NEW Kirby Game! – Kirby and the Forgotten Land Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Natural Plains 100%!

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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20hello zebra herd welcome to kirby and the forgotten land on the nintendo switch a brand new kirby game this time the first time in 3d we've had sort of 3d kirby games before but this is the first one where you could fully explore in three dimensions it looks like so much fun and is easily one of my most anticipated games to play this year you guys might know i love playing kirby games we played a ton of kirby star allies back in 2018 when that released on the nintendo switch that was a total blast but this looks like one step beyond it looks like dreamland is in trouble the weather forecast is changing up a little bit oh no what in the world is that sucking everything up oh kirby's really surprised but man i am so excited to go on a new kirby adventure we'll be playing this game 100 checking out all the new abilities all the new i think there's a totally different form for kirby there's a lot of cool new stuff in this game oh no kirby's not doing so well [Music] whoa what is going on [Music] you okay buddy oh he's awake whoa it's so pretty all the foliage and stuff it's so colorful but where are we guess what to find out so we can just run around look at this full 3d it's so cool what is a little crab i can just eat stuff up too whoa we got a coin for that so off the look around maybe there's more coins to get huh oh there was another one i don't know what i did for that oh look at the little floaty when kirby goes in the water that is so adorable oh man i just i love being able to play a brand new curvy game this is exactly how i want to spend my time okay so i guess we're just going to go forward what about this thing okay that had another coin in it oh we can jump by pressing a button we got it don't worry we're a kirby pro we can handle jumping i guess yeah if i press a again i can start floating around a little bit just the classic kirby controls now just in 3d what is this whoa okay that got me some more coins don't know what i'll be using coins for i don't think there's lives in this game oh nice so of course kirby can do all of his classic moves he can suck stuff up spit it back out there's coffee abilities all that kind of thing hello are you a good guy or bad guy okay you want to beat me up not on my watch boom gotcha whoa oh that must be extra health okay then and some extra coins waiting for us over here it's so quiet but in a lot of ways this game looks to be what was mario odyssey for mario but for kirby really pushing kirby to the next level and being the next generation of kirby games you know and that is so exciting whoa it's a whole city wow it's so cool it's all overgrown and stuff i wonder if anybody's still here i guess it really is a forgotten land okay we're supposed to go this way sure i don't know if this is gonna be like a fully open world kind of game what's going on with it i don't really know but hey we get a little sword ability that's cool so we got our first ability are there ability descriptions oh no give it back i guess not some games when you pick up an ability you can pause it and get like little descriptions of it but there we go i could beat people up with the sword no problem cool to see all these classic enemies that was sort of back in a new dimension gotcha there was sort of something i passed before though i might want to backtrack a little just to make sure i'm not missing anything because obviously curvy games are typically pretty loaded with collectibles so if we can find them all it'd be great we could break up with the trash can interesting to see kirby in such an urban environment though usually most of his games sort of feel like fantasy and that way volcanoes and mountains and such okay i can't go down there just had to make sure i was a little curious oh we have the the swing as well just like link from zelda okay let's get back to we'll chop up some of the uh the tall grass here see if we can't find any more money oh there's one awesome i'm supposed to go up that line if you see we can uh press a to hover just like that it looks a little goofy but i like it and we don't really need this pep drink we can take it all right let's keep going oh it's one of these guys so this should be a new ability right thank you very much yeah we have bomb so on the top left it looks like we have whatever item we're using oh and i can aim it as well oh that's nice having a ranged ability is always useful let's get rid of you oh my oh my be careful oh no no no don't fall don't fall kirby how did i do that before i was aiming it up oh i can drop the ability with why as well okay sorry i'm still just trying to figure out the controls and such yeah sometimes you can aim it and is there anything up here not really looking like yet okay whoa we'll grab some of these coins out gotcha [Music] this is the more perilous way to go but we do get a couple coins for that too but what's inside the box a carrot so usually food restores our health if we were losing any but so far we're playing pretty well so we don't worry about it there's nothing under here i'm looking all over for secrets you never know there might not be any secrets in this first level whoa it's like a mechanics what's going on in here [Music] wow this game is so pretty whoa it's a car oh no a heavily guarded car kirby's outnumbered you got it though buddy [Music] he's gonna eat all three of them at once end the car whoa okay is there a new car ability or even something better sort of does this cow has an ability kirby is a car now can you finally be added to mario kart we are car mouth so it's not even just car it's car mouth see a kirby's brand new ability in this game is to sort of just be able to wrap around things and control them and right now it's this car we're gonna get great mileage has a little bit of rust on the sides but i'm sure it's a great fixture upper we're just driving all over the place it's interesting you think it would feel heavier to sort of maneuver but no whoa we can zoom turbo dash that's cool so i can go right through those boxes that's a lot of fun okay so we're just gonna keep it going then go right through that wall see ya [Music] that was great so we technically still have the bomb ability though i don't think i can use it while i'm a car but we still have the ability hat on so technically i still haven't what's going on up here give her some of that i want to bet you two out of the way out of the way gotta drive like late to something oh this is so cool the road is so wild keep it going keep it going whoa we got a huge stack of coins there that was great so i wonder if once again is it worth it to go back to see if i missed anything or is there really anything to miss in this level it doesn't seem like it it is fun to take these ramps out that is really cool okay moving through the city though well this bridge is lifted up for ships can we lower it boom yes we can maybe timber oh there's a boom box it's a good song [Music] oh wow there's a whole song to this wow so here we go kirby in the forgotten land a whole new curvy adventure this is gonna be so much fun this is the opening to a tv show i love it [Music] i'm liking the lyrics all the little ducklings oh it's so adorable everything's too cute to handle in this game already oh even the enemies they're just too cute it's like the opening of a tv show i love that the world is kirby's oyster now [Music] wow what an opening it's definitely some positive impressions on the game so far where does that leave us we are still sort of lost in this world don't we want to get home oh no the waddle dees so they got sucked up too and they're getting stolen away that doesn't look good okay well i i don't think we can oh well we can jump with the car wow look at us got some hydraulics on this thing but i guess i could just spit the car out and i could always eat it back up that is so ridiculous i'll never get used to that okay so i can't go back that way we'll just go over here this road is totally destroyed so it doesn't seem like anyone's lived here for a very long time still looking everywhere for secrets but not only coming up with much this place looks like it was recently destroyed too [Music] what happened here oh no not again the four wallets they're getting captured we gotta do something about that they don't deserve it [Music] oh who's this are you in trouble too poor thing you gotta help it it's about to get captured oh no poor little guy don't worry we'll help you out let's start throwing our bombs over whoa okay intense battle i handled it though oh i can't get out we're sort of in a little force field okay well can we can handle no problem get out of here there you go good moves kirby okay get him out of there oh do i just touch him there you go tada we saved you [Music] what's a curvy game without the curvy dance at the end of the level phew you saved me thank you but what about those other guys the waddle dees they were all captured and taken away we fought those beasts as hard as we could but they kept coming back for more now i'm the only one left oh i have to go save them i have to okay well i'll help you i'm not really doing much else what you'll help me save everyone that's great so your name is kirby i'm elfan nice to meet you hope i pronounce that right but nice to meet you alphalyn so let's take a quick look around before we move forward i guess there's not much this might be the tutorial level so there's probably not too much to collect but we're going to the the world map hey kirby oh hey it's been dada waddledy co-op with two players so let's play co-op from the pause menu to have p2 controlled by dana waddledy work together by playing together i'll be going single player for this series but maybe at some point you never know boy am i glad to see you i got pulled through that vortex over planet pop star 2. if you ever want to want a second player to join you just let me know i'll always be ready that weird vortex pulled me into the sky i had no idea what was happening i still don't at least i found the other waddle of these it looks like they arrived in this new world just before me i was searching high and low for our friends and then i saw an odd pink card ash pie that was us i'm guessing that was you huh kirby that looked like a quite a mouthful everything okay in there don't bite off more you then you can chew i'll try my best if you want a second player to join you just call me over anytime through the pause menu i'll rush over okay so it looks like that's all he's gonna say sounds good to me so we will go and hop over to the world map [Music] whoa look at this quite the world to explore we're starting in nature natural planet planes i mispronounce it so bad i'm sorry stuttering a lot because how excited i am about a new kirby game we have downtown grassland and then we could also go back to waddle d town come on kirby let's go see those