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SearchThisVideo: Outcast Second Contact Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – FIRST OPEN WORLD GAME REMADE !!!

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Watch video at 00:00

hello guys and welcome to a game called

outcast second contact this actually a

remake of the original it was one of the

first ever free run games and a big

thank you to Big Ben interactive for

sponsoring this video making it possible

there will be a link to this game in

description below check out everyone's

ears out on xbox one ps4 and also p16

came out this month I've really ran out

214 417 sign like that a little Rives

with this brand this arrived as brand

new region a brand new parts of this

world and I just arrived at this

Brambling Potter's world has since thorn

the till detected who can be like ask

Alex nearby it

I wanna my back to help us out he's a

fellow rebel these are the aliens in the

game it's loosely based around mockery

based around but the inspiration behind

this game is star wars and Stargate you

can put all ready if we talk to the

aliens there's a lot of dialogue yeah

let's check came out I'd like to greet

you hello there oh hello nice that's

what I call us but I ran then you will

want to find shahbazi and begin

searching the regions for the Mons

please know that all the soldiers of

every region are on the hunt for you I

would suggest that you stay here in

Shamas our until you feel you are ready

to travel into the other regions but

know that you can enter any of them

whenever you feel the need

thanks for the tip it is my honor to

help you Aloka but another word of

warning some doubters lead directly into

soldier camps you would be wise to enter

only those Danka

that you know lead to us someplace less


I'll keep that in mind thank you I will

not keep you any longer Luke I

Samar's AB waits you in the village to

the west if you would like I would like

to take you to the village that'd be


I would love some help I'm off to see

quite new to this game and I know what's

going on right now so they think we're

some sort of spiritual sort of Savior

we're not really we're just a glad

called cutter I believe and yeah I think

we like someone else but we're not so

we'll see how this works I guess

let's [ __ ] take me there please

sure I'd love the company I will show

you what I can along the way please

follow me you okay sweetheart enter sex

slave that's what they call us

maybe that's not really our name but

that's what they believe and they treat

us pretty well so I won't complain what

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

are those things what a little weird

little dinosaur things she going it's

not stopped let's keep going so we've

got some red targets on the map we got

some green targets friendly enemies got

these random animals the supplies around

as well

like metal look what these do yet this

will find out eventually and if you guys

do want to see more of this game yeah

I'm following I'm following every

characters got um sort of like a would

you call it like a sort of morale swing

to all do so you'd like okay I guess

that we can increase it or decrease it

depending on our actions in the game you

could shoot him I guess and then you'll

be very happy

are these spiders uh-huh hey spiders

look at the MS loans those a little

spiders it's very interesting mode to

look at I spot two enemies directly in

front we're heading to the west

you must survive our Trek will we

survive if I don't know will we survive

we'll be live long enough to foresee our

journey into the future so we are I

guess we start working with the humans

as well trying to find I guess can it

resources and stuff and randomly guru

eggs are around me correct you like the

enemy Dampier there look I sounds like

good advice the temple fee is one of

four temples in this region the other

three are to the north east of the

temple fee but they are all smaller we

must do now all right thanks to the

voice there's four temples one big

temple and three small ones the rough

location as well so where is he taking

us are still hidden tools the West well

roughly these friendly farmers what is

that water swamp lands I can I should

all village those moons as well that is

so close to collide him very close more

than one moon what is this madness I

can't see some odd here look I the

village is just to the west of here

I hope someone said will be of some help

dead Oh pal thanks for the tour Honolulu

guy wait I did want to give you a small

piece of advice they for I don't think

he'll there's our convoys of supplies

leaving almost all our regions of

adelphia they go to supplies theorem

soldiers if you can you may want to stop

them when you see them I know it could

make the soldiers weaker over time I'll

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00


Thanks maybe yards be silent

will do kya alright so take care of


