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SearchThisVideo: NHL 21 Be A Pro Career – Part 1 – The Beginning

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what's up guys and welcome to the star
of a brand new series here on the
channel this
is gonna be a good one welcome to our
first time ever playing
nhl via pro career mode
so it's no secret that we love career
modes on this channel whether we're
talking about nba 2k or madden or fifa
or f1 or anything else we just love
diving in
to this fantasy of being a professional
athlete or doing
some sort of a job even if we're a
correctional officer in a prison you
know what i mean like
it's just it's fun to pretend you're
something that you're not so i'm excited
about this now
uh for nhl for hockey i don't really
have like
i would consider myself just a very
light fan like i grew up in champaign
illinois so obviously i
was following the blackhawks and watched
them when i lived in la i went to a few
kings games living down here i've gone
to a few lightning games
i actually really like going to solar
bears games which they're an echl team
here in orlando
it's just it's a lot of fun to go with
friends and have a few drinks and just
hang out so
i i i kind of know the sport but i'm not
any sort of an expert it's not like i
a ton of the players outside of the the
main guys that everybody thinks of so
it's gonna be interesting i'm definitely
gonna have some new things to learn i
don't really have a lot of experience
playing in hl games either so
that's gonna be interesting we're gonna
see what we can do and i'm hoping it's
pretty good i've seen a lot of people
requesting this be a pro series so
let's just uh let's hop into it here
starting from humble beginnings
nhl super agent taylor mackey joins us
here on the line who represents the
hottest most anticipated prospect in
taylor give us some 4-1-1 on the kid
here hey morning james well look you may
not believe this but
the kids up here on carter lake what's
what's playing pickup yeah with a bunch
of other kids
just it's a beautiful day pricey pond
hockey you got going there
yeah i suppose it is but look that's how
much this kid loves the game man
well just safety first up there now of
i gotta ask you we've seen the scouting
reports we've seen the highlights but
we know about the player but tell me
more about the person what's this rookie
really like
yeah sure james uh let's begin by
telling your listeners at home the kid's
all right so that's going to lead us
right into our uh
character creation here i like that dude
that's usually the game's just going to
throw you right into it we got little
cut scenes and transitions leading into
it this is this is going to be good baby
so here we go let's hop into it we're
going to be a male
we could choose from our different heads
here let's see if we can
find one that looks somewhat
decent i feel like that's not bad i'm
gonna go with with head 108 right here
so we've got
that equipment wise we're gonna be able
to pick out some
different helmets we're not gonna want
like a full shield or anything that's
for sure
i'm gonna go with the bauer react 100
and we want the react
200 what do you guys think the 200 looks
pretty sick
the cms um shoot dude
i mean like i said i don't really know
what i'm doing here i'm going to go with
the ccm tax 710

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

looks good to me we've got ear guards
i'll take a puck to the ear all day
we've got straight bauer curved bauer
aviator oh that's kind of cool high
tilting i'm gonna go with tilt it i'm
gonna take some pucks to face we're
gonna lose some teeth but it's it's fine
visor tint do we want some tints in
there i might tint it out a little bit i
feel like that's kind of cool
we go with a white tent that's
interesting maybe like a sky
tent i don't even know who we're gonna
be playing for yet so i'm just gonna i'm
gonna keep it
nice and nice and easy there we've got
shoulder pads we want big
or small shoulder pads i'm gonna stay
small we want to be really
limber and able to move around quite a
bit i'm gonna say let's uh
let's do kind of like a little left tuck
there dude that's one thing
if you want me to be honest i think
i would hate the most about playing
hockey is all the padding and stuff i
it would i feel like it would drive me
nuts i i just i
i don't know i don't like being all
bundled up even when it's cold outside i
don't like wearing tons of coats and
stuff and i just i
feel like you get so hot in that um
i don't know just always i've always
thought it looked a little bit a little
bit miserable i'm not gonna lie maybe
some of you guys have played hockey and
we'll uh we'll have the lowdown on that
i'm thinking we should probably wait to
do a lot of this until we actually have
a team and we know we're going to be
looking like
i don't really want to customize our
equipment now and then not have anything
matching or anything like that
got different goal celebrations and get
down and
do one of these i like that what is this
clay pigeon
throw it up bang got him slinger
on ooh encore dude that is sick
guitar solo dude they have some
really good ones unleash the beast baby
out of control
liberty we got salute
let's go see that that's kind of cool
just because it's not as crazy we got
jump dude there are let it snow
i'm gonna go with let it snow there we
go we don't want to uh oh the frozen
behavior what kind of behavior do we
want shot styles
dude see this this is crazy i i think i
think we're going to come back to this
later i kind of want to just get into
the thing
i'm sure we can we can we can edit this
at some point
go ahead and save our changes comment
created pro
nice now we're going to be able to be
able to do our thing so
archetype here do we want to be a sniper
when on the rush diapers will shoot
versus passer deep they are great at
getting open the slot or at the top of
the circles
playmakers are the best passers on the
team often end up on the boards are
behind the net and suspicion of making
the perfect pass
power forwards beat the demon to the
outside and power their way to the net
they are great in front of the net or
down low in the corners
two way forwards are more proficient at
either end of the rink grinders the best
back cheaters in the team are known to
always finish their texts using their
body instead of the poke check or
enforcers help the team
fighting spark their physical play as
well as protecting their star players