poor captured waddle dees let's see what waddle detail is is this where we just were i'm going to assume so but it might be good to make sure yeah this is where we just were okay good to know so maybe as we save more wobble of these he'll come back to this town but so far everything about the game is so pretty i love it so much so let's head over here to the first level downtown grassland so for this we need to clear the stage save the hidden model of these and there are some mystery ones as well okay like i said we'll try our best to get everything done 100 i don't know if we'll get everything done in this first world in this first episode it really depends but we'll definitely try our past and over time we'll get things done so we'll explore everything as thoroughly as we can hopefully find some new abilities and such right now we got different foxes to take on i love how the the bomb rolls down the hill that's so cool oh man okay jumped right over you i keep missing i need to improve my aim can i hop up the tree maybe not quite okay well we'll definitely just try to look around i love the landscape though it's so different for a kirby game for sure but also still gives me mario odyssey vibes just i don't know how mario odyssey is sort of tackle a lot of new different landscapes like that make five tulips bloom one out of five so i guess we have little side quests like that will have to complete okay for this out we have the cutter ability i want to just use that for this grass there you go and it looks like more stuff over here what about these cans destroy that the cutter value is a classic one what about you guys are you guys going to have a coffee buddy for me i guess not because when i eat something it just instantly captures oh you're taking a nap i can't take you out what if you have a secret i don't know i'm sorry so adorable [Music] let's see what other abilities we have with this whoa so we can like hold it out that's so cool so going back over here if i throw it out like this it just gets bigger and bigger and then boom have it come back that's neat oh what does this button do it's gonna open up that little secret over here and it looks like there's an opening to the left a couple of coins and another one of the two left so we have two out of five of those we'll have to explore the levels really thoroughly to find everything then and i'm sure even then we'll miss some stuff because you know easy to get distracted with so much going on gotcha so it seems worth it to defeat every enemy because we do get coins for it which i don't know what the coins are used for just yet but i'm sure we'll find out along the way and what about this oh it's another mouthful thing so i think that's what's called the mouthful abilities we are a vending machine so we can jump around make some big stomps happen but then we can whoa we can even break this stuff so we're shooting little soda cans oh that's great we do have a limit on how many soda cans we have this we should probably try to save them for these iron uh boxes as much as i can break this open [Music] no problem okay so break the building shutter that was another thing gotcha so the extra rewards can be just about anything as you can see up here i got loads of coins to get so i can't quite get out of here unless i get out of this and i guess i can collect them again will this disappear though i wonder i'm not sure let's go up the ladder and find out because there's certainly more stuff to do up here what is this whoa it's like a little capsule toy okay well maybe we'll find out at some point and we could just very easily pop back down here whoa look at that big guy he's looking a little mean and the vending machine's still here awesome so we'll hop back into this become the vending mouth and see if we can't just get up this way i can't quite jump high enough with it that's unfortunate so i guess we have to leave it behind sorry bending mouth but i'm glad that we could just pick the cans up again that's always useful i'll leave that there for now but maybe we'll come back to it you never know oh my ah wait no okay that hurt gotta get my ability back see when we take damage we end up losing our ability okay so yeah i can that's so cool actually where did he where'd he go oh did i get on with that i guess so even though he's a big guy he didn't really take too many heads anything secret over here not looking like it i will get rid of you real fast but what's nice about it is you can sort of throw an a cutter boomerang thing out and then just sort of walk away okay so where are we off to now hopefully i haven't missed anything so we're flying through the city streets and we made it and could i just like fly over this i guess not so there's definitely a bit of a strong limit on how high up kirby can fly in this one i don't think i can go down there oh my so the bomb ability again but since i had that for a good while i'd like to keep with the cutter oh no yeah i could just throw this on people and then just walk away [Music] hmm okay that was maybe a bit of a risky way to do that i think i can destroy these boxes and then just ow that hurt watch out for the fox oh when i'm close it's like the sword ability that's neat see you're not gonna bother anyone down there are you do the same thing over this way and with this gotcha be careful and we get a green coin which seems to just be a couple of them oh is this another new thing yes it is so with the vending machine now we have the cone mouth what is this whoa that's cool though i'm gonna spike down or can i stack up no i can't stock the cones that would have been cool so maybe only mouthful abilities can break those iron boxes or something okay let's slam on you then boom gotcha back over here have that and what's going on down this way there's clearly something we can slam through whoa got some extra pumpkins and stuff or squash or whatever that was this is so weird but i love it this kirby can just swallow up anything it becomes an ability what about down here there's some more coins and stuff okay getting a little stuck we'll make it out okay let's see if i can get you this boom the super slim pretty good pretty good oh here's another one of the two lefts so we'll touch that so it can sprout i think it's three out of five hopefully we haven't missed any i'll keep thoroughly searching now i can make a smooth getaway under there hmm what about over here there's another one of the soda cans keep seeing these pop up but i could also break this pipe whoa look at this go we're way up here now ride the spewing water up to the balcony that's another little secret thing and you can pause the game and see these so we haven't saved any of the hidden model diesel i've been looking all over but i haven't quite found them oh i could slam through all these that was cool are these the hidden model these i don't think so that's a totally different thing oh no i'm sorry kirby i don't think i missed anything now so i can just keep moving what about this little block got a cherry for it and i guess yeah as a cone cone mouth we can't climb up a little unfortunate oh there's one of the kirby's are the wobbles i'm the kirby [Music] okay do anything we can to save you oh i can choose my item or ability i'm gonna keep with cutter and let's go for it battling more foxes and little rabbits ready go oh that miss darn okay let's get close wild edge oh man we have our first boss fight i sort of messed that up gotta be careful there you go there we go that's what we're talking about whoa the huge damage throw a bunch of them out now whoa whoa whoa whoa watch it okay ready got him that did so much come on he's almost down boom defeated the wild edge that was great oh can i get his i can eat him up oh we get sortability nice glad the tea cat [Music] anything else going on i don't think so oh no that's not what i wanted oh where'd my sword ability go that just covers it i guess oh well it's fine we saved one of the lot of these so we still have two more hopefully we can find them along the way whoa so this area is a lot more open hopefully we can find everything then we do have some food here which i don't think i really need too much oh no oh no okay now i needed that whoops let me go and take this sword ability guy we're gonna give you a big slam gotcha okay that helps and we got some food fell for tommy and her health bar [Music] what's going on up here it's another mouthful thing is this a water tower doom a mouth what okay there's one of the hidden model these okay so maybe they're sort of the main collectible in this game is just saving all the wildlies i got you buddy so what is this about can i i don't know this looks like something but it's not a maybe i can slice it why is this glimmering so much oh so i could sit on top of it and get some coins okay gotcha all right i thought we found two mouthful abilities right next to each other that would have been a little weird right whoa look at this guy it's like a big snapping turtle oh almost gotcha [Music] it doesn't do any damage let me try again yeah you just he's invulnerable from not maybe if we can get the cone ability again we can just slam them gotcha ow [Music] okay i'm getting a little beat up here and i just ate all that food i could just stand on top of them oh there it is oh if i had that cutter ability i wonder if the enemies come back then or maybe i can just get up here and cut it with a sword okay there we go thank goodness thought i was out of luck so we can eat this up and take on mr snapping turtle whoa be careful but boom i got it i'm not looking so tough now are you and there is our third body that we've saved we got some nice cookies for it as well i like it oh and here's another one of the tulips i think this is the fourth one gotcha [Music] okay so i might ditch the uh the cone for now as we keep exploring so we need to climb up that ladder in a moment because i think there still might be a couple more things we can do up there gotcha at the least we could take you on okay so i guess everything is clear up that way see a couple more trash cans we could take out i don't even know if we just get coins i have a feeling we'll need every coin we can get right so already at the almost 500 of them we're doing a great job get rid of you real fast can i get into here not looking like it hmm i know there's a secret area or something somewhere ah oh that hurt i thought i could slice him down okay quickly grab it grab it and then where'd you go i don't know oh did he just go off the side well that's not good either way we do get our fifth and final tulip so as far as i can tell that's all of the different things done we just have to clear the stage now so we did a great job exploring this first area i love the little hat on top of kirby so we're just going to keep moving forward boom slam through that whoa it's another snapping turtle but this one this one's the big one let's hide under here for now then go go go go where it snaps me whoa hey right through that this thing has a ravenous appetite i'm not saying something