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SearchThisVideo: NHL 21 – Be A Pro Career – Walkthrough – Part 1 – "Intro And Player Creation"

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Watch video at 00:00
what's going on ladies and gentlemen
it's dan here and guys i want to welcome
you to
nhl 21 and be a pro career that's right
we are starting a brand new career today
in fact we're playing it a bit early we
are jumping in with the ea play trial
version but it is the full game and i
will be continuing this
with obviously the full version on the
13th so
don't worry about that uh i know a few
people asked me what it was trial is it
actually the full game it is the full
game it just allows me to play 10 hours
right off the bat
um without having to wait till launch so
we are gold in there don't worry about
that this is a full game and this
the only thing is when the game actually
comes out officially i will just pick up
where i left off that's pretty much how
these ea play
things work so i'm very excited mainly
because it's been a while since i played
nhl but
they've actually done something with the
be a pro career they've actually
made it interactive they've actually
included cut scenes drafts and um
challenges and where we have to make a
choice on what to say and things of that
nature so
i'm exceptionally excited to see what
they're doing with it obviously
something's never changed the theme song
is still the same obviously this is the
i mean there's music that they include
but i always turn into this because it's
copyright free
so um we're gonna be doing another
and i know there's a good chunk of
people who do enjoy my careers my vopro
career for nhl and i'm excited to be
back in it and if there's more to it
than there's been before well your boys
excited so either way guys
if you're ready to rock and roll with
this series be sure to leave a like it
helps out so very much without further
let's jump in to nhl 21 and the be a pro
nhl super agent taylor mackey joins us
here on the line who represents the
hottest most anticipated
prospect in years taylor give us the
4-1-1 on the kid here
hey morning james well look you may not
believe this but
the kids up here on carter lake playing
pickup yeah with a bunch of other kids
it's a beautiful day pricey pond hockey
you got going there
yeah i suppose it is but look that's how
much this kid loves the game man
well just safety first up there now of
i gotta ask you we've seen the scouting
reports we've seen the highlights but
we know about the player but tell me
more about the person what's this rookie
really like
yeah sure james uh let's begin by
telling your listeners at home the kid's
okay so that's how we're doing the
create a player slightly different if we
get to actually play like some pickup
hockey on the rank that'd be pretty
i'd be pretty excited about that back to
this so that
they they're showing that it's more than
just the generic even though i'm sure
the engine and everything is
well pretty every i know it's the same
but i can appreciate the extra effort i
mean that's what a lot of other games
are like two every year a lot of sports
games are the same
center do i want center my secondary
position will be left wing handedness is
jersey number here's the biggest

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

question guys will i actually get to
pick the number
i choose right off the snuff
and number not only that will i actually
get to choose
my last name i doubt it but we will try
let's see if there's even a well there
is a queue but it'll probably be quincy
oh my god
they have it dude this is a new era the
2020s are apparently going to be
full of change because they have my last
name that is insane they finally added
because before they only had quick
quincy and that was it it was quick and
quincy and quick is the
you know he's a real goalie so it's like
i get why his name
was there but finally they must have
heard me bitching about it all these
well there you go actually going to be
called by my last name instead of slap
shot i mean
i'll probably miss slap shot slap shot
um at the same time i'm excited to
actually get my
proper last name so that's dope man
i can't believe it it's insane what a
day is it gonna slip over to the
cutscene again no
no we're just creating again
all right fine all right shannon this is
left i like how they make that the
default weight 200 pounds
yeah 200 pounds muscular
200 pounds fighter sometimes i usually
go with sometimes birth month january
and the upside is they will have my um
city because they do every year
obviously because well the upside to
that is
there's a team so there you go
all that is all locked in slick
all right we're zipping over to the
appearance now which i already know what
i want i think
actually i think it's this one what is
the head number 127.
okay so what i'm to do is actually aim
for the head that i've been using in the
nhl's and you're probably wondering why
it's the same well i just like to keep
continuity now i in my like the first
time i played nhl for the channel i
ended up going through
everything okay i ended up going through
absolutely everything
and um they don't actually have my
eye color in here so i'll have to just
pick the closest thing to it
um but anyway
i'm going to be covering his face in a
beard anyway so you can't the beard does
change the look of the man
for sure um i don't know if i want kind
of but those are kind of broken up i
want something kind of crisp
but i've i have bushy eyebrows in real
life so i think
i've got a replica but then look how
look how weak it ends up going into you
know what i'm saying like
these eyebrows are weak
like those don't even look right they
like they they like just trail off
into some sort of thing
and that just looks like caterpillars
you know

