into this stream chat for
    you though for those of you watching
    right now come back to the stream later
    to enter the giveaway we're gonna start
    our normal there's a tutorial and stuff
    like I'm not really gonna do it because
    the game tells you the stuff you learned
    in this tutorial anyways later on so
    shout out to the stream chat for being
    here junior Geordie - shhhhh me LeBron
    power guy Rick mace we got a bowl out
    Yoshi muff Sun fall Montel Jets on a
    Black Star maximum Teodoro
    you got any taught you chia asked our
    nation Jonathan Sam thank you guys so
    much for tuning and really appreciate it
    shout out to you guys stream chat
    alright now let me be quiet let's play
    this game baby I'm ready I'm excited
    alright boys I'm so excited read all
    right here we go it's like I said we're
    gonna start from the beginning we're
    gonna start fresh and then everything
    that zoom in the world edition you'll
    see much more seamless way if you
    alright oh no guys subtitles
    oh gosh alright guys so bear with me for
    the time being I don't know how to pull
    up the options I think I can't
    it looks so beautiful man
    the decreed hour is come set forth with
    my blessing Prince Noctis thank you your

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    majesty take your leave and go in the
    grace of the Gods writer
    well princes will be princess so much of
    a royal protocol not like you had to
    deliver a formal address
    what now
    I fear I have left too much unsaid you
    place a great burden on those who would
    bear with you you don't want to talk I
    asked not that you guide my wayward son
    merely that you remain at his side
    indeed your grace will see the prince to
    all his years it's the last thing we see
    yeah what he said hate to break this up
    but course got the motiroti
    draw dose he's in your hands and another
    thing do mind your manners around your
    charming bride-to-be Your Majesty as
    well try to mind yours around our
    esteemed guests from nifflheim you have
    no cause for concern nor do you take
    once you set forth you cannot turn back
    if you think I would I need only know
    that you are ready to leave home behind
    don't know about you but I'm ready as
    I'll ever be
    take care on the long road wheresoever
    you should go the line of Lucius goes
    with you
    Oh tall son quality these cuts is just
    phenomenal man not this is being a
    little Oh what the hell doctor Oh fee
    for just watch the cutscene okay
    oh but knock this is uh this is uh had a
    to man is you got a goat man when we
    have one pair of parents in this life
    right guys one father one mother man
    come on now
    all right so oh do we even got the oh
    way the holiday pack I downloaded myself
    I was gonna say
    and boy they even give us all the
    holiday packs and stuff like that
    because you know um there was like a
    holiday pack plus for season pass owners
    on the game that got released I don't
    think we got that with the Royal
    addition to the game but I could be
    wrong what I'm really looking forward to
    throughout this video is checking out
    the weapons that we have cuz since we
    have all DLC that was released for the
    game in the Royal audition to it I'm
    hoping that we can get like the booster
    items because the booster items you were
    not able to get unless you got an actual
    code for them and they have some really
    lit overpowered weapons in that pack so

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    hopefully we can check that out later on
    and later on through this video excuse
    I see you guys talking about knocked is
    looking like Sasuke yeah yeah everybody
    always says that right
    oh shoot dude the in the rural edition
    did they improve the framerate I'm
    playing on my ps4 pro by the way this
    looks like it's running at about 60 fps
    they think we can forget about hitching
    our way there thought people were
    friendly outside the city yeah you can
    only coach so far on the kindness of
    you're just gonna have to push her all
    the way I've already pushed myself to
    the brink of death get up
    come on cars are gonna move itself I
    thought the car was supposed to move us
    wouldn't that be nice
    Thanet ready steady all right here we go
    um we're gonna want to options dude and
    we're gonna change up the subtitles here
    because I don't really know why they're
    not on and then we'll put on the names
    as well just because right I don't know
    what's using all there is to the game of
    course so what else can I change
    difficulty is on normal like we only
    have normal and easy so they're like nah
    man you ain't ready for hard difficulty
    so performance under this okay so we can
    adjust a resolution and framerate i
    optimizes resolution lights optimizes
    frame rate steady optimizes performance
    so I'm on light right now which
    optimizes the framerate oh wow
    strip chat what do you think I should go
    ahead and optimize right should I go
    high light or steady right now it's on
    maybe I should optimize well I don't
    really any resolution though right
    steady optimizing performance I don't
    know how let you guys decide in the
    stream chat and I'll come back to this
    because they're playing it stupid
    copyrighted song push guys right push
    I'm gonna keep talking cuz copyright
    music I don't know why they decided to
    put this song in here man
    okay so a couple of people are saying I
    a couple people are saying light get
    carried away
    happen I guess I'll stick with like is
    most order people are saying light now
    so well city what we have right now for
    the higher frame don't even think about
    save some breath for pushing bigness
    come on time switch we just switch back