because you know it's going against kirby it's corn in here and he'll up with that oh yeah go for this one there you go sprung a leak okay let's go up this way and from here we'll be able to super slammy right i don't know what these are but i'm very curious about it okay ready and boom gotcha and look at that the three last wobble to use to save i got you guys all right so i guess we've seen six waddle dees in total in this first level all right so it's going to be a lot of work saving almost one of these but we'll get there we have a new bass 318 coins looking good and so what are these about volume one would get a little curvy statue it's three stars kirby kirby was pulled into a mysterious vortex that appeared in the sky over his home on planet pop star when he woke up he was in a new world traveling through that vortex also gave kirby a new and mysterious power let's see what it can do onward to adventure that was cool i guess we have a couple more of those like this little captured waddle these the beast pack managed to catch these three waddle dees with one golden cage if they work together they might be able to oh never mind they're too sad to move all they can do is cry out for help somebody save them i'm on it don't worry now i think this is our third and last one we got the code mouth curvy kirby gained the mysterious mouthful mode ability after he flew through that vortex now he can stuff an entire cone into his mouth use your pointy head to jab below you and bust open cracks in the ground or on pipes you're out of control kirby nice one there we go three little figures unlocked that'll be fun to collect all those we're back to the overworld we have our next level opening up through the tunnel and did we get all the stars we did nine out of nine all while these saved see ya so we get a little golden star that's nice and we can also see our collection your figure collection is now available use this to view all the figures you've collected see if you can collect a full sat i will definitely try so let's take a quick look at this you can see volume one is here there are 79 in volume 1 alone so hopefully we can find them all in due time but right now i want to take a look at the stage list okay so i guess this is where we can sort of keep a track of everything there's 46 model of these to save here natural planes so let's not waste too much time move to through the tunnel where we have to clear the stage save the hidden model these and a couple of mystery quests as well let's get to it which as long as we take your time and thoroughly explore hopefully won't be too bad to find everything well there's a new ability the fire ability so i'll definitely grab that can i break into here i might not be able to break in but i can still walk over get a cake a little slice of it so even in this new mysterious world there's plenty of food for kirbety whoa let's dodge that pick him up and get fire okay so as you can see we spray fire everywhere i don't know oh whoa there's like a a ducking i guess whoa look at curvy go oh it's so cool very acrobatic pink puffball add some agility to him see i guess with this we could just do some fire moves and such whoa that's cool so if i jump and use it there's just different moves and combos and such it can get done and it looks like over here there's a little lantern delight whoa like four lantern switches one out of four so it might be a good idea to keep with uh oh that hurt me to keep with the fire ability for as much as i can in this level can i go through that i can't but i can like this ablaze and look at that we get a nice little collection of coins can i get up there not really you really can't puff up too high in this game usually you can just go as high as the screen lets you not in this one [Music] oh got some lights down here we're going into the sewer we get a checkpoint oh my so we don't need you i can just get rid of you i gotta make sure i take out as many enemies as we can because it's just more coins for us gotcha though i am taking a bit of a beating i need to be careful so what was over here not much just an easier route through everything take you on i'll keep going okay so we can use mouthful mode here this is the dome mouth again and inside is a little button to press that opens up the door whoa so this is like a little secret find the secret room not too bad these foxes aren't so happy about it but we get a treasure chest which has a waddle d in it so sort of getting two things done at once there are actually four hidden model these defined in this level opposed to three in the last level okay so let's take you on real quick gotcha hmm okay we're good we're good it's just always so much fun to play a new nintendo game you know just it always has this magical feeling to it it's always the best day it was like a new nintendo game comes out today okay we got you and of course that feeling isn't the only time we're gonna be experiencing it this year there's still plenty of new games to come out like splatoon 3 and breath of the wild too i will certainly explore those once they release okay kirby also can't float for super long in this one looks like after a while he just runs out of steam we're going into the star door oh it's dark in here so let's light it up a little bit see our second of four lanterns which also gets me a couple of coins whoa watch out for the spikes [Music] i will get rid of you don't think i didn't notice your friend over here okay where will this raise me to okay there's a quick coin above him and how do i get in here this little cage well first we'll light this oh maybe this will even help with that it won't but it will leave me up this way i can climb up these little air conditioning vents and there's the button nice okay i got it so this is one of our first capsules i don't know if you can only find these in the levels because i didn't see any tracker for them well we can put it in the level and say like you got all three capsules or whatever so maybe these always just sort of respawn and you can sort of grind them up or something i'm not really sure how that works or maybe we can buy those with coins whoa okay let's keep going for now ow that sort of hurt let me get my fire ability back because we're looking for one more lantern so i don't want to lose the ability now you know would be bad timing come on kirby grab that stuff good job good job oh and there's the last one got it so four out of four that's gonna be one of them done we're not quite finished with this area i can't get into there just yet so don't move through the door if we can manage whoa sneaky little vent up here and there's the bomb that'll probably blow that open gotcha save the hidden qualities two out of four now we're getting somewhere so yeah i think we're just looking for one more secret and two more waddle dees so hopefully we find that along the way hmm so now we're sort of at like a little part of the store that looks like maybe this is where the power management for the city is or something a lot of electrical work down here oh i see what's going on here oh this is always so much fun light fuse and accounting we need to race it there so where does it start it starts over there so we're gonna go fast go fast go fast oh no come on these are always so scary and we got in ducky cover and look at that another waddle he saved we gotcha that was a cool one i remember there's a lot from kirby in the amazing mirror which was the first kirby game i really played i'd love to hear what was the first kirby game you played maybe this will be your first kirby game i'd love to hear all about it okay so what's going on in this room this guy is huge it's a big sand castle takes a lot of hits to get rid of come on keep going on him that's it oh so i can just eat the stairs who needs stairs where he could be the stairs i love his mouth stairs mouth here we go so i can just basically place this wherever i need it what if i can i destroy these whoa that was cool squish awesome so what if i just spit it out here and then i can climb up the spy obviously there's not much here for us but good to know that's so neat the one thing is that we can't really turn around yeah we can't turn around it seems so oh my here we go ready gotcha can i even fall i can fall in any direction though which is nice what's going on with this big cracked wall we have a bunch of stuff there you go no no wrong button i wanted to hop out of this zone see if we climb it is there anything up here for us to get not here at the least what a neat idea keep it moving though we'll give you a quick squish oh no i did the wrong way but we still got you so it looks as though i'm supposed to go up here spit it out and we'll start climbing use the fire ability and boom get another capsule [Music] that's always good take that back real fast and i will give this a slam yeah we can't really jump very much with this can we got him what's with the no kirby sign up there excuse me but i think the answer is yes kirby i'm up here what are you gonna do about it's gonna get rid of that there you go remove the wanted poster i mean i'm pretty sure that poster made me feel pretty not wanted but okay huh okay so this is where i need the staircase we'll hop off here well actually maybe i should explore a little bit more because this might be that and the area huh i don't really know how this is gonna work well we'll do this part first because i'm still looking for one last in quality very likely it's up here because it seems to be an extra thing right so do that climb up real fast and into the cannon ducking cover wait oh so we can't get past the staircase that's a little weird but i guess i could do it here would that be good enough that didn't work no that's not what i want um can i get the fire ability back [Music] okay this is going wrong spit that out uh pick that up i wonder where i'm putting this on i guess here would be good there you go okay i did it got it okay this time we're getting launched see ya and there it is the final wobbly awesome save the hidden quality is complete which means we're good to just complete the level of course we need to keep looking out for more of the capsules maybe we can find another one along the way it's a bunch of coins [Music] and then i guess we're good just to plop back down to where we're going to be gotcha so what's going on in this pipe because it seems like yeah we're back outside now of the sewage system and those are the last waddle dees so we only got two capsules this time i don't know if i may be messed up with exploring or maybe there was just two capsules to find sort of hard to tell i am looking around a little bit wait a minute did i speak too soon i didn't speak too soon awesome okay maybe it's safe to assume there'll be three each for the levels on and we got yet be free little guys it's another level done and another set of wobbles you saved stage cleared so we cleared the siege saved the hidden womblebees found the secret room lit four lantern switches and removed the wanted poster inside of this one we get