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

i would just say we probably i mean
it'd be cool to model ourselves after
i was thinking a two-way player but it
looks like they've got really bad
fighting skills so i'm
i'm thinking i might i might go with
sniper i'm gonna go with sniper and
we'll we'll just see what happens so
start the memorial cup
we've got the tournament then the nhl
entry draft nhl preseason regular season
stanley cup playoffs and the awards
at the end of the year sounds good to me
so our team who do we want to play with
we're to play the whl the ohl of the
i don't even know who these are these
are all canadian hockey teams right i'm
just looking through trying to try to
pick something that looks interesting to
the guelph storm hamilton bulldogs
ooh the rangers there london knights
mississauga steelheads
niagara ice dogs oh i was gonna pick
them but they're not very good we
definitely want to be on a good team
the generals the owen sound attack i'm
down for that let's let's do
it all right trevor martin
of the owen sound attack literally
doesn't even know
who he's playing for what's happening i
want to try to put uh do we got
uh it'd be nice to have some some
subtitles on vibration
no i don't know if they have subtitles
i've looked all over this thing all
right well we're just we're gonna rock
with it here we go
let's get it if you want me to be honest
i'm not even sure how to shoot i'm
assuming it's right
stick you probably pull it back and then
go forward
i don't know how to pass we probably
should have done some of the tutorials
first but
we're just gonna hop into this and we'll
figure it out better to talk about the
upcoming memorial cup than a guy who's
actually hoisted the trophy
ray ferraro does that conjure up some
memories there for you
yeah you bet it does what a what an
awesome time in your career you
it's the most important games that
you've played in your life really until
that time and
now for most of these players it it'll
be the biggest games they ever play
but there's also nhl scouts here there's
draft rankings on the line this is a
fantastic tournament to play in 1983 has
been a few years
old i do because it turned out
as it turned out rather that's the only
tournament we ever won
the only one i was ever on the winning
side of meeting up with our agent
taylor mckay hey trevor you're on the
verge of being drafted into the nhl
where you get trapped it depends on how
well you do in this tournament so go out
there and impress the scouts with your
i think you can go first overall well
that would be nice
got a neutral response another neutral
response or another neutral response so
we can't be like fiery or anything yet
i'm gonna say uh i know tiller this is a
pretty big moment for me thank you very
much for your support
sure trump your family and i support you
for real thank you oh don't forget to
build up your personal brand along the
way i might just open up endorsement
opportunities for you
thanks for looking out for me bro
appreciate it
nice gotta get those sponsorships baby

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

so here we go we are just simming ahead
till we get to our uh
our first game here looks like this is
going to be
likability the answers you choose will
impact the players personality and how
we were perceived
the meters affected our brand management
and teammates
all right management and teammate can be
tied to team responses management
likability affects how fast you move up
and down lines and if low enough be
high teammate likability will give your
teammates a boost in ratings if low
enough they may not pass you the puck
if you're not the perfect spot expect to
see fewer interactions off the ice as
interesting so we really have to be
careful about what we say here
brand impact is tied to star responses
affects the number of followers and
money earned from endorsements higher
brand levels unlock salary perks you
could buy which give your player the
edge on the ice
what path will you take the team and
start path will give you different
team path will give you safer challenges
and the rules affect the likability and
line scores start path
provide a riskier challenge but with
greater rewards such as attribute boosts
trait and specialization points coach
harry mcnabb
trev how are you doing i wanted to talk
to you regarding our first tournament
game you understand it's a big deal for
the team right
i'm going to say
i'm going to say yeah of course i know
it's really important to us i'm gonna do
my best no doubt about it
great to you trev will help you lead the
team to victory in a game i need to give
it your all
whatever is needed coach that's uh i'm
more than happy to oblige
perfect good to hear i'm sure everyone
appreciate it as much as i do so our
promise explanation is to win the game
and we're going to get some likability
from that
so those are little challenges you can
have like team-based challenges or
personal based challenges
it's going to win the game and uh
that's all there is to it i think we
could do that
now before we get to this first game we
do have some skill points we can spend
so we've got shooting we've got you know
shot power and accuracy we've got
puck skills soft hands pass
master senses skating
upgrade our skating abilities i'm sure
we can you know kind of
upgrade our acceleration and our speed
and stuff like that
physical dude this is this is sick
dialogue to help us out in those
specialties all kinds of stuff so we can
we can activate a specialty right now
i'm going to say long-range shooting
do we want long-range shooting or
short-range shooting i'm going to say
i mean let's should we get this first
we want to purchase it or no do we want
to spin those those points yet
i'm gonna say long range shooting
because we did we did choose sniper so
i'm gonna go with that i'm gonna go back
to our shooting i'm gonna say let's
let's grab
cannon shot here we're gonna purchase
this trait we're gonna get cannon shot
level two
grab that as well and then i'm gonna say
let's let's work on our slap shot power
so we can start going down that then i'm
thinking we definitely i mean accuracy
is obviously gonna be important i'm
gonna grab marksman as well we've got
three skill points left after this
i'm gonna say slap shot accuracy let's