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    there oh my god wait guys I'm trying to
    talk to ruin this this stuff cuz you can
    do it if I get a copy gonna be mad as
    the farmer was it supposed to be wait
    guys do you hurry up and get your guy
    there how much longer we're gonna have
    to push looks that way
    here an industry chat says push push
    push okay I'm trying dude these
    [ __ ] are going on a snail place
    a snail place a snail pace excuse me
    filled with wonders tell that to my legs
    you guys even pushing hard as I can
    everything I've got oh dude this should
    this should have added like royal
    addition at the bottom but it is what it
    is it is what is right for the players
    that play from the very beginning with
    the Royal Edition they should have
    definitely added moral addition there
    but yeah it's fine
    hey girl waiting damn Cindy now which
    one's the prince
    hello your highness Congrats on your
    wedding not hitch just yet
    lady Luna phrase groom to be here in
    hammerhead apologies for taking so long
    you better save your apologies for Papa
    well that makes you sandy Sid's
    greasemonkey granddaughter roller in
    while I'm still young
    didn't you daddy tell you she's a custom
    classic not some beat-up old clunker
    Prince Noctis yeah Prince like they took
    your old man and keep their dignity out
    of him what you got a long way to go son
    and that's like jaws getting you nowhere
    fast she's gonna take a while
    y'all get her in and run along damn
    Cindy what does a way Cindy those are
    weapons and they're deadly all right so
    I see oh I think what's black star in
    the comment section well in the stream
    chat never liked that game yes I see

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    black star telling me to go to first
    person cuz that's one of the new
    features I believe with the Royal
    Edition so let's check that out
    maybe under camera it's it's their
    position I don't know I don't know where
    that option would be at right not that
    I'm a big fan of first-person anyways so
    I don't know I don't even know where
    that option would be out for
    first-person maybe uh maybe you can only
    change the camera the first person at
    the main menu right so I'm not sure I'm
    not sure but for now what will stick as
    it is Oh actually before we do anything
    oh oh oh it's so smooth it doesn't feel
    like like 60 full FPS but you can tell
    the framerate is a lot better than what
    it was go on have a look around this
    will make sure y'all don't get lost
    nick says industry chat what's - in the
    world edition you got a bunch of new
    like cutscenes bosses there's that first
    person camera mode you know aside from
    that like there's improvement in the
    performance I believe as well so but
    yeah and you got all the DLC packs and
    stuff so anyways this is a local tipster
    to gather information we'll make good
    use of the extra time all right anyways
    um let's go ahead and pause you wait
    actually how do I open up the goddamn -
    oh here we go
    ah yes guys I do it I'm gonna cross my
    fingers and hope that I have the weapons
    from that booster pack but it says over
    here the bestiary
    what is that yeah be scary right it's
    now available from their archives menu
    review detailed information on
    previously in-concert enemies desires or
    das ears if you want are now available
    from the archives menu re profiles of
    people you've met over the course of
    your journey the data log is now
    available as well it reviews excuse me
    written records and other information
    collected around whatever that's it
    alright so gear equipped notches and his
    friends with weapons accessories outfits
    and techniques
    noctus can equip up to four weapons
    while his friends can only equip -
    alright dude let me cross my fingers
    here for the love of God please mother
    alright I definitely don't have any of
    the weapon packs at all dude oh no and I
    really wanted the booster pack man ah ah
    this sucks
    alright well at least I can go I have
    maybe equip a couple accessories yeah
    here we go device that stops experience
    points a scroll sheet of music
    containing that provides additional AP
    for earning a plus in offense alright we
    cooked up for now we do have a lot of
    other stuff that we can preview here
    like outfits and stuff like that oh oh
    hello yo we looking kind of laid out

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00
    here boys how can we preview can we
    preview without having to equip
    see look we have the casual outfit you
    have a trendy outfit over here as well
    I'm just gonna show you guys the outfits
    real quick that we have this is like the
    funniest one that's why I downloaded
    this little DLC piece right here because
    it's like a ramen noodle cup dude it's
    so stupid
    oh whoa what is this what is this wait a
    special soup recovered and repurposed by
    Syd uses magic tech energy to generate a
    barrier that words to wearer from harm
    I'm not gonna find thing I'm gonna and
    just choose this one right unless you
    guys want me to use any other ones
    chatter you're okay with my choice right
    now are you okay with the magic a magic
    tech exosuit let me know all right if
    you're not I'll go ahead and change it
    but yeah what's a gill man all right not
    sure where we need to go but it starts
    to Sydney again won't do you no good
    hold on guys let me check okay so you
    guys you guys are saying that I should
    keep it and we're in one person
    Kabir - you tried to tell every to use
    the ramen the ramen noodle coke alright
    anyways check the list of all undertaken
    quests both from progress and completed
    all right here we go if you have no list
    that we can take on do they want us to
    buy it why penderson worry after this
    time you can earn Gil by completing
    hunts or by selling the trinkets that
    you go ahead and find ah no Gil nope
    we've expended the last of our funds on
    the repairs
    I suggest we confer with Cindy broken
    down and flat broke
    adding insult to injury okay so our
    first quest is gonna be the popper
    prince that says Prince Noctis and his
    world retinue set out to find a well set
    sail for the neighboring land of our
    core oh whatever that is are we lying
    already [ __ ] man
    right there's a lot in those final
    fantasy games there's a lot of stuff
    that I don't know how to read because
    they're just like super sophisticated
    Raekwon says change your team outfits oh
    thank you Ray cron you said that
    industry chat by the way let's go ahead
    and do that we changed our outfits but
    we left our team out out in the open
    over here right yes knocked this house
    over here do you know what you don't oh
    it's lit you're the whole team man we're