the car wait i didn't get a description for this one oh well what about poor tilting whoa door-tilting shell is a whole building this big baddie must be some kind of boss for the smaller beasts it enjoys basking in the sun so it climbs to high spots and claims the whole area as its territory it must take a long time for this critter to get up there i can only imagine and then one more and then we also have elf one a mystical new friend you met in a mysterious new world you found elflynn as he was trying to save the wild of these from the beast pack he wasn't just happy to be kirby's guide sharing helpful advice to save the wildlings and rebuild their town thanks selflin i agree thank you very much alfone i'm weirdo weird that the car didn't have a description though maybe it just didn't show i'll have to check the the little collection next level is going to be rocky roll and road but look at all the wallabies we see the whole family of them all while he's saved that was fun oh and what's going on back here something the waddle dees you saved found a new mysterious area treasure road there could be rare items in there hop in and explore will do let's take a quick look at our collection though and where is that car oh wow look at this you can even look at it it's so cute kirby's is staring at it see this one just didn't have a description maybe if only they have three stars because that's our first two star collection interesting i'll keep that in mind okay so we have two of those that pop that we have the cutter treasure and then over this way the bomb treasure so we'll try these out and see what ends up happening they're apparently one star throw and catch treasure collecting so our target time is one minute let's give it a try so i guess this can maybe help us improve with our abilities [Music] so yeah this is like a challenge well ready go okay so i need to item grab just like that i got a piece of something which i need to get a couple more of those pieces gosh yeah that was good then i'll get rid of you maybe okay and then these three got it and that's the challenge done so we did that under a minute right is there still more oh there is more all right okay oh i messed this work it's a little bit trickier isn't it okay cuckoo oh no oh i got hit that's a little unfortunate we're fine we're fine so for goals to do this in under a minute i'm not sure how much time i have left [Music] i gotta go to the center oh my explored that one now over here got it i'm guessing it's faster to float across but who knows gotcha and there's one more [Music] not bad i think that's under a minute if you get to this come on come on we got it i think that was under a minute i think it started just the three minutes right rear stream found in 57 seconds i was pretty close then nice so we get 50 extra coins cleared in wild mode if there's two difficulties there's wild mode and i think easy breezy mode so a normal difficulty and an easy difficulty which is normal so what is this star going to do i wonder i guess to find out later see that gave me a little star with a red this just gave me a little start with the blue i don't know if there's a difference we'll keep an eye on it maybe it's just because it's a different type of level either way let's try bomb treasure over here where we have triple strike bowling for switches for this one we need to do under 30 seconds sounds like a challenge [Applause] [Music] whoa okay so let's get the bowling i missed my first swing got it and then one more gotcha keep going so i'll get rid of you real fast just so that i don't get attacked that was good that was much faster okay so for this one i either need to throw two of them or try to dodge it there you go still have more though oh come on hit the fence not what i wanted i can't just walk up to it though but then i have to walk back oh unfortunately i think i already took 30 seconds see ya that was good if we did still get the start i might give it another go to see if we can't get under 30 seconds because we got just barely above it but for her first try not bad see let's give that another go then we got one of those big stars we have two of those now yeah i'll hop back in hopefully we can get under 30 seconds for the target time okay got that first one pretty well i'm gonna ignore the poppy bros until i'm closer there we go that was much better i saved a lot of time on that one i think [Music] oh that was weird okay uh sort of messed up the first throw on that oh come on got it nice okay so throwing like that could be helpful as well okay here's our last chance go go two one oh man i think we just barely did it that was close yep there we go 2918 pretty good pretty good okay glad to get that out of the way then and i guess that means we're good to move forward to the next level which is rocky rolling road where we have to clear the stage and save the hidden model these as well as three mystery things again so it seems to be a pretty similar formula each time this time that we do have to see four wobble of these instead because we're back to having the fire ability oh i see you hiding back there you can't sneak up on me like that nah there we go so we're just sort of torching this whole place oh my oh you're definitely new we got the spike ability maybe can i get you thank you very much or is it needle yeah it's needle that's so cool though look at us rolling around whoa that's awesome but i can't cut up these which is a little unfortunate maybe i could take this real fast and get rid of the grass okay then go back to needle because i definitely want to enjoy this as much as i can we can go so fast see ya oh i wonder if that would have been a new ability though oh you're back okay guess we can try it whoa look at this it's the ranger that's so cool and we can aim it too way over there okay there's a rock in the y try that again see ya oh my gosh come on one more time third time's a charm [Music] boom there we go that was cool i like it this is i think a brand new kirby ability then the other ones are of course from previous games but i'm pretty sure this one's ever been in a kirby game before okay we'll pick up these bananas and i guess we'll keep going [Music] gotcha oh boy keep going keep going [Music] got that cherry real fast i see that coin waiting for me up here this is where the the ranger is very helpful okay i may have made a mistake here let's back it up don't get squished by the rock okay much better oh i see a target over there we'll wait until we're a little bit closer to get it but can i blast through this stuff maybe no or to hit from this range especially with the rocks whoa in the y okay we made it we made it i'm gonna get rid of you first charge shot hold b and release don't worry i'm already on it nice and that'll open up this area where there's a hidden little wobble d say the hidden qualities one out of four this is a really cool ability though happy with it don't get squished that was close [Music] okay go go nothing to our left i do want to make sure i grab all the coins [Music] looks like something's up here whoa loads more coins oh gosh i'm scared it's very perilous [Music] okay we got it though and is there oh there's a secret find the side road while going uphill that's nice okay got it corn there and i wonder what's going to be in here then maybe another hidden watery gotta open it up i love how kirby just sort of swings his feet around but there we go we get our first capsule of the level and i definitely want to see if i can't get up here oh no can i do it can i do it i did it no wait i didn't do it i guess i can't maybe i should try again just to be extra sure because it looked like my shadow was over it for a moment see we want to be extra sure oh okay there was a coin there [Music] can i get over this nah it doesn't let me okay worth the try though [Music] can we go past this wish i could breathe attacks very curious to see what this world was like [Music] hit that target up there and that gives us oh a secret door [Music] what is this on oh i see some targets up ahead we have the ability again if we needed it luckily we're good didn't lose it oh we got to hit them all probably pretty quick so it's not waste too much time i'm getting some well if i charge it i'm s guard well they're sort of tricky to hit oh they're going down come on quickly quickly got it oh that was close that would have been good okay so what do we get inside of this one it's in the waddle dee [Applause] hooray so i'm guessing that if we mess it up we probably would have had to replay the level so it's good to do those to the best of our ability the first time through just to make sure whoa we'll get rid of you got some very tight jumps i don't think i need the sword ability right now but we do get some milk these snacks off of three tree stumps i didn't even realize that was a thing of course i naturally want to eat or hop on tree stumps just a fun little thing to hop on whoa okay we're going we're going [Music] grab that no problem i don't think i'm in a position to fight these guys [Music] oh hit the button what did that do oh hey we get to save the wild of the and get a hot dog that was good see ya as quite the the deep dark fall so how are we doing we're still looking for one hidden achievement which could be just about anything so definitely make sure we're looking around i'm going to keep with the ranger almost gotcha there you go oh we can turn into the car don't mind if i do wrap up our engines oh that hurts still okay i thought we could just run over them no problem not quite i need to speed into them whoa this is a a tight turn for a car hopefully we have our proper traction tires on oh my okay keep it going keep it going got it and i guess we'll just make the sweet jump for now ow that didn't work yikes so we'll try that again build up some speed oh you know i need to press the jump button while i'm going for that that's the mistake i'm getting there's a waddle dee in there that and it has a bunch of coins so we definitely want to save them and regardless i'd still want to save them don't get me wrong see this time we'll jump there you go much better come on go for it and boom through the wall awesome so four out of four of the of these received [Music] anything else going on in here not really so make sure we didn't miss anything else which i really don't think i did but always good to check no whoops okay we're fine we only lose a tiny bit of health for that thank goodness we'll charge through you whoa um pretty quick with the maneuvering but there's the last one i wonder what we missed i mean there's still a couple of things hold on get a bunch of coins out of that one and a bunch of coins out of this we get our final capsule but i honestly don't know what i missed for the the final secret isn't that weird [Music] because it wasn't counting anything up or anything i don't think maybe i can keep looking around real quick before we finish this level okay so i looked around but unfortunately i really couldn't find much so we'll have to try again i'll replay through