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

focus on our slapper
we're gonna see if we can really kind of
kind of send that thing in there then
i'm thinking uh
pass master work on our our passing and
our hand-eye coordination
deflections accurate i'm gonna go
accurate passes
i'm gonna try to be a bit of a team
player so that looks good to me we've
got some more trait points we could uh
actually we should we should probably do
one more
trade point huh i didn't realize we
hadn't had one left
um i'm gonna say let's get uh
let's get let's get skating we're gonna
start working on our speed it'd be nice
to be able to get some some higher speed
and accelerations and stuff
so that looks pretty good i'm happy with
that let's uh let's go ahead and hop in
i mean let's let's just do it dude
we're just we're going to go to our game
the memorial cup round robin tournament
we got our first game here custom period
length uh i'm going to say
let's just do quick periods sounds good
to me i'm not sure how
how long we should be so uh let's get
after it dude
this is gonna be fun i'm a little bit
nervous definitely uh
definitely hope this goes well
definitely hope we can win this game
definitely hope we can start moving up
the wrecks
hi everyone he's ray ferraro i'm james
sabalski welcome to our ea
sports we're in kelowna british columbia
two teams that play
really smart hockey set to go out of
tonight ray it doesn't take much to get
yourself into trouble a couple of
penalties a poor penalty kill and you
run yourself
into danger both teams really pride
on how well they play the
better game ham on bass rain right there
so here we go suggested focus is to
shoot and oh passes r2
r1 is to poke check we're going to sim
to our next shift
we're not starting you think we could go
first overall in the nhl draft and we're
not starting is that for real
all right here we go we're coming in
let's let's get it let's go
let's go let's go oh takes control the
get it i try to pass it off to our
team i don't take his
do i take james i'm pretty sure he'll
take his control though
memorial cup and the hype around social
is real they're calling him a game
changer for whatever team gets him
i don't even know what i'm doing here
shoot too early we lost xp for that
pokemon check them again
is in the air penalty penalty for what
tripping or spending too much time in
the penny box learn to control your
actions we got a negative two percent on
that all right so we're off to a good
start here this i mean this is good
the play is starting to break down yeah
i got a minor tripping penalty for that
i mean i'm just playing hard out here
come on refs
here we go
so we missed that one obviously i'm
gonna try to pass it through center they
go on the attack
oh my gosh i thought i got there pass it
yes we got the assist let's go

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

that's what i'm talking about
i would have liked to score that goal
but we'll take it all day
all right we're up to the next i don't
really know how to
how to do this we lost a face i don't
know how to do the face-offs
so we're gonna oh big hit all right here
we go
did i not shoot it what happened there i
i probably didn't want a slap shot there
we probably should have just done a
wrist shot
you got you've got normal shots then
you've got slap shots then you've got
wrist shots so i keep trying to do a
slap shot for whatever reason
all day baby your boy is just going to
be a facilitator
just dropping dimes i really want to
take our own shots but
i mean that i was going to say that's a
bit sloppy he definitely kind of kicked
it in there a little bit
but he's not allowed to be in the blue
section of the ice is he
i don't think he is
getting the call from the behind the
words nobody in this building likes the
this goal will count after it's gonna
let's go baby i'll take it after that
all right we're gonna simmer until our
next shift
and i'm i'm oh i'm feeling pretty good
baby we're already up three to nothing
it's been a uh a pretty good one so far
that's for sure
here we go you see the middle
i really
i can't go past the blue line can i i'm
pretty sure
on on offense you can't pass to somebody
if they're past the last defender right
kind of like
kind of like soccer kind of like
football eu football
um dude i gotta i gotta learn i gotta
i gotta learn for sure oh here it is
i tried to do the wrist shot but we
ended up doing a slap shot right there
wrist shot just to be able to like flick
it in right there would have been good
underwear nice finally want to face off
gotta love it try to play play some
defense oh
they got close there that's for sure
give me this puck
deflected away nice defensive use of the
stick there
that's gonna be the end of the uh end of
the first period there
we'll take it bringing this first period
nothing too exciting we're just i i mean
i've gotta
learn the setups we should be more in
the middle right shouldn't we be
running up and down straight up the
middle rather than we're kind of playing
a little bit more of a wing here
um we're just we're kind of trying to do
a little bit of everything
i don't know if is there a sprint button
is there like a move quickly button
because i'm not
i'm not using that if there is i mean
things overall are
going better than they could have um

