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SearchThisVideo: Open-World RPG 'Elden Ring' Is A 'Truly Ambitious Game', Could Be Revealed At The Game Awards 2020

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by someone or something

since its official reveal at microsoft's

e3 2019 press conference

from software's latest game and its

biggest yet eldon ring

has gone mysteriously silent for more

than a year now

much to the sadness and disappointment

of fans waiting for any sort of news

a ton of leaks rumors speculations and

more non-official stuff like these

have largely been the only source of any

sort of update

with many believing the game had simply

been cancelled

however as some of you may already know

and it is not the main topic of this


while from software actually

acknowledged eldon ring in the smallest

of updates

in a simple but pretty exciting tweet

this ad definitely

reignited hopes of fans for more news


as the studio officially confirmed that

the game is still in development

however today we have some more news on

elden ring

which may hide people even more now

before we get into this

eldon ring is an upcoming open world rpg

developed by from software

and published by bandai namco


the game is being produced in

collaboration with game of thrones


george r.r martin who creates the

world's middles of the game

the game will introduce a new open world

where players can expect

a larger world scale allowing freedom of


and will also highlight a significant

amount of rpg elements

which include a wide variety of weapons

magic and ways to engage enemies with

the strategies that suits you best

you will reportedly have mounts to

explore the world many unique kinds of

bosses to fight in unique locations like


castles open areas and more from the

story side

legend as it that the ring holds

unimaginable power

that which commanded the stars giving

life to its fullest brilliance

and that the ring has been destroyed by

something or

someone this then leads to the

destruction and decay of the world

the sky is burning and brings parallels

to the collapsing sun

of the soul's universe so now that i've

talked about the overall description of

eldon ring

more details will be revealed soon of

course now i can talk about the new

details from today

in a recent interview xbox boss phil


was briefly asked about eldon ring

weirdly enough

spencer went on to talk a lot about

eldon ring definitely surprising the


who was not ready for this he even went

as far as seeing his scene

and played quite a bit of the project

himself of course he went on to say is

not allowed to go into

too much detail about this upcoming open

world rpg title

but he managed to add a bit more hype to

the game

by saying that eldon ring is clearly the

most ambitious game the company from

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

has ever done in its lifetime and that

we are not

ready for it spencer went on to add i

mean i love his games but seeing some of

the gameplay mechanics stuff that is


he and the team are tackling this time

of the setting

working with another creator in terms of

story i love it so much

i love seeing him challenging himself he

is a good friend of mine

always expanding his horizons i think

it's a really good thing

even though it doesn't alt right say it

the other creator mentioned in this


is more than likely george r.r martin

creator of game of thrones

and also helping create and making come

to life eldon ring

spencer also explained the dynamic of

playing the game

in front of his creator when he asked me

play i go over and he has to leave the

room i think that's because i'm a bad


and then he comes back and we have a

conversation about things that i think

is so passionate about what he does and

most certain

about eldon ring it's one of the things

i just love about getting to work within

on some of these games and seeing them

come to our platform

while fans will no doubt enjoy hearing a

bit of good news on this upcoming game

it unfortunately doesn't tell many

questions that people have been

wondering some time ago this summer

a potential legal issue with the game's

trademark process

came to light potentially revealing part

of the reason

why there's been a lack of news the

application process

has hit a number of little problems and

rejections since it was filled back in


possibly due to a dispute with no

further delays and a lot of waiting

hopefully this doesn't mean that the

game will be delayed super far

but we never know what we definitely

know is this game is coming to next gen


but still no word if it'll be on both

current gen and next gen at the same


although the information for this game

is vague game director miyazaki

stated that there are many definitions

to the term open world and he might not

be phrasing it correctly

but they have simply tried their own

approach to a game with large

open feel to play in players can expect

a new broader world

that can be freely explored and players

will also be able to mount a horse

and possibly fight from horseback

according to miyazaki

villagers will be the dark dungeon-like

runes that you have come to expect from


this may sound like the game will

introduce to additional dungeons that

are linked to the open world

which opens up complete freedom for

board exploration

combat lore and player progression towns

won't be full of villagers merchant

and things like that there will be runes

dungeons and exploration hubs

as souls there is no vast population of


they want to create the feel of

emptiness will also create a beautiful

and varied world eldon ring was

emphasized as the largest project that

is being developed

in terms of skill and content miyazaki

stated that there is no fixed main

character in eldon ring

we mostly leave it up to the player to

decide the characteristics

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

and personality of the characters they

create he said

which allows the player the freedom to

create out their character's looks

as far as combat goes miyazaki states

that this title will include

a wide variety of weapons magic and ways

to engage enemies

that make it possible to provide users

with a style of gameplay

and strategy that suits them eldon ring

has so much potential to be a great game

and fans are reasonably excited to see

more of the game because of that

nothing has been said or confirmed yet

but eldon ring might definitely show up

at the game awards next month

on december 10. this could also

definitely explain from software

randomly tweeting about the game just


alright guys if you'd like more news on

eldon ring drop a like on this video as

i'll definitely be making more

and of course subscribe to stay tuned

thanks to the mystically signal23 and

kianz of agari for being a master member

on the channel

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cents only

it'll help me and the channel as a whole

to give you more and better videos

Elden Ring News 2020! Ever since Elden Ring's Official Reveal Trailer that was shown last year at E3, FromSoftware has been keeping quiet and never said a ...


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  1. At first I was worried that it was open world. But it adds so much more replayability because you can sequence break so easily. And it won’t fall into the hole other open world games fall into because fromsoft never forces a narrative down your throat nor shoves side quests into your mouth.

  2. why are you showing demon's souls gameplay in an Elden Ring coverage video? If youre going to do so, you may want to mention that for the audience that has never played a souls game or at least has never played Demon's Souls. They will instantly think theyre watching Elden Ring gameplay.


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