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SearchThisVideo: Null Drifter Trophy & Achievement Guide | $4.99 – Easy – Stackable

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what's up Travolta welcome to another

quick traffic at this time we take a

look at the game no drifter this is a

one bit loaf I shoot our journey into

the void inside a computer simulation

it's another five back easy Platinum

game with up to four stacks there is no

way to support system however let's take

a look at the trophies the first step is

just play the game for fun and collect

as many coins you can almost every

trophy in the game will unlock just by

playing killed two hundred enemies

collect 48 boosters play the game ten

times or collect a total of six hundred

coins all these trophies will unlock

naturally there's only one trophy called

lever master level free that requests

some skill you need to reach level 6 the

trophy will unlock after completing

level 5 when you start the game the

first time the trophy will look very

hard but fortunately there is an upgrade

system after every game over the game

we'll throw in an upgrade menu where you

can spend all your collected coins you

can upgrade your health your speed or

your damage so every new game makes the

game a little bit easier even if you are

the worst player in the world the game

should not take you longer than 30

minutes I complete the two stacks now

and on the second stack I had some

trouble if the trophy color mania where

you have to unlock five pellets the

requirement for this trophy is easy you

have to unlock five different color

schemes for your menu but the unlock

requirement is randomized after every

game over you have a small chance to

unlock one of them so if you only miss

this trophy I recommend playing at least

two level three then let the enemy kill

you and hope for a new pellet but

normally you will get this trophy before

you get the 200 kill trophy and yes all

the trophies are cumulative except the

never 6 trophy so if you want one more

easy-cheesy $5 easy platinum game you

can't go wrong with this title so I hope

this quick traffic ad could help you

guys see you my next one



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