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    gonna be like we're gonna be a bunch of
    gundam warriors over here we're gonna
    look like we're straight out of warframe
    right guys this looks like some warframe
    type of armor dude
    oh hell yeah oh it's it's a wrap
    all right Cyndi talk to me she ain't
    gonna be ready for a while y'all need
    something yes Cynthia let me get a long
    baby girl hate to ask but we borrow some
    cash oh now I get it
    this must be what Papa meant when he
    said he was gonna teach them boys a
    lesson told me he ought to have y'all
    take care of some ornery varmints that
    have been causing a ruckus around here
    I'd be happy to pay y'all for your
    services if you're up to the challenge
    how about it according to SIDS plan I
    say we play along and teach him not to
    underestimate us this is [ __ ] how
    can we earn 10 AP how could I
    ignosi what uh okay I'm writing my last
    so expendability points AP to power
    obnoxious and his friends acquire new
    abilities on the astral sphere from the
    ascension menu so we go here and we can
    use ability points to activate nodes on
    the astral sphere and acquire new
    abilities to aid us on our journey we
    can earn AP by leveling up completing
    quests and strategic ops or by
    impressing friends in conversations so
    we have a different amount of tabs here
    that go from recovery to techniques
    combat teamwork stats exploration weight
    mode and that's pretty much it
    I just start off
    or on
    I start off I'm I don't you know I don't
    really feel like getting anything just
    yet right so I think it's a little bit
    too early to actually to actually choose
    anything but add to the tech part where
    nocta client's attacks do we can't get
    [ __ ]
    we can't maybe get one of the combat
    things but aside from that Oh rapid
    region what is this okay that's good
    it's actually really good over here as
    oh you know what we'll just saw we're
    just the demons are liable to rip y'all
    to shreds here this ought to be enough
    for a place to stay just between us
    though don't tell Papa
    okay so black star understand chess sets
    press the r3 and out through Brian at
    the same time oh my god alright so
    that's how you go to first person right
    but you can't really do much like you
    can't attack like first-person mode is
    just like maybe to take a look at stuff
    I don't know maybe I can go ahead let me
    see God in ways I don't know who that is

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    everybody has suits on but maybe I can
    talk oh [ __ ]
    Oh guys oh yes that's quite the view
    Cindy damn help with varmints we just
    call the hunters okay
    well dude I don't know I think maybe um
    maybe I won't be able to what is this
    what the hell so hammer heard pitstop
    situated in the easternmost reaches of
    the lucian content owned and operated by
    Crown City born mechanic Sid and his
    grease monkey granddaughter Cindy unlike
    more server stations that cater to only
    customers Allah
    blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
    blah blah bluh regional information has
    been added to the archives review what
    you discover about Yas Orioles in the
    data log menu alright
    that's nice so anyways yeah oh [ __ ] what
    the hell definite enemy approach that I
    think um I think this is not combat
    related right oh dude I can't attack
    ah I keep pressing the wrong button guys
    huh you know what I need
    let me go ahead and go into combat
    I'm not combat um where is a HUD aren't
    stamina aren't oh there we go this is
    what I wanted yeah I wanted to see the
    stamina meter but the thing is can I see
    that all right cool
    so you can't see the stamina meter while
    you're a first person so the threat
    meter displays when an enemy detects
    your presence who recce pressing the
    wrong vines my bad guys
    all right so we can conjure weapons to
    attack with the circle button we can
    hold your circle button to blitz the
    enemies with consecutive attacks I mean
    I guess if you want to play like this
    but this is bad to me personally it's
    just like look at our store so bad oh
    sorry I'm sorry just look so bad we're
    out of this first burst of all goddamn
    what's the idea one of the good guys
    remember didn't mean to do that Aaron
    being history just says first-person
    view as cheeks my boy it definitely
    doesn't look good
    but I'm not gonna hate on it because it
    would be fun to go around do we have so
    much stamina is it because of the soup
    our stamina bar is going down so bad I
    mean so bad that's so good right but
    yeah man
    I don't know oh [ __ ] no I messed up

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    there we go um so first first not a fan
    of it like I said maybe like when you're
    looking at the world or looking at to
    other people and stuff like that it will
    be like cool but combat and anyways we
    can press the square button to roll
    dodge and definitely evade enemy attacks
    or press the square button to defend
    against incoming enemy attacks
    alright so strategies to defend against
    your attacks
    that's too much attack me damn scorpion
    over going scorpion ass right guys
    alright here we go so we can do that
    challenge is going just took these guys
    off now
    I wonder stasis what okay so we're knock
    this runs out of MP he enters a stasis
    mode so he cannot face our blade warp
    until he recovers take cover or point
    work to high ground to recover your MP
    alright alright beautiful it's get on
    with it
    so now that we're done with it well
    actually we're not done with this
    it still have one more to go alright so
    we headed anyway nowhere then after that
    we op a boat and before you know it
    lover boys hitched wait for car repairs
    then wedding bells in the air got it
    Aaron Anderson Trust says they have a
    stamina bar now no man you've always had
    the stamina board you just how to enable
    it never came on by default in the game
    okay so not just an instance
    instantaneously excuse me warp strike a
    targeted enemy at a cost of MP the
    farther the warp blade or the blade warp
    storm or damaged attack bees land one
    line right there baby
    guys we're doing really good so far man
    we go every go team worth making oh
    dude I don't know what I just did back
    there but that was beautiful mission
    complete now we're standing is all over
    the place for everything guys a finesse
    everything we ain't heard from him since