I'll make them weaker if it doesn't make

sense check out these enemies over there

it's incredibly tempting to do that

there's a village right here as well

we've seen that purple target is some we

can speak to is he one enough to turn

straight towards the enemy he may die he

might do that biggest map is look at the

detail it's crazy

this is one region we have a shepherdess


it's got no clothes on thanks can I ask

you something can I greet you

how's it going it's long life the EULA

Kai has arrived I have my father would

be proud to know that I am meeting you

hey lad yes little guy he was a

recreator like I am my name is class I

am eager to be helping you okay

what other help can you give me you know

that many regions here supply different

items for fare wrong and finding that

out yes well besides helping you with

making weapon fuel weary creators have

an idea why sad you can affect the

soldiers that block your paths to the

moms by finding a way to get each leader

of the regions to agree to stop

producing their supplies to the soldiers

yeah thanks Mar in the village here for

example all Tolan are afraid of him

because one bad word from him and Jamie

challan will disappear forever but Mar

is stupid and does not understand the

harm he closes like an idea if he were

to agree with stopping risks production

all Salaam would do so gladly but you

will have to convince all here and mark

that you are indeed Ewa Makai that we

all hoped would come

can you explain what a recreator is

exactly we are but a few elite Alon who

can recreate simple objects after we

have examined them with our essence we

have been working for FEI rod for

thousands of wounds though create

weapons for his soldiers against your

wishes I hope that is true you look i

and to show this I would like to offer

to help you on behalf of all recreations

you need only show us any of your sacred

objects which fuel your weapons and we

will attempt to make them for you how do

you know about those all tool on have

them who look i we have studied them and

found that we would be able to recreate

some of these objects with material form

adele foe if you want any more history

about us free creators see who you know

praiano can you make me any weapons

sorry oh because the weapons we know how

to make are made to be fueled by a fatal

insistence like the soldiers from what i

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

hear you do not have the system so these

weapons cannot be used by you i wish i

could do this for you you must know fine

so this guy can potentially in the

future make us weapons i like that i

dude like weapons because currently we

have a pistol i won't get out now but

will a few bullets for it

but it's quite weak it's not it's not

the best farmer and who is this there's

actually a lot of story and dialogue in

this game it's almost like a woman at

first but but i don't want to get into

it's it's quite it's quite cool gleets

hello there hello that's so cool so

there's that finger going

does he speak lay there that's okay

isn't it god is water I said no okay

mark knows what he says mark is legion

of Orcs omits on that goes very old you

might have lost a little bit of blue

animals and stuff so cool

there's another house over here is some

more potential all this is the guy we

want isn't it I believe look at this guy

greetings this guy will probably chat

for days either hello

gods have returned you from your sleep

at least thanks now about that man I

have waited for this move since I was a

small Thailand to finally meet the new

guy great the man oh yes yes Limon I am

afraid I have a confession to me this is

going to be bad isn't it

yes Luka yeah I do not know where I saw

these forgive me but this thermos before

me would have reverted to before telling

the secret of them on that's ok so what

I expected with the kind of day I'm


wait hey Donna named known as search for

the man for the last few moons his

friend was killed by crow axe since he

believes his stories about the man being

a powerful weapon of the odds he is

trying to claim it for himself

has he made any progress again I feel

you in not knowing who Luke I I have not

seen I lost not a fan but I need to find

him and called me fire that burns in his

essence before he reverts crow box

sounds like crow axe is in need of a

little reverting Lulu Lulu by the

essence suffers when talaga revert

stalin alright so we can ask a lot of

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

questions right now a lot a lot a lot

alright not show you guys by fans have

seen a little bit of action and there's

four targets there next to a pool hall

and I saw want to go for it we can do is

can we save it

like an autosave not sure I think it's

just an autosave it kind of sucks anyway

faster we're going in I want to see some

combat my pistol is out I think they may

have seen me already

they are hunting me down so that's to be