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00
and that this is one of those situations
where you have to keep the stock
because well that's just the way it's
going to go
anywho all right so we got that right is
eyebrow color dark brown just making
yep all right we're good okay let's zip
over to the hair hairstyles i don't
think they really added anything new
i love the yogurt hairs haircut man
can't go wrong with the jagger
all right well again i'm going to pick
something as long as it's parted on the
i think i always mix this up if you're
par if you swoop to the right that means
the part is on your left
so i gotta look for a left part
let's see here i can't really see much
with the background but
uh i mean we gotta change the hair color
the hair color will be a little bit like
this is how i part ironically the
default haircut that's how i part it
that is the direction i go that's that
might be what we take unless i want to
just do something a little bit different
a little bit more hockey style because
hockey air is usually longer
you know what i mean like it's just the
way it is right
but i don't know i don't know if i want
to spend too much time on that
that's a left part you know i'm going to
leave it on this we can always change it
i can't really see it so i'm going to
change the hair color just so i see what
i'm dealing with here
you won't see it's going to be under a
helmet so i'm happy with that i don't
want to feel like i said don't spend too
much time on it
however the beard style i want something
clean i know i never picked this because
it grows so uneven
i want to do a proper full beard just
increase the length
so change the color dark brown and the
current beard length
is four less of a razor there you go see
does that look familiar
and then the playoff beard like you
should be able to make it longer than
you know what i mean like even longer i
think that'd be sweet but
can't always do it all right there you
go equipment this stuff doesn't usually
matter it all depends on what team we
get drafted to as well so
trying to remember that um helmet type
br it just depends if you're you're
banned or a brand snob or not which
honestly all the brands are very good so
i usually tend to
lean towards ccm a very simple style ccm
so i'll probably roll with this
ear guards are off i think they look
silly visor
you don't have to have a visor i like to
keep a visor on because quite frankly if
i got hit in the eyes
that would suck um shoulder pads i
usually go with the small ones the big
ones look
kind of dumb so we'll go small jersey
tuck no jersey tuck
uh the mouth guard i usually went with
carbon fiber but we'll do on
no wait a minute didn't i say turn it
i did turn it off because it's fake and
it looks terrible
that's why i didn't like it so he's not

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

protecting his teeth
now here's one thing you could always go
with the simple black which i what i'm
gonna do
because no matter what actually i think
those warriors were what i wrapped
but maybe i should keep the ccm look
unless of course where's the nearest
these are ccm bowers are good too though
i like bauer those look pretty crisp i'm
gonna match you gotta match man
the stick type usually i would go with a
certain color i wonder if i just go with
flat black this time that one's got a
tint of green in it
here's a ccm to match and that one's
pretty much
it's got a hint of yellow in it actually
it's a lime green
isn't it i ended up going with a um
like a touch of blue i think this is the
one i did but here's the problem i'd
rather have a touch of blue than
anything else that's my favorite color
but here's the thing if you're with
a team that has no blue in there you
know it looks silly
this is just black and white dominantly
white though
so again
this one is kind of a cool looking stick
i remember this stick's been in the game
for a while
and then the retro stick the titan
retros trick and then the sherwood retro
stick i had one of these
i had an old old sherwood it was made
for kids though
that was like my first hockey stick ever
i don't know man maybe i'll just go with
a clean
if there's a where was that one with the
touch of blue i think i might just take
that one just just just so it's a little
bit easier on us
uh i think it was down here
yeah let's just roll with that you never
know we end up we could end up going to
a no tape texture tiger tiger tiger
that's actually kind of funny that they
do that i'm gonna leave it because i
don't believe in
um shaft tape color do i want white or
do i want black
i've gone with black oh you can only go
oh no no you can go full black if you
a little more subtle but
here's the thing i feel like they should
let you customize this once you get to
uh yeah see team colors i'll leave that
again i don't want to spend too much
time on the creation
i mean i do but i don't i don't want to
spend stuff on the stuff that doesn't
really matter like arch types and things
like that are more important to me
the pant length i think i want long
i think i always prefer the long tight
loose long compared to the short
no we want long loose long they've added
sock tuck i don't think i tucked any
socks because i think it looks
or no sorry i don't i have tuck socks
because if you go over it looks dumb
that's what it is all right knee do i
want a knee
calf cross can you even see this oh yeah
you can
what do we have now just the single i'll

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

go with the single it's clean it's crisp
all right sock tape material that one
looks fine
now we need our skates it's our final
piece of the puzzle
uh again i'm gonna go with something
simple those are clean as hell
some truths where the ccm's at though
i know there's more than just that
where's the ccms
end up going with something else they
didn't change this
aspect of the game at all which is i
didn't expect them to
um maybe next gen will have something
because this game isn't coming out for
ps5 or xbox one at series x or anything
like that so
they actually don't look that special
i'm gonna go with the trues i guess
a little bit less blue oh wait there's
more oh no just a single we'll go with
that i know it doesn't match everything
else but who cares no one's looking
lace color will leave blade holder color
we're not
doing skate guard we don't even have so
i'm not even worried about that
all right cool let's go to our
presentation goal celebration
there's a lot call toronto let's see
what call why is it toronto
did i have the dab or something
no i had something simple like
it's the canoe man or the kayak i guess
but i'm canadian so it's the canoe
um let's see stop spinning bro he's just
spinning on his own
oh i should do something serious like
throw the stick that's actually kind of
funny i like the quick one
i like the quick ones those are fun but
i did something like just the nod and
point that's what i ended up going with
last year
just because it was subtle you don't
want a guy who's douche but sometimes
it's really funny to see them do this
like see do the worm
take a bow and then there's a dab too
i think of the retro 94 celebration i
love how they always keep that
yeah i've already done a few of these so
i can't little
lebron james
around the clock
that's kind of funny let it snow let it
rain dear
again that's kind of a lebron james too
dude that was actually kind of slick i
like that one a little bit
what is this one feel the beat
that is a white man dancing right there
ladies and gentlemen
the mcdavid little c-mac
action oh i'm hungry got to eat
which one was it again make it rain