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    reckon he staked out a spot in an old
    shack near back Oh Oh got it we'll take
    a look here we go so what did Cindy say
    needs us to find some Dave guy hey he
    went missing I'm not missing said he's
    holed up in that Shack
    do you know what I haven't noticed if
    we're actually taking damage cuz we're
    wearing these suits right cuz this who
    said that we're not gonna be taking
    damage or something so I will test out
    that theory right here right inside of
    here right Kabir - ooh chest says yo
    dude you asked us why we like Final
    Fantasy 15 but why do you I generally
    like the overall aesthetic of the game
    the environments cool the feeling of
    being you know Prince and then well I'm
    not gonna spoil much but you know it's
    just cool it's cool I like it a lot
    all right so mutant dual horn sighting
    codename blood horn characteristics as
    red tusks extremely violent outstanding
    bouncing on saber tusks in the area you
    the Black Power Rangers like it's like
    we're old black Power Rangers right so
    let me see if I actually take damage
    this is so broken I don't take any
    damage oh my god bro I'm like legit
    broken right now right I'm pretty sure
    that ability is just for the time being
    it runs out maybe if not this is like
    SuperDuper broken and we're shining now
    for some reason we all good better than
    good good to go do we got we keep
    getting fire energy to work over there
    why is that man I know this this suit
    it's like weird right
    I think um I think the more they attack
    us and if they land a hit on us or we
    defeat somebody while we have this soup
    we'll get fire energy we keep getting
    fire energy for some reason alright
    anyways will over here Aaron B says
    industry Chad Opie from the start a boy
    this is a specifically wild life DLC
    items in this game I'm talking about I
    need that booster pack god damn it
    all right so not just from quickly
    recover HP and MP while hanging from
    high ground warp strike a distant enemy
    from his position to receive a damaged
    goddamit entrance thesis I thought I
    would've been able to kill this guy
    before entering stasis

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    you know man playing this game at higher
    than 30fps
    I think it's like about 60 because it's
    more it just looks so nice right he was
    a lot more fluid it feels like this is
    how the game was intended to be played
    at this frame one look who's in here the
    man of the hour
    Dave right I've been looking for you
    didn't mean to cause y'all any trouble
    I've been stuck here on account of a
    sprained ankle
    yes I'm funny about that Barnabas I gave
    them hell but couldn't finish the job
    still one mean mutt about yeah y'all
    don't look much like hunters but what do
    you say put that puppy to rest bore me
    hell no one-time charge them price sure
    we'll do it for the right price
    y'all got guts that's for sure let me
    tell you where I last saw
    all right so we got a magic flask out
    there for a second I thought you were
    gonna forget to ask for cash we got to
    ap do pronto is so real prompt I was
    keeping it a hundred with us he's like
    for a second I thought you forgot that
    you were gonna forget about asking for
    cash hell no prompt though we all about
    that money
    it was to rest up before we set out not
    half that well what the heck okay so
    formidable 4p awaits excuse me prepare
    for this encounter by resting at the
    nearby Haven Agnes will cook a status
    booted up [ __ ] and cues me meal for the
    part all right fine okay yeah sure
    in that case let's find a spot to make
    camp the hunters are really out in full
    force around here huh so they're the new
    crowns guard or something similar though
    technically a civilian outfit they've
    definitely seen a lot more action than
    we have is it cool that we rock crowns
    guard outfits be worse not to they made
    him especially for us even got a sweet
    insignia honor in the crowns God your
    attire identifies you so wear it with
    pride well you know we're wearing like
    some mecha Gundam Power Ranger I don't
    know what else type of hybrid suit right
    now so I think we're good we're wearing
    over pride so let me go ahead and check
    out actually
    our equipment because we did have like a
    bar on it right hold on you see the
    magic Tech recharge what the hell is
    that you see a little bar it's like
    filling up a little bit right
    it started off of like three regular
    green bars that we have like almost a
    fourth of it or maybe it was four bars
    and the energy is depleting so oh yeah

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    look energy to generate a barrier okay
    so I think um you know the more damage
    that we take against our enemies and
    stuff like that the the more this will
    deplete so we're gonna fight the boss
    with this thing on
    but after this we're definitely gonna
    take it off because I feel like we're
    wasting it otherwise
    all right so camp at havens to enjoy
    status boosting meals all right get a
    good rest we can also train you I'll see
    what I can whip up
    there we go
    you know I'm not the only one I think
    this is funnier oh look at everybody in
    these dumbass suits man
    so Jonathan industry chat says that two
    suits oh okay the suits when they did
    plea they recharge in real time like
    it's gonna take like legit whatever it
    was I think was like nineteen hours for
    the juice to recharge but he says it
    takes four to six hours to deplete in
    real time
    oh so it's timed I thought it was based
    on damage I thought it was like the more
    damage we got and more damage that was
    done to the barrier of the of the
    equipment piece the the quicker that
    energy meter would have gone down but I
    think it's just all time-based
    so Ignis uses ingredients to prepare
    meals at camps acquire new recipes to
    expand Ignace cookbook and excuse me
    aunty Verity of bonuses available I'll
    do increase attack by thirty we can do
    that one
    this one to increase okay we'll do this
    one increase are attacked by 20 HP why
    alright guys so we should gain a couple
    of levels here right let's see well yeah
    we're now level 3 we have 77 AP so we
    have a decent amount and look a prompt
    Oh taking a bunch of photos alright so
    yeah yeah yeah well we definitely
    witness save that photo not bad it's
    pretty cool this one right yeah yeah
    this looks so cool dude look this one
    it's so cool alright and yeah that's
    good I think that's all the photos will