expected laser sights at the ready

oh you see me oh shoot all versus one at

least once God die yes the one shot

today that's two two more letters

explosives where's nice explosives

why did fact he runs away yes one of so

many bullets they work tenían yes we

kicked butt you know it metal detectives

that one no that was pretty well

not my first ever battles in this game

went pretty nicely indeed Oh

so if I go through this I'll shower you

prefer or not what's that Oh dynamite

that's what I'm talking about some

serious explosions ah hello how are you

hello oh the yard smile on me you are

the UH Luke I know yeah that's me good

old ooh look at meet you today

what can Salinas do for you this

wonderful moon I have no idea these

creatures were they okay I think uh my

accent to the consolation of their

creatures what are those creatures in

the pens dinosaur guy they are called

Tuan ha they are my best ones in all of

Adelphi that stuff there's a wonderful

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

name for a creature

Tuan ha hello Tuan halves they're

actually quite cute weirdly I don't know

why they are but they are can I go

through this portal and not dying

let's find out I just can't resist this

it's a different gun

I think that what I was so where have we

gone to outcast second contact where are

we going ooh must be a different area

wow there's a do you call this a fair


hello good is this your first time here

it is

yeah I'm new in town yeah the place a

man can tie up his horse

maybe throw it on a tall one see some

sights um I do not

sorry just blowing off a little steam

yes I just arrived yes well you will

find that there are many things to be

found here be careful where you move

inside the city who look I the soldiers

here look for you even now I hope you

are strong enough to face them where see

a guess I must leave now my essence is

in danger

I have been stealing the keys to social

storage houses hiding them around the


I was almost caught this move but I have

managed to get out it is good that I met

you before I went into hiding

you gonna be ok we Guardians are a quick

group of talents yokai we have to be

thank you for your time but I now must

leave if you get a chance try and

disrupt the tax flow in the city that

will really upset fear and may the odds

be silent you look I thank you for Tara

what is it step back on of it on a flat


this place is completely different so

can we go straight back if you want to

so I'll see this is probably a slightly

more advanced area I would imagine quite

amongst good I like one here the best

lumpy bakeries all of Oakley honest was

until he's a became an unreasonable

piece of sort about lumpy

what is Lampe are you secret mixtures of

plants and Dada who create a drink that

many thousand dollar it is called lumpy

lumpy for some reason though each is a

different instance talent are affected

in different ways when greeting my xanpe

affected how drunk will follow every

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

once in a while I see Milan drew a fate

allen drink my lab knee and then fall

right to sleep I do not know why though

actually their essence not by lump is

how much for the Lampe for each bottle

it is this much I have no idea if I have

any money

can i buy one I'll take it I just bought

a lamp a it is for Zurich I I hope you

enjoy it drink it drink it drink it

alright thank you

I'll trick the Lampe back on there no

perhaps we can give it to someone and

then make them drink or like I'd sleep

in much easier solve like weapon we

should probably go back right now I feel

like I'm gonna die any second but this

is quite cool seen the different


wowsers that that bad that's big that's

very big so cool is this they'll over

there's about fifty hours of content in

this game that is crazy

it is a massive mess of game you tell

already there's so much story and

dialogue in this game it's absurd it's

crazy I wasn't sure where to go to next

we could wage war on someone we could

attack someone also some interesting

targets just in front

oh yeah lots and lots of stuff which is

nice isn't it

hello excuse me


stop asking questions see that the

farmers say a lot of farmers in its

wealth harvesting crops the accountant

is just standing there

that both madness is this I step on the

boat what is up there that will conclude

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

this little video I hope you guys

enjoyed it check out the game out in the

link below and yeah thank guys watching

hope you guys enjoyed it because when I

see more let me know leave a like leave

a comment below and thank us what you

know that's a little bit different but

yeah well beers cool bye bye

Outcast Second Contact Walkthrough Part 1 - Outcast Gameplay PC steam
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Thanks to Big Ben Interactive for sponsoring the video
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