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    Open-World RPG 'Elden Ring' Is A 'Truly Ambitious Game', Could Be Revealed At The Game Awards 2020

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    Elden Ring News 2020! Ever since Elden Ring's Official Reveal Trailer that was shown last year at E3, FromSoftware has been keeping quiet and never said a ...


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    1. At first I was worried that it was open world. But it adds so much more replayability because you can sequence break so easily. And it won’t fall into the hole other open world games fall into because fromsoft never forces a narrative down your throat nor shoves side quests into your mouth.

    2. why are you showing demon's souls gameplay in an Elden Ring coverage video? If youre going to do so, you may want to mention that for the audience that has never played a souls game or at least has never played Demon's Souls. They will instantly think theyre watching Elden Ring gameplay.


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