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SearchThisVideo: NHL 20 – Be A Pro Career – Let's Play – Part 1 – "Player Creation" | DanQ8000

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what's going on ladies and gentlemen its
stand here and guys I want to welcome
you to NHL 20 and the be a pro career
mode we are jumping back in new year new
career for NHL I'm excited to jump in
only thing I'm not excited about is
honestly if this is another Carbon Copy
in the last three or four games or
however long it's been basically the
last few careers have been identical
mostly to the exact like the mode this
mode itself has been just copy-paste
every time the creative player has been
exactly the same there's it's just it
hasn't really given me a whole lot to
look forward to in terms of new content
what I do like though is trying out new
things and jumping to a new team play
with new players things like that so
those are always good because you get
drafted based on how good you are and
every team usually changes number one
draft pick goes to a different team
almost every year so you always get
something at least new to try so anyway
guys hope you're ready to rock and roll
with my last play of the NHL 20 be a pro
career if you are be sure to hit that
like button helps out a lot comment
below your thoughts on this what do you
think they're gonna change
is there anything gonna change let me
know in the comments below and also
share the video so we can get this out
to more team 8,000 members but anyway
guys without any further ado let's jump
in to the beam pro career alright let's
kick things off they've done a lot of
the background is really different now
the biggest thing between the career
modes that we've been talking about
there we go
is the fact that they haven't put my
last name in the game when it comes to
playmaker no I'm usually a power forward
I don't want to have power for
play-by-play name this man I swear if
they don't have Quinn again I'm gonna be
so mad they don't it's literally that is
so pathetic I cannot believe it and I
say this every year there's been a lot
of Quinn's
in the National Hockey League whether it
be playing or coaching or whatever
there's been tons of Quinn's
I just don't understand the thought
process behind it I remember I was
talking my brother about that and I
camera which name he picked but the one
I end up defaulting these days guys I
can't believe it
they don't have Quinn what's the story
why my name is fairly common key magic
going through all these they have three
slap shot it is for yet another season
ladies and gentlemen it's so bad oh man
alright well detail this part this stuff
we get wait did I just do the details
yeah I did our handedness is left shot
style what's the difference that's new
let's look that's more vertical like
more straight out more of less of a [ __ ]

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

back that's not as high up that's more
side that's that's not much
I want to wind up my dudes I'm thinking
one might be our winner one or two oh
that's a high and that's a good one
let me see that do that again let me see
it again bro that's not bad
oh wait nine how many they're very
subtle differences you really have to
pay attention to know what the
difference is that one's pretty low see
they're very similar that one he's
looking down 12 how many are there we
don't have time for all this let's see
one again not as high that one goes
pretty high out I think eight was my
jamm wants to go through faster your
favorite number I think I'll take that
six foot tall 200 pounds is a really
good weight I'd say fighter sometimes
birth month January birthday fourth the
upside to this though is we can actually
pick my proper city it's usually it's
rare where my city is actually in the
game but since there's a team here we
can pick our hometown which is pretty
cool all right cool
all right we're done with that the deets
are done the appearance this doesn't
matter cuz I throw a beard on him really
honestly I'm pretty sure the last few
years I've ended up picking the same
head and I think I might do the same
thing alright so we're gonna jump right
off the bat and I this has been if it's
the same thing let me see it is the same
yep that is what I had but again we're
throwing a beard on it so it's not gonna
matter I can't believe this is copy and
paste it actually I can it's EA who we
talked who we came here alright the eye
I'm kind of a I'm a I'm neither yellow
huh my eyes are kind of a blue gray
green if that makes sense like an
aquamarine so I'm probably gonna leave
it blue for that so I don't they don't
have blue gray aqua
uh-uh about to worried I need to apply
something fairly bushy that's fairly
tapered let me look at this bad boy
that's no different Madhu
can we stop a quality oh god no that's
I don't understand how that looks any
different from the other one it's just
like trim your [ __ ] man like these
eyebrows look horrible I'm taking that
one cuz that's the only one that's
slightly decent honestly eyebrow color
dark brown everybody's got to be the DB
my son
everything's dB alright let's back it up
hair I don't think this really matters
as well current hair style is actually
similar to something he's got at the
moment but we're not gonna be looking
through all of these so I kind of owe
the ya're ya're hair I love it