the level but there we go some wildly saved all right stage cleared [Music] there we go find the side road while going uphill eat three snacks oh it'll tell us drive without falling off the edge oh no i did that didn't i whoops okay so i guess i'll replay through the levels so that we can do that last thing but luckily we found some other things like sir kibble and we got the blue star coin so yeah i guess only things with 3 star above actually get a proper description good to know [Music] so while we are back out of that level i'm not quite done with it we are opening up another one which is a trip to a libel mall interesting we did get all but one of the lot of these don't worry your last little friend will be back with you soon what about that oh more challenges popping up in these little districts that's cool i don't know what like something like this is out oh we can search oh you found a hidden portal to a treasure road let's see what's inside okay i'll do that soon enough for right now let's go back to rocky roll and road so that i can drive without falling off the edge okay so let's give this another go then just gonna drive over ow that hurt but that's not falling off the edge so we should be fine because we felt that one edge there's still one time i just made a silly mistake but it's okay you learn from it so there are going to be little challenges like that that you won't really know your first time through you just gotta hope that you've done everything correctly so i guess a big thing is just to sort of focus on not dying not taking damage and such okay this time we got it and i'm curious can we collect more capsules because there was a capsule in this so we do get another capsule so you can replay levels to earn extra capsules good to know so we'll hop into this we get a bunch of coins this time since we've already saved the bottle of these but we should have gotten that third challenge done i don't know if it showed it or not there it goes okay drive without falling off the edge we got it when we do get another one of these it's gonna be cutter kirby swish sling that sharp edge boomerang use it to grab far off items hold the button down to freeze it in midair and charge it up that will make it extra powerful swish awesome i guess that's where we find our item descriptions or ability descriptions is through these capsules okay see with that done that level is totally finished all waddle dee is saved and rocky rolling road now how's the golden star so i do want to search around then for these to make sure we're finding all of them he found a hidden portal to a treasure road so these might take some time to get done i just want to make sure that's not anything so i guess it's pretty simple to see most of the time there'll be some kind of landmark wanted that off this way can't go into the clouds okay so right now maybe we'll just focus on the main levels we'll get those challenges done afterwards let's try a trip to a livel mall so we got to clear the stage save the hidden model these this is so cool be able to explore a little hidden maw i like it so this definitely reminds me of the opening trailer that they had for this game when they first revealed it it was the only trailer i saw i decided i don't want to see anything else i'm already excited for the game so now i finally get to explore it and see more about it wow this is going to be great so already i just got to start beating everything up and make sure we don't miss any secrets there is a i fixed it the light so there's still power in here then there's a can over here it's a weird camera angle i'm just sort of looking around to see what i can do there's little mailboxes everywhere that i can keep destroying and some boxes oh maybe i can sneak behind here not really okay build the little escalator so the escalator is not really working oh this looks like such a fun mall whoa are these guys gonna have the needle ability i wonder or maybe even something better no it's gonna be needle okay not to say the needle is bad but if it was the wheel ability i would have been very excited because one of my favorite abilities gotcha so far so good i'll grab that real quick but i wonder [Music] can i go into there not really okay so we'll roll back over i think this is faster than running right gotcha it's very easy to take out opponents with this one too you go through all this oh i wonder if bone is inability i don't think so that'd be a little weird but we'll try it ready pull out that grab this okay not looking like it so we'll take our stuff back [Music] there's a little drink up here oh ice cream don't mind if i do whoa all sorts of coins for that thank you very much hmm this is a little furniture store over here that's always fun looking at the little store displays and trying to figure out what did this store used to be [Music] okay so wait did i miss something it sounded like something foul i guess not i could go us up the escalator but there are more of these mailboxes or maybe they're just trash cans i don't know i guess because they were blue i thought they were mailboxes got all those coins i need four donuts okay that was the first one hopefully i find more soon then and here's our first capsule i'll get rid of you that's very dangerous for you to be up there i'm doing it too [Music] oh and look at this we got one of the invincibility candies we're going there are enemies everywhere luckily we could just destroy some stuff and i could use that to get up here which is good because i need to save that one one of the come on goku go oh i missed that's not good i don't know how long this lasts so i'm trying to make the most of my time gotcha gotcha gotcha gotcha and there we go we made it save the hidden one of these [Music] okay well we're getting somewhere gotta find more donuts i hope there wasn't a thing for getting rid of all the enemies with the candy because if so i didn't quite get that but we do get a nice little pile of coins okay i think we're good to move forward or trash cans to take out oh there's little lockers they're being blocked by enemies so i guess if we get rid of them all oh we can eat it whoa we are storage mouth tipping over come on kirby you can do it come on what is behind there oh burgers okay tell us where the burgers are oh my okay so we go to the right we'll find some delicious burgers sounds good to me oh is this like some kind of puzzle then so if we go to the right where the where the burgers are above us it'll it'll do something so we'll try that first i guess almost a bit of a maze let's roll through you [Music] and what's in here then maybe this is oh wow don't mind if i do let's get all the burgers all right there might be a waddle dee in there i'll help you out buddy gotcha save the hidden model these [Music] oh my gosh these guys are having a whole meal and we're just stealing the whole thing i'm so sorry okay they don't really seem to do much about it so i could keep going this way but i am curious to see what was in the other directions so we'll go back real fast because we certainly could have missed something and i'd rather not [Music] okay so first we'll go down this way this one had ice cream is it the same thing again oh there is a chest here oh no it was enemies so it looks like it's the same way but it just has different stuff which is fine with me i just want to make sure we get everything so we'll go the other direction as well just to make extra sure you know gotta do our due diligence [Music] oh my i don't even know what that food is supposed to be maybe pasta of some sort [Music] or the towel [Music] and then this is gonna be another trap isn't it yeah okay well that's fine so we'll go back through the the hamburger way just to be sure [Music] but this game is so much fun so far i really am enjoying myself it's so pretty there's so much to collect the abilities are fun i love the new mouth mode the mouthful mode [Music] okay so what's finally at the escalator [Music] so it looks like this part this this is this an escalator see how it's not bringing us up it's not escalating us don't know what it would be then we do have a fire ability though that's nice oh my wild frosty whoa frosty is here it's looking a little worse for wear oh that hurt okay let's dodge where i can he's on fire at the moment i'll keep getting him keep getting him watch it making him feel the burn now okay whoa whoa these are bouncing everywhere oh no no i bounced right into him get me out of there get it out of there i don't like it we almost got him we got him okay so i think that'll get us a new ability if we gobble him up come on mr frosty there you go yeah we got the ice ability very cool i want to get ice skate around i like it okay we're heading over we'll freeze you up i can just knock you into other stuff it's always cool oh so i wonder if i can unfreeze this fire here or on you'd stop the fire so i mean there you go get lots of food for it but no no more donuts where are my donuts at oh they sort of curve around the edge here that was cool okay so what's going on up here let me grab this before it disappears any other boxes for me any doughnuts up there i guess not we're just skating around so cool [Music] this is odd so far because we are still looking for oh okay invincible kenny was one of the challenges i didn't even see that sometimes they pop up and there's just too much action happening but the third one we're still missing so already the the challenges are sort of ramping up okay that's a capsule we'll gladly take that one but i believe that's gonna be it okay let's keep skating them we have more of the ice ability if we needed it luckily we're fine okay so something going on up here now that we've crawled those flames it's another little bottle d coming buddy don't you worry all right ready and almost gotcha there we go but now i'm dangerously over the spikes we're fine we're fine a little scary though see we're still looking for three more donuts i feel like we would have ran into some by now okay there's a donut [Music] so maybe i just had to look for more sparkly areas like that i just missed a couple i'll definitely have to try again later if we if we end up missing any i wonder if i can go over there [Music] or the trash cans gotta beat those up [Music] and this guy well there's another locker is this okay this is gonna be for another mystery maze kind of thing tipping over come on so we gotta go into the pie one but is there more than one pie one no there's just one pie one okay so with it being ripped up like that makes it seem like a bit of a mystery you know i can also take this one over another storage mouth he got the old computers over there too so what's in this room a room of mystery oh so that's the rest of the puzzle okay i think i understand we got our third capsule i believe destroy all that stuff too [Music] okay we can have this one so it'd be cake on the top left ice cream on the top right see that's a little bit confusing because that doesn't match up [Music] so i'm not exactly oh there are two cake shops i see now okay