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    okay so we can access the Paz monoxide
    of dungeons in combat is saved manually
    note that certain quests may prohibit
    saving tutorials offer a wealth of story
    and gameplay information take time to
    review them if you don't I mean if you
    find yourself excuse me struggling in
    battle rather more than a middling
    mechanic can handle all things
    considered I'd say she turned out okay
    like any girl you just need to treat her
    right treat or wrong and Sydal stuff is
    wrench with a Sun don't shine
    alright everybody shut up we're gonna go
    ahead and train we're gonna try out this
    training thing let's see if we get
    anything out of training cuz I think you
    do so basic drills level 5 oh crap dude
    just don't get to cure can I do whatever
    I do here one sec we're gonna kill this
    guy gladiolas
    well I don't really have to block
    against his attacks I just I just
    remember that well this isn't really too
    much of a training thing if we literally
    just have to kill him right you would
    expect when they say training like okay
    the raw deal is gonna teach you
    something we're gonna do some training
    you should take care of this plug we're
    not taking no damage does as soon as
    broken yeah get up on my face gladiolas
    dead alright so we earned five AP so
    that was decent I guess
    hi boys now let's make our way to the
    target we need to get to I think I'm
    gonna start using my spear right let's
    use my spear for now man I'm still kind
    of salty over the fact that the rural
    Edition gives you all the DLCs but it
    doesn't give you the weapon packs like
    the weapon packs our DLC - you know but
    I picked this up a little bit salty
    about that I'm telling you I don't know
    string shot let me know if you guys have
    the booster weapon packing the game I
    had it but I had it on my other account
    you guys remember on my other account
    got banned so I had like all the items
    like all the season passed everything
    everything on that account and I just
    lost them sometimes I work on got bad
    car again sitting most of the day was
    pretty nice
    was even better and to be honest with
    you to be honest with you excuse me the
    only reason why I really really like the
    booster pad was because this is one
    specific item that when you warp strike
    it charges up your warp strike right so
    that when you hit your enemy it does a
    lot of damage and you get back some dude

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    it was so broken because I used it to go
    to a certain area when I play the game
    for a bit before and just grinding them
    and get like I got a lot of AP wait a
    sec scared the game want to be two
    things vicious so sure looks tame to me
    it's not over yet
    ready for round two
    all right guys go ahead and use a couple
    of point works here Austria France
    perform special techniques in combat
    compress the l1 button and technique let
    me use big missus want you guys are
    wondering why exactly I got banned I'm
    not sure hurt right I got told that it
    was because I had unauthorized access to
    CERN like software or something I don't
    know man
    it was some stupid stuff is like I don't
    know it's not like I make youtube videos
    right people there nari I will actually
    you can't appeal it that was the thing I
    couldn't appeal it so like because Sony
    says like when they ban you they know
    blah blah blah this and stuff I'm like
    okay cool so it wasn't really that big
    of a deal but I did lose a lot of
    progress and all of the games that I
    used to be kind to use a piercer from
    you should shred this guy ring-ring
    okay alright so now we have to go ahead
    and make our way back to next Cindy to
    retrieve the regalia it helps that he
    can keep four eyes on the - I couldn't
    even keep one not sure I do any better
    vote me in the driver's seat
    good cuz I need the legroom in back so
    Black Stars talking about to check the
    store for the weapon packs that maybe it
    didn't download now dude I'm gonna light
    and show you guys so cuz I keep talking
    about it some of you guys wouldn't be
    like back stop talking about I don't
    know what you mean I want to show you so
    okay let me go to view all right you see
    how you have all these independent and
    weapons with the Royal pack you're
    supposed to get everything right you see
    how I have the Royal pack obviously
    right you're supposed to get everything
    but I don't have any of those weapons in
    my stores I don't I don't really
    understand why but I'll go ahead and

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    show you guys the the booster pack that
    I'm talking about it's unavailable you
    can't you can't buy it like you have to
    get you see you see the booster pack you
    can't buy it you literally the only way
    to get it is to get a cold for it and
    the only way to get a cold for is to
    have guy in V uh what is it the deluxe
    edition to it so I think I might have to
    buy the deluxe edition it goes cheap now
    because of you know of the Royal Edition
    but still I just want that booster pack
    Omega edition chat says six stuff ro I
    already have normal edition of ps4 but
    I'm a buying on my PC when I get a new
    one that's awesome bro a man I'm
    actually doing a giveaway so after the
    stream is over if you want to enter that
    just come back to the video drop a
    comment and you'll be entered to win man
    I'll announce the winner on Twitter oh
    yeah the comment has to you have to tell
    me your system preference
    it's birdies plane I don't know duck so
    you have to tell me why you're like the
    Final Fantasy series he's just a
    preference and that saves it explain it
    oh and if you already have a game which
    obviously you do alright guys let's keep
    on going dude what the heck bro what
    stamina otterman is that new or is that
    because of the soup stammer
    automatically regions will you vault
    over something this is just crazy doing
    how far are we going got plenty of time
    to figure it out
    and so far a lot of running but boy man
    I I feel like the I don't know I feel
    like one of the community now one of the
    community members right because the
    Final Fantasy community is basically
    saying that a lot of people waited out
    to get the game and now they can finally
    witness the full addition to the game
    right cuz they said that you know a lot
    of bad he was pretty much incomplete up
    until this point I kinda have to agree
    with him do this this better frame rate
    you know all the new stuff that we're
    getting through the world
    it just works for me you're paying like
    50 bucks for the world Edition you're
    getting everything that's been released
    it's like you save money and you play a
    much more complete game right let's get
    some of these items here guys

