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    SearchThisVideo: NHL 18 PC – Vegas Golden Knights-Carilona Hurricanes

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    Watch video at 00:00

    RBC Center in Raleigh North Carolina get

    those fingers warmed up folks

    I'm Jim Houston with Craig Simpson we've

    got a heck of a battle for you tonight

    between the Carolina Hurricanes and Las

    Vegas this should be a very close game

    both these teams move the puck extremely

    well Jim this one will come down to

    defense the team that does a better job

    of taking away the passing lanes should




    here's a look at tonight's official

    Timmy doesn't seem to let the players

    get away with a lot of hitting that's

    right but I've also noticed he's a

    little more lenient on the obstruction

    calls ready to drop the puck for the

    opening face huh


    for Las Vegas he gets called for


    I can't see how that was worth the two

    minute penalty

    Carolina is about to go to work on its

    first power play of the game let's see

    if they can catch it you want us

    power-play early even if you don't score

    build confidence and keeps momentum

    going across put this up turned aside

    out of their defensive end show

    brings it up over the blue line a

    devastating hit brings it up moved ahead

    and over the line

    intercepted over siddur moves back into

    the attacking zone late it's getting

    rough up there brings it up nope it's

    getting pretty intense down there

    Fleury denies him one-timer quick pass

    out that was a big league body

    check how does their defensive end and

    flying another hit like that and sparks

    will fly at Center in over the line in

    see stars and he ever


    what a great move that was absolutely

    that was a backbreaker of a goal Las

    Vegas with a quick goal to open the

    contest too fast offense paid off and we

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    have a one goal game mister him show his

    trick movement into this action zone


    brings it up over the line dude see


    shut and



    say bye furry

    quick pass up brings it up plans as the

    puck is shot into the crowd

    and here's the visitors starting lineup

    for this game

    they're getting ready for the face-off

    the faceoff goes to Las Vegas into the

    attacking zone moved over gets the shot

    off big save out of their defensive end

    over the line knocked him off the pot

    brings it out over the blue line muscle

    dr. Park

    passed to the point and this they've got

    it offside


    the players are lining up at the faceoff


    asked up to the neutral zone in over the


    it'd be tough to track that one down

    right in front goal to to stop that and

    the play is offside


    we're ready for the face hop


    the faceoff goes to Carolina into the

    attacking zone

    18,000 referees in the state

    over the line


    dude flurry reached out to the puck

    across crushed excellent physical play

    weight across

    and over the line to say


    very brings it up bro that's showing


    right in sticks and Eve


    over the line he's getting called for



    Las Vegas is about to go on the

    powerplay for the first time in this

    game and they've got some good finishers

    in your lineup but they like to keep it

    simple point shots with lots of traffic

    in front and saved by furry collateral

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00


    mrs. brings it up in over the line show

    played back in the corner

    knocked over Jim how's a major-league



    across over the blue line so in behind

    over the line

    behind his neck


    brings it up

    move down there some physical play

    behind the net moved across out of there

    defensive end into the attacking zone

    with a flat top

    and that's offside


    coaching success before joined the NHL

    ranks la Jean Laviolette led the

    Providence Bruins to a Calder Cup an

    accomplishment which earned him Coach of

    the Year honor

    that was a throwdown

    I could fill that one from here Las

    Vegas gets called on a two line pass

    over Las Vegas is over one of the main

    advantages the penalty expires in behind

    brings it up in over the law he scores

    and it's to nothing

    this is what's so great about the wrist

    shot it's not as fast as a slap shot but

    it's quicker to get up and way more

    accurate the faceoff goes to Carolina

    played back


    lateral pecs brings it up


    these chicks keep everyone on their toes

    Jim passed across over the


    over the blue line


    played up

    shucks into the attacking zone

    great contact


    across Frankton you can hear that one up


    a great job of stepping up

    the crowds upset no penalty call and

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    over the line


    yeah there goes the horn as the period

    comes to an end - nothing to score as we

    head to the ring


    ideo doesnt contain sound due to youtube licence

    This is only beta version, full version will be available for free on 1. January.

    Watch the Source Video Here!

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    1. I didn’t realize NHL 2005 mods were a thing, or did you just use files from 04Rebuilt and extract them onto 2005? Either way, very cool, even with the overt sweaty players lol


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