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

i kind of dig that man that's kind of
crisp let's go with that
let's see it again do it
show it
all right cool all right i'm going with
that it's it's not super obnoxious but
it's kind of fun at the same time
all right behavior shot styles
oh i know what i did something really
high arcing
for maximum power like i think 19 is
actually what i went with i basically go
with how high he lifts his stick
it takes longer but
it's it's i feel like the power delivery
is better
i don't know i went backwards but
because i think i knew that's where it
yeah see that's a very short slapper
our old nickname was slap shot we gotta
show them
what's good
i think it's either 19 or 17 is the
winner let's see let's see 19 again that
one goes very high
look at his arms let's see the
difference between his arms i like 17
how about one timers how many are there
20 what about 17 do they match
yeah they do we'll just have a match all
right cool that shot style is done what
about skating styles now
you can actually customize this
this i honestly don't think i'm more too
worried about i've never been like bro
his twist is not
right so let's twist again like we did
last summer okay
that's what we're going to be doing all
right let's continue i'm happy with this
yes common created pro congratulations
you've created a common
pro you'll be able to use this pro in
the world's channel and then be a pro
thanks now i'm on to the archetype the
8 focus see it actually breaks it down
nicely for people now that's good
when on the rush snipers will shoot
versus passer deke they are great at
getting open in the slot or at the top
of the circle so slap shot accuracy
um wrist shot power offensive awareness
speed so honestly maybe a sniper is what
i want to do
play maker cmac obviously passing puck
control speed with the negatives here
body checking fighting aggressiveness
stick checking and balance so
essentially the
stuff that the other stuff that i love
doing checking is out the
is out now so there you go
playmaker i love how there's wayne
gretzky and connor mack right there
that's i mean well aggressiveness is low
fighting skills low body checking that
but then
the passing is really good power
old-school cam neely and jamie ben is it
just from this it's from this
no never mind park control strength
hand-dyed body checking
is really good shot blocking stitch i
don't really want that but the arch type

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

is new so it's offensive defensive
awareness all that sort of thing
um let's see
back checkers on the team are known to
always finish their checks using the
body instead of a poke check
enforcer enforcers are kind of a dying
breed in the nhl but
you got to love them they're literally
there to just
well physical plays yeah like massive
body hits
fighting things like that so
i love the enforcer but at the same time
considering there's this i honestly
think i'm gonna go with sniper based on
my shooting
my fighting skill i could always boost
stick checking is lower but
i think that's what i want because i'm
going to be a center right so
like the great eight and of course the
great mario lemieux i'm gonna be sniper
all right start in the memorial cup
start in europe or start an nhl
um this is oh it shows you the order
so you can do the champions hockey
league playoffs
or likes to start in europe or it's just
pre-season where you pick a team i want
to get drafted
so it shows you everything here memorial
cup tournament that's what i always did
was starting the memorial cup anyway
it seems to make a little more sense
because i'm canadian so that's what we
right so and then unless you're a
european player so i think i'm gonna
start in memorial cup i'm glad they did
instead of like most people weren't even
playing for it now the oil kings are my
hometown team obviously
but this is what i've been doing i've
played with the oil kings multiple times
so what i'm going to do
is randomize it now do i want the
western hockey league
or the i think that's ontario hockey
league right
i don't know what that is i apologize i
don't know
quebec something i think it's french i
don't know
john and bill i don't know i think i'll
start in the western hockey league and
we'll just
i think i've been the hitmen before
let's find out ready and release the
everett silver tips
that's who we're picking another green
oh geez
i do i don't think i've been these guys
but that was the random selection and
that's what we're doing so there you go
there's your career so ladies and
gentlemen that is going to be it for
this video i just wanted to get the
creation done
before we jump in and continue uh if you
enjoyed it be sure to hit that like
button and let me know your thoughts in
the comments below if you have any
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out a lot and i greatly appreciate it
all right guys i can't wait to keep
going with this and see what they've
done to the career and the story but
until then
let's add things over to knox hill have
a good one guys who's the man with the
if you feel trouble while in wild on
these violent ngq
8 000 wait a minute hold that stylist
goddamn billy jack we still riding tires
flat i hear them sirens sea shots flying
so we driving fire
move like trash to bed intruder got that
glock and got them woofers just press
play i'll keep it moving who is not
still you damn fools keep it fresh like
canned food there ain't nothing we can't
do so tune in to that damn kill
yeah it was never

"INTRO AND PLAYER CREATION" NHL 21 Be A Pro Career - Part 1 With Commentary PS4 Gameplay 1080p 60 FPS SUBSCRIBE to DanQ8000 ...


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