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    sorry about the wait
    ain't she Purdy she's almost too pretty
    for the road hmm daddy always thinks
    he's slick he's actually talking about
    Cindy right like he's probably telling
    Cindy Cindy you look too good you're
    gonna have to stay home just cook me
    some feels right
    all the more reason to ride with care oh
    and before I forget would y'all mind
    making a little delivery for me
    Cindy not for you not for you this
    accept no not at all
    perfect thought you'd say yes so I
    already put it in the trunk there should
    be a motel on your way to golden if
    y'all wouldn't mind giving that to the
    owner that'd be swell grandpa my
    grandkid now that she's all polished up
    and ready for the road would you care to
    take her for a little test drive knocked
    oh yeah I guess sure why not and I
    needn't remind you to exercise caution
    all right cool so we can go ahead and
    take the regalia out now well before we
    do that I think it would be good for us
    to actually go to this diner real quick
    right it's not a diner real point cuz I
    think you get like a couple of info
    things when you talk to the people you
    diners what can I do you for
    spread and talk to him yup there you go
    so nearby havens have been marked in the
    nearby parking stations we've got
    outposts available on the map as well
    and then we got what is this procurement
    points okay so yeah that was nothing
    well worth it so every time we get to a
    town we're gonna go I didn't do that we
    can also eat and hunt for other stuff
    here so for example over here says
    restaurant proprietors excuse me we'll
    tip you off to hunt that award Gil and
    other prizes slate the targets and
    report back to these tipsters to claim
    your bounty so you can complete hunts to
    earn stars that increase your hunter
    rank more challenging hunts will become
    available at higher ranch take your pick
    so we can definitely do a couple of
    these but I'm not gonna do any right now
    okay later
    well I'll probably do the hunt
    off-camera to be honest with you but
    hey we decide from that before we go
    into that diner just go into this in
    quote-unquote right because we need a
    rest and level up so well rest that
    havens our outpost Italia pxp and level
    up lodgings at outpost and in towns cost
    money but provide an exp bonus with

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    better lodgings come greater exp bonuses
    so yes go here
    man I see a couple people in this room
    chat tell me to take off my outfit no I
    will never take off my outfit alright
    not on to it stops taking them all that
    damage for him
    guys get this
    I could these guys are just like all you
    hear it's footsteps they're not even
    communicating with one another goddammit
    alright well over for now photo rookie
    as a trophy that we got a really good
    shot I make sure I got the regalia's
    good side what the hell is this oh my
    god okay you really have to start the
    pictures it's like two people right it
    just looks so weird cuz it suits all
    right we'll keep on going
    I here we go so let's go ahead and make
    our way down to the rest area oh shoot
    bro my man if we're gonna rest down
    there why the hell okay you know what
    whatever I'm not gonna question it it's
    getting tougher golly I'm a boy
    let's go ahead and do a little bit of
    that Auto destination trap actually fine
    I'll manually travel we're ready for
    more you bet
    let's hit it all right learner's permit
    we've got a trophy for that we can go to
    the navigator wait oh all the way we got
    to do a u-turn so let's go this way
    right is that how we're doing it hold on
    boys yeah yeah for sure so we're gonna
    go down here and make our way over here
    right yeah all right so my question is
    right it's like no garage ever you know
    one would expect no less of purveyors to
    the crown ah Thomas it wants this road
    trips over with there's no reason Oh
    anytime you please I'm sure Cindy will
    be glad to look after your car oh right
    so that's what this is about
    if you need I could always lend you the
    regalia whoa oh yeah thanks for the
    offer but once we're back in the Crown
    City I think I'd better score my own
    this is so cool so you can actually go
    ahead and view the inside of regalia in
    first-person mode so definitely adds a
    little bit of an extra incentive to not
    Auto travel at pro at points we're gonna

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

    get maybe even the auto travel has the
    first person camera in right you see
    that alright anyways so Jack in distress
    says so I got the world edition but it's
    not letting me use the add-on stuff you
    know what's going on question mark been
    trying to find somebody talking about it
    but maybe I'm just done never played
    this game before
    dude I would definitely be like one of
    the last people to help you out because
    I'm not even at the point in the story
    where a lot of the Royal Edition
    contents are available to me but I mean
    you can go ahead and ask me what
    specific content you're trying to access
    is again like I said certain ones you
    need to like certain content you need to
    reach a certain point in the story to
    access of course
    well I'd say that's far enough for today
    might be wise to leave the driving to me
    until we found our bearings out here all
    right so really quickly before we read
    this Nelson Industry chat says how can
    you enter the giveaway that you're doing
    you gotta come back to the video after
    I'm finished streaming just comment in
    the comment section below and if you
    want to know the specifics you can
    rewind a video and just listen in in the
    beginning of the livestream alright so
    anyways select a destination from the
    list of locations and ignis will drive
    there using the shortest route however
    Ignace will not drive while demons are
    out or Damons whatever going to call
    them at night noctis takes the wheel
    alright so I guess we're gonna go after
    that go ahead and rest over here all the
    way out here to deliver the goods well
    thank you kindly we'll take it out of
    the trunk so y'all just sit tight
    hmm Umbra bringing us stuff no boy but
    dog can really track us and subtly knows
    how to find us how do you always know
    boy just a sec
    ice flower it's the same time to assert
    our crowns from oh yeah Silla blossoms
    I have a favor to ask
    take the notebook with you when you go
    sure that's my trouble wait a sec hold
    on we're gonna pause this real quick
    right so Jack the Ripper 12 right the
    person that had previous previously
    excuse me asked us for help in regards
    to the dlc and the Royal addition
    contents he says it won't let me access
    any of it it won't even let me go to the
    Play Store through the Start screen haha
    dude actually it wouldn't even let me
    access the the downloadable content
    through the main menu on of the game
    either right so I'm not sure what's