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

who three one looks like they just
scored right there that's not good play
some d play some do you place him d
watch him watch him watch him
nice i think i got a little a little
stick on that here we go
here we go
ah i was trying to make a little play
there and try to try to lead our
our boy let's go all right
run it run it read it
i'm offside i'm offside i gotta go back
i gotta skate on side my bad i was a
little bit
a little bit ahead of that blue line i'm
going coast to coast i'm going coast to
i'm going coast to coast
drew a penalty nice we'll take it i
think we got tripping so obviously we're
going to have a bit of a power play here
we actually ended up
ended up scoring there not bad
so at the end of two that's going to uh
that's gonna put us up four to one
looking pretty good all right let's
let's get after it here we go we got the
final period here
nice poke check oh my gosh dude that was
calling fantastic a penalty here i
tripped him there's no doubt about that
i'm not worried about it so we're just
going to go sit ourselves in the uh
in the penalty box getting to know it
real well today
but um that's all right that just means
we're playing playing hard hockey
second on that play starting to win a
few more of these these oh
shoot i meant to call for the pass there
right off his mask that was started as a
slap shot and then ended up a bit more
like a wrist shot
here we go oh come on dude i thought
that was it here we go
dude you got it you gotta hustle
oh i'm quick i'm quick you ain't quicker
than me
badly aimed shot it said i didn't think
that was that bad
oh i almost got that one there come on
we're gonna play some defense i think we
have to go for more wrists and regular
shots rather than just
rather than just slap shots i apparently
i can't do anything but trip people
i'm just out here tripping people all
day long
i guess you just got to be a little bit
more careful with that where is being a
little bit a little bit too aggressive
here we go not today
yes we gotta go baby i faked the slap
shot i pulled it back
and then stopped and then just i did a
normal shot
i don't know how we made it because that
was not a very good angle but that is
our first goal
of the tournament baby 1712
here in the third period look at this
fake the slap
pulled it in and then and then did like
a little
a little normal one

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

gonna get better i probably we need to
learn how to deke i need uh
honestly i'm planning on going through
the tutorial after this what up coach
how you feeling have a moment let's get
back down to rayford
if i blinked i would have missed that
one that was a nice snapshot
i'll take it thanks coach do whatever i
can to gain some momentum appreciate you
responding he'd actually called us into
the bench too we were supposed to be
heading back to the
the boards there we said nah fam i'm the
they've done we said no what they've
wanted to do they've been the better
they've scored a ton of goals get that
let's go
here we go
if you want me to be honest i'm not
really sure how the offsides work i kind
of know
ish does the puck have to be across the
middle line
and this third period defense has to be
is that how it works to be
to be fair i'm i'm not i'm not sure at
oh my gosh dude they're gonna end up
scoring we got a minute seven left in
this game come on baby
let's get it back together here i'm i'm
not i'm not too worried but i'm also a
little bit worried i'm not gonna lie
here we go this is it take traffic
poke that out give it here here we go
see how do i deke
i didn't realize they pulled the goalie
dude i should have just shot that myself
but we'll take another assist
that's a goal and three assists so far
today all right if i can get this puck
back let's
third period let's just fire on goal
when they pull right
oh they got the goalie back in what
of course that was a bad shot but i was
i was just trying to
through i'm not even skating to the
bench dude i'm i'm playing the rest of
this one out
i'm playing this one out come on
who's got the puck we got the puck let's
tried to slap shot in there right there
but we didn't make it all right so
that's gonna be a wrap on our first game
dude that i mean
we obviously have quite a bit to uh to
work on here
we've got some learning to do i'm
looking forward to checking out some of
the comments on this one
and uh let me know what you guys think
if you guys want more from this series
drop a like leave a comment down below
feel like that's a decent start though
especially for not having any clue what
was going on so thank you guys so much
for watching
i'm gonna see you guys later

Thank you for watching! #NHL21 #BeAPro #Career.


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  1. sorry i know this is late lol but since you’re confused on how offsides work i’ll let you know. the puck must completely cross the blue line going into the offensive zone before any players do. if a player enters the offensive zone before the puck crosses the blue line, that is an offside.


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