now that we've solved that little mystery hopefully we can find it any doughnuts back here no okay [Music] i'll get rid of all the enemies too because you get coins for it you know [Music] but i'm not really seeing too much else doesn't advertise it for the car that we've been flying around as [Music] okay gotcha so that's everybody around here let's just go for it we will try this room maybe we'll find more delectable treats so far not really hopefully i chose the right one oh hey here we go sorry guys it's all mine now [Music] but it sounds like there's a wallaby in this one am i supposed to just choose to write one or do i get all three okay that's good we saved yet and that's the fourth and final in wobble d so at least we found that and what do we have in here more coins okay gotcha oh and there is a little mystery up here will this be another donut it will be so i i think i must have missed a doughnut earlier on because i feel like we're coming up on the end of the level here but you never know [Music] okay there's a lot going on i want to sneak under this way if i can i cannot we're at the little he's gone he's out of here i don't know where the little needle guy went i love how they're just walking up the down the thing that's so adorable they're just doing their shopping they're hanging out whoa whoa that was awesome what a cool chain reaction so cool was ice cold okay so let's go and get rid of you just like that [Music] what's going on around here i do need to turn into the storage mouth again but i just wanted to make sure there's nothing else i don't see anything else let's go for it oh we're tipping over we gotta pull the the screws off their hinges this is gonna tear the whole wall down is this really a good idea kirby oh no watch out oh my gosh exciting okay let's split from that then and we could go and end the level but it looks like there's more to the right so i might want to check that out first [Music] we made our way through the mall that was so much fun what a cool level [Music] okay there's certainly some stuff up here i'm guessing i'm gonna need that ability but there's the last donut i finally found it boom four to four donuts this guy's gotta be chilling out here for a reason right there's gotta be something i could shoot at somewhere no i guess not maybe if i stand on the table [Music] not quite okay hmm weird thing just to have at the end i still don't have any cool that last one was but i guess we'll find out now that we have uh finished the level it'll usually tell us good job kirby another level completed stage cleared so we definitely didn't do bad we just didn't get everything now we get them all without getting lost ah but i was searching for stuff i was trying to find extra clintables because i didn't know what that last one was gonna be but we do get a little sign the lightroom work sign or the lightron the lightshot works company was a massive corporation that invested in research and development within all kinds of fields electro bio astro and more lightron eventually split up giving rise to many rival companies and countless heated corporate battles interesting we got some world building in a curvy game now we got shots out and then lastly gordo bar so cute that was awesome so we'll go through that level again and this time we won't get lost hopefully i will try my best there's that level done we got 9 out of 10 of them again can't believe it happened twice and it looks like is that enough to beat through this wall it is the brawl at the maw wow that looks interesting so we'll try that out soon the wall of these helped you open the gate that was blocking your way head into the stage and challenge the boss that's guarding this territory we also have more secrets popping up so i'll deal with all that soon enough right now we're back into a trip to a libel mall so that i can navigate them all without getting lost okay so i was able to do it this time i just went through the same way i did last time just didn't get lost this time and that's one of those ones where it's tough because i would have been able to do that first try if i had just known what the mission was but i guess it's sort of the mystery of it luckily it tells you after one try so you're not sort of fumbling around in the dark but i i got it done that's what matters so it looks like we have one last challenge over this way a lot of these saved and it was to take on this area's boss so that sounds exciting over here the brawl at the maw let's go for it oh man see we'll try this then we'll get all the extra small challenges done and then able to check out the wobble d-town now there's more waddle dee's there or something oh this is looking like it might be scary now just because we're here doesn't mean we don't have little missions to do it's a boss fight sure but we still have things we gotta accomplish getting rid of trash cans okay so yeah just trying to look around a little bit i'm not seeing too much just yet the farther we get in the more lights are on in the maw so it's like the more we're getting to get some more inhabited zone oven most of it's still closed off maybe if kirby keeps adventuring we can bring life back to this world you never know oh well what did i just do i guess if i press b twice i could do like a little ice roll that's cool oh there's bananas i think oh a big pile of delicious bananas don't mind if i do okay donkey kong would be proud [Music] what does that say oh no more no kirby's not on my watch okay so we could switch let's do the bomb ability a little bit hmm anything over this way i guess not getting on me over there there's gotta be some kind of secret somewhere like i can sneak onto this side but there's not much to do what about on this side it's glowing like there's something but there's not anything weird what is that whoa wait a minute is that a giant monkey what is going on uh oh no those were his bananas we just took weren't they uh no no run kirby huh hey don't squish me get off of me oh no you have some of the waddle dees oh no strong arm beast gorimoto or gurmando sorry the font was hard to read uh oh man this guy's huge this is not gonna be easy is it okay cuckoo go toss some bombs at him that worked oh the big swipe though that hurt no you don't you don't okay so when he's bringing his arm back he's gonna hit us with a big swipe whoa see all he got there was a handful of the bombs come on coca-cola watch it something that's close enough to hit him unfortunately but this is oh i didn't jump in time was too busy attacking there you go come on we're doing some numbers to him see sometimes he holds it there for a second trying to fake us out oh my goku go jump jump jump oh i just barely did it in time okay i'm a little too close for comfort or more than halfway through he's gonna stomp he's not happy okay dodge that one he's not done in fact it's angrier than ever oh he's spinning let's get out of there too close too close too close got him oh he's dizzy here's our chance here's a chance really hit him with this one okay watch out again he's gonna stop oh he just landed right on my bomb oh that hurt oh i need my ability back don't want to lose that now we're so close come on keep going keep going gotcha all right we defeated the the mighty gazmondo that was a tough one very exciting first boss of the game don't worry waddle dudes we saved ya clear within two minutes though so looks like we got some stuff done or one thing at the least i don't know what those other ones were though i looked everywhere at least as much as i could by the way that was still really awesome very quick level as well stage cleared so what were the other things then slipped through goro mondo gizmondo guomando's legs okay i'll try that so we only get revealed one thing at a time now that's a little weird but maybe if we like defeat the boss without taking damage or something you never know so just gotta keep doing it until we figure everything out i suppose which i feel like is more difficult than anything it's just sort of the trial and error of it all so let me give that a try oh so i guess we got brought to out of these town [Music] the waddle dees are rebuilding their town save as many as you can to open up new buildings and helpful resources okay this is so cute i didn't even realize they were gonna bring me here bottle d cinema is now open rewatch some memorable scenes on the big screen and whoa gotcha machine volume 1 is now available turn the crank to get a figure try to collect the whole side i would love to bottled u's weapon shop is now open head that here to make your copy abilities even stronger so there's a lot to do [Music] okay so it looks like he wants our attention there's a lot of people to talk to so i guess we could try to figure this out now but i still want to go back i don't know we'll take a look now this place has gotten much livelier now that the town folks are finding their way back the other wada ds said they really appreciate your help kirby i'm always ready to help too if you need a second player let me know just let me know by pressing the pause menu okay sounds good anything else to say you want to say the player okay not really so i could talk to you a lot of these or maybe not sorry sorry uh i guess i can't say anything that's all right hello what does elfin want to say oh look wallady's weapon shop is open looks like a quick way to grab coffee abilities i also heard that waddle dee's the wall of the inside knows a secret to growing stronger let's pay him a visit okay okay we're just gonna say the same thing so let's go inside then we can improve our items here apparently that sounds really interesting hey there welcome to waldo d's weapon shop i work with all types of copy abilities it's kind of my thing any copy abilities you find out there will become available in here pop in and grab one anytime oh and guess what else i can help you evolve those abilities to make them much stronger whoa this blueprint contains some incredible techniques we can use it to evolve your ability let's try evolving one right now already my tools thanks for waiting the cutter ability can now be evolved into chakram cutter [Music] thanks for waiting the fire ability can now be evolved into volcano fire so we have two new evolved abilities standing in front of the ability you want to evolve then press a to see the details sure this sounds really interesting cutter power okay what's going on to evolve this copy ability you'll need store coins and rare stones you can find rare stones on the treasure roads hidden throughout the world map try these those out i prepped everything in advance this time so we're all set just press a to evolve the ability so i guess we have enough for chakram cut our blueprint well thank you very much okay so this will cost 500 coins and 2 stars let's evolve it would you like to evolve the cutter ability into shock room cutter go for it whoa nice goggles look at them go so the cutter ability has now become the chakram cutter whoa yeah has above the shotgun cutter that is so cool so i guess this