Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon Review | PS4, Nintendo Switch, PS Vita, & PC [Full HD]

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Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon Review | PS4, Nintendo Switch, PS Vita, & PC [Full HD]! This is my review for Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon (Yoru no Nai Kuni 2 Shingetsu no Hanayome in Japan)! It is available for the #PS4, #PSVita, #NintendoSwitch, and #PC. Don’t forget to thumbs up, comment and subscribe.

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About the Game:

As Aluche and her battle party set off on their journey to defeat the Moon Queen, they will encounter a variety of devious and dastardly demons; some of which mean to bring them harm and others which wish to join them on their quest. The mighty Striker type Servans are invaluable assets to any battle party, transforming from their demonic forms to powerful weapons which Aluche can wield in battle. Controlling the Striker type opens up a plethora of abilities to aid in combat situations, improving Aluche’s skills in either long range or close combat depending on which particular Servan she relies upon.

Making the most of the eccentric cast of human and demonic companions is incredibly important in securing victory, and players will be able to choose their dream battle party to give them a selection of unique abilities. The beautiful Lilies are able to perform an impressive combination attack with Aluche, Double Chase. When requirements in battle are met this attack can quickly change the tide of the fight, causing overwhelming damage to anyone in its path. Active Skills, used by Aluche, and Special Skills, activated by the Lilies, can also offer a boost to Aluche’s team in the form of increased health, attack or defense.

Amidst the waves of demons which plague the land are large fiends — devastating boss creatures which will require Aluche and company to utilize not only their innermost strength, but the environments around them as well. Breaking barrels of flammable liquid, for example, can be used to coat the enemy in flame accelerant so that an elemental fire attack will do considerably more damage! Aluche will encounter a unique selection of bosses from Vallderossa, a giant spider which uses its webs to fight, to the Blue-Blooded Fish Joe, which hides underground waiting for an opportunity to strike.

A selection of post-launch bonuses were also announced today for players who purchase Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon within 3 months from launch. On the Nintendo Switch™ players will receive a free download for the Fatal Frame Yuri Kozukata Outfit, whilst those on the PlayStation®4 will obtain the Deception Timenoid Restrains Costume.

Pre-ordering both of GUST Studio’s upcoming titles, Blue Reflection and Nights of Azure 2, will unlock special collaboration costumes for both games. Nights of Azure 2’s Aluche will be able to wear Hinako’s School Uniform Costume, whilst Blue Reflection’s Hinako will be able to don Aluche’s armor. Players can obtain the DLC bonuses from both games either through pre-ordering retail versions and/or purchasing each title digitally on PlayStation®4 during their respective early purchase periods. Steam® users are also able to obtain these costumes through purchasing the “Gust costume bonus bundle: Blue Reflection & Nights of Azure 2”, available from the launch of Blue Reflection until 4 weeks after the launch of Nights of Azure 2.

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  1. If anyone is wondering, the correct way to pronounce the main character's name is A – Loo – Sha. It's the second way I start pronouncing it throughout the review.

  2. It's Art CMBDIA here. CMBDIA stands for Cambodia. It's been my nickname since high school. Long story short, I was the only Cambodian in school. the nickname stuck through college and my job lol

  3. I like the information in your reviews but you really need to practice on your speaking. It's really obvious that you are disjointedly reading a script you prepared. Especially when you read the same line twice without noticing.

  4. The original was better. There are… many reason of why I believe it is superior to this sequel. I am a dissapointed and sad fan now.
    If you played the first game, please dont go with high expectations if you are going to play this one. Please. I dont want more people to feel like me. Its not a BAD game but its incredibly lacking in a lot of areas.

  5. The gameplay looks great but I'm not crazy about that art style. Do I need to play the first game before playing this one? Also does the main character have any less revealing outfits?

  6. Certain elements of this plot remind me of Grandia 2. Got this game for super cheap at Toys R Us because they are going out of business and everything is on sale. Can't wait to play this along with Fire emblem warriors and Disgaea 5

  7. 4:00 is the character even wearing anything? Is that like a g-string bikini? How does that even make sense?

    "It makes her a powerhouse, and a distraction at the same time." -> Yeah, I can see that.

  8. This one looks great but I prefer the 1st game cause ur on a time limit to beat the game and have restricted times u get rest at the inn and everytime u do the moon gets closer to being eclipsed.


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