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

that man has ripped that hairstyle for
as long as possible that's true hockey
hair and it's fat and it's what are we
thinking today I kind of like that
actually it's gonna be under helmet man
it doesn't matter maybe thirty seven a
little more faux hockey though pun
intended but I will pretend I meant to
say that I'm more about I part my hair
my hair's parted on the left so swoop
right so there's like a swoop right
option but sometimes I spiked it it just
depends on feeling I'm feeling a little
saucy you know I'm going with that 25
why not
we just got changed a hair color to dark
brown which is very similar see it just
looks a little darkly it's just not as
black really it's not as black alright
the beard let's full send here guys
I love the lengths though full and then
you can do the met I don't like the wild
man it's a little too untrimmed you know
it's just not clean partial
I recently got a beard trim a very
dramatic beard trim to the point where I
don't know why they're doing that it is
a full beard still my beard is actually
like that now but a little longer it's
longer than that it's much longer well
it was a pretty dramatic trim compared
to what I used to have used to have them
full long but we can go ahead and change
why is it gone
Oh clean-shaven there you go the stubs
I look so good though man I'm just doing
it I'm sending it the lacking of a razor
and the playoff beard max like I don't
think I can go any longer than that you
just kind of dumb honestly it should be
able to go longer than that all right
the be your color I think is black no
it's dark brown okay come on looking
good my dude you're looking good all
right that's good for the beard now
we've got to choose your equipment
helmet again it's just it's what kind of
a brand snob you are right it doesn't
matter I'm partial to a bower but or I
really don't care the cage I guess
depends what the college helmet CCM v10
growing up I had a few Bowers and some
CCMS well it's pretty Juden pretty
generic I do like that though let's go
with that the tax seven ten all right do
we want any ear guard I'm gonna probably
keep it fairly clean usually I do keep
the visor I know nothing will really
happen to you but I if this were like

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

legit and I was actually in the NHL I
would wear a visor I would protect my I
would also wear a mouth guard don't
worry about the tint all right shoulder
pads I usually go with the low profile
yeah just the more though
like cuz I feel like if you're an
enforce you need the big boys jersey
talk I was never a fan of the Jersey
tuck dunt dunt defend he looks good
he's looking quality all right well
anyway we're not gonna do a single talk
I'm not worried about that not too
worried about it
mouth guard I will give him a mouth
guard I can't wear what we can give them
I think we have very limited options at
the first at the start on or off well
yeah let's give him mouth guard
all right let's protect his goods mouth
guard material solid I gotta look better
I would just say it with a color I think
we'll do like a team color there's
probably going to be team color unless
we want it clear actually I'm gonna go I
think I'd lose translucent
I don't know actually actually I think
for that I'm actually gonna turn it off
cuz we got to be happy which I mean I
would wear a mouthguard to protect those
teeth those chompers but it's a video
alright so really again these aren't we
get matched and go full CCM there are a
few different ones that weren't in it
before the Warriors these warrior
coverts these were these weren't almost
all of them pretty chin pretty standard
see it changes to the team color that's
how you know what you're wearing
maybe I should go CCM to match I'll go
CCM to match the look this time we won't
we won't miss match will go CCM alright
the stick stick tight this one it
doesn't matter it's just pick your color
I think we'll go with a more neutral
black the CCM ribcor that looks pretty
good this one's got a bit of green tint
to it pretty nice I ended up going with
like a blue tint I cover what stick I
ended up getting it's probably here
warrior alpha the old wood the Titan
retro I had one of these I'm not a Titan
but it was a Sherwood retro that's what
it was I had a Sherwood
I literally have this stick as a kid I
like that that warrior covert sick
actually I'm gonna rep that actually
looks dope but your team color is gonna

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

be different that's the thing you don't
know what team you're getting Tiger
are these colors like a cure for
blindness can't really see it very well
I know it's my I kind of want to go
black though sticks up
all right let me see shaft tape color so
if I just do this hold on I can't really
tell the difference they don't really do
a good job other than changing the color
let's do none and then change it to
black I'm gonna go with a darkened kind
of stealth look but you have to oh wait
hold on Zone one
standard colors just black it out black
works with everything Madhu's and plus
our skates and all that we're gonna be
black make it all black alright blade
tape texture I'm cool with the way it is
I think let me see this is a little new
so this is yeah this is what's different
they added this this is new we can go a
little nutty if we want something kind
of red and blue to match the stick yeah
you weren't able to change this before
they've added a few more customizable
options lay tape though I will switch to
a black out I think it looks a little
more clean a little more stealth
all right shaft tape style I don't think
I want that I don't think we're gonna do
one Oh a short long or candy-cane
depends what you're diggin I used I had
a candy cane setup once
I'll rap the short though the shorts
fine play tape style I think we're gonna
leave it dead in the middle you can do a
shorter long small toe no toe at all
half half note oh no I'm just gonna rep
the standard most coverage good stuff
all right the socks and pants the pan
length I like longer I think it looks
if you're tucking I'd say short pants
but we'll do a long long pant sock tuck
I don't like wait I do I think I do full
sock tuck cuz I I mean just it's it's it
just looks better in my opinion you know
show the skates sock tape stick tight
knee let's rotate you my dude can't even