makes the ability stronger better all that kind of stuff success hold on the cutter ability has evolved in a shock room cutter if you find more blueprints just bring them to me i'll use them to evolve your abilities even further i didn't know i even found any blueprints but look at this so i can try throwing this around whoa that looks awesome i can throw two at once i can hold them there just like the old ones that looks great so let's try also upgrading our fire ability so we can also see a description of them so i haven't seen that over here we have the cutter swish i know i did see that so it's also a part of the uh when we collect it for the thing so maybe we'll see that for later either way volcano fire blueprint let's try it out evolve this thing for 500 and two more stars so i should use up the rest of our stars for right now we'll get more soon i've always all covered in grease and stuff really enjoys crafting there we go the fire ability has evolved into volcano fire wow so let's try this on oh my goodness volcano fire again everywhere and then we can oh wow it looks like we go farther with this too that's really cool okay so we'll have to keep exploring so that hopefully we find more blueprints when you get the fire ability run and jump then press b to blaze forward with a burn attack you can also use this ability to light cannon fuses and there's a lesser known cannon tip when the fuse is lit hop in the cannon and press lr to crouch that'll speed up the fuse oh i didn't realize that that's pretty cool so we can maybe go up to him with this and maybe he will i don't know what that said there ability is not [ __ ] the shock room cutter when you find this ability in a stage it will be set to shotgun cutter to match very cool so we could switch it back to the old one if we wanted to but i want to see if it gives us any tips the cutter ability lets you stop your attack in midair and charge it up hold down b after you throw once it's charged up let go of b to unleash a powerful return attack sounds good okay so we can head out of here i think there's still more things to do throughout town right but we could go back to the world map when you're ready to explore some more just hop on the warp star and fly to a new area so i think we will tackle that now i'll go to the new area what can i talk to you over there when the wada dudes were first being captured i thought i would end up all alone again but then i met you kirby and you worked so hard to save everyone and rebuild this town thank you kirby thank you so much of course my pleasure okay so we're gonna hop back in we can go to the little capsule machine and all that kind of stuff later in today's episode for right now though i want to go and complete the levels that are still available here in the first world even though as you can see we're unlocking the second world now everbay coast looks pretty cool you defeated the boss and opened up a new area so that'll be a ton of fun to explore in the next episode with the first level being abandoned beach but like i said we'll save that for the next episode for right now i'm heading back into natural plains and the broth mall to complete this 100 first we have to slip through gormando's legs okay here we go again i'm trying the sword ability this time please don't squish curvy so let's try slipping between your legs do i need to do that at a certain point in time the strong arm because gormando again or could i just you know see ya i guess so there we go so i'm going to try my best to defeat him without taking any damage which might be a bit difficult whoa yeah it might be a bit difficult but i'll do everything i can we might have to play it slow wait the plate's safe oh man he almost got me with that one that would have been scary [Music] because i gotta assume that's one of the challenges defeat without taking damage or maybe to take a limited amount of damage or something so we'll try our best at that let's get a little bit closer oh he's gonna grab me i just barely dodged it we really haven't done too much damage to him the problem is there's not too much more i can do besides you know just going up and giving him a swing like that oh no no no oh man that was close it seems like the the longer i use the same move though unfortunately the less damage it probably does i'd assume [Music] okay go go gotcha okay so that's also another opportunity is that when he's sort of turning back he just definitely does not take as much damage as when we were using the other ability though dodging it it's good oh that wasn't so bad so if we finish a combo on him that seems to do like a nice little strike of damage gotcha come on so far so good though with taking no damage just trying to keep it that way makes me think if i should throw i should drop the item and throw some of those stars at them i don't want to lose the sword [Music] whoa okay we almost have them halfway down don't oh man okay that was good that last swing is always a big one okay we got him a little bit there maybe i don't have to get as close to him as i i was thinking [Music] no jump oh darn it okay i took damage so we're not gonna worry about it too much here just gonna go all in so if i'm really close to him it also makes him miss the swipe i'm also not realizing the first balls isn't wispy woods what's going on here it took me that long to realize it see if i'm really really close like this at least the swipe doesn't hurt but when he does this tornado of course that's gonna hurt a little bit oh no my ability i need that please stop okay thank you oh he's real dizzy this is our chance [Music] come on a little bit more oh he's gonna he's gonna slam ow and there we go we did get him at the least so we got one thing done we went in between his legs so i just have to keep beating him over and over again that's where it sort of just gets a little tough it's like you have to keep beating him for it to tell you that might not be so bad now but when the boss fights get difficult later on that's gonna be a bit of a problem defeat gormando with the sword ability okay so that was lucky so just to find out what the last challenge is then which now that we've beaten this i think it'll tell us i sure hope so [Music] okay let's find out quit without taking any damage so i was right about that one so i'll try it again and try to not take any any damage this time okay so so far i've been doing pretty well we just got past this big tornado attack and i'm missing like crazy okay well i guess i just missed a huge opportunity there because i thought that was close enough sometimes the depth perception isn't the best i guess there we go so i i switched back to the bomb for this one because i felt more comfortable with it we have a bit more range on him okay he's gonna do that again where i guess i could you know toss a couple atom ah they don't really get too far do they run and run don't want to risk it too much okay now we go come on come on come on oh my god i almost got ah did i take damage i didn't that was so close i almost got hit there wow okay i think we finally did it that was super tough but there we go yep cleared without taking any damage geez so with that we've completed all the main levels of the first world we just need to do all the bonus stuff for those extra stars that's definitely gonna be worth doing stage cleared okay so without taking any damage back at the 1700 coins now looking pretty good so with that out of the way that's all the waddle deceived oh wobbly is saved like i said you saved all the wallabies in natural planes cool i don't know that's out of the way so we are going to look around a little bit and see which ones i still need to complete because as you can see there's a couple floating around but i think these two were done but this over here not so quite this is pop shots offending adventure that looks like a good time okay so we'll give it our best shot here treasure road so first thing i have to do is grab this i don't know what our time was needed but i'll just try to shoot through everything we have a thousand soda bottles so we can just go crazy i love it they don't go on forever though yeah i gotta reach that out okay keep going keep going gotcha destroy all those guys destroy that just trying to get through whatever i can i gotta be careful okay i think i got it good good good there's two well these guys mean business don't they this part's a bit tricky can't get my soda bottles passed out though i want to destroy all the enemies they'll be ruthless with it gotcha [Music] oh man so there's buttons on both sides i don't quite know what they do but oh gosh uh i sort of messed it up okay that's how i hit the button i want to get rid of that guy too but hard to aim it up okay we got it we have 50 seconds remaining this is very tricky i don't know if i hit the time limit but at the least we did get the star come on come on gotcha that was a fun one though very intense and 117. so we did it just barely in time we needed 120 awesome so with less than three seconds to spare we completed everything we needed to very fun okay so let's tackle the next area over this way it's very worth doing that as you can see because we get more of those stars fire treasure fast and fiery race to the cannon okay some more cannon racing at the fire ability that's always good so it's not the upgraded one that we just got earlier in today's episode oh i see so i think i need to hit that and then hit this because if not i would have just gotten stuck and yeah we can duck so that the the rope sort of goes through everything faster so that's sort of the tough thing is that oh man don't fall off and then one more over this way got it i don't know if enemies would block it off i guess it doesn't matter too much keep it going but if we really want to be fast here we got to destroy it all along the way oh that hurt me okay get up here and we're doing pretty well so far oh and that was it oh wow okay i thought there was gonna be more that one was actually a really quick one [Music] so we did 28 seconds we need 45's that one we cleared with flying colors glad to see it [Music] okay so with that done what else do we have going on i think there's another one china over here this is one of the ones we found uh cone mouth treasure this one's three stars we need to get it done in 45 seconds burst and rise a path full of pipes well we'll hope for the best so far it's been going pretty well so i can only imagine this one will continue of course first things first i need to pick it up and run over and slam got it so i guess getting rid of them isn't exactly necessary as long as we can get through pretty quick [Music] so we can go very risky with that oh boy because we sort of have a bit of a speed boost that happens when we slam it seems like it at the least but that did not land okay so gotta be careful my accuracy i'm running out of time 30 seconds remaining okay run kirby run what the jump didn't work oh no okay let's try again because that's gonna be way too much time i know i thought i pressed jump there but i