    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

    going on there because I'm also going
    through it right so you know I've been
    telling the stream so far about the
    weapon packs and everything what is show
    the stream and people again right here's
    the weapon pack right here so the for
    example this weapon right here right
    since the Royal edition of the game
    gives you every single piece of DLC
    that's ever been released I was assuming
    we would have gotten all the weapons and
    stuff as well but I don't have that in
    my game when I go check it I only have
    like the free add-on items that I have
    so maybe you're right maybe maybe I
    don't have any of the Royal Edition
    contents just yet but I but I don't know
    I think I have my first-person mode
    which is indicative of that because
    first person came Boyle Edition and I
    have the improved like you know I guess
    gameplay with the FPS resolution thingy
    so I don't know I really know it's weird
    I want you to put something in the book
    and send it back
    um I'm gonna go ahead and say I finally
    am going to see you after all these
    years right rule afraid definitely means
    that uh that affection boys right boys
    so Jack industries chest says those
    weapons are skins slash recoil oh yeah
    like I know a certain autonomy process
    again I'm gonna I'm sorry for the beauty
    the people that are watching this video
    are card you're probably like god damn
    it well [ __ ] just keep pausing and
    talking but alright so yeah I'm aware
    that some items are just skins
    but there's other items in for example
    the booster pack but I keep reiterating
    as well that that's not a skin you get
    like a bunch of different weapons and
    there's a blade that I really want out
    of that booster pack but you don't get
    that booster pack with the Royal Edition
    which sucks at least that's the
    impression that I'm giving so far don't
    ask what was that about
    you don't say now that I works done
    let's see ourselves to golden alright we
    need to head to
    gaulden be wait be there's a question
    mark your is this receive new quests or
    visiting question marks okay I found an
    envelope addressed to meld Osseo inside
    the package Mel da Co the hunter HQ yes
    sir the headhunter ought to be around
    here somewhere
    mind making one more delivery what are
    you saying active Shepherd adventures
    that do not progress the story check the
    side quest destinations and objectives
    from the quest menu so we'll leave that
    we won't really do it right now unless
    it it's ultimately in the way of our

    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

    path of where we need to go to but let's
    go to quest location we're gonna go to
    the errand Prince set it on auto let
    Ignace do all the driving right
    but we definitely need to get some fuel
    right cuz I don't know this will be
    enough but hopefully you know we have
    enough fuel to actually finish the whole
    damn Drive right
    for our next story lady luna freya of
    tara has issued an official statement
    regarding the forthcoming treaty words
    cannot express the joy in my heart on
    receiving word of death coming peace nor
    the pride I take in my betrothal paying
    a part in this historic moment on this
    joyous occasion some have voiced call us
    for concern their fear I will be unable
    to fulfill my duties as Oracle please
    rest assured my marriage will not stand
    in the way of my calling you will find
    me in your towns and villages as you
    always have
    and I shall continue to bless you all
    lady when afraid I will set forth from
    Tenebrae for her wedding ceremony in the
    coming days her duties as Oracle will be
    suspended it's already know what we're
    gonna be doing at that wedding day right
    guys one of those symbol of the peace
    deals so it's more like a marriage of
    convenience a ladyship seems
    nevertheless amenable to the prospect
    and not to your likes the idea what's
    that I do buzz off
    all right anyways um so I guess we're
    almost there we definitely will make it
    there fuel isn't an issue but the game
    did tell us that you know gotta be
    cautious about fuel you didn't remember
    to go to gas stations refuel when needed
    blah blah blah all that jazz
    hey I see the sea I see it too
    that's Golden Key kind of want to go for
    a dip that a big mountain behind it
    no it's an island nobody goes to gaulden
    for an island though they go to kick
    back and get massages and say with the
    seafood it's famously delicious sounds
    something to look forward to
    alright guys so we're almost here they
    still haven't like even in the rural
    edition they still haven't fixed when I
    really fixed but haven't added an
    alternative to these long ass drives I
    wish able they would have added like a
    skip function right or not well then
    again that I guess that would have
    defeated the purpose of the drive itself
    right it would be another quick travel
    what do you mean for a change
    alright so black star says can't wait to

    Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

    you use the boat manually dude yeah I'm
    looking forward to like riding the boat
    I don't even know when do we get the
    boat oh [ __ ]
    [ __ ] imagine imagining I can go in one
    of these oh no oh man for those of you
    who don't know what I'm talking about
    you can get a boat as a part of the
    rural audition that allows you to
    traverse the seas ah alright let me see
    what this guy has for sale here he has a
    lot of poop right a lot of a lot of wack
    things for us to buy but I'll buy the
    war sort business and I'll buy the
    Avenger daggers see you later
    here we go let's go ahead oops wrong one
    let's go ahead and go into gear and
    score noctus let's change up the engine
    blade I think the engine blade
    oh wow no wonder no wonder was getting
    to fire element stuff in the beginning
    of our live show this engine blade it
    absorbs the the elemental powers of the
    defeated foe that's why we're getting a
    lot of fire and other elements and stuff
    like that but let's see so this makes
    our tackle by lob but makes our MP and I
    don't know what that is hold down what
    other daggers that we have
    all right um let's let's use this used
    to war sword for the time being
    oh you know what I'm not really gonna
    use two handers that much so I'll put
    the Avengers here the Intel k12 says
    you're not getting the boat for a long
    time bags man [ __ ] right missus over
    here hello and bye
    alright oh look there's another one of
    these card things here so this is the
    golden quake as a studying seaside
    getaway situated along the van of coast
    in the southern Lee eight light anyways
    while the quake currently enjoys his
    reputation as the kingdom's premier
    gaulden itself was once a quiet fishing
    town and blah blah blah you guys can
    read that in time the Empire has shifted
    their shifting shipping excuse me
    operations from the sea of to the skies
    and Gulden's importance as an imperial
    outpost diminish and blah blah blah
    cool Morita Indus from chess says send
    me a copy of the game def be trying to
    give away after this live stream is over
    and if you manage to win you there you
    whoa is that new these guys were talking
    to each other and they had like a text

    Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

    icon above their head I never saw that
    before when I played the game originally
    look oh dude thats me no anyway this
    looks gorgeous man
    black star says do you forget that you
    can use for weapons not only three yeah
    I know we can use for but I think I
    think this one is just for the Royal
    Arms Oh bro I'm done alright yeah it's
    definitely not for life alright put the
    edge of the blade down over there to
    absorb elemental stuff I'm afraid you're
    out of luck
    are we the boots bring you here what
    about it well they'll not take you forth
    and what's your story I'm an impatient
    traveler ready to turn ship the
    ceasefires getting us nowhere
    what's this some sort of souvenir they
    make that no one
    consider it your allowance de Pape
    yeah and who's allowing us no
    Yeah right you believe what that guy
    said about the port being closed
    I'm skeptical well I won't discount the
    possibility I say we go check it out for
    ourselves all right guys so apparently
    we have to go investigate doc because
    two guys named Arden I forgot his name
    goddamnit right he was just here but he
    said this is close and Brad let's go
    ahead and find out he was telling the
    truth put a ship in sight what gives
    it's according to my sources the Empire
    given strict orders not to let any
    vessels leave the docks of all pisha
    real shame if you will late to your own
    wedding right Prince Noctis
    name's Dean oh by the way pleasure the
    crown prince of Lucis bounty hunting in
    his fancy car surely you didn't think of
    it go unnoticed at least not by this
    reporter lucky for you this reporter has
    integrity if you want to remain
    incognito I'll respect your wish in
    exchange for a favor okay let's go to
    Santa I mean stand to him let's go ahead
    listen here what do you want
    hey I know you'd come around let me see
    your map marked where you need to go on
    your map all you got to do is find me
    some rough gemstones like this one do

    Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

    this and your ship will come in don't
    and the papers all run you out of town
    capisce alright guys so uh a gentlemen's
    agreement we got ahead to the mineral
    deposit to get whatever this guy Dino
    wants us to get well guys unfortunate
    we're gonna go ahead and end this video
    here we will have more videos out later
    tonight on this game just need to go
    ahead and take a break because my mother
    was calling me while I was dreaming and
    my girlfriend sent me messages so I need
    to reply to them and see what's that I
    was crack-a-lackin' what's going down
    right but yeah guys if you enjoyed the
    video please be sure to support it by
    dropping like of course if you want to
    see some more content live stay tuned
    not really too sure when our next live
    stream will be but regular videos will
    be up on this game later and I adds well
    we're definitely gonna play this game
    till completion out this time around
    it's gonna be a very long series you
    guys know this game has a lot of content
    should be a lot of fun though if you
    enjoyed this game and if you enjoy my
    commentary because you get a win-win
    situation right additionally if you want
    to get a copy of the game if you want
    the world edition pack if you already
    own the game itself stay tuned
    when a video goes live on YouTube after
    this livestream drop a comment a comment
    section below
    tell me your guys's system a preference
    tell me why your like Final Fantasy has
    a series and also let me know if you
    already have Final Fantasy 15 or not
    because I like that'll let me know
    whether or not to give you the Royal
    pack or the Royal Edition which is the
    actual game right alright guys thanks so
    much for tuning in like I said the last
    be sure to support a video by dropping
    like catch you guys later I will
    announce the winner on Twitter if we can
    break that light goal of six hundred
    likes tomorrow okay by midnight
    alright guys thanks so much for watching
    catch you later much love stay
    me oh hey Toby don't bring the rage on
    me why did don't win she told me that
    day ashamed on me
    I stopped a Joey

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    1. I bought the normal edition and saved the game and later found the Royal edition, I checked on the add ons and said I have to buy the royal edition but I literally have the disk of Royal edition now. Is it suppose to be like that? Because I thought they said the Royal edition gives you everything. And yes I have two final fantasy xv's

    2. Is this whole walkthrough 100% completion? I just started it on Xbox One… and I'm looking for a way to play through the royal edition without missing a ton of shit.

    3. one thing that really annoys me about this game (I've played only a few hours of it so far) When Noctic moves, his just walks right into the other characters. Like he can't sidestep just a little? He's a prince so he can plow over people like a total asshole?


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