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

see this oh I see it's underneath we'll
do a standard knee get to talk to my
alright sock tape material glossy
translucent gloss matte opaque oh it is
there you just can't see it no leave it
there like a nice clean look
all right in the skate to the final
thing skate tight look for some CCMS I'm
thinking to match the look something
clean though no greens the tax well we
have the tax but the wrong color ribcor
true hockey honestly the Bower is look
so much cleaner they've got the blue and
they match my stick the CCM is dull I
can do the red CCMS kind of match the
stick a little
but I don't like how much white is in
there I think will relieve though the
skates will be Bauer's skate lace color
so one is let's just black in this wait
do we want white or black skates blacks
case look pretty sick actually
yeah you can do an alternate that's kind
of neat actually all right the blade of
colder color we just black up the whole
skate if we want I've never been able to
I've never done that
I like the black down skate so they look
sick bro what does this one look like
team in recent let's see standard colors
okay see what they're talking about
I can't really tell so I'll just block
it out as well there you go good enough
yeah see we weren't able to do this
before this is pretty cool
I don't usually rap the skate guards I
don't think
I think they look a little tacky
carbon fiber yeah I think they look a
little little silly full guard yeah I
don't like him
I understand why you'd have them but I
think we'll leave it there alright my
friend you're looking crisp good stuff
alright presentation this is like your
your your celebrations the archer I
remember a lot of these the autograph
played page called Toronto you haha the

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

clip I camera which one I did I think I
ended up doing the the yeah he's losing
it look at him go he doesn't even know
what's up he doesn't even know which way
is up
that's a kayak I love that marching band
mr. make some snow angel that's amazing
honestly you shut up shut shut shut shut
your mouth the solute dancing off the
luck dancing ride the stick Liberty
I like this simple I like the simple
stuff like you know just a quick pump
low pump these like do people really I
let make some noise is pretty clean fist
pump not like that no I like the low
like you drop to a knee the bow oh wait
oh yeah they take about the worm I think
I added a dab last year didn't I yeah I
did that was what I did last year we got
to switch it up the other till 90 for
celebration hell yeah bro taking it back
dude that is impressive the clay pigeon
the deadlift look at the deadlift that's
doing that right on the ice that's
LeBron that's LeBron right there guys
look look that's the Bron after a dunk
play it let me see it
he won't play it anymore self-portrait
selfie let it snow
there's a lot I think there's a few more
in this one to the sky yeah that's where
I'm gonna be my name is gonna be in
those rafters there you go
oh I checked the name yeah bro the
McDavid Conor Mac don't want to steal
Conor Mac
bowling chopping humble fist-pump humble
humbles good let me see it again
play it hey no it doesn't play it
I like that too though I want a little
more a little more a little more gusto
I don't be a total douche out there on
the ice humble stick raise like thank
you the soccer star yeah salty
Oh who's salty out there by the ropes I
like that one too the trombone oh man
yeah so snoop d-o-double-g solo fist

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

bump do it too you know that's just
embarrassing the diving dab that's that
one kid remember on the other slip and
slide chest found the Eagle the Matthews
and the March I don't know might do
something a little humble
let's do that I honestly like the humble
look this time let's not be a total
douche I like it alright there it is and
our man he's ready to go I'm ready to
save alright ladies and gentlemen so
before we go into this I'm gonna go
ahead and split this video here and then
we'll get started
but either way guys I hope you enjoyed
this video if you didn't do me a favor
hit that like button let me know your
thoughts in the comments below if you
have you ever like and follow my pages
on social media Facebook on slash Thank
You 8000 for live streams on the content
Twitter dank u 8000 Instagram de to 8000
and snapchat dank u 8000 you want to get
yourself a shirt a hoodie link in the
description wanna save 10% of your next
dxracer and link in the description be
sure to use the promo code dank u 8000
at checkout alright guys thank you so
much again
take it easy have a wonderful day I'll
be seeing you soon for more content but
until then attend things over to Knox
Hill have a good one guys
trouble while in wild own these valleys
and you 8,000 wait a minute hold that
stylus now dad got a mini jack
we still ride in Titan splatters get him
siren see shots flying so we're driving
by your back if they involve in LA
I mean there's no flag no see them
haters try to run with us to go need
inhalers got to read them ha just like
Darth Vader flight you scrap your
restful Bay this night in Vegas get like
save myself for the shooters moves like
trash to bed and true they've got that
Glock in got them one foots just press
play I'll keep it moving it's not still
you damn fools keep it fresh like canned
food there ain't nothing we can't do so
tune in to that day and kill

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  1. My pro can score 100+ points but still get bumped down a line if I sim 5 or more games. Why give a option to sim games if I get penalized for it? Fuck you EA.


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