must have pressed it too late but i got a better hand of it i handle of it now music here sort of reminds me of a splatoon in a while oh that hurt that's unfortunate but it is nice to know there's no external challenges we need to complete here it really is just getting it done quickly is all we need okay slam on that very risky to do it that way but it's working out wow okay sort of missed that one trying to get out of here before the bull notices me then we jump oh man barely made it and then we slam go go go oh boy that was close but i think we did it that should be under 30 seconds or whatever it was 45 okay phew even then just barely [Music] okay so with that out of the way only a couple more remaining there's another nice little star for us so we got that one done so there's this one and another one on the other side ranger treasure ready aim fire distant targets this one we need to complete in under a minute with the ranger these are always fun okay let's go for it huh okay see i gotta aim it silly got it so i can just start shooting as i'm sort of moving good way to prepare i suppose right there oh gosh that's not what i wanted to aim on but it's sort of locked on gotcha so far i don't think we're doing bad but it could be better [Music] okay that just barely hit it come on got it these guys shooting at me sort of make it a bit more difficult okay so i'm just gonna ignore these guys if i don't need to hit them might as well not worry and i think that was under a minute i guess we'll find out in a moment yep 45 seconds we're good that means there's one last one here in the natural planes so as you can see it's going to take us a while to get through everything in these episodes this episode's been over an hour now with the ice treasure freezing freeze and flying skating on ice under 40 seconds but it's definitely worth the effort to find everything there's lots of cool collectibles here okay let's go for it oh i need to mash being hold got you well that's really cool [Applause] okay this seems pretty simple to complete then oh my gotta cancel it pretty quick though and then jump over there you go yeah sort of hard to control your momentum we got to the end of that one what's over here even more gotta cut these corners pretty tight whoa almost there almost there final stretch and we made it awesome that was a fun one one of the easier ones i think so far but still lots of fun and we just barely did in time on the first try good to see so i think that that really is this whole first world fully complete maybe it'll tell us and we get the star so it doesn't quite but you can see here we got everything as far as i can tell so it doesn't really show you the oh no here's the treasure road list so we got all seven out of seven of them done pretty cool but it doesn't show you if that's actually all of them so hopefully we didn't miss anything but as far as i can tell we didn't so i guess at this point there really isn't anything else we can head back to walnuty town and really get a good look at this before we finish off today's episode because you know there are some things i missed for sure because i wanted to get back to that boss fight uh when you used an involved copy ability i grew a bit stronger too my spear will power up to match the evolution level of your copy abilities try it on co-op mode i'm glad i can keep up with you out there kirby kind of makes me feel like a real hero you know you are a real hero see i want to take a good look throughout town and just sort of see what's going on looks like one of these have been hard at work wanna take a look around yes so that's the arrival point oh that's where we sort of started with the the tutorial and everything that's neat so what's going inside going on inside the theater oh it's so nice in here a lot of these cinema welcome to waddle d cinema you can watch all kinds of movies here are you wondering why we built a cinema so soon well it's because entertainment is important so which movie would you like to watch kirby so we can rewatch any cutscene here as you can see obviously we don't really need to do that because we just saw them earlier today's episode you could always rewind the video if you want to see them again but free to stop at any time but it is neat to see this feature oh this is so cute i love this the little theater over there you got little kirby pamphlets advertisements for the the films [Music] well i definitely want to take a look at this over here and as as we save more waddle these this town will open up some more so we could open these up so that we can get more of them what do we get inside of this one we get blade night so i could do this for a couple minutes and we can see what we got i'm mostly excited for the three-star ones like this one this is the buffalo horn behold it's the brutal brutish buffalorn weak attacks won't stand a chance against this critters forward tackle good thing they have a hard time stopping if you're careful you can trick them into running off cliffs they'll be okay down there they're real tough okay i'm glad to know i was a little concerned when we saw one fall off before what about this one this is the star block that's a one star they're not too expensive to be honest [Music] and we have okay so we got a repeat the electron works on we already have one of these so we can get duplicates i don't know what we do with the duplicates if maybe we can recycle them or something oh nice we get the uh needle ability needle ouch careful with those spikes jab enemies in place or pick them up by rolling around nap a whole bunch of them together then launch them all off at once pow okay so we'll do a couple more [Music] got the cherry what about inside of this one oh it's a little wobbly captured waddledy one of the waddledee's being held captive by the fearsome beast pack there are so many out there waiting to be saved you can almost hear them calling for help let me out let me out wait you hear that too one of them must be nearby okay interesting okay so in this one we got a gordo bar we already had one a little bit of a disappointment i don't like getting the duplicates inside of here the pop flower so i wonder how many different volumes there are [Music] star coin that's a new one so i can speed it up too by pressing it which one i want to do whoa the four star strong arm beast gora mondo goramando considers the local shopping mall to be his personal territory as part of the beast's pack executive council he's in charge of capturing bottledee's and gathering food he tends to eat all the fruit himself he just can't help it this behavior has earned him an earnful an earful from his boss more than once which we don't know too much about i wonder whose boss says that's cool we got one that's probably the rarest one and we got a hot head so cute what about this one the traffic cone [Music] and also bomb hold down the button to aim and throw got it hold aim throw throw hit boom you can run around them too or roll them ahead of you to get an explosive strike okay looking good we got bronto burt classic kirby enemy from the very first kirby game which we played a few weeks ago we got the car again actually no this is our first time carmoth kirby kirby gained the mysterious mouthful mode ability after he flew through that four attacks now he can stuff an entire car into his mouth when he does he turns into a peppy pink car that can jump and use turbo dash it's a nice day for a scenic drive turn up the radio that sounds like fun i'm still happy about that oh buddy cutscene we saw before and we got a melon i think i'll open five more here oh we get sword kirby slice through this new world as a sword-wielding green-hatted hero try charging up before you swing for extra power train hard and become this world's new sword master okay so four more we get another one back to back okay we'll get the bomb block that's new at the least gabon that was an enemy we ran into tangerine and then one more for now let's explore the rest of town and we get chilly very nice see i'll leave this for the time being yeah i can't change the volume i don't know when i unlock new volumes is the thing well i do that you know with each world of their several different worlds and several different volumes for each one because we got 32 out of 79 so we could be at that for a while as you can see but it's good because we got this last one here the fact that it ends with that boss makes me think that each world has one volume yeah i could go back into the store and see if we can't upgrade some of the other stuff to use the bomb ability hold down b to aim then release to throw a bomb forward it looks like not quite i don't know where i find those those blueprints out i feel like i haven't actually seen them but it looks like as you can see there are other things being built here oh we can get a maximum tomato that's nice but we need four more walled these to unlock whatever that is so i guess we'll have to explore that in the next episode also over here four more wattages for that so there is definitely more to enjoy throughout the town as we explore the rest of the game so next episode we'll tackle the second world and enjoy more of this brand new kirby adventure i hope you guys had as much fun as i did and if so stay tuned for the next episode it's coming up real soon but that being said that is gonna wrap it up for today's episode of kirby and the forgotten land thank you guys so much for watching i'll see you next time bye bye [Music]Watch at: 00:20 / 00:40Watch at: 00:40 / 01:00Watch at: 01:00 / 01:20Watch at: 01:20 / 01:40Watch at: 01:40 / 02:00Watch at: 02:00 / 02:20Watch at: 02:20 / 02:40Watch at: 02:40 / 03:00Watch at: 03:00 / 03:20Watch at: 03:20 / 03:40Watch at: 03:40 / 04:00Watch at: 04:00 / 04:20Watch at: 04:20 / 04:40Watch at: 04:40 / 05:00Watch at: 05:00 / 05:20Watch 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at: 01:37:00 / 01:37:20Watch at: 01:37:20 / 01:37:40Watch at: 01:37:40 / 01:38:00Watch at: 01:38:00 / 01:38:20Watch at: 01:38:20 / 01:38:40Watch at: 01:38:40 / 01:39:00Watch at: 01:39:00 / 01:39:20Watch at: 01:39:20 / 01:39:40Watch at: 01:39:40 / 01:40:00Watch at: 01:40:00 / 01:40:20Watch at: 01:40:20 / 01:40:40Watch at: 01:40:40 / 01:41:00Watch at: 01:41:00 / 01:41:20Watch at: 01:41:20 / 01:41:40Watch at: 01:41:40 / 01:42:00Watch at: 01:42:00 / 01:42:20Watch at: 01:42:20 / 01:42:40Watch at: 01:42:40 / 01:43:00Watch at: 01:43:00 / 01:43:20Watch at: 01:43:20 / 01:43:40Watch at: 01:43:40 / 01:44:00Watch at: 01:44:00 / 01:44:20Watch at: 01:44:20 / 01:44:40Watch at: 01:44:40 / 01:45:00Watch at: 01:45:00 / 01:45:20Watch at: 01:45:20 / 01:45:40Watch at: 01:45:40 / 01:46:00Watch at: 01:46:00 / 01:46:20Watch at: 01:46:20 / 01:46:40Watch at: 01:46:40 / 01:47:00Watch at: 01:47:00 / 01:47:20Watch at: 01:47:20 / 01:47:40Watch at: 01:47:40 / 01:48:00Watch at: 01:48:00 / 01:48:20Watch at: 01:48:20 / 01:48:40Watch at: 01:48:40 / 01:49:00Watch at: 01:49:00 / 01:49:20Watch at: 01:49:20 / 01:49:40Watch at: 01:49:40 / 01:50:00

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